Entitled Parents Getting EXPOSED On Social Media - REACTION

  • Ajoutée 1 nov. 2020
  • Entitled Parents Getting EXPOSED On Social Media - REACTION
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    Hey guys! Today on my channel we are reacting to some entitled parents that went too far and got exposed. Entitled karens are EVERYWHEREl Entitled parents, entitled customers, the choosiest choosing beggars that seem to thing that beggars CAN be choosers. Enjoy :)
    Check out Entitled People Part 1: bit.ly/3ktsIaV
    Hi, I'm Charlotte. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
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Commentaires • 3 757

  • Mrs_Maverick
    Mrs_Maverick Il y a an +1305

    Children 1000% deserve explanations and apologies especially from their parents! It teaches them humility, accountability, integrity, honesty.... so many important life lessons!

    • SpaceGirl5907
      SpaceGirl5907 Il y a 2 jours

      @Kelly Rozenel You sound like a good parent. My dad has this exact same policy. I think I take for granted the fact that I never have to deal with being told, “Because I said so,” and having to just accept that as an answer. This has helped me never see my parents as unreasonable people, because they always tell me why they make the decisions they do, and it only got better as I got older and was only able then to fully appreciate the choices they made in raising me that I didn’t when I was younger. I also feel like I can confide in them about almost anything and I wish more parents were like this with their children.

    • Jonadab the Unsightly One
      Jonadab the Unsightly One Il y a 3 jours

      "Deserve" is the wrong word. Children are generally not very nice people; they're ridiculously selfish and often malicious. But the thing is, they won't grow up to be better people as adults, unless they are given better instruction than what they deserve, and that absolutely 100% starts with honesty and kindness. This is what parents are *for* and if you aren't honest with or kind to your children, you are ipso facto a bad parent.

      CLEOS WORLD Il y a mois +1

      I swore I’d never say I told u so and I haven’t my oldest is 16 and so so amazing. I always got to her level looked her I. The eye and explained stuff she’s never even had to be grounded and tells me literally everything. If for some reason I had to smack her hand not hard mind u just a tap to get her attention or yell and she cried I’d sit her on my lap and say I’m sorry baby but I told u ten times not to touch that mirror if it falls it could break and cut you. Just listen to mommy I don’t tell u no or yell to be mean I do it so u learn and because I care if u get hurt. U know things like that. If u explain why to a child they are more likely to listen to you and respect u because I respect them. I also don’t punish like other parents if it’s needed which I can count on 1 hand the amount of times I’ve even had to do this is 16 years. I warn her that I’m gonna take her phone if let’s say she don’t so the dishes by a certain time if not done I take it and say when the jobs done I can have it back. It’s then more likely to get done. If I just take the phone for a couple days no matter what then why would she do it. It’s the incentive of getting it back then she’ll do it. It’s then on her when she gets it back

    • Bri Ba
      Bri Ba Il y a mois

      They don't always deserve a full explanation in the moment. Sometimes the authority of just do it is more important, particularly in health and safety issues or when the parent is under extreme pressure and must act quickly or focus on another area. But coming back to it is important.

    • Nathan Haimson
      Nathan Haimson Il y a mois

      YES. My dad always did this with me and it helped me a lot growing up to understand that it's not okay to take your emotions out on people and they just have to "deal with it". He was very good at having really great conversations with me to help me understand and he always apologized if he got frustrated with me and lost his temper. I'm 23 and my dad and I are still best friends and he helped teach me to be responsible for my feelings and to analyze them and find solutions instead of letting them build up to the point of taking it out on people.

  • Snowflake G
    Snowflake G Il y a 3 mois +107

    If the artist bought the art tablet themselves, they can sue the parents for distruction of private property. The "They didn't get up on time!" Won't be good enough in court...

    • Jade Annabel
      Jade Annabel Il y a 14 jours +2

      @Cat Noir 🇺🇦 I followed up cuz they're username was on the post. From what I can tell they're doing okay, but spend a lot of time away from social media for their mental health.. also apparently they live in the wild a lot.

    • Cat Noir 🇺🇦
      Cat Noir 🇺🇦 Il y a mois +2

      Hopefully they got another one, it was an honest mistake and their parents just smashed a whole lot of money, especially if they bought the tablet themselves

    • Ariane Bolt
      Ariane Bolt Il y a 2 mois +14

      $20 says they didn't even tell her what time they wanted her up.

  • Eri Layne
    Eri Layne Il y a 6 mois +333

    As a child of strict parents, can confirm lol. It's even come up to the point where even if I have earphones on, I can hear footsteps through the bass beating and developed some sort of sixth sense when it comes to certain situations. And it's not just gut instinct, it's a level higher than that

    • Mal de Tête
      Mal de Tête Il y a 18 jours +1

      Same. My step-mom instilled that in me. I also can differentiate between my husband and two kids when they're walking around the house. I think it's something to do with living with a tyrannical step-monster for too many years...

    • Tiffany Looper
      Tiffany Looper Il y a 18 jours +1

      You sense a disturbance in the force....

    • Lily Hunt
      Lily Hunt Il y a 22 jours +1

      My hearing isn’t great. But in the dead of night 99% of the time I can fake sleeping, when I hear my moms footsteps. I’m also good at lying

    • Jess Lewis
      Jess Lewis Il y a mois +2

      Legit I can still pinpoint everyone’s step to who’s it is, where they are, how far away from me they are, I’ve had weird sixth sense too knowing when people are gunna arrive at my house

    • L. W.
      L. W. Il y a 2 mois +3

      Hyper-vigilance… very common.

  • Jennifer Wurst
    Jennifer Wurst Il y a 6 mois +326

    The kid who’s dog was given away cause he didn’t do his homework is going to hate his parents for the rest of his life and there’s nothing they can do about it. They’re done.

    • Pete Zipardi
      Pete Zipardi Il y a mois +2

      @Jouz put them in one of those terrible homes like on 60 minutes.

      HKRXPRS Il y a mois

      My mother did this with my pet rat back in the day.

    • Tark Surmani
      Tark Surmani Il y a mois

      Oh shit, I had a brain-fart and thought that the dog was given away, because he (dog) didn't do homework.....Sorry had stupid-moment....

  • Gladius Domina
    Gladius Domina Il y a 11 mois +161

    I literally made a huge ass party when my narcissist mom died with all the money I got as heritage. My family got pissed off because she was a "good mom" at their eyes, but I still need to pay therapy 2 times a week and pretty expensive antidepressants to manage myself in life without feeling like the worthless shit my mom used to tell me I was. I never visit the place where she was buried and probably never will x'D and I feel no shame about it.
    I image this as the same feeling when you get out of a really toxic relationship with a man/woman who beats the shit out of you and then gives you gifts to show you they love you.

    • show me your kitties
      show me your kitties Il y a 2 mois +4

      Heck yes! Good for you ❤

    • PatciProduction
      PatciProduction Il y a 3 mois +6

      I feel so happy for you!!! I am wishing the same for myself in the future 😂🎉

  • William J. Dove, Jr.
    William J. Dove, Jr. Il y a 11 mois +1864

    These are the same parents who cry about the fact that their kids never visit them....

    • Ghostfriendly863
      Ghostfriendly863 Il y a 5 jours

      @🖤Ali Ioana🖤 wtf is wrong with your head, seriously?!

    • Ghostfriendly863
      Ghostfriendly863 Il y a 5 jours

      @Heaven Dawit can you be emancipated in your state if you're of age?

    • Maytal Murray
      Maytal Murray Il y a 19 jours

      Same, best decision I ever made, happy life without them 🤗

    • Cierra Leary
      Cierra Leary Il y a 28 jours

      @Ghost same here

    • James Keith
      James Keith Il y a 4 mois +1

      @Lowdermoomoo report them to the police department for your safety! (If you’ve already done that good job!)
      (I’m using my dads account)

  • Holly Huffstutler
    Holly Huffstutler Il y a 10 mois +32

    These made me thank my mom for being sane and kind. She said "Thank you for noticing!" She grew up with this kind of toxic nonsense too.

    • Melissa Zavala
      Melissa Zavala Il y a 4 jours +1

      Awww your mom's response like she's receiving an award! Super sweet

  • WinterWhite
    WinterWhite Il y a 10 mois +43

    I love how parents try to justify physically harming kids too. How is it any different than being in an abusive relationship with a domestic partner? If it's wrong for adults to be hit then there's no argument to justify hitting a child
    (I know physical violence wasn't really in this video but I bet at least half of these parents are the type to hit their kids and say it's discipline 🙃)

  • Aggie V
    Aggie V Il y a 10 mois +51

    The mormon mom "if you read the book of mormon I'll let you decide"
    "I read the book"
    "I'm coming to your house to get you"
    This is also the day before her shift, so either way cancelling a shift that last minute is never good.

    • BloodyBay
      BloodyBay Il y a 5 mois +3

      Proper Response to Overbearing Mormon Mother: "Oh, look at that, Mother! I just turned apostate! I'm an ex-Christian now! Wanna see me become a full-blown Theistic Satanist? Just keep pushing me!"

    • You know who
      You know who Il y a 6 mois +4

      Imagine thinking your religious superstitions are more important than your kid's job...

  • Amanda stone
    Amanda stone Il y a 6 mois +20

    I have two children. Ages 12 and 5. I treat them with respect and they treat me with respect. It's crazy how far some parents go to " earn " respect when all they are really doing is destroying it.

  • Kayleigh
    Kayleigh Il y a 11 mois +1575

    The parents who surrendered the dog deserve a special place in hell. Just saying.

    • KawaiiKawaii Anime Girl
      KawaiiKawaii Anime Girl Il y a 16 jours


    • Annette Mattheyse
      Annette Mattheyse Il y a 2 mois

      @Jodis...thank you! I saw the original post and cried for days.

    • Robert Anderson
      Robert Anderson Il y a 2 mois +1

      @Sammy The Umbreon I respect that, maybe we both got a little passionate of close the same assumptions. Either way have a good day live well.

    • Sammy The Umbreon
      Sammy The Umbreon Il y a 2 mois +1

      @Robert Anderson just to be clear, that first paragraph wasn't meant to be mean in any way. I'm not a native english speaker and struggle with expressing through words, so i'm sorry if it came off that way.
      And, fair point, like i said, we dont know what's happening in their life. We dont know what happened before they took away the dog. I assumed it was the first thing the parents did, based on how the message was phrased and with the mindset of what video i'm watching.
      However, i've never stated any facts outside of what we know. The kid didnt do his homework, the parents gave up the dog. The rest was speculation. I could've accounted for other punishment before taking the dog, but i simply didnt think of that at that time.
      I'm not here to fight with anyone, just add my opinion to the mix.

    • Robert Anderson
      Robert Anderson Il y a 2 mois

      @Sammy The Umbreon it's amazing what you assume to know about people just off a very small snapshot of their life. It REALLY must be hard for you to get though life, and I'm sure many more people are surprised and happy you made it so far with out a visit from Darwin.
      You assume that the parents took the dog first or that they didn't try taking other perks from him, maybe this WAS a last ditch effort or maybe it was first time punishment. They ALL messed up like I said previously. They kid failed his lessons, and the parents failed the kid and dog, either way it's the kids fault for not taking any warning seriously or getting the bad grades. This is just my opinion, not a fact, I am however an asshole, so that means I really do not care what others think of me. I'm not a people pleaser, but as an older veteran I'm not much for this world or who really roams it anymore. The only one that suffered at all through this story was the dog, screw the people.

  • betao567
    betao567 Il y a 10 mois +20

    When I was a kid and my father felt that "because I say so" wasn't strong enough as an argument to shut me up, he sometimes reasoned "I made you and that's why I'm basically like a God to you!"
    Yeah... riiight, that makes sense.

  • xandralinest89
    xandralinest89 Il y a 7 mois +10

    My favorite Karen moment was when I was pregnant and standing in line at the grocery store and another pregnant woman cut everyone in line and declared dramatically "I can't stand in line I'm pregnant!!" 🙄🙄🙄
    Funny- I don't remember my OB prescribing me a fast pass for all lines.

  • Denise Tidwell
    Denise Tidwell Il y a 9 mois +14

    I'm forever grateful to my Mom. When I was a kid, she wouldn't let me get away with murder but she was no where near as strict as others. When she said 'no' it came with a reason why and the reason was valid and substantial rather than the 'because I said so'
    She always told us 'please', 'thank you', 'excuse me', and 'I'm sorry' when occasion rose.
    When my sister and I were school age, I heard several parents ask her how she managed to get us to behave, they had to constantly correct their children. She just shrugged and said "I treat them how they should act. Like people."

  • Ashleigh Harrison
    Ashleigh Harrison Il y a 9 mois +7

    My mom is proud of the fact that she was able to "Control" us with just a look😒

    LGB LGB Il y a an +2302

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: Javier was dumped at a Texas shelter; according to a shelter in Florida, he was adopted by a loving family nearly 8 months ago -- the shelter in Florida roasted the parents: "At the Balch Springs Animal Shelter in Texas, Javier was dumped on Tuesday because the dog’s little human didn’t do his homework. Sure we hear lots of worthless excuses for surrendering dogs to animal shelters, but this one can only make our hearts break - one part for Javier and one part for the child."

    • Mindful Messenger
      Mindful Messenger Il y a 4 mois

      @mocktrialbabe No no, the experience led to the research which led to the greater understanding of the breed that I wish I knew before, therefore leading to warning others. In actuality there's nothing I can say to change your mind. If you had truly done any research you would have found that they were never known as nanny dogs as it is a myth! It was actually fabricated and circulated as an attempt to try to save the breeds reputation.
      Unfortunately it's not just one dog, it is a large majority of them and countless children have DIED a terrible death, usually by a bully breed they know and love. Not to mention elderly and too many pets lost to bully breeds. Owning one is simply a huge risk, that I try to warn others about before they take it.

    • mocktrialbabe
      mocktrialbabe Il y a 4 mois +1

      @Mindful Messenger ma'am. There were several different sources with a nationally known org that does temperament testing. Pitbulls used to be known as nanny dogs because of their ability to handle children.
      I do not think that there is anything me or anyone else can say to you to change your opinion. Many people have provided their own experiences. I have given you two cited pages ( and i looked for bias). I'm sorry that you had a traumatic experience with a pit. Truly i am and your fear towards the breed is 100% understandle. But that doesn't change the research nor the reality that one dog does not represent an entire breed.

    • Mindful Messenger
      Mindful Messenger Il y a 4 mois

      @Cynthia M. I'm not a troll, when someone has experienced something awful and seen their loved ones near death, they feel obligated to warn others of the danger. If people don't want to take heed to their warning and look into it themselves that is unfortunately their loss. You trust the experts like Ceasan Millan? So you get your information from watching a TV show.?💡🤦‍♀️

  • Love Roleplay
    Love Roleplay Il y a 10 mois +4

    The "strict parents" one hits it home, literally.
    All they've taught me how to do was, yeah, listen for footsteps, appear busy, and lie on the spot, purely because they make me scared that anything I do that isn't keeping my room clean is wrong

    • fathima minha
      fathima minha Il y a 2 mois +2

      I live with my grandparents and I can even differentiate the footsteps of my grandma and mom

  • Enderbender_productions
    Enderbender_productions Il y a 3 mois +2

    5:34 as a fellow artist I can say this one definitely broke my heart. An art table may seem like something small but to us it hold our entire carrier or hobby, I really hope that they got a new one and got away from their parents- destroying a child’s property doesn’t teach them anything it just breaks trust.

  • dragynfyre
    dragynfyre Il y a 10 mois +13

    I just want to say, love your videos - you physically show what we all feel - but, not all 'asian parents' freak out at a 93%. My parents moved from their respective countries to America and supported me no matter what that score was. It was never about the number, but supporting me to do my best. Sure, that led to success as I had self-drive (and probably with their non-pushy style, felt rebellious and wanted to push myself), but these are the same parents that you would look at in one glance and determine are asian. This is a soapbox, I know, but I dislike being whittled down to a stereotype just based on how I happen to look. It takes away from a fuller story that may be much more complex than that. Off my soapbox. Lots of love for more hilarious content

  • Sally Bradshaw
    Sally Bradshaw Il y a 10 mois +2

    Excuse me while I go and hug my parents for being very reasonable and loving. Jeez, it's insane that some people act this way towards those they should instinctively care for.

  • Michelle Young
    Michelle Young Il y a 11 mois +1947

    My father's parents YELLED at him (I was there) that adults should NEVER apologize to children, especially not their OWN children!
    Dad yelled back.
    My Dad taught us kids how to apologize, why to apologize and when to apologize by apologizing to us when he did something wrong. And you know what? He was a human being who was doing his best to break the cycle of abuse, so he apologized frequently. And we knew we were loved, and loved him and Mom right back.
    I am SO grateful that he protected us from his toxic parents.

    • Addie-Eileen Paige
      Addie-Eileen Paige Il y a 9 jours

      Total respect to your dad.

    • Tark Surmani
      Tark Surmani Il y a mois

      This is similar to line from a play that I enjoyed, where a man while talking about his depression starts to explain how he wants to be a shit-filter, so he can filter all the generational shit out, be better than his parents and hope that his children will be better than him.

    • Irma Hobert
      Irma Hobert Il y a 3 mois

      As a mother and a product of negative and toxic thinking I know how hard it is to break the cycle. It gives me hope for how our children will look at me reading your message, because I often feel like I don't do enough and it's a inner struggle.

    • JesusLovesYou777
      JesusLovesYou777 Il y a 6 mois

      What a great dad

    • Katie K
      Katie K Il y a 6 mois +1

      This is so important. If you ever get mad or grumpy at your child, apologise. We are all human we all have bad days make sure you’re child knows that how you treated them wasn’t acceptable and was all about you and not because they deserved it. So so important.
      If you make a promise to a child and break it for whatever reason also apologise.

  • Kilian Alexander
    Kilian Alexander Il y a 9 mois +4

    Every time I hear about entitled parents I get more and more thankful for my parents. They're not perfect by any means, I do have a certain level of resentment towards them for certain things (which I think is just an inevitable part of existing maybe), but I love them and at thankfully they are nowhere near this bad

  • Madison Weber
    Madison Weber Il y a 10 mois +11

    lol the “my daughter scored 93%” just reminded me of something my mom told me about when she was growing up. She came home all excited and told her lom “Mom I got a 97 on my test!” and deadass my grandma says “it could’ve been a 100” I should add, she was born and raised in Louisiana

    • star wolf wing
      star wolf wing Il y a 10 mois +1

      Bruh sirousely.....any grade that is good enough to go through school or get accepted by collage or university is enough instead studying for endless hours just for a 100 grade

  • Funworks 163
    Funworks 163 Il y a 10 mois +9

    My Dad yells at me for having a peanut allergy and gets mad when I refuse to eat products that "may contain nuts" along with everyone else on that side of the family. My well being is a joke to them apparently. He also makes fun of the way I walk because I have something wrong with my legs that makes me walk funny. He wonders why I never call him........

  • Ghost
    Ghost Il y a 10 mois +1

    Good on that first mother! I just know she went trough things with that women and wouldn't let her own kid do the same. I'm proud of her for standing out and telling her she's done.

  • summerloveleigh
    summerloveleigh Il y a an +2538

    My stepdad gave me the worst beating of my life because I wouldn't drink milk with dinner because I was lactose sensitive. I'm now lactose intolerant and stepdad intolerant

    • Venom G
      Venom G Il y a 3 mois

      @Freya778 why would they think the step dad made them lactose intolerant?

    • Venom G
      Venom G Il y a 3 mois

      @Jeremy A. Medlock *Creep!* Why's there always gotta be a weirdo.

    • Venom G
      Venom G Il y a 3 mois

      @Hatorade i grew up with abusive parents. 35 now & I just only now got my shit together bcuz of how fuct up i was. Once you get away you'll feel so free & i really hope you succeed. From one human to another, i believe in you & you're gonna crush it. Don't wait as long as i did. 🖤

    • Venom G
      Venom G Il y a 3 mois

      @Claudia Karl what? What's that going to do?

  • Jean Aria Inanna
    Jean Aria Inanna Il y a 10 mois +9

    About the post from Grace: I asked my therapist the same at the beginning of the pandemic, and her answer was also a good one..."You been feeling like this all your life, so it's kinda normal to you, and the people who don't have anxiety disorder are feeling like this for the first time in their lives". I'm sorry for all the people who are afraid. Nobody should feel that way. I'm used to this and had therapy to cope, but everyone else hasn't. Makes me sad to imagine they feel the way I did almost all my life.

  • Duff Girl21
    Duff Girl21 Il y a 9 mois +4

    I love my parents and they actually respect me, therefore we have mutual respect. My boyfriend's mother on the other hand! 👀 every time she's 'said' (yelled!) "I deserve respect!" I really wanna tell her that she needs to EARN IT!!

  • franl155
    franl155 Il y a 8 mois +10

    My mother's favourite reason was "Because!" She never apologised; I, on the other hand, spent the next 30+ years apologising to everyone for everything, assuming that I'd be blamed for them anyway.

  • Elliott McLean de Boer
    Elliott McLean de Boer Il y a 10 mois +6

    Wow, yeah no at least half of these parents aren't entitled. They're just abusive

  • Deanna Blake Showgirl AU
    Deanna Blake Showgirl AU Il y a an +2029

    Being a parent is a lifestyle choice not everyone should choose.

    • Hobbes Hobbiton
      Hobbes Hobbiton Il y a 3 mois

      PREACH 👏👏👏

    • Cutie Galore
      Cutie Galore Il y a 9 mois

      @Denise Tidwell you made the right choice. Parenting is hard af

    • Sasha Parry
      Sasha Parry Il y a 9 mois

      @Evolve Not the reason lol, but you're right, not everyone should have kids. Definitely not entitles mini van lady. Just, no. You were there first you get the space.

    • Denise Tidwell
      Denise Tidwell Il y a 9 mois

      I never became a parent because I never felt I would be a worthy one.

    • Cutie Galore
      Cutie Galore Il y a 10 mois

      @Jason Foo Hey, I planned my pregnancy. Just like I chose to become a single parent because I wanted the kids not the contract. My children are healthy, happy, well taken care of with a bright future ahead of them. One just recently graduated. Couldn't be more proud. And as a single-parent, I have had dreams too. I have my own business. I am going back to school to finish my doctorate, I advocate for animal rights and starting a charity for homeless dogs. And I am doing all this WITHOUT a spouse and whilst taking care of my kids so your comment is just plain rude, dude.

  • Chih Chia Huang
    Chih Chia Huang Il y a 6 mois +1

    😂 Am I the only one feeling like "things strict parents think they're teaching you" can also apply to the terrible managers?

  • Nori Wings
    Nori Wings Il y a 10 mois +3

    When I saw Javier's story I started to cry. Two years ago, my father put to sleep one of my dogs while I wasn't at home. My poor pup was very sick, but my father didn't tell anyone that a vet was going to our house to do that. When I returned home I found his body covered by a blanket in the patio and to this day I suffer because I could not say goodbye to him.
    My father never apologized and the worst thing is that it is not the first time he did similar things

  • Shari Bigay
    Shari Bigay Il y a 5 mois +1

    It's nice that you're thoughtful enough to end the video quickly to let those flies out to pee. LOL. Great video, but really scary adults/parents.

  • melissa saint
    melissa saint Il y a 5 mois +2

    As a tries-not-to-be-overprotective Catholic mom, that is insanity and (depending on context and background) makes me worried about emotional abuse. I am a bit concerned for the writer.

  • Marge
    Marge Il y a 10 mois +5

    I learned the hard way not put my expectations on my kids.
    I was taking Physical Chemistry, which is one of those classes that weeds out the pre-med students who just aren't going to make it. Well, I worked hard and got an 89% in the class. I committed to myself to make an A for the second semester. Should just take a little more effort right? Wrong!!! The 2nd semester of Physical Chemisty should actually be called "Thermonuclear Chemistry". I got my A but almost destroyed my mental health and my family in the process.
    I decided that Bs from now on were just fine. And my kids didn't need my expectations - ever.

  • Autumn leaves
    Autumn leaves Il y a 4 mois

    3:22 lol this is EXACTLY what I told my mum for years. I literally told her as a 14 year old that those were the consequences of her strict parenting and not the results she was aiming for. She didn't change anything but hey, now I can fool pretty much anyone into anything I want and am trying to stop being a notorious liar because I don't want to be an asshole towards others.

  • Kristina and the German
    Kristina and the German Il y a 5 mois

    I feel the pain. I moved in with my parents at 32 whilst divorcing my ex who still lived in our joint home in a another state.
    The one and only rule I had to follow was to be home by 10p since my parents both still worked. Thankfully I wasn’t entitled and respected the request. So I basically don’t get it. Their house, their rules. It was that simple.

  • Norms
    Norms Il y a 10 mois +18

    I always and I mean ALWAYS ask for the reason behind my parents' denial of certain actions. They always give me a good reason and I respect that. I recommend my friends to do that and every child out there. If your guardian can't provide you with a solid reason discuss it with them if possible otherwise it's basically not treating you with basic respect.

  • Katrina Repine
    Katrina Repine Il y a an +3294

    My moms favorite line is, “it’s my house, my rules. Don’t like it, you can leave.” When she was at my house one time she tried to tell my husband and I we weren’t allowed to swear (my husband is old school military and does swear) at our own house. She got really upset and offended when I repeated her favorite line to her. She stopped trying to make rules at our house after that.

    • Cat Noir 🇺🇦
      Cat Noir 🇺🇦 Il y a mois

      @jlbpr00 that’s a good reason to call the cops and accuse your parents of child abuse

    • E Romo
      E Romo Il y a 3 mois

      @Katrina Repine I feel the same way I respect my dad for raising me pretty much on his own and obviously he did a good enough job that I have my own house so he can live with me haha

    • Katrina Repine
      Katrina Repine Il y a 3 mois

      @E Romo I know my comment has had mixed replies of people agreeing and disagreeing with me. Please know I love my mom and respect her but I’m an adult and it is my house. My mom has always had some difficulty with control issues and has been working on them. She and I, along with my husband and stepdad have sat down and discussed stuff. She knows and understands that there’ll be things outside of her control. Knowing and understanding are a lot different then actually doing it. My husband and I try to curb some of the language that is normally used (more difficult for me due to the fact that I have FND/adult onset Tourette’s). So please don’t accuse me of not loving or respecting my mom.

    • Paige Loren
      Paige Loren Il y a 3 mois

      @E Romo I don't care who's house it is. I'd get mad too.

    • E Romo
      E Romo Il y a 3 mois

      Was my fathers rules my whole life and always said “when you get your own house then you can have whatever rules you want” and now my dad lives with me and gets mad at the pettiest shit like me leaving a coffee pod in the machine after I use it. He doesn’t check and ends up with coffee flavoured tea. He complains saying why can’t you just take it out and I say why can’t you? Then anyone who had parents like this will understand the amazing feeling of being able to say, hey dad it’s my house my rules, don’t like it, you can leave lol

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole Il y a 6 mois +2

    11:13 made me sad. My mom was at the hospital every day when I had my baby, both of my parents were. I had an emergency c-section and she helped me shower. I couldn’t imagine brining a life into this world without her.
    This makes me want to call my parents and say I love you.

  • Cat G
    Cat G Il y a 6 mois +2

    I LOVE shopping with my mom. My mother is 6 feet tall and very intimidating. I went black Friday shopping with her one year and we were patiently waiting with our blinker on, for a parking spot where someone was leaving. Another car came out of nowhere and turned their blinker on for the same spot and tried to angle their car in a way that would make it hard for us to get the spot. My mom jumped out of the car (I was driving) and stood in the parking spot. She told the lady trying to steal our spot "come on, try it. I dare you!" 😂 That lady turned her blinker off so quick and left lol

  • Erik Thompson
    Erik Thompson Il y a 5 mois +1

    GIRL! I’ve been watching your videos for a while and I love your content. But why so little spent on the HORRENDOUS parents who gave up a DOG for something so little? Those people needed to be roasted rather than going into a rant about an imaginary fly!

  • Jeremy Whistler
    Jeremy Whistler Il y a 10 mois +2

    9:22 I heard that you can't build an immunity to something your allergic to. Quite the opposite. The more you have it the worse the allergy gets.

  • Fire Feet Hok_Tui
    Fire Feet Hok_Tui Il y a 3 mois +1

    Sending a (loved) dog to a kennel to punish the kid…..way beyond entitled…thats a demonstration of total lack empathy and screams regular punisher.

  • Andrea Hancock
    Andrea Hancock Il y a 6 mois +1

    The part about working Sundays, was what I went through when I started working. My mom told me I couldn't work Sunday's because I'd miss church. Also loved your nail polish color! 💗

  • Sky_the_Dino_Plays
    Sky_the_Dino_Plays Il y a 10 mois +4

    what my parents think they are teaching me:
    How to behave nicely
    what they are really teaching me:
    that they are peices of crap who yell at kids

  • Levenyn
    Levenyn Il y a 10 mois +1

    I once sent a grandma and her grandkids to the back of the line… my first job was working at a seasonal fairground and I was the oldest working on the attraction. So I was more or less I’m charge. After dealing with my high school coworkers and no shortage of feral children running about the grounds I had zero patients for granny’s fake ignorance.

  • fierykitsune
    fierykitsune Il y a 10 mois +2

    I remember seeing my friends parents (asian); ripping their kids kpop albums/photocards that they bought with their own money. Mine are helicopter parents and are unfair with me, bc im the only girl and the first child lol.

  • Vampirzaehnchen
    Vampirzaehnchen Il y a 3 mois

    "Do children deserve apologies and explanations from parents?"
    Well I can remember, when I was little and I had to tell my parents why stuff happened and I said something like "Because." then my parents responded with "That is no reason!" but if it was the other way round the very same word was, of course, a valid reason.

  • Kentendo 64
    Kentendo 64 Il y a 5 mois +1

    I feel so fortunate that I have a good relationship with my parents. I got diagnosed with a life changing condition earlier this year and my mother has been a godsend helping me to cope with it. My father has never really been an emotional support kind of person but he went out of his way to help me decorate and sort out my garden.

  • Pivy
    Pivy Il y a 3 mois

    As growing up with my parents separated when I was about probably 12 it was the hardest thing in me and my sibling life. Not having both parents agree to each other about what to do for us was hard, but it also taught me and my sibling to learn how to be independent as we grow up. It's really hard and some kids who actually have both parents with them their whole life should appreciate the small things their parents do for them as buy them a car once they're out of school, or just a phone. That's what we really want when we're in highschool at least right. All my siblings including myself have learn to buy our own car, and by finding a job once we 16. We all have fast food experience or retail cause that's the only job that would actually accept you with no experience at the young age. Sometime I do think if me and my sibling life was different if my dad was around but it doesn't change a thing about loving my dad or my mom. We all love them equally and I think forgiveness play such a big part in your life if you have divorce parents cause as you get older some kids don't know to forgive their parents for not staying together and you don't really get both support from either one. I'm 30 and my mom still stay with me and there's nothing wrong with staying with your mom or dad as long as you're the one who's supporting your parents as you get older. There's no reason they should work as they get older unless they want to. My mom still tell us she wants to find a job but she's 51 and we're like hell no mom you stay home and be a mom. Do crafting or whatever a old mom would do. Lmao Asian parents are strict but then it's just cause they don't want you to struggle once they're no longer there anymore. Time is precious with both your parents because they're just getting older. Forgive your parents for not staying together because shit happen lol. People break up, and people divorce.

  • Breanne Smith
    Breanne Smith Il y a an +929

    The whole "not apologizing to your children" thing gets me so mad. I remember one time my boyfriend's mom was getting mad at him about not wearing the right shoes with an outfit and completely belittled him and when he started crying she told him to stop because he was "embarrassing" her 🤬I was so mad I just walked away. My boyfriend told me that growing up he wasn't allowed to really show any emotion and any time he did his mom would say "stop you're upsetting me" so now my boyfriend is really hard on himself and he'll literally get to a point sometimes when he's upset around me and just start sobbing. I feel like he has a lot of bottled-up emotion and I'm happy he can let it out around me but it still angers me that she's like that.

    • jama
      jama Il y a 10 mois +1

      how is he now!

    • C. H.-J.
      C. H.-J. Il y a 10 mois

      Yeah my grandparents did to me and my mother even a few of my uncles and aunts
      My dad side of the family a lot but not often like my mom side of the family.
      It explains a lot... my grandparents and my mother are damaged too because of their family. My mom try to change that but didn't work.
      It's because they had kids at a very young age. One of reasons.
      And I get it that they're mad and jealous that my sister and I are in our twenties and we don't have kids.
      But at the same time we weren't constantly thinking about sex and stuff like that.etc. Even though we'll look like the girls who do that.. we were more focus on our education. I mean We weren't your typical nerdy looking girls but we were smart.
      I know they say parenting sucks but I mean you were once in the shoes of your kids so you know how it is you just forget when you become a parent.
      Its as if a memory eraser or more you see yourself and it scares you. I get it.
      But how do we learn from mistakes if you don't let us learn.
      It's like the life lesson our grandma gave my mother and for ourselves "you f****** your own life you have to fix it somehow find a solution. Same goes for your body when you want a piercing or tattoo."
      My response was always "then why the hell did you guys pierce my ears as a baby against my will when I couldn't talk?"
      And the response they always gave was "because people thought you were a boy."
      "Clearly, in the photo you can tell I'm a girl."
      And then they wonder why they keep getting calls from my English teacher in elementary school for using the word because a lot, karma

    • Eyeless Jack
      Eyeless Jack Il y a 11 mois +1

      That I agree is something to apologize for, HOWEVER, if your child misbehaves and you punish them then the child doesn't need an apology or an explanation. But in this case belittling your child over shoes that do not go with and outfit, is something a parent needs to apologize to their child for.

    • Tricia K
      Tricia K Il y a 11 mois

      @Elizabeth Rose Thank you, for saying what I was thinking! x

    • Alèxia
      Alèxia Il y a 11 mois

      Fuckkkk man that's so fucked up. I'm so sorry he went through that.

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina Il y a 6 mois +1

    My Mom got mad at me when I moved out at 21. She shredded every piece of art I did since I was a toddler. I was leaving to attend an art college and had to recreate a portfolio because she literally ruined everything. I was devastated. Made moving away a lot easier though...

  • Ash Animations
    Ash Animations Il y a 10 mois +6

    Haven’t spoken to my mother in 3 years
    *these remind me of her so much*

  • daftoptimist
    daftoptimist Il y a 10 mois +2

    Destroying your child’s belongings is heinous enough, but I’ve never in my life heard of someone kicking out A FAMILY PET to punish a child. That’s sick. It’s traumatizing for the child. It’s cruel to the pet, who did nothing wrong and doesn’t understand why they’re not in their home anymore. I’m so angry.

  • Natalie Raymond
    Natalie Raymond Il y a 10 mois +3

    And my grandparents wonder why I don't speak to them 🤣 they read my journal, and then proceeded to tell me " if you have to hide stuff from us them you shouldn't be doing it" I'm 23.

  • Jessica Alsop
    Jessica Alsop Il y a an +623

    My mother verbally attacked my daughter (she was 18 at the time) on facebook about tattoos. After my daughter told her that she was an adult now and can make her own choices my mother called her stupid. I told my mother to back off and stop attacking my daughter or my daughter would likely cut her off. My mother accused me of attacking her and said not to speak to her again unless I start with an apology... It's been 2.5 years since I've spoken to her.

    • Ravenia El Horan
      Ravenia El Horan Il y a 6 mois

      @booboobrinn so sorry to hear that. With my nan you'd never have ED she'd never let you starving. unless you have the opposite problem, emotional overfeeding.

    • Rain Rush
      Rain Rush Il y a 6 mois +1

      What a weird comment section🤣🤣🤣 sorry Charlotte, the crazies got out🤣🤣🤣 I'm going to read it again. I can't stop laughing!

    • Amy Arriaga
      Amy Arriaga Il y a 10 mois +3

      @Bethlehem Eisenhour Your comment makes no sense other than “praise God”. Lord have mercy on you.

    • Bethlehem Eisenhour
      Bethlehem Eisenhour Il y a 10 mois +1

      @Amy Arriaga No miss you are not mommy. The truth is harsh. It is convicting. PRAISE GOD!

    • Amy Arriaga
      Amy Arriaga Il y a 10 mois +4

      @Bethlehem Eisenhouryou can tell people the truth, but shaming people is not righteous either. How am I defending unrighteousness? I’m telling you to not judge people. I’d you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Seems like you need to pray more too buddy. God bless.

  • SquiggleBean
    SquiggleBean Il y a 10 mois +1

    That one about strict parents teaching you things is so true. I can hear footsteps across from the opposite side of the hallway, I always keep a book by my bed so I can quickly put my things away when I'm reading, I know all the best places to hide my things in my room, am extremely good at lying and eye contact, have figured out how to calm my dad down quickly and easily, how to overpower him, how to win in an argument, e.c.t.

  • Aerah Aimes
    Aerah Aimes Il y a 2 jours

    Watching this reminds of me of one time my dad demanded respect from me and I told him why should i respect you when you dont even respect me. And he replied because I'm your father! And another time when I asked to be praised for my efforts because he only always notices my failures and punishes me for almost everything i didnt even do, and he mocked me saying I was being a child when I was indeed a child at the time.

  • Rizelle Gonzaga
    Rizelle Gonzaga Il y a 4 mois

    Died when you talked about Asian parents. Totally happened to me (I'm Asian) in elementary school. My dad saw I got a 99% on a quiz. And in the nicest way he could, he asked "Why didn't you get 100%?" 🤣🤣🤣

  • TsukiKageTora
    TsukiKageTora Il y a 3 mois +1

    If I had a entitled mother come up to me and demand that she go before me using the excuse that she has children I’d be like “you having the choice to constantly spread your legs and keep the outcome is not my fault”

  • Tan _
    Tan _ Il y a 11 mois +462

    Just realize entitled parents are either "my kids are angels that deserve the whole fucking world even if it killed them" or "my kids are mindless slaves no matter how old they got"

    • Kankan
      Kankan Il y a 16 jours

      @jennayaadain my dad in a nutshell lol. He'd be like "my daughter is the best and you can't insult her" and turn around and passive agressively attack my confidence (he even insulted my intelligence once, in front of his mom.. yes, he brought me to my grandma's house just to scold me in front of her, I can't even-). And he wasn't even around that much in my life because he went away a lot and all my childhood I could remember only spent with my mom. Luckily I didn't have to live with him after my mom passed away

    • Jodie Bartholomew Oates
      Jodie Bartholomew Oates Il y a 3 mois


    • Petite Sayo
      Petite Sayo Il y a 9 mois +4

      entitled parents never consider that their children deserve the whole world. They think THEY deserve the whole world because they have kids.
      The children are just mere pawns they use to get the things they want.
      There's a reason it's entitled PARENTS and not CHILDREN.

    • jennayaadain
      jennayaadain Il y a 9 mois +2

      I’ve heard of parents who are both ways.

    • Ash
      Ash Il y a 9 mois +4

      Ha my mother is literally the second option. Like I get that being a single mother for 2 kids is hard especially in these times but I do everything for her even on her 3 days off

  • Dawn
    Dawn Il y a 10 mois +1

    Every year I live with my parents, I lose more trust in them.

  • SpaceGirl5907
    SpaceGirl5907 Il y a 2 jours +1

    12:08 I think that’s partially true. Let me explain. If my parents are making important decisions that are not my business, I don’t expect or ask for an explanation because I don’t deserve one. But when my parents make small decisions concerning me, like if I can or can’t do something, 99% of the time they’ll tell me why. I really appreciate this and even though I might not even understand in the moment, I almost always do later. If my parents are wrong about something (like if they freak out about something when they misunderstood a situation) they’ll always apologize, but not whenever their actions are justified.
    Long story short, parents should communicate with their kids and help them understand why they make the rules that they make for them. And if a parent makes a mistake, they should apologize to their children. This is all my opinion, so if you do not agree with this, then that is your choice.

  • Youni Verse
    Youni Verse Il y a 5 mois

    I'm happy those undeserving parents are getting exposed however, I can't watch these right now because I'll get angry and I don't feel like breaking the walls today. One thing that messes with me bad is neglecting/abusing children. They become the bad parents in the future and the cycle continues so...

  • nesekaba
    nesekaba Il y a 10 mois +2

    Alternate Title: A compilation of examples of narcissistic parents abusing their children for 18+ years causing trauma that negatively affects every aspect of said child's life and costs the child boatloads of money to attempt to treat in therapy

  • Han Stone
    Han Stone Il y a an +327

    This isn’t “entitled” this is abusive. Hope all those kids get out of those situations and relationships.

    • donna
      donna Il y a 20 jours +1

      Teachers tell school kids today in uk that there parents lived through what is called corporal punishment it was all legal that’s how kids were punished !!!! brushed it all away as if it was nothing now we’re all suffering with ptsd anxiety attacks depression etc

  • Nichol Nixon
    Nichol Nixon Il y a 12 jours +1

    She can sue her father for that. He can't just up the rent like that without a notice and after what he just called her I'll definitely Sue him for emotional damage as well

  • Michaeo Corbett
    Michaeo Corbett Il y a mois

    I usually like really dark humour but one of your videos came up when I was busy and listening in the background on FRclip. They are really good and you are entertaining and I feel myself being pulled from the dark side of humour because of you.
    Enjoy your content, thank you

  • Ruth Ortega
    Ruth Ortega Il y a 8 mois

    As an adult, having lived on my own for several years, my parents called the police to check on me because I didn’t return their phone calls.

  • Anthop Anino
    Anthop Anino Il y a 6 mois +12

    Growing up my dad rarely apologised, but would still make things up to me when he was in the wrong. Growing up he and I have the mutual understanding that we don't need to apologise to eachother and can just move on with an awkward gesture. My mum complains that I don't apologise enough and I try to stop her for apologising over nothing 😂

  • Anabella
    Anabella Il y a an +2331

    For all future parents, this is the "How Not To Parent" edition you'll ever need to watch

    • Ana Léa
      Ana Léa Il y a 8 mois

      @Amy Arriaga 🎉🎊congratulations and safe delivery!

    • Amy Arriaga
      Amy Arriaga Il y a 10 mois +2

      @Thekikithehippie same! 22 weeks tho cx congratulations 🎉 ♥️♥️♥️

    • The Cloaker
      The Cloaker Il y a 10 mois +1

      Hopefully never need to watch.

    • NexForemose
      NexForemose Il y a 10 mois +3

      It's also the, "Think you're a bad parent? Actually... there's way worse out there. Watch this to make you parent guilt yourself less." Kind of video

    • Samantha Holmes
      Samantha Holmes Il y a 10 mois +3

      Someone should send this to my cousins mum, she needs a video like this.

  • Chasity Cooper
    Chasity Cooper Il y a 9 mois

    Oddly enough most of this is so relative to me. Especially that list of what strict parents actually teach their kids. I can lie my ass off if I want and you'd never know, I can tell a person's mood by the way their feet sound on the floor. It's insane the skills I learned as a kid in a strict home.

  • I'm a ghost
    I'm a ghost Il y a 8 jours

    Oh god.. poor Javier.. that sweet dog! That breaks my heart! Giving your dog away because your kid didn’t do his freaking homework? If I ever find out who those people are, I’m going to make them suffer. Javier deserves so much better.

  • DiamondThePenguin
    DiamondThePenguin Il y a 10 mois +1

    3:30 so true, my parents are so strict, so I learnt how to do all those things

  • Salix Moon
    Salix Moon Il y a mois

    I appreciate your genuine concern. 100% precious gem.

  • Lady Marmalade
    Lady Marmalade Il y a 11 mois +498

    My parents couldn't understand why I hated going out with them. They dragged me around to every function and family-gathering they could, making me stay out until midnight because "You're not going to just sit in your room." Finally, I point blank refused to go with them and said I was staying home and going to bed. They spent a good 20 minutes telling me what a sad, selfish, unfriendly, miserable little killjoy I was before finally leaving without me.
    Their night ended with my alcoholic aunt getting them thrown out of the restaurant and embarrassing them in front of everyone. I was never told I wasn't allowed to stay home again.

    • JkButterfly
      JkButterfly Il y a 3 mois +6

      @Selena Jarvis-Jordan PLEASE tell me you're joking! Getting grounded for EATING FRUIT? That is literally the best of options for breakfast lmao

    • Selena Jarvis-Jordan
      Selena Jarvis-Jordan Il y a 8 mois +49

      Same. My parents love hearing about how close of a family we were because we were always together and how we kids were so respectful and were going to grow up to have great families ourselves. It was addicting for them to hear. I would hear others say "I wish my kids would come to things with me" But behind closed doors its was awful. We had no choice but to go. What out family had planned or be grounded. If we made plans when the family didn't have something planned we would get grounded for the dumbest things. I got grounded for eating fruit for breakfast once so I couldn't go to a football game. No friends. No after school activities. Nothing outside of family. We weren't allowed to go anywhere. We just learned to be great actors and to always put or best foot forward in public. Quite sad actually. They always complain now that we don't stay in touch now since we were such a close family growing up.

  • Your Friend Raccoon
    Your Friend Raccoon Il y a 3 mois +1

    One time my mother wanted me to go out with the rest of the family for a trip, it was a VERY hot day so I recused because I wanted to spend the day with the AC on in my room, but my mother just says the sentence I'll never forget: "if you don't go out with us, I will never let you go out with your friends ever again" I remember that sentence to this day

  • James Hopkins
    James Hopkins Il y a 4 jours

    I was physically and emotionally abused as a child and it was still tried even after I was grown and it left lasting effects on my personality. That's why I refuse to have any of my own children. I don't want any mental or emotional scars from my abuse to make me get in the way of being a 100% good father and I'm afraid it would and no child deserves less than 100% from a parent. Plus, it gives me secret pleasure knowing that his name will end with me when I'm gone. Parental abuse leaves a lasting effect forever. No we're not too young to remember and no you weren't doing the best you knew how to. Abusive parents deserve to die alone when their poor children distance themselves from them.

  • Madison Morgan
    Madison Morgan Il y a 3 mois

    The story at 4:30 is literally me with my mom! This is so relatable, I grew up Mormon, and my mom helps pay my dorm for school so I have no choice but to go to church or she won't pay rent. She has no idea how bad that sounds and before anyone asks, yes she tracks me, so I can't lie, ugh I just want freedom.

  • kake kar
    kake kar Il y a 2 mois

    On behalf of Mormons, I apologize for that crazy mother. Even we frown on her behavior.

  • AM Miller
    AM Miller Il y a 11 mois +657

    My mom consigned on a car with me when I was 18 as my "graduation gift" She did not make 1 payment, did not put any money towards it in any way, and I had to BEG her to cosign because I was so young I didn't have credit yet. Eight years later I get a letter from Wells Fargo saying I over paid my car note and the government is forcing them to refund me $2000! Woot BUT because my mom consigned, they issued the check with both our names on it. And yep my mom, who literally paid NOTHING, took half and actually said "you wouldn't have even had that car if I didn't cosign!" What? You said that was my "gift?" And also you literally DID NOT PAY ANY MONEY. Grrrr...

    • Addie-Eileen Paige
      Addie-Eileen Paige Il y a 9 jours

      I think you could sue her for that.

    • Venom G
      Venom G Il y a 3 mois

      @Their Manager why would she get her a gift when *she's* the one who put in literally ALL the work & the lousy "mother" did nothing? She should've kept every. Damn. Penny.

    • Venom G
      Venom G Il y a 3 mois +1

      @deb affleck good one!!

    • Tracy
      Tracy Il y a 5 mois +3

      My mom would have done me the same way. Sorry about getting a narcissistic mom too. Best thing to do is get distance mentally and physically. It is difficult for sure but she will not change

    • Jenny Duong
      Jenny Duong Il y a 8 mois

      @AM Miller oh well how about give her... 1 penny

  • Shoop A Loop
    Shoop A Loop Il y a 5 mois +14

    It took having my own child and needing to protect someone more important than myself to finally break ties with my parents. Their entitled toxicity and abuse broke me down into a shell of a person. They actively gaslighted and blocked me from getting therapy i needed. The next time i see them will likely be to lower their bodies into the ground.

    • Shoop A Loop
      Shoop A Loop Il y a 7 jours

      @Jerepasaurus knowing my mother, she would just catch the breeze back into my face lol but i doubt im going to be in charge of their funeral. Im pretty sure im lucky to get a heads up when they pass. My family is petty like that. Cant imagine why i left 😆

    • Jerepasaurus
      Jerepasaurus Il y a 7 jours +1

      If you have any say, just get them ashed. Disperse them on the wind somewhere. Way cheaper and better for everyone.

  • silverblade357
    silverblade357 Il y a 6 mois +1

    "Why'd you buy a metal straw?"
    "Because most places use paper straws now and paper straws suck."

  • ¿!¡Vi0l3T¡!?
    ¿!¡Vi0l3T¡!? Il y a 3 mois

    Having a strict dad, I've gone a step beyond footsteps, I now have learned everyone in the family's scent and can smell if they have been somewhere recently, it is quite handy.

  • Tired Peach
    Tired Peach Il y a 10 mois

    5:30 I saw that post when it she first posted it, my heart sank. Who does that to a person let alone your own child!? That’s just evil

  • Spaghetti
    Spaghetti Il y a an +280

    my dad used to pay $1600 a month for child support and yet I never had new clothes or anything. Only after I got older did I realize she was using that money to fuel a drug habit.

    • FolstrimHori
      FolstrimHori Il y a 10 mois +1

      Family courts are heavily biased towards mothers

    • Spaghetti
      Spaghetti Il y a 10 mois +2

      @Dana Carter pretty bad, lot of unfufilled dreams, alcoholism, drug use, abuse at the hand of my step father... the usual. I'm 40 now and have inherited all the traits of them except abuse. Can't blame them for my shortcomings.

    • BlackSeranna
      BlackSeranna Il y a 10 mois +2

      I just want to shake people who are being bad parents not just one or two moments, but a lifetime of it, and ask them, “Why would you do this to your kid? Do you think your kid will want to talk to you when you are an adult?” Because for some reason, in their own delusional minds, they think their kids will always come back to them and endure more. I see it going down between my niece and her mother, who treats the niece like garbage over everything because of who knows why. The niece offers to clean house and she gets in trouble. It’s awful.

    • Valvet Delight
      Valvet Delight Il y a 10 mois

      Yeah, I'm starting to see how bad my mother is. I think I speak with everyone when I say I really hate to see it.

  • Alexandria Grice
    Alexandria Grice Il y a 10 mois

    Growing up in a Mormon household (my grandma's) and being forced to go to church is not unusual. I got kicked out a few months ago because I refused to continue going to church with my grandma because she ruined religion for me. Now I live in a pretty good apartment and only have to pay my bills, not my bills and hers.

  • Itsyaboi
    Itsyaboi Il y a 10 mois +1

    Actually my mom is Asian and I've never been yelled at for getting s low grade, its all a stereotype. But I still think its funny

  • T Hilarity
    T Hilarity Il y a 3 mois

    I will always remember this poor child who was staying with his grandmother for the summer and she talked about how important it was for growing kids to have milk every day, and so gave him dairy every day, even though his mother had told her that he was lactose intolerant.
    We couldn't even get in touch with the mother (this kid was at a summer art thing I was helping at), and the lady literally seemed unable to understand that lactose intolerant meant dairy was not, in fact, good for this kid. Really horrible situation some folks put the kids through.

  • Stefano Martello
    Stefano Martello Il y a 3 mois

    The proficiency in the italian langauge you shown while communicating with the fly was astonishing.😂 No, jokes aside, I really didn't expect that at all. Made me smile.

  • Christine Faul
    Christine Faul Il y a an +841

    I tried to show my mom my ancestry dna results. She said they're fake and she's 100% native American. In the next sentence she said her dad is German 🤦‍♀️

    • R J
      R J Il y a 11 mois +2

      @Akaissy my mom is supposedly 25% native (her dad was adopted and we don't know much about his bio parents) but just looks like a blonde blue-eyed white person. One of her sisters was a pale ginger and the other one is the only one of all 6 siblings who looks like she definitely has native ancestry. Genetics is weird

    • Angela Zoetebier
      Angela Zoetebier Il y a 11 mois +1

      My mom is like that, she said part of her family are gypsy's from mexico and spain. I did also a dna test and i'm around 60% dutch/friesian, around 20% scottish, 10% irish/welsh and 10% scandinavian. Now she's bragging that we are from the same gypsys as the peaky blinders. Fun fact i could trace back our family tree, from my mothers fathers side till 1375 in friesland, the netherlands

    • Katie1231
      Katie1231 Il y a 11 mois

      I know someone who claims to be black but she is white as hell! White skin, blonde hair and blue eyes! But she has a son who is half-black. She used to argue with my black patients and she was very racist to them. One time she tells them that she has pArt bLacQ And NaTif AmeReeCuhn and one of my patients replied, “you’re only black by injection in the vagina!” I rolled on the floor laughing!

    • NekoKuro2000
      NekoKuro2000 Il y a 11 mois +1

      I actually have Cherokee indian in my ancestry but we aren't sure how much of a percent it is. We have 5 main ancestries and each of us kids have stronger traits from different ones. (I'm the youngest of 4). My eldest brother has more german genetics showing, my second eldest brother has more Italian genetics, My sister shows more of the native american genetics and I show more of the Irish/Dutch genetics (my hair can be bleached reddish and blonde in the summer) but we have the same heritage. It's just weird that more genetics from once ancestry are stronger in each of us.

    • Sana Farooq
      Sana Farooq Il y a 11 mois +1

      @Akaissy that sucks man. I see genetics do that a lot.I am always left scratching my head at how different some siblings look to each other.

  • Aliyah Sanchez
    Aliyah Sanchez Il y a mois

    Cut off my parents recently and I have no regrets! Twenty plus years of mental and emotional abuse and I finally grew the courage to say no more. Left a long brutally honest message to them to put them in their place before blocking them permanently. Just like how I said in that message I won't be there when they take their last breath in this world ✌🏽🖕🏽

  • Bad at Everything
    Bad at Everything Il y a 4 mois

    The last time my dad screamed at me and hit the table, I was twenty-two years old. I climbed out of the back window and went to work. I came back after my shift and he said it was excessive. I told him that he shouldn't shout at me like that. He told me I deserved it. I asked him if he would scream at a stranger that way. He paused and then reiterated that I deserved it (he was very calm during this whole conversation). I said, "no dad, I did not deserve to think that you were going to hit me or scream at me for spilling a drink earlier (I cleaned it up, but didn't do a good enough job because I was rushing) and not telling you. If you treat me worse than a stranger then why shouldn't I act like a stranger. You would show someone you don't know more kindness than me, so why should I stay and listen to you shout at me when I could do anything else." He stopped and thought for a moment. "I am so lucky I am with (insert my partner's name here) because with you as a guide I should be with someone who screams at me. How would you like it if they treated me the way you treat me?" I saw something in his expression change, it wasn't that condescending smirk or the smile that tried to minimise things, it was a very calm: what-the-fuck-have-I been-doing-for-twenty-two-years. I told him I was going to get changed out of my uniform and have a snack. He never apologised, but he never shouted again, it has been years and no one, not me, my siblings or my mother have heard him shout in anger (in an emergency yes, but not to hurt).

  • You Don't Know As Much As You Think You Do

    I'm on the fence when it comes to parents trying to "shame" there ex partner. My parents were both fabulous and raised me in a textbook poster family of what family should be even though my parents were separated. They both still shit talk each other. I'm 33...they're paying 60. I've had things directly told to me from one parent about the other regarding how they used to behave in their teens...and it's stuff that I never needed to know, it didn't affect how the person being cut down was raising me or providing for me or or or and now in my adult years looking back, I find it was nothing but petty and baseless on their behalf. They tried to push their views and problems with each other onto me (I'm guessing with the hope or intent of me choosing one parent over the other) and I never did. Their monkey, their circus.

  • Kyleigh
    Kyleigh Il y a 10 mois +1

    "I'm not the kind of person to kill the fly but I'm the kind of person to hiss at a fly."
    Me. Just me.

  • Red Sonja
    Red Sonja Il y a an +141

    Sad thing that the mom was not using the child support money to make sure her daughter had what she needed... unfortunately this is disturbingly more common than people care to think.

    • Maria Chickpea
      Maria Chickpea Il y a 4 mois

      Exactly, my mom did they same ,she got money to help her pay rent too,plus she would regularly go down to the social services/CPS office crying about how she couldn't afford anything, how hard she had it and how everyone including her kids were evil ,so that she would get grants and one off handouts from them ,so the extra cry money would be spent on food and clothes (mostly for my younger siblings),and the regular child support would be funding her drinking or whatever she wanted,but mostly drinking and cigarettes. After that she'd get me a newspaper round and after that a round delivering junk mail as well as the newspapers, it was a nightmare, that money would mostly be spent on food when she was to drunk to make sure we had food, when I asked her to pay it back she refused saying, you ate too or I have bought you things throughout the years,I had times with no shoes,no medication, no food,no stationery for school ,nothing and she didn't give a flying f...

    • Margaux Jones
      Margaux Jones Il y a 5 mois

      Not here. Measly 350.00 month vhild support, I spent 15grand on her terrible teeth and had to justify the expenditure in court. Kid was missing a front tooth, adult tooth never came in, implants are pricey. She's now an entitled pseudo karen, very rude to me. Sorry I paid for her mouth.

    • LabAccident
      LabAccident Il y a 8 mois

      @C Snide Thanks. I’ve also learned to say no when my family demands things that I don’t have time for.

    • C Snide
      C Snide Il y a 8 mois

      @LabAccident that makes it rough..... isn't it amazing about how much you are just supposed to know.... glad you're ok now.

    • J Mc
      J Mc Il y a 8 mois

      She sounds like my mum

  • TigerPrincess
    TigerPrincess Il y a 4 mois +1

    Yes. Kids DO deserve apologies and explanations when they deserve it. My ex stepmom (oddly enough one of my good friends now) used to treat me like garbage when they were still married. My dad could never understand how toxic she was and never wanted to apologize for my mental health going downhill because of her. I left his house at 17 and never looked back and he was so pissed at me. Instead of apologizing and being sympathetic and siding with his own kid when she was in the wrong he defended her and her toxic ways. It was truly sad.

  • Lynx
    Lynx Il y a 10 mois

    Shes like a crazy auntie that everyone loves, and it's beautiful