Scammers Getting OWNED - REACTION

  • Ajoutée 7 sept. 2020
  • Scammers Getting OWNED - REACTION
    Hey guys, today on my channel we are reacting to some scammers getting owned! Have you ever been scammed before? I definitely have and its NOT fun. The good thing about getting scammed is that once you have you'll never make the same mistake twice. And who knows, maybe you might take it upon yourself to troll a scammer. Enjoy :)
    Hi, I'm Charlotte. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
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Commentaires • 2 583

  • Charlotte Dobre
    Charlotte Dobre  Il y a an +1664

    Hello my loves! Sorry for not posting yesterday, it was actually my birthday on September 7th so I took the day off! :D

      KHAARTOUM LET'S TALK Il y a 24 jours

      You're a Virgo...; ) K

    • Susan Eichelberger
      Susan Eichelberger Il y a 3 mois

      Oh I just found your page😆 You're great. I have really needed a laugh during this hard time. And then to find a great entertainer. And then we share a Birthday 🎂🎉🎂 So wayyyyy Belated Birthday 🎉🎂🎉Thanks for being so goofy 😋 And I do the hard birthday's 30 40 and 50. I'm 53. Maybe that will help take the sting out for you 😁🎉🎂🎉🎂

    • BreeBree30
      BreeBree30 Il y a 4 mois

      Happy birthday 🎂

    • Raylee Cooper
      Raylee Cooper Il y a 4 mois

      Happy late birthday fellow Virgo 🥳🎂🍾

    • Harlii Quinn
      Harlii Quinn Il y a 4 mois

      @Daetyme yes I'm the kind of girl who doesn't see skin deep beauty , until and unless,I see internal beauty.

  • Caroline
    Caroline Il y a an +1482

    When the Scammer blocks you... WIN

    • bradley hall
      bradley hall Il y a 7 jours

      Yea sure I want an extended warranty on my 1993 Buick roadmaster sedan!

    • Jamie Mercer
      Jamie Mercer Il y a mois

      I ring them back I love 2 really piss them off

    • Justsomerandominternetuser
      Justsomerandominternetuser Il y a 3 mois +2

      I got a scam call one day. This is gonna be super, incredibly NSFW (not safe for work, or kids) and my brain was completely on autopilot with the scammer, but here it goes.
      Scammer: This is _______ with your insurance company. I’m calling because you owe 900 dollars for life insurance.
      Me: Alex’s pizzeria and abor*ion clinic, where yesterday’s loss is today’s sauce.
      Scammer: *silence, hangs up*
      (Sorry if I ruined pizza for anyone)
      For anyone who is curious-I’m not called Alex, I don’t own a pizza restaurant or an abor*ion clinic, and i love kids because kids are our future. Also, I don’t need life insurance or any insurance, and I personally know who my insurance guy is. I’m good, but a bit sadistic to scammers.
      Also, I warned you all in the beginning of this comment that this is NSFW, and anyone willing to remove my comment or block me, go for it. But you chose to read.

    • Shantorey Wilkins
      Shantorey Wilkins Il y a 6 mois


  • Reignbows
    Reignbows Il y a 6 mois +43

    My aunt had a phone scammer, after a couple of minutes she said "There is someone who wants to speak to you" and handed them to her very talkative 4 year old granddaughter 😄

  • FaeryB0mb
    FaeryB0mb Il y a 6 mois +160

    I have to respect the guy texting "jeff". Entire storyline. Absolutely love it. Can't forget about susan next door who's husband is tired of her antics.

    • FaeryB0mb
      FaeryB0mb Il y a mois

      @SamMcCauley I KNOW

    • SamMcCauley
      SamMcCauley Il y a 2 mois +2

      I honestly don't know how the scammer didn't ask more questions and get involved 🤣

    • Lucky Studios
      Lucky Studios Il y a 6 mois +8

      I was on the edge of my seat with all the tea they were spilling.

  • Zedory
    Zedory Il y a 10 mois +105

    The ebay card thing happened to my coworker. Someone pretended to be our boss and asked her to go and buy Steam Cards for 500 Euros. She went to the store. Picked up the cards. And actually went to the office and handed them to the CEO: "Here are the cards you asked me to get for you.". We laughed so hard.

    • Zedory
      Zedory Il y a 17 jours +1

      @Kate Hobbs Of course we did? What made you think we didn't. And she laughed too.

    • Kate Hobbs
      Kate Hobbs Il y a 17 jours

      Well how thoroughly nasty of you. Hope you refunded her?

    • Halli Jones
      Halli Jones Il y a 6 mois +12

      The same thing happened to my brother! Someone texted him claiming to be his boss and asked for gift cards. My brother spent a whole week wasting this guy’s time. It was fantastic.

    • Sophie Caldwell
      Sophie Caldwell Il y a 9 mois +9

      This happened at my old job (in NZ) a couple years ago. My manager was asked to get 3x iTunes Store cards from down the road (worth around $1,000 in total) and then got back to the office and went what the hell have I done 😂

  • Beautiful Disaster 880
    Beautiful Disaster 880 Il y a an +317

    The picnic potato salad one had me crying 😂

    • Surftouka
      Surftouka Il y a 2 mois +2

      Same! 🤣🤣🤣

    • Pink bunny
      Pink bunny Il y a 10 mois +7

      My own barbecue experience is full of potato salad!

    • Kara Amundson
      Kara Amundson Il y a 10 mois +5

      *F-ck* yeah

  • Shaun
    Shaun Il y a an +1289

    Always a good idea to make time to entertain scammers. The more time they spend talking to you, the less time they spend trying to scam actual vulnerable people

    • Theo H
      Theo H Il y a 3 mois

      100% Agree it brings a little joy to my life wasting a good hour of their time.

    • JTR
      JTR Il y a 6 mois +1

      And it makes them work harder for the money that they do get, so a lower return on investment since they wasted time in their day with us.

    • Moon Heems
      Moon Heems Il y a 8 mois

      @S RKH that's why I don't have any social media etc, nothing to match my account to. Plus I never put my number in any accounts.

    • Shaun
      Shaun Il y a 9 mois

      @S RKH yep, and I implore others to do the same 👌

  • Jenny
    Jenny Il y a 10 mois +109

    Fun fact: Piggly Wiggly is not just a supermarket it’s actually THE supermarket, they were the first self-service grocery store and therefore invented what we now know as a supermarket

    • Carpathianpixie195
      Carpathianpixie195 Il y a 3 mois +1

      Well damn. The more you know.

    • Bunkyman
      Bunkyman Il y a 4 mois +1

      Loves me some Piggly Wiggly!

    • MissKathyBee
      MissKathyBee Il y a 8 mois +4

      I came to the comments for this right here!! LOL

  • E.B.S.
    E.B.S. Il y a an +243

    I love messing with the scammers. They're always guy's and I pretend I know them after they tell me they're fake name. Then I'll say something like remember that one night stand we had? Well I'm pregnant. I need money for our baby. 😂 Most just hang up immediately. But one guy was arguing with me saying he didn't know me.

    • Ingemaja
      Ingemaja Il y a 7 mois +1

      @SA S That’s the joke. A guy I know got a message from a scammer who made no sense, so he decided to play along and see how far it could go. A lutheran priest asking a grown man if he is a good catholic daughter makes no sense, which is why the scammer got nonsensical responses

    • Johana Jones
      Johana Jones Il y a 8 mois


    • Random Idiot
      Random Idiot Il y a 9 mois +1

      I add phone numbers to my contact list with notes of where I found the number, then Snapchat does it's thing and suggests users based on the numbers.

    • Luke Shaul
      Luke Shaul Il y a 11 mois +10

      Those Italians guys don't take no for an answer.

  • Lone Star
    Lone Star Il y a 11 mois +49

    That first one killed me! That scammer was slayed with Southern talk😂😂and yes, we do have Piggly Wiggly grocery stores!

    • Katrina LeeBaldwin
      Katrina LeeBaldwin Il y a 6 mois +2

      Same!!! Soon as I heard Duke’s and they were mad someone was trying to bring the same dish. Southern women don’t play that. Stay in your lane

  • K8TAllison
    K8TAllison Il y a 10 mois +83

    The number they gave "grandma" was to the FBI 😂

  • Patti Legg
    Patti Legg Il y a an +446

    Yes I once told a scammer after a few minutes of back and forth, I needed him to send $100,000 to bail my five sons out of jail for selling sinsemilla. And the other $50,000 was to get my daughter back from a voodoo priest she ran away with. I got blocked lol.

    • Surftouka
      Surftouka Il y a 2 mois

      👏👏👏 awesome reply!

    • vee cee
      vee cee Il y a an +2

      lol I love making things up, the more elaborate the better!

    • Jordan Gann
      Jordan Gann Il y a an +1

      I'm dead 😂

    • Christine Arianna
      Christine Arianna Il y a an +5

      Voodoo priest 🤣

    • Asha Black
      Asha Black Il y a an +2


  • donkeybollocks389
    donkeybollocks389 Il y a an +103

    When scammers phone me about the “Accident” their records show I was involved in, I do like to spin them on a tad. Firstly by remarking “Well you’re quick it only happened yesterday!”. They usually make some self gratifying remark about how efficient they are, and that I could qualify for a massive amount of compensation.
    I then regale them with my story of woe about the “Accident” it usually takes the following form:
    “I was just minding own business taking a jant down the Stennack, cos I had an appointment to see the doctor you see. As I’ve not been very well” all this in my broadest Cornish Accent, just to make it a touch more difficult for them to understand, including Cornish words like Jant (walk) bhrer (hard to translate into English proper but used to emphasis something being bigger or harder etc) at this point they are very attentive indeed. Thinking they’ve got a live one! Oh how wrong they are. 😂
    The fable continues with plenty of flowery background, like “Well I was just about to pass County Carpets, do you know where that is my robin?” Pause.....”Well ‘tis opposite where Peter built they new houses, lovely job he made of un. Well Jeremy you see he came out of County Carpets, and we was talking fur a few minutes about the bhrer nice bitta weather weem been having. How’s the weather up with you my handsome?” They will quickly say something about the weather and about the “accident” so I carry on my inane ramblings “well I wuz damn near kilt I tell you! I stepped out to cross the road and a bloody geet double decker bus wuz there! Scared the life out of me! I tripped over the curb, I tell ee what I thought I wuz a goner!” They will ask what injuries I suffered at this point “none!” I reply “I tripped but didn’t fall over the Accident happened down the Stennack a bit more, well I was shaken. That’s probably what caused the accident in the end you see” I will ask them some stupid questions like if they know my Doctor, they another ramble “he’s a very nice man, his father was at Dunkirk you know, used to sell Ice Cream in the 70’s” by now you can hear the frustration in their voice, so time to reveal the accident “then it happened didn’t it, I thought it was a fart, and I shit myself, I was in a bhrer old mess” they cannot hang up quick enough. Funnily enough I don’t get many calls for Ambulance chasing insurance scrotes much now.
    Hope you enjoyed, and every word is true, they fall for it every time. 😂

    • Kara Amundson
      Kara Amundson Il y a 10 mois +1

      omg. solid genius. reminds me of a bit of verse, the first well-known, the second my own response:
      "here I sit all broken-hearted
      tried to shit and only farted" (as I say, a real methuselah.)
      "I'm broken-hearted, you can tell at a glance
      tried to fart and shit my pants."
      personally I find it hilarious, not least because I first wrote the latter on a bathroom wall when I was a student teacher and happened to notice the first on a wall. maybe it's no big surprise that classroom teaching didn't work out for me but at least I have this joyous memory, just as you are making brilliant use of your unfortunate experience. badass accent, too.

    • ellen van schaik
      ellen van schaik Il y a 10 mois +4

      I usually say: yes I had an accident whilst driving which wasn’t my fault because I answered a phone call asking me if I had an accident whilst driving

    • Elodie Johnstone
      Elodie Johnstone Il y a 11 mois +5

      I like the idea of scammers calling about an accident you were a part of and just saying “it wasn’t an accident” before recounting your most recent double murder.

    • Justine Mot
      Justine Mot Il y a 11 mois +3

      What an ending!!

    • join the conversation
      join the conversation Il y a 11 mois +3


  • jen bileau
    jen bileau Il y a 10 mois +29

    We actually found our house because of a scam. Looking for an apartment and found a house for rent but didn't say the town, so I did a reverse search. Up came a real estate listing. Sent the rental info to them, then saw we could afford to buy the, thanks, scammer and enjoy jail!😁

    • Ginette Cardinal
      Ginette Cardinal Il y a 3 mois

      How do you do a reverse search ? I would really like to try it !

  • ashlee terrell
    ashlee terrell Il y a 10 mois +22

    ok so I have a kinda horrid scammer story but here goes... My grandmother in her old age got a little crazy(senile) and was scammed many times by FaceBook accounts of men claiming they would take her away to live happily ever after in her old age, but they needed her to send them money for tickets to get into the states so they can access their bank accounts. My grandmother died in a single car accident determined that she was going to send this last guy money and go pick him up at DFW airport and run away together. He called her phone later that day and i answered when i told him that she was dead he called me a liar and demanded I send him a picture of the body. Talk about making a horrible day even worse.

    • peps
      peps Il y a 3 mois

      @Ginette Cardinal of course you're trying to defend them because you're just as bad as this person 😝 I do have experience with this. You don't need any 'service' to take their car and card's away. Bad children shame on you both.

    • Ginette Cardinal
      Ginette Cardinal Il y a 3 mois +1

      @peps Please do not talk about things you obviously have no experience of. You evidently do not know how long and complicated the process is to get services for a senile, demented or Alzheimer's patient in the real world. My sister and I had to wait for years before our mother was secured with adequate services for her condition, because yes, we were both working women at the time, needed our jobs to make a living, and could not take care of her during the day. So, @ashlee terrell, I am sorry for your and your grandma's ordeal.

    • peps
      peps Il y a 5 mois +4

      If she was senile why TF were you guy's letting her drive and manage her own finances?? Especially when you knew she fell for it multiple times before. Tbh that's on you guy's. Wtf.

    • Lady Snores-a-lot
      Lady Snores-a-lot Il y a 9 mois

      That’s terrible! 😱

    • Katherine Wahlen
      Katherine Wahlen Il y a 9 mois

      That is awful.

  • Joel Dias
    Joel Dias Il y a 11 mois +65

    It is not about having time for that when answering to a scammer, the intend is to make them loose time, the more they loose, the less they have to get another victim 😎

    • Ginette Cardinal
      Ginette Cardinal Il y a 3 mois +3

      And it's a treat to make them look so gullible and stupid.

    • peps
      peps Il y a 5 mois +4

      It's lose, Joel. Not loose lolol

    • jen bileau
      jen bileau Il y a 10 mois +3


  • That Crazy Ally Cookie
    That Crazy Ally Cookie Il y a an +618

    I'm not really the "play with the scammer" type, but my dad absolutely loves it. His best was when he pretended to be a 5 year old and kept the guy on call for a hour. It was hilarious

    • EliLee
      EliLee Il y a 4 mois +4

      Oh, I've done that before. It was right after my great-grandmother passed away and all these scammer people kept trying to call her even though she was like... you know... dead and my grandmother was really annoyed at all the calls since she was trying to get everything ready for the funeral. I pretended to be a little kid and told one scammer that my great-grandmother went to choir practice with Michael Jackson. It's one thing to waste a scammer's time. It's another to make them go quiet and clearly uncomfortable for five minutes before they try to get off the phone with you in some sort of polite way.

    • Northern Kentucky ERV
      Northern Kentucky ERV Il y a 10 mois +12

      I once convinced a scammer that he’d called an active crime scene and kept him on the line for 3 hours.

    • schattenseele66
      schattenseele66 Il y a 10 mois +2

      i also like it to play with them

    • charlottesmom:
      charlottesmom: Il y a 11 mois +4

      @7dog123 Wrigley Field! You my friend are awesome! 😆

  • Boogaloo Baloo
    Boogaloo Baloo Il y a an +96

    "Who has time for that?"
    Me: *Stares in 2020*

  • Sarah Diane
    Sarah Diane Il y a an +3

    Charlotte you've inspired me, I have been harassed by scammers every day and instead of getting irritated, I'm going to fight back. You rock.

  • tsukichan4
    tsukichan4 Il y a 11 mois +2

    This made me laugh SOOO hard! Whoever those people are! The ones out there giving scammers what they deserve, thank you! I really needed that laugh XD

  • Katana
    Katana Il y a 11 mois +6

    So amazing!!!! I just introduced my mom to you after a few days with this one. She was just laughing uncontrollably with the picnic one!!!!! She's 64 and she kept fart laughing! I love my mom.

  • PokeyWartooth
    PokeyWartooth Il y a 10 mois +2

    My grandma once got a call from someone claiming to her grandson saying that he got stranded overseas on a trip and needed money to get back home.
    She saw right through it because she knew none of us were on vacation, and hung up on the guy.

  • Transformational Catalyst Coach

    Lockdown gave me plenty of time to mess with a scammer. Spent 3 months leading him on!
    Great way to pass the time in 2020 🤪😂😂😂😂😂

  • amyschoolcraft82
    amyschoolcraft82 Il y a an +292

    Ms Charlotte, there is in deed a store called Piggly Wiggly, and here is an even better, where I live there is a Piggly Wiggly located on Bigley, bigley avenue but still it’s Piggly Wiggly on Bigley 😁

    • Aly Rae
      Aly Rae Il y a 5 mois +1

      Used to cruise Piggly wiggly parking lot before school...

    • Username
      Username Il y a 6 mois +1

      We have Piggly Wiggly too! I wish the Piggy Wiggly on Bigley sold something that ends in -iggly , to complete the circle 😂

    • Destany Delp
      Destany Delp Il y a 9 mois +1

      This has to be NC VA or WVa 😂😂

    • Pixel
      Pixel Il y a 9 mois +1

      Wah! Love this 🤣

    • Tina Rosehall
      Tina Rosehall Il y a 9 mois +1

      Omg 😭🤣🤣

  • Cathy Whitney
    Cathy Whitney Il y a an +1

    I am such a fan of yours dear Charlotte! You are a fabulous FRclip creator! I’m so excited you are Canadian and in Ontario! I laugh so hard with you and your reactions! What a breath of fresh air you are! Keep on being the rockstar you are. Cheers, Cathy!

  • niki79
    niki79 Il y a an

    Even though you left IO I'm so glad you're doing your own thing. It won't be easy to get someone who can match your energy & positivity . Just keep entertianing ...

  • Binky Melnik
    Binky Melnik Il y a an +1

    @charlottedobre, I only just discovered you and your channel this weekend, and I was entranced. I couldn’t stop watching one video after another, even though I wouldn’t know an “influencer” if I tripped over her stupidly-expensive handbag and got a mouthful of entitlement. (I kid you not: I watched hours of your videos despite not having a clue who any of the subjects is!) (Aside from the Kardashians, I mean.)
    While watching this vid about scammers, it suddenly dawned on me that the reason my face aches is that I begin smiling at the start of your videos and don’t stop until they end. It’s muscle fatigue.
    Further thought lead me to conclude that it’s your smile that sucked me in. Your terrific (natural-looking) healthy teeth and gums surrounded by an understated lipstick make for an infectious smile, and given your sunny disposition, you come across as genuine and someone I (and most people, I imagine) would enjoy having for a fun date, drinking partner, or simply someone to talk to when I’m feeling blue.
    The fact that you haven’t succumbed to the absurd drawn-on brows trend helps, too. Now that I think about it, everything about you, save for your eyeliner, is understated and tasteful, unlike the people you so deliciously deride!
    (I’m not complaining about the eyeliner. I belong to the “pick one feature and emphasize it” school of thought; you’ve done exactly that, and perfectly as well!)
    The point of this “War and Peace” post is to provide you a message that (I hope) you can save and pull out to read on those days when you’re feeling down and get a smile from it.
    (If you don’t already have a directory dedicated to such messages, consider creating one now; they can be very helpful during those times when it feels as if nothing’s going right and you’re beginning to question whether you’re on the right path, or doing the right thing.) (The name of my directory is “To Make Me Feel Better,” and it really does!) (I started a long, looong time ago, and one of the writers went on to win a a Pulitzer. As you can imagine, reading fan mail from him is often all it takes to straighten my mood back out again.) (With luck, one of your admirers will one day have a similar accolade and you can get a fat head from rereading a single message, too. 😀)
    (My life is currently totally empty and solitary, so having someone to smile at is a really big thing for me.) (And here’s a warning for others: this can happen to you, too. One moment, you’re gliding along on a happy wave of success, and the next, it’s all come crashing down like a 10.0 earthquake and you’ve nothing left save for the rubble of everything in your life up until this moment. I didn’t have a clue that this kinda thing can happen so I was broadsided, but you don’t hafta be. Just knowing that the worst can and does happen despite you doing everything “right” should make it easier in the event the worst happens to you, too.)
    So thanks very much for all the funny, entertaining, and thought-provoking vids, as well as the amazing, happy face I can smile back at. Best of luck to you (though it doesn’t appear from here as if you need any); keep up the great work and, more importantly, the smiles!

  • Renay Sari
    Renay Sari Il y a mois +1

    I was almost fooled by one of these damn things. It was about 2 a.m., and my middle son had my debit card. I got a phone call that someone was trying to use my card, and I needed to verify that it was ok to use it. I thought it was my baby trying to use it, so sleepily I started following what they asked, then I woke up fully, and was like WTF. Hung up immediately, called my baby, and he was at home not using my card. So glad I finally figured it out.

  • Rose Madison Jenkins

    I've been hit with that exact same modeling photoshoot scam, I'm so glad I told them I was going to wait for the money to clear my bank before I sent it to them or I would have been out the three grand two 🥴

  • Sarah B.
    Sarah B. Il y a 10 mois +11

    I got called by a scammer the other day:
    Him: I work for Microsoft, there's a problem with your computer!!!
    Me: What computer do I have?
    Him: *hangs up*

    • SarahBisch
      SarahBisch Il y a 5 mois +1

      My dad says, “What’s a computer?”

  • Hetagirl Gamer
    Hetagirl Gamer Il y a 10 mois +12

    My favorites are the ones saying my car insurance expired... when I don't have a car. Or a license. XD

    • Ginette Cardinal
      Ginette Cardinal Il y a 3 mois

      I had one telling me about a security breach into my account at the TD bank : never had any account there !

    • Felicity Bywater
      Felicity Bywater Il y a 6 mois +2

      I used to get calls trying to sell me insulation for my roof. I would let them run through their whole spiel, sounding very interested the whole way through. Then when they asked for payment, I would break the news that I lived in a ground floor (US 1st floor) flat & the only thing above my ceiling was the upstairs flat. I stopped getting calls about insulation.

    • Vickie Coles
      Vickie Coles Il y a 7 mois +1

      They called about my car insurance… car was brand new, less than a year old. But apparently I still needed a new warranty!🙄

    • Pink bunny
      Pink bunny Il y a 10 mois

      My shoes are my car, does it need insurance?

  • Alexandra Blaker
    Alexandra Blaker Il y a an

    These are awesome! I hope you do a lot.
    I was in a store and got a call from the “IRS” that my account was “on hold” due to suspicious activity. I was checking out and finishing at the store and they did hold on.
    I started to cry and pretend to get upset.
    Eventually I asked if they had kids or a grandma and said that their family must be so proud of them.
    The caller did curse me out which was not lovely but it was awesome to press on the guilt piece. I love messing about with these jerks

  • Christy T
    Christy T Il y a an

    Enjoyed this so much, when it was suggested, I watched it again! Always good to have those skills for running a scammer off.

  • Fleckeri
    Fleckeri Il y a an +91

    You can't stop them from scamming other people, might as well just delay them from getting to the next one all you can. Props to all those people.

  • Maggie💋
    Maggie💋 Il y a 10 mois

    Omg this video had me weak…. I woke my husband up from laughing uncontrollably 🤣🤣🤣

  • Noelle Marshall
    Noelle Marshall Il y a an

    Wow thank you for sharing. I lost $500 in la and it made me feel so dumb. To know that other people go through the same thing makes me feel better. 💙

  • Adam Chacon
    Adam Chacon Il y a 2 mois

    I love Charlotte’s videos she has an amazing personality.

  • CrazyWolf2468
    CrazyWolf2468 Il y a 5 mois

    I love to mess with scammers it's fun. Ok I admit it I was mentally banging my head on a wall with the last one you did!

  • Elfy Mbouity
    Elfy Mbouity Il y a an

    4:56 That was so funny!!! He actually just wore the scammer down😅😅! Brilliant!!!

  • Laddy Bugg
    Laddy Bugg Il y a an +1

    Story time... I was almost scammed into giving up my card information over the phone. I was staying at a hotel and around 3 am I received a phone call to my hotel room phone. The caller informed me that they are calling from the front desk and their system went down, they needed my card information so they can input it for my stay. Since it was 3 am and I was half up, I was about to give them my information. Not to mention I didn't want to get out of bed and walk outside at 3 am. The caller seemed legit and sounded professional, so I was about to give them my card number. But I had a bad feeling about it and I told caller I will bring my card to the front desk. When I went to the front desk, the attendant had no idea what I was talking about.
    ❤ I just wanted to share this story just incase it can help anyone that find themselves in a similar situation . ❤

  • Carmen Kaczkowski
    Carmen Kaczkowski Il y a an

    I love these videos! Me and my family love fucking around with scammers! I did one of the phone call scams where I pretended to be a rich british lady (I'm Australian) who had a little dog called fifi who kept shitting on the carpet. Oh it was priceless 🤣🤣🤣

  • Potty Mouthed Planter
    Potty Mouthed Planter Il y a an +1

    Hahahahahaha oh hell yes I’ve “scammed the scammer” on a couple of occasions. I’d do it again too! Lol

  • Liz ( Missing you, Lucas) 😭

    I was scammed 3 times. My brother who is an ex cop taught me after that how to recognise a scammer. Now I know exactly when someone are scamming me. I have learned to not click on unknown links too.

    • peps
      peps Il y a 5 mois +1

      @Liz ( Missing you, Lucas) 😭 there's a sucker born every minute lol

    • meisjeViv
      meisjeViv Il y a an +2

      @ScMom some of them are super convincing, they put so much time and effort into it, really get to know you, they call, they video call sometimes etc, so they can make anyone who they get to at the wrong moment believe they're real. I know so many people who have talked to someone like that for a long time, most of them luckily start thinking something is off when the person asks for money... But you definitely don't have to be stupid to fall for it 🤷‍♀️

    • Liz ( Missing you, Lucas) 😭
      Liz ( Missing you, Lucas) 😭 Il y a an +1

      @ScMom I was that stupid to fall for that 3 times. In my language we have a saying that goes "Do not be like a donkey bumping its head against the same stone, stupid!". Well, I did that 3 times. Now I'm careful.

    • Nachiketh
      Nachiketh Il y a an +4

      How does anyone get scammed?

  • Anne Wilson
    Anne Wilson Il y a an

    I love trolling scammers. Honestly, I just love to troll random idiots. 😂

  • Alexia B
    Alexia B Il y a an +1

    watching you act out the conversations is so entertaining!!

  • Deb Ideiosepius
    Deb Ideiosepius Il y a 9 mois

    I so admire the creativity of these guys turning the tables on the nasties! My sister got scam calls regarding a car accident for about a decade, their fishing methods were frustrated each time.

  • Sober Ketovore
    Sober Ketovore Il y a 11 mois +82

    There is definitely an actual store called "Piggly Wiggly" 🤣

    • Kat BP
      Kat BP Il y a 7 mois +1

      Oh yes! AKA “The Pig!””

    • Beth Awesome
      Beth Awesome Il y a 10 mois

      @Kara Amundson She would invite you over for a cold drink and a Little Debbie's oatmeal cookie anyway. She was a very sweet and welcoming lady. I miss her so much. She wasn't my granny until I was 9. She was actually my step mom's adopted mother but she always made me feel loved and special.

    • aubrie daniels
      aubrie daniels Il y a 10 mois

      @Kara Amundson I’m sure there’s a spot for you lol my 2 weeks notice is up the 3rd gotta move on to college lol

    • Kara Amundson
      Kara Amundson Il y a 10 mois

      got my first pairs of SmartWool socks at the one in Seattle back in '99. It's been gone for years now--tragedy.

    • Kara Amundson
      Kara Amundson Il y a 10 mois +1

      @aubrie daniels
      I'm seriously on my knees bc if I could work there, I would. Iconic.

  • Dina
    Dina Il y a 4 mois

    This video was hilarious 🤣🤣🤣 my tummy hurts 🤣🤣
    Thank you for all your work on this video, it was great!!!
    Keep safe!
    🫂 from Norway🇧🇻🙂

  • Artistic_Touch_Med_Spa
    Artistic_Touch_Med_Spa Il y a 5 mois

    I’m sorry you got scammed. You are using your platform for good. Thanks for sharing. I’m also naive but maybe lucky.. 🤞I’ve been sold oregano but the damage was minimal😹

  • Erika Kienas-Ramos
    Erika Kienas-Ramos Il y a 11 mois +31

    I google translated “ogun mapa ebi ni” it means “it’s a family map war” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Xtalllll
      Xtalllll Il y a 10 mois +4

      I got a different translation (from Yoruba to Finnish): "War is hunger"

  • Asero
    Asero Il y a 10 mois

    Last time a scammer called me, I started yelling at the top of my lungs, put my phone under a metal pot lid, and banged on the lid with a big metal spoon.
    They hung up real quick.

  • Eniola Kayode
    Eniola Kayode Il y a an +912

    The last guy was Yoruba 😂😂😂, from Nigeria..... People like that paint us so bad, we're not like that guys, not all Nigerians are scammers, only a few actually do this, we're legitimate hardworking people. Trust me

    • Anastasia
      Anastasia Il y a 3 mois

      @L G well, I judge the population of India and I'm not a tiny bit ashamed of it. Dudes deserved their reputation and I wish I got a chance to speak to one of thise scammers.

    • Paige Loren
      Paige Loren Il y a 5 mois

      We know a nice Nigerian

    • Ayla Crissman
      Ayla Crissman Il y a 5 mois +1

      I assume that “Nigerian Princes” were just lying about being from Nigeria… well, and being princes too, but I figured they were just lying about everything. Also, met and am friends with a couple actually from Nigeria and they are the nicest people.

    • JTR
      JTR Il y a 6 mois

      Did you see xiaomanyc's video on Yoruba?

  • DAWNA0427
    DAWNA0427 Il y a an

    Love messing with scammers!! I figure if I’m taking up their time less time they have trying to scam someone else!

  • Agirlhasnoname 1
    Agirlhasnoname 1 Il y a an +1

    I have lived in Toronto my whole life, and I remember about 10 yrs ago, there was a scam going around where, they said u could become a model or an actress, but u had to pay a couple of thousand to have "professional pictures" taken with "their photographers" in order to get the modelling/acting jobs. I knew so many ppl who did it with their kids, thinking their kids were going to become famous. I knew it was a scam, cuz I had done some acting/modeling in my late teens, early 20s, and I knew they dont need professional pics, u can get hired through live interviews. I think this is the scam Charlotte fell 4

  • Urbert S.
    Urbert S. Il y a 6 mois +2

    When I was a kid my mom met an Algerian "prince" in a chatroom, she ended up traveling to Africa to marry him and gave him about ten grand for a plane ticket to America. That was an interesting time period of my life.

  • Mathilde Eide
    Mathilde Eide Il y a 10 mois

    Watching this makes me regret not messing with scammers when I had the chance. Hoping I get another shot haha, inspiration.

  • Cassaundra Li
    Cassaundra Li Il y a an +663

    Can confirm, the Piggly Wiggly is a real supermarket.

    • Carla Leonard
      Carla Leonard Il y a 16 jours


    • E. J. O.
      E. J. O. Il y a 4 mois

      @wtfunkokev wow, that's cool. I always thought Piggly Wiggly was predominantly in the south.

    • Camilla Brandao
      Camilla Brandao Il y a 8 mois

      That name is absolutely genius

    • wtfunkokev
      wtfunkokev Il y a 11 mois

      I just watch these for the beautiful smile she has

    • wtfunkokev
      wtfunkokev Il y a 11 mois

      In Wisconsin there are a lot of piggly wiggly stores. It’s a lot like going back in time in some of them.

  • Kentendo 64
    Kentendo 64 Il y a 5 mois

    One of my favourite things in life is playing stupid with scammers and then hitting them with the line 'here's the thing sunshine...' it drives them mental. It's like patronising them is kryptonite and I love it

  • Sharon Ritchie
    Sharon Ritchie Il y a 11 mois

    Now I really, really want a scammer to contact me. I feel inspired!

  • Dormant
    Dormant Il y a 10 mois +10

    "That'd be a violation of my parole."
    Well *that* took a turn omw-

  • Jana smith
    Jana smith Il y a 10 mois +1

    Love that while watching a scammer video, I get an ad for those games that "pay" you if you play it. Lmao getting scammed while watching about scammers. Lmao

  • Jessica Winkler
    Jessica Winkler Il y a an +98

    Part 2 please. I love seeing scammers get owned.

  • Grace Jeffrey
    Grace Jeffrey Il y a an

    I had the exact situation as the second scammer. Pretending to be the founder of the real estate brokerage I work for (whom I had never met) asking me to go buy google cards for him. I messed with him for a day making him think I was going to do it and ended it with a picture of my middle finger lol. I would love to send you the screen shots Charlotte! Maybe for a scammers part 3??

  • vinny mancaruso
    vinny mancaruso Il y a an

    charlotte love your videos ,and your a great host.

  • Jenny Rodewald
    Jenny Rodewald Il y a an

    Hey! Just found your channel and I LOVE it, you are so funny and genuin 😁💞

  • SandyL
    SandyL Il y a an

    OMG, that was hysterical going on and on knowing they knew it was a scam. It may have a lonely person in quarantine needing someone to talk to. Lol
    These busters are crazy! Love em lol

  • Emmy Lou
    Emmy Lou Il y a an +97

    I get scammers on dating sites. They all speak broken English, all are American soldiers on secret missions, either divorced or widowed, and after a few days, they ask for £500.
    Because they prey on what they think are vulnerable single ladies, I like to play along.
    When it gets to the part where they give me their bank details, I tell them I'll make the deposit in a few days.
    Little do they know, I've actually set up direct debits to go from those accounts to various charities.
    Let's face it, they should give back in some way.

    • Ginette Cardinal
      Ginette Cardinal Il y a 3 mois +2

      But... but.... how do you do it ?

    • Emmy Lou
      Emmy Lou Il y a an +12

      @Carrie had 1 of those aswell 😂

    • Carrie
      Carrie Il y a an +14

      I had the soldier on a secret mission and he needed itune cards because he lost his account info.

  • Hazel
    Hazel Il y a an

    I LOVE IT! 😝😝😝😂😝😝! I have GOT to mess with the next scammer I come across just like this!!! Laughed so hard I woke up my kids😝

  • Sky Lovecraft
    Sky Lovecraft Il y a an

    I actually love to toy with the scammers EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY CALL!! It's halarious how i always try to beat my previous record of keeping them on the phone for 45 minutes!! Haha...they were so pissed, i got called every name in the book and even word combos that i have never even known existed!! One of my highest moments in life (because they never called me again!!)😆😂🤣👏

  • warp drive
    warp drive Il y a 7 mois

    Oh my words! So fun! Wish I didn't delete my Facebook account. I had quite a few of conversations on there that were similar. Would have fit right into these videos. I enjoy messing with scammers tho.
    BTW, new sub and I adore your videos!

  • Felicia Jenkins
    Felicia Jenkins Il y a an +1

    I love watching their mounting frustration😂😂

  • Meredith Gregory
    Meredith Gregory Il y a an

    Yes, I've "played" with 2 or 3 scammers. When my husband hears me, he hollers out, "Don't talk to those people!", but I have to screw with them.
    # 1) To be fair this one may or may not have been a scammer, however, this was a weekday morning, the phone rang, (on our landline), I answered & a female voice says, "Is Mr Gregory there?" He had taken the day off but was working in the yard, so I replied, "He's busy right now." She then asked, "Is this Mrs. Gregory?"
    Oh, I need to add, 1) we weren't married then, 2) his ex-wife had remarried & 3) his mother lived across the country. There was no Mrs. Gregory in our city, (that we knew of).
    Tale #2 a bit later.
    So, after she asked me if I was Mrs. Gregory, I said, slowly & quite calmly - (after a pregnant pause) -
    "There's a Mrs. Gregory?" There came a deafening silence while my words sank into the person on the other end, I held the phone bout a ways from myself and said, loud enough to be heard on the other end..."Bob, I need to speak with you NOW!" Then I hung up so I could freely chuckle out loud.

  • dcbabe0270
    dcbabe0270 Il y a 10 mois

    This is actually sooooo fun. This one scammer kept calling my grandparents while I was living in Italy and it got them really worked up so I spent €10 for magicjack to call them with a U.S. number. Spent 45 minutes on the phone with them (knew in 2 it was total bs) acting terrified before I told them I'm contacting my lawyer to go over everything before I pay and they said if a lawyer has to look at it they will have to activate my warrant and have me arrested at a totally separate (lived there 10+ years ago) address! 🤣 At that point I asked if they were going to contact the ICC or Interpol because I am an army wife and now live in Italy. She hung up on me immediately and when I got back to the U.S. (2 different international airports) I wasn't arrested or even questioned. So weird right?!?! 😂😂😂😂

  • Joseph Mook's World of Music

    YES!! Using the "LOST numbers" as your account routing it! I'll have to use them the next time they try to scam me lol!

  • kaitybell
    kaitybell Il y a 10 mois

    I almost made a mistake at work once. I had just started at Safeway in Customer Service and had authorization for Western Union money orders/transfers/etc. It was my first week on my own and I was overwhelmed. I got a call from "Western Union IT" and the guy sounded so legit and professional that I got anxious and did most of what he told me to do. Basically he said numbers and directed me to specific tabs with the intention of getting me to transfer money to an account. THANKFULLY I pay attention and READ what I was doing and my alarm bell went off. I confirmed that what it was doing was sending MONEY, rather than just NUMBERS and told the guy I needed to put him on hold and go talk to my manager. He tried to tell me that he only had 3 minutes to complete the "system test" and that I needed to finish the process and not worry about talking to my manager. I still put him on hold and by the time I got to her office he had hung up.
    I hadn't really done one up until then and had forgotten that Western Union NEVER calls, and you should NEVER be on the phone and at the Western Union computer at the same time. Thankfully I caught myself and stopped it before I lost the company thousands of dollars. I never made that mistake again.

  • Andrew Galindo
    Andrew Galindo Il y a an +47

    Yes, Please do a part 2. I love hearing and seeing scammers getting owned.

  • dixideer ッ
    dixideer ッ Il y a an +8

    once had a random dude claiming as my mum and messaged me "Donate $10 000 for your sisters death"bish i dont have a sister

  • C Kee
    C Kee Il y a 11 mois

    I love keeping scammers on the phone as long as possible, they almost always get mad and ask why I didn't just hang up if I knew it was a scam. I tell them the longer you are on the phone with me they aren't on the phone with someone else.

    • Laurel
      Laurel Il y a 10 mois

      Perfect 😍

  • Elizabeth Ortiz
    Elizabeth Ortiz Il y a 4 mois

    Those job scammers tried to get me once, then there was the other ones that sent me a fake check to be a mystery shopper. I didn't fall for any of them. The last scam that was attempted on me was some dude that sent me a check in a FedEx package my in-laws paid for when I was not home. The package had one name and a company name, the check inside had a different name with a different company name and the scammer I was talking to on email had another name and another company name.
    I called the name of the company the check was coming from and confirmed it was fake so I emailed the scammer back and explained to him how is scam works, never heard from him again.

  • Lady Snores-a-lot
    Lady Snores-a-lot Il y a 9 mois

    Aw, I didn’t know you’ve been scammed. That sucks. My best friend almost got scammed a couple of years ago when she was looking for freelance work as a graphic designer. Luckily our other friend had read an article about those types of scams and warned her before she could give them any money.

  • AJ
    AJ Il y a an +53

    I got scammed by a “company” that offered me a job as an assistant. They took me for $2000. I really needed a job so I was a bit desperate and it was quite embarrassing because I always felt like I was smarter than that. Live and learn 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • charlottesmom:
      charlottesmom: Il y a 11 mois

      @cocoavideos , I haven't because I don't trust anyone at mother in law has almost gotten scammed a few times but my husband set her strait.

    • Kayenne54
      Kayenne54 Il y a 11 mois +6

      Just like MLM and pyramid schemes, any "business" that requires you to outlay your own money to "be employed" is a scam. Very simple principle really. But Charlotte is exactly correct; they prey on people at their most vulnerable and desperate.

    • Sharelle W.
      Sharelle W. Il y a an +1

      What company was it? So I know to steer clear.

    • irina iacob
      irina iacob Il y a an +7

      Don't feel too bad about it. When it's about jobs, we get scammed all the time, sadly. Because we trade our time for money. and the money will never replace lost time. ;)
      One giveaway for a scam job is when the person doing the interview talks, talks and talks and you understand nothing in the end, and you don't get to ask questions nor anything.

    • cocoavideos
      cocoavideos Il y a an +7

      Sorry to hear about that. I think we all get scammed at least once or twice. I got scammed by a stock broker long ago. The important part is to learn from it. I eventually just chalked it up as "education cost".

  • Marie Bishop
    Marie Bishop Il y a an

    Hysterical! I have two friends that do that to telemarketers. I don’t have the time or patience. Love these videos....keep them coming!

  • Kingpuppet
    Kingpuppet Il y a an

    too funny! I have literally binged on your videos. Loving your new chanel. Thanks for always cheering me up.

  • Jeffrey Dean
    Jeffrey Dean Il y a an +3

    Whenever I get contacted by a scammer, I’ll try and talk to them about cat facts to see how long they last

    • Kara Amundson
      Kara Amundson Il y a 10 mois

      omg. now I've got a master plan. and plants. horticulture all day.

  • Christine Arianna
    Christine Arianna Il y a an

    Can't stop laughing. Your narrative makes my stomach hurt from laughing!!!!

  • giggergigger1
    giggergigger1 Il y a 11 mois

    Priceless trolling of those scammers😂 . really like your hair that way ms Charlotte.

  • Hello Birdie
    Hello Birdie Il y a 10 mois

    So many murders.... 🤦‍♂️
    I literally laughed till I teared up.
    Thank you, you’re a hoot!

  • Eternity
    Eternity Il y a an

    I got a random text saying "check behind the dumpster" and another one a month later. Creeped me out 😂
    I also get ones about tracking a package when I haven't ordered anything.

  • Cassie Avgerinos
    Cassie Avgerinos Il y a an

    I’ve recently started following you and definitely binge watching all your content lmao

  • I like water
    I like water Il y a an +289

    Someone emailed me saying "this is your lost sister from Norway" lmaoo

    • Ayla Crissman
      Ayla Crissman Il y a 5 mois

      My mom found her 2 half sisters on Facebook from her bio dad (yeah, boo dad was not the best guy, adopted dad was absolutely great).

    • Andrew Fernando
      Andrew Fernando Il y a an

      ...and you replied "who told you to get lost?" :-)

    • Monark Sørgende Mørkeånd
      Monark Sørgende Mørkeånd Il y a an +1

      @Jordan Gann It would be a reasonable request to ask for the test. I like the way you write, there's honesty in your tone. I'm not condescending, I just find that respectable.

    • Jordan Gann
      Jordan Gann Il y a an +4

      I know I have 2 younger sisters and 1 younger brother on my dad's side, no idea where they are now (lost touch) but I do know what they look like and their names. And I know all 4 of my older siblings on my mum's side. If someone told me that they were a potential child of my dad I'd probably believe them but I'd want a dna test to confirm.

    • Monark Sørgende Mørkeånd
      Monark Sørgende Mørkeånd Il y a an +1

      If that would be true, I'd be so happy. I'm from the north & like Norway and Viking culture. I know that I don't have a sister, at least that's what my parents say :D

  • Jennifer Evanush
    Jennifer Evanush Il y a mois

    I love doing this! They get so dang mad! 😂

  • Thrifty Thrift Mom
    Thrifty Thrift Mom Il y a 9 mois

    That was amazing and I cant wait to do this to someone.

  • AMiachelle
    AMiachelle Il y a 6 mois

    Bruh I love when scammers call me. I keep them on the phone just bullshitting for ages. Lol. It keeps then from calling and succeeding in scamming someone else for a while. I love it.

  • L CC
    L CC Il y a an +1

    When I was a teenager I fell for a video game scam. I ordered materials to post around my area selling video games for great prices. i collected dozens of orders and sent them in along with a payment. When the shipment was late I tried calling the company, but their phone was no longer in service. I paid back hundreds of dollars my 14 year old self couldn't really afford to pay back.

  • Okosun Tom
    Okosun Tom Il y a an

    Never been scammed cos when something sounds too good to be true to me then i know for sure its a scam.I have encountered a lot of scammers online but i just play along with them just for the fun of it

  • Lucretia Gutierrez
    Lucretia Gutierrez Il y a 8 mois

    I love messing with scammers, I’ll waste sooo much of their time, then I tell them I know they are scamming after wasting said time

  • Sliver_208
    Sliver_208 Il y a an

    I don’t have the time or patience to deal with the scammers but those were funny. 🤣🤣🤣 Thank you

  • Chef Andy
    Chef Andy Il y a 2 mois

    I love scammers getting owned. I wish they would contact me as I would have so much fun with them.

  • HappilyInfinuttee
    HappilyInfinuttee Il y a an

    Love these. I am now actually hoping some scammers would call me...... they always send me texts that I can't reply to! Damn them ! I am getting some inspiration from these.

  • Jen Fralic
    Jen Fralic Il y a 18 jours

    I added the company I work for on Linkd In. The very next day, I got a work email from a scammer posing as someone who quit that company 3 months prior. It was that same ‘CEO’ scam. I knew it was a scam just from the simple fact that the email came from a gmail address and not a company provided email address