Quora Questions That SHOULDN'T Have Been Asked - REACTION

  • Ajoutée 18 avril 2022
  • Quora Questions That SHOULDN'T Have Been Asked - REACTION
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    Hey ya'll! Today on my channel we are reacting to some insane questions people actually had the AUDACITY to ask quora. Some things are better kept off the internet.
    Hi, I'm Charlotte Dobre. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
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Commentaires • 2 087

  • lisa eddy
    lisa eddy Il y a mois +1165

    The parents asking these questions about teens need to seek out some parenting for healthy kids workshops & other resources. As a retired high school teacher, my heart breaks for the girl w/o a door, the shaking 15-y-o, and any kid who is not accepted and loved for who they are.

    • Toni Y
      Toni Y Il y a 6 jours

      @Super_squishy_awesomeness _ That is so sad. We were entrusted with the parents' most valuable little person in the world. We did our best to teach well, and in a positive and fun way. My late husband's obituary in our local paper had dozens of heartfelt comments from former students and their families. He loved his career so much. He and I are both proud of our students.

    • Toni Y
      Toni Y Il y a 6 jours

      @Super_squishy_awesomeness _ Please, privacy is valuable. My husband never came in the bathroom when I was showering, etc. We didn't play music loudly, talk on the phone at length, have our rooms messy or dirty. We also did not eat in our room! Our children were raised with courtesy and no drama. And our grandchildren, the same. We're teachers, and a religious and cultured family. And so proud of our students, also. One of our joys in life was meeting their children!

    • Toni Y
      Toni Y Il y a 6 jours +1

      You very expressively stated what I want for every youth, to develo to their full potential with the support of their loved ones.

    • Miss Missy
      Miss Missy Il y a 28 jours

      @Lorinda Eastes
      How clever of you.
      Glad it worked but you're the mom and know your child better then she knows herself.
      Much respect and glad it worked out the way you thought it would.
      Not to mention the fact that who can afford to pay one year of college, Nevermind the same year 3x.
      Bravo 👏 👏 👏

    • Amanda Switzer
      Amanda Switzer Il y a 28 jours

      Thanks for teaching my generation Queen.

  • Roo Wyrm
    Roo Wyrm Il y a mois +209

    Cats are "obligate carnivores" - in other words, they NEED a meat diet, feeding cats a vegan diet is abusive. BTW - I'm vegan myself, but I do understand about the needs of my cat and would never dream of forcing a duet on him that would cause him damage.

    • Lalilola1000
      Lalilola1000 Il y a 13 jours

      I love that, I didn't know there was a word for this, now I'll not be speechless if ever cornered by an insane cat lady bousting about having a vegan cat, thanks!

    • Penny Khamsa
      Penny Khamsa Il y a 29 jours +2

      Yay, a Good Vegan!

    • midnaphai
      midnaphai Il y a mois +14

      @arandomsanti imo using meat that otherwise would be thrown away definitely helps more than forcing veganism onto pets or friends. Overproduction and wasteful behaviour are the biggest problem for our environment and if you're vegan because you don't want animals to die you sure don't want them to die for ending up in a trashcan.

    • arandomsanti
      arandomsanti Il y a mois +10

      It's an absolute biiish. I also trying my hardest to eat vegan but I hav a dog so I cant technically call myself vegan and I feel like I'm counter productive . But the other choice was that the dog goes to the kill shelter. I've got a small work around however . Get free bones from the butcher's wife , but discounted meats and hunted meat from the fresh counter late at the evening before closing . They would only throw that meat away otherwise...

  • Halle Bay
    Halle Bay Il y a mois +148

    How do we feel about the condom thing: Yes, the wife shouldn't have cheated, but what he did was cause the birth of an unwanted baby. We do not punish people by making innocent human beings pay.

    • Freya778
      Freya778 Il y a 8 jours

      @Sensass actually, the pictures on her phone of her and the guy she was cheating with were proof enough for the cheating and would have let him get divorced from her without loss of income.

    • Freya778
      Freya778 Il y a 8 jours


    • Jelena R. Jelisavcic Radojevic
      Jelena R. Jelisavcic Radojevic Il y a 15 jours +1

      it caused a conceptipn didnt have to cause a birth…

    • GoddessOfThree
      GoddessOfThree Il y a 19 jours +3

      @Sensass No. "Something drastic" should not include that action. That crossed so many lines that should not ever be crossed under any circumstances.

    • Sensass
      Sensass Il y a 20 jours +2

      @Debbie Akano yea if we’re talking about the law in most cases he would be forced to continue paying her alimony while she goes off with the guy. As he mentioned in the reply, he was able to get away with no loss of income.
      Not saying what he did was right but I think divorce laws are fucked up enough that I don’t really blame him for doing something drastic.

  • Connor Ashe
    Connor Ashe Il y a mois +78

    you should never ever put holes in a condom. Genuinely concerning that people think it's okay to force someone to be pregnant like that

    • Aylén Villarreal
      Aylén Villarreal Il y a 13 jours +1

      It's illegal, it's misoginistc, and it is considered both violence and sexual violence

    • TheJuliet316
      TheJuliet316 Il y a mois +3

      Plus, I think that's a crime.

    • Mandy Au
      Mandy Au Il y a mois +4

      Atm it's a crime in California and i NSW, Australia to commit stealthing. They got the terms for it...birth control sabotage/reproductive coercion/stealthing (removal of condom during sex w/o permission). But still need to work it into and fit the law.

    • Debbie Akano
      Debbie Akano Il y a mois +4

      It’s also apparently illegal.

    • Cyril Marasigan
      Cyril Marasigan Il y a mois +2

      Yeah! He could just walk away but yeah well atleast she has only to blame herself since she did that on the first place.

  • noga
    noga Il y a mois +383

    *Conversation between a pharmacist and a female customer*
    *Woman: " I need to buy some arsenic."*
    *Pharmacist:" Why do you need arsenic?"*
    *Woman: "I need arsenic because I want to kill my husband."* *Pharmacist: "WHAT?"*
    *Woman: "You heard me! I want to kill my husband!"*
    *Pharmacist: "Why on earth would you want to do that?"*
    *Woman: "Because he's having an affair with YOUR wife!!!"*
    *Pharmacist: "Well why didn't you tell me you had a prescription?"😂*

    • Jenny B Ngcobo
      Jenny B Ngcobo Il y a 28 jours +10


    • Miss Missy
      Miss Missy Il y a mois +7

      I needed that.
      Thanks 😊

    • Myska NaMrazu
      Myska NaMrazu Il y a mois +10

      I know another one where the pharmacist is telling a guy: "Sir, you really need prescription for arsenic. A photo of your mother-in-law is just not enough."

    • Lee Jones
      Lee Jones Il y a mois +5

      Seems like a semi - reasonable request in these interesting times ha ha , here is your Rx

    • Nimerya Spawnbrød
      Nimerya Spawnbrød Il y a mois +13

      That's gold! 🤣👍

  • Jenny Tolios
    Jenny Tolios Il y a mois +31

    The guy who pricked holes into all those condoms...apart from being despicable could actually be against the law. I believe I came across a case years ago (which was then subsequently made into an SVU episode) where a guy did this to his own condoms before he slept with women and he was charged with assault.

    • Jenny Tolios
      Jenny Tolios Il y a mois +1

      @Eliza Bassett-Wilson Wow...I wonder if Charlotte's video be used in a criminal case?

  • beth m
    beth m Il y a mois +149

    the “parent” who wants their 18 y/o to be 102 pounds is absolutely disgusting. absolutely horrifying and i’m so sorry for their child/children

    • beth m
      beth m Il y a mois

      @Sandra relatable,, totally knew what you meant and 1000% agree :)

    • Sandra
      Sandra Il y a mois +1

      I meant it's not the mother's decision...it's the daughters. Just in case there's a misunderstanding (the internet makes me paranoid sometimes)

    • Sandra
      Sandra Il y a mois +1

      plus her daughter is 18, it's not her decision.

    • yriel2
      yriel2 Il y a mois

      @flirting gracefull platypusI was normal weight and put on a diet by my parent. Now my metabolism is shit and i gain every single calorie, so yeah f that controlling parent

    • flirting gracefull platypus
      flirting gracefull platypus Il y a mois

      @beth m reading your response i realise i went straight to counting kilos. TCA (eating disorder-not sure about the traduction)never fully leave your brain.

  • Anja huizinga
    Anja huizinga Il y a mois +186

    I got the answer for that mother who asked how she can raise a "better" son, slap yourself in the face and grow up.
    Speaking in public has nothing to do with him being a good son. On top of that he was 15 and speaking at his grandma's
    funeral. I think she should be proud.

    • Mark Douglas
      Mark Douglas Il y a mois +1

      Kudos to the 15 year old for public speaking on a very sad occasion. More strength of character than the complaining parent.

    • Revina Que
      Revina Que Il y a mois +3

      I'm pretty sure that one was written by a troll. There are plenty of them on Quora.

    • Nimerya Spawnbrød
      Nimerya Spawnbrød Il y a mois +8

      Ashamed of her son for showing emotions and affection...
      What a woman...
      Goes hand in hand with the other genius who wants to push her daughter into having kids to entertain her...
      Some of us should just be spayed, honestly 🤦‍♀️

    • EH
      EH Il y a mois +6

      Yup! Can’t imagine my son giving a eulogy when he was 15… not even now that he’s 20. I’d be proud af of that kid…

  • Momma Bear
    Momma Bear Il y a mois +57

    As a teen I had many friends who had their bedroom door taken away. Had one friend who's dad nailed her windows shut too. She got pregnant at 16 and I cam over to see the baby and the windows were still nailed shut. I told her dad that was dangerous in a fire plus the damage is already done, she's a mom can't go back.

    • Orellia Orellia
      Orellia Orellia Il y a mois +5

      Actually, the persons who had very strict parents on the subject of sexuality (who were never taught anything and couldn't discover their own body because no door ect) are the persons who fall the more easily in abusive relationships or are pregnant/baby dady early because if you don't know anything you don't know what is sane and safe for you.

    • Cindy B
      Cindy B Il y a mois +1

      @Melissa Blackwood so does talking with your kids, building a trusting and honest relationship with them. If it's too much work to do that, then they shouldn't be a parent.

    • Made in Resita Some time ago
      Made in Resita Some time ago Il y a mois

      Some parents forgot they were teens once.

    • Melissa Blackwood
      Melissa Blackwood Il y a mois +4

      @yourbirdcreative It does, however, prevent them from slamming the door.

    • T_P_W has puppies!
      T_P_W has puppies! Il y a mois +1

      @yourbirdcreative Facts.

  • Jeneralx9
    Jeneralx9 Il y a mois +26

    All of these parents later: "Why doesn't my son/daughter want to speak to me anymore??"

    • pvanpelt1
      pvanpelt1 Il y a mois +7

      I think of this when people talk about those sad people in nursing homes who never have visitors. Maybe their kids are self-absorbed jerks, but it’s also quite possible they were shitty parents and their kids have good reason to never visit.

  • Trench15398642_14
    Trench15398642_14 Il y a mois +45

    "How do I raise a better son who doesn't fear public speaking?" You don't. Pity he can't raise a better parent.

  • Melissa Fields
    Melissa Fields Il y a mois +30

    7:36 I'm a mom and a grandma. I can't imagine interfering with my child's choices; as long as they weren't harming themselves. It boggles my mind that parents don't treat their children as individuals! As far as "wanting grandchildren "; yes I did but that was up to them... not me. As long as they were happy, healthy that's all I wanted for them.

    • Monique Damphousse
      Monique Damphousse Il y a mois

      I always insisted that our daughter be treated like an adult from the day she turned 18. My husband, who is from a very large country-raised family with old fashioned values, struggled for a while with this concept, but eventually he wrapped his head around it. 😊 We're still there for her to give advice when asked and needed, but we never tell her what to do. The way I finally got my husband to understand this was when I asked him how he would like it if his parent would be telling him what to do when he was her age. It didn't take him long to say that he wouldn't have liked it. 😂😂😂

  • Dilvish
    Dilvish Il y a mois +34

    Most of these questions make me want to sit in a dark closet rocking back and forth hoping that humanity survives the crazy gene.

    • EH
      EH Il y a mois +2

      I’m so hoping that many of these are jokes…. 😖🥴

  • Elaine Ferry
    Elaine Ferry Il y a mois +28

    Guy who thinks his neighbor should "obey" him, needs therapy along with earplugs! She might even need to report him and get a restraining order... guy is a Kook!

  • Flickering Ember
    Flickering Ember Il y a mois +7

    The one where the husband sabotaged the wife's condoms. It's pretty messed up to bring a baby into all this and make the baby suffer potentially. Two wrongs don't make a right.

  • Paul
    Paul Il y a mois +8

    The sabotaged condoms could leave him at fault for the pregnancy. It was definitely a malicious act to cause her potential harm. I would argue that even the guy she was having sex with could sue for financial damages if he was made to pay child support if the truth ever came to light. But I question the validity of the story. Do women carry condoms in their purses? But maybe the other guy was also married and his wife would have been more likely to find them so she held onto them.

    • SeppyQ
      SeppyQ Il y a mois

      Yes, women carry them too.

    • Annette Mattheyse
      Annette Mattheyse Il y a mois +1

      Yes. In my country, women have condoms EVERYWHERE. It messe with a court case, because they say it's "giving consent" but rather that than get AIDS or Herpes from a rapist...

  • Just A Stump
    Just A Stump Il y a mois +18

    The cat one pissed me off so much! Literally there's so many vegans like that who own cats! It was hard for me to work at a pet supplies store for that reason alone... Cats are obligated carnivores, they literally can't live off of a vegan/vegetarian diet!!! 🙄

    • Rychelle Y
      Rychelle Y Il y a mois +1

      This so much!! I'm an RVT and when ever i come across questions like this i just seethe. It's literally animal endangerment, literally killing the cat slowly, not to mention the numerous amount of human food items that are POISONOUS to cats and dogs!! DO NOT own an animal that you can not properly care for!

  • Mage
    Mage Il y a mois +628

    Parents who deprive their kids, especially their teen kids, of privacy shouldn't have kids. A 16 year old girl not allowed to have a door? I think that's child abuse.

    • Sarah lovee
      Sarah lovee Il y a 12 jours

      It's not. Here at least. They have a bathroom to provide privacy for changing.
      It's a form of pubishmenr because you can't be trusted behind closed doors.
      It happened to me. It led to a lot more problems. Swore id never do that to my kid. I felt bad just taking away his doorknob and I did that for his own safety.

    • Taylor Griffith
      Taylor Griffith Il y a mois +1

      @Annette Mattheyse so wait, you're telling me you should steal your child's privacy away because you failed as a parent?

  • Bob Blumenfeld
    Bob Blumenfeld Il y a mois +13

    Regarding the baby-naming segment: I find the question, "Should I let my husband have a say in what we name our baby if he refuses to agree with my name choices?" utterly laughable. What kind of a "say" is that if he has to agree for his vote to count?

  • Carina S
    Carina S Il y a mois +31

    Holy shit, I'm vegetarian (70-80% plant-based at this point though) and I don't own a cat and even I know cats are exclusively carnivores 🙈
    How on earth can you be a pet owner and not know what your pet can eat?! 🤦

  • TheAnomaly
    TheAnomaly Il y a mois +27

    My wife is a neonatal (babies) intensive care nurse, and she feels they should be given legal veto powers over the baby names some stupid ass people place on their innocent children. So many of them are truly pathetic.

    • Paula Vitoria
      Paula Vitoria Il y a mois

      Just like many people commenting here, in my country there's a list of names (an enormous list, it has hundreds, if not thousands, of names) allowed, and people can't invent names, or name children after things, or animals, or whatever. However, if one of the parents is a foreigner, any name is allowed. That's why there are two unfortunate girls, daughters of a portuguese (trashy) singer and a soccer player from Guiné-Bissau (former portuguese colony) whose names are Lyonce Viiktórya and Lyannii Viiktórya.

    • Macon Reid
      Macon Reid Il y a mois

      In Germany a child's name has to be approved.

    • Diana Hutsler
      Diana Hutsler Il y a mois

      There was that lady on Hell's Kitchen a few years ago who named her son Danger.
      I used to babysit a poor child whose parents named her Paige Turner Brown.

    • Pamis Punk
      Pamis Punk Il y a mois +2

      In México stupid names are forbidden not only names like Batman, Superman or Robocop also invented names, in the past people used to named their children according to the day of birth and if for example they were born the day of The Anniversary of the Revolution (Aniversario de la Revolucion) the name was ANIVDELAREV 😑 also if the first name in combination with the last name means something insulting or funny cannot be used

    • Rhea H
      Rhea H Il y a mois +3

      I think the craziest one I’ve ever heard (from a teacher that had this kid in her class) was Sssst, pronounced Forest (Four-S, T) 🙄🙄🙄
      The runner-up was Abcde, pronounce Ab-C-Deh.

  • PlumDutchess
    PlumDutchess Il y a mois +4

    If that boy managed to give his grandmother a tribute at 15, then that's amazing! Showing nervousness and vulnerability is not a weakness. Especially at a funeral, it makes it more personal.

  • Tannhauser
    Tannhauser Il y a mois +50

    Wife: Honey, if I died would you marry someone else?
    Husband: Being married to you has been wonderful and I don't think it would be disrespectful to marry again after an appropriate waiting period.
    W: Would you live here in our house?
    H: It's a good house and it's paid for. It would be foolish to sell it and buy another one.
    W: Would you let her drive my car?
    H: I think so. It still has a lot of good miles left in it.
    W: Would you let her use my golf clubs?
    H: No. She's left-handed.

  • Laura Simpkins
    Laura Simpkins Il y a mois +14

    7:55 I made my husband watch your video last time you showed this.
    Hilarious every freaking time.
    But it did lead to the discussion of, “well what about Karen’s other neighbors? What if they have allergies (like my husband)? Can they sue her for allowing her pollen to spread freely? Will she be forced to pay for their allergy medication?”
    And now we have an inside joke in which he yells, “Beeeeekeeperrrrrr” (in a British accent for some reason), and talks to our imaginary neighbor to complain about things that bother him.

  • Betty Glad
    Betty Glad Il y a mois +5

    I had to laugh over the one that was asking about pressuring their daughter for grandchildren. My mother harassed my oldest for great-grandchildren until she finally broke and told her "You'll get them when my brother knocks up a cheerleader".
    I can honestly say that it was the funniest thing I'd ever heard, but it did take me several hours to make mine mum calm down. On the up side she's never asked any of my kids for great-grandchildren since.

  • M.Mullennix Vlog
    M.Mullennix Vlog Il y a mois +24

    I love these kind of videos but this one was like a perfect blend of “The Audacity “; Are people really like this( video idea) and AITA. Thanks for opening my eyes to how fun Quora is and how ridiculous people can be.

  • Michelle Adamchak
    Michelle Adamchak Il y a mois +645

    It has come to my attention that stupid people should not breed, or tweet, or ask questions on Quorra.

    • Melissa Witt
      Melissa Witt Il y a 23 jours

      @D Dee 😝😝😝actually, I went to comments to address something Charlotte had said, got distracted reading others comments, remembered I had wanted to comment and did it where I was instead of getting out of this conversation first and commenting in the appropriate place.

    • D Dee
      D Dee Il y a 23 jours

      @Melissa Witt Ummm OK, but what does that have to do in relation to the original post? Are you trying to prove the point?

    • Procrastination Queen
      Procrastination Queen Il y a mois

      I mean, asking questions I think is fine. How else are they gonna find out they’re wrong? 😂

    • Margaux Jones
      Margaux Jones Il y a mois +1

      Or vote

  • Geneva Wilson
    Geneva Wilson Il y a mois +16

    My parents never pressured, or even mentioned, marriage or grandkids to my sister and I. Mom started referring to herself as grandma when talking to our respective pets. 🤣😂 I send her cards to grandpa from my pets. 👍

    • LilThreat88
      LilThreat88 Il y a mois

      That's super cute!
      We have a grandma name for my mom that we referred to her as, and the cats always get excited when they hear she's coming~

    • Donna Fisher
      Donna Fisher Il y a mois +1

      My kids each had two cats that I called my grand kitties.. Lol Seriously, why do people start on any couple. As soon as they date a while- when getting engaged. They're engaged- when getting married. As soon as their married- when having babies. Its crazy!

  • Wayne Thompson
    Wayne Thompson Il y a mois +11

    The bee’s stealing pollen, I sent to my lawyer friends office for April fools, his receptionist was shocked by this as being “f’ing petty as hell” he called me right away, he knew it was me, but we laughed and chatted it seems one would have to prove the pollen had tangible value, but most likely this would never make it to court

    • C Snide
      C Snide Il y a mois +1

      I live in a rural area and have a neighbor who is generally good (I consider him a friend) but acts very entitled at some things. He also has a weed farm - would it be wrong of me to put a bee hive on my property near my woods 100 yards away from his weed crop....?

  • Cindy Koshinsky
    Cindy Koshinsky Il y a mois +7

    Actually, you can ship poop in the mail. There are colon test kits sent out to people all the them. People send the lab some poop to be tested for cancer cell, and other stuff.

  • Stan Presto
    Stan Presto Il y a mois +5

    Hi Charlotte from Sydney Australia, your channel was recommended by FRclip, I thought initially oh no, watched that first video and have been binge watching you for the past 3 days. Congratulations to you, funniest stuff I’ve seen in a long time, your wit is hilarious, my face hurts from smiling, thank you 🙏

  • Lea Juliene
    Lea Juliene Il y a mois +15

    My first question to this parent would be, "Are you the dad or mom?"
    This is obviously wrong on so many levels, but if this is the father it raises so many more issues for me.
    It genuinely worries me as there are definitely dad's out their that sexually abuse their children. Not to mention how some take the protective dad to a whole new level that becomes controlling.
    I have no idea if it's the mother or father, but I do know it sounds like something my own father would do.
    My dad and mom divorced when I was 8 months, and I was raised by my dad, along with my sister.
    My dad was incredibly controlling to just me. He treated me different because I resembled my mother, who he had a hatred/love for.
    Many times he treated me like I was her. My sister was 5 years older and as usual could do anything she wanted.
    I had an 8pm curfew to her 1am. I wasn't allowed to go on a paid spring break (with girlfriends), while she was allowed to go every year & with boys.
    I wasn't allowed to dress a certain way, have an ear piercing or belly. While she had her whole ears, her belly button, and tongue pierced.
    It was literal night and day between us. So I don't know which parent isn't allowing the door, but everyone deserves privacy.
    I knew a boy in school that his father took his door away as punishment, and his bed. He had to sleep on the floor with no door. He was supposed to get it back after he completed probation.
    But idk, this post just doesn't sit right with me. I hope the parent got a bunch of responses showing them how absurd they sound.
    Similar to AITA, I hope they get insight to how wrong their behavior is and maybe get some help to parenting teenagers.
    Sometimes I feel like they get a wake up call when others do not find this behavior normal or okay. While other times I feel like it doesn't make a bit of difference.
    Just crazy how people are. .

    • JayLeeBeanz
      JayLeeBeanz Il y a mois

      @Lea Juliene I'm sorry, I didn't want you to relive all that. You said it's something your father would do, not your father did do, so it sounded more like prejudice to me. It's awful you and your family members went through all this. I hope things have gotten better.

    • Lea Juliene
      Lea Juliene Il y a mois +1

      @JayLeeBeanz I never said a father would automatically have naughty thoughts based on gender. I just voiced a concern I had based on something I went through personally. I just didn't want to go into that detail of my life because it hurts.
      But I should have realized that this is a comment section, and I should be even more detailed in my responses and comments.
      Of course, mothers and women are capable of sexual abuse. Fathers are capable towards daughters and sons ect, and mothers are capable towards daughters and sons ect.
      The reason I said it worried me if it was a father was because of my personal experiences I went through with my father.
      & the experiences my mother went through with her father, and my grandmother with her father. As well as, some friends I grew up with and their fathers.
      When I went to a support group on sexual abuse there were many women there that told their own stories about their brothers, their uncles, their fathers ect.
      So I genuinely had a concern for that 16 year old girl not being allowed a door and the privacy she deserves. Whether that be changing clothes, sleeping, or just in general.
      So again, yes mothers and women can definitely abuse as well, but hopefully I have explained more in some detail without telling my whole childhood and life story.
      I am not sexist by any means. I fully know and understand that both sexes can be equally as horrible.

    • JayLeeBeanz
      JayLeeBeanz Il y a mois +1

      You have some slight sexism going on though. Why would a male parent automatically have naughty thoughts just based on gender. In the healthiest scenario, it would never cross either parent's mind so neither would be worse. Furthermore mothers and women are fully capable of being sexually abusive too, so if there is reason to be concerned, it's not automatically because of the father and you should be equally concerned.

  • Racheal Tacey
    Racheal Tacey Il y a mois +6

    The one about putting holes in the condoms literally made me feel so weird. Like I’m pretty sure someone sued someone else for poking holes in them…
    Why would he admit that in the internet?

  • Shane Abel
    Shane Abel Il y a mois +6

    I'm so glad I found you. The content you post, and your reactions, voice, laugh...help make every day not suck more than the one before it. Thank you, Charlotte.

    • Shane Abel
      Shane Abel Il y a mois +1

      @Nina Cohen She's wonderful. I wish more people were like her.

    • Nina Cohen
      Nina Cohen Il y a mois

      Yes! I'm trying SO hard to avoid Envy about Charley's (s'cuse me) new digs...But she EARNED her popularity by figuring out how to 'influence' society in a wholesome way. She actually made a business out of this, and hires real people, and plans and edits this 'original content'. My fav Charley-ism is reveling in her Darker Side as the self-proclamed Queen of Petty. You go, Gurl, cause Haters Gonna Hate. Tell your Folks I says Hi.

  • Angie
    Angie Il y a mois +2

    My God, Charlotte, how do I love thee :D Your reaction videos never fail to make me laugh. Also, I'm disturbed by a few of the Quora questions and hope all those idiots (oops, not sorry) and cuckoo parents find their loose screws soon. I'm crossing my fingers that there is not a Quarantina/Quarantino somewhere, that's a lot of baggage having a name that you one - have to explain how you got it, and two - that explanation being "I was born during quarantine so there".

  • Morgan Douglas
    Morgan Douglas Il y a mois +412

    Yeah, pandemic or no pandemic, naming a child Quarantino or Quarantina is going to doom the child to a life of being bullied.

    • 𞤢𞤼𞤢𞤦𞤮 𞤢𞤱𞤮𞤷𞤢
      𞤢𞤼𞤢𞤦𞤮 𞤢𞤱𞤮𞤷𞤢 Il y a mois

      @Nick Gisburne not gonna lie those two sound good lockdan and lockdawn

    • Jenifer R.
      Jenifer R. Il y a mois

      @nagy zoli Put the fork down! 😲 (Backing away slowly)
      I love me some Twilight. But come on, Renesmee was bad. And if you've read 'Life After Death' (Twilight gender flip), you'll see Meyer can pull out even worse names.

    • A Chroí
      A Chroí Il y a mois

      @nagy zoli LOL sometimes it's better to have that tale of what you -were- going to name your child. My Mom shared such with me ...and all I can say is... I dodged a bullet. Lol So yeah.. let's not and say we did :) #sticks marshmallows on the pitchfork and gestures to the fire ~~

    • Surftouka
      Surftouka Il y a mois +3

      Quarantine, Covid, lockdown... yeah 3 things I'd rather forget not name my kid after it! and what does she mean should her husband have a say in it? did she have the baby alone without his help?

    • Quinplayz 25
      Quinplayz 25 Il y a mois

      My mom said that after people have kids during quarantine people would start naming their kids that.

  • Ellen Karlsson
    Ellen Karlsson Il y a mois +8

    *The neighbor can't claim anything until we pay the bees!* A podcast I used to listen to calculated how much honey would cost if we paid the bees a livable wage for their work. I don't remember the numbers but it was hella expensive.

  • Patricia Zernone-Wood
    Patricia Zernone-Wood Il y a mois +6

    I've been through a period where I want to be a grandma. And I know my son's have other obligations that they want to focus on right now although they're in their mid-20s one is seeking financial Independence at the moment which I'm very proud of him of by the way, before he even considers getting involved in a serious relationship and I do respect him for that that is some great planning. My other son however made it clear that he has no interest in having children and that if he gets married it is only going to be with a person who also does not want children in their future. It took a little bit for me to accept that. I felt he was just not emotionally prepared for parenting although he's 26 and that was why he said that. I did find out recently that he has a very strong belief in trying to maintain clean up and help our environment become what it once was and he feels that overpopulation has destroyed not only our environment but a lot of species that were here prior to us. He thought long and hard about this and I respect his decision he also says that his father and pay generations were extremely toxic narcissistic and misogynistic and he does not feel that the name should continue on and if he has to be the one to prevent the continuation of his specific name then so be it. The thought that he put into this actually made me realize how very mature my son actually is and how much thought he's put into this. I will say I can actually picture him being the type of adult that once he is married and in a relationship possibly fostering or even adopting unwanted children that are already here because you already has that interest in animals

    • Patricia Zernone-Wood
      Patricia Zernone-Wood Il y a mois

      @Nina Cohen I'm sorry what? 45 years ago people only had one kid I'm confused I'm 45 years old and just about everybody I know that's my age has two to four other siblings My generation however did a lot to try to keep it to one or two children because we damn well couldn't afford it. And we could think that to greedy capitalist laws. When I was born it was all about college you had to go to college to be successful otherwise you would become a dirt digger or a trash man however they make more money than most people that went to college and graduated. But we are propagandized to believe that the only way you could succeed is if you have a job where you wear a suit and tie and have a college degree to match when that is not the case. My grandfather was born in the 1939 he had six children with my grandmother who was 15 at the time 3 years younger than my grandfather 4 years sorry. Now my mother was born in the 1958, she was raised in a household where only my grandfather who had only a high school education and worked in the mailroom for a automobile repair publishing company called Chilton. He made three something an hour, that matched with the cost of living of the times. Just like it did the generation prior when they were making maybe $1.50 an hour, who were my grandparents' parents. Both my great grandparents and my grandparents were able to raise large families with incomes that matched the cost of living and inflation of the times while the mother stayed home and took care of the household and raise the family. They were considered a middle-class family they lived a very comfortable lifestyle they did not have to wait in line for food they did not have to deal with some of the aftermath of the depression. Now granted my great-grandparents did a lot of raising of their own meats and vegetables so that helped with less spending. But I want to go back to my grandfather who made $3 in some odd cents an hour in a mail room raising a family of six children and a wife on his own in a beautiful six bedroom house and one of the richest parts of the county of the state that I live in. He never went to college he graduated high school went and got a job and started raising the family and he moved up in that company and by the time my mother was 13 years old my grandfather was making what would be considered six figures in today's society so in 1971 he was making about 23,000 a year as the executive assistant of a CFO. In today's money that would be about 160,000 a year. But see 23,000 a year is what over 60% of the incomes are of today's workers so they are making the same as somebody would in the 1970s as our inflation has exploded. And do you know why wages stopped following inflation because of Republican presidents that passed laws stating what the minimum wage of a worker should be instead of just allowing people to get paid with inflation they mandated a certain wage rate. Instead of the rate changing the few times it did to benefit every worker they made stipulations that they would change the minimum wage for only workers with a degree or federal workers or workers that are in hospitals or workers that have a certain certification. so people of today's society if we would have kept the laws as they were and people had wages that rose with inflation, as it used to be before Nixon decided that greed was more important. Nixon made sure to sign laws that made unequal wage rates for specific workers and that is when economic failure really started. Then Reagan boosted that when he gave corporations more power to build monopolies and shut down the mom and pops of our country so now you drive along route 66 and what do you say nothing but shut down old shops where it used to be a whole family trip of enjoyability. Republicans have been systematically destroying the middle class working family since the day they stepped into office. And the only way it could be fixed is if those policies that Nixon and Reagan put into place that stopped the equality of raises with our economy then America is going to continue to be a country of people that grow more and more poor, while the top 2% end up with 90% of all of US monies. This was a deliberate act to make sure that only certain societal groups are able to keep growing and if you notice the richest people in America don't do anything to help America in fact they do everything they can to make sure opposite occurs by having lobbyists pay these Republican senators to prevent them from voting for laws that will raise wages and fight for wage equity. Did you know minimum wage in America if it stayed on the same path would be over $21 an hour minimum wage. Which means people that are making $21 an hour should actually be making $56 an hour. Everybody in our society is making below what they should be and corporations are not floundering at all they're making hundreds of millions to close to a billion dollars a year. This was unheard of prior to the seventies only a couple people having that much money 2%, 2% of Americans have more money than all Americans put together. And you still want to tell me, the problem was 45 years ago people couldn't afford to have children? No 45 years ago was when our Republican president decided to make it a problem to financially afford to have children. But 45 years ago the my parents of that time did not know what was actually coming when that legislation was passed. They did not know they were going to lose their businesses they were going to lose their houses their pay would go up maybe 5 to10 CENTS each year. But thankfully our parents' children my generation got to learn about computers and history and how legislation works and how America ended up creating the poorest class of any country. Nixon knew what he was doing when he called for unionization to be stopped. There was nobody to help people fight for the wages that the working class People deserved. And then we have Ronald Reagan who sold his soul to corporations and created what we know today is trickle down economics you would think after over 30 years of it not working our government would realize that it's not working. Now why you think Peterson is somehow truthful with any of this I don't understand because he's against wage increases too but he's not against growing a population that can't even afford to take care of itself let alone the children that they bear. I'm glad that gen Z's are fighting for unions fighting with millennials to get the money that is due to them. Ending unionization was the worst thing that ever occurred an our American economy. That is why there is a need for progressives to be in office and we need to get rid of Republican and moderate Democrats because we're never going to have the the financial equity that we deserve as a society. This was deliberately done to keep immigrants minorities those who are looked at as lesser than in need of some kind of assistance by government because that keeps them in power and these governments with false promises and fear-mongering and they do this to the white people because of the population of white people to minorities and immigrants they know more white people are going to vote Republican so they fear monger the white people. So if you really want America to become an actual democracy that's when you need to stop voting Republican that's when you need to stop listening to people like Peterson! He who knows the Murdoch Brothers have over 300 different media companies all over the world that do nothing but push out propaganda half of those are in the United States alone whether it's television streaming or through FRclip Facebook Twitter etc many of the right wing news media you read are owned by the Murdoch Brothers who own Fox News News Max oan sky News in Australia. They want to manipulate with this information and fear monger so that they could keep these corporations growing so they can gain more and more control but they blame the Democrats to confuse people. All you have to do is look at the legislation that's passed the legislation that's passed is anti-freedom legislation. Anti-abortion laws, don't say gay laws, don't discuss history that makes white people look bad, don't have books even cartoon books that have any discussion of a non-heterosexual family. They make laws where parents can sue teachers because they don't tell a third grader to shut up if they discuss a vacation with their parents who might be gay. They're even making legislation where you have to include Jesus and Christianity when our constitution clearly states that there must be a separation of state and Church. But what do we get if a parent finds out a teacher allows a Muslim student to not talk about Jesus but instead talks about Allah they can be sued and lose their ability to teach how is that fair how is that protecting rights how is that protecting our constitution. Take a moment to think about all that for a minute while I go take a piss then start my family's dinner for the night.

    • Nina Cohen
      Nina Cohen Il y a mois

      The world has moved on. Every 20 years there's a new generation (X. Millennials. Xe-lenials? Generation Z...) 45 years ago people maybe..had 1 kid. Their kids got clobbered financially and couldn't afford housing, or marriage, or kids. Their barely existing kids didn't get married till their 40s. The population explosion is one of old people, not young people. Villages/small town in Italy and Western Europe are empty, houses cost a dollar there. Japan has a dearth of working people and a surplus of the aged. In China, the young people are on strike, refusing to work 24/7, refusing to marry, and the 1 child policy equalled 1 son policy, and without potential wives, they resort to kidnapping other Asian women and/or go to war (almost inevitable: all that free-floating frustrated testosterone...), again, zero children being born in China. All over the world, there is a crisis of de-population. Moving populations around is unsuccessful when 'orders' come from the top down. Unstable societies that don't give women equal rights are also imploding: the era of dictatorships won't work in this world that has internet/free flow of ideas, despite attempts at repression. We have come full circle, and now 'responsible living' for 20-30 somethings in 2020s + is looking like the 'responsible living' of the 1940's::Get married, raise a family, become selfless again. You know the road to perdition is paved with good intentions, right. And I don't want to mention fertility rates are plummetting from pollution from plastics, obesity, etc. But that's just my opinion. And Jordan Peterson. And others, too.

  • lollsazz
    lollsazz Il y a mois +3

    "How do you ship poop in the mail" can be a legitimate question. My former boss is a scientist, and when she was developing a test, she had to fly out and get samples of people's poop. One of the times, the flight was delayed and the samples melted, so she ended up with a suitcase full of shit...

  • ladyscorpsmom
    ladyscorpsmom Il y a mois +2

    I love reading Quora questions, some can be informative, not many, but some. There have been some that have better answers then question. I remember the one about the 16 year old and the door. That person was attacked for not giving her daughter some privacy. That poor girl, I really hope she was able to get a door.

  • alilately1013
    alilately1013 Il y a mois +315

    Being pressured to have a child sucks especially when you're unable to. It's bad enough that you can't, but some people just don't get it. It kills relationships. That woman needs to lay off her daughter and be thankful for her and not worry about grandkids yet.

    • Karma Lee Nash
      Karma Lee Nash Il y a mois +4

      My daughter made it clear from a young age, never having children. She is now in her early forties and living an amazing life. My son and his wife had one child, and they decided, no more. Either way, I support their decisions. Their lives are theirs to live. My job is to love and support them, and yep, spoil the hell out of my grandchild and buy them every noisy toy ever made! 😎

    • Monique Damphousse
      Monique Damphousse Il y a mois +4

      @Miss Murphy You're not alone. My mother is a monster too. She's a narcissist, so it was and is always about her. I didn't tell her when I had cancer because I didn't want her coming to the hospital and making it all about how SHE has a daughter with cancer. Needless to say, my hospital stay went well because she wasn't there. My husband and our daughter were enough to help me through and they were all I wanted and needed ❤I think my mother may be a sociopath. She's always been so physically cruel to me, emotionally cruel and manipulative, crushing and actually enjoys tearing me down. I no longer have any love for that woman. I don't hate her, but I feel completely indifferent towards her now. I don't believe that she deserves my love at all, so she's not ever going to get it.

    • Sonya Matthews
      Sonya Matthews Il y a mois +3

      This is one of the hardest things any woman can go through. I am going through this right now - my husband really wants me to go through IVF again and I don’t want to. It’s tearing us apart. Sad, wanting someone to love me for me and not whether I can have children.

    • Tabita S.
      Tabita S. Il y a mois +2

      @Miss Murphy ❤️💯

    • Miss Murphy
      Miss Murphy Il y a mois +4

      It amazes me that as women we are still treated this way in this day & age. I have a lot of health (& mental health issues in part caused by an abusive mother), & made a choice at the age of 16 not to have biological children because I did not want to pass those genetic issues on to my children. I am adopted, & told my parents that there were plenty of children in the world that needed love, & that I planned on fostering children & perhaps adopting myself when I got older. Nonetheless, I will never forget on Easter Sunday when I was 27 my mother telling my brother's girlfriend at the time that I was too old & she was giving up on me, & it was up to my brother & his girlfriend to give her grandchildren. She then proceeded (for the rest of the time she was alive) to tell me how I would be unable to care for an animal (I then adopted a pit bull rescue & registered her as an ESA with my state & trained her to get her Canine Good Citizen's Award & further trained her & registered her with the state as a Therapy Animal), & that I was incapable of properly raising a child--CPS/the courts then gave me custody of my neighbor's autistic child to raise. Not once did my mother ever acknowledge that she was incorrect or ever display pride in me, & now that she has passed away, all I have are those negative memories. I can truly say that being told at the age of 27 that my mother was giving up on my giving her grandchildren because I was too old (despite my legitimate reasons to choose fostering & adoption over having biological children, & both myself & my brother being adopted ourselves!) is still one of the most hurtful memories I have of my mother. You are correct; being pressured to have a child is a truly horrible feeling, & it certainly didn't help the already unhealthy relationship that I had with my mother! I found my mother's diaries after she passed away, & she wrote about how adopted children were supposed to be a "gift from God" but she felt like God gave her a "gag gift" with me, & she wished she could "give [me] back." Like you said, what I wouldn't give to have had a mother who "laid off" of me & who was simply thankful for me & not so worried about my giving her biological grandchildren! I am now 42, & due to health issues cannot have biological children. Perhaps it is best that she passed away while I was still in my late 30s so that I couldn't embarrass her further by not being physically capable of giving her the biological grandchildren I was apparently supposed to give her (even though according to her I would have been unable to parent them properly anyway).
      WOW, I think I might've just been triggered!!! LOL Talk about TMI! I can only hope that someone sees my over-share here & feels less alone in their own situation. Much love to my fellow Tater Tots who have/had mothers like mine. You are enough, and you are worthy, all on your own! Not having children does not lessen your own worth! 💙

  • Sandra Keen
    Sandra Keen Il y a mois +1

    The poop in the mail question reminds me of something that happened years ago. There was a medical study and the participants had to save their poop for a few days and it was sort of in like a coffee can. Now it didn’t get mailed by the participant but they did have to take it to the hospital and the hospital mailed it to the company performing the study.

  • Lauren Freeman
    Lauren Freeman Il y a mois +14

    During quarantine most of my medical stuff went online. They once mailed me a kit that included tube to put my poop in for testing. God it was gross. But I did it, put a lid on it, put it in a biohazerd bag and a special box that would hold it still and had a biohazerd label on the front, then mailed it back.

    • yourbirdcreative
      yourbirdcreative Il y a mois +2

      @adelaide pietrzak ahh OK.
      Here it's like "woohoo, 50th birthday present from the government" 😂😂

    • adelaide pietrzak
      adelaide pietrzak Il y a mois

      Here you have to go to a doctor and get it prescribed and then they'll mail it to you.

    • yourbirdcreative
      yourbirdcreative Il y a mois +1

      @adelaide pietrzak I don't know how it works there, but here it just arrives in the mail totally unsolicited 😂

    • adelaide pietrzak
      adelaide pietrzak Il y a mois +1

      yeah it's called cologuard. it's a noninvasive colorectal cancer screening test for people 45+ yrs in the states.

    • yourbirdcreative
      yourbirdcreative Il y a mois +1

      In Australia we have a free national bowel cancer screening thing that everyone gets to do when they turn fifty. They get a little package in the mail, that they use to collect and store a stool sample, and it includes a reply paid envelope to send it back to the lab for testing. You get to do it again at 55!

  • Cynthia Merritt
    Cynthia Merritt Il y a mois +2

    Some of these questions were so clueless! I can’t believe the mindset of much of the human race. I’ve become much more cynical in the last 30 years, since first getting on social media.
    The poop in the mail question is a valid one. The colon cancer screening tests are sent through the mail, and contain poop samples. I had a neighbor have his stolen by a porch pirate, lol!
    The Albert Einstein question was hilarious. While my IQ is kind of high, it’s nowhere near his level. But, I’m smart enough to know I don’t want to live forever.

  • Kate Huddlestone
    Kate Huddlestone Il y a mois +2

    With the TikTok one, it depends on the age of the child and what they have access too. If the child is under 13, isn't being monitored and has access to TikTok, it is technically a form of neglect. If they're over 13, they should still be monitored and age resrictions applied.

  • John Southwell
    John Southwell Il y a mois +286

    IMHO - Einstein was smart enough that he would recognize that immortality would be a curse, not something to be desired

    • Teenybabs
      Teenybabs Il y a 29 jours +1

      @jennifer d Lovely story. We are at 5 generations atm, my G/Dad is 88.. 89 in a couple of months time and the eldest in the family. He tells us not to wish to live forever. My Nan wanted to pass young, she did at 27 years old and my G/Dad wanted to outlive everyone, he often tells us it's a curse. They were together for 9 years and he never dated or remarried, just raised his children and that was back in the 1960s when men were expected to remarry or put the children in care. With his dementia we get to hear tales we haven't heard before. When he does pass, I will see the happy side. I'm not religious, but he is and he believes he will be with my Nan. Can't be sad at that though, he's already waited 55 years.

    • ✨VMT
      ✨VMT Il y a mois +1

      @jennifer d Your sweet grandmassss.. I love her story! thank you for sharing with me. I only had two of them. both passed away 3 days apart. just a tad over 80. You sound quite amazing too!

    • Ana Kelly
      Ana Kelly Il y a mois +1

      I agree 100%.

    • jennifer d
      jennifer d Il y a mois +1

      @the fox We should be so lucky! A dear family friend recently passed away. His last words with closed eyes were “ Yahoo! Jesus”
      Thank you for sharing that with me! I wish you a long lifetime of health and happiness 😊

    • jennifer d
      jennifer d Il y a mois +1

      @Violette thank you 😊 I’m so glad you got a smile & giggle! She sure was sassy! when I was a teenager, I brought my boyfriend over to meet her. He gets close and very very loudly says “GRANNY! ITS SO NICE TO MEET YOU” 😂😂 BMom (my great grandma, granny’s roommate lol) and I look at each other and bust out laughing! Steve looks confused but Granny motions her crooked with a hundred years of skin hanging on that hand “come close son” Steve does with a big smile in anticipation of some wisdom! She holds his face, smiles and very loudly tosses this back softly “Son, I may be old…..(and at a very loud voice) BUT IM NOT DEAF WHY THE HELL ARE YA HOLLERIN AT ME?” 😂😂😂 He bout done died lol She gave him a kiss on the cheek so it was all good lol
      I talked with him 40 yrs later after I was single and Granny was the 2nd thing he asked about lol She wasn’t even 5’ tall!
      Thanks for allowing me to share her with you! Scary that I’m now the Grandma! My parents are both 86 and doing fine
      I wish you all the happiness 😊♥️

  • Rachael Bee
    Rachael Bee Il y a mois +2

    Can we give a resounding round of applause for the editor's picture of Quarantina?! The coronavirus with the lips, hoop earrings, and nails was the chef's kiss 🤌

  • Patricia Zernone-Wood
    Patricia Zernone-Wood Il y a mois +2

    I can't believe we live amongst the same people. I really do not want to know what else goes on in the minds of the people that are asking these questions. And as for the husband who poked holes in all the condoms I personally feel he's a POS. If he know his wife was cheating then he should have just filed for the divorce instead of forcing a pregnancy on a woman

  • Renee Renee
    Renee Renee Il y a mois +16

    Well. I can’t unsee/hear any of that. But this is why technology needs a “slap the poster” button.

  • Diana Gregory
    Diana Gregory Il y a mois +7

    This might be TMI, but I actually did send poop once🤣 I was sick and had to take a small sample of it at home. Had to sh.t in a plastic container, stick a long Q-tip in it and send it to my doctor.
    So yes, you can send poop in the mail🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    LOUISE JOHNSON Il y a mois +323

    I was a grown assed adult, and I shook like a leaf when reading a poem at my grandfather's funeral. Some people aren't good at public speaking. It sounds like the question should be, what can this kid do to have a less crappie parent?
    Name the baby Plagueo or Plaguerina.

    • Miss Missy
      Miss Missy Il y a mois

      @Victoria Ferguson
      Exactly 💯
      I'm sorry for your loss and completely empathize. Then mom asks internet how to make her son BETTER.
      It's a mind f***, there forever.
      I wrote a comment on this video directly to that mother.
      I hope she 👀, whether she appreciates or takes advice will depend on the size of her ego.
      I tried to be respectful as possible.
      What a crazy time we live in.
      They say time makes things easier or at least lessens it.💕

    • Teresa Howick
      Teresa Howick Il y a mois +2

      Lost my mom at 33. Couldn’t bear going up to read or say anything. My brother did the eulogy. Sisters and I said nothing. My uncle’s funeral, all his grandkids spoke. And they’re about 15-22 years old. They really did a lovely job. Some of us aren’t capable. So I admire that boy who went up. Even if he shook. Very sweet and brave of him.

    • Rory Triscuit
      Rory Triscuit Il y a mois +1

      I've been to many funerals, but my granny really wanted me to play flute at my gramps' funeral. I practiced many times. By the end, I was kinda shaking, and then was crying. Breathing got shaky, notes fluttery, I was in tears by the time I was done. Said I was sorry, got a hug and "you did good". Losing people we love is hard, being in public is hard, performing is hard... Of all the places to demonstrate emotion, I'd think a funeral is one of the more acceptable ones. *hugs* You did good!

    • MJ F
      MJ F Il y a mois +4

      Poor kid is stuck with an idiot parent for sure. Even adults with excellent public speaking skills may struggle when dealing with the loss of a loved one. To be labeled a bad kid for being visibly upset is horrible.

    • Victoria Ferguson
      Victoria Ferguson Il y a mois +6

      plus I mean. I'm assuming the person who passed was the kids grandparent? Im 28 and dealing with the loss of a grandparent right now and its hard to not break down in tears when im ALONE. I cant IMAGINE reading at a wake or something....and if it was public speaking anxiety, grief can make it worse...just my god, -300 empathy

  • Hayley Fraser
    Hayley Fraser Il y a mois +1

    At 31 I know that I had an immature moment when I spat out my tea when the question about poop being shipped in the mail. I was caught off guard and laughed harder than I should have 😂😅

  • Paul Copeland
    Paul Copeland Il y a mois

    The questions were way out there and some quite hilarious, but your reactions to them and answers are off the chart! I have seen a lot of your stuff, but I believe this may be the funniest ever. People are so strange and your responses are "golden"! Excellent job!

  • Kelly Kerr
    Kelly Kerr Il y a mois +1

    Hi Charlotte, I have actually been paid for questions on Quora. I’ve had tons of views so it encourages me to keep writing. Quora is a professional place for questions.
    All teenagers should have a door. If they act really bad, threaten to remove the door. (But try not to actually do it)

  • Pink lover but still Sarah

    I was veggie when I rescued my cat, still bought him meat, and even bought turkey I could freeze, for his use. And as for the poop question, the Uk health service sends kits for bowel screening, u send the sample in a bag, back to them. When u hit fifty I'm pretty sure it isn't a full sample but it's still poop through the post

  • Sarah Cece
    Sarah Cece Il y a mois +273

    These questions scared the shit out of me- are there parents who are THAT stupid?!?! I am seriously concerned for humanity now 😵‍💫.

    • Sllort
      Sllort Il y a mois

      Like most things on the Internet some are fake.

    • John L
      John L Il y a mois +4

      WE are definitely living through the stupidest period in human history. Never realized that the movie Idiocracy was actually a documentary.

    • lekiscool
      lekiscool Il y a mois +1

      “through it's Quora Partner Program by asking questions. The Quora Partner Program is an invite-only system that will pay you real money for asking questions on Quora.”

    • ✨VMT
      ✨VMT Il y a mois +6

      I read Quora posts just for these.. Some are often times even more dumb. So dumb that giving an answer (to a very obvious question) feels dumb. I just can't with the stupid people who post their issues so blatantly. It blows my mind with things I've read. A lot are people who shouldn't raise children (the way they do) or those who shouldn't have pets.

    • Lori W
      Lori W Il y a mois +6

      Yes, yes there are. 😢

  • Miss Jellybean
    Miss Jellybean Il y a mois +4

    Like I’ve said to my friends “I don’t think people are inherently evil, I think people are in here at least stupid.” All of these from beginning to end just made my soul hurt for the stupidity of the world.
    Hello fellow potatoes, so glad to see you all here worshiping our 🥔👑🥔👑🥔
    👑Potato Queen 👑

  • Che
    Che Il y a mois +11

    "Even though the genetic susceptibility plays a crucial role on the IQ of the individual, various modifiable environmental factors like education, premature birth, nutrition, pollution, drug and alcohol abuse, mental illnesses, and diseases can have an influence on an individual's IQ."
    Maybe you haven't seen any political manipulation and history revisionism on TikTok that has been a trend here in our country right now especially because majority of our students haven't been back to the classrooms since the start of the pandemic, but yeah it can happen. Gradual maybe but if young minds are being fed wrong information everyday, it could affect critical thinking at some point.

    • Victoria Ferguson
      Victoria Ferguson Il y a mois +3

      this, exactly this. regardless of genetics, the abilities to learn and think critically, and to WANT to obtain those skills, seem to be the two BIGGEST factors of intelligence. theres a genetic cap, sure, but a lot of it has way more to do with environment and attitude, ESPECIALLY when we're kids. sad thing is, this stuff isnt taught until college level psych, and unless youre willing and wanting to do the work, most people wont understand/know....which creates the cycle. its really upsetting to watch kids romanticize things like mental illness without understanding the weight of what theyre doing

  • Joseph Scally
    Joseph Scally Il y a mois +2

    My wife and I are retired and watch one or more of your videos every day when we eat lunch together. We both laugh and get a lift from your wonderful videos and personality. Thanks.

  • Debra Haines
    Debra Haines Il y a mois +2

    Bless the kid who chose to speak to a group. It takes practice to not be nervous! I’m proud of him for sharing his feelings!

  • miranda robinson
    miranda robinson Il y a mois +5

    Einstein was smart enough to know that being immortal on planet Earth is a no go! I mean, look at these questions? LOL

  • pimpozza
    pimpozza Il y a 23 jours

    This is hilarious. Thanks for the laughs, Charlotte 🤣🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Infinessia
    Infinessia Il y a mois +10

    While it’s shitty that the wife was cheating, breaking the condoms so she’d become pregnant is really, REALLY bad and illegal in some places. Also why did he feel the need to mention the affair partner was black?

    • Cyril Marasigan
      Cyril Marasigan Il y a mois

      @Memaw knows best i think because the AP was a SHAM

    • Gina
      Gina Il y a mois +3

      The only reason the guys race was relevant is because it would 10000% obvious that the baby wasn't his. Sometimes vasectomies fail so should probably tried to play it off that way.

    • Deniera Adams
      Deniera Adams Il y a mois +1

      Bc the baby came out mixed lol

    • Memaw knows best
      Memaw knows best Il y a mois +3

      Yeah, it was! I think he mentioned the race of the lover because it was about her getting pregnant. If the man and wife are both white and she had a mixed race baby it would be obvious that it wasn't his. Which would also make it strange that she tried to convince her husband that it was his baby, if she knew it was fathered by a black man. Although I guess it could have been a racist thing on the husband's part, my take was that he felt it was relevant to the situation he was describing.

  • silentecho
    silentecho Il y a mois +2

    With regards to the cat one. That one legit makes me angry. Cats are indeed carnivores. In fact, they are considered obligate carnivores, and making a cat eat a strictly vegan diet is deadly to them. They need a certain amount of amino acids, specifically taurine, that comes from meat and can't be substituted in them and will lead to poor health and eventually death.

  • JayLeeBeanz
    JayLeeBeanz Il y a mois +4

    "I don't think that counts as child endangerment."
    Well, I mean, you have SEEN who and what is on TikTok, right?? While OP is being absolutely ridiculous for asking this question and dragging custody fights into this, I absolutely do understand forbidding their child to use the app. Especially so when they're below 13. I honestly can't wait for it to become illegal in my country. I have 9 year olds show me their accounts and it triggers MY flight or fight response in behalf of them.

    • Wild_Horse99
      Wild_Horse99 Il y a mois

      It should not be allowed to be on it under 13, I though they ban accounts for being under the age rec.

  • Siren Sings
    Siren Sings Il y a mois +9

    For the boyfriend peeing in the kitchen sink all over the dishes: throw the whole boyfriend away!

    • Siren Sings
      Siren Sings Il y a mois

      @sparkplug1018 they're all VERY SPECIFIC in their questions tho 🤣

    • sparkplug1018
      sparkplug1018 Il y a mois +1

      I truly hope that one, well all of them, are jokes.

  • Novie D
    Novie D Il y a mois +1

    In the US (and I believe in some other countries too) poop can be mailed as a stool for medical reasons...such a testing for cancer. Pretty sure you can't just send it some random box to some random person or business though. I'm assuming you have to get a test kit for whatever company you choose, then fold their instructions .

  • Ruth Shapovalov
    Ruth Shapovalov Il y a mois +1

    When I worked at a doctor's office, the postman told us about a time someone attempted to mail a feces specimen and the container overheated and exploded in his mail bag. Good times.

  • riakun
    riakun Il y a mois +377

    I'm astonished. Every single one of these screamed *THE AUDACITY* to me, whether sarcastic, or actually had me saying that. Well played, Quora.

    • Yay Danae
      Yay Danae Il y a 26 jours

      @P L ah, I see! Thank you for the info 😁

    • Sandra
      Sandra Il y a mois +1

      @Yay Danae you're not the only one

    • Vio
      Vio Il y a mois +1

      Most were likely troll questions.

    • P L
      P L Il y a mois +1

      ​@Yay Danae Quora is where you ask the internet random questions and people give you answers. Except its a lot like Ask Jeeves used to be back in the day where it was meant to have legitimate purposes but most of us just went there to ask Jeeves dirty stuff and see what he'd say.

    • Bri
      Bri Il y a mois

      Reminds me of conversations w my 13 yr old nephew. Is that who's on Quora? What's happening around me.

  • Katrina Repine
    Katrina Repine Il y a mois +2

    I would love to see how they’re going to arrest a baby, lol. Are they going to use a swaddle blanket with an iron-on decal of a pair of handcuffs on it?

  • Annette Hutcheson
    Annette Hutcheson Il y a mois

    Charlotte, I would love to see an update of how the wedding with all the rules went. Actually I’d love to hear the innings of a lot of these bridezillas weddings

  • WeeeWriter
    WeeeWriter Il y a mois +4

    *For the person who wants to know how to ship poop in the mail....why not just put the poop in a box and put it on your porch for the porch pirates/thieves? lol* 💩

  • Ju St
    Ju St Il y a mois +4

    there really should be a parent-licence.
    Can't understand how people like that are allowed to be a parent....

  • Rama Chandra
    Rama Chandra Il y a mois +232

    On one hand you have parents who want to control their children's going to the bathroom or pressurising for grandchildren and on the other hand we have Charlotte's mother who says "Stay single forever . You'll love it" 😁

    • Loki Cooper
      Loki Cooper Il y a mois

      I'm totally with Charlotte's mom on this.

    • sparkplug1018
      sparkplug1018 Il y a mois +3

      @LilThreat88 It is a lot of work that's for sure, ups and downs, disappointment, joy, expenses.
      If you did the job right though, you're proud at the end. Not enough is said about those other things though that's for sure

    • LilThreat88
      LilThreat88 Il y a mois +1

      @sparkplug1018 that's a big thing people don't seem to realize! They talk about the joys of having a child, but they often end up hurting their parents hearts

    • sparkplug1018
      sparkplug1018 Il y a mois +2

      I was told when I got married, go ahead and have kids if you want, huge pain in the ass and costs a fortune though. Thinking of all the crap my brother and I did, I get it, thanks mom.

    • LilThreat88
      LilThreat88 Il y a mois +3

      Yes! My mom's like that too, and I love it.

  • Michelle Coons
    Michelle Coons Il y a mois +2

    As a mother with a child who said as a teenager that she never wanted to have a baby. I always knew my chances of being a grandparent was slim to none. She did marry a man who had a 10 year old. She is a good mother to the boy ( now almost 16) and he loves her. I love my grandson. She is over 40 now and I don’t expect anymore grandchildren.

  • wanderer79
    wanderer79 Il y a mois +2

    I love the "my 10yr old is writing code instead of playing video games" one. You're upset about this? Most people would be happy their kid will be a successful programmer and be able to support them when they're old!

  • ItsShelby!
    ItsShelby! Il y a mois +2

    11:37 well to answer that question, don’t punish your kid for peeing when they have to, cuz if you do so by limiting bathroom usage they could run the risk of contracting a urinary tract infection, which will unfortunately make them have to pee more.

  • Nicole S.
    Nicole S. Il y a mois +2

    Some of these questions seem so outrageous that you'd hope they're made up. Yet I have no doubt that these type of people exist. With that being said, I'm going to tape my fingers together and pretend I'm a dinosaur to see if my boyfriend thinks it's funny, or just plain weird. 🤣🤣🤣😐🤨

    • Rebecca Rankin
      Rebecca Rankin Il y a mois +1

      Lmao I hope it's the first one and he has a good sense of humor. Personally I think people who can be goofballs are the best! Thanks for the laugh, have a good day!

  • Helen Wright
    Helen Wright Il y a mois +187

    The one about the mother asking/pressuring their 36 year old daughter to give her grandkids felt oddly personal. Except I've been married for 7 years, so it couldn't be my mother. ...could it? 👀

    • Nina Cohen
      Nina Cohen Il y a mois

      I always jump to the conclusion of infertility, which is agonizing. Pregnancy-and-birth is not like turning on the faucet, Dummy gramma-in-waiting...Sheesh....

    • A Chroí
      A Chroí Il y a mois +2

      Could just buy her some baby chicks? I was never guilty of putting my children through the pressure of having grandchildren. Kind of like my telling them not to be in such a hurry to grow up. Once you have children, time just flies by so fast. One day they're shaking plastic keys and babbling. The next they're asking for the keys to your car.

    • Storytime with Annie
      Storytime with Annie Il y a mois

      Could be…

    • Eloines
      Eloines Il y a mois +6

      Try to find that article on Quora and look through the person's profile. Chances are they may have asked other questions that could help you identify them.

    • Nicole Copenhaver
      Nicole Copenhaver Il y a mois +2

      Maybe she posted it last year? Lol I doubt it though

  • perjus
    perjus Il y a mois +2

    "Dad, why is my sister named Rose?"
    "Well, your mother really likes roses, so there."
    "Oh. Well that explains it. Thanks dad."
    "You're welcome Bugatti Veyron."

  • John L
    John L Il y a mois +1

    Last October I had open heart surgery, (triple bypass) and I sure am glad for anesthesia, all I remember of it is the pre op room where an orderly was going to shave my non existent chest hair and what felt like mere seconds later I was waking up with a big ass scar on a somewhat sore chest. sure glad I was out and completely oblivious for however long the surgery took. I'd like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to all the nurses out there, you are ALL AWESOME!

  • slick8086
    slick8086 Il y a mois +3

    "Can I ask a Church of God leader to spank me for my sins?" I think you'd have more luck asking a Catholic Priest.

  • Tim F
    Tim F Il y a mois

    I just found your channel yesterday and love it. You have a great sense of humor. Keep up the great content.

  • Kathryn Dowsett
    Kathryn Dowsett Il y a mois +1

    I did send poop in the mail! My son's pediatrician needed a stool sample and he gave me a small, tube shaped postage paid box to mail it to him. This was in 1992 so things might have changed since then.

  • Ginger Lawrence
    Ginger Lawrence Il y a mois +1

    Thanks, Charlotte, this video gave me enormous anxiety that there are actually people among us, who asked these questions....shuddddder.....lol

  • Miss Rose Noir
    Miss Rose Noir Il y a mois +1

    There's no way any of these are real questions. 😂 All of the ones I've seen are definitely trolls, for sure.

  • Lisa Clement
    Lisa Clement Il y a 21 jour +1

    Omg.. My daughter played guitar and sung at her grandfather's funeral, broke down half way through, gathered herself after a few moments and carried on... I couldn't have been more proud.... Maybe the nervous kids parent should get him better parents. 😂

  • Aimz360
    Aimz360 Il y a mois +1

    Me and a friend (who is a year younger than me, i was 30 at the time) somehow got onto the subject of marriage. Her parents and grandparents are chinese and my friend said her grandparents were preassuring her to get married and have kids. She was already struggling with long hours as well as mental health as she was just starting out as a G.P, she was single, and this was constantly thrown at her. I asked her out of curiousity and in a way so i didnt tread on any toes and she said that it was something her parents and grandparents were expected of themselves. Last i heard, 3 months later after the conversation she was married.

  • Alejandro Pareja
    Alejandro Pareja Il y a mois +1

    The one about feeding vegan food to the cat is, in fact, a favourite of Quora trolls. It comes up frequently.

  • Ash H
    Ash H Il y a mois +3

    "I won't give my 16 year old a door, what do I do?"
    Oh honey, wait two years the issue will resolve itself. 🙄

  • yorgunsamuray
    yorgunsamuray Il y a mois +1

    Some do seem to be trolling. That coding kid reminded me of my early teenage years when we tried to write codes we read from computing magazines to the Commodore 64 to make games and did not have the patience to finish. My brother and cousin were younger though.
    I heard that an Indian couple had twins and named the boy “Covid” and the girl “Corona”.

  • Thomas Hastings
    Thomas Hastings Il y a mois

    This is the best one yet, and your reaction/ response had me laughing my butt off

  • Toni Y
    Toni Y Il y a 6 jours +1

    My, you could enroll in college classes to understand stages of develpment. I admire your son for his courage and maturity in expressing his thoughts and feelings. Everyone's body gives clues to their inner feelings. He is an awesome son, and will develop into a fine man. Be proud and happy now. Many adults could not handle delivering a eulogy for a loved one.

  • steve price
    steve price Il y a mois +9

    No joke...my now ex-wife's nephew get's married at 25, his MOTHER literally goes with him on the honeymoon and stays in the room next door to the couple! I don't know if they are still married or not but I doubt it since his mother was seriously controlling in his life and he wouldn't do anything without her consent. The only reason he married the girl was his mother agreed, even "selected" the girl for him some people said!!! LOL!

  • Gold
    Gold Il y a mois +5

    That has to be my neighbor. Because when I had my baby and he was at that age where he cried all night. My neighbors would literally take the broom and head bang my wall ceiling or whatever you call the floor. Sorry haven’t slept in days I have a baby that cries a lot. Funny part is Dave have kids that are grown so they had gone through it before. But they don’t care

  • Okïĺ Röth
    Okïĺ Röth Il y a mois +132

    The first part is already bomb 😂
    "I learned this all against my will "
    Will be a line I'm gonna use from now on. It's gonna be legendary😎 😂

  • Momolos Ztips
    Momolos Ztips Il y a mois +1

    I've been on Quora for a long time. For the last 2 years or so, there's been a torrent of Troll Qs & As , and just plain stupid questions. The sarcasm quotient in many answers has risen dramatically ... enough to fill a hundred more videos. ;-)

  • Machaela Holly
    Machaela Holly Il y a mois +1

    You actually have to send poop in the mail when you have any intestinal or BM problems. I am always too scared to actually send it but I need to. Lmao.
    You just poop in the hat they give you, and take the sample vial, and scoop some into it... then put it in the bio waste envelope, and then in a shipping envelope. It's a whole ordeal lol

  • andrea bradley
    andrea bradley Il y a mois +1

    I am absolutely gobsmacked!! Hope these kids and the mom with the 19 yr old head of household son get things worked out. My lord...

  • LittleMissCrazyGirl
    LittleMissCrazyGirl Il y a mois +2

    Why do I feel like Charlotte would be awesome in a Hocus Pocus reboot?