Awful Weddings That Were Exposed On Social Media - REACTION

  • Ajoutée 8 juin 2021
  • Awful Weddings That Were Exposed On Social Media - REACTION
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    Hey ya'll! Today on my channel we are reacting to some awful weddings that got called out on social media! Enjoy :)
    Hi, I'm Charlotte Dobre. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
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Commentaires • 2 146

  • Happee Daze
    Happee Daze Il y a 11 mois +3039

    When hubby and I got married, his mother wore a white dress. He hasn't spoken to her since.
    I didn't even get it until 2 days later when I asked what was bothering him. Then he told me how wearing a white dress was meant to insult the bride. I didn't even know hahahaha. Our theme was "wear red to honour someone you love." I wore a red dress. Most of the people at the wedding wore something red. It was beautiful to see. She stood out like a sore thumb. I was wondering why she did not say one word to me or even look at me at the wedding and soon realized her plan had backfired on her. Hahahaha
    True story. We've been together over 20 years and going strong. We love each other more and more every day and best of all no monster in law to contend with. 😊

    • noneofyour bussiness
      noneofyour bussiness Il y a 16 jours +1

      I ended up making my niece on beautiful black dress because her mother in law was wearing a white one

    • Mari Feely
      Mari Feely Il y a mois

      @hellsingmongrel Absolutely yes!!!!

    • Kat Brown
      Kat Brown Il y a mois

      @Mern Iez I’m 60 and I don’t agree.

    • L L
      L L Il y a 2 mois +2

      What is it with jealous and petty mom’s that can’t release their sons to live their own adult lives? Didn’t they realize that when they gave birth to their sons the goal was to raise them to become men? Men that actually leave home and have their own happy families? For some reason the moms like this that I’ve been aware of had no problem letting their daughters grow up and do that. Your son is not meant to be your life partner.

    • Happee Daze
      Happee Daze Il y a 3 mois +1

      @Zoe Scarlet great perspective, thanks.💛

  • Lluvia185
    Lluvia185 Il y a 11 mois +721

    "He was such a nice man, he didn't look like a serial killer" well, there were those vows on his wedding.... o.O

    • Beautiful Angel
      Beautiful Angel Il y a 13 jours

      Yeah, I wouldn’t have stayed for the end of the vows. ☹️😱 I would’ve been halfway to the parking lot before he finished and I’d expected half of the guests to be right behind me.

    • Ginette Cardinal
      Ginette Cardinal Il y a 3 mois +5

      @SuperSoundtracks Nope ! Tried to find any song (in any style) that has something vaguely similar to his vows and found nothing (with help from a friend who is very knowledgeable in songs lyrics). He is REALLY creepy... get away !!!

    • SatanicSquare
      SatanicSquare Il y a 10 mois

      Even though I don’t have the time to go to the mail I think I’m going haven for the park lol e we the

    • ParkMiyoung
      ParkMiyoung Il y a 10 mois +11

      @SuperSoundtracks I surely hope so. But then that must be it, because who would marry (or let someone marry) someone who wrote something like that without some context?

    • SuperSoundtracks
      SuperSoundtracks Il y a 10 mois +18

      Pretty sure those were some death metal lyrics from a band the groom (or maybe both) liked.

  • Palitato
    Palitato Il y a 11 mois +1087

    If I ever got married, I'd actually want to have an all white wedding... eveyone wears white! Then we have a paint fight and get colors everywhere. That'd be fun.

  • E C
    E C Il y a 11 mois +40

    I once had to sit through a heavily religious, formal, full service, wedding ceremony.
    That shit went on FOREVER, I wanted to hurl my body out the window
    I can’t imagine how the guests at the 15 hour wedding coped.

  • Tasha Bryan
    Tasha Bryan Il y a 11 mois +142

    My sister didn't send me an invite for her wedding...
    She also "forgot" to invite my partner (also female)..
    Shes as delightful as rabies in cake.

    • Tasha Bryan
      Tasha Bryan Il y a 11 mois +19

      @Sabrina Rose she didn't give a damn. So, I acted like it was the best party on earth. Just cos my sister is a spiteful woman, doesn't mean I follow in her tracks 😂.

    • Sabrina Rose
      Sabrina Rose Il y a 11 mois +27

      She'll regret it/or does because the entire night will be spent answeing the question "where is your sister?"

  • Ari J.
    Ari J. Il y a 11 mois +636

    Who has a 15 hr wedding? I wouldn’t even want to be at my own wedding that long. I’d be tired of everyone by hour 5. LOL

  • Roxanne Morales
    Roxanne Morales Il y a 11 mois +159

    The whole 'mother in law wearing a wedding gown to the wedding' thing is why my wedding dress will be some elaborate fantasy, warrior dress. And it won't be white. Eff that.

    • Katrina Pettirose
      Katrina Pettirose Il y a 3 mois +1

      Same. 😃 If I find the right guy I intend to be an elf at my wedding. Total Lord of the Rings theme 🙌

    • Kaptain Pumpcin
      Kaptain Pumpcin Il y a 6 mois

      Mine is has Elvish themes to it with a red ribbon neckline and gold ribbon on the waist right above the skirt

    • Zedpower
      Zedpower Il y a 9 mois +2

      I like you. You will make a nerd very happy one day.

    • Leah Hailstones
      Leah Hailstones Il y a 11 mois +4

      A worrier dress? there's an idea!!🙃😋🙃🙃🤭
      Yea mothers /mother in laws can sometimes be crazy. ..i dont think my mom is THAT crazy....and I hope for a nice in law family...however...that being said.....I'm not sure I want a white dress.....I keep drifting between a white traditional white ...or a light blue dress that's classy but not exactly "traditional" ...(blue is my favorite colour.)
      Lol....I've never even HAD a BF though so there is plenty of time to the end of the day it's just a dress and the person you ar marrying is more important. If someone thinks that they can upstage someone with a dress then they are shallow af and I wouldnt lose any sleep over it 🤣🤣🤭🤭☺️🤗....
      ..yea white seams a bit cleché to me sometimes but we shall see🙈🤷‍♀️😋🤗🤣

  • Concepcion Peña
    Concepcion Peña Il y a 11 mois +111

    Every time Charlotte says, “Hey everybody!” , my 6 month old begins laughing uncontrollably.

    • Woopie
      Woopie Il y a 4 mois

      Aww that's so cute

    • E C
      E C Il y a 11 mois +10

      Aww baby laughter is BEST sound!

  • itsgeyo
    itsgeyo Il y a 11 mois +465

    In north indian hindu weddings the bride wears red. Thats the symbol of being married or something. But all the married women can wear red except white cause we wear white clothes to a funeral. My cousin sister wore their wedding outfit to my cousin's wedding and nobody bat an eyelash. I remember this one lady in the family who was bitchy and she wore a white saree. As if she came to a funeral. That was so disrespectful and everyone in the family roasted her so badly that she never came to any other occasion.

    • Pamela Mullins
      Pamela Mullins Il y a 4 mois +1

      Before the Victorian age ..women were married ...and buried in Red...then queen Victoria started the marry in white trend

    • Whipped for Kim Seokjin
      Whipped for Kim Seokjin Il y a 6 mois

      In my country we do wear our bridal outfits to other weddings too.

    • Not Chris
      Not Chris Il y a 6 mois

      @Goku was the best hokage you actually can a lot of people do , there isn’t any compulsion

    • Goku was the best hokage
      Goku was the best hokage Il y a 6 mois

      bro I'm glad I've only been to Pakistani weddings bc I didn't know you weren't supposed to wear white

    • Not Chris
      Not Chris Il y a 6 mois +1

      @Paula Machado actually india is pretty multicultural , so while Hindus wear white for funerals , Indian Christians wear black and we wear white for the weddings .. however there is no compulsion for the guests , they can wear whatever they want

  • Ana Léa
    Ana Léa Il y a 11 mois +104

    If someone shows up wearing a wedding dress at my wedding, the person is not getting in. Idc if it’s my mother in law, my own mother or even the officer you gonna stay out. That’s disrespectful af

  • Mel T
    Mel T Il y a 11 mois +63

    Every dress I found that looked good on me was in the white family, so I ended up just going to walmart and buying a lavender summer dress for my son's wedding because I have enough sense to not upstage the bride. Plus it was in a forest setting in Oklahoma in July, Im from California and was so happy that I chose a summer dress since it got up to 105 that day.

    LXLY RXBXCCX Il y a 10 mois +156

    There’s literally a company that sends potatoes to people for special occasions
    I got one for my mum for her birthday
    (She wasn’t happy)

    • Shlo Ka
      Shlo Ka Il y a 4 mois +2

      I love that 😂 !! I'm sure this company doesn't exist in my country but man, if anyone of my familly or my friends would send me that, that will just show how much they know my sens of humour 😂 (sorry for my poor english by the way)

    • LadyJoleena
      LadyJoleena Il y a 9 mois +8

      Lol! I need the company name! My sister totally needs a potato.

  • Michi Mochi
    Michi Mochi Il y a 11 mois +479

    “He pooped the question!”
    Guess he couldn’t hold it in anymore… 😂 💩

    • Emily N
      Emily N Il y a 11 mois +2

      Lol 😂

    • merncat75
      merncat75 Il y a 11 mois +5

      @Brenna Wellman I left a comment about it yesterday and nobody else said anything 🤷‍♀️

    • Brenna Wellman
      Brenna Wellman Il y a 11 mois +6

      @nenamichelle i was searching the comments to see if anyone noticed this too before I said it ☺

    • Michi Mochi
      Michi Mochi Il y a 11 mois +8

      @nenamichelle Yeah, that *cracked* me up!

    • nenamichelle
      nenamichelle Il y a 11 mois +21

      Did you notice the reply was something about being so “stinking” happy for them?! Amazing.

  • Barbara Godin
    Barbara Godin Il y a 11 mois +2460

    If the MIL shows up to the wedding in a white wedding dress, don't sign the marriage certificate. Just run, run away, she will destroy your relationship and blame you

    • Christy Stewart
      Christy Stewart Il y a 10 mois

      @Kelly Darby in our case it was when we took out the license.
      A few months before my friend got married and signed hers while getting dressed for the ceremony. Different state. But at the time blood tests were required for a marriage license. Since my husband has a phobia about needles (his arm was partially paralyzed for a number of years as a kid when he squirmed during a shot) and since we’d already lived together we didn’t have to take blood tests. That meant we didn’t get the photo op before the wedding (Sigh!😉) Instead it was at the registrar’s.

    • star wolf wing
      star wolf wing Il y a 10 mois

      People like this are the reason I refuse to ever get married or gave kids...I will never know what kind of in laws I will end up having

    • Tuschi
      Tuschi Il y a 10 mois +3

      @PennyPie the possessiveness shall never be underestimated. My mil claimed that I've taken her son away from her. Like... What? 😳 I just married him, never will I be his mom?

    • Teenybabs
      Teenybabs Il y a 11 mois

      @Neversaw Feel for him. It is hard, the last thing you want is for family to have wedges and you don't want to be the 'cause' of any friction, BUT, a time comes when enough is enough. I hope it gets better for them and that her family don't cause too many issues. It really is hard. Stay safe.

    • mia cuan gameplay 🧿☮️
      mia cuan gameplay 🧿☮️ Il y a 11 mois +3

      @PennyPie it is creepy AF, I'm just kind of surprised at how common it is. I swear the first time I saw a FRclip video about it I thought it was just something that happened to that one bride... But now there are plenty of these stories. It's disturbing and kind of reminds me of Oedipus (spelling?) complex. It's one thing to not like your DIL but dressing like her is euwww

  • David Breaux
    David Breaux Il y a 11 mois +17

    I already had my dream wedding. It was just my husband, me, our moms, and the Hawaiian spirit master who married us. On the same beach at which we got engaged. At sunset. It was epic if I do say so myself. :)

  • Taba Luke
    Taba Luke Il y a 11 mois +14

    I love how at 2:07 the "cheapest" gift amount is called LOVING gift and all the others are named after materials. Goes to show what this bride's priorities are. Love the irony!

  • danibilbocascante
    danibilbocascante Il y a 10 mois +9

    I remember when my aunt was invited to a wedding, she was planning on using a white dress. She didn't know any better, so my dad (her brother) told her not to, and she only said "this is the only elegant dress I own". Mom lent her one of her own dresses, and the faux-pas was averted.

  • badkyttiez
    badkyttiez Il y a 11 mois +21

    We had a great wedding - married by my best friend in her backyard. About 30 ppl in attendance - no gifts requested or needed - just enjoyed sharing that day with our loved ones.

  • Morgan Douglas
    Morgan Douglas Il y a 11 mois +1991

    The T-Rex does not belong in “awful weddings”, more like “wholesome weddings”.

    • Shantorey Wilkins
      Shantorey Wilkins Il y a 6 mois +2


    • Hi Hi
      Hi Hi Il y a 10 mois +2

      this comment deserves to be pinned

    • aisha shisha
      aisha shisha Il y a 10 mois +1

      I think it does, but the angel dress doesn't. I wish i could have been at that one. Looked like the after party would be fun

    • TheTardyOwl VG
      TheTardyOwl VG Il y a 11 mois +7

      I'd rather have a T-rex than fake Elvis lol

    • Sarah
      Sarah Il y a 11 mois +10

      I mean, why even have a wedding if there's not a T-Rex on your guest list?

  • Playing With Fibre
    Playing With Fibre Il y a 11 mois +42

    The handmaid's tale one was in my town (the show is filmed here), when the photographer realized he was shooting in the same spot as the film he thought it was funny to add them in. The bride and groom didn't ask for it, but didn't say no either. They got a LOT of flack for it and made a public apology.

    • Annie Streater
      Annie Streater Il y a 10 mois +7

      @Poppy Popper And in particular, "dissidents" and "law breakers" in that world includes homosexuals. Something that still happens in some parts of the world. So yeah, posing for your heterosexual wedding in front of a symbol of fascism (even if fictional, the book/show is a commentary on such regimes) is in incredibly poor taste.

    • River Tam
      River Tam Il y a 11 mois +10

      @Poppy Popper the handmaids (women in red) are held captive, raped and impregnated by rich married couples who can't conceive children of their own. The wall they're posing in front of is where dissidents, law breakers, handmaids who do not comply, etc are executed and hung from.

    • Poppy Popper
      Poppy Popper Il y a 11 mois +1

      Pardon mi ignorance, but I haven't watched the show. Why was this so controversial?

    • Playing With Fibre
      Playing With Fibre Il y a 11 mois +1

      @River Tam oh yes totally, the photographer thought he’d started the next trend or something

    • River Tam
      River Tam Il y a 11 mois +1

      @Playing With Fibre no, I mean the photographers tried to justify it, I think it took them a good while to realise it was in very poor taste.

  • Random Humanoid Blob
    Random Humanoid Blob Il y a 11 mois +52

    "Why is he bald?"
    Yep, that was my first question when faced with a red bloke in a nappy on a cross hanging over a couple kissing....

    • Mari Feely
      Mari Feely Il y a mois +1

      Faced with a red bloke in a nappy on a cross hanging over a couple kissing....your first question was "why is he bald?" LOL

    • Random Humanoid Blob
      Random Humanoid Blob Il y a 11 mois +1

      @Terri MacKay
      Told ya. We're special 😂😘

    • Terri MacKay
      Terri MacKay Il y a 11 mois +2

      @Random Humanoid Blob Booze Jesus!! I'm dying!! 😂😂😂

    • Random Humanoid Blob
      Random Humanoid Blob Il y a 11 mois +3

      @Terri MacKay
      Obviously we share the same "special" sense of humour 😁
      Although if Jesus is going to be dragged into weddings, at least choose the water-into-wine Jesus, not the oh-dear-that's-a-bummer sad Jesus bringing the party down. Booze Jesus is best Jesus!

    • Terri MacKay
      Terri MacKay Il y a 11 mois +1

      My daughter just came in my room to ask me what the hell I was laughing so hard at. I showed her, but she didn't appreciate the photo and your comment quite as much as me.
      Best laugh I've had in ages!! I needed that!! Thanks!! 😂😂😂

  • Helen Amirian
    Helen Amirian Il y a 11 mois +33

    My brother's ex fiancee was eventually celebrating the anniversary of when he proposed to got past 10 years and she finally left him. My brother is a douchebag.

  • Old Woman
    Old Woman Il y a 11 mois +5

    My friend’s MIL wore a light yellow knit sweater dress to the wedding. My friend didn’t mind because she knew her MIL, a single mother with kids still living at home, couldn’t afford a new outfit and this was her nicest dress. She looked lovely.

  • Mama Pink
    Mama Pink Il y a 11 mois +977

    I loved my mother in law. I picked out her dress for the wedding and it matched mine. Lacey off white with pearls. She had never had a "princess" wedding, so I let her dress up for mine. It was fun. 👗

    • Deirdre Souza
      Deirdre Souza Il y a 5 mois

      Glad to see this! I loved my MIL she was wonderful ! Treated me like a daughter , loved our daughters more than life , never had an argument in over 25 yrs! When I watch these and read comments I thank my lucky stars i was so lucky!

    • eric nortan
      eric nortan Il y a 6 mois

      @Mama Pink 👍it sounds to me like you guys did a really cool thing , anything that helps a family bond is definitely a good thing

    • Mama Pink
      Mama Pink Il y a 6 mois +1

      @eric nortan You are 💯 correct. All about the motive.

    • eric nortan
      eric nortan Il y a 6 mois +1

      That's different. You guys planned it, she didn't just show up in a wedding dress. Really it comes down to the motives.

    • pinkfluffydino
      pinkfluffydino Il y a 7 mois

      That’s awesome! I wish every mother in law & daughter in law could be like that.

  • Vanessa G.
    Vanessa G. Il y a 11 mois +26

    Just wanted you to know that you're helping my family as my mom goes through chemo. We love your personality and feel like you're part our household. We really freakin' love you! God bless you!

  • Horror-Core🎃
    Horror-Core🎃 Il y a 11 mois +8

    I was suppose to be in my sister's wedding. At last minute she decided to not have me in the wedding because I have a tattoo sleeve and it wouldn't look "classy". Also before she decided to boot me out, she made a friend we hardly see or hang out with her maid of honor. All of the guests were shocked not to see me up there. I'm also a tight friend with her husband. He was so upset with her choice that he took the flower from his lapel and put it on me. It caused a year of me not speaking to her. Was I wrong? 😠

    • Pea Jay
      Pea Jay Il y a mois

      Did she sincerely apologize to you? If not, I can understand.

    • harry bryan
      harry bryan Il y a 10 mois

      @Live to ride Ride to live A lot of families would disagree with you on that.

  • Lockmonster05
    Lockmonster05 Il y a 10 mois +6

    On a phone call with my sister she said if she ever got married that I would be one of her bridesmaids.
    A week later: engaged
    Got another phone call: apparently I got kicked out of being a bridesmaid because she chose the groom's cousin from out of state instead
    They're divorced now

  • MJ Boutin
    MJ Boutin Il y a 10 mois +2

    Charlotte you are honestly hilarious. I laughed the whole way through this and it’s all down to you, you delightful human.

  • Livia the Malazan potato noob

    Hahah, omg, I had a t-rex at my wedding! And many of the guests were in cosplay 😄. Deadpool was a great success, especially in the (compulsory 🙄) church! Funny how certain generations were totally oblivious of who he was 🤣

  • JoJamBam
    JoJamBam Il y a 11 mois +8

    Having the handmaid's at the wedding in front of the hanging wall... Like why would you want to imply that your husband is a serial rapist?? Why would you want to associate your wedding with violently murdering political dissenters?? Like yeah it's a fiction, but it's a highly political one and the aesthetics are SYMBOLS. How are you a fan and ignoring that???? I don't get it.

  • Ky
    Ky Il y a 11 mois +5

    If you ever find random potatoes in your mailbox, just know that Charlotte is inviting you to her wedding 🤣

  • Sue Smith
    Sue Smith Il y a 11 mois +3

    My dream wedding is harry potter themed. Small, fast ceremony and spend the reception playing a massive game with the guests. Basically splitting guests into 4 houses and "competing for the house cup". Have common games with an hp twist, like pin the nose on voldemort, and count up scores at the end.

  • Mo Nete
    Mo Nete Il y a 11 mois +333

    I hope the ''meal choice invitation'' wedding got Fyre Festival-ed hard and everyone just arrived to empty plates and offended bridezilla, but then went to pizzeria and had a blast without the bride.

    • Giulia
      Giulia Il y a 8 mois

      That’s a real happy ending

    • Sophie Monasterio
      Sophie Monasterio Il y a 10 mois +6

      Or better yet, order pizza to be delivered at the reception 😂😂

    • Robby Smith
      Robby Smith Il y a 11 mois +3

      I would say the price was over 1000 and buy them a 4 dollar purse with a note to F off and wrap it giving it to them after the wedding

    • Ordinary Girl Trying to be Fabulous
      Ordinary Girl Trying to be Fabulous Il y a 11 mois +12

      I would claim I was going to spend a certain amount, then oops. Must have gotten lost in the mail

    • ES Kimberly
      ES Kimberly Il y a 11 mois +22

      Great image. I just can’t imagine giving in to spending a certain amount of money on a gift in order to get a vegetarian meal, or whatever. I tend not to think of my attendance at someone’s wedding as akin to a Patreon membership. At my wedding I thought of the presence of those I invited as a gift in and of itself, and the meal as something we all shared and enjoyed together as part of the experience. The meal was a thank you to those who attended, as well as just part of a whole celebratory experience. Nice to get a few gifts, sure, but for some of these entitled weddings, it seems like the gift is what is most important to the wedding couple, and that attendees are there to serve as props and sources of revenue. Not my cup of tea. I am stubborn and would probably just skip the reception rather than essentially pay for an overpriced meal sitting in uncomfortable clothing surrounded by people I either don’t know, or don’t enjoy being around. I’d get them a gift ( item or monetary gift) that fits within my budget. Going out after the ceremony with other guests for pizza sounds like a much better time!

  • Jessica SmokeyMcPot
    Jessica SmokeyMcPot Il y a 11 mois +29

    If anyone wears white to my hypothetical wedding they will not be let in, idgaf who momma it is.

  • BlaizC
    BlaizC Il y a 11 mois +29

    In the "He pooped the question" you didn't notice that the response was "I'm so *stinking* happy for you!" (emphasis mine)

    • merncat75
      merncat75 Il y a 11 mois +3

      Yes, Lol
      I was surprised Charlotte did not point that out.

  • Piedad Goulet
    Piedad Goulet Il y a 11 mois +3

    My mother in law was a high school counselor, so for our wedding she just threw on an old prom dress she used when she chaperoned dances. My family all went out and bought new clothes for the big day despite not having a lot of money, and MIL wore a prom dress. A bright red, floor-length prom dress, to a small chabby chic outdoor vineyard wedding lol. She definitely stood out.

  • Juliet Shaskey
    Juliet Shaskey Il y a 11 mois +1

    I'm planning my future wedding right now and this video is giving me a great outline of what NOT to do

  • Lonah Marie
    Lonah Marie Il y a 11 mois +311

    I got engaged on Christmas Day and was surprised when people started asking me if I set a date yet. 🤣🤣 Uhhhmmm no? I'm perfectly happy with staying engaged until all this Covid bullshit is over. Im not going to wear a mask with a wedding dress and I'll be damned if I'm getting married over a Zoom meeting. 👍

    • MissJojo7682
      MissJojo7682 Il y a 10 mois +1

      Ummm, _wtf is wrong with you?_ Did you just comment without actually reading what she posted? She said she is staying engaged until all the covid stuff is over. Which obviously means that she is _not_ going to put herself nor anyone else in danger just to have a wedding, therefore she is _not_ having one until it is safe for everyone.

    • Christina Brenneman
      Christina Brenneman Il y a 11 mois

      Yea people can be ridiculous. I got engaged last November and I had family INSISTING we get married this year and didn't get how covid could be a problem.
      Then there was my cousin who is getting married this November and said that 2021 was her year. 😒😂😂 That did make me want to.change my mind. I'm not going to lie. 😂😂
      Congratuations again and hope your wedding planning is going well. ☺

    • Lonah Marie
      Lonah Marie Il y a 11 mois

      @Tim Collins Thank you, Tim, from both us 🤗

    • Tim Collins
      Tim Collins Il y a 11 mois +1

      I'm a guy and I applaud your decision! I'm also divorced so? Hope it works out better for you. Regardless. "F" the masks, it's your day everyone smiles. Best wishes to you and your husband to be.

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell Il y a 11 mois +14

    I’d throw away a wedding invitation that made circle a gift level.

    • meisjeViv
      meisjeViv Il y a 11 mois +3

      Yup, bye! Invite me because you want me at your wedding, not because you want an overly expensive gift 🤦‍♀️

  • Marina Dubois
    Marina Dubois Il y a 11 mois +30

    That horror “vows” is a HUGE red flag. Very worrisome!

  • Katzyn
    Katzyn Il y a 11 mois +10

    "1540 days of not being engaged, wtf" - was fitting that they had a fittonia plant there, since those plants are SUPER dramatic and act like they're dying if you don't water them exactly on schedule...

  • Nath Martins31
    Nath Martins31 Il y a 11 mois +2

    I'm loving your videos, you really should make one about those themed weddings, like Harry Potter or zombie weddings

  • Jennifer Moore
    Jennifer Moore Il y a 11 mois +6

    I didn't know we could demand gifts from people who want to attend the wedding. I hope those people aren't my friends. *checks friend list*

  • Mando N
    Mando N Il y a 11 mois

    I love watching you. The faces you make are hilarious. Love your humor. Makes me forget I’m having a bad day when I watch your videos

  • Dianna Meyers
    Dianna Meyers Il y a 11 mois +1

    Many years from now, when everything goes droopy and south, you will still be a woman with a wicked wit and a beautiful mind. I truly enjoy your videos and I hope you continue on for a long time.

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    lisa Jacobs Il y a 11 mois

    I absolutely LOVE your videos, especially these bridezilla funny!! You make my day so more enjoyable. Thanks for the great content you provide...and you're very beautiful as well 😘

  • BC B
    BC B Il y a 11 mois +3

    I was in that "vendor meal" thread, and the debate was spicy as hell. There was a lot of discussion over whether the OP was entitled, or if it was wrong of the couple not to make sure vendors got a decent meal, even if not a fancy one.

    • Carol R
      Carol R Il y a 5 mois

      It is a great idea to take care of people doing work for you. I take care of everyone doing work for me, from a plumber to a photographer, and everything in-between. It is the right thing to do regardless. Besides, they appreciate it so much and it shows-I can't tell you how many times we have been taken care of, not always, but almost always...and ALWAYS when they were there for an all-week or something job. What I do depends on how long/context, etc. e.g. everyone should at least make sure you have water bottles in the fridge chilled ahead of time for someone like the guys coming to cut the grass even though they will be in and out in under an hour...but in that case, since they are there regularly, I would have the pot of coffee going, some cookies...for a big job like re-doing a b/r , since I was able to, I made a pot of Sunday sauce and had a homemade lunch, muffins in the a.m. (went to Costco day before to grab some other stuff), soda...order pizza at least on some days...

    • CandleAshes
      CandleAshes Il y a 11 mois +2

      entitled? You feed your vendors, period.

  • Inservio
    Inservio Il y a 11 mois +1

    Okay THAT is exactly why I love watching you. The potato invites alone would be worth the panic attack of having to traverse an airport to marry you.

  • Jiminie Chrimbus
    Jiminie Chrimbus Il y a 10 mois +1

    omg, my dream wedding would definitely be a "Crazy Rich Asians" type of wedding (I LOVED the wedding scene)!

  • AMY S
    AMY S Il y a 11 mois +13

    Do these people open the gifts before allowing people into the wedding? How would they know how much you spent?

    • Kayenne54
      Kayenne54 Il y a 11 mois +2

      There's a registry list. The store (all now probably online) has a list of preferred gifts that bride and sometimes groom choose as preferences (for example, Gucci dinner set lol - joke). Invitees put their name against the item they bought. Or intend to buy, not sure if it has to be a done deal first before the guest can say "I bought XYZ item" but I'd imagine so. Because there's always a cheapskate in every family lol. The initial idea of a gift registry for special occasions was probably something thought up by a company, and brides were onto that pretty quickly, because there was nothing worse than ending up with THREE hideous vases, from his aunts. Also, apart from duplication (when electric kitchen items were really popular as gifts) it also meant guests could buy within their own budget, and know the bride/groom wanted it.

  • Teresia
    Teresia Il y a 11 mois +145

    My daughter's Mother in Law is so great. However she wasn't a fan of how young the kids were when they married. She wore solid black to the wedding. Everyone was like wtf. She looked like she was attending a funeral. The kids just celebrated their 20th anniversary. It all worked out great. Mother in law has been awesome every since the wedding was over.

    • D A Theamore
      D A Theamore Il y a 11 mois +6

      My MIL dressed in black too... so did my husband's sister even though she was my MOH. To be fair my SIL's original dress she was going to wear didn't fit... she went through a bad break up a few weeks prior to our wedding and she gained a little bit of weight. She drank a lot at the reception but was not sloppy. It kind of worked out since her mom wore black (I remember telling my husband when I saw the dress of my MIL, "Told you so.") We get along much better now at least.

  • Dana Francesca Mira
    Dana Francesca Mira Il y a 6 jours

    Charlotte's reaction videos about bridezillas are my go-to videos while working. Looking forward for more brides and bridesmaidzilla videos :D

  • Brandi Munguia
    Brandi Munguia Il y a 11 mois +1

    These are my favorite type of video. I got married at a courthouse with 15 of my husband’s friends and family because I didn’t want to deal with all the drama.

  • Martin Schou
    Martin Schou Il y a 11 mois +8

    That "match the face" game sounds hilarious. I'm sure the woman would be perfectly fine with the bachelor party having a similar game of "match the face with the kitty cat", right?

  • mynvision
    mynvision Il y a 11 mois +1

    "Next level. That's hard to top. But we might." I believe this was previously topped by the TikTok video with the MIL who also wore what looked like a wedding dress, then proceeded to prevent the bride from posing in the wedding photo. While the son just posed and looked like a smarmy twit. I was binging on your videos and saw it again yesterday, and that one made me feel so horrid for the bride. Actually, here it is for those who haven't watched this one, 1:00 min mark:éo.html

  • Silver Tulip
    Silver Tulip Il y a 11 mois

    Love you, Charlotte! You always brighten my day

  • Kelly Stout
    Kelly Stout Il y a 11 mois

    That first wedding looked great though. Everyone was dressed up, going along with it. That's fantastic!

  • Alexa Frey
    Alexa Frey Il y a 10 mois +1

    I'm currently planning my wedding... it's a lot and this made it waaayyy less stressful xD

  • AddyAlan93
    AddyAlan93 Il y a 11 mois +4

    I almost wasn’t in my best high school friend’s wedding. I asked why and she didn’t really have a reason. Then I was in. It felt weird and forced.

  • Ertjies B
    Ertjies B Il y a 11 mois +650

    That girlfriend of whoever that wore white and demanded to be in the pictures would have been kicked out the door.
    You pay for the pictures and the wedding, why would you allow a guest to dictate that they have to be in pictures?

    • Patricia Long
      Patricia Long Il y a 6 mois

      @Valkyrie2060 -- Me

    • mc123 mc456
      mc123 mc456 Il y a 10 mois +1

      @SuperHamdim I thought it was the girl in the white top and he photoshopped the girl in the purple dress to obscure her.

    • Lesley Thompson
      Lesley Thompson Il y a 11 mois +1

      @SuperHamdim What's wrong with any of the guys in that photo?

    • Lesley Thompson
      Lesley Thompson Il y a 11 mois

      @Sarah OH!! He totally took her out of the photo! Yeah!

    • Heather Mandarino
      Heather Mandarino Il y a 11 mois

      @Leonie Exactly!

  • Monique Damphousse
    Monique Damphousse Il y a 6 mois

    "I never realized people continued doing this when they were, like, adults" ... here's a clue, Charlotte, not one bridezilla is an adult LOL

  • S N
    S N Il y a 11 mois

    The last time I went to a wedding, I was 6 years old.. I'm 23 now. My evil cousin got married a few years ago, of course I did not go to her wedding, she was an evil evil little girl and most definitely grew up to be an evil evil bride who probably asks for 9000,000 dollar gifts.

  • murder mystery and make up fan

    "it's almost over guys" oh poor Charlotte we didn't know did we 😭 I wish it was over just getting over COVID in this house 🥺

  • Sarah lovee
    Sarah lovee Il y a 11 mois +4

    I've seen tons of wedding announcements that aren't invites but still have a link to the announcements that aren't invites but still show registry too.
    Frankly I'd rather just buy a wedding present than have to go. Especially these days.
    Shiiit...I sent out announcements when I got married and was asked by people where I was registered (I wasn't..we wanted it very small and im not the kind to ask for gifts if ya came let alone if you didn't) some people still wanted to buy us a gift though.
    So I don't really see anything wrong with that. It's one thing if they expect gifts from everyone its another if they just sent the list without expectations.

  • Scallop O’Hare
    Scallop O’Hare Il y a 11 mois +5

    Geeze, it's to the point the bride needs to hire a bouncer, and put the velvet rope to screen out non-brides wearing bridal garb.

  • Sally Brown
    Sally Brown Il y a 11 mois

    My wedding was my dream wedding. I got married at my grandparents’ house. The whole event was probably a grand, including my dress. We had roughly 50 guests. Only regret was not hiring a professional photographer - funny story - someone in my family’s significant other took most of the “formal” pictures - then they broke up - so those are gone forever. Oh well, gotta’ laugh.

  • Emma Thomson
    Emma Thomson Il y a 11 mois

    I legit got an wedding invite in the mail from a very close friend that’s happening in Semptember… the beautiful (and clearly expensive) invite came with another card in the envelope that was essentially a disinvite stating something like “due to COVID we are forced to have a small wedding. we wish you could join us”
    As someone who was legit expecting to be asked to be IN the wedding party, I was so confused but find it hilarious 😂

  • Leah Sue
    Leah Sue Il y a 11 mois

    My FAV videos!!! Love the wedding topic SO much-- hilarious!!! Keep em comin girlfriend-- you're killin it!

  • María Á.
    María Á. Il y a 11 mois +337

    We got married at the courthouse and the only person in attendance, that we knew, was our daughter. Then we had some icecreem at our favorit icecreem-store. We whent to our parents placees of work to tell them the news and the expression on their faces was worth doing it this way. In the evening we whent out for dinner along with our parents, siblings and their kids. That was not planed, my dad insisted. Best day ever.

    • Gina the Cookie
      Gina the Cookie Il y a 10 mois

      i like this, as an introvert, minis the courthouse part it sounds like my dream wedding!
      (and daughter bc never given birth, having, like, some family or close friend instead probs)

    • Brighter Dayz
      Brighter Dayz Il y a 10 mois +1

      Basically did the same thing our kids were the only ones in attendance and wouldn’t have it any other way. I have social anxiety bad and didn’t want a big wedding and my husband respected my wishes and feelings and wanted me comfortable. Plus we saved a ton of money for a down payment on a house and had an amazing honeymoon. Did my own pictures and make up (I do so professionally) so when you see my wedding pictures you’d never know we went to a court house lol they look that good and did them in a beautiful park in wedding dress and all with the kids and my husband. I have them hanging in my house and I love them!

    • MrWeasel709
      MrWeasel709 Il y a 11 mois +1

      We got married on a Friday at like 2pm so no one would be able to come 😂 had about 50 people including family at the reception which was legit some appetizers. Best day ever.

    • Stella Dowsett
      Stella Dowsett Il y a 11 mois +1

      @Bilztwing Personally I think that is the perfect wedding, so you do have vision ❤️❤️

  • Margaret Wolfe
    Margaret Wolfe Il y a 11 mois +1

    That first post is exactly how I picture my friend's wedding is going to be this Halloween.. I hope their other two weddings will go a little better and have a bit more dress code.. 😅

  • This Fielder Life
    This Fielder Life Il y a 11 mois

    I bought my wedding dress for $250, the perfect dress for me, I still love it to this day. NEVER wore it. My hubs and I had both been married before and we said fuck it, we don’t need a wedding, let’s just spend the money on the honeymoon lmao. The dress is sitting in my closet and like a weird I put it on from time to time. Lmao

  • Damian Cano
    Damian Cano Il y a 11 mois +4

    Have we reached a point when ranking your best friends 1-10 on MySpace has been forgotten? 😂

  • Kitty Kaos
    Kitty Kaos Il y a 11 mois

    I feel for the bride dealing with her mother in law wearing a wedding dress to her son wedding

  • wendy schutze
    wendy schutze Il y a 11 mois +302

    At our wedding we got things like an iron and a toaster etc. Our guests ate Fillet or Chicken and went home with a little bag of pink / blue sugared almonds. Things have changed an awful lot.

    • Carol R
      Carol R Il y a 5 mois

      When I got married in '95 almost every wedding gift, except a couple, was cash/checks. That is kind of the norm around here (Long Island), people usually don't need more stuff, esp if they are older/living on their own, probably recd more gifts like fancy coffeemakers at shower, and then the couple doesn't have to carry home or arrange to have brought home a bunch of gifts like that. And generally the $ amount is at least what you think the per-plate charge will be plus a bit more. So, at other weddings I attended same thing-very few gifts on the table. And no, spare the Goodfellas jokes lol.

    • Lesley Thompson
      Lesley Thompson Il y a 11 mois

      @Kaugummiqueen Bloggerin Those are the ones I buy! I especially like the New Year's good luck pigs!

    • Lesley Thompson
      Lesley Thompson Il y a 11 mois

      @River Tam I always get myself marzipan goodies for my xmas stocking. :D

    • MrWeasel709
      MrWeasel709 Il y a 11 mois +2

      I refused to go broke for my wedding and did it all on the cheap. Like I get the idea of a big wedding but why am i inviting people who i barely speak to

    • Judy Thompson
      Judy Thompson Il y a 11 mois +2

      My aunt made the wedding cake, I wore a lacy white dress (off the rack) that suited me, we had a matron of honor and a best man, and family at the reception. No one funded anything, and we paid for our own honeymoon. that was 54 years ago. I wonder how long some of these entitled brides will last...

  • SlothLord
    SlothLord Il y a 11 mois

    Have I lost my mind or is sending a potato invitation for a wedding sound like an actually amazing idea I might just have to do that for my wedding haha

  • Merrivox
    Merrivox Il y a 11 mois +1

    Yeah, I had a friend who was in my wedding, but when she got married, she didn't make me or my sister bridesmaids because "we were already married."

  • Terri MacKay
    Terri MacKay Il y a 11 mois +5

    The post about the vendor meal probably had a typo, and "whole" should have been "while". I think the poster was saying that while the guests were enjoying a delicious 6 course meal with lobster, this was the "meal" provided for the people working at the reception of the 15hr wedding. 😠

    • Heidi Kohne
      Heidi Kohne Il y a 10 mois

      I'm pretty sure that's what the poster meant, too.

  • Lynne Borrie-Belcher
    Lynne Borrie-Belcher Il y a 11 mois +2

    I had an invisible best friend/fiance. My four year-old niece married her Barney at the same time. They took better pictures than my husband and I did!

  • Lexy Lily
    Lexy Lily Il y a 11 mois +1

    My dream wedding really relies on what my partner wants, but I'm halfway between a small, but gorgeous garden ceremony or just eloping and spending the money on a nice honeymoon.

  • melhunter
    melhunter Il y a 11 mois +1

    Me and my husband surprised everyone at our wedding when we emerged on the evening in t-rex suits and had a dance 😂

  • Frances Smith
    Frances Smith Il y a 11 mois

    I had the best time at my wedding. It was small. My mother in law made my dress and my cake. She would have hurt anyone who turned up in white. The next week we flew back to where I grew up and celebrated with my family. I now have a huge, wonderful family that make our lives full. My daughter just got married in a small ceremony and it was beautiful. The only people who were there were ones that cared about them and only wanted the best for them.

  • callagothly
    callagothly Il y a 10 mois

    I was my friend plus one at a wedding, the mother in law of the bride came in a wedding dress that was a custom vera wang dress, the bride was wearing a stein mart dress from the discount rack... the room was so awkward you could taste it.

  • Elizabeth Grogan
    Elizabeth Grogan Il y a 11 mois +720

    If the MIL shows up in a wedding dress, make sure your prenup is secure.

    • Sakura🌸Lovesong
      Sakura🌸Lovesong Il y a 10 mois +2

      @Cantetinza17 or dump wine on MIL.

    • Cantetinza17
      Cantetinza17 Il y a 11 mois +15

      Bring some paint to the wedding that way every white dress gets a colorful strip somewhere. I don't care how much you paid for it, you know better.

    • *Astarael*
      *Astarael* Il y a 11 mois +16

      Yeah, secure that prenup and move countries 🤣

    • Nina Vandeurzen
      Nina Vandeurzen Il y a 11 mois +8


  • Ganjagirrl
    Ganjagirrl Il y a 11 mois

    Times like this make me realize I have the best friends ever 🙏I’ve never had a friend getting married even ask for donations or gifts and I won’t be either for everyone’s mental health , if you make it to the wedding hell yeah 🤙🏼

  • The Embers Inside
    The Embers Inside Il y a 4 mois

    Charlotte- "I see the end of the tunnel!"
    Covid MONTHS later- "Hold my drink."

  • Genaeve
    Genaeve Il y a 11 mois +7

    The Groom’s “vows” is very disturbing.

  • Griselda Puppy
    Griselda Puppy Il y a 10 mois +1

    *I have simple taste* 🤷🏼‍♀️ *My dream wedding is **_LITERALLY ANYTHING_** where I actually get married! It could be inna cardboard box inna alley with rats & stray cats as the wedding party, and I couldn't care less. As long as I get to lay down next to my soulmate that night knowing imma married woman, then I am happy!*

  • Brams Rockhopper
    Brams Rockhopper Il y a 11 mois

    I subscribed. Good content 👍
    The MILs turning up weddings wearing - essentially - wedding dresses are some next level biatches. Wow. Start things off on the right foot why don’t you?!

  • Titzalina Bumscrew
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    Time for my daily dose of char . Just what’s needed after work

  • Nicole Herrley
    Nicole Herrley Il y a 11 mois

    I love how some couples expect you to spend hundreds of dollars on their gift! You’re lucky if I even spend $100

  • YuToobVids
    YuToobVids Il y a 11 mois

    My wife dragged to one of her high school friends wedding (Chola Y Cholo). After the wedding at the reception the bride and groom came into the venue as husband and wife to the song "Eye Of The Tiger" wife had to threaten me with a punch in the balls to stop me from laughing!😂

  • Jade Spades
    Jade Spades Il y a 10 mois

    5:55 That's a goth subculture wedding right there. There's goth, and then under that umbrella there are different subcultures of goth and of those types this one is by far the creepiest. Reminds me of the far less creepy couple that made the newspaper because they got married while in coffins. They also wanted to make sure everyone knew that's where they spent their first night to. each their own.

  • Durratul Aishah
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    The most memeable wedding dress I have ever seen in my life.

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    first time watching my wife and I find you most adorable and enjoy your presentation glad we found your channel greetings from Halifax Nova Scotia

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  • Emma Jane
    Emma Jane Il y a 11 mois

    An ex had my dream 50s wedding at my dream venue, and dream honeymoon with the woman he'd cheated on his wife with throughout their 18 year marriage. Yes he was seeing her while with me too, I didnt know he was married until I was presented with divorce papers with me cited as the other woman I went nuts. As I found out his wife at home with a life limiting illness. Bitter no! A fool yes as I fell for the uniform first! A lucky escape maybe, as this girl shares her man with no one!

  • Boojie Boo
    Boojie Boo Il y a 6 mois +3

    For the ‘you have to pay to get’ wedding: are you an amusement park?

  • Virginia viola
    Virginia viola Il y a 11 mois

    Having just watched a true crime story on the comic book killer in California I have to say to the wife of those wedding vows, be afraid, be very, very afraid, and never spend time alone with your husband..sheesh. 🤔