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    Hey ya'll! Today on my channel we are reacting to some petty employees that got revenge on their bosses! Have you heard of the antiwork movement yet? If this isn't the inspiration for you to quit your day job, I don' know what is. Enjoy
    Hi, I'm Charlotte Dobre. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
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  • valerie thomas
    valerie thomas Il y a 17 jours +316

    I was one of the first women in the country to have a morning drive radio show back in the late 70's. The sexual harassment was horrific and I ultimately left after four years due to the stress.
    The station brass decided to sue me for my unemployment benefits, because I had done one 30 second commercial for someone for about fifty bucks.
    Haha!! I had saved every smutty memo, from the news director and every bad poem from the married program director, all helpfully written on company letterhead!
    Needless to say we went before the arbitrator and I won.

    • yourmama
      yourmama Il y a 12 jours

      That a girl

    • dione !!
      dione !! Il y a 14 jours

      btw, wht was it called? the radio show?

    • Nasty Nana
      Nasty Nana Il y a 15 jours +1

      Wow. What happened after? We’re you able to countersue? I need ALL the deets!

    • Melissa Blackwood
      Melissa Blackwood Il y a 15 jours +2

      Well done, ma'am. Not easy to do back in those days before hashtags.

    • Mickey Blake
      Mickey Blake Il y a 15 jours +5

      *slow clap standing ovation*

  • Mel Bossert
    Mel Bossert Il y a 17 jours +244

    "If you don't want people to search for better opportunities...pay them better" ☕

    • MrsCree8tive
      MrsCree8tive Il y a 15 jours +2

      @Ivory excellent point!!! Hostile work environments suck, it’s not worth my sanity

    • MrsCree8tive
      MrsCree8tive Il y a 15 jours +2


    • Ivory
      Ivory Il y a 17 jours +13

      Better pay is always nice but I feel like a healthy work place is just as important, if not more. I mean, you knew what you were being paid when you signed the contract, however, nobody knows how's the work environment like until they're inside. Sometimes, better pay doesn't make up for the bs you have to deal with from other people, especially your co-workers and/or boss. I can tolerate a minimum wage job, now, crappy people? No thanks.

  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith Il y a 17 jours +134

    I had been unemployed for a year due to my son having a severe brain injury in a car crash. I tried and tried and finally got hired at a nearby place in my field of interest, with a govt program (not welfare) subsidizing half my pay for the first few months. My manager used it against me frequently as a put down. Well, a job came up at the top end of what I was doing, at a national company- so basically about a 3x pay rise for me plus huge benefits. I heard through the grapevine that I should apply. Went down there on my lunch, no resume or anything. Got the job. Heard later that my manager had gone for an interview and failed. Bonus points was that later on the shop foreman said my old boss kept asking what I have said about him- nothing :)

    • Kayenne54
      Kayenne54 Il y a 17 jours +7

      I hope things continue to improve for you and your son. I enjoyed that your former old boss totally lost out to you. That's why he was so mean; he picked up you were better qualified.

    • Carpathianpixie195
      Carpathianpixie195 Il y a 17 jours +12

      I hope your son is okay now and I'm glad you found a better job away from that a-hole.

    • Carpathianpixie195
      Carpathianpixie195 Il y a 17 jours +9

      @Becca Hetrick Speedy recovery to your stepbrother.

    • Becca Hetrick
      Becca Hetrick Il y a 17 jours +20

      Hope your son is okay ... My stepbrother was just hospitalized for an abscess in his brain. He was acting strange at work and his foreman called an ambulance. He had 2 seizures in the ambulance. Took a few days for the doctors to figure out it was an abscess. They drained it, kept him in ICU for a few days, and he went home yesterday.

  • Captain Valstrax
    Captain Valstrax Il y a 17 jours +482

    The only thing worse than too many emails is too many meetings that could've been emails.

    • Avipsha Sengupta
      Avipsha Sengupta Il y a 11 jours

      Is there a way to like this comment 3000 times?

    • Natalka Kalisz
      Natalka Kalisz Il y a 13 jours

      @Dog Flamingo yeah maybe I’m just like that but I would have told him to either stop pulling me in or expect me to not do the work he sets. And it is up to him to choose which one. Not even afraid because at the end of the day he needs employees and I don’t need a bad boss so either way I win.

    • unpredictablemove88
      unpredictablemove88 Il y a 16 jours

      As a former employee in a call centre, I loved meetings, even if they were nonproductive, because it means some time off the queue, which was heaven! 😌😂

    • Vero Fitz
      Vero Fitz Il y a 16 jours

      How about the 30 emails that lead to the 2 hour meeting with the 30 follow up emails from the meeting notes.....yeah I luv my job 🤬😡🤬😡

    • Cheeky Moe
      Cheeky Moe Il y a 16 jours +3

      Agreed!!! I hate unnecessary meetings. I have refused higher paying positions because of all the unnecessary meetings those people have to deal with. And the emails. Nothing irks me more than some douchebag sending an email to the entire corporation (we have over 100k employees) congratulating someone nobody knows about their new position that nobody knew existed and invites others to join them in the congratulations only to have several more douchebags hit “reply all” to congratulate said unknown person in said unknown position resulting in HUNDREDS of irrelevant emails others have to sort through to get to their three relevant emails. DO NOT “REPLY ALL” UNLESS IT IS RELEVANT TO EVERYONE ON THAT EMAIL LIST!!!!!She was rude and demanding and accusatory.

  • Notorious-00J
    Notorious-00J Il y a 17 jours +528

    Preach! I’ve worked in so many restaurants that don’t provide a staff meal. It blows my mind. I am usually in a sous chef or line cook position so I always fed anyone who was hungry. I got in trouble for it a lot but I didn’t care. Any time I got in trouble I said it was my staff meal. Which only cooks or head chefs got…. I never ate a meal because I was constantly tasting food before it went out anyway.

    • Unity Diss
      Unity Diss Il y a 16 jours +1

      Yeah I always thought it was ridiculous that to eat while on shift we had to pay for it and only certain things got percentages off the price, me a server who literally makes $4 an hour and needs to get and keep tips to survive outside of there was not amused, I ended up copying my bosses password and putting it down as a free or 50% off meal for myself. 😂

    • Mel Teague
      Mel Teague Il y a 17 jours +1

      I like that

    • Megan Roberts
      Megan Roberts Il y a 17 jours +1

      One of the girls my company hired a few years back had the mind set of if you don't feed me I'm going to sell steaks at sale price out the back door

    • Jengsci
      Jengsci Il y a 17 jours

      @Notorious-00J That started when one/some of these "homeless' decided to sue the company for food that they claimed made them sick, screwing everyone else that sure could have used the food. There are ways around this, as long as you put it in the dumpster. To go boxes in a clean bag. Yes, they still have to go in the dumpster, but it's "clean garbage." If they get sick from eating something from the dumpster, that's on them.

  • Nyxie Delor
    Nyxie Delor Il y a 17 jours +141

    Appreciated, well paid and well fed staff make for better customer service. Hangriness is real and so is feeling undervalued.

    • 君z
      君z Il y a 17 jours +2


    • Jamie Madison
      Jamie Madison Il y a 17 jours +2

      1000 thumbs up! This is such a simple & logical concept, yet most managers & owners never grasp it.

  • Amber Lore
    Amber Lore Il y a 17 jours +163

    I was a bookseller for over a decade and when I had a shitty customer, I would give them the most disgusting change in the drawer and put their books in bags that were too small.

    • Kesha Artis
      Kesha Artis Il y a 15 jours +3

      @Chaotic Evil 14 nickels and 5 pennies. 😅 I've only had to do it ONCE. 🤣

    • Chaotic Evil
      Chaotic Evil Il y a 16 jours +7

      When I worked at a liquor store I would give out inconvenience change to rude customers. If you change was 75 cents you were getting 7 dimes and 5 pennies

    • Jamie Madison
      Jamie Madison Il y a 17 jours +11

      Omg I do that! Nasty customer gets the nastiest change! I thought it was an original & unique pettiness lol.

    • Lunachic🌙
      Lunachic🌙 Il y a 17 jours +2

      👍 perfect!

    • Melanie RideThePhoenixSkoolie
      Melanie RideThePhoenixSkoolie Il y a 17 jours +3

      So petty!! Love it! 😍

  • Anna Heel Dawes
    Anna Heel Dawes Il y a 17 jours +88

    The food stealing from the work fridge story would have been better if they checked the video above the fridge for the Applesauce thief, and then made sure they were the only one NOT eating the pizza. Just saying 👼

    • Kimberly Bone
      Kimberly Bone Il y a 16 jours +1

      I was thinking the same thing. Why didn't they check the video for the applesauce thief.

    • ilaeoa
      ilaeoa Il y a 16 jours +5

      I think, people who steals others people food should be fired on the spot, not denied of free pizza.

    • L S
      L S Il y a 16 jours

      Great petty revenge!

    • Pamela Johnson
      Pamela Johnson Il y a 17 jours +2

      Had to have been the boss!

    • Georgia Sam
      Georgia Sam Il y a 17 jours +7


  • jaspr1999
    jaspr1999 Il y a 17 jours +83

    With all these, I wanted to add the story of one of my buddies and her awesome boss... Yes, they actually DO exist! In the early 90s, my friend was a struggling college student and got a job at a telesurvey place. Since her degree plan was in computer science she knew more about the systems than anyone and was quickly transferred to the I.T. department. She rose through the ranks and by the time she got her master's degree she was offered the I.T. Directors' job. However, since she was simply exceptional at what she did she was offered a job that paid almost three times what the directors' job could. Her boss strongly recommended her to take the job and even sent all of her company accolades to the new company for the interview. She not only got the job but the former telesurvey place, which no longer used cold calls, became the go to place for career advancement for students for both universities in town. Everyone won, in the end.

    • Kayenne54
      Kayenne54 Il y a 17 jours +4

      I think if more bosses used the "win-win" mentality rather than "I've got to beat you down to make me feel bigger" there'd be a lot more flourishing companies and happier staff. Nice story.

    • Peter H
      Peter H Il y a 17 jours +6

      the differense between a leader and a boss!

    • Jess_Marie_G
      Jess_Marie_G Il y a 17 jours +12

      This is what many people fail to understand, it's better to help each other out and rise together than to step on people and eventually get your come upins!

    • Carpathianpixie195
      Carpathianpixie195 Il y a 17 jours +3

      Yay, a happy story!

  • Matt Garrett
    Matt Garrett Il y a 17 jours +270

    My company was shit, was threatening to take away holiday time. They kept denying holiday request but made it clear if we didn't take the holiday time we would lose it and not be reimbursed for unused days... So instead of going to the manager I went straight to the computer and inputted my holiday time.. Magically the holiday they said I couldn't take took when I went straight to the source. I got the entire month of April off (with pay) and fucked off to Portugal and Amsterdam for the whole month. They figured it out in march and posted a note saying "no holiday time available at all in april" and made sure everyone knew It was because I "stole" all the time off for the month.

    • dmf1301
      dmf1301 Il y a 16 jours +6

      Did your colleagues BELIEVE such a stupid lie, though?

    • Big John
      Big John Il y a 17 jours +37

      all's fair, in love and war. if they're trying to cheat you, declare war!

    • Carpathianpixie195
      Carpathianpixie195 Il y a 17 jours +81

      I would've told everyone else how to go input the holiday time since the company keeps denying the requests.

  • Aimee
    Aimee Il y a 17 jours +147

    Women often have a hard time separating business from relationships at work. When men jump from job to job they’re seen as “go getters” but if women take that approach their supervisor/boss debase them as “users”.
    This was pointed out to me by a very successful male friend. Don’t buy into the guilt ladies.

    • Jess_Marie_G
      Jess_Marie_G Il y a 17 jours +8

      Yes! I have been very lucky in that most of my jobs, I have gotten along with people. But at the end of the day, the people around me are my coworkers, not besties lol.

    • Heather Smith
      Heather Smith Il y a 17 jours +9

      I have had various jobs and been self employed, and now that I'm over 50 it has been a huge selling point for me. I see jobs as 'adventures', and people can see right away that I can be thrown into anything and do fine. We need to appreciate that aspect of our experience for the skill it is!

    • Pablo del Segundo
      Pablo del Segundo Il y a 17 jours +17

      YES. And women are almost always the ones that get the chop if there's any downsizing or reorganization.

  • Ashley Hoerner
    Ashley Hoerner Il y a 17 jours +52

    Since I managed to get here kinda early I want to thank you for helping me to not be a doormat when I encounter Karens at work 😂 keep up the good work charlotte and editors

    • Ashley Hoerner
      Ashley Hoerner Il y a 17 jours

      @Golden_Leader 92 it is, thank you so much! 🥰

    • Golden_Leader 92
      Golden_Leader 92 Il y a 17 jours +1

      Unrelated, but (if you are the young woman in your pfp) please know that you rock that hair and you're gorgeous!

  • The Vegetable Soup Show
    The Vegetable Soup Show Il y a 17 jours +63

    I one time petty employee revenged and didn't even know it.
    I was in construction at the time, my co-worker (Dan) and I were fairly efficient in the Plate and Detail part of the job and he kept asking the boss, whom I had never seen or met, for a raise for almost two years. One morning we get to work and he gets a call to go to a meeting. As I am getting ready to P&D the next units this guy comes up with this kid in tow saying that the kid is to help me today. I look at him and his tool bags, which are completely empty, and ask the guy what is the kid supposed to do to which he replied "Help you, dummy." I got a little offended at that and said...."How in the f... is this kid going to help me? He has no f..... tools." And began to tell him how f.... this entire situation was with many details. I finished with a very loud "Now get the f... out of here.".
    They both left.
    A few hours later Dan comes back from the meeting and says "Did you yell at Arnie?" . I ask who that is and he replies "The guy that brought that kid to work with you was our boss, and whatever you said to him worked. He gave is both a raise.".

  • MerryRoomba47
    MerryRoomba47 Il y a 17 jours +80

    when i was volunteering at my moms work they reused paper for scrap, the idiots used the payroll as scrap and my mom found out she was being paid significantly less although she won awards for the company. just looking for a job got her the raise lmao 🤣 dont mess with the people who make your business work. my mom still works there but got her deserved pay

  • Missymousie
    Missymousie Il y a 17 jours +47

    This wasn't work but it did involve someone's business. A friend had a neighbour whose tree was scratching on her upstairs window and leaving "tree snot" all over the window. It was one of those little windows in the peak of the house that didn't open. She's disabled but asked her neighbour if her able bodied adolescent son could climb up there and cut the branch, the neighbour said 'no', she can't touch the tree because, her (my friend's) fence was over on their property line to begin with so the WHOLE TREE was on their property. It was causing such a mess on her window, she finally got a mediator. They got a surveyor and it turned out the neighbour's garage pad was 1' onto my friend's property. Not just the garage pad but a brand new photo studio he'd just had built on it. He had to take down the building, re-pour the garage pad (all of this wouldn't have had to be done but for HIM) and move everything 1' over. He was complaining to my friend...who just said to him "I asked you to cut ONE branch."

  • MerryMac
    MerryMac Il y a 17 jours +23

    I appreciate the clever way that the petty employee provided to "opportunity" that the security sticker "might" stick into that purse, but did not actually touch the purse. Very Clever ((*chef's kiss))

  • Rama Chandra
    Rama Chandra Il y a 17 jours +124

    I asked a girl who was in my rather large software development team of around 60 people what her work was (she was supposed to be a developer ) . I had assumed her to be a tester because I had never seen her interact much with the developers and she never seemed to be around whenever development work was in a critical phase . Now this girl complained to my boss (who was also my friend ) that I had insulted her by asking her job description. I was completely surprised because that was an innocuous question and I felt both the girl and boss were overreacting. Anyway I got a better opportunity a few months later and quit . My former boss (now only a friend ) called me up a year later and wanted to meet . When we were catching up i asked him about the girl . he told me the girl had complained to the HR that my friend was harassing her and in the mess that followed , the girl quit her job and my friend's reputation was shot . I didn't say anything but thought to myself "you don't have to do anything for revenge the universe does it for you" .

    • Clarice Pereira
      Clarice Pereira Il y a 16 jours +1

      But why was it any of your business? Were you her manager? Or her squad leader?

    • Pet Cactus
      Pet Cactus Il y a 16 jours +1

      You may have been his friend but, he was not your friend.

    • Dusk #2106
      Dusk #2106 Il y a 17 jours

      Not judging your friend… but they seemed to be “pretty close.” I smell Amber Heard vibes lol. I’m still confused as to what her job actually was. Did she just show up at the office and look at her monitor? Lol

    • Rama Chandra
      Rama Chandra Il y a 17 jours +1

      @Mel Teague yeah that was the truth but what surprised us all was how my friend reacted . I realised there was something fishy going on and got out of the way . By the time complaints about her work ethic started rising from other quarters , i was on my way out .

    • Rama Chandra
      Rama Chandra Il y a 17 jours +2

      @Ashlyn Adventures she somehow got on the good side of my friend (and ex-boss) . When the news spread throughout the team that I was asked about the incident , my teammate when she was near the water cooler and the girl was walking by made a loud statement "Who does she think she is ? A bloody queen or what ? " . Everyone started avoiding the girl even more (except for my friend ) and she was shunted from one sub team to another when she failed to deliver and the team had to pick up the slack .

  • M P
    M P Il y a 17 jours +72

    Speaking of lunch at work... when I was a supervisor I kept a cabinet full of lunch items like soup and ravioli and told everyone they could dip in anytime and grab what they wanted. And on Saturdays, our craziest busy day, I started setting up a lunch buffet so we could eat on the run. People are nicer when they arren't hungry and we had a stressful job that we worked 4/10s, Wed-Sat, so Saturdays were exhausting. We rocked that day though, with big smiles.

    • Sari not sorry
      Sari not sorry Il y a 17 jours +7

      Geez. Sounds like hospitality shout out to keeping ur staff happy learn it quick you will have great productivity.
      You have terrific managerial skills Id work for you based on your thoughtfulness of your staff!

  • Veni
    Veni Il y a 17 jours +126

    Because of the amount of petty videos I've seen from Charlotte my pettiness will be prepared to any job I'll be in, thanks petty queen

  • The Life of Al
    The Life of Al Il y a 17 jours +32

    I've been working for the same small factory for a few years. Most of the plant workers are good people. Management, however, is inept at best and they regularly talk about the workers like they are sub-human. I recently started a new position there and moved from the floor to a desk job working beside the PM. I know how things work here, so when I asked about the position's pay, I wasn't surprised to hear some lame excuse followed by, "I'll see what I can do." Since I have a long work history in jobs requiring much higher level skillets, I don't believe they realize they need me much more than I need them. So, imagine the chop-licking opportunity that fell into my lap when a new HR assistant sent out a spreadsheet requesting missing employee information for payroll, but included ALL plant employees and their current pay rates. There are some top, reliable performers that are making the same or even less than new and/or unreliable ones. This place is in desperate need of new management. I'll see what I can do.

    • Kayenne54
      Kayenne54 Il y a 17 jours +2

      "Oops, accidentally left a copy of the pay roll info spreadsheet in the photocopier for Janice the Office Gossip to find, naughty me"....

    • Dawn Chesbro
      Dawn Chesbro Il y a 17 jours +1

      Sending out a document with personal details, like salaries, is super illegal.
      That HR assistant should be held accountable for the mistake. It's also important to know what your skills are worth to the company and be prepared to walk if they don't pay you fairly for your expertise.

  • Melissa Blackwood
    Melissa Blackwood Il y a 17 jours +23

    There are managers at my place of employment who have been promoted beyond their ability and are now in way over their heads. Some of us routinely engage in covert psychological operations to mess with them and make their lives miserable. I'd love to say more, but that would ruin the "covert" part.

  • VW Girl
    VW Girl Il y a 17 jours +60

    Had a boss who was fired from a accounting firm for stealing food from the frig. They bosses kept getting complaints about this woman so they installed a camera above the frig. She denied and denied until they played the footage.

    • Antivenom Adams
      Antivenom Adams Il y a 17 jours +1

      At this one restaurant I worked in ( line cook ) the kitchen manager stole the kitchens tips every week & always said that they "went missing." The dirty thief! I didn't work there for long😒

    • VW Girl
      VW Girl Il y a 17 jours +5

      @Ice Ghost I thought that too unless to was someone in upper management doing it.

    • VW Girl
      VW Girl Il y a 17 jours +10

      @Carpathianpixie195 Good question. She thought the company needed her she could do anything. I heard she would also show up for work at 3pm then demand the office staff stay to help her because she was a lazy fuck that slept most of the day. Her bosses only kept her around because she was good at her job. Problem was she was a thief. When I quit she use my info to get a credit card that she maxed out. It was a big mess but I got my revenge by having her license to be a CPA revoked permanently.

    • Ice Ghost
      Ice Ghost Il y a 17 jours +11

      Shouldn’t the applesauce thief have been recorded ?

    • Carpathianpixie195
      Carpathianpixie195 Il y a 17 jours +10

      Why are people like that?

  • R Kirschner
    R Kirschner Il y a 17 jours +21

    My sandwich in refrigerator was gone the next day (saved it for break the next). Week later the chocolate chip cookies I left on table were gone. Someone on second shift spent time in bathroom. Chocolate ex lax is a wonderful thing. 🤔🙀😈

  • Stacy_The Crafty Cat
    Stacy_The Crafty Cat Il y a 17 jours +20

    I just wanna know if they used the camera to see her freak out why couldn’t they also use the camera to find out who ate the darn applesauce!

  • JGW 54
    JGW 54 Il y a 17 jours +25

    At my old doctor's office (and he was OLD, 80 and sharp as a tack, lol) the doctor partnership catered lunch for the whole staff *every* day. Can't get much better than that! 😋

  • michael bastarache
    michael bastarache Il y a 17 jours +11

    I like the alarm sticker on the purse idea!
    The reason is due to how I would alert store security to actual shoplifters trying to leave the corporate grocery store where I was employed as a night cleaner.
    I always had two large dry dust mops on the floors. One I would stash next to the alarm sensors with an alarm strip stuck on it, between the strands, while actively cleaning the floors with the other one. Once I spot someone doing the dirty deed? I would stay as close as I could to keep an eye out/follow waiting for the moment the shoplifter goes towards the doors to leave. I would walk faster than their pace to get to my second dry dust mop, grab it and walk past the alarm sensors towards the exit door setting off the alarm. Working as just a night cleaner, I had no legal right to stop anyone, or even question them! Caught a heck of a lot of shoplifters that way!

  • Stan Watt
    Stan Watt Il y a 17 jours +18

    I worked for a DIY company that adopted the Home Depot stylie of business. They were making us Americans. During a morning meeting on the shop floor, our area manager was asked about how little we were paid. he said, "When you get monkeys, you pay peanuts". Several employees stood up one by one and said things like, "I'm a vet, but I can't get a license to practice in Britain", "I'm a lawyer who can't get a job because I'm overqualified for most of the legal companies in Aberdeen" I stood up and reminded him of the time he tried to chew me out because the store manager and line manager never spoke up to say the line manager had fucked up the holiday rota because he thought I was away while he went on holiday - my holiday had been cleared eight months previously. I then told him I was gay after he had said during a meeting, "Oh god don't tell me we have any of those.!", my boss and line manager still never said they knew that there were four gay members of staff in including me, cnuts...he crumbled and walk away LOL

  • Nevertoleave
    Nevertoleave Il y a 17 jours +11

    It’s so dumb that businesses expect loyalty but refuse to give it or deserve it. “How dare you try to get another job when I refuse to give you a raise!” “I treat you like shit and this is how you repay me?”

  • SusieQ
    SusieQ Il y a 17 jours +8

    I worked for a small electric motor repair shop, and they kept a fridge in the break room that was stocked with drinks and snacks. They also bought us all lunch a couple times a month, a big and delicious cake for everyone's birthday, and if a job was a rush job, went late after normal hours or was just generally hard/crappy, the boss would buy all the techs a beer when they were done. It was a hard job, even for us on the customer service side, so they did things like that to let us know they appreciated us. Genuinely good people.

  • Mark Harris
    Mark Harris Il y a 17 jours +51

    This made me a little sad, I’m retiring from a job I absolutely love due to health reasons. It’s a lot easier leaving a job you hate.
    When I was a chef many years ago, staff meals seemed ok for some reason…

    • Mark Harris
      Mark Harris Il y a 17 jours +2

      @Cynthia Naber How are you supposed to describe a meal if you don’t know what it tastes like? My last job working for someone else before setting up my own business was with the guy who managed the first restaurant I worked at. He had been my mentor throughout my career and had bought his own restaurant. Hie whole family lived upstairs and would come down and eat with the staff of which there were about ten in total. It was the best team building exercise I've known (also learnt a bit of Italian).

    • Cynthia Naber
      Cynthia Naber Il y a 17 jours +2

      At my restaurant we’ve had multiple meetings at this point enforcing all staff (except the 3 main chefs) have to pay for their food… wonder how we are supposed to afford the $30-90 dishes when servers are paid $3.80 an hour 🙄

    • cmenowlandreth
      cmenowlandreth Il y a 17 jours +4

      Same here. I loved what I did and was really good at it, unfortunately I developed a severe heart condition and can't do it anymore. What's worse is I still get calls from other companies asking if I am looking to get back into it. 😭 I cry for an hour after I have to say that I can't.

    • Heather Smith
      Heather Smith Il y a 17 jours +14

      I am currently working part time for a catering company (server). They encourage us to bring containers to take home leftover food rather than to throw it out :)

  • Lara Maaike
    Lara Maaike Il y a 17 jours +13

    You are my light these days. I had some trauma last week and it is difficult for me to think positive. But watching you and you laughing makes me a little bit better, thanks.

    • Lara Maaike
      Lara Maaike Il y a 16 jours

      @HermioneDisapprovesofJKR I will, thanks

    • HermioneDisapprovesofJKR
      HermioneDisapprovesofJKR Il y a 16 jours +1

      Take care! 💜

    • Lara Maaike
      Lara Maaike Il y a 17 jours +2

      @Colleen Cook Thank you so much 🥰

    • Colleen Cook
      Colleen Cook Il y a 17 jours +4

      Big (but gentle) Mama Bear hugs to you! Please know that you are strong and amazing!

  • Lisa Goff
    Lisa Goff Il y a 17 jours +45

    How amazing is this woman? I'm laughing more at her reactions then anything. Lol just 120% herself and I'm here for it!

  • Fabienne Clavier
    Fabienne Clavier Il y a 17 jours +48

    I once taught in a high school with awful students ( all male school) that also had an awful director, who treated me badly (to say the least). The guy was such a bully. And students could do whatever, they were always right. One day some students tried to set trash on fire but he defended them. Another time I told him about an incident and he replied “ boys will be boys, I was myself very agitated in school, I get them”. What? Anyway. Long story short, I almost burnt out and had to stay off work for about a month. When I came back, they had given my position to the substitute who had filled in for me. Technically not legal, but that director obviously knew people in high places. The awful/ makes no sense schedule I had and that couldn’t be changed had miraculously been modified for said sub as well. Things I had complained about but that were not considered important when I had spoken about them in the past had been solved. Etc. Every single person working there absolutely hated him but would just shut up. I was so mad about the whole situation that I kept the books, pens and any paper supplies I had been given on arrival and was supposed to use in school only. That high school also happened to have a weird key system - we had to go and pick our classroom keys every morning from a special cabinet and put it back when done in the afternoon. And since we’re in France, we don’t necessarily teach in the same room all day, so we often had to come and go and wait for other teachers a lot to get the key we needed. Which is annoying enough. But the day I was made redundant, one of the keys mysteriously disappeared... I laughed all the way back home, and was incredibly happy to put that key in a garbage can once home. Small thing, but made me incredibly happy to imagine the confusion and chaos that little key caused. 😉

  • Cheryl_Loves_Purple
    Cheryl_Loves_Purple Il y a 17 jours +39

    I set off the alarm once leaving Hobby Lobby. It is incredibly embarrassing when that happens. I went in for specific items so I only had 3-4 things & I know I didnt steal anything. So I have to go back to the register, then walk through without my purchases & of course it went off again. I offered my purse for them to look & just then I thought to check my shoes. Sure enough, I stepped on a security thing, sticky side up, somewhere in the store & there it was on my shoe. I peeled it off & walked through with no issues & everyone laughed but I was mortified that those people who was around & left or came in during the event thought I was a shoplifter.

    • Crazy Cat Queen
      Crazy Cat Queen Il y a 17 jours +1

      @Cheryl_Loves_Purple Sounds like your dad has an electric personality... (sorry, but a dad joke for your dad)

    • Cheryl_Loves_Purple
      Cheryl_Loves_Purple Il y a 17 jours

      @Kayenne54 I dont know & never really paid any attention to it. I have had electric shocks though as a kid, I recall several times getting a good shock from putting something metal in a socket, lol. I have gotten a real good shock too on christmas lights with a broken wire that wasnt noticed. I recall once it was super painful, like I could feel the waves of pulsating electric. I now do not hold the strand when I plug them in to check or run my hand along the wire to check bulbs.

    • Kayenne54
      Kayenne54 Il y a 17 jours

      @Cheryl_Loves_Purple P.S. You may also be an energy healer yourself. It's often genetic, but can be triggered by getting electric shocks too, as far as I can figure out.

    • Kayenne54
      Kayenne54 Il y a 17 jours +1

      @Cheryl_Loves_Purple So do I! I can't wear watches (either old type or digital) because they simply stop. I turn 18k rings into mangled messes. The gold goes really soft and next thing I know the ring is completely warped on my finger. It's okay with 9k gold. The other thing is street lights. If I regularly go a certain way, any dodgy street light (if it's still on but very flickery) will turn off, if it's already off it will turn on as I near it or go past. Only thing I can find out about this weird "power" of mine is that it may be because I've had a few electric shocks over my lifetime. It's changed my electrical output/system. The other thing I've noted, personally, is that during solar storms I'll zap everyone a lot, and once caused a blackout at a lecture by turning off the light so we could see a video. Static arced between my finger and light switch, and the whole place went dark. I wasn't popular, as if I'd done it on purpose. I've also worked as a "hands on" healer, which means I am attuned to earth's electro-magnetic system, and can "re-tune" other people to match, facilitating healing (I've studied this a lot; it's called "The Christmas Tree effect" because brainwaves of patient begin to match brainwaves of healer, so readouts look like a Christmas tree visually speaking). It may be that this is a natural trait of mine, as my grandmother couldn't wear watches either and was a great healer herself. Your dad may have wonderful healing abilities and just doesn't know it. 🙂

    • Cheryl_Loves_Purple
      Cheryl_Loves_Purple Il y a 17 jours +1

      @Kayenne54 Lol. It happens to him all the time. He has the same issue with going through a metal detector. He has had practically everything off & still set the thing off before. Something in his chemical makeup I guess. I have issues with static. I get shocked ALL the time, no matter the weather, what I am wearing or any circumstances & I shock people & my dogs. It gets painful at times & visible with the zaps being seen.

  • Miss Scott
    Miss Scott Il y a 17 jours +12

    In bed already on this fine Saturday evening, drinking wine with my doggo, watching Charlotte, thinking of all the petty shit I do to customers on the daily. 😂😂 I’m very lucky I have a good team and managers above me, but customers if you’re petty towards my team, we will be professionally petty to you. 😂😂

  • Susan Graves
    Susan Graves Il y a 17 jours +14

    As for the penis wedding cake - I believe it was created as a “drawing” in icing as you described. Otherwise it would have been much too obvious.

  • nickmoney
    nickmoney Il y a 17 jours +16

    I was interviewed by HR to be fired for false accusations after I put in my notice for not getting a raise or promotion duee "underperforming service numbers" yet I was number 37 in services out of 7,000 employees. I was playing it cool and the HR guy went off about how my password was xFuck0d19x (started with 10 but my password was suddenly reset constantly). Then I proceeded to work four hours and sold $3700 in computer services that only I could manually do, then I was terminated with my number deactivated instantly. After signing papers and escorted to the door, the manager asked how do the jobs I took in and I just laughed walking away. Turns out they had to refund every job but because my employee number was deactivated, I collected an extra $555 in commission on work I never did.

    • nickmoney
      nickmoney Il y a 17 jours +1

      @Shelley Torok Don't get mad, just keep doing your job above and beyond anyone expects.

    • Shelley Torok
      Shelley Torok Il y a 17 jours


  • eden moon
    eden moon Il y a 16 jours +3

    Here's a petty revenge story. When I was 18, fresh out of college I worked as a receptionist in a family run plumbing and electrics company. They treated me like poo, because I was young they thought they could get away with it. After about a year they started firing a few key members of staff, including the accountant, it was all a bit suspicious. At that time I got tonsillitis and was on antibiotics and they insist on a doctor's note. They got one. I was off for about a week because I couldn't even swallow, I was in so much pain. While I was off, I got a letter in the mail, from my employer, firing me. This is actually not legal in UK especially after a doctor's note. I was upset and angry. Now, to the fun bit. Did I mention my Dad worked for the local city council who was responsible for handing out contracts for plumbing and electrical works? The company I worked for used to get a lot of contracts from the council (My Dad) but mysteriously didn't get even one after I received my letter, weird that ;) Company went bust less than a year later. Sweet petty revenge, My Dad is awesome

  • GigiBella
    GigiBella Il y a 17 jours +6

    Charlotte you never disappoint. We adore you & thank you so much for keeping us laughing (and thinking) You’re a truly good soul & I for one, am happy you chose this path-you’re doing more good for the world than you know 🙏🏼😁💜

  • Garbeaux Æ
    Garbeaux Æ Il y a 17 jours +7

    I was a new hire at a bank that had just bought out another. Well my starting salary was more than what people had been there for several years were making. One of the previous bank hires asked me what I was making. So I told. That’s when I found out all new hires were making the same as each other but more than those who had been with the swallowed up bank! Then word started spreading through all the old hires and it became toxic for a while. There was so much petty and passive aggressive behavior and outright rudeness towards us new hires by the old hires that a few of them got fired. I felt bad about that. One girl even quit and reinterviewed for the same job. She didn’t get it for how she behaved before she quit.

    • Holly Shaw - Ellie Mae & fosters
      Holly Shaw - Ellie Mae & fosters Il y a 17 jours +2

      i worked for our local garbage company. upon hiring, we were told it was under new management. ok, cool. all was well, until one new hire let it slip to his best friend, who was an older employee (had been there long before new management) that is was a great job for x amount of dollars. she stopped and asked what? the old employees were making less than new hires, and same thing happened. the old pay employees began abusing the new hires. i stood up in a meeting and pointed out who was doing it and said in front of management, that it is NOT our fault or decision regarding pay and if the harrassment coniues from said employees the company was going to have alot of lawsuits headed their way. either raise the pay of older hires to the rate new hires got, or do something about the harrassment being delivered unto us from the old hires because the entire situation was unacceptable and no amount of pay was worth being mean girled by an entire staff floor simply because you choose to get a job. the people who were leading the mean girl bullshit were fired or quit shortly after and the ones who stayed, got a raise within a couple months and all shut up.

  • Samk16
    Samk16 Il y a 17 jours +15

    I was working at a nursing home and I started out working graveyard. (8 years experience). That night I came in I asked the nurse for the end section cause the a lady who has been there for years was pissed off at me the few nights before cause i had "Her" section. When you're new there thats the section you get it happens to everyone. So I was restocking briefs and wipes in all the rooms. In the middle of me doing this I was making sure I got everything in the rooms on the clip board and she came up to me and said I need this and that and I ask her to hang on a sec so I could finish the paperwork. And she literally yelled and me and called me a B#%@! Screaming. I looked at her and said you're going to get fired. So I wrote it all down on printer paper and the nurse asked me what I was doing and she took her pen and signed the paper too along with all the other cnas there 🤣 even the residents that she woke up wanted to sign the paper too. And they said about time we get to get her A#@ in trouble. And the next day at work she wasn't there. We worked one cna short but it was totally worth it! I knew she was going to be pissed but I didn't know that she would freak out like that glad she did just made my plan even better! Guess they had been trying to fire her for a long time. It was a good night we even got pizza!

  • David Guidry
    David Guidry Il y a 17 jours +5

    I always learn something when I watch these petty Miss Charlotte videos!
    Now; is it for good 😇 or evil 😈?
    I suppose it’s all in the application. 😉

  • Pablo del Segundo
    Pablo del Segundo Il y a 17 jours +6

    Other than just blowing off essential tasks in my last two weeks, the pettiest thing I did was whistleblow on the fact that I was having to coordinate security system repairs at least weekly, sometimes more often. Mind you, this was a MAJOR, global shipping company that had a lot of valuable shit moving through it, and they had these hardcore magnetic locks on the employee entrances (these were the parts that kept getting mysteriously broken). An investigation was launched, and sure enough, they found some ungodly amount of stuff had been pilfered over the course of a year, like at least $1 million worth. I was hoping my asshole regional manager would get fired, but he's still there, at a higher position. 😒

  • Yuriel Cundangan
    Yuriel Cundangan Il y a 17 jours +13

    Anybody else loves char's petiness!!

  • Squish McPhee
    Squish McPhee Il y a 17 jours +6

    I got fired for discrimination over a disability while actively on FMLA for said disability. I took legal action and won a settlement for 6 months salary. Once my attorney and the government got their cut, it wasn’t worth the trouble in the end, but they won’t do that to anyone else moving forward at least.

    • meisjeViv
      meisjeViv Il y a 16 jours +1

      The taking one for the team can make it worth it, changing the world one little lawsuit at the time!

  • Lesley Kleiser
    Lesley Kleiser Il y a 17 jours +4

    I almost walked out of my job this week because I found out that the new girl in my department is making the same as me. I have been there for a year and she has been there for a couple months and is not a good worker. The store manager thinks she is bad and talks crap about her too. I was told she gets paid the same as me because she does the heavy lifting in our department. I am disabled and cannot do all of the lifting. Another girl who has been there 5 years just got a pay raise to make the same as me. The only reason I stayed was because the main manager told me that we will probably get a 2% raise in a couple months and my mom is my department manager. From now on I am doing what my job requires and not one thing more. I am also making things to sell on etsy so if that's successful I will put in my notice. Wish me luck! Have a great day!

  • Deb Shaw
    Deb Shaw Il y a 17 jours +5

    DM kept reporting her failings as my fault to the AM. Finally she came with the AM to our store and she started dressing me down. My GM tried to throw me under the bus but Mama ain’t a dummy. I printed out every email the DM had sent us showing she never sent us the info to do whatever the fuck we weren’t doing correctly and my emails asking her what we needed to know from the DM meetings or group meetings they didn’t bring us to because we’d have had to have a hotel room.
    Handed those printouts to the AM and turned the screen to her so she could see I hadn’t changed anything. Not only did I not get fired, I didn’t even get a reprimand and the AM sent me all the info that was missing and kept in touch with me because the GM never checked email, which you could clearly see was all unopened in her account.
    From there, my GM got disciplined and the DM got switched from DM to a single store GM.
    Best part was both getting a dressing down in front of me for trying to throw me under the bus when I had great reviews from the customers at all 3 stores I managed.

  • Jason Car
    Jason Car Il y a 17 jours +6

    I was written up by my supervisor for not knowing to place an order that my supervisor was supposed to show me how! I used to stop by the store on my way home, get the parts at a discount so they workers would have it the next day. New boss was a total A-hole and would not let me do this and threatened that if I did, he would make me take vacation time to do it. This store had a set price for shipping and I had 2 orders to place with them and instead of combining the orders, I placed them separately with 2 different shipping prices. What would have cost less than $4 cost them over $15! and they had to wait for the parts to come in.

  • Scheeles Green
    Scheeles Green Il y a 17 jours +2

    I was the graveyard medication technician and caregiver. We still had to attend mandatory meetings during the day. It felt like coming in to work at 1 am only to have to come back at 6 am. We were already sleep deprived, and I had to manage medication for elderly with dementia, and not making exceptions for us really did us in.

  • Anniekins MishkaMouse
    Anniekins MishkaMouse Il y a 17 jours +2

    I always told my employees I would support them a hundred percent as long as they were improving their lives with their change. A couple times the "greener grasses" were not really greener. But, everyone was happy in the end.

  • Stephen Reed
    Stephen Reed Il y a 17 jours +31

    Pettiest thing i have done is walk out on a job whilst the boss was on holiday and shop was going through the change from Christmas to normal stuff so left them short staffed and with loads of work to do. Totally loved this video and good on the people for sticking up for themselves.

    • Konuz Benissa
      Konuz Benissa Il y a 17 jours +4

      You didn't hurt your Boss. He/She still enjoying their vacation while you let your co workers in living hell. That's not Petty.

    • TurdFurgeson571
      TurdFurgeson571 Il y a 17 jours +2

      @Stephen Reed When you walk off the job you only hurt the staff. It has little impact on the owner or the business prospects. Just an FYI for the future. You really eff'd over your coworkers that day.

    • Stephen Reed
      Stephen Reed Il y a 17 jours

      @Deb Shaw I had a job like that too. Had a lovely manager but some other members of staff dropped her in the s**t and she got fired on the spot. What happened next was a royal f up of the highest order and got to the stage were no one was knowing what to do. So glad I got out of there when I did. Hopefully you are all good now found yourself a even better place to be and enjoying it just as much.

    • Deb Shaw
      Deb Shaw Il y a 17 jours

      When I was a GM at a book store (rhymes with cooks some bouillon,) we had a fire. I got everyone out ok but I got smoke inhalation and was in hospital for 4 days. They sent the most vile human being to take my place and my entire staff quit. When I came back I was told I had to work all the hours the store was open til they hired a staff without my input! I said “nope, pick up the keys at the mall security office,” locked up and quit. They offered me a raise to come back but I wouldn’t take it. I loved working there til they changed the DM. Why anyone would replace our fantastic and inspiring DM with that bitch was beyond me. Our sister store in the area lost a lot of long time staff when she took over as well.

    • Stephen Reed
      Stephen Reed Il y a 17 jours

      @TurdFurgeson571 not really. The way people were treated in the company was rubbish. I had enough and I left in my probation period so no notice was needed

  • Michelle Coons
    Michelle Coons Il y a 17 jours +2

    The last place I worked for was great to their employees. On weekends when we were completely full for Thursday,Friday,Saturday, they bought pizza for all employees on Sunday. That usually happened about every 6 weeks from opening in March until closing in November. On the last day of closing when everybody was through closing their section down they took us to a local sit down restaurant for a late lunch. On occasions when an employee needed a place to stay for some reason they gave them a room at no charge. They also would give rooms to churches free of charge when they called about someone in need.

  • Willow76ny
    Willow76ny Il y a 17 jours +7

    Back in the day I used to work as the fitting room attendant/switchboard operator at Caldor. I was so fed up with how disrespectful they were towards me that on Wednesday of that week I told them I quit and Friday was my last working day. Forget 2 weeks notice- I gave them 2 days.

    • Jessie Johnson
      Jessie Johnson Il y a 17 jours

      Oregon - Right to Work state. A better description would be a "Right to FIRE" state......exactly what it is

    • Travis Cobb
      Travis Cobb Il y a 17 jours

      @Caroline Grova This is an incredibly insightful point! I have never thought of it like that. Thanks for that enlightening opinion!!!

    • Caroline Grova
      Caroline Grova Il y a 17 jours +3

      I'm not sure why giving two weeks' notice is still expected when employers routinely fire employees without cause and without notice AND without severance pay. It's a two way street, we don't owe anyone two weeks' notice anymore, IMO. My state (Virginia) is considered a "right to work" state, which sounds great but is really only beneficial for employers, because it means they can fire you for any reason (or no reason) without warning, so long as it's not for discriminatory reasons, but that's hard to prove. I'd only give two weeks' notice now if I really liked the person I was working under AND thought I could trust them to not accept my resignation early and screw me out of two weeks' pay.

  • Emeraldwitch30
    Emeraldwitch30 Il y a 17 jours +6

    Oh my goodness! As a toddler my son loved wearing these osh kosh bibbers. He wore them everywhere. He also had a bad habit of picking up bits of plastic out of the store. Nothing valuable just like hanger bits.
    I had been waiting on my mother at the front of the store in the mall when an older snooty woman was complaining about how long it took to get her 8 bags of crap she was buying paid for etc... then as she went out the door the alarm went off. They took forever looking through her bags.
    When she went to go out again my son had gone in the store with me behind to find gamma lol who was stuck behind this grumpy lady, once again the alarm went off this time they called security to ask to go through her purse. She was livid. She tried to go through the doors huffing about never going back only to have my son follow her with myself and my mom. Honk honk honk the alarm goes off one more time. By this time since they had no clue what was setting it off and they found no stolen merchandise they let her go. Huffing and puffing.
    My mom and I went and we ate at the food court and fed the boy. We decided one last store before going home.
    The minute we passed the door honk honk honk. The alarm went off when we went in. Lol. All of a sudden it hit myself and my mother. We waved the guy over quick and had him wave the wand over my son. Lol sure enough that stinker had a tag in his pocket.
    We laughed so hard and made him take the sticky out and the nice lady deactivated it and let him have it back. We also stopped on our way back at the other store to apologize about how nasty that woman was to them. And it was due to a little pooper who picked up a bit of plastic off the floor. At least they now knew what it was and actually saw the humor in the situation lol. They went and gave my son a balloon and told us to enjoy the day.
    Those security tags can be a pain.
    I picked one up in my shoe a few years later. The lady found it with the wand right away tho and it took a lot to get it off my darn shoe lol.

  • g m
    g m Il y a 17 jours +13

    You are so right! And the reasons you mentioned are reasons why teachers are leaving en masse in the USA. I love my job, and I want to continue because I love the kids. But teaching is a tough job.

    • alyzu
      alyzu Il y a 17 jours +2

      @g m It's infuriating! Teachers put so much time, care, and love into their jobs, and in return get very little compensation and a whole lot of blame.

    • g m
      g m Il y a 17 jours

      @Carpathianpixie195 Sorry to hear it is a problem elsewhere. I thought it was just the US and politicians pushing their agenda.

    • g m
      g m Il y a 17 jours +3

      @alyzu THAT makes me mad! I love my students. I literally care about their failures and successes. Many parents don't!

    • alyzu
      alyzu Il y a 17 jours +2

      I just read a quote from a Congresswoman in Utah saying "Placing your child in public school is child abuse". 🙄 THIS is what we're dealing with! 😡

    • Carpathianpixie195
      Carpathianpixie195 Il y a 17 jours +3

      They're doing the same here in Québec. The system is messed up.

  • lydlz
    lydlz Il y a 17 jours +1

    Love this! The whole don’t take business personally thing is such a helpful reminder, especially when you’re a self employed people pleaser 😂❤️

  • DarkWingman
    DarkWingman Il y a 17 jours +6

    i want to share the story of that time i was petty towards my ex boss. my story would be really long, so i better make it short and sweet. i worked as a gardener at a cemetery and after i got out of my employment (it was taken to court, since he was constantly harassing my while i was recovering from a mental breakdown), my ex boss demanded that i give him my workwear back (he paid for it, so it's fair and it was the cheapest trash he could get anyway). so i send him a package with the dirty, uncleaned pants and shoes. i also removed the laces from the shoes, since they ripped and i replaced them, so they were mine. that was my final middle finger to him. (if i butchered the english language, i'm sorry, it's not my native one)

    • DarkWingman
      DarkWingman Il y a 17 jours +1

      @Rebecca Rankin thank you. i'm always worried, that i make so many mistakes that nobody can understand me xD

    • Rebecca Rankin
      Rebecca Rankin Il y a 17 jours +1

      Your English is so good I couldn't tell that it's not your first language. You have nothing to worry about 👍🙂

  • bcgrote
    bcgrote Il y a 17 jours +2

    I worked for a very angry man once. One day he told me "his dog could do my job!" Enough. I spent a week typing up exactly how to do my job. On Friday, I put a sticky note on top of the 4" tall pile of paper, wishing his dog good luck in her new position, and never went back. I had a new job 2 days later.

  • theresa thompson
    theresa thompson Il y a 17 jours +1

    My petty revenge story: I worked in a department store where we had 2 refrigerators to store lunches and drinks. Suddenly my sodas came up missing. I couldn’t really figure out who until I had a “brilliant” thought. I placed a white dot on the bottom of the can that said “ T’s stolen soda” Culprit revealed on the second day…

  • TornSparrow1974
    TornSparrow1974 Il y a 17 jours +4

    I don't know if this was petty so much as just the right thing to do: I had a job as a secretary for a woman who was truly terrible. It was just clout for her because I did, pretty much, nothing all day. Time dragged. She didn't get that many calls, and what calls she DID get, she would never have me answer them. I finally had enough and gave my '2 weeks' then left after the first. Went to HR and told them they needed to cancel that position and use the $ elsewhere.

  • Lorna Dougal
    Lorna Dougal Il y a 17 jours +3

    Our ex assistant manager, who quit one day on the spot after staff wouldn't cover the shift he wanted to leave early during, left bad reviews of our workplace. It was signed as a former assistant manger. HR found out and the company created a legal battle with him as he had been changing records and all kinda dodgy stuff which came out the woodwork after he left.
    Everything has snowballed since then and the store has been hanging by threads but is looking up now. It's been difficult to get through but we're all trying our best to keep things going. Throwing staff under a bus that they're driving ain't the way to go.

  • Inanna Nightingale
    Inanna Nightingale Il y a 16 jours +1

    Here's a petty revenge story for you! I used to get my hair done by a girl who I ended up befriending and we were super close friends. After some time and life changes I couldn't get my hair done the same way anymore but we were still really close friends. One day she told me she had been sacked from that salon for unfair reasons. One day when I knew the owner would be in to hear about it I called and booked in for full extensions, foils, cut etc... a full day job pretty much, and then said I only wanted to have it done by my friend. When they told me she no longer worked there I raved about how good she was and said I wouldn't be having the very expensive job done afterall. I don't know how much the boss cared but it felt good to stand up for my friend!

  • Ash Rose
    Ash Rose Il y a 17 jours +3

    I have two days left of my toxic job. It was really hard to leave because I loved the work but our management was the worst and left the floor staff in dangerous situations with no backup or debriefing. When I told her, you would have thought I was divorcing her and taking the kids and dog. Maybe listen when your employees tell you for months what is wrong and you wouldn't have a fourth of the staff leaving within a month.

  • Sera Tonin
    Sera Tonin Il y a 17 jours +5

    I like the way you think Charlotte!
    You've clearly pondered many of these things previously and your emotional intelligence is apparent. 💞

  • Betsy Clark
    Betsy Clark Il y a 17 jours +5

    I think I have watch too many petty videos from charlotte. My urge to be petty to rude people has increased. 😂😂

  • Jessica Holscher
    Jessica Holscher Il y a 17 jours +3

    it wasn't really petty, but i feel bad about it even though it was the right thing to do. I got my manager fired for hiding insurance claim appeals in her desk, and then used that to negotiate a promotion for myself to the lead of the department.

  • Kitten Dreemurr
    Kitten Dreemurr Il y a 17 jours

    Aww, sweet petty revenge. I wish I could have been so petty at my previous job! We had a snack thief who would only eat part of one brownie (with icing) and put it back in the original package with all the uneaten brownies. It upset me so much, I was tempted to tamper with every lunch in that break room!
    Also, I just got my petty mug, so I'm very happy!

  • PinchéBeckythatsme
    PinchéBeckythatsme Il y a 17 jours +4

    I love your reactions. I laugh with you every time. 🤣

  • Brad1980
    Brad1980 Il y a 17 jours +2

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    You Il y a 17 jours +4

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    SweetTea Il y a 16 jours +1

    5:30 The start up I work for always has coffee, milk and oat milk, beer (for after work obviously) and club-mate. After being in home office for a few month our CPO payed our lunch first day back in office. I love the company for that! The store I worked at before (around 30 employees) barely could bring themselves to buy water for us during summer and the water from the faucet was nasty, because old pipes...

  • Tannhauser
    Tannhauser Il y a 17 jours +1

    I worked for several businesses that talked about "We're a family" and "You are important to the success of this company". But, after a while I realized that I was just a replaceable gear in the machine. When I gave my notice at one job, the owner actually said,, "No big deal. Accountants are a dime a dozen."
    Didn't make me feel bad at all when it took him three months to replace me, paying a higher salary to the new guy. The new guy? Somebody I knew from school. I gave him info to help him negotiate the terms of his contract and he kept me up to date on the office gossip.

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    Mizz Matrix Il y a 17 jours +1

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    Nikki Romance Lover Il y a 15 jours

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  • L W
    L W Il y a 17 jours +1

    I once worked at a halfway house for women and children. Most of the staff from the director down to the aides were the lowest forms of life imaginable. When businesses in the community donated goods like clothes, cosmetics, or toys, the director would take staff to the donation room and tell them to take whatever they wanted before giving it to the intended recipients.
    Staff also regularly stole each other's lunches from the fridge. I resigned from that toxic environment ASAP. After I left, they told me to come in for free to complete work that wasn't even mine.
    I went in a couple times until I received my final paycheck. The director kept calling me to return to do free work, but had nothing left to threaten me with.

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    wonholywife-woongi Il y a 17 jours

    As much as my current job has been cutting my hours, one thing I love about working there is the management buys food and snacks all the time for us and not just fruit snacks, like freeze pops, cake, fresh cookies- on easter, managers mom brought two whole crock pots full of food she baked just for us- slow cooked mac and cheese and some beef thing plus hand made chocolate bunny pops. If i leave this place over the cut hours... ill miss the food for sure.

  • Jeffrey Clinard
    Jeffrey Clinard Il y a 17 jours +1

    Oddly, at one company I worked for, the HR lady generally hired women just out of high school with no job experience and no plans for college as receptionists. HR was a straight woman, so it wasn't like some pervert was hiring vulnerable young girls. In any case, they usually lasted around a year, leaving for better paying jobs (often with either suppliers or customers). The HR woman was really good at training, and didn't seem to mind cycling through one a year. I know she was hired by the company when she was just out of high school and without experience, and worked her way up, so I suspect she had a soft spot for high school graduates entering the real world.
    Nobody ever took it personally that they were taking the next step in the careers. Maybe it was a sign of success that they had developed enough skills over their year they could work somewhere with better pay and more responsibility. Of course, the one exception was and older woman who was promoted to personal assistant of the CEO. She was fired when it came out her husband took a job with our top competitor. Within an hour of him finding out, she was out the door.

  • Bea Stigma
    Bea Stigma Il y a 11 jours

    When I worked retail there was this one worker that would always sneak out for smokes leaving me alone with all the customers. The smoking area had an alarm at the door. I put a security sticker on a hem of her vest so it set it off every time

  • Jami B
    Jami B Il y a 17 jours +3

    Never make friends with co workers and especially your boss. There are some instances where it can be helpful and beneficial to be friendly with them (always be friendly and kind but remember they aren’t your friends. Your well-being is not their concern.)
    My dad told me this when I first started working as a teen. I didn’t listen cuz I’m a people pleaser, hate conflicts, non confrontational, never wanted to seem rude, didn’t want anyone to hate me, thought my bosses or co workers were different and really wanted to be friends (hit to your mental health when you realize they don’t care about you), etc…
    I finally learned this lesson…I hope. I still have a little hope that I’m gonna get a boss that actually does care and a fear that when I do, it’ll be when I stop trying and miss a great opportunity for a friend or career advancement.

  • MoonFairy929
    MoonFairy929 Il y a 17 jours +1

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    Some years ago we had a business partner who was robbing us every time so my bf who was computer savvy rigged his account to be porn-bombed every time he used it. We laughed when he complained that he couldn't understand why his computer was doing this. Another time I was moving house and was asked by the removers to reserve the sidewalk parking so we put up two chairs and tape late at night and informed the neighbours. One neighbor took it all down and said that 'foreigners' like me living in 'his' country didn't have the right to do what I did as he 'paid' taxes and I didn't. I had been living in France then for over 30 years and was paying plenty taxes. I found his car next day and superglued his wipers to the glass and also filled his keyholes with glue. Another night I was walking my dogs when a car ran us over pushing me against the barrier with my dogs under the car. I had to scream for them to stop and back off, they laughed. We were ok but shocked. I later found the car when walking home and engraved the word C,NT on the hood of his car.

    • Zbarroness Q
      Zbarroness Q Il y a 17 jours

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    • Nicky L
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