Entitled Influencers That Think They're The Main Character - REACTION

  • Ajoutée 27 oct. 2021
  • Entitled Influencers That Think They're The Main Character - REACTION
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    Hey guys, today on my channel we are reacting to some entitled influencers that think they're the main character! Is there anyone more entitled than an influencer? Maybe a Karen. But for today's video we are reacting to some influencers in the wild that inconvenienced other people with their thirst traps and tik toks. Enjoy :)
    Hi, I'm Charlotte Dobre. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
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Commentaires • 4 885

  • Charlotte Dobre
    Charlotte Dobre  Il y a 6 mois +398

    Ya’ll only have a couple days left to pick up Potato V2 Merch! shop.charlottedobre.net/

    • Mimipt94
      Mimipt94 Il y a 4 mois

      React to dumb things americans say on tiktok trend please

    • yeng 04
      yeng 04 Il y a 5 mois

      Where's the thumbnail?

    • Lyt Neo
      Lyt Neo Il y a 6 mois

      You are very smart and a big big trouble , I pity those you roast :D

    • Julie Floyd
      Julie Floyd Il y a 6 mois

    • Michael Bayne
      Michael Bayne Il y a 6 mois

      You're a very attractive young lady, love the eyebrows, very nice indeed.

  • Free Bird
    Free Bird Il y a 6 mois +1563

    The older gentleman that slapped the rude punk kid with his soapy hand literally made my day! Well done sir.

    • Packie Joe Gilheany
      Packie Joe Gilheany Il y a jour +1

      The world needs more of us old dudes !

    • zzzzzzzzz
      zzzzzzzzz Il y a 10 jours

      Well done, indeed.

    • PopCookie
      PopCookie Il y a 13 jours

      @A N wha

    • Free Bird
      Free Bird Il y a 13 jours

      @wednesday adams perhaps it was 💯 fake …. It was still fabulous, funny 😄 Nice try trying to squash a person’s happiness, fool. 😂

    • wednesday adams
      wednesday adams Il y a 13 jours

      the only scripted clip in the entire video 🤡

  • Kellyn Platek
    Kellyn Platek Il y a 6 mois +1002

    The fact that these people at the gym literally think anyone notices them recording these videos and think that people are purposefully trying to ruin their videos... I can't imagine the level of narcissism you would have to have to think anyone cares about you that much in a gym. Truly astounding. I would never even notice someone recording a video at the gym because I'm not focused on them. I'm focused on myself. We're not on a photoshoot.

    • Mimipt94
      Mimipt94 Il y a 4 mois


    • Ginette Cardinal
      Ginette Cardinal Il y a 4 mois +13

      @Lyanne Roberts See, that's the thing : nobody wants to be accidentally filmed by an influencer and have the public see them exercising. In Canada, the individual's right to control exploitation of his or her image is inalienable. Therefore, the rights of publicity (and influencers are producing publicity) are restricted by the common law notion of wrongful appropriation of personality, which is the unauthorised commercial exploitation of a person's name, image, voice or likeness. These influencers do not respect that law by filming and diffusing other people's presence at the gym without their consent. It is not only against common law rights, but could be admissible in Court for punitive damages.

    • Basement Dweller Cosplay
      Basement Dweller Cosplay Il y a 5 mois +16

      To be fair if I notice an influencer filming in the gym, I'm walking in front just to ruin their dumb video.

    • Lyanne Roberts
      Lyanne Roberts Il y a 6 mois +3

      @SillyRamen of course he is he isn't there to film people he's there to film himself so he can gain customers.

    • SillyRamen
      SillyRamen Il y a 6 mois +19

      @Lyanne Roberts Many gyms prohibit people recording inside because it's disrespectful to the people in the background that pay to use that space and don't want to be recorded in the background on someone's video. I hope your bf is respectful of this too

  • Taylor Raine
    Taylor Raine Il y a 6 mois +493

    The person dancing by the “I need help” people are glorifying their “charity” for likes and exploiting the people in need. Gross and sad.

    • Ida Ahlbäck
      Ida Ahlbäck Il y a 3 mois +2

      @DAEMENOTH DIABLOS Yeah, I got the feeling the whole thing was rigged

    • Dannythekingofchaosandkittens
      Dannythekingofchaosandkittens Il y a 4 mois +2

      Absolutely agree. I actually sipped that how uncomfortable that was 😬😓

      DAEMENOTH DIABLOS Il y a 4 mois +16

      i wouldn't be surprised at all if they got that person to stand there holding the sign.....

    • ahoward
      ahoward Il y a 6 mois +15

      "Look at MEEE I'm a good person" lol

  • Jasmine Galvin
    Jasmine Galvin Il y a 6 mois +307

    The “old man” yelled, “ Sister , Jesus loves you very much. He loves you just the way you are”. So no scolding ☕️ in that coffee shop, just scalding 🥵

  • omg !
    omg ! Il y a 6 mois +155

    Than man that slapped the other "influencer" should have been given an award. Perhaps the rest of them can line up too.

    • Tetris_Citadel
      Tetris_Citadel Il y a 3 mois +2

      Also that gentleman was looking real fresh in those threads.

    • Evelyn Kirishko
      Evelyn Kirishko Il y a 3 mois +4

      When you don’t give your kids a spanking in childhood, other people have to slap them in adulthood.

  • Modest Equestrian
    Modest Equestrian Il y a 6 mois +2352

    She shouldn't be sitting on anyone's car, expensive or not!
    Respect everyone equally poor or rich!

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt Il y a 4 mois

      Real sht

    • Gabrielle’s Life
      Gabrielle’s Life Il y a 6 mois

      @Shannon S even than you don't have to tackle anymore you would be even more in the wrong

    • pashed out
      pashed out Il y a 6 mois +1

      @Shannon S Yup lmao. It's so stupid of them

    • Shannon S
      Shannon S Il y a 6 mois +8

      @pashed out Then maybe they should buy their own car and sit on it. I would’ve tackled that woman if I’d found her sitting on my car. That’s my personal property… keep your @ss away from it!

    • Amanda Alexandre
      Amanda Alexandre Il y a 6 mois +3

      @pashed out yeah, also paying to unbent a Rolls Royce is way more expensive. Thankfully, those things are well built.

  • Michelle Young
    Michelle Young Il y a 6 mois +238

    And here I thought "gym etiquette" was "NO FILMING!" Because all those other people there never signed a waiver saying you could take and post their images online.
    Remember the big kerfuffle about the "influencer" who took a picture of a fat woman at the gym shower, naked and showering, and captioned it, "I can't unsee this, and now neither can you," or words similar to that effect, despite the fact that the gym allowed NO CAMERAS inside, because MOST people at the gym want to NOT BE FILMED WHILE WORKING OUT or SHOWERING.
    And yet, this "influencer" chooses to berate other people for their "lack of gym etiquette."
    Dude. They are destroying your shots on purpose to get you to STOP FILMING AT THE GYM.
    I feel bad for that poor person running in the background.

    • Shalyn 9613
      Shalyn 9613 Il y a 11 jours

      It's not illegal to take photos or video where privacy isn't expected (public property), though using it in the dressing rooms and showers is *definitely* illegal. I agree, and filming isn't even part of gym etiquette, where are these people pulling that from?

    • Kari Serbousek
      Kari Serbousek Il y a 21 jour

      I'm disabled and have lost a lot of hair because of a high fever. Had two college girls making fun of me in a restaurant and taking pictures because I was wearing a chemo cap to cover my hair loss. They thought they were making fun of a disabled chemo patient. Hope that if they posted the pictures they got ripped by their friends and family. ( they were sitting at the table right next to me so I know what was going on and being said.) Taking video of others without consent or knowledge is wrong and especially in places where others are trying to improve themselves.

    • jess beingme
      jess beingme Il y a 3 mois +9

      @Princess Buttercup I think I remember it being an old lady, not really overweight but old and I think the person who posted that was a model or playboy bunny or something, but I might be wrong

    • Princess Buttercup
      Princess Buttercup Il y a 6 mois +20

      I can't even imagine being that pathetic. Somebody overweight actually just trying to lose some kg and they're mocked in such a cruel way.

    • Mayara Oliveira
      Mayara Oliveira Il y a 6 mois +11

      Agreed! I hate being filmed. Every place I go that has those kind of waivers, I dont sign it. So no pics or videos from my yoga classes, gym, cosmetic procedures, etc. I get really annoyed when I see people filming and I might be in the background.

  • Erica C
    Erica C Il y a 6 mois +104

    That guy filming himself dancing in front of that mom and kid is deliberately ignoring the severity of their situation with that little stunt. He's exploiting them with no consideration of their privacy or needs. It's insensitive and demeaning.
    FYI, if you help out homeless people and want to talk about it online, do NOT disclose information that could jeopardize someone's privacy (locations, descriptions, names, etc), and avoid taking videos/pictures of them. If you do, censor or crop out their faces. This goes double for children. Homeless people deserve respect and privacy. They aren't props for you to exploit for internet points.
    And for the love of God, no one is entitled to record themselves without interruptions in public spaces. Especially if you're recording on a phone that most people won't notice when walking by or when you're in the way of where people need to go (such as an escalator or public bathroom sinks).

  • Candis S
    Candis S Il y a 6 mois +73

    My social anxiety has developed as such: I now have the real fear that I'll be somewhere in public going about my business with some propriety and have random strangers desperate for online fame begin a dance video and I wont know what to do or where to run.

  • Fallen Duncan (DunkanDoughnuts)

    "YOU CAN'T COPY ME 😡😡😡" But isn't that the whole point of being an influencer? That's your asset?

  • Alex Chapman
    Alex Chapman Il y a 6 mois +278

    Makes up rule about “Gym Etiquette” when filming. Doesn’t put weights back.

    • Ann Sterzinger
      Ann Sterzinger Il y a 6 mois +8

      Well played! I didn't notice that. I think influencers have a totally separate code of etiquette that is inscrutable to actual humans.

  • tyslink
    tyslink Il y a 6 mois +60

    That older guy from Detroit that slapped the sheet out of that younger guy "making a video" (in the bathroom of all places) is my new hero...this man should be sent around the country to slap the stupid out of people.

  • Intika
    Intika Il y a 6 mois +41

    Don't sit on ANY car that doesn't belong to you. Everyone deserves respect.

  • Potato Empress
    Potato Empress Il y a 6 mois +8

    I love how there's MULTIPLE OLD MEN putting these ""influencers"" in their place!

  • Denise Tidwell
    Denise Tidwell Il y a 6 mois +4632

    I'm honestly shocked that more 'influencers' aren't slapped.

    • BigJT246
      BigJT246 Il y a 2 mois

      @Ysmir he had to wash his hands and the idiot was in the way

    • spacecaper
      spacecaper Il y a 2 mois

      That’s assault

    • Ashley G
      Ashley G Il y a 2 mois

      Charlotte should do a video of influencers being humbled.

    • Tee Williams
      Tee Williams Il y a 2 mois

      Thats gunna change with the way people feel entitled behind a camera smh

    • IPlayBestWhenImDrunk
      IPlayBestWhenImDrunk Il y a 4 mois

      I'm disappointed more aren't slapped.

  • Reese Witherfork
    Reese Witherfork Il y a 6 mois +62

    Now imagine if his mama slapped him like that when he was disrespectful… this gentlemen wouldn’t have had to… am I right? 😂🙏🏻

    • joh King
      joh King Il y a 6 mois

      @Reese Witherfork cheers!

    • Reese Witherfork
      Reese Witherfork Il y a 6 mois

      @joh King haha!

    • joh King
      joh King Il y a 6 mois

      @Reese Witherfork I'd ask him out, but I'm afraid I'll get slapped too! 😅

    • Reese Witherfork
      Reese Witherfork Il y a 6 mois

      @joh King same! 😂

    • joh King
      joh King Il y a 6 mois +2

      Love Old School Detroit! 😅

  • Makeup N Toys
    Makeup N Toys  Il y a 6 mois +22

    as a trainer who has worked in corporate gyms, people have no clue about gym etiquette.
    its very hypocritical of that person to be outtaged by someone walking across “her” film?
    we used to have people come in, slam around 300+ barbells leave chalk allover the place and leave it for the people who literally make $12/hr and are admins.

  • Robyn
    Robyn Il y a 6 mois +45

    That guy slappin that kid was such a badass. Hey man he was hogging the whole sink being a jackass in a pubic place, and he asked him multiple times to move. Kid was being selfish. A lil slap didnt hurt him anyways. "Im from Detroit Michigan, Don't Play with me!"---Haaaa!! Classic!

    • Robyn
      Robyn Il y a 6 mois +1

      @Purple default pfp HAAA omg I want to edit it but I just cant now... still is kinda a pubic place anyways 🤣

  • Paul D
    Paul D Il y a 6 mois +48

    i totally love that old man... if only there were more old people going around slapping common sense and respect back into people

  • Larissa Wilson
    Larissa Wilson Il y a 6 mois +1663

    The slap was so incredibly satisfying. I wish all influencers would experience the ‘you’re being an enormous spoiled entitled ass’ slap at least once.

    • Maya
      Maya Il y a 13 jours

      ....and then get charged with assault.

    • mika moë
      mika moë Il y a 6 mois

      "I'm from Detroit Michigan, don't play with me!!"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😍❤️

    • brkr78
      brkr78 Il y a 6 mois +1

      "No influencers were harmed while filming this video"
      I mean, technically this is true.

    • Jazzie Cat
      Jazzie Cat Il y a 6 mois

      @Valencia Woods I wasn't sure if it was a spit shot or the hand soap :-)

    • Rin Kurohana
      Rin Kurohana Il y a 6 mois

      Yas mate. So awesome

  • Paula Ruiz Maza
    Paula Ruiz Maza Il y a 6 mois +58

    Girl, James doesn’t stop traffic, it’s called crosswalk musical and they do it during the red lights, no one is skipping a doctor appointment 😂😂😂

    • Shan Can
      Shan Can Il y a 6 mois +1

      That was enough James C for a lifetime.

  • CvaSimmers
    CvaSimmers Il y a 6 mois +34

    The James Cordon one is where he runs out in the street singing with a celebrity while the cars are waiting for the light to be green and when It’s about to turn green they run back to the sidewalk so the cars can go.
    So this one is alright i think.

  • Aaron Graham
    Aaron Graham Il y a 6 mois +87

    Old man said " Jesus loves you just the way you are". Meaning you dont need to be weird to try to get noticed, or affirmed.

    MOTHER CLANGER Il y a 5 mois +4

    If I saw an "influencer" filming themselves in a gym I'd yeet the phone right across the bloody room

  • Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
    Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode Il y a 6 mois +3113

    Basic gym etiquette in my opinion would be not to film in a gym where people might be self conscious about how they look. Maybe hire out a private space or work out at home if you feel the need to film yourself picking up and putting down things.

    • Megan Roberts
      Megan Roberts Il y a 2 mois

      If he wanted to film uninterrupted he could do what Johnny Sins did and get at home gym workout equipment, filming his routine in personal space

    • Virgo Mafia
      Virgo Mafia Il y a 4 mois

      @Baba Ganush Can confirm this happened. I was there. I was the mirror

    • Ginette Cardinal
      Ginette Cardinal Il y a 4 mois +1

      See, that's the thing : nobody wants to be accidentally filmed by an influencer and have the public see them exercising. In Canada, the individual's right to control exploitation of his or her image is inalienable. Therefore, the rights of publicity (and influencers are producing publicity) are restricted by the common law notion of wrongful appropriation of personality, which is the unauthorised commercial exploitation of a person's name, image, voice or likeness. These influencers do not respect that law by filming and diffusing other people's presence at the gym without their consent. It is not only against common law rights, but could be admissible in Court for punitive damages.

    • Abigail Feldman
      Abigail Feldman Il y a 6 mois

      @Sophie Vanderbilt ugh wth?? What are they recording? Why do people record themselves? I don’t understand it.

    • Ann Sterzinger
      Ann Sterzinger Il y a 6 mois

      @jain thorne oh, chill, he's a legend.

  • Jasmine Campbell-Ellis
    Jasmine Campbell-Ellis Il y a 6 mois +53

    "She's named after my mother"
    "Actually she's clearly named after my daughter"

  • Ben Vasilinda
    Ben Vasilinda Il y a 6 mois +58

    Why do they call themselves influencers when they haven’t accomplished anything in their lives? I would consider Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Giorgio Armani and Jeff Bezos to be the real Influencers. They’ve created wealth, success and fame.

    • Ben Vasilinda
      Ben Vasilinda Il y a mois

      @Saranda I also didn’t name any one who is black, a Muslim, from Russia or Japan. I didn’t include anyone who has been to combat or anyone who lived 100 years ago. I don’t name anyone who’s parents died in a plane crash or anyone who has a rape charge on their record. Matter of fact, I left out tons of different kinds of people……so what’s ur point? I also didn’t name a person who has been a victim of human trafficking, anyone who is considered a little person, someone who has had cancer. However, I’m a combat veteran who got full custody of my two daughters when they were only 1&2(born on the same date a year apart) and never got a dime of child support and also never remarried. I never excepted a dime from free government benefits, put myself through college with my GI Bill, bought a house(farm) with my VA Loan and put both of them through college, bought them their first cars, bought them their own townhomes and still help them out financially today even in their mid twenties. If u feel the need to try and tell me where girls/woman fit in todays society, feel free to talk all u want but I’ll be busy with my daughters at a Hockey, Baseball, Football game when we’re not deep sea fishing all along the coast of Florida.
      My point of success is to say that for someone to be Influential’ would be someone who has success at something. I could have named, Condoleezza Rice and knocked out a Christian, conservative, female and a black person of influence in just one swoop. But see I’m not fixated on race, sex or religion to prove a point. I could have named Ellen Burstyn and knocked out a white, liberal, female and Muslim person who would be considered an Influencer as well. I chose a simple path of one type of influence to express my point but u felt the need to make sure every one was included. While I did not mention gay, lesbian, non binary, Asian, Latino, Hindu, Buddhist, Aborigines and many other types of people. I wanted to keep my point short and not long like this because my point would be lost. Since it was a rainy day and I couldn’t work, I had the time to fill ur head with more examples. But feel free to only have ur car fixed at an all female mechanic shop, have only female handywomen fix ur homes needs and also haul ur own garbage to the dump so u don’t feel a man is doing anything for u, even though ur entire life is mostly taken care of by men. Ur car was made by mostly men, ur home was built and put together by mostly men. Our country was fight and freed mostly by men. U came out if a man before u came out of a woman, don’t let ur head explode on that one.

    • Ben Vasilinda
      Ben Vasilinda Il y a mois

      @katie! they call themselves ‘Influencers’ I wouldn’t. If they aren’t very successful at anything in particular, I wouldn’t be influenced by them at all.

    • Saranda
      Saranda Il y a mois

      Interesting how you only named men. Also, if you define success and wealth as money and materialism solely, then I pity you.

    • katie!
      katie! Il y a 6 mois +4

      Influencer is just a catch all term for being internet popular. They 'influence' the things people buy. Youre thinking of etrepreneurs or, in the case of a few of those names, people who should definitely not influence you because they are scum humans.

    • mral13131313
      mral13131313 Il y a 6 mois +8

      Wealth, success and fame.....hmm, they are also people that have no souls.

  • George Johnson
    George Johnson Il y a 2 mois +3

    I love that old guy at 06:20. "I don't care what you doing young man, I wanna wash my hands!". The fact that he was so assertive and so polite, warned that kid, finally just gave up and gave him a well deserved slap! Absolutely pissing myself laughing!

  • Itsyogurl Summer
    Itsyogurl Summer Il y a 6 mois +60

    i can see why people get annoyed when you’re clearing recording and they walk in front of your camera but if your camera is somewhere underneath something or just on the floor. You simply can’t get mad, it’s not their fault that you decided to place your phone on the floor and you can’t be mad that they walked behind your video, be grateful they didn’t walk in front of your video.

    • Abigail Katerberg Colibaba
      Abigail Katerberg Colibaba Il y a 2 mois

      If I noticed I would avoid walking in front but I wouldn't judge anyone who did. It's a public space. You don't get to control people

    • Ivan Kovačević
      Ivan Kovačević Il y a 6 mois +5

      @Itsyogurl Summer I would go around the phone if I saw someone was recording but those people got all worket up about someone PASSING in front of the phone for half a second. If it was for form correction no one should be mad someone passed for a second in front. I think those guys were some kind of influencers or yt personalities and they got annoyed someone got in the shot and that is a thing I don't approve. If you are filming for a yt channel or something then don't act like you own the gym or go to a private space and record whatever you want

    • Katie K
      Katie K Il y a 6 mois +3

      @Itsyogurl Summer oh yea I agree. If they’re obviously recording I would avoid walking in their path but I think in the cases shown those people were unaware and shouldn’t be shamed by the girls for walking past.

    • Itsyogurl Summer
      Itsyogurl Summer Il y a 6 mois +3

      @Katie K Yes i agree people shouldn’t have to double check to see if you’re recording but a lot of people do record themselves in the gym to see their improvement, and how they can work on their stance. If that person’s camera or phone is clearing out, I honestly think you should take that caution and maybe go around that person. Now it’s totally understandable if that person’s phone was in hiding like in between a bag and a bottle of water, and you didn’t see that person recording themselves. In my opinion it’s all about manners, and i think it’s kinda rude if you see that person clearly recording themselves and you still walk in front of them.

    • Katie K
      Katie K Il y a 6 mois +17

      People probably don’t even notice and they shouldn’t have to double check nobody is recording before walking, it’s a gym 😂
      They assume it’s obvious but actually nobody is even paying attention to them.

  • Anna D.
    Anna D. Il y a 6 mois +2116

    I love how people are confusing "gym etiquette" with "filming etiquette." Gym etiquette is like wiping down your machines and not hogging equipment you're not using - not letting some yahoo take up space to film.

    • Lyanne Roberts
      Lyanne Roberts Il y a 6 mois

      @Esau Davis my boyfriend does it because he's a personal trainer and has to to gain clients.

    • S P
      S P Il y a 6 mois +2

      @Ludo Bagman 100% I went to a gym for 20 years and don't have a video. Must've never happened.

    • S P
      S P Il y a 6 mois +3

      @Esau Davis 100% people filming in the locker rooms is the worst. What if we're changing or coming out of the shower!? There are also minors in there. And the filming in the gym should be with permission of others around you. I workout in an gym with a lot of cops. They definitely do not want their face at the gym they workout at on the internet. Very dangerous!

    • Lily
      Lily Il y a 6 mois +11

      @Esau Davis all the gyms I've seen explicitly state that you cannot film or take pictures inside the gym with other patrons there because it's a privacy concern. So these people are extra annoying.

  • Lascivar
    Lascivar Il y a 6 mois +2

    Nothing funnier than a adolescent man saying "You'll what?!" and trying to puff their chest out to look tough because they never think someone will hit them. Then the gentleman just slaps the entitlement right out of the boy's head.

  • Ben W
    Ben W Il y a 6 mois +67

    "Nobody started naming their daughter X until after my daughter was born l."
    Earlier in that same texting thread:
    "My mom's name was X"
    Zoomers, everyone.

    • Abigail Katerberg Colibaba
      Abigail Katerberg Colibaba Il y a 2 mois

      HEY that was probably a millenial. Most gen Zs aren't really in the parenthood stages yet. I'm on the older side and I'm only 20

    • Jadakiss Pinkett
      Jadakiss Pinkett Il y a 6 mois +3

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. Is she insinuating her daughter is older than this persons mother? ALSO her daughters middle name is KAY a super common name TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE the person doesn’t even know her. I think this lady needs help

  • JackieR 30
    JackieR 30 Il y a 6 mois +27

    My favorite is when people record “influencers” making TikTok videos (similar to the video @ 7:00) and then that video gets a ton of more likes and views than the influencer’s video. It’s just sweet, sweet karma.

  • Kurt Larkin
    Kurt Larkin Il y a 6 mois +46

    I died when Old school slapped that "influencer" in the bathroom😂

  • Carol Allison
    Carol Allison Il y a 6 mois +1699

    We had a girl who used to film herself at the gym. She would set up a tripod and lighting. She was asked not to come back by the owner for creating an unsafe workout environment for other patrons.

    • Mayara Oliveira
      Mayara Oliveira Il y a 6 mois

      @Wladynosz highlights yes, it is not safe environment because not everyone is ok with being filmed in the back. I really hate it. I would stop going to the gym if there was always people filming and I couldnt have peace doing my workout.

    • Michelle Young
      Michelle Young Il y a 6 mois +2

      @Gomez1915 I think it's a great idea! And all the people who don't want to be filmed can save their money and go elsewhere.
      Let the annoying people annoy each other with, "Hey! Get out of MY SHOT!"

    • E M
      E M Il y a 6 mois +4

      That is a responsible gym owner.

    • mBLOOD42oz
      mBLOOD42oz Il y a 6 mois +1

      @Wladynosz highlights I think it was because she is setting up stuff on the ground that people could easily trip over.. like if your carrying a weight in front of you or something..

    • mBLOOD42oz
      mBLOOD42oz Il y a 6 mois +1

      @Gomez1915 I think it would work too!! They don't care how they spend their daddy's money.. lol

  • Unholy Zoe
    Unholy Zoe Il y a 3 mois +2

    The older man slapping that imfluencer was amazing. Good for him!

  • Ann-marie Meurs
    Ann-marie Meurs Il y a 6 mois +10

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  • nawal10
    nawal10 Il y a 2 mois +1

    Just found this after watching vlogs of main character chicks and I'm like damn they're so pretty and have their life in order and what confidence!! Ugh. This made me feel better but also made me see things a little more realistically. They set up everything to appear the way they do. Everything gets practiced before we turn on our cameras. So it makes sense.

  • KarTheWanderer
    KarTheWanderer Il y a 6 mois +6

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    The secondhand embarrassment hurt too much

  • rowdybliss
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      ninivengl Il y a 6 mois

      That is just a sassy dad on my country 👀, not proud... But not ashamed eather.

    • The Vagabond Faerie ( Elodie Mefret)
      The Vagabond Faerie ( Elodie Mefret) Il y a 6 mois

      @Nicky L I thought it was a set up... It just seemed too perfect of a slap .

    • I love me some Jesus
      I love me some Jesus Il y a 6 mois

      Anyone else love her voice??

  • Deuteronomy 11:19
    Deuteronomy 11:19 Il y a 6 mois +14

    Wow, "Single and Available" just turned off every guy in the shop. The fact that she doesn't understand why is the exact reason why she is still single.

  • JC Curtis
    JC Curtis Il y a 6 mois +1

    Its been such a long time since something has made me smile from ear to ear! watching that punk kid doing a video get put in his place by the old man just trying to wash his hands... Priceless! that truly made my day! LMAO, Only a few Million more to go old man and we'll be on the right track again. Thank you!

  • Daniel 21133
    Daniel 21133 Il y a 6 mois +1

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  • D M
    D M Il y a 6 mois +4

    'I am from Detroit, Michigan! Don't you play with me!' I love it. This guy has lived everyone's fantasy! I think we would all just love to smack an ignorant FRclip clown up side the head!

  • Brent Ritchey
    Brent Ritchey Il y a 6 mois +3818

    "Don't sit on $400,000 cars that don't belong to you."
    Also: don't sit on $4,000 cars that don't belong to you.

    • Rogue Universities
      Rogue Universities Il y a 2 mois +1

      @Smiley Scorpio Exactly. My car was cheap as it was used, I still don't want mongs sitting on it

    • Capitano Araym
      Capitano Araym Il y a 3 mois +1

      "Do not sit on a car that does not belong to you. PERIOD."

    • Shudikan90
      Shudikan90 Il y a 6 mois +1

      @GlamorouslyNotHere .

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  • randy streu
    randy streu Il y a 13 jours

    "I'm an influencer."
    "Oh, sorry, no I won't tell you where I got my clothes."
    ... somebody doesn't know her job.

  • Elyse Montes
    Elyse Montes Il y a 6 mois +10

    Imagine telling your job that the reason why you were late was because James Corden stopped traffic while wearing a mouse costume pelvic thrusting into your window.

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    Wisdom Magnet Il y a 6 mois

    That slap was absolutely called for! Filled my heart with warmth. More of those, please.

  • Violet uou
    Violet uou Il y a 6 mois

    Thank you for existing, your channel is literally what the internet needs. Theres no one out there anymore to do a reality check. Your channel greatly helps out young people to realize that a lot of things on the internet is just fantasy.

  • katwil89
    katwil89 Il y a 6 mois +4535

    Two observations: 1) I wouldn't sit on anyone's car that isn't mine whether it cost $400,000 or $4000. 2) The dad in the orange shirt at the aquarium was adorable and hilarious.

    • Raell Skys
      Raell Skys Il y a 6 mois +1

      @monica owen I like that! At work, we like to say that *common sense, isn't so common.*

    • Lucia Ambrogio
      Lucia Ambrogio Il y a 6 mois

      The aquarium was shot for the aquarium's advertisement. Its not a entitled influencer move

    • Kaylinde
      Kaylinde Il y a 6 mois

      I once walked up to my car and a group of guys were using the rear as a table for their fast food while they ate in the parking lot. I asked them to move and they said they are still eating. Wth? I said use your own car and they said “it’s not like this is an expensive car”. Some people are just so rude. It wasn’t until I pushed past them and started backing up did they grab their food 😅

    • Ludo Bagman
      Ludo Bagman Il y a 6 mois +3

      I saw tiny footprints on the hood of my car once. No handprints. Just footprints. And they were incredibly small. As in someone’s parent *picked their child up* and put that child on the hood of my car to walk around. As Charlotte says, “The audacity!”

    • Iulia
      Iulia Il y a 6 mois

      3) he had soap on his slapping hand

  • Rina Kellogg
    Rina Kellogg Il y a 6 mois +8

    I love that guy who told him he don’t care he’s making a video and when he talked back he slapped him lmao 🤣
    He shouldn’t have slapped him but does anyone really think he didn’t deserve it lol
    We have too many selfish people and narcissist in this world. All these kids who grew up getting a participation trophy now think they are special.

  • Colorado Mallcrawlers
    Colorado Mallcrawlers Il y a 6 mois +1

    This was so funny! I was somewhat offended when someone called me an influencer… it’s because of people like this I’m guessing. But nope, just an off-road and skiing video creator.

  • FelixVersace
    FelixVersace Il y a 6 mois +1

    1.1M views im so happy you’re FINALLY getting the
    Recognition you deserve Charlotte 😍

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    Jamie Ann Il y a 6 mois +14

    "I'm a micro influencer" and the video is way zoomed out. I LOVE IT LOL.
    I'm new to your videos, and I think I'm gonna stick around for a while. You're always so funny and quirky, it's wholesome. I'm loving your content.

  • Katie O'Gallivan
    Katie O'Gallivan Il y a 6 mois +2158

    The postal woman is where I lost it, that was GOLDEN. And she knew it too! She waved and laughed, oh that was priceless.

    • T-Rexy225
      T-Rexy225 Il y a 3 mois

      Another thing too is that the video was posted so the girls decided to either post it or keep it up which is great!

    • ZomBQueeen
      ZomBQueeen Il y a 6 mois +3

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      Maria Jose Fenton Il y a 6 mois +9

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    KristiLisa Kleiner Il y a 6 mois +1

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  • 1 0
    1 0 Il y a 6 mois +17

    "this aint what you want young man" that guy is the best man ever

  • adrienne jung martinez
    adrienne jung martinez Il y a 6 mois +2087

    The old man said "Jesus loves you just the way you are...He loves you very much" Her behaviour must have told him she was a lost soul. Haha

    • The Womanatee
      The Womanatee Il y a 2 jours

      Thanks! I couldn't make it out at all.

    • jaxlaxsurprise
      jaxlaxsurprise Il y a 5 mois

      It's actually kinda fascinating as a case study in denial of facts by people who are religious

    • jaxlaxsurprise
      jaxlaxsurprise Il y a 5 mois

      @Carin Jansen van Vuuren Lol. You guys will absolutely refuse to understand the "No true Scotsman" fallacy. You can tell yourself that mean people aren't ever Christian because that hurts your feelings, but that doesn't make it true

    • Carin Jansen van Vuuren
      Carin Jansen van Vuuren Il y a 5 mois +1

      @jaxlaxsurprise if a person does not have Christ in their lives, live by His example, then no. It's a truth that can't be shaken, and it's what the belief is built on. So yes, not complicated

    • jaxlaxsurprise
      jaxlaxsurprise Il y a 5 mois

      @Carin Jansen van Vuuren Sure, they're missing the point. I think you just don't get to personally decide who is Christian. Of course.

  • Your name here
    Your name here Il y a 8 jours

    5:38 Dude had me rolling! His mocking was spot-on🤣

  • Tun
    Tun Il y a 6 mois +15

    *Being an Indian I am very much thankful to my country government that they have band this Tik Tok because it was not only harming the youth but also exposed at what extend the audacity could go.*

  • Edwin Viray
    Edwin Viray Il y a 6 mois

    I love you Charlotte... your humor is undying... its so natural. Luv yah gurl :)

  • playgurl4dayear
    playgurl4dayear Il y a 6 mois

    The lady delivering mail looked so happy with her bright smile lol 😆

  • Michelle Menth
    Michelle Menth Il y a 6 mois +979

    "influencers" need to stop. The world doesn't stop moving. They need a grip on reality. Love your content Charlotte!! ❤️

    • Ysmir
      Ysmir Il y a 6 mois +1

      WE are the ones that "create" influencers. They are nothing without views. We are the ones who give them power, money and entitlement. It's the same mechanism as being here, watching Charlotte's videos, letting her entertain us through her videos.

    • faye Hermans
      faye Hermans Il y a 6 mois +2

      Who exactly do these people think they are influencing anyway for cripesake? Not anyone I hang out with.
      Real influencers: parents, teachers, coaches, spiritual leaders, motivational speakers....etc.
      NOT these superficial shallow self-absorbed sheep.

    • Susan Miner
      Susan Miner Il y a 6 mois

      @Susan Laine or you could not watch

  • Shelly Smith
    Shelly Smith Il y a 3 mois

    Hahah! I love seeing your dad in the videos! It's fun seeing who raised such an awesome gal! He's awesome! :D And girl you got it right! That little runway model was too cute! I had to laugh and clap when I saw the snow DJ! Bahahahahahahaha

  • Melody Knievel
    Melody Knievel Il y a mois

    Even though I've spent most of my life hating it, videos like these make me glad I live in the middle of nowhere Montana, because I don't really have to worry about running into people like this 😂
    I will say the Republican Karens are next level here tho, but that's its own thing.

  • Kiwi K
    Kiwi K Il y a 4 mois

    Thought I was naming our second daughter something soooo cool and original, until I found out 5 other girls were ALSO named Freya just that month at our midwife’s birthing center 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    ZIGSVIDS Il y a 6 mois +2

    Standing ovation for man at the sink.
    Should be more of it.

  • Suzanne
    Suzanne Il y a 6 mois +86

    At the risk of aging myself, this generation's preoccupation with photographing themselves to pimp themselves out for attention borders on the psychotic. Seriously - just stop.

    • John
      John Il y a 6 mois +3

      @JenamDrag0n It's not about the technology, it's about the culture. Most teenagers I knew when I was in high school were terrified of being filmed or having pictures taken of them. It has more to do with a combination of modesty and shame. Narcissism used to be frowned upon, now it's celebrated.

  • 20WideAwake17
    20WideAwake17 Il y a 6 mois

    The video of the two guys in the bathroom... Omg, I'm wheezing.. That was pure gold. 😂🤣 That's not physical violence, that's called an attitude adjustment.

  • Jacquie Burcham
    Jacquie Burcham Il y a 6 mois

    The little girl in the pink dress, strutting her stuff, priceless, made my day!

  • Vex U
    Vex U Il y a 2 mois

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  • 이십삼번
    이십삼번 Il y a 6 mois

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  • wren the rain falls
    wren the rain falls Il y a 6 mois +492

    There’s a difference between being your own main character and thinking you’re everyone’s main character!

    • Geens JC
      Geens JC Il y a 6 mois +1


    • Amber
      Amber Il y a 6 mois +2

      Underrated comment!! This is spot on! 👏 👏👏👏

    • Nathan Haimson
      Nathan Haimson Il y a 6 mois +32

      Yes! Plus it's fun to be the NPC in other peoples' lives. 😆 no thoughts, just customer service voice and goodbye. Don't perceive me.

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson Il y a 6 mois

    Great video. I love the part when you mock the girl for saying I don't want to be rude. LOL

  • Maria Cillan
    Maria Cillan Il y a 3 mois

    For that "single and available" starbuck's girl bit, that old man was very sweet encouraging her that she don't need no man because she already has Jesus

  • PartyForever
    PartyForever Il y a 6 mois

    Haha this happened to me many times, the last one me and a friend were at a beach club dining and a woman in her bikini blocked our beautiful view with her booties posing for her bf, I mean talk about being shameless and classless! 🤣🤮💩

  • Ann Johnson
    Ann Johnson Il y a 6 mois +12

    My faves were the guy in the orange t looking in wonder at the fish, the smart ass kid getting slapped, and the mail carrier driving up. Still laughing.

  • The Mighty Miss M
    The Mighty Miss M Il y a 6 mois +1610

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the MAN just trying to wash his hands in a public restroom. That response is PRECISELY what these whatever they are need. Definitely a clean slap. The soap flying off the BOYS face had me 💀

    • majorPhysics
      majorPhysics Il y a 6 mois +1

      @IDoStuff found the child lol. School was MUCH better than the job i have to wake up to go to every morning.

    • IDoStuff
      IDoStuff Il y a 6 mois +3

      @Luke Warmwater kids whining about having to wake up at 5am? Well times have changed and so have the challenges kids face, kids these days don't get enough sleep, access to healthy food and clean drinking water(riddled with pollutants). Most kids dont have time for a social life or family time or time to go outside. The newer generation of kids is the first to have old age diseases like diabetes, heart diseases obesity, dental caries etc. So pick your words before complaining about "oh kids these days" these kids are being raised by adults....blame the adults

    • Jennifer Bennett
      Jennifer Bennett Il y a 6 mois +7

      Right, soap slapped! Lol. Tf, who cares, like your video takes precedence over everything smh...
      Don't fuck with Detroit 😂

    • Luke Warmwater
      Luke Warmwater Il y a 6 mois +9

      yeah, kids whinning about having to wake up at 5 am.... when I was a millwright I had to wake up at 3:30 to get to work and set up by 5.....poor baby! he wont last a month in the real world.

  • wokeupdead3
    wokeupdead3 Il y a 6 mois

    I'm glad you put those last two in the video. It offset my rage. The lady blocking the escalator had me steaming!

  • The_Dark Lord
    The_Dark Lord Il y a 6 mois +2

    One of the many reasons why I no longer have social media is influencers. The majority of them are entitled selfish people.

  • GrayMatters
    GrayMatters Il y a 6 mois

    Hi! This is the first video I’ve seen of yours, but I wanted to tell you your laugh is amazing and contagious ☺️

  • Stacie Chun
    Stacie Chun Il y a 6 mois +1

    One time at my old job this teenager put her phone on our office door handle to film a tik tok so I purposely stood in frame and glared at her til she moved out of my way. Influencer or not can people just use some common sense on when and where to film?

  • leslie madrid
    leslie madrid Il y a 6 mois +1349

    He said “I’m form Detroit Michigan DONT PLAY WITH ME” I APPLAUD HIM FOR SLAPPING HIM 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    • The Womanatee
      The Womanatee Il y a 2 jours

      It's cold in the D.

    • Moraa
      Moraa Il y a 6 mois +2

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    • NaturallyTiTi
      NaturallyTiTi Il y a 6 mois


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    Zubair Sadiq Il y a 6 mois

    You make my sad time really entertaining.....I'm going for my exam and m really nervous and scared....but watching your videos gives me a sense of relief....

  • Jova'e Nicole
    Jova'e Nicole Il y a 4 mois

    Hahaha when she danced and said “here’s a dollar” rollinggg lol love it 💙

  • Lobelia Cross
    Lobelia Cross Il y a 6 mois +8

    Well, my experience with influencer was quite interesting. We were having fun and taking photos of each other in a cosplay event , then, one girl just come up to us and ask us to take a pic with us. She was wearing the same anime cosplay so sure. Then, she was posing abonoxiously and pushing the others like she was the queen. If it was her character's personality, we don't mind but she was quite disgusting. We were patient after finishing, she was like my cosplay is better than you ,it costs a lot, your anime is shitty like blah blah. Then, i snapped. i took her phone and reset it. You didn't realize that we were wearing from thè same anime as you. Don't you dare talk shit again and i will have you kick out from cosplay circle.
    P.s.. she did get kicked out but not by me. She pissed off one of the cosplay goddesses and she was officially banned from all circles.

    • kassie jane
      kassie jane Il y a 6 mois +3

      this is the fakest story i've ever read lol

  • leigh curr
    leigh curr Il y a 6 mois

    Ohhh my 🥔!!! I didn’t know you had your own page. Your the main freaking character I’m so happy to see your face!!

  • MVG Nails
    MVG Nails Il y a 6 mois +819

    The only thing these narcissists are "influencing", is my ever-growing lack of faith in humanity.

    • Ruby Rae
      Ruby Rae Il y a 6 mois


    • Cate
      Cate Il y a 6 mois


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      Aaliyah Singh Il y a 6 mois

      @Jim Motheus LMAO… nails! 😭

    • mBLOOD42oz
      mBLOOD42oz Il y a 6 mois +1

      @Riftwake hahhaha right.. gotta get them Nat geo mags!!!.... how dare anybody take anybodies credit card!

  • Karen Tucker
    Karen Tucker Il y a 6 mois

    I would feel cool knowing someone liked my outfit enough to want to get the same thing. I have a friend, that when we were in middle school that wanted to be the only one that had this pair of Dr. Martin's in middle school and told people she didn't want anyone to copy her style, even a pair of shoes.

  • Kenneth McGill
    Kenneth McGill Il y a 4 mois

    Best video ever. I can't stop laughing when that man smacked that kid for not letting him wash his hands! Good for him.

  • keddie empleo
    keddie empleo Il y a 6 mois

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  • Nancy Myself
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  • Brittianna Revels
    Brittianna Revels Il y a 6 mois +1560

    Charlotte: “Imagine is she made a dent in that Bentley”
    Me : “DENTley” 😂😂😂