Awful Weddings YOU WON'T BELIEVE Happened - REACTION

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  • Awful Weddings YOU WON'T BELIEVE Happened - REACTION
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    Hey ya'll! Today on my channel we are reacting to some awful weddings that got shamed on social media! Enjoy :)
    Hi, I'm Charlotte Dobre. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
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Commentaires • 3 295

  • littleblueclovers
    littleblueclovers Il y a 6 mois +1656

    You know what? That first one WAS a good test.
    The groom’s family failed and the groom passed with flying colors.
    I’m happy the wife is getting someone who will look out for her like that.

    • mikasa ackerman
      mikasa ackerman Il y a mois

      Absolutely 👍

    • Sapphire Moonstone
      Sapphire Moonstone Il y a 3 mois +8

      @Silver Samurai026 ah I see I have been to many weddings in my life and a lot happen when I was younger lol

    • Silver Samurai026
      Silver Samurai026 Il y a 3 mois +54

      @Sapphire Moonstone Usually, in western cultures, only the bride wears white, unless the bride and groom state otherwise. It symbolizes purity and chastity, and it helps the bride stand out amongst everyone else, to be the only one wearing white. It's considered very offensive to wear white at someone's wedding without permission.

    • Sapphire Moonstone
      Sapphire Moonstone Il y a 3 mois +13

      i am just confused cause i though white was a normal wedding color o.o but yeah they were jerks for mocking her and i am glad the husband stood up for her.

    • MaryBeth Odonnell
      MaryBeth Odonnell Il y a 3 mois +24

      Well said!

  • Chachou Love
    Chachou Love Il y a 6 mois +1930

    The first man is a keeper ! He defended his wife and acted on his words. He went as far as kicking his own mother to protect his wife, that’s a good man.

    • Ali Grotts
      Ali Grotts Il y a 3 jours +1

      Sounds like a cult initiation, starting an argument at a wedding.

    • Addie-Eileen Paige
      Addie-Eileen Paige Il y a 12 jours +3

      How could anyone be OK with being bullied on a big day like their wedding?

    • Courtney Walmsley
      Courtney Walmsley Il y a 25 jours +6

      The groom learned from his father who thought the female unit/coven was bullying and inappropriate in how they treated a potential new family member

    • Dee Bunni
      Dee Bunni Il y a 25 jours +6

      2:08 i’m curious what they were expecting from the wife reaction that would’ve indicated she passed the “ultimate test” Is it supposed to be if she finds them being disrespectful on her special day funny that she’s welcomed in the family??!no one has to put up with abuse because you call it a joke

  • Jannin Marie
    Jannin Marie Il y a 6 mois +6036

    Finally a man that actually has a spine in the whole family.

    • Momof3 M
      Momof3 M Il y a 25 jours

      @Levi Thorstone not true

    • Loving Ruby
      Loving Ruby Il y a mois

      @Levi Thorstone not true the other person can just be spinless even after u give them everything.

  • Jessica Livingstone
    Jessica Livingstone Il y a 6 mois +3646

    Dude, that first one just makes me mad. He is not the asshole, the women in his family are. That's very plain and true.

    • Philip Andrews
      Philip Andrews Il y a 25 jours

      @Levi Thorstone Why? He told his family in advance if they show up in white dresses they don't get to attend the wedding. So why reward their behaviour, change your wedding theme around it or look the other way while they bully his future wife? He said anyone who shows up in a white dress isn't allowed in, that should be enough.
      The fix is easy already, namely don't put up with that BS. He didn't want his family bullying his wife to be, warned them what would happen and they did it anyway so he kicked them out. See, easy fix

    • skadi
      skadi Il y a 3 mois +1

      @Fabled Fantasty Oop, that's on me for not reading correctly! I'm sorry!

    • Fabled Fantasty
      Fabled Fantasty Il y a 3 mois +1

      I never once, addressed Jessica or her comment, so I have no idea why ur saying anything to me about Jessica's comment.

    • Exiled New Yorker
      Exiled New Yorker Il y a 3 mois

      seriously, a whole FAMILY of Mean Girl Heathers. Madness.

    • skadi
      skadi Il y a 4 mois +5

      @Fabled Fantasty I think what Jessica is saying is that it's sad that the guy was even thinking that he might be sort of an asshole. The bullying was so normalized in his family and excused by those hags that he was worried he might not be totally in the right. I don't think Jessica was saying anyone in the comments had called him an asshole, just that it was upsetting that his family worked so hard trying to convince him over the years that bullying is normal, that he even questioned it.

  • Amy McGee
    Amy McGee Il y a mois +30

    Actually, my EX husbands family all showed up to our wedding wearing all black to show that they all disapproved of me. I cried throughout the whole wedding and then followed up with more crying as they continually yelled at me throughout the whole reception. He is my EX for a reason. However, I gave that man 17 years of my life where I tried and tried to be what they wanted. Gladly, I did NOT turn into what they wanted and am now happily with a wonderful man that has a family full of the most beautiful, thoughtful people. There are a ton of horrid people out there. Lesson in this is: Never stop being you for someone else. You be yourself.

  • fairy goddamn mother
    fairy goddamn mother Il y a 6 mois +604

    Kudos to this guy for not enabling their behaviour and standing up for his wife. Hats off. No need to apologise AT ALL

    • Lisa
      Lisa Il y a 22 jours +1

      Totally agree. Those women need to lay on a therapist couch! They’re bloody psycho. The grooms father needs to stand firm with his own wife!!! Wow. No boundaries. No respect. No manners. Unbelievable the groom turned out decently.

  • Selena Rajovic
    Selena Rajovic Il y a 6 mois +171

    The first guy is prime husband material. That's EXACTLY how you handle disrespectful family members no matter who they are. Great job. No matter what anyone says, he is not an a-hole. All his family members who were a part of this should be ashamed! He didn't ruin his wedding. If the wedding was ruined, it was most certainly not his fault but theirs.

    • Vikki
      Vikki Il y a mois +2

      100% agree!!!

  • Hannah J
    Hannah J Il y a 6 mois +212

    I actually had the experience of having a friend of my soon-to-be sister-in-law's, who is a professional photographer, offer to shoot our wedding for free. I felt bad and offered to pay her (even though we couldn't afford much), and she said just give her what it costs for gas money to get there and back. She was amazing and took excellent pictures. If she hadn't of been so kind, we would have asked someone in our family to snap photos. I found out later that she had spent a lot of time at my in-laws' house growing up and did this for them since it was their first -- and probably only -- kid getting married. What good luck. What a good heart.

  • Angel For Animals
    Angel For Animals Il y a 6 mois +6264

    I’d say a group of women who want to know if another woman is a “decent” person, all while they are exhibiting imbecilic, indecent behavior, is extremely disturbing.

    • Angel For Animals
      Angel For Animals Il y a mois

      @Kathleen Smith ~ I might have asked to move far, FAR away from them.

    • Kathleen Smith
      Kathleen Smith Il y a mois +1

      At least the bride knew she was marrying into a family of indecent women.

    • apollothehorse
      apollothehorse Il y a 3 mois +1

      I just love how they wanted to see if she was a bridezilla by actively gaslighting her. I wouldn’t have blamed her if she went off on them, but she was crying, and I probably would have, too. Glad her husband stood up for her

    • M.a.v 777
      M.a.v 777 Il y a 4 mois +2

      And what a perfect time! It's not like they could meet her several times BEFORE the wedding

    • Lei J
      Lei J Il y a 4 mois +1

      This shyt is sick af to be part of a family that does this and thinks it's okay unless you, him, or combined are rich enough to keep yourself away from them if it's that serious and you refuse to be without one another. You might have to accept they are how they are but Don't support their behavior. You're better off finding someone with a better family, a family you can trust your children won't take on their toxic behavior and negativity and won't be damaged by. I don't care what you've said or done in past, what mistakes you have made in past this beats all those mistakes any type of bullying is the worst thing you can do to a person and get away with it. I despise bullies as well as people who think and speak bad of people who have less than them or who are homeless or low-income/poor, and men who disrespect and or assault women or even support other women whom exhibit this behavior regularly. PERIOD 💔 Don't marry into "hazing" behavior. It's bad energy.

  • Pogg
    Pogg Il y a 6 mois +231

    Nothing quite says "welcome to the family" like belittling, ridiculing, and humiliating someone. It certainly speaks volumes of how the women in that family perceive what a healthy family unit is like, especially if they genuinely believe that they're supporting and loving each other with that sort of atrocious mob mentality.

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay Il y a 6 mois +203

    Re: the photographer changing MIL's white dress to red...they would have earned a HUGE tip from me, not to mention an invite to my family gatherings forever.

  • Cerise Min
    Cerise Min Il y a 6 mois +77

    “It’s just a prank”
    Who wants to be pranked on their wedding? What would they have done if the bride did go crazy? Run around in circles and cheer?

    • Lori Banks
      Lori Banks Il y a 3 jours

      My family had a tradition of my cousins pranking bride and groom (typically both because they've generally lived together). My sister was prepared for one of their pranks (removing labels from cans in the pantry) and wrote on the bottom of all her cans, but they got into her house and switched all the clothing and kitchen wear around. When they went home to change mid-reception, go to grab fresh underwear, find it in the dishwasher; plates where the shirts should be, that sort of thing. I'm a bit of a control freak, but I think if I knew that was coming I'd at least look back on it fondly: but that is my family pranking their own members Not hazing my partner in some sort of screening ritual that is super public for the whole of their friends and family. Like that poor bride has to experience that in front of her parents and siblings, friends, etc. These women are so messed up.
      I also wanna know, like what happens if she doesn't pass the test? They treat her like crap for the remainder of their lives together? Like wtf

    • Titania Bird
      Titania Bird Il y a 4 jours

      And now it's time for a wedding prank Good Idea, Bad Idea.
      Good Idea: pranking the newlyweds by tying cans to their car and putting "Just Married" on the windows in washable paint.
      Bad Idea: pranking the newlyweds by aggressively hazing the bride into your cult of toxicity.

    • Vikki
      Vikki Il y a mois +9

      Probably play victim and invalidate the bride's reaction to THEIR bad behaviour. Its a form of Narc baiting.
      I wonder how they would feel if the Wife "pranked" these little girls in a similar manner?

  • MikMik78
    MikMik78 Il y a 5 mois +76

    The last one has me laughing at the bride's logic. She doesn't want someone who is an ex in her wedding photos, but she's marrying someone she has known for less than a year and her BFF has been with her fiance for 10 years. Hmmm...what if the "ex" in the wedding photos ends up being the groom that she barely knows? 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

    • DarkXTC
      DarkXTC Il y a 19 jours +2

      Yep it's just stupid. To be honest: A relation that long without a binding commitment like a child or marriage seems to be pretty strong exactly because it is "so easy" (in legal and responsibility terms) to walk away from.

  • Kelly Anderson
    Kelly Anderson Il y a 6 mois +490

    I have never commented on a public forum such as this, however, as a marriage counselor I must say congratulations to this bride and groom. They are starting their life off together in good form. The grooms family behaved as bullies- as you stated-at the very least and I would say were emotionally abusive to their new family member. Partners should nurture and protect each other and that is exactly what this young man did.

    • Khallela Barracks
      Khallela Barracks Il y a 6 mois +14

      👏🏾👏🏾 She should bring you on the next video for commentary!

  • Claire Annette
    Claire Annette Il y a 6 mois +31

    Shout out to the man with the insecure female family members who have to break down other women who try to become family. I’m EXTREMELY PROUD of YOU for sticking up for your wife💕💕💕 it means a lot!!💕

  • Sofi Olaverry
    Sofi Olaverry Il y a 6 mois +44

    The man in the first story deserves everything, dealing with a group of toxic relatives isn’t easy AT ALL

  • Aliza Riemenschneider
    Aliza Riemenschneider Il y a 6 mois +27

    Okay so it turns out, my partner's mom's friend happened to be friends with our wedding photog. Friend had been invited to the wedding as well as much of HER family. So at one point during the reception, this friend TOOK THE PHOTOGRAPHER to another room and had her do a whole family portrait session. A few weeks later, when partner and I were happily going through all the lovely pictures, all of a sudden there were literally HUNDREDS of posed pictures of this "friend" and her family. WTF?! Uh, you're welcome for the free personal photo shoot?! 12 years later I still get pissed thinking about what precious moments from my actual wedding the photographer missed while this entitled "friend" was commandeering her for what was probably a full half hour.

    • saelcaha
      saelcaha Il y a mois +6

      Oh hell no. That is so unethical on the photographers part. I would have sued the pants off them.

    • E. J. O.
      E. J. O. Il y a 5 mois +5

      Wow, that's crazy! The disrespect!

  • Carolina Queen
    Carolina Queen Il y a 6 mois +7955

    That first guy is how every husband should defend his wife to his family.

    • Violet32makingit
      Violet32makingit Il y a 4 mois

      My exes mom had kept doing some hurtful things, that would affect me . She kept posting pics of his ex ( her friend ) on his / my bf's Facebook page. I already had to deal with the ex, since she was very clise with his mother and entire family .... I'm not a jealous person, but this ( amount many other things) really rubbed me the wrong way. I did my best to ignore it all , and made a point to try to be clise with her ( she's good to her granddaughter , our baby)....
      ANYWAY, I asked him to talk to her & get her to stop . Well he said, " she's a big girl & I can't make her do anything!!!" .
      I only asked him to stop posting the pics , he clearly liked them. Eventually, he speak to her .
      We later broke up, obviously .

    • Chummi Dixit
      Chummi Dixit Il y a 5 mois +1

      Sincerely, I do hope no woman has to marry into such a family of narcs

    • Galina
      Galina Il y a 5 mois

      Yes. 👌

    • Cessca
      Cessca Il y a 5 mois

      Well said

    • Maja Tadic
      Maja Tadic Il y a 6 mois +1

      Absolutely! The best thing is his dad is supporting him, which gives me the answer to a question who actually raised this man. Not his mom, sure!

  • Lauren Jean
    Lauren Jean Il y a 6 mois +25

    Wow. The grandmother and the mother are the ones who started the whole tradition. Sounds about right to me. Couldn’t let go of Junior, had to take it out on his lady and find a pretext to explain it away. I find it very reassuring that the groom saw thru this BS and stood up for his bride. Going against family like that isn’t easy, even if it’s the right thing to do.

  • Couture Simmer
    Couture Simmer Il y a 6 mois +43

    I’m thinking the best friend that don’t invite her pregnant friends fiancé messed around with him. Sounds like a guilt fuelled situation to me.

    • Sunny O
      Sunny O Il y a mois +1


    • Kenny p
      Kenny p Il y a 6 mois +1

      BINGO! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • D Hop
    D Hop Il y a 6 mois +534

    Even if you're not Christian, the Bible says a man should leave his mother and go become one with his wife. Historically, this has been a problem for thousands of years.🤣

    • Ariane Bolt
      Ariane Bolt Il y a 6 jours

      Whether you believe in God or not, the Bible is proof that there is no new thing under the sun.

    • Mel
      Mel Il y a mois

      @Levi Thorstone Funnily enough I am a single mother that has raised my son to be a more understanding, more intelligent, and a better person than you clearly are.
      So I guess the two parent thing didn't work so well for you then 😁

    • saelcaha
      saelcaha Il y a mois +1

      One of the few scriptures I will agree with. Your spouse/long-term partner is your #1 priority, aside from yourself (gotta protect yourself too).

    • D Hop
      D Hop Il y a 3 mois +1

      @Heather Martinez I hope so too. I saw a psychologist talking about it. I don't think it matters if they're single moms or married. She called it triangulation and used the example of an unhealthy marriage. She said the father/husband doesn't meet the the wife's emotional needs and she often gets those met by the son.

    • Heather Martinez
      Heather Martinez Il y a 3 mois +2

      A son is a son until he takes a wife. A daughter is a daughter for life.
      I hope my future daughter in laws and I get along 🤣😭

  • Kimmy Reed
    Kimmy Reed Il y a 6 mois +23

    Well being the smart-ass that I am, when I found out what they were going to do, I would have bought myself a black wedding dress and marched proudly down the aisle! Black seems appropriate for marrying into this cult! That would surely have got a reaction from them 🤣🤣

  • SusieQ
    SusieQ Il y a 6 mois +3026

    First guy: not the a-hole. If anything, he seems like a good guy in a toxic family. I hope he and his wife have a good life.

    • Jane R
      Jane R Il y a 3 mois +2

      @Creative Designation Exactly, not so much a unit more like a coven!

    • Aya Jade
      Aya Jade Il y a 4 mois

      It's made up for karma

    • Me
      Me Il y a 4 mois +2

      Hoping they move FAAAAR away from that toxic family.

    • paul abell
      paul abell Il y a 6 mois +3

      I would have brought spray paint and spray them and their dresses- something like flouro orange or green

    • Snoogans Lestat
      Snoogans Lestat Il y a 6 mois +14

      @Creative Designation Deeply insecure immature bullies.

  • Mary Rinehart
    Mary Rinehart Il y a 5 mois +7

    The first groom was standing up to bullies, pure & simple, it wasn’t just the white dresses at his wedding but the whole pattern of abuse. Kudos to the groom, his brother and dad for refusing to accept this and shame on those women-they should be embarrassed at their immature behavior

  • Ines Li
    Ines Li Il y a 6 mois +24

    Another note to the first story: I guess any man coming into the family is fine? Or are they also going through some kind of messed up shit to be accepted? I am sensing it’s only women going through this, which makes it even more infuriating 🙄

  • Aaron
    Aaron Il y a 6 mois +36

    Remember: If someone's trying to pull you down that means they're already beneath you.”

  • Juci Shockwave
    Juci Shockwave Il y a 6 mois +17

    That is why I love Mexican and ol school weddings where everyone in the family and the whole town gets invited and joins in. My mothers' wedding was MASSIVE and this was Cuba in the 1970s 10 years after Communism took over the island yet my mom was able to get the whole city involved. The stories of having huge kegs that held over 50 gallons of beer and other alcohol as well as mountain of food, 8 large boar-like pigs killed and roasted wasn't just for friends and family, but for the whole neighborhood and town!!! 😳Kids, elders, youths...everyone got involved. There were even strangers in my moms' wedding photo album and my mom goes, "OH, he is the local bum who collected enough money during the party and gave it to me as a present." Like BRUH! 😂 Hispanic weddings be wild. The stories of my moms' wedding are things that you simply can't make it up. To me such a massive whole city event makes sense really... it is to make sure everybody knew you and your spouse are together and it is a legal contract that outside forces should stay the fuck off. Having that huge wedding makes sure everyone knew these people are married in order to prevent cheating. 🤔

  • Caia Miku
    Caia Miku Il y a 6 mois +7

    I love that he stood up to all of them!! That is a man worth marrying. HE PASSED THE TEST!!!

  • Jannin Marie
    Jannin Marie Il y a 6 mois +14

    To the bridezilla at the end:
    She actually believe none of the married couples would ever divorce in her lifetime?

  • Aretia113
    Aretia113 Il y a 6 mois +23

    Seeing how awful some people's "friends" and relationships can be makes me feel less awful about not having any friends lol

  • Just E!
    Just E! Il y a 6 mois +4

    I really liked this one! Makes me feel better. I had a horrible situation where an ex best friend asked me to help out with her wedding and cater it and then after I bought food and started making things for her she flipped a switch and asked for her money back. Acted like she couldn’t trust me. It was the worst bridezilla experience ever!!

  • glykgluk reee3
    glykgluk reee3 Il y a 6 mois +2177

    It's comforting that the groom is sane and stood up for his wife. She choose a great partner.

    • Sarah Kelaita
      Sarah Kelaita Il y a 6 mois +1

      @badkyttiez of I was the wife. I would not invite his family over.
      And I wouldn't go to any functions on that side of the family

    • Blazing Apparition
      Blazing Apparition Il y a 6 mois +2

      @badkyttiez Absolutely agree. Since he's also clearly tried talking to them and explaining why they shouldn't be doing these things... I'd be done. It's not worth the effort. They'll be far happier going no contact.

    • its KayBe
      its KayBe Il y a 6 mois +3

      She did find a great partner to stand up for her and handle the whole family himself. Good for both of them.

    • VH
      VH Il y a 6 mois

      @Ms Wicked love that! That family deserves it!

    • VH
      VH Il y a 6 mois +3

      Yeah, but what an awful family. Poor guy - he did the right thing. Terrible behavior.

  • Julie Win
    Julie Win Il y a 6 mois +4

    My Husband’s family held a family meeting whether or not I was worthy to be part of their family after my husband proposed and I said Yes! (Thank god they all agreed that I was worthy and they told me they approve the engagement 🙄). I was supposed to be thankful that my engagement will not be canceled due to their kindness. My husband no longer talks to his family.

  • Luci
    Luci Il y a 6 mois +15

    The MOH story shows pointed insult with "long term couples and marriages" and only excluding the one partner. I've heard of long-term couples being defined as one year together, but the bride wasn't making her decision on any kind of logic.
    She also wasn't up front about it.

  • Dizzaray
    Dizzaray Il y a 6 mois +7

    Genuinely so happy to see the first guy standing up for his wife. Too many of these stories end up with the hubby siding with mommy dearest instead of his s/o.

  • Victoria M
    Victoria M Il y a 6 mois +7

    The first and last story truly had my blood boiling. I don't understand how there are still some people out there with such flawed logic.

  • Nails Are Life
    Nails Are Life Il y a 6 mois +2079

    Just my two cents on the groom who threw all the women out of his wedding. Good for him! Those women spent so many years in charge of the family, they didn't think he'd have the balls to actually kick them out. So, they got pissed that they lost control. Toxic women. I hope this guy and his wife stay far away from them. They don't need that crap.

    • Texan1836
      Texan1836 Il y a 4 mois +1

      I don’t think I could marry him even if I loved him. It would be breakup OR get married and move to Australia with him and don’t tell his crazy family where the couple moved.

    • kel tait
      kel tait Il y a 6 mois +2

      they sound like psychos

    • Miz Mima
      Miz Mima Il y a 6 mois +8

      @A Violet Are you that slow!? He literally did all of it to protect his wife from those clowns. All of what they did or tried to do was to target her not him, so when he stood up to them, it was for her.

    • Sandy_Carpets The Second
      Sandy_Carpets The Second Il y a 6 mois +14

      @A Violet No? He mentioned his wife was upset, not to mention that they were maliciously targeting the wife by wearing white. It had nothing to do with him being selfish, It had to do with them committing a giant cultural taboo all to degrade his wife for the sake of 'decency'. The women were crossing his wifes boundaries, therefore he stepped in. That's all there is to it.
      Honestly, If I were in her shoes, and he *hadn't* stepped in despite knowing beforehand, I would have refused to get married and I would have left the wedding. From the information present, the family were bullying the wife, and there's absolutely no way I or anyone would marry someone who's okay with their family doing that. (Without being manipulated into the same behaviour beforehand like the other wives in his family)

  • Isia Adiel
    Isia Adiel Il y a 5 mois +4

    I remember that first story. It really sounds like the new women join the teasing so they are no longer a victim of the bullying. It's like Mean Girls, joining in knowing they'd do it to you the second you defy them. It's the internalized misogyny for me...
    I work a lot with weddings and I've cleaned up a mess or two for each, but families are one mess that I can only dust the surface of.

  • S Bradley
    S Bradley Il y a 4 mois +5

    If that was my husband's family I'd let them all in, let them watch the wedding. I'd smile and invite all the women in white to take family pictures and I and my girl friends would re color their dresses in drinks from the bar while the photographer took beautiful pictures. Cheers🥂

  • Strategic Architect
    Strategic Architect Il y a 5 mois +3

    Quoting my mom after she tore down a bridezilla: "Just because you're the bride, it doesn’t give you justification to being a $%#&ty person to everyone."

  • Doreen Chiasson
    Doreen Chiasson Il y a 6 mois +2

    Hazing was the very first thing that came to my mind! The other females want to keep the tradition alive, only bc they had to emotionally “survive” it themselves in order to be accepted into the family….not a family I would be stepping in line to join in a hurry🥴

  • Crazy Cat Queen
    Crazy Cat Queen Il y a 6 mois +2077

    Re: the photographer changing MIL's white dress to red...they would have earned a HUGE tip from me, not to mention an invite to my family gatherings forever.

    • Drift Wood
      Drift Wood Il y a 20 jours


    • Corn Bone
      Corn Bone Il y a mois

      @Melissa Blackwood make it gaudy and bright like she was on an episode of Problem Solverz

    • Linda Raterink
      Linda Raterink Il y a 2 mois

      @Venom G The photographer may wanted to do that, but that would ruin the pictures for the second time the theme was red so MIL wears red. He did an exellent job and yes he deserved to be tipped with a good reff with those pictures on the website or something.

    • Linda Raterink
      Linda Raterink Il y a 2 mois

      @Phoenix-Nevaeh Durham-Gray Everyone knows little girls in western weddings are not the bride, this rule of no white in a wedding aplies to adult women. Imagine every adult woman in a wedding party wearing wedding dresses, and you came across them while they were headed to the church or something. You would think oh how nice a wedding! but.. who is the bride? Everyone of the women could potentialy be the bride. Brides like to let everone know it is she who is getting maried.

    • Venom G
      Venom G Il y a 3 mois

      @anne jia naaaaa. It would be a reminder & i think I'd get a good laugh from it if she were in a really bad poop brown color. I think it would piss off MIL as well.

  • Olivia Says hi
    Olivia Says hi Il y a 4 mois +3

    9:15 My cousin actually had something similar happen when she got married. Her MIL tried to schedule family pictures (as in only the groom’s side of the family) after the ceremony (before the reception), a time when the wedding party would be taking pictures with the bride and groom, and only texted her and told her the day before the wedding. Thankfully my cousin’s photographer had a clause in her contract saying that she could be the only photographer there that day, so my cousin blamed her. Still a really crappy thing to do, though.

  • Lynnie
    Lynnie Il y a 6 mois +4

    The cake reminded me of Ms. Havisham's cake from Great Expectations. I thought it looked like spider webs until Charlotte kept raising her eyebrow in her naughty little way...🤔😲😳🤭

  • TreClaire
    TreClaire Il y a 4 mois +2

    I’m so relieved this story is written by the man, with my experience on AITA I was NOT expecting that. I was expecting it to be the woman and AT BEST she said her husband “did nothing”
    It’s honestly refreshing seeing a decent dude on that Reddit lol

  • Courtney M
    Courtney M Il y a 11 heures

    the friend with the 10 year relationship is definitely leaving something out of this story. It is probably the secrets she's told her friend and because of those secrets her friend knows her guy is a pos. it legit is the bride decision on who she wants at her wedding. damn how everyone else does their wedding. I respect the bride for telling her ahead of time and not telling everyone else first.

  • missusCIRQUE
    missusCIRQUE Il y a 6 mois +1605

    The first story... His new wife doesn't have to 'earn' her place in his family because clearly, those people aren't his family to begin with. The fact that despite him making it clear he won't tolerate it on HIS wedding day, they went ahead and did it. They're not just attacking his wife, they clearly has no respect for him too.
    I think its sometimes very difficult to see toxic personalities in your own family because you've almost been conditioned to love and forgive one another but I personally think... Good riddance.

    • cisio64123
      cisio64123 Il y a 6 mois +43

      I think it was more that they are his FAMILY and they thought as such he wouldn't dare follow through on enforcing his boundary line with them. They likely went through with the plan just to spite him as a way to flaunt their power over him too . They got a nasty shock when they found out he was dead serious and they all got tossed out.

    • Dee Raines
      Dee Raines Il y a 6 mois +27

      I am sure they did not care one tiny bit if it destroyed the day for him as well. What a horrible family to be born into.

    • Snoogans Lestat
      Snoogans Lestat Il y a 6 mois +32

      Lets hope he cut contact with the female side of the family. Trash.

    • Christinita Corazon
      Christinita Corazon Il y a 6 mois +51

      I cut ties with my "family" a few years ago. And I've never been happier and healthier, they caused me severe physical ailments, since.

  • anon
    anon Il y a mois +1

    I went to my first wedding in the USA, My stepgranfather's granddaughter was getting married. I was 16. Having never gone to a US wedding I showed my grandmother and asked her which dress I should wear. She said white. I did not know it was rude. However, I was so shy. I hid during the reception outside the house listening to music and gave the bride many compliments.

  • On A Stampage
    On A Stampage Il y a 6 mois +4

    The first guy is fabulous, and I’m so glad he stood up for his wife and himself!

  • TAS TX
    TAS TX Il y a 6 mois +2

    If the family members planned to change clothes after seeing the bride’s reaction, they could have changed and attended the wedding when the groom wouldn’t allow them in. Kudos to the groom to not allow family to bully the bride and disrespect the couple. The further this couple removes themselves from this toxic family, they will have a much better life.

  • My Plate is Empty.
    My Plate is Empty. Il y a 4 mois +1

    Great job mom, this is exactly what you need to do to push your own son away. I feel sorry for the Dad because if the son needs to leave that toxic environment, the dad might be left behind as well in the process.

  • S
    S Il y a 6 mois +1247

    The serial killer centerpieces fill me with so much rage. It’s so disrespectful to the victims and their families. Imagine being so selfish and stupid that you’d glorify the worst things that could happen to a person. I honestly can’t get over it.

    • Drift Wood
      Drift Wood Il y a 20 jours

      @The right, Adam's family, the munsters, Frankenstein, etcetera

    • Mel
      Mel Il y a mois +2

      Agreed. What disgusting people the bride and groom are! They are either too stupid to realise or too callous to care that real people people, with hopes and dreams and people that loved them, died horribly at the hands of those monsters.

    • saelcaha
      saelcaha Il y a mois +2

      @Silent Willow let me guess, you’d also defend someone having an event with child molester themed decor? Rapist? Slave owners? Where does it end? At what point do we say “oh shit, if they want this at their WEDDING what are they doing behind closed doors?”.

    • saelcaha
      saelcaha Il y a mois +2

      @Cristina M fictional killers would be okay. Real people weren’t hurt. But real people were hurt by these monsters. Imagine doing a decoration theme with Hitler, or the KKK, or the people who bombed the twin towers. Super tacky and inappropriate, right?

    • JaxonS3
      JaxonS3 Il y a 2 mois +4

      Came here to say this but hoped someone else did. They were real people and had families that loved them and grieved for them. Because of how high profile they can never get away from it.

  • Tina Louise
    Tina Louise Il y a 6 mois +2

    I love it that the husband took care of things instead of allowing the bride to be bullied or mistreated on any level.

  • Ashley L Hunt
    Ashley L Hunt Il y a 6 mois +5

    Everyone wearing white: I would have had a "Prank" set up of my own with supersoakers full of fabric dye. Hand them out to the groomsmen and brides maids and tell them that anyone wearing white (aside from me: the bride and the unavoidable white shirt tux) was to be mercilessly drenched. If they complian, I would just shrug and say "you were warned. It was just a fun prank to test how you would react"
    Ted bundy isn't so awful when you consider Dahmer had a bit of a diet
    Livestream tickets: it sounds like they have a lot of support going in. 10 dollars is fair, I'd say. Make it worth watching, that's all.
    Uninvited fiancé: elope now. Husbands get an automatic in.

  • Kaykay
    Kaykay Il y a 6 mois +8


  • Gracie Noble
    Gracie Noble Il y a 4 mois +1

    I genuinely hope that when/if my boyfriend and I get married that his family would never do something as insecure and petty as the first story, and if they did that he would shut it down immediately. That first guy is a walking green flag just for having the spine to stand up to his family like that

  • Amber H
    Amber H Il y a 6 mois +1702

    I’m seriously hoping the changing the white dresses to red thing catches on with photographers everywhere! That is genius.

    • Venom G
      Venom G Il y a 3 mois

      @knky ok. That wasn't the case in the depicted video so why bring it up?

    • knky
      knky Il y a 3 mois

      @Venom G it all depends on their culture to be honest. In mine. The bride and groom never wears white.

    • Venom G
      Venom G Il y a 3 mois

      @knky ok great. You don't wear a white dress to someone else's wedding. It's disrespectful af.

    • Venom G
      Venom G Il y a 3 mois

      @clatterslam yesssss

  • Kate-Emma Murray
    Kate-Emma Murray Il y a 6 mois +6

    The women in the first story have 'peaked in high school' and 'I own my own business... I work with an MLM' energy.

  • R C
    R C Il y a 6 mois +5

    His wife will LOVE that he stood up for her! My hubby supported me in a similar way and it was a amazing! The step mother in law now loves me!

  • Laura Steelman
    Laura Steelman Il y a 4 mois +2

    Instant solve: the hubby should've teamed up with his wife to get a second HOT RED gown to change into just in case. I mean come on, you knew who you were dealing with. Sometimes got to fight fire with fire. She could have strolled down the isle in red with a smile.

  • StarFox
    StarFox Il y a 3 mois

    I’m excited for my wedding in the future. I’m in a lesbian relationship, and while my family would probably be mostly fine with it, their family? dear gods. name a type of discrimination and they probably are. all i can say is we’re definitely not getting their blessings.

  • J. Dog
    J. Dog Il y a 6 mois +1045

    The groom stood up for what was right and stood up for his bride. The white-wearers are as Charlotte said…… bullies.

    • J. Dog
      J. Dog Il y a 6 mois

      @Kameryn 🎯

    • Kameryn
      Kameryn Il y a 6 mois +1

      Exactly. They should be embarrassed by how they treated her and the fact that they were a group of grown women bullying another woman on Facebook like they were in high school.

    • Shantorey Wilkins
      Shantorey Wilkins Il y a 6 mois +1


    • J. Dog
      J. Dog Il y a 6 mois +3

      @Indigo Eye - I love your last sentence. 🙃 About ten years old is right. Lol.

    • Derek Johns
      Derek Johns Il y a 6 mois +6

      It's established these women have no respect for the bride. That they were warned by the groom what would happen if they went through with their so called prank, lied to his face about their intentions and did it anyway and are shocked and now playing victim when he followed through on his warning show they might actually have even less respect for him.

  • Michelle Claire
    Michelle Claire Il y a 6 mois +2

    There seems to be a high level of insecurity about her own relationship if she's judging someone who's been in a ten year one.

  • Hannah
    Hannah Il y a 6 mois +1

    If my family acted like the ones in the first anecdote, I would have parted ways from them long before meeting my own life partner. (At least, from the ones who participated in this childish hazing behavior.) These aren't isolated incidents. It demonstrates a lack of consideration and respect that I wouldn't want to associate with, family or not.

  • Jessica L
    Jessica L Il y a 6 mois +10

    The livestream one - I’m hoping that these people have a following online, and their followers want to watch their wedding? So they’d presumably invite their friends and family as guests to the actual wedding, and then fans could buy tickets to watch the livestream?
    I really hope that’s what this is. 😂

    • anne jia
      anne jia Il y a 4 mois

      that's what i also understood from that post 🤣

  • BonnieSansClyde
    BonnieSansClyde Il y a 6 mois

    that first guy is absolutely amazing. sticking up for your partner and cutting toxic people out is top quality.
    he even warned them he would kick them out. like, bruh.

  • Jacqueline Hays
    Jacqueline Hays Il y a 6 mois +967

    The women, in the first story, are horrible people. I wonder what must be going around, in their heads, that would make this activity seem like a decent idea. When did being a bully become a wedding gift? The husband is a wonderful man, as it must have taken a lot of inner strength, standing with his wife, amid a clique of childish, ancient "mean girls". If this was done in my presence, words would fly, all tact gone, and everyone would be surprised, including myself, over things being said. Whether it's my place or not, that behavior is unacceptable....especially when spoken by grown people. How awful!

    • Pão Doce
      Pão Doce Il y a 6 mois +1

      For me this is pure female competition and envy. Who do they think they are to assess a person's character by irritating her? They wanted to know if she could "take it" because they wanted someone to harass without complaining about it.

    • zenobia10127
      zenobia10127 Il y a 6 mois +1

      "a clique of childish, ancient 'mean girls'"
      This phrase gave me life.

    • ChelleJ
      ChelleJ Il y a 6 mois +5

      I married into a family with 8 toxic bully sisters. And I regret it to this day. Advice to anyone considering marrying a man with in a family like this... RUN!!!
      There will never be any peace in a toxic family. I don't care how much you think you love that guy and how much he defends you. It will be hell. We finally moved out of state. But, the scars are still there.

    • Tamara S.
      Tamara S. Il y a 6 mois +3

      @Holly Mauk That's what I was thinking, too. This is actually the exact type of life partner everyone should try to find. Many people find it difficult to stand up to their parents, even as adults. It's refreshing to see.

    • Holly Mauk
      Holly Mauk Il y a 6 mois +7

      This sounds like a congregation of mean girls who just can’t release their white knuckle grip on their high school mentality. The husband is a keeper, a strong man who is looking out for his lady.

  • callagothly
    callagothly Il y a 2 mois +1

    client :"we need a photographer to capture us at our wedding"
    me: "I might have a net big enough for that, challenge accepted."

  • Celeste Boles
    Celeste Boles Il y a 6 mois +5

    I think the one where they wanted to sell tickets to a livestream wedding probably wasn't for friends and family but for followers. The way they spoke sounded like they were influencers of some sort

  • Ryan O.
    Ryan O. Il y a 3 mois

    "Every woman in my family showed up to my wedding wearing white. I kicked them out of the wedding and now they wont talk to me and excluded me from everything." "They excluded me from everything." Chalk that one up to win!!! lol It's always nice when the bullies remove themselves from the situation! lol

  • Veil Break
    Veil Break Il y a 6 mois +1

    The last wedding I was at....the bride's mother's best friend wore a white lace dress! I thought ; imagine the other female guests had also worn white, it would have been awful. This woman was about 60....old enough to know better.
    As a woman, I wouldn't dream of it. A cream trouser suit is about the closest outfit to a white dress that would be acceptable

  • bridges stevenson
    bridges stevenson Il y a 2 mois

    1st story: I'm so glad that man stood up for his wife. Good for him

  • Janet Backes
    Janet Backes Il y a mois

    Absofrickinglutly amazing 👍🏻💯
    Thank you for supporting your wife straight up. 35 years of marriage lived with a husband that could NEVER stand up for me. His Mother opened ALL my wedding gift and displayed them in the reception hall. Her response to my frustration, “I just thought you’d be too tired to open them” That Bitch!

  • missofevil666
    missofevil666 Il y a 6 mois +3

    Last story reminds about the time my cousin had his wedding and he didn't invite his younger sister's boyfriend although they have been together for few years then and now they're married. It was in 2012 and they still don't talk. (Me, my brother, two other cousins, my parents and another aunt weren't inviated too to his wedding, neither her wedding and neither to their sister wedding).

  • Jadey Baby
    Jadey Baby Il y a 4 mois +1

    I’ve read every book, watched every documentary about every serial killer and studied criminology but to glorify these mentally disturbed people is absolutely twisted and wrong on so many levels!! 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • VexyMC
    VexyMC Il y a 6 mois +339

    The serial killer thing is gross. Those men had real victims with real families who went through unspeakable things. It's not "quirky" to use them as decoration in a celebration. If you want to do a horror theme, fine, but use fictional killers like Hannibal Lecter or Norman Bates, etc. rather than trivializing the pain of real people.

    • Xtina C
      Xtina C Il y a 4 mois +2

      @Nimerya Spawnbrød i was wondering if anyone else saw that misspelling.. for someone so "obsessed" with serial killers, they can't even spell "execute" correctly??? are they 16? are they illiterate? what's happening to the world

    • Martha Kilcoyne
      Martha Kilcoyne Il y a 4 mois +1

      @Ashley Nelson great so y were y throwing such a fit about confusing fiction and
      Non fiction 🤷‍♀️

    • Ashley Nelson
      Ashley Nelson Il y a 6 mois +1

      @Martha Kilcoyne lmao.. calm down!! I never said no Halloween theme! I mentioned Hannibal because of the fact the story is based off true events! 🙄 cool if they want to use jason or Michael !! 🤷‍♀️

    • Martha Kilcoyne
      Martha Kilcoyne Il y a 6 mois +1

      @Ashley Nelson tell me one victim ever one that actually got slashed by Jason. Yes fake characters like that were made up because of real life murderers I get that do people want to have a Halloween theme for their wedding they can it’s their wedding it’s their choice if they want to have jeepers creepers all up everywhere that’s cool to. Because I highly doubt someone actually got ate by jeepers creepers in real life so it’s not offensive. Not including those people because they’re psycho but as long as other people in general don’t actually post pictures of actual serial killers then let people have fun and fantasize and have their weird Halloween wedding it’s their day. People who would get offended by a Freddy vs Jason theme obviously would not be invited.

  • Kayleigh Richards
    Kayleigh Richards Il y a 6 mois

    Yikes! That first family sounds crazy! Well done to the groom for sticking up for his wife.

  • Chris Avii
    Chris Avii Il y a 6 mois

    (1st story) He’s a great husband 👏🏿 he stood his ground, and defended his wife♥️

  • Jay Pritchett
    Jay Pritchett Il y a 11 heures

    9:14 that’s *totally* something my sister-in-law would do if she had the money for!!! 🙄

  • SuperheroAutismGirl
    SuperheroAutismGirl Il y a 22 jours

    The photographer one reminds me of a similar thing that Happened at my cousins wedding. One of the groomsmen's mothers had been invited, and she definitely thought that meant she was a VIK (Very Important Karen.) During the vows, the photographer happened to be kneeling next to her in the aisle while taking photos. This woman had the audacity to tap the photographer on the shoulder and shove her phone in his hand so he can take a picture for her! He quickly held the phone up and got a few snaps before going back to do HIS job of photographing the day. Kudos to the guy for handling the Karen situation so calmly. I would have punched her lights out!

  • cemiller1292
    cemiller1292 Il y a 6 mois +624

    All those women in story one absolutely peaked in high school and never grew up after that.
    Good on the husband for defending his wife from his waste dump of a family.

    • Xavier Brown
      Xavier Brown Il y a 6 mois +1

      Exactly, you should be over pulling pranks after 13 years on this earth 🙄 old people, immature mindset.

    • Blazing Apparition
      Blazing Apparition Il y a 6 mois +18

      I think you're 100% correct. It also seems like they have absolutely nothing going on in their own lives since all they do is apparently talk trash on facebook and conspire to pull "pranks" on every woman that comes into the family. So ridiculous

  • TheRealLadyMagnus
    TheRealLadyMagnus Il y a 6 mois

    👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Yes! I'm glad the groom tossed them out. And his family is toxic AF. I would have told them to toss off.

  • Queen_Kellz™
    Queen_Kellz™ Il y a 5 mois

    Absolutely love Charlotte! Been binge watching your videos and...... Phenomenal job! I'm ctfu over here! All hail the #PotatoQueen 💜🖤🥰

  • klaraskymningskronan
    klaraskymningskronan Il y a 14 jours

    I can only congratulate your wife on having a man who stands up for her and does not slip away! Honor to you!

  • Deshae Braun
    Deshae Braun Il y a 2 mois

    Oh boy, do I have wedding stories for you! The first one, I dodged the bullet. I did not marry him! That is a whole book of a story!
    Second wedding I went through with it but my sister was being a complete psychopath. She is so narcissistic. We haven’t spoke since I demoted and uninvited her. That was 5 years ago! We’ve never had the best relationship and I did try to have one with her. She made it extremely difficult. My wedding was her final chance. I should’ve known, people don’t change.

  • Giulietta Schröder
    Giulietta Schröder Il y a 6 mois +581

    On that last one: Being able to stay together for 10 years WITHOUT the bond of marriage is a really strong thing. I mean, it is much easier to end, but they didn't. And the child is also only a thing now after those ten years, so that wasn't holding them together. If it's not love, what is it supposed to be then?

    • Daniella Herget
      Daniella Herget Il y a 17 jours

      13:21 I think she needs to drop her friends too. You can tell they all feel she isn't in a serious relationship....otherwise why wouldn't they agree with her

    • The Purple Dusk
      The Purple Dusk Il y a 2 mois +1

      With the information provided, it sounds likely the groom (or the the bride)should have been excluders from the year isn't much of a long term relationship....

    • T K
      T K Il y a 3 mois +6

      A. The Bride wants the MOH complete attention on her wedding day and found a loophole to exclude her long term partner. B. Just simply jealous of her MOH’s long term relationship without all wedding planning pressures and legal marriage trappings.

    • Nevertoleave
      Nevertoleave Il y a 3 mois +15

      @Eggy mma I think she’s insecure and jealous. She probably pressured the boyfriend to propose and rushed the wedding so she could beat her friend down the aisle and in her eyes win and have the more valid relationship. The people I’ve talked to who get married really fast tend to look down on long term relationships and talk about them not being valid, they’re the experts on love and marriage because they’re married

    • A. Westenholz
      A. Westenholz Il y a 3 mois +6

      @Heather Martinez Well that is the problem with all these sort of stories. They are one-sided POVs, and, intentionally or not, can be rather self-serving in what they relate. Sometimes one can tell that there is another POV, and one can usually have a good sense of what that is from what the OP accidentally lets slip or how they phrase it, but at other times there simply is nothing beyond what we've been told. I think it is always healthy to keep in mind that it may not be the whole unvarnished truth we are getting, and just take it as an interesting story. For all I know it may be complete fiction.

  • lisa foos
    lisa foos Il y a 6 mois

    Charlotte, I am so glad I found your videos. : )
    You are amazingly hilarious. I laugh every time.
    btw, can't wait to try Scent Bird. That is going to be so cool!

  • Nicole 😘✌️
    Nicole 😘✌️ Il y a 4 mois +1

    @CharlotteDobre Here’s a story for ya : A former bff asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding and I said yes. Now, I have a hard time saving money so, having been friends with her for roughly 13 years, I asked her to hang onto the $400 I was putting aside for the dress. (She said that’s how much I would need). She agreed. Fast forward several months, and it’s now a week till the wedding is supposed to take place. All the other bridesmaids have gotten their dresses, and had their fittings. Me? My dress hasn’t even arrived yet. I wasn’t panicking though because the bride knew my sizes and everything, so I figured she was taking care of it herself. Well. Fast forward to a few days before the wedding, and the news breaks that the whole thing is canceled because the bride decided to have a one night stand with an ex. Classy, right? I don’t ask for my money right away because bride is devastated over what she had done. So, being a good friend, I waited a few weeks for things to settle down and started asking for my money back. She came up with every G damn excuse in the book for why she couldn’t give me my money atm. Fast forward AGAIN, this time a few years, and I still don’t have my money so I decided to confront her. Turns out she had no intention of having me in her wedding and had used my $400 to pay for part of her dress, and her parents and siblings were in on it. Of course because it’s been a few years it’s not like I can really do anything about it. It’s been 4, maybe 5 years since then and she keeps saying shes saving up to pay me back. I’m never going to see that money again, and 13 years of friendship went down the drain because of her greed, selfishness, scheming, and lies. But somehow it’s my fault. Tell me true, am I the A.H here? 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Nicole 😘✌️
      Nicole 😘✌️ Il y a 4 mois

      @anne jia thanks hun! I didn’t think I was, but you never know 😂

    • anne jia
      anne jia Il y a 4 mois +1

      youre not💙

  • srhfitzpatrick
    srhfitzpatrick Il y a 4 mois +1

    That photographer deserves all the recommendations and all the stars. way to go above and beyond the call of duty

  • Eva Garcia
    Eva Garcia Il y a 3 mois

    To the first story👏👏👌👌
    I was in a relationship with so much toxicity as that family harrasing their son/brother/cousin's wife. Good for him for standing up for her. My ex NEVER did when it came to his sisters...only when it came to my siblings.

  • Morgan Peters
    Morgan Peters Il y a 6 mois +592

    I'm a forensic scientist and genuinely love learning about serial killers, murder, and the works (partially since it is my job) but those serial killer center pieces are a little too far for. I don't have a problem with with skulls and have them decorating my whole house, but the idea of including the people who commit these terrible terrible acts in my wedding is just sad to me. Weddings are supposed to be a happy celebration of life and love. I don't want to be thinking about all the women Bundy murdered

    • Father Ramen
      Father Ramen Il y a 4 mois +3

      Yea I also find learning about serial killers and such interesting but these kid of people take WAY to far. Listening to serial killers podcasts is perfectly fine but going as far as to have literal photos of serial killers in your wedding… why do people love romanticizing serial killers

    • ELDuPont
      ELDuPont Il y a 4 mois +3

      Agree. I didn't see all of who was there but Dahmer's crimes alone were extremely horrific! What the heck...

    • R J
      R J Il y a 5 mois +6

      @Kat Kay okay Sherlock Holmes would be so cool lol they could have a murder mystery game happening throughout the wedding with clues hidden in certain parts of the venue, etc. Did we just change the world? 😂

    • Kat Kay
      Kat Kay Il y a 5 mois +5

      @R J deadass, like the only excuse to have a serial killer themed party would be Halloween or horror, which would make sense as they are scary and horrifying, but a wedding feels like it’s romanticizing. Couldn’t they have JSUT done like crime-themed? Like Sherlock Holmes?

    • R J
      R J Il y a 6 mois +12

      I agree-- I'm fascinated by criminal psychology, but glorifying murders like this? Ick. I'd be very uncomfortable if I was a guest at that wedding. The disrespect to the victims is staggering.

  • Suzi Babcock
    Suzi Babcock Il y a 6 mois

    Wow, the level of absurdity is amazing with these people!
    My husband and I dated almost 9 years before we got married. So many people would say "if he hasn't married you yet, he's not going to!" We have now been happily married for over 42 years! Ha!

    • Suzi Babcock
      Suzi Babcock Il y a 6 mois

      Oh, my!

    • TKPS
      TKPS Il y a 6 mois

      Almost the same here. Lived together for 5 years. Then got married. Been married 35 years. I basically told him 'it's about time'. He usually leaves major decisions to me. Mind you, the last one he made was choosing new bedroom carpets a couple of years ago. Light grey. Our two cats throw up every colour except light grey. We're getting wood soon!

  • Aunty Lali
    Aunty Lali Il y a 6 mois +2

    Thing is, they went there knowing it was indecent, and that’s why it would be a test. One person, no problem, they’re being problematic and will be kindly escorted out, but this is an entire half of the family, and I doubt the dress code was white.
    I hear the argument of “oh, but she’s being insecure, she should let the guests look the best they can,” all the time.
    What I got to say is, why should you look your absolute best when you’re going to a event that is supposed to be someone else’s best day of their life? It’s not about you? Going to a wedding with intentions to look eye catching is humanly indecent, and even if the bride and groom are okay with it, doesn’t mean it isn’t selfish. Until the bride either has an absolutely expensive bejeweled dress or the dress code is white and she has a colored dress, you shouldn’t just wear white to someone’s wedding. I stand by this, and it doesn’t matter if the bride “is just being insecure” it doesn’t matter, it’s about the soon-to-be-married couple, not your need to feel glamorous or randomly wear white on someone else’s day as if you weren’t invited simply to support them.
    There’s a difference between things you can’t change, and things that are you can. What you wear is labeled under simple change, no need to make a big deal, as long as you look nice and neat your fine. No one’s going to be all eyes on you anyways if your not confident as you are Karen.

    MOMO LOL Il y a 4 mois

    The first story is just messed up I'm glad that her husband is standing up for her and had enough of their bullsh*t and aware of it. I agree it is toxic.

  • Aja
    Aja Il y a 6 mois

    Subscribed ! I've been binge watching this to get my mind off of things, girl you're hilarious ahahahaha

  • Veil Break
    Veil Break Il y a 6 mois +2

    That they all went along with it is unreal. Not one refused to do it or warned the couple what was gonna happen

  • Skull Lady Malady
    Skull Lady Malady Il y a 5 mois

    We livestreamed our wedding and I would never charge for that, lmao. We had no pro audio set up, it was a phone on a tripod (that ended up being SIDEWAYS and we were too busy to notice so everyone watched the wedding turning their head) so....yeah

  • huggledemon32
    huggledemon32 Il y a 15 jours

    Bonus points for the use of the word “execute” in the serial killer wedding post!😱🤣

  • Nin
    Nin Il y a 6 mois

    Never heard of such a childish behaving family as the one of the first groom. This day is not about THEM but about the grooms! Quite a narcissistic bully-move!

  • Simply Wonderful
    Simply Wonderful Il y a 6 mois +348

    First story: They went ahead with their plans even after lying to you and claiming they "would never do such a thing" when you confronted them. So the women in your family are misogynistic liars, too. I suspect this goes deeper, with these women simply NOT HAVING THE PROPER CLOTHES TO WEAR TO A WEDDING! It's too easy to always wear the same thing!

    • Gaurika Khosla
      Gaurika Khosla Il y a mois +2

      They're not misogynistic, they're misandrists.

    • username is unavailable
      username is unavailable Il y a 6 mois +10

      @naruhinastarr So many crazy narcissistic bullies running around these days. They spend all of their time bullying someone out side of their group. But if they didn't have that they would all turn on each other in a heart beat. I bet they all secretly hate each other too but they use that hate, band together instead, and project it onto other undeserving women. They are fake and deceiving. How do they all seem to find each other? They come together like magnets most times.

    • naruhinastarr
      naruhinastarr Il y a 6 mois +36

      Apart from being misogynistic liars, they are also gaslighters. Completely gaslighting their family member (the groom). Tactics of what narcissists do