Entitled People That Are On Another Level - REACTION

  • Ajoutée 27 juin 2020
  • Entitled People That Are On Another Level - REACTION
    Hey guys! Today on my channel we are reacting to some more entitled people! Entitled people posts are some of my favourite to react to on this channel.
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  • Lisa PPhoenix
    Lisa PPhoenix Il y a an +2948

    I was treated so rudely when I was pregnant with my twins, even by nurses, because they thought I was a teenager. I was 28 and married. One person actually said I should be ashamed for being a pregnant unwed child. I let her have it while showing my ring and offering my id then told her she should be ashamed for treating someone that way and being a judgmental bitch.

    • Alex Blaze
      Alex Blaze Il y a 11 jours

      @Mia Katharine Myers no I’m not a doctor, I’m a nurse. But trust me when I say patients tell alleged “war stories” of their supposed horrible treatment every day. While the occasional story is true, about 95% of them are just contrived to get attention from others.

    • Mia Katharine Myers
      Mia Katharine Myers Il y a 11 jours

      @Alex Blaze “I’ve never seen it, so it can’t possibly have happened!” I honestly hope you aren’t a doctor and people’s lives don’t depend on you, because the lack of empathy and intelligence these comments show is genuinely shocking.

    • Alex Blaze
      Alex Blaze Il y a 15 jours

      @Carly Hughes nah, I identified as a woman on the day I made that comment so I could not have been mansplaining.

    • Carly Hughes
      Carly Hughes Il y a 15 jours


  • Linda LLAP
    Linda LLAP Il y a 11 mois +564

    I agree about the photographers having a hard time. When my daughter married we invited the photographer to the whole day. This included the sit down meal and the evening roast. (Where he was a guest not doing anything but enjoying himself with the other guests) He was overwhelmed. He said he had never EVER been treated so well. Most he had ever had was a sandwich at the bar!!
    Side note. My daughter had the BEST photographs. He is an excellent photographer (hence why he was chosen) but went out of his way to do some of the most stunning photos. We are still in touch with the photographer who has constantly said it was his best wedding ever! Not just because we treated him so well but what a fun time he had and how happy everyone was.
    Moral of this tale. Treat people as you would wish to be treated yourself with kindness and respect.

    • Carol R
      Carol R Il y a 5 mois +1

      So true! I do that for everyone doing work for me/us and have never been disappointed! And my H was a perfectionist (but also a kind and generous man). I mean, making a pot of Sunday sauce so the guys doing work all week inside had hot meals (and when I figured they might get sick of lasagna, stuffed shells, every day, coming up with something else), muffins I made before they showed up in the a.m., selection of soft drinks, coffee pot kept full, etc. SEEMS a little over the top but not only was the work done well, I received great estimates for other stuff... One landscaper said MANY people won't even let the guys on the deck at all, let alone serve muffins, coffee and cold bottles of soda up there and encourage them to sit down (deck had built-in benches so I didn't have to worry about dirt on the chair cushions which I DID remove)...Tree fell on my tool shed and house during Hurricane Irene (and everyone wanted $1K and up just to bring it down, not even cut it up and dump the wood), the estimate was so low H gave them the stuff in the shed, like tractor, leaf shredder I wasn't going to use anymore anyway PLUS $200 more because he felt bad! Other estimates also were just so good

    • winnetouch
      winnetouch Il y a 10 mois +22

      We had the same attitude at our wedding. He was someone we already knew from other circles and he knew a couple of people at the wedding but I would have treated him the same either way.

  • Crazi-cat-ladi
    Crazi-cat-ladi Il y a 11 mois +392

    Keep your opinions about strangers to yourself, this is 1 reason why, A friend & her sister & i was on the bus a few years ago. 1 friend was only 15 (looked 12) & 8mths pregnant & felt really unwell. I asked if anybody could vacate their seat for her please in the seats reserved for pregnant, disabled & elderly people. This woman (approx 30's) went on a rant calling my friend awful names because she was pregnant. I ended up loosing my s**t with her & putting her in her place.
    My friend was pregnant because she was held against her will for 2 days & awful things were done to her. She decided to go through with the pregnancy & put her baby up for adoption. The hardest decision she'll ever have to make during the most traumatic time of her life.
    So unless you have something nice to say then don't say it at all, keep it to yourself. You don't know other peoples lives.

    • R. B.
      R. B. Il y a 2 mois +2

      @eissa art you're right. Its best to follow the lead of a person. If they don't mention their pregnancy, focus on something else.

    • Crazi-cat-ladi
      Crazi-cat-ladi Il y a 3 mois +1

      @Cathy Homan I'm sorry you have to deal with that, kit's not fair & unacceptable. I'm not familiar with laws relating to disability in USA. There are other things i can advise you on if you'd like. I also have my qualifications in community services (like a social worker) & that's 1 of the reasons i'm so passionate about people being empowered & standing up for themselves because I've seen so many people being let down by the system, the govt agencies mostly that depend on people not knowing their rights to make their jobs easier. If you'd like to talk more about with me my email is on my channel under about. we may be able to help each other with our individual experiences & knowledge that comes from it & general support. If not i hope you find what you need.

    • Cathy Homan
      Cathy Homan Il y a 3 mois +2

      @Crazi-cat-ladi here (USA) the bus driver is required to ask people to move(per federal law) but can’t force them. The issue is the bus driver not doing there job. I have spoken to the ADA rep and he basically told me I was full of it. I have taken this to the county level because that’s who manages the mass transit where I live. It all falls on deaf ears. Even when I go to the main office for transit and I can’t get past the front door because of stairs and the accessible entrance is locked due to Covid. I’ve gone to the state level and they push me back to county level. The blessing in disguise is during Covid I have had a lot less issues due to massive drop in ridership. But it’s picking up again and I’m worried.

    • Crazi-cat-ladi
      Crazi-cat-ladi Il y a 3 mois +4

      @Cathy Homan As someone who is also disabled with an assistance dog & sometimes needs the use of mobility devices, I've had my fair share of judgment & bullying to & so has my dog, i will not stand by & say nothing when someone is being a bully especially while they are breaking the rules such as, entrance onto a bus or train. So no i wont get over it.
      Here in NSW Australia the signs above those seats on busses & trains clearly say they are reserved for people with disabilities, the elderly AND pregnant women & its also a condition of entry onto the bus or train that if you are an abled bodied person you must vacate the seat if any of those people ask for or need those seats even when no other seats are available, if you refuse, on a bus in this case, the driver has the right to kick you off the bus. I would assume though that those of us with mobility devices & assistance dogs would have priority to those seats for the obvious reasons. But that day there was no people with mobility devices needing those seats.
      My advice from 1 person with disabilities to another, don't take shit from bullies. Empower & stand up for yourself & your rights to not be treated like crap. Use your words well, you can use your knowledge & experience to educate a bully as a comeback at the same time it's as also saying i'm not taking your shit & what you're doing/saying is wrong without being, immature & nasty. If you can do it in that way, it often leaves the bully somewhat embarrassed by being called out in front of other people & they often have no comeback because they know your right & they know everyone around knows you're right & they know they now look like an asshole. They don't expect to be confronted because they rely on making people feel bad about themselves. An example would be, when someone's is an asshole to you, you could reply with, i can't help that i have a disability but i can choose who i am as a person & i choose not to be an ignorant person who judges someone for what they have no control over or how they look. I suggest you go & educate yourself on what it is that bothers you so much so it's not so confronting, uncomfortable & upsetting next time you come across someone with a disability & i also suggest that you talk to someone who can help you to understand & heal with what it is inside of you that makes you feel you need to be mean to strangers.
      I often reply with that or something very similar to bullies & only a few times out of sooooooo many do they try to continue to be an asshole. Although when someone targets my dog, i don't tend to be so nice, over protective fur mumma comes out. I know it's a long reply but i'm very passionate about anti bullying & advocating for people to be self empowered.

    • Crazi-cat-ladi
      Crazi-cat-ladi Il y a 3 mois +3

      @krisdiane I'm so sorry for your loss xx. Someone i know broke down every time someone in public congratulated her & asked about her baby during her pregnancy, unfortunately her baby was not compatible with life & wouldn't survive outside the womb & she chose to end her pregnancy because she couldn't keep going through that every time she left the house. I'm assuming what she felt may have been similar to how you felt. Not to mention that so many strangers thinks another strangers pregnancy is their business. Just goes to show we don't know anything about strangers & most people just make assumptions.

  • Kayenne54
    Kayenne54 Il y a 11 mois +1539

    "If you're 16 and pregnant...just stand there and think about what you did"...yep. all by myself. A MIRACLE!!!

    • L. W.
      L. W. Il y a mois

      @Hazel Angus thank you. Well said.

    • L. W.
      L. W. Il y a mois

      @Jennifer Hermann hey, hey, I have a lovely son I adopted as an infant from a 16year old birth mom - almost 30 years old now. Back down.

    • Gareth Rowe
      Gareth Rowe Il y a 2 mois +1

      Still makes them entitled for expecting someone else to give something up for them because they are performing a very common biological process.

    • Sannie
      Sannie Il y a 3 mois

      @Lisa Lemay 🤔🤔...okay...

    • Lisa Lemay
      Lisa Lemay Il y a 3 mois

      @Sannie morals don’t care what year it is.

  • Victor Vera
    Victor Vera Il y a an +1697

    In regards to the homeless man saying he's vegan. I once met a homeless man that approached me when I was in my car. I had just come out of walmart, so I was at their parking lot. I had bought a pound of chicken wings and three boxes of the sushi they sell there. That was going to be my lunch and I was starving. As I'm starting my car, the man approaches me and tells me he just got out of jail and hadn't eaten anything in many days. I offered him some of my sushi and he just makes the biggest disgusted face and says, "What is that, fish?". I tell him they're California Rolls and he can have them if he wanted them. He just says, "No, I don't eat fish". Then he says, "Are those buffalo wings I smell?". I was already annoyed at the guy because he said he hadn't eaten in many days, but stands there and refuses what I offered him. I tell him, "Yeah, its wings. I just got them, fresh". He says, "Aight, I'll take that bag off your hands". I tell him I can give him like 10 or so, but I'm also hungry and I hadn't eaten anything all day. He just rolls his eyes and says, "Nah, I'll pass. I wanted the whole bag. What is that, two pounds of chicken wings?". I tell him its just one pound and he says, "Nah, man, one pound won't fill me up. Later man" and just leaves. I just want to know how you can be homeless and starving, but have the audacity to turn down food just because its not exactly what you expected?

    • KimCM67
      KimCM67 Il y a 2 jours

      @Silver Bat Eating disorders do not randomly occur because someone is actually starving due to unavailability to food; it is a psychological disorder where they choose to avoid food through starvation, take copious amounts of laxatives or purge their food.

    • KimCM67
      KimCM67 Il y a 2 jours

      @Steve Marshall Those are people who actually want alcohol or drug money.

    • Mary C
      Mary C Il y a 5 jours

      Gotta be honest dude. I wouldn’t eat sushi even if I was starving either 😂

    • Paylay
      Paylay  Il y a 7 jours

      Umm California rolls don’t have fish🤦‍♀️

    • Emma Zèle
      Emma Zèle Il y a 10 jours

      Happen to me once, an homeless girl ask me for one cigarette, she took the half of my rolling box, I just tell her not too, I'm also young and don't have a job so I can't. I felt so mean to her but she just abuse so much and I'm sick that it's always me that get asked but I'm still a student and can't do anything, I'll be poor too If I gave that much to everyone.
      Another get to ask me too, but I didn't had anything and I told him that I was a student, He told me that I still have more than him, I was like yes but surely people who get jobs are well more wealthier

  • Patti Peters
    Patti Peters Il y a an +1019

    If you don’t feed the photographers at your wedding you are not a nice person.

    • Henny van Veldhuizen
      Henny van Veldhuizen Il y a mois

      We had a three day wedding, our photographer and tourbus driver that took is to all the venues, sat in on all food and had a room on the estate to themselves including roomservice and breakfast
      They were both lovely and told us about having to eat at gasstations and sleeping in seedy motels, even for high end weddings

    • Rhianna Alexander
      Rhianna Alexander Il y a 6 mois

      @smell the air I've catered to a great many weddings over numerous years and only ever had one or two where we weren't asked to feed the photographers, imma go out on a limb and say you are not someone who photographs weddings professionally

    • Kameryn
      Kameryn Il y a 6 mois

      @tomkellycartoons if you’re somewhere working ALL day (because weddings go on all day long) on your feet, running around, fulfilling every photo request, the photographer deserves some food. It’s just common kindness. Nobody said you had to be a guest and mingle to get a plate.

    • Patti Peters
      Patti Peters Il y a 6 mois

      @tomkellycartoons What’s a feee-lancer?

    • Patti Peters
      Patti Peters Il y a 6 mois +1

      @tomkellycartoons He swings and he misses! I am not really sure what you’re referring to. I am not a photographer of any means nor am I in any service industry. But I have organized both my daughters’s wedding so I am speaking from the other side. I just think that people should be nice to other people even if they are getting paid and working for them. Better luck next time, thanks for playing. 👍

  • burning4rmwithin
    burning4rmwithin Il y a 11 mois +131

    When I was dating in college, my profile states that I'm a broke student, and that I can't afford a fancy date. I said that I can afford my own coffee, but not lobster. So if you're gonna ask me out to a fancy dinner, I'll order what I can afford but hell no I ain't splitting half for your lobster and steak. (I'm a girl BTW). I had to be specific on my profile since I had guys wanting to take me to fancy places and expect me to split the bill. Needless to say, it helps to be spell things out sometimes. I'm a cheap date. But yes, it is nice if a guy offers to pay for my $3 tea.

    • Penguin Vic
      Penguin Vic Il y a 2 mois +2

      Dear burning4rmwithin, I must be old-fashioned because when ever I asked someone out I offered to pay. After all, I was the “asker”. Then again I tended not to go to expensive places and I always thought a coffee date a first up acceptable gambit. In return I never asked for much save that they either were happy or at least faked it. I never thought for a moment that buying someone a meal meant I could automatically leap on their bones.
      Then again for a long time Intended to date (adult) students who tend to be on the broke side, and I’m a little sentimental about struggling students.
      But I would never stoop to inviting someone out to a flash place them lumber them with half the bill, especially for a first date.

    • aeoli garlic
      aeoli garlic Il y a 5 mois +4

      Well yeah i think it's reasonable to pay for your own meals. What I didn't know is that splitting the bill meant as including the price of the fancy meal divided in two 😱

  • Bri P
    Bri P Il y a 10 mois +183

    About the vegan beggar thing:
    When I was a kid, maybe about 10 years old, my mother decided we were all "vegetarian" (we ate fish and were actually pescatarian but she didn't know there was a word for that, this was in the early 2000s.) No choice for us kids, mom's decided. About 6 months to a year later, she decided she was tired of cooking vegetarian and suddenly introduced meat back into our diet, again, without our choice. It made my sister and I both VERY sick, to the point of nearly vomiting, having to go to bed, et cetera.
    If the homeless guy is vegan, eating a non-vegan meal could very well do him more harm than good.

    • Tinyfată
      Tinyfată Il y a 2 mois

      @aeoli garlic Who the hell pays 4 bucks per cupcake?

    • Amanda
      Amanda Il y a 4 mois +1

      Completely!!!! Once you clean up your diet go vegan you really get sick eating just anything off that diet because it was such a clean diet

    • alice ichigo
      alice ichigo Il y a 4 mois +4

      You can tell who eats meat and who doesn’t based on the comments 😂

    • Hannabeth
      Hannabeth Il y a 4 mois +3

      😂😂😂 this is so funny. Yeah sure, if he wants to not eat he can be fussy - just me, but I think if you’re living on the streets you take what you can get so you don’t starve, you appreciate what’s given to you, and you don’t act so entitled.

    • Sophia Maria
      Sophia Maria Il y a 4 mois +2

      Agreed. Food allergys are a Real thing

  • Mijazu
    Mijazu Il y a an +776

    the "free" wedding photographer, I would take the job, then I would spend the whole day shooting, ad at the end I would tell her "oh my god...I forgot to insert a card in my camera" 😂😂😂

    • scorpioallyssa
      scorpioallyssa Il y a mois


    • Daniel Westerberg
      Daniel Westerberg Il y a mois

      Ther were no demands in that post about delivering any photos. My thought was. Sure I'll do it, then agter sje can by any photos she wants and I'll take payment equalling a full day photography and whatever charges for individual photos and/or prints.

    • Y Jeun
      Y Jeun Il y a 10 mois +6

      I will take pictures of anything and everyone but her 😂

    • elanthys
      elanthys Il y a 10 mois +8

      Or just show up at the wedding (no fees makes it pretty informal, no paperwork right?), take a shitload of great photos, and just never deliver the photos afterwards. No contract, no obligations.

    • Mr. Harrow
      Mr. Harrow Il y a 10 mois +3

      @Ana Ribau and every kind of artists too. That's weird, whenever i go to some shop, food or water is marked with "$,£,¥,€" but i never found food with an "exposure" symbol.
      But at least when someone Ask for something and don't want to pay, we can draw something to ashame them a bit.

  • Kaylee Gridley
    Kaylee Gridley Il y a 11 mois +547

    Dude I'm disabled. Like cannot stand for more than 15 mins a time without being in pain. I had a guy come up and told me to give him my seat on the bus bc he was older (by like 10 years) so I did. I had to stand for 4 HOURS IN TRAFFIC. Also I just got off and airplane and had to hold both big ass bags. I didn't complain. But from now on I've learned my lesson and made my scoliosis XRay my screen saver just in case anyone tries to challenge me. I REALLY don't like confrontation... idk why I said this. That 1st post really brought up a lot of angst. Lol. Enjoy!!

    • Kaylee Gridley
      Kaylee Gridley Il y a 2 mois +1

      @H F same with me. I always feel like I should put others in more need before me. And I usually end up suffering for it. Sorry you deal with this situation too.

    • Lisa Lemay
      Lisa Lemay Il y a 3 mois +1

      Kaylee you’re a sweetheart! I’d let you sit and hold your bags! Don’t let the world change you, it needs people like you!

    • Carol R
      Carol R Il y a 5 mois +1

      I started carrying my cane with me for the same reason, even when I might have been able to make do without it on some 'good' days

    • Cathy Homan
      Cathy Homan Il y a 5 mois

      So much Abel-ism. It needs to stop

    • Amber Waves
      Amber Waves Il y a 6 mois +3

      I suffer from chronic pain due to blown out ankles and knees and a bad back from injuries/accidents and once had a bus driver refuse to drive until I specifically (no one else sitting) vacated a seat upfront for a senior because I looked too young to need it. I even said I was disabled and she didn't care. I ended up standing for part of the long ride, found a seat eventually again, but I was humiliated and upset because I had a bag that was heavy too. I let her have it when I got off the bus and filed a complaint. I know it's hard and I dislike confrontation too. I suggest earbuds and making like you don't hear people even if you do. You should never have to suffer like that. You have just as much right to that seat as anyone else. Invisible disabilities are real and I get very upset when people don't understand. I'm so so sorry.

  • Savah Bejin
    Savah Bejin Il y a 11 mois +50

    We were in Hawaii back in 2005 for our wedding anniversary. At a luau, this woman kept annoying me but I didn’t let her know it did. I was very nice to her since she was there with her husband and three children. At the end of the night, she said to me, “you need to take a picture of my family. You’ll do it, right!?” She was very condescending. I smiled and said, “sure.” She gave me her camera and as they got into place and smiled big, I zoomed in on her husband and took his picture since he actually rolled his eyes at her. Wish I could have seen her face when she got the pictures developed. What a bitch. (This was the old days when we used regular cameras.).

    • Insane Edoko
      Insane Edoko Il y a 5 mois

      Even though any camera today is great

    • Insane Edoko
      Insane Edoko Il y a 5 mois

      I bet those cameras were awesome looking! Even though I have a gut feeling I’ve seen one before, but still they must have been great to use!

  • Jackson Bauer
    Jackson Bauer Il y a 10 mois +375

    Uhhh, alcohol isn’t something you “believe” in or don’t. FACT: Alcohol exists regardless of your beliefs.

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt Il y a 4 mois +2

      @Holly Huffstutler finally someone with a brain!! Stay woke people!!

    • SuprM
      SuprM Il y a 6 mois +2

      @tomkellycartoons yeah, and involuntary praying. Tell me you'd want to live through that sober.

    • tomkellycartoons
      tomkellycartoons Il y a 6 mois

      How sad that you can’t have fun unless alcohol is served

    • Immortal SoFar
      Immortal SoFar Il y a 9 mois +5

      A friend of mine who thought she was a Mormon (until later when they supported anti-LGBTQ legislation) asked me not to tell her spoilers for Doctor Who because she was waiting for it to come on BBC America and didn't believe in illegal downloads.
      I pretended to look puzzled and said, "No, they do exist. I can show you if you like?" She and hubby were trying not to laugh and tow the official "not amused, how dare you mock faith" line. I guess that was the point I knew they were trying to hard to be what they weren't. That and the fact that it turned out she loved our gag gift on the birth of their baby - the ABC of elder gods. "A is for Azeroth, who guards the gates of Hell." Her older daughter told her she was going to have to stop reading it to the baby before it was old enough to understand the words!

  • RomanNöd
    RomanNöd Il y a an +673

    If my parents would get me any car and I would push it into a river because I don’t like it, they would probably get it retrieved just to sit me inside it and push it back in again

  • Brendan Mc
    Brendan Mc Il y a an +2996

    Employer: ''Why does your commitment only lasts during work hours.''
    Employee: ''Why does your pay only last during work hours?''

    • tomkellycartoons
      tomkellycartoons Il y a 6 mois

      Why are you still working there?

    • Sherio88
      Sherio88 Il y a 10 mois +1

      right? If they want us to care outside of work hours, they can make us salary and give us all the benefits that come with that.

    • Steve Shideler
      Steve Shideler Il y a 11 mois

      @Lon Wof minimum skills = minimum pay

    • Miao Wei
      Miao Wei Il y a 11 mois

      @OneWhoDreamsAwake leave or sue to get settlement

  • Vypr
    Vypr Il y a an +125

    For those "free photographer" leeches, I would show up, eat my own food, drink my own drink, and take the most amazing pictures of my life.
    I would then cover all the proofs with watermarks, show them, and tell them " the photographs are free, you must pay me to remove each watermark from each picture.

  • Sydney Sikes
    Sydney Sikes Il y a 10 mois +148

    That homeless person may have allergies or health conditions that requires them to eat that type of diet just because they are homeless doesn’t mean they don’t have medical conditions, health conditions, religion, allergies etc.

    • Kit Fisto
      Kit Fisto Il y a 3 mois

      Then don't be a beggar.

    • jess merritt
      jess merritt Il y a 5 mois +3

      @Makayla Byron you do realize people can be vegan because of allergies right? Or religious belief plus if they are vegan for a long time it could make them sick to suddenly change their diet

    • The Real Nancy Bee
      The Real Nancy Bee Il y a 5 mois +1

      Leave the food choices out of the equation and look at the attitude.

    • Anita Dimaya
      Anita Dimaya Il y a 5 mois

      @u know who don't you? Accurate!!

    • Diana Aristizábal
      Diana Aristizábal Il y a 6 mois +3

      I agree with the homeless guy, 💚🌱 Being Vegan is an ethical point of view, NOT a diet, period. Some people believe in justice and no animals should be treated as food, objects. And a big misconception is that being vegan is expensive. IS NOT. LITERALLY IS CHEAPER that consuming dead bodies. If you like to spend money in processed products then is expensive. But grains and vegetables are not. People should at least do some research before speaking about a topic.

  • the webbsisodes
    the webbsisodes Il y a 11 mois +16

    I was a manger at a Pizza Hut. My cook had a seizure, hit his head on the oven when he fell back and was halfway under the oven. You can see right back into the kitchen. People were yelling at us because they had to wait for their pizza until the EMT's got him out.

    • LaurenTiare
      LaurenTiare Il y a 10 mois +1

      Holy hell, that sounds horrifying! I hope the cook is safe and unharmed

    • SETJ 23
      SETJ 23 Il y a 11 mois

      Oh my god! Was he ok?? Poor guy 😮

  • Jen Oween
    Jen Oween Il y a 7 mois +8

    Lost it on the entitled moms one. I'm a mom and I don't expect special treatment and I'm happy to mock those who do.

  • Flo L.
    Flo L. Il y a an +54

    The one about the homeless man made me kinda mad. He didn't say to buy him something else... He said he didn't want it. That's his right! Nothing entitled about that. Actually If you think, just because a person is homeless they have to be grateful about your leftovers... I know who's the A**hole in that story.

    • Victoria Murcia
      Victoria Murcia Il y a mois


    • Camila
      Camila Il y a 6 mois +10

      Agree. Besides veganism isn't just about food, it has to do with someone's beliefs

  • Sequin Cook
    Sequin Cook Il y a an +80

    When it comes to dates, I think who ever asked pays. If he asks, he pays, if I ask, I pay. If we're just hanging out and randomly decide to get food, then either of us pay and the other person pays the next time. It's about balance. I can't assume a guy can afford to pay for a date right then if he agrees to going out if I was the one who asked.

    • XSweetie ShadowX
      XSweetie ShadowX Il y a mois

      My bf pays most of the time when we eat out, but we rarely eat out anyway because most of the time we eat at home. However if it’s something I really want then I obviously pay for it & I do the same for him if he wants something.

    • Jess
      Jess Il y a 3 mois

      I also agree!! I was reading through the comments to see what others thought. I think if a man asks me out, he should pay. If I ask him out (which I have done), then I pay. And I’ve had “hang outs” where we each pay our own meal and the bill isn’t split “evenly in half”- we pay for what we consumed.

    • Kat Kay
      Kat Kay Il y a 5 mois +1

      @Fae Valentine excuse me? What does someone’s gender have to do with who pays? The idea that the man should always pay comes from super sexist roots and a lot of women find it degrading. 50/50 is not a scam, it’s fair.

    • Fae Valentine
      Fae Valentine Il y a 9 mois +3

      If a guy can’t pay then he shouldn’t be dating. 50/50 for women is a scam. You just have a roommate that’s wasting your time.

    • john doe
      john doe Il y a 11 mois

      @Dana Michelle you mean *are?

  • DarkRubberDucky
    DarkRubberDucky Il y a 10 mois +40

    When Target first started opening for the first hour for older people or those with medical issues, I was a former employee at the store and the security guy saw me in line and let me go in the first hour. I asked him why, and he said he remembered I had an autoimmune disorder (it has the *possiblity* to kill me if it reaches my lungs). I told him he knew I was okay, though, right. He said he did, but said he didn't mind. It was so sweet. I never planned to or have used this as a reason to skip lines or not wear a mask (because that's stupid), but I thought it was great of him.
    So hearing people DEMAND special treatment for just breathing is frustrating knowing people who are in terrible circumstances health wise.

  • Breanna Deal
    Breanna Deal Il y a 11 mois +17

    Kind of related to the pregnant post you read: a few years ago I went to the store to get Plan B after a "malfunction in birth control" and I got the dirtiest look from the pharmacist while I checked out. I can only assume it's because I barely look 25 at my current age and back then I probably looked like a teenager.
    In my head I punched her with my left hand so she could get an up close look at my wedding ring.

  • Marie Knight
    Marie Knight Il y a an +21

    Wow, how entitled can you be that you don't want a parent to leave his own child the estate they're entitled to inherit?

    • Rose C
      Rose C Il y a 9 mois +2

      A gold digger that originally was planning on killing her husband after the ink was dry, but now has to figure out how to get rid of two people.

  • gammaraider
    gammaraider Il y a 10 mois +9

    "they're good, but I don't like that their commitment lasts for work hours only"
    Gotta love how employers are rigid in their enforcement of contracts when it benefits them, but expect their employees to be flexible in return. You're always expected to do a little extra, to go above and beyond out of loyalty for the company. But it's always a one-way street.

  • Sailorperson
    Sailorperson Il y a 10 mois +8

    Once offered a homeless guy some donuts I had just bought. He said "no thanks, but you can bless me with your phone number" I almost spat out my coffee.

  • Kazimira Wolf
    Kazimira Wolf Il y a 11 mois +71

    How do y'all comfortably *demand* money from random people and 'friends'? I'll *ask* for $8 and if they have it they kindly let me borrow. If they can't spare it, they say that and we move on lmao

    • Bluesapphire
      Bluesapphire Il y a 11 mois +1

      And how do they all so brazenly put their photos on those ridiculous social media demand???
      I won´t be able to face people I knew (or even going out from my room) from embarassment if I posted those entitled money demand with my face and name clearly visible.

    • Julia Runn
      Julia Runn Il y a 11 mois +1

      Honestly tho! I’d request it kindly if I absolutely had to and would have the intention of paying them back.

  • Jessica Pinkett
    Jessica Pinkett Il y a an +672

    Is anyone else so proud of Charlotte without having met her? lol. Like the success and momentum she is gaining on FRclip is SOOOO REFRESHING! Definitely look forward to every upload! #TeamCharlotte

    • Jess Cam
      Jess Cam Il y a an


    • Joe Ziroli
      Joe Ziroli Il y a an +1

      Its my first time watching her and wont be my last.I also love her expressions.also very easy on the EYES!!!

    • girlstalkinsmack
      girlstalkinsmack Il y a an +1

      Its nice to see sweet comments like this on the internet, especially youtube. And yes I agree -- good for Charlotte!

    • Marcelline Choisne
      Marcelline Choisne Il y a an

      @Veronica Escobedo good idea, i put adblock off!just now and just for my potato queen!

    • Marcelline Choisne
      Marcelline Choisne Il y a an


  • Matthew Richard
    Matthew Richard Il y a 10 mois +29

    "But you just press a button!"
    Literally the only person I have done something like event work for free was my own sister and it was her wedding since she knew I didn't have much in the way of money or time to put towards her wedding day at the time. But it was funny interacting with guests that didn't know I was also the brother of the bride not just a photographer and treated me like I was "the help" and shamed me for mingling or something. Even though it was made clear by my sister to the guests it was a small, cheap, backyard wedding (and it really was) where the whole wedding was done and worked by close friends and family (plus bride and groom) offering services either for free or for just cost of materials. Literally my sister did the wedding on a budget of about $15 000 this way. Best part was when she started posting the pictures after I sent her the raw image files to put up the next day for people to see, and people where telling her to demand a refund or sue me for my work. Before I could even reply my sister had already put them on blast telling them; I did it for free of charge, these where only raw images not the professional edits, explained they are insane if they think somehow a photographer could edit over 1000 pictures with in 24 hours of the event; I was so proud of her! lol

    • Cleverly Blonde
      Cleverly Blonde Il y a 9 mois +4

      See, I love it when we siblings and cousins can get along! :)

  • Sara
    Sara Il y a an +131

    A girl I went to HS with was always posting things like "my baby has a doctors apt tomorrow in a different town. Need a ride at 11am must have 2 car seats hmu if you are interested" um what? Lol 😂

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt Il y a 4 mois

      @Rachel Powers obviously it does

    • Kat Kay
      Kat Kay Il y a 5 mois +3

      Deadass. I know a girl and she had a baby at 16, which i do not judge her for. What I DO judge her for, is constantly posting on her story asking ppl to babysit for free

    • Sara
      Sara Il y a 11 mois +2

      @Nina Padula she wanted rides to parks, to grocery stores to her parents house stuff like that :) and I should mention that for the most part she always got the rides. Some people just like to help.

    • Nina Padula
      Nina Padula Il y a 11 mois +1

      But why so many rides in so many areas at a specific time…? That’s so bizarre lol

    • E.K Liadon
      E.K Liadon Il y a 11 mois +5

      That’s such a strange way to ask for a ride. x.x

  • gerontius1934able
    gerontius1934able Il y a an +67

    I was once at a Bar getting myself a Drink when someone i knew came over to me to talk, out of politeness i asked them if they would like a Drink, they said no thankyou i have one but i'll take the Money instead. They didnt get the Money.

    • gerontius1934able
      gerontius1934able Il y a 11 mois

      @Jordan Like The River yep, you can say that again. lol

    • Jordan Like The River
      Jordan Like The River Il y a 11 mois

      @gerontius1934able I believe it, but that's just crazy!

    • gerontius1934able
      gerontius1934able Il y a 11 mois +2

      @Jordan Like The River It does but it actually happened, the cheek of it.

    • Jordan Like The River
      Jordan Like The River Il y a 11 mois

      Sounds like a joke

    • gerontius1934able
      gerontius1934able Il y a 11 mois +3

      @David Solomon Not exactly like a Madman but i did laugh, they saw nothing wrong in asking for the money, some people. lol

  • Tasha Bryan
    Tasha Bryan Il y a an +31

    I would LOVE a future wife with your level of sarcasm. Deadass cracks me up.

  • B Real
    B Real Il y a 9 mois +4

    Charlotte- I love when you just bluntly state the truth.
    “Go to the grocery store and make your own fuckin dinner if you can’t afford to eat out.”
    I would subscribe twice if I could.

  • Nicel Niwel
    Nicel Niwel Il y a 10 mois +21

    The Person asking to be introduced at least wants to pay.
    Everybody else is expecting things for free🤷‍♀️😅

  • realmoses1
    realmoses1 Il y a an +55

    I would not date any woman that uses words like "baby daddy's"

  • Kelly Reilly
    Kelly Reilly Il y a 11 mois +5

    This is the first video I’ve ever watched where they didn’t “quack” out her cursing. I love it! That earned a subscribe!!! 😂❤️

  • Super BernieCat
    Super BernieCat Il y a 10 mois +52

    Being vegan is only expensive if you buy expensive food. I spend way less on my vegan diet than I did when I ate meat. Also would you tell a homeless person who was lactose intolerant that they had to eat the cheese sandwich you bought them and be grateful for it? Wrong take Charlotte

  • Joker
    Joker Il y a an +14

    had a match on tinder with this chick ages ago her bio said she wants someone that will take spontaneous trips for 3 months n shit then i wrote her and asked how tf she can afford to go on vacation for 3 months and she just deadass told me she got rich parents... i picked the wrong job i need rich parents

  • Cheyenne Mundy
    Cheyenne Mundy Il y a 11 mois +2

    That one about local restaurants needing to offer discounts, ugh!!!! I just got pizza ordered through delivery, and the driver was ecstatic because I gave him his first tip of the day. One $4 tip for his entire day so far! People not tipping is one of my pet peeves, and I have a very long list about the treatment of food service and retail employees, because so many people are a**holes to them. Tip your waitstaff and delivery drivers, put your shopping carts in the return, and treat cashiers (actually all employees) with kindness and RESPECT! I've worked in food service myself, and have seen some awful people. I had one woman (a Christian woman just out of church during the Sunday rush at that, as she was still wearing her church clothes) flip out on me because I, get this, wouldn't separate her two slices of pizza WITH MY BARE HANDS. All because I told her I wouldn't violate the health code and that I would have to go to the kitchen for food service gloves, she said it was horrible service and had everyone in the restaurant staring at her, while myself and another waitress tried to calm her down, and finally the manager had to stop doing his paperwork and come out to the lobby. I sit and wonder now, if she still wants food service workers to touch her food with bare hands now that Covid has happened.

  • valerie thomas
    valerie thomas Il y a 11 mois +3

    The couple at the restaurant reminds me of when I was an EMT. We got called to a house that was hosting a Christmas party. The poor patient was elderly, collapsed on the floor and had vomited. Party goers were literally stepping over him while sipping drinks! No one gave two shits about the poor man.

    • Eva Berry
      Eva Berry Il y a 4 mois

      That's extremely sad

  • David Roddick
    David Roddick Il y a an +860

    I'm amazed that so many people have the attitude that, "You can afford it and I can't, therefore you should buy it for me."

    • Addie-Eileen Paige
      Addie-Eileen Paige Il y a 7 mois +1

      Regardless if you're rich or not, that is HARD EARNED MONEY!!! That person was being more than generous. If you can't 't afford to go, then don't go.

    • Donald Oehl
      Donald Oehl Il y a an +2

      It's called "Freelance Socialism"

    • Connie Newman
      Connie Newman Il y a an +3

      My best friend dated a stupid girl that wanted him to buy her a new car and a new house just because he made 6K. Mind you he was already paying for all the meals and entertainment plus buying her food for the week. She was always saying to him "but you make over 100,000 per year." She also wanted him to pay for her kids vacations. lol

    • ShiroTheHiro
      ShiroTheHiro Il y a an +3

      @Michell Waterman isn't it insane!? The people who only call when they need something. They're the WORST.
      It's like - hey guys, we didn't magically change overnight, if anything we have gotten MORE giving to your broke asses because now, we have the ability to and WANT to support our friends! But because you're jealous of success and work ethic, you're going to be a terrible people. I sometimes think if I were in that position and was broke and had a friend/family become successful, I'd be gracious as hell for anything given to me and want to be closer to hopefully learn what they did and help myself succeed.
      I'm glad (but sad) that you can relate, even worse it's your family. At least we can be friends that won't try and mooch and shit talk each other. ;) lol

    • Michell Waterman
      Michell Waterman Il y a an +6

      @ShiroTheHiro I feel this SO MUCH.
      When my husband and I became successful business owners (after years of literal destitute hell) both our families wanted nothing to do with us because we were, “too good for them.” We remember where we came from, and didn’t want that life for our children 🤷🏼‍♀️
      They only ever talk to us when they want something.

  • BlackKnight
    BlackKnight Il y a an +40

    I'm gonna agree with most of these except the vegan one. I'm not gonna ask someone to compromise their ethics and be grateful for what I choose to give them because they are down on their luck. Many people are homeless due to no fault of their own and they should still be treated with dignity. Plant based/"vegan" food is one of the cheapest ways to eat - grains, beans, legumes etc being some of the least expensive food items you can buy especially compared to meat. Obviously there are exceptions if you live in an area where food selection is limited. As for a vegan meal you can buy a veggie sub from subway for the same price as a meat one making it a great option if you want to gift a meal to someone in need! It's a simple thing you can do for someone who is already going through a horrible situation.

    • Pauloh
      Pauloh Il y a 5 mois +2

      You are kind!

  • Jennifer Wilson
    Jennifer Wilson Il y a 11 mois +17

    Omg. This makes me embarrassed to be an upcoming bride. I was blessed enough that my MIL bought me an amazing gown and I'm marrying the man of my dreams. No, not all brides are like that dammit. It is not "your day"! So many people put themselves out for your wedding. And, did y'all forget that there's your husband there, too? Isn't it a day for him as well? Ugh.

    • George D.
      George D. Il y a 11 mois +1

      I hope your wedding was/will be very beautiful! Just remember that it's a day where you celebrate YOUR and YOUR HUSBAND'S *LOVE*, this is what your wedding day is ABOUT, please do not care for the people who choose to turn THEIR wedding day into a contest instead of a celebration. I understand your feelings/(second hand) embarrassment when you see those stories of entitled brides but I think that alone those feelings say a lot (of positive stuff) about you.

  • Anne Wild
    Anne Wild Il y a an +7

    The saddest thing that brides are usually asking their friends to be bridesmaid... (as far as I know) Behaving like this with a stranger is very-very uncool, but with a friend is downright evil.

  • SkoczMiNaPukiel
    SkoczMiNaPukiel Il y a 11 mois +100

    10 hours of sleep at 22? LOOOL. I was studying literally whole nights before my college exams.

    • Scott Woodcock
      Scott Woodcock Il y a 9 mois +1

      Pretty sure I couldn’t remember the last 3 hours I got while I was in school. Working every shift to pay for school I could get, baby at home and schoolwork? Meh..who gets to sleep ?

    • Sabrina Arasimowicz
      Sabrina Arasimowicz Il y a 10 mois

      same..i was pulling all nighters left and right (to study not party) and probably averaged 4h of sleep per night..what 10 hours?!

    • (っ◔◡◔)っAndrea Macaroni
      (っ◔◡◔)っAndrea Macaroni Il y a 11 mois +2

      Literally, and managing work and school at the same time.

  • Adrian Mosley
    Adrian Mosley Il y a 9 mois +2

    Immediately after hearing the “do you ever just hold your boob?” comment, I hastily ran into my husband’s office and was like “SEE?!? I’M NOT WEIRD!”

    • Bridget Fitzgerald
      Bridget Fitzgerald Il y a 17 jours

      Lmfao 😂 I loved how she went for it in demonstration but stopped like oh wait no, I'm streaming, that's public.... lmfao 😂💜 same. Not much to hold, but Same.

  • Roy Demeo
    Roy Demeo Il y a an +32

    that girl who said dont contact her if you drink alcohol sounds awesome. about to hit her up, i don't drink at all and she said nothing about speedballs

  • Steel String
    Steel String Il y a 11 mois +4

    Honestly can't blame John there... sounds like there was no way for him to know that the employee was having a medical issue. If I saw an employee laying down and using his or her phone and nobody acknowledged my existence or explained the situation, I'd probably feel the same. EDIT: Also seems a little weird that the employee was apparently alone. At the jobs I've had, we never left people alone in situations like that, since they could get worse at any time and require assistance.

  • Loot Leo
    Loot Leo Il y a an +3

    I can sorta get the alcohol no contact thing. I mean that list sounds like that of a crazy person but for many alcoholics especially those who are in early sobriety sometimes you gotta stay far away from people who do drink.

  • Mikael Bloomqvist
    Mikael Bloomqvist Il y a an +187

    Hey, about the woman who wanted to pay her friend to introduce her to someone... that isn't entitled. That's practically begging. You can call it weird, but it would be entitled if she was just expecting her friend to do it. I can empathize with this woman because about 10 years ago, all my friends were in relationships and I was the only single guy. I asked them if they'd introduce me to their single female friends and they laughed at me. They said "Go find your own woman." I wasn't asking for a hook up or a hooker, I just wanted to be invited to a party or to casually be introduced. Hell, I would have paid them. Sometimes friends can be downright jerks.
    So yeah, I feel for that woman. I needed better friends too. I don't talk to any of them anymore and had better luck meeting new people on my own.

    • Kat Kay
      Kat Kay Il y a 5 mois +1

      @Chris it’s the part about expecting him to pay for everything in their future that’s entitled

    • Kat Kay
      Kat Kay Il y a 5 mois

      It’s not the wanting to meet men, it’s the expecting that her bf will pay for EVERYTHINF and she doesn’t have to chip in

    • Khia
      Khia Il y a an +14

      @Safala Bista actually she just say she's tired of paying for everything and go out with people who never have money, i think financial stability are important for a relationship, from both ends. If she is financially stable and her goal is to date other financially stable person why wouldn't she look for it? I saw so many people getting divorced because of financial problems, they couldn't stop arguing about that... I think that her goal is not a bad one, she doesn't want a rich guy, she wants someone stable...

    • Safala Bista
      Safala Bista Il y a an +8

      I’m glad you got rid of your jerk friends, but that woman was entitled. She wants a RICH man. And she blew off all the poor (but quite possibly decent) guys. I would call that entitled and gold-digging. It might have been just desperate if she was willing to get to know a decent guy of any financial status.

    • Jon Wallace
      Jon Wallace Il y a an +3

      they clearly are not good friends

  • DabbleDont
    DabbleDont Il y a 10 mois +1

    I've been kindhearted most of my life but this whole video just reinforces my opinion these days - PEOPLE ARE SHIT! Seems like every time I do something good and help someone out lately, I got shit on and used one way or another. My heart has hardened to a point that I'm at my best when home alone, not having to deal with the many entitled people that think they're all-important and deserve more than everyone else. I've lost all belief that people are kind and considerate, and I realize that most people are just looking to get something for free, no matter what price has to be paid on their behalf. True friendship has become even more rare, especially to people who lead with their hearts, care about those around us, and treat others with respect, kindness and dignity. I hope to someday overcome my cynical ways and return to being a kind person, but the world just seems to be getting worse by the day and I don't know if that's ever gonna be possible.

  • blusafe1
    blusafe1 Il y a 11 mois +3

    To be fair about the fridge, large appliances DO cost money to be disposed of properly.

  • Michelle Bird
    Michelle Bird Il y a an +1

    This reminds me of someone my family were friends with. This lady was asking for $500 on a hallway rug that wasn't even worth $50. The rug was stitched up in the middle and didn't even lay down flat, it was kind of wonky. She later on dropped the price down to $300. I wish I was joking, but i'm not. Hahahaha.

  • Curtis Wood
    Curtis Wood Il y a an

    I just stumbled upon this video and I enjoyed it so much and I will be watching you more often. I like the way you you re-act to the crazies in our society you make it funny, that really helps me to laugh at the Karen's in my home town! God bless and stay safe and well and keep making us laugh!😋😇

  • TheFunninthesun
    TheFunninthesun Il y a 10 mois +18

    “My rent actually costs 800 exposures” 🤣🤣🤣

  • B Shad
    B Shad Il y a 11 mois +1

    I was a manager at McDonald’s and one of the breakfast regulars, who came in every day and ordered the same greasy plate of food, had the audacity to come up and demand a free Diet Coke “because the food makes me feel sick and Diet Coke calms my stomach”. I told her I can offer her soda water or plain water for free, and she walked off in a huff.

  • Jordan Like The River
    Jordan Like The River Il y a 11 mois +5

    Wow! I'm getting married in September and I've already paid both my photographer and videographer in full, and gave them seats at the wedding. That one was really insane!

  • Swade
    Swade Il y a an +1

    You have way better commentary then alot of the people on youtube that do this type of content. Glad i found your videos

  • Ed Milham
    Ed Milham Il y a an +640

    Love that one person who wanted "professional" images, but didn't want the "professional" to charge for them. That's actually literally the definition of professional: getting paid for your work! Photographers do have it rough! Story: the photographer at my wedding was easily 6'6", 325 pounds, and when he came to us at the end of the reception and said he was leaving, we were shocked. We said, "Did you take any pictures? We never actually saw you!" He said, "Yeah, of course, I actually shot one more reel than I said I would" (this was back in analog days). He was so good that not only were the pictures absolutely stunning, but this huge guy was the stealth photographer, somehow so unobtrusive we never even noticed he was there! We asked if we could pay him extra, which he refused. THAT'S a professional, and people like that deserve to be treated as professionals, ie, first and foremost, PAID for their work!

    • Donald Oehl
      Donald Oehl Il y a an

      What a bizarre concept!

    • Joy Lynch
      Joy Lynch Il y a an +5

      Ed Milham
      I get this stuff as a professional artist. Artists freshly graduated work for free since they are desperate and or they want the experience. Then, it makes it hard for the rest of us and then ppl expect free from all artists since we love to create art.
      I love art, but I put a lot of hours into practicing to get to professional level and college and I need to charge for my experience to make a living.

    • BloodyBay
      BloodyBay Il y a an +5

      ​@marie p "wow that's a lot of text"
      GO BACK TO TWITTER! I'm tired of people on FRclip demanding that the rest of us cater to people with attention spans that can be measured in microseconds! Many of us _take pride_ in our ability to read entire _books,_ let alone paragraphs!

    • Dingfelder Smurfalot
      Dingfelder Smurfalot Il y a an +4

      Everybody has to make a living. Funny how that could be a hard concept to accept or understand.

    • Mark Uhler
      Mark Uhler Il y a an +4

      That's awesome! You guys definitely picked a good photographer. & offering extra because he was so good is nice - too many people don't recognize a job done above expectations.

  • S. Diamant
    S. Diamant Il y a 11 mois +6

    7:55 hopefully she knows that most 22-year olds are most likely to be students and hence have less then 6-7 hours sleep due to studying. I don't know how it is in America but here in the Netherlands (unfortunately) 33% of the students have burn outs due to stress and lack of sleep. Being a student or employee, it does not matter we both have to work hard to achieve our goals :)

    • Kathryn H
      Kathryn H Il y a 10 mois

      Taking 4 college courses a semester is tough! Full time college is not for everyone

  • Dr Woo
    Dr Woo Il y a 8 mois +2

    Just because you are poor, or living on the streets, doesn’t mean you have to take whatever you are given. That man is a person. How would you like it, if someone said “ eat this, or starve”, and it went against your ethics? 😡 he should be applauded for sticking to his morals, rather than giving them up!

  • Maia draconica
    Maia draconica Il y a 10 mois +8

    old video but im still gonna correct it when she said that being vegan is expensive cause its literally the cheapest way you can eat.

  • Steve Carson
    Steve Carson Il y a an

    You're hilarious and you don't hold back. Never change. I really enjoyed your reactions.

  • Irai Rod
    Irai Rod Il y a 10 mois +21

    Re: the woman willing to pay to be introduced to men...are you asking your friend to be your pimp?

    • Kat Kay
      Kat Kay Il y a 5 mois

      Honestly it’s not entitled to want your partner to have money, but she’s hella entitled for expecting him to spy for everything

  • Louisa Watt
    Louisa Watt Il y a 11 mois +37

    I’m currently conflicted about a friend asking me to do maternity photography for her (she’ll shout me lunch?). I don’t know if she remembers the conversation we had about me trying to get pregnant for two years and then ending up divorced 😕

    • NaoLucille♪Random
      NaoLucille♪Random Il y a 10 mois +1

      @kacefaceuniverse Same, unless she is being inconsiderate about it I see nothing wrong with it.
      If it makes you feel too bad, tell her how you feel. If she is a good friend she should understand.

    • Enigmatiika
      Enigmatiika Il y a 10 mois +1

      Just because your pregnancy plans didn’t work out doesn’t mean your friend did anything wrong lmao get over it and tell her “No thank you”

    • Kyra
      Kyra Il y a 11 mois +12

      @kacefaceuniverse I agree, from what information we’re being given I don’t feel like the friend has done anything wrong 🤷🏾‍♀️

    • kacefaceuniverse
      kacefaceuniverse Il y a 11 mois +22

      Obviously I don’t know all the details but I don’t see why she can’t still be excited about her pregnancy w you. I’m sorry to hear your baby plans didn’t work out, but you said you two were friends, so be happy for your friend (if taking the pics for her is emotionally too much for you just tell her that and don’t do it)

  • S L
    S L Il y a 11 mois +10

    I can't speak for all the guys, but sometimes, if a woman is asked to pay half on the first date by a guy, usually that's the guy's hint for there won't be a second date and probably the guy is not gonna contact you after this.

  • Jay Sridhar
    Jay Sridhar Il y a an +1

    I started with video #8 and have been working my way backwards. You genuinely see charlotte act a little less crazy/quirkey with each older video haha! Video #20 willbe her meowing at the camera and yelling at her adopted gerbil

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina Il y a an +192

    My entitled story... I was working for a big box retailer at the sporting goods counter. I was checking out customers and I noticed an elderly man in the paint area across from me. I kept working and looked back up and he disappeared. I thought that was too fast. I stopped ringing up the merchandise and walked around the counter and saw him in the floor. He was unconscious and hit his head on the shelf and was bleeding. I ran to the phone and called management and 911. The customers waiting at the counter could clearly see the emergency. One of them had the nerve to ask me to stop assisting the dying man and check them out. I nearly lost my ish on them for making such a heartless request. My manager saw I was about to erupt and instructed them to go up front to check out. It is like how heartless could you possibly be?!? You are being inconvenienced a little while this man may very well die in the floor. I never found out how he was but he was still alive when the EMS arrived.

    • Randy Robinson
      Randy Robinson Il y a an +1

      As a manager I would say I am sorry the death of a worker has inconvenienced you.

    • The Peddler
      The Peddler Il y a an +2

      My husband would have taken over for you - taking care of the phone call and the man, I mean. He's like that.

    • Sonya Cruz
      Sonya Cruz Il y a an +15

      My life as a nurse right here. I'll be literally doing CPR and coding someone to try and save their life but people will still be mad at you for not bringing them some more peanut butter crackers or some petty BS. Even though they're right next door to the code room and could hear everything going on. Some people just suck.
      Main reason why I'm in grad school to get out of bedside nursing. I sacrifice my lunch breaks, hold in my pee, and push my back and body to the breaking point for people just to get pissed at me for things that are out of my control. the patients can't help but be rude sometimes, I get it, you're sick. However, in my experience it's the family members with unrealistic expectations and demands are the worse.
      That being said of any of you Karen's out there are reading this give the nurse a break, because they probably haven't had one in days.

    • BTS_ IKON
      BTS_ IKON Il y a an +4


    • Jessica Stafford
      Jessica Stafford Il y a an +45

      I was 16 and working at a candy store. We offered "deluxe" wrapping for $2/package and free wrapping (ugly brown paper). Christmas rush, line out the door, I'm there alone, and a lady comes up with 5 boxes and wants free wrapping (natch.). I ask if I can check the people behind her out first; no. So everyone's waiting as I'm wrapping this lady's stuff, and I manage to cut myself. ✂️ She got angry with me for pausing to get a bandaid. Like what do you want, blood on your gifts? A few months later, another lady got mad and yelled at me when she discovered we were out of chocolate rabbits ... at 8pm the night before Easter. Retail is hell. 🙃

  • GGritsun
    GGritsun Il y a 8 mois

    Charlotte…you are just brilliant. You pick me up after tough days at work

  • Rain0and0Thunder
    Rain0and0Thunder Il y a 10 mois +1

    with the dating thing, I always figured for the date whoever asked whom out payed, whether is be the woman or the man. Done it myself in the past, asked a guy out and saved some extra cash for a movie and dinner. XD

  • DrZook
    DrZook Il y a an

    Great video Charlotte! I love your delivery. You are a really funny person! Do you ever do stand up comedy? I think you would be really good at it with your sarcastic delivery.
    As a general comment: Everyone should bear in mind that a certain proportion of the population are psychotic or sociopathic. If you don't know what those terms mean, searched the internet for the definitions and examples. The bottom line is that such people have no empathy for others. They are literally unaware that anyone else has wants or needs or feelings. The ultimate example of such a person was a man in Australia who killed a 12 year old boy. When the parents gave a victim impact statement to the court, his response was, "I don't know why they are so upset with me. All I did was kill their kid." Normal people have a difficult time such total callousness.
    If you want to know more about such people and how to spot them, so you can avoid them, read the book "Dangerous Personalities" by Joe Navarro. Mr. Navarro was a profiler for the FBI who worked on a number of very famous cases tracking down serial killers. Note however that while such people as Jeffrey Dahmer and Bernie Madoff are well know examples of such dangerous personalities, we meet less stellar examples in day-to-day life and you really don't want to have ANYTHING to do with those people.

  • Ambiotic Synapse
    Ambiotic Synapse Il y a 3 mois

    Man, as a hobby photographer, I feel for those professional ones, I really do. I don't think I could make it a profession though, with these kinds of people, I'm liable to say something that would get me sued, LOL... and I'm pretty mean, and vindictive my nature, So no I couldn't do that. Though if I was a professional, and anyone messaged me demanding I do everything for free, and if it was so easy to just hit a button, I'd just say, "then take your own pictures with your cellphone and get your niece or nephew to photoshop them for free".. if it's "that easy". You don't need a photographer for that. What you do need is an influencer, they're always ready to take photos for clout, I think that could be a fun experience for the both of you, a party full of self entitled freeloaders sharing a mutual experience together.. I think it would be magical. Then I'd most likely block them on social media, and go back to just wandering around taking rando pictures of scenery I come across.. it's also free, but I at least get enjoyment out of it.

  • Valtyr Berzerk
    Valtyr Berzerk Il y a 9 mois +1

    This one is good
    When all this covid thing started, I used to have a friend that got kicked out from the room he was renting cause of her bitchy girl
    They didnt have a place to go
    So, me and my brother told them they could stay at the house, but once they got jobs they would need to pay rent....
    at first was everything cool
    since they where not paying for anything, not even food
    they where helping around the house
    is a household with 8 dogs, 6 german sheppards, a belgian malinois and a pitbull
    one day the girlfriend of my friend complained that she coudnt bring her 6 cats to the house, it wasnt fair that we (the owners that where letting them stay for FREE) had dogs....
    then our supposed friend started using all my brother-s tools to fix his bike, lost and broke oh so many, never paid back
    they stopped helping around the house, cause it wasnt fair, started to complain the internet was slow, the same one they where not paying for
    they actually started a fight with me cause I didnt bought them food
    then they got a job!
    great so we told them ok, then start paying for rent and services, $500 pesos, its around $20 USA dollars, for EVERYTHING, hot water, eletctricity, internet, water, a f--- room to live in
    a normal rent for a tinny room is around $5,000 pesos, like $200 USA dollars, plus electricy $200 pesos, interner $500, water $200 evey 2 months.......they only needed to give us $500 pesos for EVERYTHING!!!
    they didnt want to, it wasnt fair, we had jobs and money we needed to pay everything for them, we in their own word where ungreatful and terrible friends
    still, we didnt kick them out, cause they didnt have a place to go
    but, they day we had enough was the day
    this so call friend went and bough a brand new Harley Davidson $400 thousand pesos worht $16 thousand dollars bike
    that day I went into their room grabb their shit and through it to the streets, exposed them in social media for what they did
    but that wasnt all, the literal destroyed the room
    broke the toitlet, clodded the sink, broke the tiles of the shower, broke a mirror, scratch the closet doors, bags after bags of trash!! they actually didnt knew I was throughing their shit away until they came back....and oh yeah sure the refuse to pay
    they end up in a very very terrible part of mexico city, in a truly crappy room, not even an aparment, a room that is falling into pieaces, and they gor their brand new shinny Harley Davidson stoled
    Karma is a bitch
    literally what pissed me off is that me and my brother where truly trying to help them, but for them to do all that...damm so sad

  • hello_lydie
    hello_lydie Il y a an +3

    Correction: She is someone that CALLS HERSELF an "influencer".

  • Christine Mazzuchelli
    Christine Mazzuchelli Il y a 9 mois

    Another great video ,thanks Charlotte,really enjoy watching ❤️

  • K-Pop Marshmallow
    K-Pop Marshmallow Il y a mois +1

    My mom saw a homeless man with a sign and she searched her car to find something to give him. She found oranges and gave it to him and the first thing he said was “ I don’t want this” rolled his eyes and walked away. Experiences like these make you not wanna be generous to people.

  • Jason W Theis
    Jason W Theis Il y a an +110

    I had to laugh about the free refrigerator.
    I did a free fridge many years ago, and I ended up delivering it to the person, who really was in need. Difference was, this person was not at all entitled and just needed help out of a bind. She offered to pay me for doing so; I thanked her and told her, "keep it and put it to good use." She was in tears as we left.
    I have done similar things several times, but I would NEVER even consider such a thing if the recipient was behaving in an entitled way!

    • PenisMcWhirtar
      PenisMcWhirtar Il y a an +3

      @Mel Lutz Same thing here - I had an old vacuum cleaner to give away and my annoying, self-entitled line manager said he'd take it for his son who'd just got a new flat in a city 50 miles away - and could I deliver it! Ended up giving it to one of our cleaners who walked across town with it to give to her daughter. The daughter's boyfriend had left her supporting a kid on her own. Slipped £500 inside one of the small brush extensions so when she gets round to using them, she'll get a nice surprise.
      👁️ 👁️

  • ColinWatters
    ColinWatters Il y a 10 mois +1

    2:05 Our local restaurants did offer a take out menu at slightly reduced prices. We were pleased to be able to support them.

  • Charlie Renee
    Charlie Renee Il y a 8 mois +1

    The one about 16 and pregnant, I was pregnant at 20 and the AMOUNT of assholes who’d say something to me about “being a teenage mom” or “being more responsible” was ASTONISHING!
    I was even told I’d regret my child, and that my life was ruined for getting pregnant as a teenager, I wanted to consistently scream.
    Bitch I’m not a fucking teenager and even if I was it’s none of your fucking business.

  • Melissa coviello
    Melissa coviello Il y a 11 jours

    I’m glad I’ve never known anyone that entitled. I’m a loud mouth and I would definitely respond and put them in their place.

  • KimCM67
    KimCM67 Il y a 2 jours

    2:35. These people are the reason the elderly and disabled people are given a hour to shop at Costco. They wouldn't hesitate to scream or run them down if they were in the way.

  • Ron Morgan
    Ron Morgan Il y a 10 mois

    Your reactions are gold. Binging them all now. LOL

  • Kathleen Colwell
    Kathleen Colwell Il y a 8 mois

    My dear Charlotte; there is so much stress in my life right now (no different from many, I’m certain) and your videos are so wonderful!! I can laugh and be reminded to take stuff less seriously.
    P.S. I really would like to move to Newfoundland. The ultimate social distancing. Beautiful, cold and surrounded by ocean, my favorite things!

  • Dan Hilton
    Dan Hilton Il y a 5 mois +2

    The fact that the guy took his shoes off on the plane was almost as bad as his hands down his pants...

  • Michael Hardaway
    Michael Hardaway Il y a 4 mois

    I’m not wait staff nor an artist but I really appreciate the support you give them.

  • jaspr1999
    jaspr1999 Il y a an +44

    My wife & I were pretty young when we got together. We've got through our respective schools, student loans, horrible bosses, bills, bills, bills and were finally able to own a house of our own. We worked our asses off to get where we are today. During all of this, we had to learn the hard way to say, "NO!" to a lot of folks. It's still hard to say no but the bigger the crocodile tears the easier it is. We've never been rich by any definition but it just seems that because you can pay your bills, you must be rich and should share your wealth with perfect strangers.

    • Pauloh
      Pauloh Il y a 5 mois +1

      Well done, Jaspr. Unfortunately, it has become an elitist act to profess the value of hard work and self-sufficiency. These individuals will ask incredibly unreasonable things of you and then tell you that you are evil and driven by money when you decline. The irony is they are too. They want the things your money is able to buy, they simply refuse to do the work involved in earning it. I have to stop watching these entitlement videos but I just love, Charlotte.

  • Rob The Picture Guy

    When I worked as a repair technician of scooters and such, I had just completed a repair, and called the number, I expected to talk with the person using the machine. I spoke with a woman who didn't deny she was the person with whom I should discuss the costs of repairs, so I went over the details, and explained that we happened to have the correct part in stock, so were able to complete this in short order.
    She began by asking me why she should pay for the repairs. I explained that we had completed the repairs she had requested, so that's how business works. She started in on how the equipment shouldn't have broken down in the first place, so again why would she have to pay? (nothing under warranty on this one) This went around a couple more times, before I put her on speakerphone and walked over to where a couple of managers were standing around. At this point the woman wasn't even letting me get a word in, and was lambasting me, the company and threatening to go to the press, without pausing for a second, and all without a shred of just cause. After several minutes of this, she paused for effect, thinking she had me backed into a corner. I said, "Hold on hold on.... Tell you what I'm going to do." I could almost hear the victorious smile on the other end of the line. "I'm going to remove the repair parts, return the machine to its unrepaired state, and give it back to you, exactly the way it was, at no charge, provided you come pick it up before the end of today. Yes, take it out of here." There was a long pause, and a reply of "I'll get back to you."
    A couple of hours later, a very nice young lady, we discovered was the actual owner of the machine and the daughter of the one we "spoke" with, showed up at our counter to pay for and claim her machine. She apologized for her mother's poor behaviour, thanked us, and went on her way, happy to have her means of mobility back. And we were happy to do business with her... and only her.

  • Shila's Messy Art
    Shila's Messy Art Il y a an +1

    Charlotte throwing down the F bomb right off the bat just made my night!

  • Patrick Buick
    Patrick Buick Il y a an

    Greetings from Moncton, Torontonian. I love your expressions, energy, sense of humor, oh let's just say everything I see in the videos. I work in technical support for a major ISP and yup, there are a lot of entitled people out there.

  • Mr. Spock
    Mr. Spock Il y a 5 mois

    I'm an amateur photographer myself ... and I know what you mean about the time you have to put in to become good at it.
    These bimbos are truly clueless.

  • SecondComing97
    SecondComing97 Il y a an +756

    That first one “if you were not born in the USA, do not contact me”
    Oh thank goodness. I’m safe.

    • Chayanika Ganguli
      Chayanika Ganguli Il y a 10 mois

      Whew! Same, lol

    • Judy S.
      Judy S. Il y a 10 mois


    • Mel G
      Mel G Il y a 10 mois

      @Christine Blackaby the population of every country in the world are from immigrants. Humans migrated everywhere and settled :)

    • Frankie C
      Frankie C Il y a 10 mois +1

      @TreeStevens less than that. That’s just the population of the US. A large percentage of that is from people who weren’t born here

    • BillyMadisonsShampoo
      BillyMadisonsShampoo Il y a 10 mois

      Whew! Really dodged that bullet my friend!

  • Andrew Stuart Needham
    Andrew Stuart Needham Il y a mois

    You don't need pearls to be classy. You are classy. Great videos, always have me in stitches

  • Alexis McPherson
    Alexis McPherson Il y a 11 mois

    I once slipped on my roller skates delivering an order and hit my head on the curb (mild concussion). The tray of bagged food never touched the ground. I went back inside to change into tennies and brought the food back to the car and this Karen asked if I was the one who fell and then yelled at me for her food taking so long and demanded we remake it because I fell.

  • K
    K Il y a 10 mois +1

    Saying this to anyone out there right now who needs some love-cuz I kind of do right now- you’re awesome, smart, worth it , and be proud of yourself. Love yourself. Be kind and we will all smile a lot more. I love all of you. Stay happy healthy and safe ❤️remember. You are loved.

  • Rebecca Lansdown
    Rebecca Lansdown Il y a mois

    I was kind enough to be the photographer at a friend's son's wedding. I spent hours getting to know what shots they wanted and making sure I did everything I could to capture the happy couple's day. Hours of editing...you know how it goes. Did it for FREE! Never heard from the bride and groom at all! Nothing. No thank you at all. It was super stressful as I don't do weddings and only did this as a favor to a good friend. Ugh! Never again!

  • How Strange
    How Strange Il y a an +61

    I work at a Costco and it was devastating watching elderly and disabled people try to fight the crowds to get the bare necessities, so yeah we should try to cater to the people that need extra help

  • SarahdayZ
    SarahdayZ Il y a 11 mois +8

    Wow the first one is awful! I got married at 17 and had my first baby at 18. Some people just make different life choices. Not every teenage mom is pregnant by accident...

    • Carer Forever
      Carer Forever Il y a 11 mois +1

      My mum got married at 15 ( back in the 60s in Morocco, North Africa) got pregnant at 16.

  • Katrus91
    Katrus91 Il y a 10 mois +1

    "I have two employees that usually leave work at 6 pm. [...] I don't like that their commitment lasts for work hours only."
    If this was in Sweden people would laugh in the face of that CEO. We value our free time and think it's very healthy to leave the job at our work-place when we go home. Also, in Sweden most people who work for "normal" work-hours (as in not night-shifts or something) go home at 5 pm.

  • MAA Oregon
    MAA Oregon Il y a an

    OMG Just stumbled on your page... you are HILARIOUS! Your facial expressions are wonderful!

  • seazt heday
    seazt heday Il y a 11 mois

    Fun fact, we couldn’t fit a photographer in our wedding budget. We have a photographer friend, but she was already a guest and we refused to consider asking her to work for free... so we got a bunch of disposable cameras and we were even lucky enough that the photographer friend later gifted us a digital copy of a small selection of finalised photos she’d taken.

  • Kristin Emmert
    Kristin Emmert Il y a 10 mois

    I love the fact that the editors forgot to censor this whole video!!! 🤣 🤣 🤣