Wedding Moments That Screamed DIVORCE - REACTION

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  • Wedding Moments That Screamed DIVORCE - REACTION
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    Hey ya'll! Today on my channel we are reacting to some people who shared some moments at weddings that screamed "This Isn't Going To Last". Enjoy
    Hi, I'm Charlotte Dobre. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
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Commentaires • 779

  • Gomez1915
    Gomez1915 Il y a 26 jours +1288

    As a subscriber, I would like to think we will have successful marriages due to the fact that Charlotte gives us these these awesome examples of what NOT TO DO

    • Lissa Dee
      Lissa Dee Il y a 5 jours

      Haha yesss❤😂

    • Romans 8:11
      Romans 8:11 Il y a 12 jours

      Wow. You really need a FRclipr to tell you what not to do on your marriage 🤷‍♀️

    • Lise
      Lise Il y a 21 jour

      She could write a book entitled "How NOT TO get married "

    • Deal With it
      Deal With it Il y a 23 jours

      Nah I'm dumb, I ignored my ex's red flags because I thought well I love him so I should love his flaws, I'm definitely not the definition of perfection and he doesn't care. I continue to do this with relationships I've been interested in but not official and only realize after.

    • ZANDER
      ZANDER Il y a 23 jours

      @adaynadir Never have never will!

  • Melanie Reese
    Melanie Reese Il y a 26 jours +731

    I've got a good one! My brother was engaged to a friend of mine. He cheated on her with her mom (who was still married to her dad). They were caught when the mom asked for a divorce and my brother broke off the engagement. Here's the first brother married the mom! Second brother's ex-fiancee and her 3 sisters all wore black to the wedding. Third twist...they ended up divorced and she left him for a woman. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mudrabbit
    Mudrabbit Il y a 26 jours +279

    For those on a budget... A couple of my friends got married, and could not afford much, so they got creative. They had enough for the hall and a buffet, and invited about 80 people. She altered her mother's wedding dress to fit her and the times, bridesmaids and the groom's side showed up in their own Sunday best. Friends who were musicians played at their wedding as their gift. On each table was one of those disposable cameras for the guests to use. The wedding photos were awesome and some were hysterically funny. The only thing requested that guests bring was a bouquet of flowers, the guests choice, they didn't care where you got them as long as they were pretty. Our boss hired a coach with a horse for them as his gift, and some of us gals made favors for the tables. A two-tier cake was donated by a local bakery for the opportunity to put their business cards on the reception table at the door. They were not asking for gifts, and had no registry, but many of us got them gifts and gave them money anyway. The wedding was amazing, and everyone had so much fun. Flowers of all kinds and colors everywhere, and they were absolutely gorgeous, It truly was THE best wedding I have ever been to.

    • Mudrabbit
      Mudrabbit Il y a 18 jours

      @Bee Whistler I wish I could like this comment more than once!

    • Jillian Pantano
      Jillian Pantano Il y a 18 jours +4

      I bet that wedding really was awesome. I'm almost kinda jealous honestly!

    • Jennifer Edwards
      Jennifer Edwards Il y a 22 jours +2

      That sounds absolutely wonderful!

    • Angelica Duncan
      Angelica Duncan Il y a 24 jours +2

      This is such a beautiful story thank you for sharing. And I can tell by the way you speak that your friends whom got married are definitely intellectuals who fell in love. They sound like, and you sound like you have so much knowledge. Sometimes memories, and having fun with good people are what’s most important. I’ve never actually had a birthday PARTY PARTY. Yes I’ve had pool parties as a kid, sleepovers as a pre-teen, and dinners at a restaurant with mostly family and a few friends as an adult. By a few friends I mean like one lmao 😂 but I turn 30 next week and I’m having a huge party. My mom and I even bought beautiful home decorations and remodeled entirely and painted everything white and got super modern doors 😭😭😭 so it was fun doing that. Got the prettiest vases at tj Max and overall on decorations and everything (that’ll be permanent beautiful home decors we didn’t spend too much luckily! I bet the wedding was super fun ♥️♥️♥️ love stories like this

    • Bee Whistler
      Bee Whistler Il y a 24 jours +3

      My wedding was inexpensive, too. Lots of diy (we’re in the crafts y’see, and my mom sewed my dress), streamlining out unnecessary nonsense, having an informal open house reception/potluck at the church. It’s been nearly 30 years. Fuss and expense don’t guarantee a good marriage.

  • Pixie Souter
    Pixie Souter Il y a 26 jours +581

    One of my most satisfying "end of relationship" moments was just after I told my fiancé of three years to pack up and leave (long, depressing story of many many red flags I chose to ignore and then being cheated on as a final cherry). For some minor back story his mother had bought me a mini George Foreman sandwhich grill for my birthday two years before and a large fancy George Foreman for Christmas that year. He called his mum while he was packing and I was treated to listening to him argue with her for twenty minutes before giving up and accepting he was leaving BOTH grills behind. That sandwhich grill served me faithfully for another four years and I still have that big grill ten years later. Plus I still exchange birthday and Christmas cards with his mum and sister even though he has moved country and I am now married to another man and have two children 😂😂 what a lovely woman.

    • Olde Skool Nana
      Olde Skool Nana Il y a 19 jours

      @Kayenne54 I'm married 42 years & won the in-law lottery. My MIL is now 93 & is my second mom. Lost my mom in 2007. She loved me as her own daughter & will put my husband in his place when needed. Remember you just don't marry the man you also marry his family.✌🌻🌻

    • Genniece Sledge
      Genniece Sledge Il y a 26 jours +5

      I LOVE reading these longer comments. What a beautiful story. I haven't even gotten past the ads to watch the post yet. Soul sisters.

    • goth moth
      goth moth Il y a 26 jours +7

      Marriages don't last forever (sometimes) but George Forman, forever.

    • Kayenne54
      Kayenne54 Il y a 26 jours +10

      That's the REAL story of how the Best MIL got away. What a shame. They're incredibly rare too.

    • CrazyCat Lady
      CrazyCat Lady Il y a 26 jours +17

      My man-picker was broke the first two times I was married. Hit the jackpot with #3, tho he passed away too soon. Both ex's mothers took my side, giving their sons the business for being a-holes & remained my moms. My last MIL is still very close to me...she turns 100 in June!

  • Crazy Cat Queen
    Crazy Cat Queen Il y a 26 jours +54

    "When I first met you I really hated you"...sounds like my mother, though she didn't say it for vows. Backstory: Mom is Japanese and was working at a US Air Force base. Dad was a GI and in charge of the section inwhich mom worked. He always gave her extra work and she had to stay after everyone else was finished so she could complete the tasks dad assigned she hated him. Turns out dad was only doing that because he was smitten and was looking to spend more time with her. It must've worked, cuz 56 years later they are still married ❤️ LOL

  • Ashlyn Rodaks
    Ashlyn Rodaks Il y a 26 jours +401

    charlotte is addicting at this point. If I miss a video I feel like I missed my smoke break😂 love you charlotte!!!

    • Chary57
      Chary57 Il y a 26 jours +2

      I am trying to quit smoking but I won't quit Charlotte!

    • Margarita Cordova
      Margarita Cordova Il y a 26 jours +4

      So addicting that I try to save a weeks worth so I can binge, if potatoe queen made hour videos I'd watch every one 😁 💙🥔👸

    • Lisa Jean
      Lisa Jean Il y a 26 jours +3

      Agh! I had to give up my one smoke a day for pneumonia recently….she is SO much better!

    • Laura Abdullah
      Laura Abdullah Il y a 26 jours +3

      I don’t even smoke and I feel that lmao!!

    • Alie Carey
      Alie Carey Il y a 26 jours +4

      lol, this is relatable 😅

  • tanwin01
    tanwin01 Il y a 26 jours +76

    My husband and I got married at a VERY VERY cheesy wedding chapel in Reno. In my defense, I only saw it in pictures online, when I booked it from California.
    A. The chapel included a "limo" to and from the chapel. The quotation marks are because this thing was straight trash from the 70's. Dented and scraped white paint and a dark blue crushed velvet interior that looked like grandma's rumpus room. My husband tried to turn on the AC, and the driver yelled, "Don't do that, man! It messes with the power steering!!!" (????)
    B. The officiant didn't meet us beforehand and had SERIOUS trouble pronouncing our last name (which is NOT a difficult or unusual name. It's like the 'Jones ' of the Hispanic community)
    And, C. when he was asked THE question, he got nervous and blurted out, "I GUESS so?" and burst out laughing.
    My mom said she felt every muscle in my dad's body tense up, and my best friend was about to take him down, but, I'd started laughing too. In truth, he and I had BOTH been fighting inappropriate laughter the whole time, and he broke. The officiant (who looked like that creepy old pastor in Poltergeist 2) started lecturing us about how this was a big commitment and we had to take it seriously.
    I get it, and we TOTALLY did. -but between the tacky ass chapel, the busted up limo, and Poltergeist guy mispronouncing our name, all either of us could think about was "how does the AC affect the power steering?"
    Today is the eighteenth anniversary of that day, and my husband and I still laugh about our weird ass wedding.

    • Amy Brock
      Amy Brock Il y a 22 jours +1

      You just reminded me of our "wedding", which was at a Justice of the Peace. Her office was in the basement of her house and a pipe had burst earlier in the day. I vividly remember us all, the two of us and our two witnesses, standing on old crinkly newspaper while we exchanged vows. So classy! :) Your wedding sounds hilarious in hindsight, and thankfully hilarious to you and your husband during the event! Did you ever find out _why_ the AC effected the power steering? That would haunt me a little. :) Great story!

    • applesandoranges
      applesandoranges Il y a 22 jours +4

      someone you can laugh with about crazy inconveniences, sounds like a perfect relationship! congrats!

    • Lyn Neufeld
      Lyn Neufeld Il y a 26 jours +3

      Did you get married on Friday the 13th,?

    • debra souza
      debra souza Il y a 26 jours +11

      Omg hahaha!🤣🤣 I think its red flag when people are more worried about having a perfect wedding than having a good marriage!! My hubby and I had a low budget wedding but everyone had fun! And we just celebrated 19th anniversary two days ago!!! Congrats on your 18 years!!!

  • Katherine McIntosh
    Katherine McIntosh Il y a 26 jours +130

    I had a teacher in high school who would give us random relationship advice. One day she said something to the effect of, “if the week before your wedding your ex calls and asks you to go out for drinks with him/her, and you do (or just spend any time at all considering it,) call off the wedding. That marriage is not going to last and divorce is far more expensive than a few lost deposits and return postage on gifts. Believe me.”
    I would add that if you even think about your ex doing something like, that before the wedding and you would consider meeting them, alone, I would question the wisdom of getting married. Weddings can be expensive to cancel, but divorces generally cost more.

    • Katherine McIntosh
      Katherine McIntosh Il y a 25 jours

      @Darren Robinson Teachers are people, man.

    • Darren Robinson
      Darren Robinson Il y a 25 jours

      Some teachers think they have the right to go off topic but it should be a firing offence.
      Non curriculum advice to a captive audience of young minds is highly inappropriate.

    • Surftouka
      Surftouka Il y a 26 jours +4

      @Katherine McIntosh I understand. It has to really depend on the relationship. Personally, I didn't remain friends with my ex, didn't have a good marriage or good end, not just his cheating. However, I care about him as a person. I'm remarried living overseas now, but if we were living there, I would have taken the time to see him when I heard (from his sister) that he was in the hospital. My ex had MS, yes 3 months after I decided to divorce he was diagnosed and I felt trapped, couldn't abandon him. However, 4 years later I did because his illness didn't stop him from cheating thus released me from the trap. Fast forward years later I live overseas and married, heard via email, that he went from one sibling to another the first few years, in one case, the sister had good reason to tell him to leave . Then I heard he moved in with his daughter, he never really had a good relationship with his 2 kids so I was a little surprised but still happy hoping he'd have a permanent home and maybe better relationship with his daughter. Turned out for 18 months of I think 3 years with her, he was out through hell, the daughter, her baby daddy and her live-in female lover physically and sexually abused him, slept in closet, then in basement on beach chair. Until the day he was pushed/thrown down the stairs and he went into a coma. They dropped him off at a hospital pretending they didn't know who he was. 3 weeks in coma, he woke up. I left him at 165 pounds, he was down to 80. Miracle he survived. He would've died as a John Doe without his family knowledge. The 2 were arrested, he protected his daughter didn't incriminate her. When he was better he was transferred to a nursing home...he was 46 when I left him, about 50-52 when this all happened, looked 30 years older after that ordeal. Some of my friends went to visit, I told them about him, they asked if ok I said of course. We may not have had a good marriage but he's human didn't deserve the hell he went through and I don't love him but still cared about his well-being. Sorry, my point my husband trusts me and would have no problem saying ok for me meeting my ex for drinks, but not all men are like that. My ex wouldn't have...go figure he was cheating yet the jealous type. However, whether the husband understands or not, if I was there, I'd visit ex in hospital. Don't worry about judging, I'm very slow to judge I had enough people judging me for leaving a man with MS, but it wasn't their business and never even told them he was a cheater, because that was between us and I wasn't out to ruin his image

    • Katherine McIntosh
      Katherine McIntosh Il y a 26 jours +4

      @Surftouka to each their own…
      I invited my husband’s first long term girlfriend to our wedding because she is a dear friend of mine…and before anyone gets all judgey, I had a huge thing for him since I was 14 (as in, always had a thing for him even when they were dating and beyond,) they started dating when she and I were 17, and they broke up when she and I were 20. He is 2 years older than us…fast forward to when I was 37 and he was 39 and we started dating. She was married and had a teenage son by then, having told me several years prior, “I had always hoped that Jason would find someone like you to settle down with.”
      The entire time they were dating I almost completely ignored him (we worked together, so I could not entirely ignore him,) so much so that memories of me which he has during that time when he was dating her are his memories alone. I don’t remember any of it.
      So I invited her and her husband to the wedding. Sadly, they did not come, which is really a shame. She knew his whole family and they would all have loved to see her and catch up.

  • Hey It's Jey
    Hey It's Jey Il y a 26 jours +136

    Oh, I have a fun marriage-ending story!
    When my cousin first got married we definitely all got vibes of her only being in it for the wedding. Every time she talked about being excited about marriage it was always about the wedding and never the groom or the life they'd be starting together. But we figured she was just excited and shrugged it off. About a year later we hear they're getting divorced because she'd been having an affair with a guy in their church. They're all in one of those sects that excommunicates you if you commit adultery or get divorced, so all four of them - her, her husband, the guy she cheated with (Guy B), and his wife - got excommunicated. Fast forward another year and she and Guy B got married and her ex-husband ended up marrying Guy-B's ex-wife as they had bonded through the whole ordeal. It's been nearly 10 years now and both couples are still happily married and the church decided to let them back in because everything ended up working out and church members married church members 😂

    • Hey It's Jey
      Hey It's Jey Il y a 25 jours +2

      @R C ya the rest of the family not in that particular sect thought it was odd they were let back in even if everything worked out. Like letting the people who were cheated *on* back in, sure, they did nothing wrong.

    • Darren Robinson
      Darren Robinson Il y a 25 jours +1

      While I'm not knocking happy marriages, forgiveness should only be given if the sinner is truly repentant.
      Clearly nobody in this story is the slightest bit sorry.
      The "church" in this case is wrong and pathetic.

    • R C
      R C Il y a 26 jours +8

      Sooo.....the Church thought cheating/adultery was a big enough sin to excommunicate the whole bunch, but when the adulterers married the people they were cheating with then that whole living in sin thing is cool now? Ugh..this is why I don't subscribe to organized religions.

    • Irish Joy S.Vlogger
      Irish Joy S.Vlogger Il y a 26 jours +5

      This is a plot twist story and incredible! 👏

  • L M
    L M Il y a 26 jours +97

    Fun related fact: my mom 'hated' my Dad when she first met him at work. (Hate is a strong word, tbh, but she def wasn't interested) He finally got her to lose a bet to go on a date with him. That's all she wrote. They're still married 46+ years later

    • Coops123
      Coops123 Il y a 20 jours +1

      my parents disliked each other for 6 years in uni. then got stuck talking about whose grandmother was more of a bitch and that made them start dating. they've been married 37 years now, 4 kids and 11 grandkids.

    • Sunnydoom
      Sunnydoom Il y a 22 jours

      @Laura Broza was just about to say the same!

    • Alexis G
      Alexis G Il y a 25 jours +3

      @Jaedyn Noell Glad you didn’t listen! Someone told me not to say yes to dating my now husband because he was “desperate”. Come to find out that she had asked him out a few months earlier and he had turned her down.

    • Jaedyn Noell
      Jaedyn Noell Il y a 25 jours +5

      Not married but I met my bf at a job and didn't like him at first cuz the lady that trained me told me stay away from that guy he's an awful person Yada Yada and I was at the time still easily influenced by outside opinion. But ironically I met him and felt drawn to him and found out that he's actually my perfect match who encouraged me to be a more independent person and helped me to be able to have my own place and pay bills like a proper responsible adult and of course also be myself rather than someone molded by the opinions of everyone around me and society as a whole. Been together 3 years now and I'm still happy and thriving

    • C D
      C D Il y a 25 jours +2

      One of my best friend also "hated" her now husband when them met. Time passed, they both changed and fell in love. They get together 12 years ago, get married 2 years later and are still happy!

  • Patty Lanenga
    Patty Lanenga Il y a 26 jours +186

    My husband and I had our first dance together as a “threesome.” During our dance, my three-year-old nephew ran out on the dance floor wearing his little tuxedo, trying to push my husband away from me. (he always told my husband that I was HIS girl) My sister tried to stop him, but my husband laughed and waved her off. I picked him up and put him between us, and that's how we finished the rest of the dance. It really was the sweetest❤️thing, and it made my nephew so happy.

    • alyzu
      alyzu Il y a 22 jours +1

      That's really sweet!!!!!! I'll bet there are some great photos of that. 😍

    • NightmareVixen12
      NightmareVixen12 Il y a 24 jours +5

      That is so adorable!

    • Surftouka
      Surftouka Il y a 26 jours +9

      So cute!

    • LinaTheOne - GubbiGap
      LinaTheOne - GubbiGap Il y a 26 jours +28

      When you said threesome I was like "what the... what's about to happen here?!" xD this is really cute and super sweet of your husband!

  • Brotherhood Rejects
    Brotherhood Rejects Il y a 26 jours +76

    I mean it really depends on the couple for the "When I met you, I really hated you." Since there's this couple that has been happily married for 50 years, and on their anniversary, they get cakes that say "f*ck you" on it as a joke. Since they were childhood enemies, but got together in high school.

    • Dawn Jensen
      Dawn Jensen Il y a 24 jours +2

      When I first met my now husband I thought he was a womanizing a$$hole (he kinda was). 5 years later we started going out. Been together 15 years, married almost 10, have an almost 5 year old, and baby #2 is due in June. Sometimes life is weird.

    • Shelley Torok
      Shelley Torok Il y a 26 jours +9

      My parent were married just shy of 58 years when my Dad passed. They had been together 60 years in total. My Dad said he was gonna marry My mom the night they met, my mom thought he was a drunk a@@
      We still laugh about it!! 😃

  • London girl 🤍
    London girl 🤍 Il y a 26 jours +40

    I am a bridal seamstress and I had 2 brides who were best friends and each other’s MOH. Their grooms were also best friends and each other’s best men. One of the guys cheated on his fiancé with a stripper at the others bachelor party and his best friend told his own fiancé (the cheated on brides BFF). She then told me everything at her next fitting, didn’t tell her friend because her guy had made her promise not to. So then a week later, I had to do a fitting on bride 1 while she gushed about her incredible husband-to-be, all while knowing he had cheated on her with some stripper in Vegas 2 weeks prior 😩 DRAMA!

    • katie p
      katie p Il y a 23 jours +4

      Damn they really be spillin the tea like you're their hairdresser lol

    • debra souza
      debra souza Il y a 26 jours +5

      Ooohhh, that sounds messy!

  • It's Tiza
    It's Tiza Il y a 26 jours +103

    I know someone that reeeeaaally wanted a wedding. Got engaged, the wedding came and she was the happiest I've seen her. Always putting pictures on social media with captions like "best day of my life", etc.
    Wedding was nice but had a weird vibe.
    They got together while he was still married to another woman who was her friend. On the ceremony the MoH made a speech about how their relationship "bloomed" and how the bride had told her and her friends that relationship was "almost there" and one day told them "it happened! We're together", in front of his entire family and kids from the previous relationship (Kids she ignored all night).
    Fast forward maybe 10months he lost his job, 3 months later they started the divorce process. She was so obsessed with "The Wedding™" that to this day she still has pictures of herself in her wedding dress in her house. She never put up pictures of herself with the groom. Just her and her family and friends...

    • It's Tiza
      It's Tiza Il y a 22 jours

      @katie p 100% agree. She could've bought a pretty dress, hired a photographer and thrown a party. It would've been way cheaper and would cause way less drama

    • katie p
      katie p Il y a 23 jours

      I mean, shame on him for cheating but if she only wanted the attention she should've thrown a party not a wedding at the expense of a friendship, a ruined career and dismissal of children🤦🏼‍♀️

    • It's Tiza
      It's Tiza Il y a 24 jours

      @Duckeh I've heard about that, people at their breaking point going forward with a marriage to try and salvage the relationship. I don't agree with that at all. If it's time to break up, it's time to break up. a wedding a that point is just a waste of money.

    • Duckeh
      Duckeh Il y a 25 jours +5

      it seems majority of these type stories/bridezillas want just wedding aka "day as a princess" and not marriage.
      i know two rather short marriages. husband's friend married his gf of 10 years, divorced a year later ( i always though they though it will fix gone out of course or families pressured. kinda of moment where you should split, you decided push forward and forward is marriage)
      another one was husband's cousin. 6mo after dating got engaged, 6mo after that married and 3mo after wedding separated. i never asked reason, not my business. no bridezillas and felt like good match, both very down to earth people. i guess not.

  • Jason Childs
    Jason Childs Il y a 26 jours +34

    My "Maybe I'm making a mistake" moment occurred about a month before the wedding. My mother offered her hand-carved crystal punch bowl for us to use during our wedding. without consulting my future wife I agreed. When future wife found out she lost it went into a rant was extremely Furious and send me a five-paragraph email at my work and she began the email with "I hate your mother!" She accused my mother of being domineering, controlling and trying to take over her wedding. That should have been my wake-up moment right then in there that I had made a huge mistake and I was marrying the wrong person
    We divorced less than 4 years later, her mother made her divorce me. And what's ironic is it she accused my mother of being domineering and trying to control everything when in reality it was her mother.

    • daftoptimist
      daftoptimist Il y a 22 jours +4

      Who tf gets mad about a free crystal punch bowl???

    • AC 87
      AC 87 Il y a 26 jours +7

      Sounds like she was projecting her own situation onto her husband's mother.

    • Ang R
      Ang R Il y a 26 jours +7

      Over a punch bowl? Wow.

  • Charles Butler
    Charles Butler Il y a 26 jours +49

    I had an Ex that was a nightmare!! She convinced me she was dying and I took care of her for two years and she got pregnant(she had told me her "disability" ruined her cervix).
    She got herself an engagement ring and I was gonna marry her as she was "dying soon". She set up all my friends to look like they stole from or did me wrong so shed have me alone. She was 4'9" so she was very lil and cute sounding so ppl believed her.
    She came to a family event with eye shadow to look like a bruise and told my family I beat her and my son with shoes and passed out pictures of me smoking pot with a ventriloquist dummy.
    We broke up and she called the police(2x) one time saying I was making crystal meth with underage girls(neither was true at all) and she did it just in case i went on a date. She researched and tried making friends with all of my exes and even went against my sisters because she was scared Id hook up with them.
    It broke me so bad and put me in crippling depression because I thought I was helping to give a dying women a happy life and just wanted to love and be loved but she destroyed a lot of my hope in getting married. Id like that hope again but watching how much ppl cheat, and the selfishness and entitlement can be off-putting. Im happy for ppl that find it.

    • DIIMIDOSE Mineral
      DIIMIDOSE Mineral Il y a 26 jours

      @Charles Butler I see, other people have put it better than I can but like they said he'll come to you in his own time, it sounds like you're trying to be there for him even though he may not want you to right now. Just remember that you're amazing and stronger then you may realize!

    • DIIMIDOSE Mineral
      DIIMIDOSE Mineral Il y a 26 jours +1

      @Hope Johnson Well said.
      Dude I think I'm going to cry from this thread.

    • Hope Johnson
      Hope Johnson Il y a 26 jours +5

      @Charles Butler My mother kept me pretty much away from my dad as well when I was a kid and I was only able to reconcile when I had moved out and gotten my own life on track. It may take some time, but as long as you show that you're still around by calling / writing birthday and christmas cards I'm sure he will reach out on his own terms when he's ready. The important thing is: don't badmouth her in front of him, but answer his questions truthfully when he asks you about your marriage to her. It might be difficult at first, but trust can be rekindled and built up over time, even when you didn't have a big part in his life during his childhood

    • Charles Butler
      Charles Butler Il y a 26 jours +4

      @Good Ole Arky Gal Thank you! As scared as I am I think itll just mean more when it happens

    • Good Ole Arky Gal
      Good Ole Arky Gal Il y a 26 jours +5

      @Charles Butler sounds like a new start..... good luck

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson Il y a 26 jours +58

    In our small town, my friend, Kerry, was settling down with my other friend, Stefan, after years of the party lifestyle. They started seeing each other for about a year. They seemed perfect together. They never fought. They were always laughing and having fun together. It all changed in one night. There was this guy, Jackson, who was always "there" for her ever since she was young, even when she had boyfriends lol. It was more fitting for Kerry and Jackson to get married since they knew each other much better. Stefan went home from his party early, but Kerry never did leave hers and decided to stay out. It was basically just another Girls-Night-Out for them lol. One of her friends posted on facebook about the wedding and Jackson caught wind of it and drove 3 hrs to "celebrate" with her lol. About 11:00 pm, she left her friends and went to spend the night with Jackson. Heck, she even came back to the house to grab more booze and proceeded to go with him in the middle of the night. She came back the next morning (wedding day) in a drunken stupor. Our other friends broke the news to Stefan earlier after he woke up and by the time she got back he was gone. It was over. He had left her. We cleaned everything up quietly (everytime someone spoke caused an argument. "I put so much money into this!", "You shouldn't have said anything!", "I wasn't going to let my friend get his heart broken!", "I couln't live with myself knowing,..." were some of the sentiments expressed. I stayed quiet, but my wife was right in there like a dirty sock trying to calm everyone down telling everyone to leave and that she would clean up the Hall herself. Including myself, everyone slowly left until there was only 3 of them when the lights went out.) I wasn't there, but i guess she woke up on the couch at her parents house early that evening thinking she had to get ready for her wedding. Her friend told her "There is no more wedding, Kerry. You were with Jackson last night, remember?" lol. Kerry and Jackson still have not married lol. Stefan wasn't upset with her, he was upset with himself for letting the relationship go that far. lol. He's a good man and doing well today, if not better.

  • J.R Bry.
    J.R Bry. Il y a 26 jours +30

    One of the best wedding stories that I ever heard was on a Steve Harvey show, where people ask him questions. A man was complaining that his wife got passed out from during the reception and he had to take her and put her to bed. And every year on their anniversary for the last 31 years she wanted to know what happened and if she did anything embarrassing that night. He wanted to figure out how to stop her from asking every year. I commented that I hope she's there with him to ask for the next 31 years!

  • MossyBallerina
    MossyBallerina Il y a 26 jours +101

    The morning of my aunt's (first) wedding, she told my mom she'd had a vivid dream the night before that she was going off to jail and "wondered if it meant anything." She went through with the wedding, but the marriage didn't even last a year.

    • katie p
      katie p Il y a 22 jours

      @MossyBallerina luckily my friend just rolled her eyes and never got married or had kids with that guy. I'm sorry to hear about your uncle, but I'm happy your aunt found her person!

    • MossyBallerina
      MossyBallerina Il y a 23 jours

      @katie p oh no! Poor kids indeed, and your poor friend as well. My aunt had a second, only slightly longer lived marriage, but luckily third time was the charm and she and my uncle were married for a little over 20 years until she was recently widowed.

    • katie p
      katie p Il y a 23 jours

      @MossyBallerina glad to hear she got out of it. My best friend was told by her mom's friend to have kids when her relationship was bad because it fixes everything and that's what she did 🤦🏼‍♀️ this lady had multiple kids, clearly the first one didn't magically fix it. Poor kids.

    • MossyBallerina
      MossyBallerina Il y a 26 jours +4

      @franl155 haha indeed! This was before I was born, but from what I've heard the husband was not a very great guy. Aunt was young and naive and thought the problems they'd had in their relationship would just magically disappear through marriage. No one in the family was particularly surprised when the marriage ended, or particularly said to see the husband go.

    • franl155
      franl155 Il y a 26 jours +10

      She or her husband must have got their sentence reduced

  • Stamee Onishea
    Stamee Onishea Il y a 26 jours +38

    I ran down the aisle at the tender age of 3-4 screaming DON'T MARRY HIM! up and down the aisle. I was eventually removed and my sister was mortified. I was right! They split within the next couple of years after she found out he was cheating on her. The nail in the coffin was he got the black lab in the divorce. I still remember when he berated me for coloring outside the lines in a coloring book. That memory is still there and wrenching.
    P.S. Second husband had an affair with her best friend. My sister is a terrible person anyway so her KARMA is well-deserved. :D

    • Surftouka
      Surftouka Il y a 26 jours +5

      They do say kids have a sense of people... Seems you had him pegged wrong one for her no matter the reason.

  • Anne Sophie
    Anne Sophie Il y a 26 jours +53

    I think you can start off with hating each other, just as long as it's turning into love. Hell, I sometimes hate things about my bf just because he gets on my nerves... He chews funny and picks his beard all the time. But I love him more for all the amazing qualities he has.

    • Ste M
      Ste M Il y a 25 jours

      I don’t think you should hate anything about someone you love, I find my wife annoying on a lot of different things but hate is never a word I would use.

    • Lazy I Ranch
      Lazy I Ranch Il y a 26 jours +7

      “You like someone because, and you love them despite." (a very old but true saying)

  • Alaina S.
    Alaina S. Il y a 26 jours +24

    When my ex boyfriend and I broke up he end up dating one of my friends, we still had mutual friends though that would tell me things, like when my husband and I got engaged and he found out he purposed to her, but then he would send me emails saying he was still in love with me and was sad I was marrying someone else. SHE sent me an email saying that every problem in their relationship was my fault, lol. I wasn't even talking to him and wanted no part of any of this. Again when I got pregnant he sent another email saying he heard from our friend I was pregnant and it made him sad because he always thought we would have a family. I was like big yikes and told him he needed to go to therapy and focus on his wife. They got divorced after 3 years, the only shocker to me is that they made it that long

  • Angella
    Angella Il y a 26 jours +15

    My grandfather married my first husband and I, and when he was doing our vows he blatantly stated to me and the crowd. " Now Angella, whenever he cheats on you, under the eyes of the Lord, you can leave him." Not "if he cheats", "when!" Well apparently he was a psychic because 9 years later that's exactly what happened.

    • AC 87
      AC 87 Il y a 26 jours +3

      Probably would've been sooner if he hadn't been called out.

  • Samuel Woods
    Samuel Woods Il y a 26 jours +29

    My dad went to a wedding in the 60s or 70s and when they said "you may kiss the bride" someone shouted "why bother, every man in this room already has"...... I don't want to be a bad guy but I've low key nearly shouted that at every wedding I've been to in over a decade.

    • Lazy I Ranch
      Lazy I Ranch Il y a 26 jours +3

      That reminds me of a verse from a very old folk song (made popular by the Kingston Trio many years ago) called "Three Jolly Coachmen":
      "Here's to the maid who steals a kiss
      And stays to steal another
      Here's to the maid who steals a kiss
      And stays to steal another
      She's a boon to all mankind
      She's a boon to all mankind
      She's a boon to all mankind
      For she'll soon be a mother!"

  • donita white
    donita white Il y a 26 jours +15

    The dedication to my ex Playlist at their wedding is a huge 🚩 and that's coming from someone who is still friends with my ex-husband. We have been divorced for 20 years and he still gets invited and attends all of my family functions/reunions. It's only because we have a child together and we put our sons needs before our own. He was only 1 when we divorced. I remarried when he was 3 years old. My new/current husband and my ex-husband have also always got along. The 3 of us used to go to every parent teacher conference together. We're probably weird. Lol 🤷‍♀️

  • Joanna Martin
    Joanna Martin Il y a 26 jours +14

    A relative of mine had a wedding, over 500 guests, that cost over 1 million. The marriage lasted for 15 months!! Great wedding though, I had an awesome time!

  • Perfectly Imperfect_85
    Perfectly Imperfect_85 Il y a 26 jours +9

    My mom told me the story of her wedding day… the tent rental company ripped the tent when putting it up and then of course it rained and ruined all the table places. Wedding ended up being inside my grandparents house instead of in the yard. Okay no problem my mom said rain on your wedding day is actually good luck. What she was most pissed about and almost called off the wedding…. My dad shaved off his beard and mustache the night before. Someone said something about it and my mom overheard them. She went storming over to my dad and yelled at him through a closed door about how she’s ready to not marry him.
    He says that after the ceremony and reception when they were finally alone the first thing she did was tell him he better let it all grow back in and if he ever shaved it off again she’d divorce him!!!
    Lol needless to say he’s never shaved it off again. 40yrs later

    • SCC
      SCC Il y a 26 jours

      How long is it?

  • Tiffany M
    Tiffany M Il y a 26 jours +26

    My ex husband....During the JP ceremony he wouldn't look at me. He's socially awkward so I just shrugged it off. He told me later the judge looked at him oddly. I didn't notice. Then during the reception, we had cupcakes. He told me he didn't want a cake smash. That's fine. I put just a little frosting on the tip of his nose and he looked like he wanted to kill me. Literally. 5months in after he spent every last cent to where I barely could eat, he asked how long he had to "act like a newly wed..." I moved back to my hometown 3 months later

    • Surftouka
      Surftouka Il y a 24 jours +1

      @Tiffany M Yeah I'm happy you left when you did. Sometimes we may try to justify their actions, but the longer you give it a try the harder it may be to leave, and quite likely only after suffering mental distress, which you spared yourself! So way to go!

    • Tiffany M
      Tiffany M Il y a 25 jours +2

      @Surftouka Me too. I have no doubt he would have killed me by starving me. Or at least an eating disorder. My life is worth more than my vows.

    • Surftouka
      Surftouka Il y a 26 jours +3

      You did right not waste time with him.😕

  • Kaylee Farnes
    Kaylee Farnes Il y a 26 jours +30

    A lot of these remind me of my old roommate who kept saying she needs breaks from her boyfriend and didn't like being around him all the time. They're now married with 2 kids and I went to dinner with her recently and she complained about him the whole time. I promise you, she's sticking with it because he has money.

  • Alie Carey
    Alie Carey Il y a 26 jours +16

    I used to bartend at weddings and the best one I can remember is when the bride said in her VOWS that she never thought he was attractive until he got his motorcycle 😂😂 dead serious
    You could see the guests stirring and turning to look at eachother 😳😅

  • Toni A.
    Toni A. Il y a 26 jours +5

    Went to a wedding where the groom was crying as the bride walked down the isle and she just continually rolled her eyes and sighed in exasperation. They were divorced before they got their wedding photos back and she wasn’t smiling in ANY of them😳
    BTW: Isn’t “I hated you when we first met” every hallmark movie ever???

  • tinknal
    tinknal Il y a 26 jours +15

    "When we first met you I hated you". Literally the plotline for every romantic comedy....

  • Kelly Sue Grimm
    Kelly Sue Grimm Il y a 26 jours +11

    At my boyfriend's wedding to his ex-wife, right before the wedding started, his dad offered to buy him a bus ticket and $100 to run.

  • ROLL
    ROLL Il y a 26 jours +15

    Worst almost wedding moment - it was the day before the wedding, checking into their hotel with the dress, luggage and everything that was nearby the place of the reception. The bride to be gets extremely cold feet and calls off the wedding. Everything is already paid for and it's literally the day before the wedding so there's no way they can get a refund or money back and of course the cake and food were already being prepared and everything. So come the day of the wedding, it turns into more of a family reunion (I mean we invited bride to be's family but of course none of them showed). So our family is enjoying the place, the food, the cake. And of course the girl later on tries to get back with him, messages him, makes up an excuse about needing to come over for a box of her stuff (he boxed it and shipped it to her, despite them living in the same city). He's now happily married, wife, three kids. I'll never understand people who wait until the day before or day of (or really THAT close to a wedding) that they're not ready to be married. Surely you know beforehand that you don't wanna be married. Save the trouble and just be honest, not wait until everything is booked, money is paid, guests are invited to say ""

  • Eva Vocative
    Eva Vocative Il y a 26 jours +14

    Geeze... SO MANY juicy stories here, but I LOVED the one where the wedding had been cancelled and the photographer and and DJ showed up, as they hadn't been told. Lol

  • Neil Price
    Neil Price Il y a 26 jours +20

    Read a Reddit story from someone who served bar at a venue that mostly served weddings. There was a woman who was addicted to weddings and would have a new one every 6 months or so, with a new bloke and she loved that venue so OP saw her a few times. When I read that I thought "YIKES!!" 🤦‍♂️🤣

  • Jennderqueer
    Jennderqueer Il y a 26 jours +18

    at my brother's wedding, the MOH gave her speech and said how when wife met my bro, everyone told her to drop digging because she'd found her pot of gold.

    • Jennderqueer
      Jennderqueer Il y a 26 jours +6

      @Marion De Sousa given all the rest of everything, which I won't go into here, the answer is gold digger.

    • Marion De Sousa
      Marion De Sousa Il y a 26 jours +2

      I guess that can be taken two ways....she was really a "gold digger" or.... they were agreeing that she finally found the right one.

  • Marci LK
    Marci LK Il y a 26 jours +7

    I’ve got a couple.
    Shortly after the wedding groom was denied a police job he had been working hard at because the bride had stolen identities to take out credit cards and had drug arrests. Groom never knew she was on drugs.
    Bride wanted an open relationship, groom didn’t. Bride told her parents was marrying the groom because he gave her everything she wanted. Aunt of the bride estimated the bride would destroy the marriage and gave it one year. One year into the relationship, they divorced because the bride was cheating.

  • Mint Berry
    Mint Berry Il y a 26 jours +13

    idk starting off your vows with 'when i first met you i hated you', is kind of hilariously sweet. paints a vague timeline of an interesting story. I bet they have a fun relationship.

    • Ang R
      Ang R Il y a 25 jours

      @Mint Berry I'm sure. I have known a few people with that sort of sense of humour and they would be dismayed if someone took offence at a joke they made. Some of us would think it inappropriate, but others would find it hilarious. Just differences, I guess.

    • Mint Berry
      Mint Berry Il y a 26 jours +1

      @Ang R maybe he already knew though. Maybe it's a joke between them, we have no idea. I imagine most vows are not intended to be hurtful, but I can understand how you may think it's too far.

    • Ang R
      Ang R Il y a 26 jours

      I think some things are better left unsaid. I wouldn't want to hear that.

  • Lady Justice
    Lady Justice Il y a 26 jours +10

    My wedding was a disaster. The things I wanted were all well within budget for the wedding. I got none of it, from the colors for the wedding, to the wedding cake. Groom didn't want to pay for ANYTHING. INCLUDING THE RINGS. I'm still trying to get a divorce many years later.

    • Хим Хименес
      Хим Хименес Il y a 10 jours

      Good luck, you deserve better

    • Rach
      Rach Il y a 26 jours +2

      Oooof I’m sorry that sounds so rough

  • Geneva Wilson
    Geneva Wilson Il y a 26 jours +36

    First wedding I ever attended was right after high school graduation. She was a friend I graduated with, the groom went to a different school and was leaving for Army boot camp a week later. No one, literally no one, on the groom's side showed up for the wedding. Her dress was too wide for the doorway and aisle so it tore as she walked in then knocked flowers and lit candles down as she went down the aisle. I left before the reception cause it was a train wreck from there. He was eventually stationed in Germany and she went too. She didn't speak German and apparently stayed in their apartment 24/7. Dunno what happened after that.

  • Name the Stars 🌟
    Name the Stars 🌟 Il y a 26 jours +15

    It's odd because I didn't realise until too late who my ex was, he's in prison so the true him finally surfaced but honestly looking back the moment that it was doomed - that I didn't recognise at the time, was when on my wedding day my father asked with real concern "do you really want to do this?" I thought he was being over dramatic but now I look back and think did he see that darkness in him that I didn't want to see? Worst mistake of my life 😔 how I wish I'd told my dad no and walked away, a lot of pain would have been saved.
    Thank you as ever, for your delightful videos Charlotte 😘💕

    • Name the Stars 🌟
      Name the Stars 🌟 Il y a 25 jours +1

      @Kamila K. we knew each 7 years prior to marriage, so I thought I did, but some people are good at hiding their true face. When the police initially arrested him even his own mother said "they have to be wrong or my son is a true jekyll and hyde" even SHE, the woman who gave birth to him, had no idea of the demons in his head. If his own mum was blindsided, how was I to know? You can know someone and still not know who they truly are, that's just life.

    • Kamila K.
      Kamila K. Il y a 26 jours

      I will never understand why do people decide to get married to someone they don't even know well

  • Mark Harris
    Mark Harris Il y a 26 jours +29

    These videos always make me realise how lucky I am being with my wife. The friend who was my best man is gay, he certainly didn’t do the groom in the cloakroom, or any room, before the wedding.

  • Kate Archer
    Kate Archer Il y a 26 jours +14

    "I've known you for half an hour and hate you already" were my words to my now-husband on the day we met. It was 13 years ago ;)

  • Golden_Leader 92
    Golden_Leader 92 Il y a 26 jours +7

    I can't say anything about the last one...when my parents met, my mom was SO pissed off about my dad's attitude and couldn't stand him.
    Cue almost 35 years later, they're (happily) married for 31 years this coming june 😂

    • Golden_Leader 92
      Golden_Leader 92 Il y a 26 jours +1

      @Rach If you're going to comment using sarcastic emojis when you don't know anything about them or me, please, don't bother.
      Luckily i was born and raised in a happy family and my parents are the direct expression of it.
      Have a nice life!

    • Rach
      Rach Il y a 26 jours

      Oh I’m sure they’re very happy 😬

  • Franje Grosskopf
    Franje Grosskopf Il y a 26 jours +13

    Went to one of my family members' wedding. We met the wife before the wedding and she was really nice and it seemed as if this one would finally be the wife he deserved (all his previous partners just weren't good to him. I know you think it might be him, but it's not, he's a really down to earth person and a good man. He just has terrible luck with love) At the wedding, she payed attention to everyone but him. She didn't really seemed all that interested in him. Don't remember how long it was but it didn't last and I knew it wouldn't. When the family started talking, I mentioned her disinterest and everyone else said they noticed it too.

  • Nikki Romance Lover
    Nikki Romance Lover Il y a 25 jours +4

    When my parents got married they were very young. My dad had just joined the military and my mom was three months pregnant. The family was openly placing bets on how long they thought this marriage would last. The joke was on all of them though, they lasted until my mom passed away more than 35 years later and none of them (grandparents and cousins) stayed married for more than a few years.

  • R Kirschner
    R Kirschner Il y a 26 jours +14

    My nephew and his wife met on a blind date. Hated each other. He called her bored "wanna go to dinner " what the hell, why not. Two kids through college? Long happy life. Still going. If you ask him? How long have you been married? A LOOONG TIME. 🤣🤪🤠🙀

  • Jessica Raelene
    Jessica Raelene Il y a 26 jours +11

    That last one kind of reminded me of my sister and her husband because when they first met they did not like each other at all but somehow they grew on each other and they've been married for like 25 years or more now I think and they're happy and they're really good together but it was just funny.

  • David Breaux
    David Breaux Il y a 26 jours +5

    Yup, I added a “meeting” on my work calendar today just so I could get back into bed and cozy up to my favorite daily video by my Potato Queen!!! Just makes my day so much better when I don’t wait until after work to watch it. ❤️❤️😍😍🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

  • Storm Serafina
    Storm Serafina Il y a 26 jours +10

    I just dont get why people want to get married when they cheat on their bride/groom to be right before The wedding to get it out of The system... if its not out of your system before dating someone its just waste of time and feelings to get married... 🤦🏽‍♀️ just dont cheat!!! Isnt it that simple?! Just dont! Break up if you even consider sleeping with other people than The one you are dating and say that you are ‘serious’ with! 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Terra
    Terra Il y a 26 jours +7

    Charlotte love your reaction. My husband and I cannot stop laughing over these stories. Some just should never marry if it has so little meaning to them.

  • Amelia Brown
    Amelia Brown Il y a 26 jours +9

    My sister’s mother-in-law showed up wearing black when she was asked to wear pastels…

  • One Watch Daily
    One Watch Daily Il y a 25 jours +3

    As a wedding photographer of 25 years, I can attest to two things:
    1. There is someone for EVERYONE
    2. Many should not marry ANYONE

  • coralie19breizh
    coralie19breizh Il y a 26 jours +5

    One of my friends told me that he went to a wedding (a cousin I think), and she arrived in front of the mayor completely wasted (her bachelorette party had finished a bit later that it was planned). She was trying to walk but she had to be supported by her maid of honor. When the mayor asked the final question, she said: "I think I'm gonna puke...but yeah, sure, I do...". Great mood at the town hall.

  • Alyssa Vermette
    Alyssa Vermette Il y a 26 jours +8

    The very first wedding I ever went to I was 5 and the flower girl it was my uncle’s wedding ( he’s my great uncle but I still call him uncle) but they only lasted a few years they argued a lot and a bunch of other stuff went down but only my dad knows what happened besides my uncle and his ex wife and maybe a couple other people in the family but again I was 5 and completely oblivious to all of this for obvious reasons but now I’m 17 going on 18 in a few months and my dad won’t tell me squat. But what should’ve been a red flag that I didn’t realize until later, the got married on freaking April fool’s day so should’ve seen that one coming!🤷‍♀️

  • CursedRose200
    CursedRose200 Il y a 26 jours +4

    My wedding with my ex-husband was lovely really. There were 'bad signs' like accidently stepping on a mirror and the unity candle never fully staying lite (outdoor wind) but it was nice and everyone was wonderful. After an extremely toxic fight, I realized a lot about my ex and it broke me. One of my best friends I made through him (who married one of his best friends. small town where I was then) told me she knew it wouldn't last. Everyone saw how he didn't treat me well (or people on my side) and I saw like 'pink' flags here and there but- your friends can tell when you are genuinely happy or not- so try to really listen to them and get their perspective people see how he treats you in general, is really kind of what it can be like- and you just don't realize it yet or keep defending it.

  • Nikki Dreier
    Nikki Dreier Il y a 26 jours +19

    Thank you for bringing some lighthearted vibes to our days, Charlotte. Life can be too much a lot of the time and it's great to dive into some silliness with you whenever you upload 😊
    I appreciate you!

  • Samantha Pettibone
    Samantha Pettibone Il y a 26 jours +12

    Obviously this bears no legal repercussions, but it is customary to give back the wedding gifts if the marriage last Less than a year

  • Moriah Snell
    Moriah Snell Il y a 26 jours +11

    Ok, but on that last one, I would do something similar; the first thing I ever said to my bf was "hi, if you mess up my department, I'll take your head off". We started dating about a month after that and it's now a running joke.

  • Allen Johnstone
    Allen Johnstone Il y a 26 jours +5

    My own first marriage. Was a full church ceremony and even on the way to church I had doubts but felt like i was in too deep now. We ended up in couples therapy but i kicked her out 5 months after. Dont get married too young especially if you feel pressured, and just to be honest pressure was from both families.

  • Nosheen Jones
    Nosheen Jones Il y a 26 jours +4

    TRUE STORY: me and my (3rd and the one I'm still with, and still madly in love with!) husband got married almost 9 years, when the registrar said 'I now pronounce you man and wife, for some strange reason and at the top of my lungs shout straight in my other half's face 'YOU'RE MINE NOW BITCH!!'

  • Cristal Boissonneault
    Cristal Boissonneault Il y a 25 jours +1

    Durring my own wedding I accidentally said "love of infidelity" when I was supposed to have repeated "love and fidelity" ....I have always hated public speaking and get toung tied when I'm anxious. So it was a complete slip on my part. Luckily my hubs has a sense of humor and we all laughed then. I love my hubs very much this june will be our 12 year anniversary.

  • mbr715
    mbr715 Il y a 26 jours +4

    My parents' (of blessed memory) first date began with my mother telling Dad -- as soon as they'd both settled into the car -- that in no way should he light the cigar he had. Dad lit the damn cigar, and Mom leaned over and snapped it in half. They were married for 60 years.. mom died in 2008, dad in 2011.. and i think she went first just to finally have some time all for herself. (she was a hardcore introvert -- while he - a mercurial toddler - basked in attention like a lizard on a sun -warmed rock)

  • Ruth Ann Shepherd
    Ruth Ann Shepherd Il y a 26 jours +2

    My grandmother told me that when her middle daughter was getting married her fiancée's mother wanted to basically invite EVERYONE she ever met to the wedding. My grandmother was recently widowed and had a very limited budget (this was in the 1950s). So on on the wedding day, his mother wore all black and had a funeral mass said for him at their neighborhood's church because her son was dead to her now for siding with his fiancée's family. Needless to say he lost touch with his mother but their marriage lasted over 50 years.

  • Tena Jackson
    Tena Jackson Il y a 26 jours +8

    Great Job my little Canuk pumpkin!! You are the GOAT! Today's vid made me appreciate my hubs even more! 30 years of happy acrimony! Ha ha ha ha! Just Kidding! He is the best guy ever! Our wedding was crazy, but lots of fun and the only drama came from my SIL who cried the whole time because she said she was losing he brother. Ridiculous.

  • Sierra Begin
    Sierra Begin Il y a 25 jours +2

    I was the maid of honor in a wedding. The bride was my long time best friend (who completely forgot about me after the wedding was over and was shocked when I treated her the way she treated me.) She had an engagement party about a year before the wedding. While she had a house full of guests to celebrate her engagement, her fiance was online trying to hook up with another girl. Months later and far into the wedding planning, my ex friend found out. Instead of calling off the wedding she went ahead. We all spent loads of money on bachelorette trip and I was the only bridesmaid who knew about the infidelity. I still don't understand how those two are still together, but I'm happy I'm not in their lives anymore.

  • Emily Johnson
    Emily Johnson Il y a 26 jours +2

    This one is great!!! When my husband and I first meet each other, we were part of an opening staff to a new restaurant. We really didn’t like each other either. 17 years later I still love him as much as I did the day I said I love you for the first time!!
    Your videos remind me of all the ways I love him, and find new way to love him!! Thank you for your awesome videos!!

  • Emily Dutes
    Emily Dutes Il y a 26 jours +3

    When I cried during our vows...not tears of joy, but fear. I knew he was going to try and kill me and I was right. I filed for divorce 6 months later

  • Hotspot
    Hotspot Il y a 26 jours +3

    I'd love to see Charlotte do a video on the "Are the Straights ok?" Reddit. Because these stories make me think, the straights are not ok. lol

  • Dachshund Django's Mom❤️
    Dachshund Django's Mom❤️ Il y a 26 jours +13

    Remember: it's always those, who are extremely jealous, who turn out to be cheaters in the end🤷
    Glad, you made it back safely, Charlotte! 🥰
    Much ❤️ from Austria 🇦🇹

  • iroke kula
    iroke kula Il y a 26 jours +4

    love it! glad my wedding wasn't this dramatic...though i was a bridesmaid for my bff and the bride screamed at guests after the reception was over and decided she wanted to walk the 75kms back home at 2:30am!
    to be fair, the grooms 'friends' trashed their room including saran wrapping the toilet and shutting off the water taps...fine and dandy seeing that the drunk groom was taken up to the room at about 2 (he was done!) and the bride had to say goodnight to his family. she got to the room to find him passed out in the bathroom with the ...dinner and booze... over flowed off the saran wrap and all over the floor! so gross!
    she flipped out, justifiably so, and went outside to confront them! i just undressed and was ready to crawl into bed when i heard the yelling outside so i responded by opening the window and yelling 'hey, bride and groom are done, you should be too, go the #### home' to which bff bride yelled back 'you know what these ####ers did!'
    dress back on, running down to the parking lot, 2kms later i convinced her to come back to the hotel.
    fast forward 6 years later...they are forward another 8 years and we live in the same town again where i am a bartender. i have one female customer in particular who doesn't like me...why...because back 14 years ago i told her i would kick her @$$ if i ever seen her again!
    best wedding ever!

  • jaspr1999
    jaspr1999 Il y a 26 jours +3

    ... Aaaaand, this many MORE reasons why I'm grateful for my bride!

  • Dina Silva
    Dina Silva Il y a 26 jours +5

    Thank you Charlotte for making us laugh so much everyday. These vídeos are the best and your Channel means a lot to me.

  • Carmel Tabby
    Carmel Tabby Il y a 26 jours +2

    My mother once told me she had never seen my father drunk until the night before their wedding and if she'd had the guts to do it, she would've called it off right then. 18 years later they divorced and guess what almost every fight was ever about....his drinking.
    My older sister was planning a wedding to her baby daddy during her first pregnancy. So she thought starting the wedding by having Dad fire off one of his shotguns would be a great idea. That wedding never happened. Oh and she scheduled it for right before my younger sister's wedding, which was planned for at least a year already. Make good choices kids!

  • Kenneth James
    Kenneth James Il y a 26 jours

    We need more of these...Char's reactions are just the funny that is needed!

  • Chelsey Austin
    Chelsey Austin Il y a 26 jours +6

    should have known when the Mormon I was marrying (so we had to have a dry wedding) got drunk at the reception and didn't even offer me any! that's the real kicker.

  • reena kemp
    reena kemp Il y a 22 jours +1

    When my sister got married, her new mother in law grabbed our dad's arm and walked around with him all night at the reception like she was the bride and my dad was her groom. She spent all night bragging on our dad (whom she just met mind you) and left her husband sitting at the head table all night alone... that was 11 years ago and it's still the talk of both sides of the family.

  • Veladryssa Lily
    Veladryssa Lily Il y a 16 jours +1

    All right, I've gotta throw in my own experience. Now, let me start by saying I did NOT have an extravagant wedding. Not at all. My dress was actually a white dress with black flowers from my best childhood friend that was tailored to my size (Thank you so much, Shirley, I still keep it in a garment bag because I love it so much). My husband and I were living about 2,000 miles away from his family and they were working class people, so they couldn't put down the sort of money most weddings can accumulate. That's totally understandable, and neither of us were upset. Now, at the time, I'd lived in a small town (no bigger than 5000 people), but we were all the types to help one another out when we could. My best friend that gave me the dress was also my MoH, her husband was my husband's Best Man (which worked because they were actually really good friends), the woman who tailored my dress was also doing my catering, and one of my best friends from high school did our photography, as did the MoH's mom.) Neither photographer wanted money, just an invite to the wedding. Not a problem! A friend I grew up with was actually the DJ, and all he wanted was a good meal. So, frankly, my wedding cost less than $1,000, as the location we had it was the place I used to work and the hotel managers loved me, went out of their way to decorate the reception above and beyond anything I've ever seen. No joke, my wedding cost just under $800. My husband and I are almost on year 12 of being married. Yes, we've had our issues, but the fact remains that besides the two of us, everyone else involved help us get the best experience we could on short funds. Also, since my dad had passed away over a year prior to the wedding, it was my grandfather who not only walked me down the aisle, but shared the father-daughter dance with me. Yes, it may be cheap, and it may be small town, country, whatever, but we had people come together for us and while the wedding and reception were small, it was worth every moment

  • Lisa Ayres
    Lisa Ayres Il y a 26 jours +1

    When I first met my husband I hated him too! Got to know him over the next 2 years. Dated for 4 years and married when we were 21. Married for 18 years till he dropped dead of a heart attack at age 39. Pretty sure we still be together today so don't put down hating somebody at the beginning as it might work out!

  • Nate Wylie Studios
    Nate Wylie Studios Il y a 26 jours +3

    Speaking from experience, never get married to someone you aren't 110% sure about in every aspect of their being (besides things you can accept) it is not worth it. Had a terrible divorce from a woman who cheated and completely fabricated who she was, literally a personality disorder that fooled everyone including me. Fast forward to now happily married to the love of my life and we have been together for years, best decision ever so happy ending for me at least.

  • moonglow630
    moonglow630 Il y a 26 jours +3

    At my parents wedding, my uncle, a groomsman, punched my grandma in the face. They were married 52yrs until my Dad died 10wks ago today.

  • AshHole
    AshHole Il y a 26 jours

    Charlotte is my escape from the chaos of life.. and I'm here for it! Thanks for the giggles Charotte! 💗😘 keep being awesome.

  • Benja Lucian
    Benja Lucian Il y a 26 jours +1

    Yeah, I was a plus one to the best man (who was an ex-lover of the groom). The groom was marrying a woman, and during the bachelor party, my friend and the groom disappeared for over an hour. I got the down and dirty the next day from my friend as to what happened. Apparently a last hurrah for the groom with his best man. 😑 No, the marriage didn't last.

  • Zardox2
    Zardox2 Il y a 26 jours +2

    At my cousin's wedding (MANY years ago) he performed a song in honor of the day.
    He sang...
    Wait for it...
    Yesterday... by the Beatles.
    (🎵Yesterday... all my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they're here to stay. Oh, I believe in Yesterday!🎵)

  • Nora
    Nora Il y a 26 jours +4

    I found your channel few hours ago….havent left since! Good videos, hilarious comments (yours and commenters), great quality and a quick laugh. Sending love from Estonia!

    • Nora
      Nora Il y a 26 jours

      @Lazy I Ranch thank you so much for the sweet welcome! I subscribed after the first video I saw.

    • Lazy I Ranch
      Lazy I Ranch Il y a 26 jours +2

      Welcome! You are going to love everything about her channel. She is so sweet and funny, and her followers are some of the nicest people I've ever seen in comment sections. This is the place to come and escape the negativity that is rampant in so much of our modern world. Enjoy! 😍

  • Maaike Scale
    Maaike Scale Il y a 26 jours +4

    Charlotte’s videos are the best part of my day!

  • mayflower4vendetta
    mayflower4vendetta Il y a 26 jours +6

    My big day is the day after tomorrow, I was hoping for another wedding video from you before that 😄 it helps me chill! Love from germany!

      RISHTA RAI Il y a 26 jours +1

      @mayflower4vendetta At the end of the day it's all about sharing your happiness and big day with your loved ones, you can get to be careful about details and do things about making your wedding beautiful but at the end of the day i hope you stay calm and you enjoy and live the moment rather than stressing yourself and your closed ones and make it kinda unhappy moment so all the best and huge congratulations dear 💖💖 sometimes imperfections make events more memorable 😊😊💖💖

    • mayflower4vendetta
      mayflower4vendetta Il y a 26 jours +2

      @RISHTA RAI nah, I learned so much on this channel, I'm careful not to step outside the lines 😂 but really, that's the perks of getting married in the outskirts of covid: it doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to happen ✨

    • mayflower4vendetta
      mayflower4vendetta Il y a 26 jours

      Danke sehr, thanks y'all! 💖

    • chonsa
      chonsa Il y a 26 jours +3

      Alles Gute zur Hochzeit! 💒

    • Lazy I Ranch
      Lazy I Ranch Il y a 26 jours +3

      Congratulations and best wishes for a long happy marriage. May it be the best day yet!

  • Allison Fisher
    Allison Fisher Il y a 26 jours +1

    My best friend got “married” to her longtime(6 years) boyfriend many years ago. I never really liked him, but she seemed in love, and he seemed at least decent, so I ignored my feelings. For their wedding, there wasn’t any legal paperwork, but it was a full on hippy-type marriage ceremony, her parents paid for most of it, thousands of dollars, and I helped cook and cater. We were all a bit concerned about how drunk the groom got that day*. The whole day he was plastered. We chocked it up to him being nervous about his estranged parents being in the same place for the first time in 20 years.
    Cut to two months later, she calls me up, and tells me he left her for the woman he’s been cheating on her with for over a year. He was kicking my friend out of their shared apartment. I never really liked that guy.

  • Trench15398642_14
    Trench15398642_14 Il y a 26 jours +5

    Charlotte, I'm in the hospital waiting for surgery in the morning. I haven't eaten in 40 hours and needed the distraction. Thank you so much for helping me smile. ETA morphine is weeiirrrd 🥳🎂🐎🥄

    • Trench15398642_14
      Trench15398642_14 Il y a 26 jours

      @Lolly Lolly Had 2 IVs pulled and a new one put in. Where was the morphine then? Everywhere else because I guess my eyeballs need it more than my arm.

    • Trench15398642_14
      Trench15398642_14 Il y a 26 jours +1

      @Linda Hind I want an omelet delivered by guys in chicken costumes

    • Lolly Lolly
      Lolly Lolly Il y a 26 jours +1

      Best of luck! And yes morphine is weird especially on an empty stomach! 🤪

    • Linda Hind
      Linda Hind Il y a 26 jours

      @Trench15398642_14: Best of luck with your surgery and enjoy your first real meal after it’s over and you’re feeling well again!

  • Moon Crafter Nails and more!
    Moon Crafter Nails and more! Il y a 25 jours +2

    I am a wedding officiant and I will say that maybe 30% of brides, not grooms, just the bride, start their personal vows, for those rare couples who write them, with "I hated/couldn't stand groom when I first met him".
    I have a huge success rate for my marriages thankfully. This is one of the things I see so often that doesn't seem to bother anyone and I think for most people it's because they are lucky enough to really be in love and are comfortable joking around with each other. What she says may even have some truth to it but her next point is usually how she grew to see him for the incredible man he really is...
    I have talked to couples before the wedding that you can tell really don't want to do this. I try to find out why and stop it before it's too late. I have a few options for them and remind them that if they are just doing it because it's come so far, better to stop it now before it becomes more emotionally damaging AND legally costly.

  • Anastacia Hallett
    Anastacia Hallett Il y a 26 jours +1

    My mom's wedding was like this.
    When someone stuck a pin in her dress to alter it, she got blood on her dress. I was there (a baby) and cried through the whole ceremony. Her wedding ring broke where it had been sized. The unity candle dropped wax on her and burned her. And last, but not least, her father telling her before walking down the aisle "you don't have to do this. We can turn around and leave right now."
    She says the best thing she got out of the shit show of a marriage is me and my 5 siblings. They have been divorced for YEARS.

  • KateLand Z
    KateLand Z Il y a 26 jours +3

    Love love love the petty merch! Thank you for all of the petty inspired looks to choose from 😍

  • MalevolentSnow
    MalevolentSnow Il y a 26 jours +1

    I actually don’t mind the “When I first met you, I hated you,” bits in weddings because usually they’re lighthearted and followed up with nice things. But these ones you can just tell they’re disasters waiting to happen.

  • Helen Blakovich
    Helen Blakovich Il y a 26 jours +1

    I went to a wedding where the bride and groom had a fight the night before. They got married in a gazebo at the banquet hall the reception was at, and it was lovely, but they weren't talking to each other still. After everyone had been introduced and seated for dinner, I noticed them bickering. When dinner was over, I didn't see them anywhere. No first dance, nothing. I asked her brother, who is my BIL, and he said they left because of their fight. We all decided to stay and have fun without them.
    They didn't make it a year.

  • Noemi Miguel
    Noemi Miguel Il y a 26 jours +2

    When my parents got married, my dad didn't want to do the first dance with my mom.
    He passed away 4 years later.
    He then told her in a dream that he never loved her.
    So there's that.

  • Suzi Nelson
    Suzi Nelson Il y a 26 jours +1

    I went to the evening party of a wedding. The bride had organized to sing a song with the band. The first line of the song was “I was cheated by you”.
    They’re divorced now!

  • Madisin Archer
    Madisin Archer Il y a 26 jours +1

    Stories like these are why ill never get remarried. On top of my own personal experience of marrying someone who completely did not deserve me, respect me, or value me. I swear your videos always validate my decision further on remaining single for the rest of my life. lol

  • Guilherme Fleury
    Guilherme Fleury Il y a 26 jours +1

    These wedding and gossip videos you make are the absolute best. I watch them with my girlfriend every night. Cheers from Brazil

  • Kikih Skye
    Kikih Skye Il y a 26 jours +1

    I went to a jack and Jill where the intended bride and groom got into a fight so big they broke up. People collected their gifts and went home.
    They couple got married still but had to replace most of the wedding party because they all quit and no longer supported the couple.
    Once married she kept getting pregnant on the sly and lying about being on birth control . Had 4 kids before he got the snip and she told me she was going to try and get pregnant one last time while he was "clearing the pipes."
    She sadly drove him nuts. They lasted longer than we all thought. Yes they divorced. Yes she has more babies since..... cuz she's a stark raving lunatic.