Entitled Customers That Were SO WRONG - REACTION

  • Ajoutée 13 déc. 2021
  • Entitled Customers That Were SO WRONG - REACTION
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    Hey ya'll! Today on my channel we are reacting to some entitled customers that were definitely not right. I honestly think we would have no such thing as Karen's without the "customer is always right" rule. There's definitely proof of that in this video.
    Hi, I'm Charlotte Dobre. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
    Edited by Timothy Dunsmore
    Produced by: Vanessa Peprah-Addo
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    Take It All Off (Feat. Charlotte Dobre, Sam Klass) - Defunk
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  • Beatriz Nunes
    Beatriz Nunes Il y a 5 mois +1416

    At a store where I worked , my coworkers were trying to explain a discount to a lady, and she just wasn't getting it. I saw they were frustrated, it was a simple thing, and the woman was not mean or anything, she just simply did not get it, and they ended up spending around 30 minutes with her (all with other customers in store) . A few days later the woman came back with her husband with chocolates , apologizing to my coworkers. Turns out she had Alzheimer's, begining phase, and her brain would just stop from time to time. She remembered they were very calm and tried for a long time , and apparently she had had bad experiences in other stores . We had a lot of older costumers , so we were used to having to take our time sometimes, but that one honestly hit us like a ton of bricks , she was so nice

    • The Borgman
      The Borgman Il y a 26 jours

      The bad thing about refunds. Is if you nicely ask for the manager, and treat the employees with respect. Managers have lots of power to override policies. Just be honest and humble gives you the best chance for the manager to override policy. Every return policy says they can refuse a return for any reason,.

    • ♡ 𝐌𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐲 ♡
      ♡ 𝐌𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐲 ♡ Il y a mois


    • Fairy Goth-Mother
      Fairy Goth-Mother Il y a mois +1

      @Autumn leaves You are a good and kind person! Thank you for sharing.

    • Fairy Goth-Mother
      Fairy Goth-Mother Il y a mois

      @Beatriz Nunes Thank you for sharing your experience. It should teach all of us to try not to judge because we don't know what's going on in someone's life. As another poster said "patience and kindness is the key". When in doubt, treat the person the way you want to be treated and things will usually go ok.

    • Beatriz Nunes
      Beatriz Nunes Il y a mois

      @reformcongress it's really nice when you and the other person feel validated 😃 nice job

  • Jami B
    Jami B Il y a 3 mois +145

    My mom’s favorite threat (she was a “Karen”), “you’ve just lost a customer”. I told my mom once “Mom, this is a multimillion Dollar business, I really don’t think they care about los ya customer here or there.” after she told a Walmart that they lost a customer.
    I knew I made a huge mistake saying that, but I wasn’t thinking. I just said it. She tore into me all the way to the car and then all the way home. She then told my dad what I said and he told her “ So? What do you want me to do about it? She’s right, Walmart doesn’t care about losing you. They were probably celebrating after you left.” Then he grabbed a beer and sat at the kitchen table to watch TV.
    My mom and I stood there speechless for a moment and I went quickly to my room and about died of laughter. My mom was pissed and of course, took it out on me for about a week.
    It was worth it.

    • Samantha Fernandez Sanchez
      Samantha Fernandez Sanchez Il y a 7 heures

      @Sissy Ray Self heres why youre wrong. You can freely say karen, write karen and be it a name. You cant do that with the n word. That word has gotten so bad we call it the n word. You try and say that out loud, name a child that and even write it. I dare you.

    • Sissy Ray Self
      Sissy Ray Self Il y a 9 jours

      There is not such thing as a " Karen" the proper term is a Laqweesha.

    • Samantha Fernandez Sanchez
      Samantha Fernandez Sanchez Il y a 17 jours

      God I love your dad

    • Lonely Pluto
      Lonely Pluto Il y a 19 jours

      Honestly, my mom is a Karen too and she always made a scene when she didn't get her way

  • Vanity Plates
    Vanity Plates Il y a 4 mois +146

    The first thing that popped into my head when the person was decorating the chair at Target were the tripping hazards. Stores have to keep the floors clear. They can get sued if and when someone gets hurt. Plus disabled ppl could have issues getting around things and honestly so many ppl disregard them as it is. Do not ever do that in any store. Anywhere. Ever.

    • GoddessOfThree
      GoddessOfThree Il y a mois +3

      @Mullcrum the Sage Then the store will choose to do that and the employees will handle it. It's not any random Joe Shmoe's place to waltz in and start playing dollhouse with the merchandise unprompted.

    • Connie Bailey
      Connie Bailey Il y a mois

      @Mullcrum the Sage but yeah, cash is king in the U.S.

    • Connie Bailey
      Connie Bailey Il y a mois +4

      @Mullcrum the Sage when stores do that, it's in a display case, or raised up off the floor.

    • Mullcrum the Sage
      Mullcrum the Sage Il y a mois +1

      Provided that it is off to the side and out of the way..it's actually a good idea. Department stores used to do it all the time to improve the shopping experience. These days it's all about..get your shit..pay and get the f**k out!

    • Maria Garrett
      Maria Garrett Il y a 2 mois +3

      Well said. The chair itself I probably would've shrugged my shoulders and moved on but I definitely wouldn't buy a rug that was laying put on the store floor

  • Exxøri
    Exxøri Il y a 4 mois +44

    The security guard in the first video was actually fired for what he did. It’s sad to see how when someone actually does their job and doesn’t sit back and watch, they get in trouble for it.

    • Kris Gordon
      Kris Gordon Il y a 18 jours +15

      Yes, he got fired, but was offered about 6 others jobs, most at a better rate if pay. So he prevailed in the end!

  • Conner Welch
    Conner Welch Il y a 5 mois +40

    As someone who works in an ER, that very first clip made me happy. We let too much slide these days, so it’s great to work with some badass people who have your back.

    • Fairy Goth-Mother
      Fairy Goth-Mother Il y a mois +3

      Agreed! My mother worked in the ER for almost 20 years (admitting clerk) and had to put up with people thinking they needed treatment first regardless whether others were far more injured or ill. She should shut them down with a look, but she also had a savage tongue and could lacerate you to pieces and you'd walk away thanking her! Then later you'd realize she had said something truly nasty. She liked it when the biker gangs were in (He11's Angels especially). They didn't let anyone give the ER team any crap. They'd quietly go to the trouble maker and tell them exactly what would happen to them if they kept causing trouble. 😇😱

  • Gabrielle vH
    Gabrielle vH Il y a 5 mois +653

    I worked at a bookshop and one customer was throwing a fit because the romance section "wasn't easy to find". My colleague pointed to the shelf right in front of her and said "ma'm, there's a sign right there saying 'Romance' ", to which the customer shouted back "well you can't expect people to READ SIGNS!!". Again, this happened in a bookshop. A place for people who, apparently, read.

    • Connie Bailey
      Connie Bailey Il y a mois

      Similar experience on an aircraft. Requested something from the attendant, who pretended ignorance. I showed her the item on the in-flight menu, to which she replied. "People actually read those things?" It was an anomaly, I must admit. Most flight attendants I've interacted with have been professional and accommodating, as the job requires. PS: I am never demanding with service professionals having worked in the industry myself.

    • Johanna Schaurer
      Johanna Schaurer Il y a mois +1

      Am I the only one who actually LOOKS for the signs? Is this a novel concept? I usually read a lot of non-fiction (now I am kinda disillusioned with libraries based on the fact that so much fake bullshit is considered "non-fiction" and is in the same section since the pandemic. I'm autistic, and it's kinda sad that my parents had to explain to me at 20 years old that "non-fiction" does not mean factual, even though those words LITERALLY mean factual when put together) and I actually look for Dewey System signs so I can go to what I'm looking for. Is that such an unusual concept?

    • NCTZEN_Dazzler
      NCTZEN_Dazzler Il y a 3 mois +1

      I’m so glad I’m not that stupid 💀

    • Starling Swallow
      Starling Swallow Il y a 3 mois


    • JustASilentGamer
      JustASilentGamer Il y a 3 mois +2

      Who the heck goes into a library and doesn't even bother to read directions? It's a library, for the love of God, it's a place meant for reading.

  • Ashlee Alyce
    Ashlee Alyce Il y a 4 mois +34

    So … when I was 15, I worked in a well known high end shoe shop here in Melbourne, Australia. Where I live, it is a beautiful peninsula, surrounded by both bay and ocean beaches, which I absolutely adore …. BUT, in summer the population over triples with the most horrible tourists and entitled brats you have ever seen in one place. Meaning we can’t get access to the beautiful beaches we live by at the hottest season of the year, it takes sometimes 10x’s the amount of time to drive anywhere, shops are over crowed and completely picked over before locals get a chance to do a “normal” shop and we have to deal with the rudest, ugliest people on the plant every, single day.
    So I was working with my manager on a Saturday morning and by 11am it was already 40 degrees Celsius. That meant people were coming into the shops to escape the heat and it was absolutely crazy in store. My manager went on her break and I was left alone in the store for an hour dealing with all levels of crazy. I had at least 20 customers in the store and was get through each one in turn as quickly as I could. This big, fat, Greek lady, her older teenage daughter and her toddle son came in. The little boy was eating hot chips with sauce in the trolley and we had just had new carpets installed, so I kept an eye on him. The mum approached me and wanted help to have her sons foot measured. I told her that I was on my own and that there were a few people in front of her, but I would get to her as soon as possible. She then lost her mind, yelling at me in both English and Greek. I went back to serving customers and caught sight of her in the isle, take her sons chips and dropping them on the floor, the running them over and squishing them into the carpet, while laughing and speaking Greek to her daughter. I knew my manager, who was a very confident and “don’t take no shit from no one” kind of person, was coming back from her break any second, so I didn’t say anything to them. When she came back I quietly pulled her aside and explained the situation. It turned out, she was actually Greek herself and spoke Greek fluently. So she said she would say something and told me what to say, in Greek to reply. She didn’t look Greek and had fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes so they had no idea. They came to the register to pay and as I put it through with my manager behind me, they continued speaking Greek to each other thinking neither of us understood what they were saying. She let them pay(by card, which will be important at the end) and then in Greek told them that she had decided that we didn’t want their business and that she had already refunded their transaction(she put it through and then made out it didn’t work the first time) and was taking the shoes back. She then spoke to me in Greek and I replied with what she had told me too(she said, “it’s so sad that there are such entitled pigs the world, stealing our precious air” and I replied, “ that’s offensive to pigs” which she told me later) We later laughed about the fact that the lady had spent over $700 and the refund would take a week to hit her account. They were furious and started to knock our displays down and broke a mirror, so we called security who then called the police, who arrested them and charged them both with criminal damage. So not only did they loose over $700 for a week but, they had to pay to replace broken stock, the mirror, damaged displays and for professional carpet cleaning for the entire store. Apparently they had been calling me a skinny little white wh$&@ and my boss a fat, ugly prostitute.
    A little kindness goes a long way, especially when you don’t know what a worker is going through or has been through and they don’t come to work to be abused my disgusting people who don’t deserve any service, let alone, kind, decent service. At the time I was in a physically abusive relationship and was working 4 jobs and almost 75 hours a week to keep a roof over mine and my babies heads.
    Be kind people, karma ALWAYS gets you. If not then and there, at sometime in the future 😉😉

    • Connie Bailey
      Connie Bailey Il y a mois +1

      Fun fact, the typical Greek was blond-haired and blue-eyed up until a certain point in history.

  • Anita Aracs
    Anita Aracs Il y a 2 mois +22

    I used to live in England for a few years in my early twenties. The company that I worked for had summer courses for Karens to annoy every single soul in the village of the company. As a Hungarian, with broken English, I was a target. With a huge red cross on my back, I always got the grandmothers of Karens. Pure blooded Karens...
    One day, a got a complaint from a married couple ( Unionised Karens ) as the fresh oranges were not orange enough. On their own orange farm in SPAIN the oranges are brighter and fresher, I must bring them the same nice Spanish alike orange. I tried to apologise for the inconvenience then the male Karen asked about me. My name, age how long have I lived in the UK, so I politely replied. I was 21 by that time and I lived in the UK for 3 years by then. Then, they asked me a shocking question... "So you live here for 3 years and you still can't speak proper English?!" I had already been abused by Karens for months, my politeness switched off and my answer was: "my English may be broken, but I could tell you that you are a stupid racist dickhead with professional English if I wanted to. Turned around and left them with the best pride I ever felt.

  • Dana Shimosato
    Dana Shimosato Il y a 5 mois +55

    Worked in retail for about a year. It was never the customers who upset me. It was always the high school level pettiness, bullying and rudeness of my coworkers that made me quit.

    • Connie Bailey
      Connie Bailey Il y a mois +2

      Seriously, until I took a retail job, I kind of liked people. Sadly, it seems that when most Americans walk into a store or restaurant, them assume the employees are their personal servants. I get the psychology of it; it makes them feel "bigger,' more important than they normally do at their jobs/home. I put up with a lot working retail. I walked out because immediately after I'd cleaned all the tables, swept the floor, and finished sidework for the next day, a woman come in after hours because my boss forgot to lock the front door. Always the money-grubber, the boss told me we would serve her, even though we were closed and the kitchen shut down. As I took Ms Entitled's order, her five-year-old ran around the restaurant smearing something on his hands all over the tables and chairs. I paused and requested she stop him, as it meant I would have to stay even later to clean all the furniture again. She gave me an icy stare and told me I was disrespectful. I replied, "More disrespectful than someone who comes in after hours and expects to be served while her child makes everything filthy?" I knew the boss wouldn't back me up but would fire me, so I walked out. Ms Entitled just stood there like a lump with her mouth open. Best part of the story is that my boss called a day later and practically begged me to come back to work. I declined and I've never worked as a server again. I treat wait staff like gold and tip 20% so at least it was a learning experience.

  • Veladryssa Lily
    Veladryssa Lily Il y a mois +9

    I know this was posted months ago, but legit, ALL my work experience is in the service industry (fast food, hotel housekeeping, and Walmart retail). I cannot even BEGIN to explain how much I relate to this!!! Charlotte, you're an absolute angel and I am so happy to watch your content! Keep being freakin amazing! Love you!!! ❤️

  • YuToobVids
    YuToobVids Il y a 5 mois +450

    I managed a retail store in an "Affluent" part of L.A.
    Cashier called for the manager.
    When I got there "Karen" asked "I want to speak to a white manager" (I'm black).
    I called over my assistant manager (who's white) and said to her "This is Bob, my assistant, you can tell him your problem, and he can tell me, then I'll tell Bob what to tell you, Go!" She stormed out but not before saying "What is this country coming to?"😂😂😂

    • Connie Bailey
      Connie Bailey Il y a mois +1

      @Snowdog's Shorts it's got a lot worse since 2016.

    • Connie Bailey
      Connie Bailey Il y a mois +1

      @Snowdog's Shorts it's illegal in the U.S. also, but since 2016, a lot of entitled people seem to think they can do or say racist stuff whenever they want. We had a sort of President who encouraged them.

    • Fragile Like A Bomb
      Fragile Like A Bomb Il y a 3 mois

      This is awesome! So sorry this happened to you, though. :(

    • Snowdog's Shorts
      Snowdog's Shorts Il y a 3 mois +1

      @Cris Craf Of course racism exists here, but the USA takes it to a whole other level.
      By saying that you see the UK and the USA are the same when it comes to racism, you are downplaying how bad racism actually is in the USA.
      African Americans are often shot and killed by police officers. Including many times when they have not even committed a crime.
      While black British citizens do not face this same level of risk.
      Being black in the USA means that you will often be profiled and be stereotyped as a criminal by many in the authorities, as well as by many members of the public. While over here, this happens to a far lesser degree.
      I am not saying that racism isn’t as bad as you think it is in the UK. I am saying that compared to the USA, the racism that we have here is very minor.
      That doesn’t make the racism that does exist here, okay or acceptable in the slightest, just that racism is so much worse in the USA, than you seem to think it is.

    • Cris Craf
      Cris Craf Il y a 3 mois

      @Snowdog's Shorts #fakenews

  • Geek E Media
    Geek E Media Il y a 4 mois +11

    Last week a customer was standing in front of the door way reading her reciept. Its a supermarket so the entry door was huge. The manager asked me to bring the shopping carts outside. And so i did. Casually pushed the shopping cart outsode through the large double sliding doors to the cart area. The woman reading the reciept goes "That was very rude! And you work here!!?!" My manager who saw the whole thing but was visibly confused goes "who was being rude" K "that girl over there" *points to me* my manger still confused "What did she do!!??" K: She juet pushes the cart right past me, almost bumped into me!"
    Manager:" so she didn't bump to you? Your complaint is that she didn't bump into you while doing her job while you were standing in the door way? " K: angrily storms out of store.

  • Cute Kitsune
    Cute Kitsune Il y a 5 mois +40

    I’ve worked in customer service for almost 3 years and my first job was at chick fil a. I've encountered sooo many entitled customer, especially since we're known to do ANYTHING to make our customers happy. However, there's one entitled customer that stands out in my memory mainly because of the audacity of this person. For context, we usually sell breakfast from 5am-10:30am. Right when the clock hits 10:30, we have to stop selling breakfast so the cooks can easily transition to making the lunch items. With that being said, I encountered this entitled customer in our drive thru, during our dinner rush, and we had a line wrapped around the building. I greeted and asked EC what he would like to order. He immediately says, "I want the chicken biscuit meal with the little hash browns and (whatever drink he wanted)."
    I responded, "I'm sorry sir but we don't sell breakfast after 10:30. Is there something else on the menu that I could interest you in?"
    Immediately, EC tells me, "This is ridiculous! The (different CFA location) serves me breakfast whenever I want all the time!"
    Note that I was somewhat new to working at CFA and I used to be intimidated by angry customers. I remember feeling a bit anxious because I thought I was going to get yelled at or get in trouble for some reason. I didn't how else to respond to him besides, "Oh really? I didn't know that location does that. Unfortunately, we don't sell breakfast this late at this location. I'm sorry."
    I regret apologizing to EC because he instantly told me, "First of all, drop your attitude! You've been giving me nothing but attitude. I'm just trying to order and you've been disrespecting me this entire time! I want to see your manager because this is unacceptable!"
    I was a bit stunned by his accusation but mostly annoyed with EC that I just grabbed a manger to deal with him before I showed him a real attitude. I was busy taking other orders while my manager was talking to EC and had a different employee take his order. Once EC was further down the line, my coworker that took his order told me that EC was being rude to my coworker the whole time he was taking EC's order. I wasn't surprised. Luckily, I didn't get in trouble (not that there was a reason for me to be in trouble in the first place) but I heard rumors that night that EC got his free breakfast meal or got his whole order for free. Unfortunately, EC won in the end. I remember telling this story to my family and my sister (worked in customer service waaay longer than I have) gave me an advice that has always stuck with me but, luckily, have no need to use it yet.
    She told me that next time a customer says that a different location fulfills their request and forces me to do the same then say, "Oh really? They are not allowed to do that and are breaking company rules. They will have to be reported to HR immediately. Can you give me the store number or the address and give me all the employees' names?"
    Obviously, this is more of a bluff to stop entitled customers from taking advantage of you. My sister had used that line a couple time with entitled customers and it usually gets them revert from their entitlement. The reason being so they don't get anyone fired or they were lying in the first place. Hopefully, this tip is useful for anyone that works in customer service. Thanks for reading my entitled customer comment! I hope everyone has a wonderful Karenless day! 💖

  • Chasity Saunders
    Chasity Saunders Il y a 4 mois +5

    I've worked in retail since for 7 years before moving to a warehouse job vowing to never deal with customers again 🙃. Believe me with in those years I had my fair share of Karen's but no more so than when I worked at a call center. I got called Racist due to our policy on adding phone lines over the phone. I had enough of the man's crap after being told I "sound like a white b**** over the phone"(which this was his fiancé's phone plan NOT HIS. he was on his "white baby momma's plan" yeah he really said that ) and said "Sir my dad is black and my mom is white and please remain professional on the line" after that my manager came over but the guy never de-escalated and ultimately was sent to our other manager who basically tells the REALLY irate customers to not call in again due to their behavior and are banned to just go online or to the store

  • Sam Oyler
    Sam Oyler Il y a 2 mois +4

    I love when customers say they're never coming back because more often than not they come back regularly 🤣
    When I used to work in a restaurant, my manager once got into an argument with a customer and of course the customer said she'd never come back. She came back at the same time the very next day!

  • MsBridgettec
    MsBridgettec Il y a 5 mois +1538

    I’ve been in retail for 16 years and never a dull moment. I sweep the parking lot at my job and there have been people that will try to pull into the spot I’m sweeping, even with no other cars in the parking lot. I’ve been tempted to hit their car with my broom lol. I love all your videos, always makes me laugh

    • Jenny Octavio
      Jenny Octavio Il y a 2 mois

      I work at a bus stop. There was one time I was sweeping in front of my store, and a bus parked in from of my store, right next to me. And he honked at me.
      Ever hear bus horns, they are LOUD. He says his knee hit his horn, but my heart nearly jumped out of my throat, lol.
      And yes, they do like to park right where I'm sweeping.

    • meum nomen
      meum nomen Il y a 2 mois

      Been there, girl. Every time something like that happens I die a little bit inside...

    • Jasmer C
      Jasmer C Il y a 3 mois +1

      Things like this are petty power plays. It's because they not only don't have respect for you, your time, and your effort, but the flat out DISrespect you and what you do. That's why they go out of their way to inconvenience you instead of taking the spot right next to you or waiting patiently for you to finish what you're doing. It's ridiculous.

    • Susan Miner
      Susan Miner Il y a 3 mois

      @Elana Vital prob. garbage that people clean out of their cars-fast food bags, cups, etc.

    • Zerolatency Studios
      Zerolatency Studios Il y a 3 mois +1

      Yep only dirty table in the restaurant and they ask, "can we sit there?". Wtf 🤦

  • NeeNee's Journey
    NeeNee's Journey Il y a 2 mois +5

    The only time I've ever moved anything in stores, was to put things back where they belong. I couldn't imagine going through and moving all those things to "look like a designer did it", just for attention. Influencers need better manners taught to them. Maybe each one should work retail before YT, IG, or TT.

  • Rebecca Dawson
    Rebecca Dawson Il y a 4 mois +3

    I can not imagine treating others like I have been while I worked in retail.

  • minxii mayhem
    minxii mayhem Il y a 5 mois +9

    I worked at a very well known beauty store and I had an entitled older man (I was 24 he was in his mid to late 40s) come in to buy a hair trimmer. He then called the store an hr later demanding my phone number and wouldn't stop tying up our lines until he got it. I finally gave it to him just so I could block his number and be done with it... the guy kept coming to the store and trying to "take me home" during lunch breaks and after work when the store was closed... he later disclosed to my boss when he was confronted for jeopardizing my safety that he gave me his business so he was entitled to my time and "planned on taking full advantage of it".... this man literally thought that because I was the cashier that rang up his 45$ hair trimmer he was entitled to have my attention and possibly sleep with me whenever he wanted! I quit a month later cuz the harassment continued

    • Shlo Ka
      Shlo Ka Il y a 4 mois +3

      OMG that's horrifying 😱

  • RHBR
    RHBR Il y a 4 mois +18

    8:33 I cannot state enough how accurate this is. I work in a bookstore and we have literally had people reshelve books in places where they don't belong because "Um, this is where it *really* belongs, sweetie." Primarily political books get put into the true crime section, or get covered up with other books, which makes it very hard to find them when a customer wants them.
    *Do not EVER alter store displays or shelving.* If you believe something is likely misshelved, bring it to an employees attention and let them handle it. And don't ever set up "new" displays or dump things on tables because you think it "looks better". All you've done is make it harder for me to sell the item, because nobody will think to look for it where YOU decided to put it.

    • Connie Bailey
      Connie Bailey Il y a mois +1

      @Sylvia isgod it's easy to tell your favorite genre is "fantasy."

    • Connie Bailey
      Connie Bailey Il y a mois +1

      @Sylvia isgod I move Trump books to Psychology where they belong.

    • Connie Bailey
      Connie Bailey Il y a mois +1

      Religious books go to the fantasy section lol

    • Sylvia isgod
      Sylvia isgod Il y a 3 mois +1

      I've been known to move the Michelle Obama books at Walmart to the toilet paper section, where they belong.

  • Mama Pink
    Mama Pink Il y a 5 mois +588

    I work at a grocery store, we have "Code 101" for our Karens and Chads, we've had that Karen code set up for years now. It really works, because when a cashier calls for a Code 101, *all of the workers come out and stand around the Karen, in silence. * It freaks them out!😂🤣

    • Megan Roberts
      Megan Roberts Il y a mois +3

      If things get out of control management can overhead for a "freight check" where the situation is located. Anyone who is available shows up to lend numbers to witnesses and support for store situation

    • Fragile Like A Bomb
      Fragile Like A Bomb Il y a 3 mois +2


    • RacinGIRL911
      RacinGIRL911 Il y a 3 mois +1

      @Starling Swallow ROTFLMAO!!!! Yup!! You’ve got THAT right!! 🤣😂😂

    • Starling Swallow
      Starling Swallow Il y a 3 mois +3

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 THIS JUST BROKE THE INTERNET!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • RacinGIRL911
      RacinGIRL911 Il y a 3 mois +2

      @Mama Pink- ROTFLMAO!!!! I LOVE it!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Tiphinie Worley
    Tiphinie Worley Il y a 5 mois +8

    When it came to the target merchandise designer I can actually see both sides. I understand why they don’t want you to do that, I can also see someone is getting creative and bring business ideas to the table. She really should have just left it alone and went to management and pitched her idea. It wasn’t a bad idea but until their upper management gives them permission the stuff needs to stay on the shelves. It’s business respect.

  • Megan Roberts
    Megan Roberts Il y a mois +4

    I've been working at a grocery store for over 15 years and have had many incidents of stupidity rearing its head every year.
    Last Christmas eve my company restricted hour usage on the schedule, so we didn't have two people to work on party trays like we normally would have. We on a normal day are selling sandwiches in two displays one that people grab their own and a behind the glass sandwich display we serve from.
    The lady we would have making sandwiches for the sales table was stuck making all the party orders instead of the sandwiches.
    The shift I normaly have was at 4 a.m. to 1, however with corporate restrictions on hour usage the manager scheduled me at 6. The average day I would come in and make the behind the glass sandwich display then go to lunch and open the hot food side of the kitchen after returning.
    The store opened at 7 a.m...... in walks Karen she looks at the empty sales table walked over to the hot food counter seen it empty. She asked if we had any hot sandwiches and I told her not right now, she then went over to the bakery doughnut case.
    Less than 5 minutes later asked what sandwiches I was making.
    I awnsered the ones that go here pointing to the service case. Karen then snapped "you don't like helping people", I am going to talk to a manager.
    I point out my manager is right over there, she stormed off and informed him I was rude and she knows good customer service because she worked for Boar's Head a few years ago.
    He proceeded to inform her I was awarded a special award for high level of service by Boar's Head just last month, which is a rare presentation in its self.
    She probably complained to corporate, but I haven't heard anything about it. My company has "Wi-Fi boosters" that I have heard are paired with audio recording to make sure employees are telling the truth about interactions between customers, with all the surveillance cameras I have a feeling she was disregarded as a loon.

  • Nicole Loriev
    Nicole Loriev Il y a 4 mois +3

    the parking lot one reminds me of my old job. basically there were two restaurants with their own dedicated parking lots next to each other but each restaurant did not allow staff to park in the parking lot so everyone just parked in the opposite restaurants parking lot lol

  • Dyssomnia
    Dyssomnia Il y a 3 mois +5

    I worked at a deli years ago. The amount of people who used the "I know the owners" line when they didn't get their way was astonishing. One woman wanted me to call them while they were on vacation. I said "no, I won't call them. But I assume you also have their number right? Because you know them? You call." Obviously. She did not call them.

  • Funny Welshman
    Funny Welshman Il y a 5 mois +388

    I love it when a Karen declares to me that they will “never shop here again” and I’m like “bitch this is a hardware store not an airport you don’t need to announce your departure……have a nice day”

    • Cookie UwU Panda
      Cookie UwU Panda Il y a 3 mois +1

      @Tyffanee Lavely Woah! You okay there? Need a nap? I think you need one. This isn't a new catch phrase and had being used for years. You're acting a little TOO mad there.

    • BelizeGyaal80
      BelizeGyaal80 Il y a 4 mois


    • Christina M.
      Christina M. Il y a 4 mois +1

      People do that with websites a lot, "i'm leaving, you people are crazy!" everybody responds, "don't let the door hit you in the a-- on the way out Karen!" LoL.

    • Hambone
      Hambone Il y a 5 mois +9

      It kills me when people threaten to never come back and then they come back a few days later. Like what happened? I thought you weren't ever going to show here again?

  • Kayla Bowen
    Kayla Bowen Il y a 2 mois +2

    I worked the customer service desk at a retail store for five years. I think my worst experience was when an older customer threw his items across the floor and then accused me of Grandtheft auto because he left his keys on the counter and I placed them in the lost and found basket. Dude made quite the scene.

  • Rachael N
    Rachael N Il y a 4 mois +6

    FINALLY being able to see bad customers put in place! Loved the security guard 😂

  • The One, The Only, Ms eLLE
    The One, The Only, Ms eLLE Il y a 5 mois +5

    I was managing a womens athletic clothing shop in London when a woman came in and demaded that I give her a return on a piece of clothing that she clamed was faulty and ripped when she wore it for the first time. Instantly I knew she was full of crap since the article of clothing was not anything from the current season or the last. It was not even in the system anymore. But she insisted she recently bought it from my store and demanded a refund. I explained that I can't bc the system does not recognise the piece and to boot, the "rip" was a clean rip, not frazzled thread (I know this from my sewing experience, it was a clean cut of the stitching). The kicker though is that it had obviously been washed since the smell of softener was overpowering. I talked to the regional manager over the phone and she said to give her a refund of the closest matching item and let it go.
    And that is the story of how small businesses go belly up - Karens like that.

  • Jessie Roe
    Jessie Roe Il y a 5 mois +4

    I worked retail for 12 years, and it was OH so fun during the holidays. When I had a customer that felt "Entitled" I pointed out the sign we had up that I had made. It said "We, that's us, not you, reserve the GOD given right to tell you HELL no, and send you packing".

  • Jane
    Jane Il y a 5 mois +196

    One time while working in retail I had a customer attempt to steal a pair of leggings by putting them on in the changing room and trying to walk out. My manager forced me to confront her and when I did she said that I should “Give her the leggings for free because she shops here every week” when I told her that wasn’t how it worked, she peed in them. Right there. And then asked if I wanted them back now… and people wonder why customer service workers aren’t happy with their pay 🙃

    • Fragile Like A Bomb
      Fragile Like A Bomb Il y a 3 mois


    • Indigo Eye
      Indigo Eye Il y a 5 mois +3

      I NEED to know how this ended.

    • Beatriz Nunes
      Beatriz Nunes Il y a 5 mois +17

      My friend who worked at a Zara told me they once had someone who pooped IN A SOCK . They were horrified and at the same time intrigued ... Why in a sock ? How did they manage ? So many questions

    • Sierra Fairbanks
      Sierra Fairbanks Il y a 5 mois +26

      You know in future you can refuse. That's technically their job not yours. You are not obligated to do something you aren't comfortable with. I worked in a sandwich shop and we had a girl come in drinking. Which is illegal, we weren't an authorized business to allow alcohol on the property and also that considered public intoxication. I called the owner and asked if I should call the nonermgency line and he said to just go tell her she can't drink in here and she needs to leave. And I was like hell no. I'm not approaching some random drunk person, drunk people are unpredictable and I have absolutely no clue what kind of drunk she was. So we left her alone until she fell asleep on our table, then we called the police. Who showed up and did absolutely nothing. 🤦‍♀️ it wasn't the first time either, the police in the area seemed very reluctant to do anything. Lol, we had a guy publicly expose himself and pee in a family shopping center. And when I went to file a report the cop was like "do you *really* wanna be the victim here?" And I said "yes my little brother comes around here and I wouldn't want him or any other kid to see that." But I wish I had the balls to call him out for not wanting to do his job and protect and serve. 😒 anyway I got off topic here at the end. 🤣

  • Helen Baker
    Helen Baker Il y a 4 mois +3

    Love your videos. I used to work in the Customer Service department for a large retail store in UK, offering refunds and returns. One day this older lady wanted to return a pair trousers. When I took them they were very clearly skanky and stained and had been very well used. When I looked for a tag to put them in the register I saw that these trousers were sold over 20 years ago under the old name for the store! Who does that? What kind of person wears a pair of trousers for 20 years, doesn’t clean them properly and then tries to return them to a shop!

  • zinchabz49
    zinchabz49 Il y a 3 mois +2

    I've been working in hospitality since I was in training bras, the AUDACITY of some people still amazes me

  • Libby Jensen
    Libby Jensen Il y a 4 mois +2

    I just found this channel this morning and I LOVE it! I'm a retail worker and this channel helps me to laugh at the insanity we've been experiencing at work! I know what I'll binge watch the rest of my day off!!!

  • Amanda Barber
    Amanda Barber Il y a 4 mois +4

    I work at a gas station in a fairly well off town. Let me tell you......these people need some humility lessons. I've been cussed at, insulted, almost had something thrown at me and then some.

  • Meg Smith
    Meg Smith Il y a 5 mois +331

    At my sister’s old job, one of her coworkers got called out and accused of reversing into this woman’s car. He was very confused as he hadn’t left that spot since he clocked in at 5am (before the store opened). So they pulled up the cctv and it turns out that this woman had crashed into the coworkers car then tried to pin it on him.

    • Jack Low
      Jack Low Il y a 5 mois +2

      How can people not be aware of the ubiquity of CCTV by now? It boggles the mind!

    • Wilson
      Wilson Il y a 5 mois +17

      I have a 4K front & rear dashcam. It has paid for itself ($580) many times over. Once with a speeding ticket (not within 50 miles of alleged offence) & the other when I was being tailgated, had to stop suddenly and got rammed. Driver claimed that I 'brake checked' her, dashcam said otherwise.

    • Bass Trammel
      Bass Trammel Il y a 5 mois +18

      Blows my mind what kind of bs Karens tries to pull off. Imagine having that little shame in your life!

    • The Aussie Family
      The Aussie Family Il y a 5 mois +24

      This also happened to my son, thank god his work has the best cctv coverage that the police in our town also have access to…. She then happily took 100% responsibility once she knew the police had viewed it.

  • MyLostLenore
    MyLostLenore Il y a 3 mois +1

    I've had many run-ins with various types of "Karens" when I worked in customer service! Also, I just wanted to let you know that everytime I watch one of your videos, I wave at you and say "Hay, Girl, haayyy!!! 😁" 😂 Every. Single. Time.

  • Tiffany N
    Tiffany N Il y a 5 mois +2

    I currently have 7 customers who I would LOVE to tell me “you’ve lost our business. “ Like I pray everyday they stop coming to our store. A few do shop but most of the time they come into our store to chat with our employees who are trying to work! I’m not talking 5-10 minute chat, no, they can talk to a single employee well over 30 minutes! It’s frustrating cause you want to be friendly, it’s good customer service! But we need to stock our shelves and get product out. Not to mention when they make inappropriate comments which does make a lot of our employees both male and female uncomfortable. Heck there is a few that have tried stalking our employees home. We are here to work, not be your new best-friend! :| retail sucks but someone has to do it.

  • Cookie UwU Panda
    Cookie UwU Panda Il y a 3 mois +1

    Being in retail for 5 years now and I just can't wait to finish my degree because I believe more and more that there are no good normal person left. To IGA, A&W, Home Depot, Tim Horton....people act SO entitled, angry and impatient, it is ridiculous! The fact that anyone working in customer service have to deal with these and being pay jack shit is repulsing. I finally hold my ground for a long time now. I don't even care if I get fire, I mirror the same attitude you are giving me and my fellow workers because nobody should be treat like shit, especially when asking a service. It's like going to someone else house and start bullshitting, the owner won't accept that. It's just logical.
    The customers either act dumb or mad, especially when they say «they are in a rush» but go wait and shop in the place.../when they say «you'll give me that.» I am not your fricking maid buddy (And wouldn't even act like that with one)/saying the stupid gratos jokes etc.

  • Sophia Schrock
    Sophia Schrock Il y a 4 mois +1

    I once got fired from my EXTREMELY underpaid job as a server/cook/hostess/busser at a local small town finer for making a regular customer leave because he was yelling racial slurs at a black couple who'd came in....also because the cop came in to eat specifically when I was working because he was a creep, which is apparently my fault....thank God I don't work there anymore

  • ChristaCiel
    ChristaCiel Il y a 5 mois +7

    I'm working in a small grocery shop - part-time med student life- and I have a list of my "favorite" customers.
    1. The " adorable" old lady how made me a w*ore, p*ostitute , lazy, uneducated and others things for at least 15 mins because I didn't have more free limited coupons for her. (I have already given her free extra coupons)
    2. The Misogyny Santa how tell me regularly that the women shouldn't have the right to talk or to have opinions and others things.
    3. The man how screams at me because he didn't find his unusual products and thinks that i'm somehow responsible for that.
    4. The 13 years girls how swears because i didn't want to sell them beer or cigarettes.
    5. The Karen how screams regularly because the prices were "wrong" or "to big" ( no, they weren't) and think that is my fault.
    6. The Karens how don't wants to put that f*cking mask for 5 minutes.
    7. That lady how came 20 minute before opening, hit the door to open just for her and - you guess- screams. ( my supervisor literally tell me to drink a coffee and ignore her) .
    Seriously, if i have a coin for every customer how screams at me, insult me or say that is my fault for almost everything, I will be a millionaire in less than a week (and I say a week because i'm just part-time).
    P.S Sorry for my mistake! English is not my first language.

    • ChristaCiel
      ChristaCiel Il y a mois

      @Megan Roberts Thank you!❤
      Now I'm worried about native English speakers who speak / write it worse than me😶

    • Megan Roberts
      Megan Roberts Il y a mois +1

      Honey even those who are raised with it can get a lot wrong, just look and listen out and about in public

  • Kelli Brenneke
    Kelli Brenneke Il y a 4 mois +1

    I've worked retail for 20+ years. I would absolutely love to see stores adopt a Code Karen!!

  • NYOB0001
    NYOB0001 Il y a 2 mois +1

    It's been a while since I've been to Canada so things might have changed. My experience regarding currency has been that the businesses took both Canadian and U.S. dollars. Especially those close to the border. Never had a problem.
    I'm tempted to call BS. But I won't call BS. Because I'm not a Karen and I don't profess to be infallible.

  • Cap Howdy
    Cap Howdy Il y a jour

    With that one about parking outside, now I can't talk for everywhere, but in most jobs I have worked at in the UK (including retail and warehouse etc), the last people are that are actually allowed to park outside work are the employees. One retail job I worked in, the whole retail park were allowed one parking space per shop and you had to give your registration. There used to be an employee parking section, but the greedy owners of the park decided to build two more shops on it and revoke employees parking rights. I was the only other person who used to get away with parking in the car park as I had a motorcycle and they only photographed the front of your vehicle as you entered and left. Meant I was not restricted by the time limits and could come and go as I please as well.
    All other employees had to park on side roads blocking those up.
    So basically there was probably 20-25 shops and imagine how many employees in each.

  • Ghislaine deFeligonde
    Ghislaine deFeligonde Il y a 5 mois +420

    The young woman, who was so proud for standing up for herself made my day. I am very happy for her.

    • Jessica Pommer
      Jessica Pommer Il y a 2 mois

      I was sooo happy for her too ❤️

    • Meghan Henderson
      Meghan Henderson Il y a 2 mois

      I was so proud of her!

    • JustASilentGamer
      JustASilentGamer Il y a 3 mois +1

      Damn, right. I couldn't even stand up to my bullies, loved that moment when she fangirled over herself.

    • Mia Primo
      Mia Primo Il y a 3 mois


    • Artifying
      Artifying Il y a 4 mois +7

      I’ve never once in my life stood up for myself and not cried during or immediately after so I feel her pride

  • Kim Marie
    Kim Marie Il y a mois

    I love when customers say “I’ve been a loyal customer for (blank) amount of years” like they think we’ll bend the rules.
    I had a lady pull out the “I’ve been a loyal customer here for 5 years” card at me when I couldn’t give her toilet paper as we had run out.
    I had worked there for 5 years too and I really felt like saying 2 things to her
    “I’ve worked here for 5 years so if I’m not getting any benefits why would you get benefits”
    “That’s funny, because I’ve worked here for 5 years and I would recognise you if you had been here before”

  • Taylore-Marie Sanchez
    Taylore-Marie Sanchez Il y a 2 mois +1

    So I was in retail for 11 years. I had just been promoted from an associate to a beginning management position pretty quickly integrated beginning of my retail time. I had a customer I was helping, I was unable to assist her in finding the item she wanted it as it was sold out thought out the company. The woman told me to get a real job, because I couldn’t give this entitled woman something that was not possible.

  • RaileySierra Cothern
    RaileySierra Cothern Il y a 3 mois

    I’ve worked in customer service and dealt with a lot of entitlement from some customers, never a dull moment

  • Emily Zhen
    Emily Zhen Il y a 5 mois +1

    once I was at a restaurant with my family and a lightbulb fell from the ceiling onto a customer's food (I saw the whole thing and the customer themselves was not harmed by it) and though the restaurant not only brought a fresh plate of their food to replace the one w the lightbulb and also gave them an extra side dish free of charge, the customer kept demanding the restaurant pay him several hundred bucks in cash for the shock of the experience or smth. I sat there a few tables over eating my fish cake wide-eyed at the audacity

  • zarouliaall
    zarouliaall Il y a 5 mois +75

    I lost a job one time over a Karen. I was way overworked doing the job of about 4 people by myself for minimum wage. I was working take out at in a busy restaurant the Saturday before mother's day. All the food was running behind. The managers and kitchen staff knew I was working alone. Dine in was also busy but we had 8-10 servers on so they should have been fine. I had so many orders that I couldn't fit all the tickets on the rails, and I couldn't fit all the food in the warmers, and more than half the food wasn't even made yet. I was telling customers who ordered over the phone that it would likely take over an hour for their food, even though it realistically shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to make, our kitchen was just that backed up. Of course the managers start telling the kitchen to prioritize the dine in food, and never told me, so while I'm quoting people an hour it's taking more like an hour and a half for each order. It was a nightmare. The entire lobby was full of about 20 people waiting for their to go orders. Everytime I go into the kitchen to pick up more food I'm begging managers to help me, and begging the kitchen to please just make my food in under an hour. Well. Here comes Karen. I quoted her an hour and of course she's there after 30 minutes, so she obviously has to wait a good while for her food. She was pestering me the entire time and I let her know we were going as fast as we could. Finally her food is ready and I go to ring her up and she demands a discount, I tell her okay but the way our system works doesn't allow me to add a discount without a manager scanning their card. She flips out and says she's not waiting any longer and continues to demand a discount. I'm getting irritated at this point bc I'm so backed up and other people are waiting. I reiterate that I will be right back with a manager to give her the discount. She starts screaming at me, calling me incompetent, and one last time trying to stay calm(not doing a great job at this point) I'm shaking at this point and raise my voice slightly and just tell her the same thing I've said over and over. She notices that I'm shaking, face red, and voice raised, and she goes "you must be crazy? You need to f*cking calm down" I lost it. I knew I was about to lose my job and decided that it was entirely worth it. I slammed her pizzas down on the counter and just said "you're a f*cking b*tch lady" and walked away to the kitchen. I found my manager and just said "I'm fired" and she was like wtf is going on. I told her and she talked to the gm who told me to go home for the night and we would discuss this tomorrow. Remember, tomorrow was mother's day and I was supposed to work from open to close, again by myself. I realized that they would likely have me work all day(because they wouldn't have any coverage otherwise) and then fire me at the end of the night. So i just didn't go, spent the day with my mom and never went back. They tried to call a few times and I ignored them. That job was entirely not worth 10 dollars an hour and I'm honestly still proud of that moment. F you Karen.

    • Hisdudeness
      Hisdudeness Il y a 4 mois +2

      Sounds more like you were set free.

    • Asmita Bose
      Asmita Bose Il y a 5 mois +3

      I hope that restaurant lost buisness that day. Good for you.

    • Rachel Nesbitt
      Rachel Nesbitt Il y a 5 mois +2

      Good for you! That sounded like a nightmare!!!!

    • Catelyn H
      Catelyn H Il y a 5 mois +11

      I got written up over something ridiculous once. I wouldn't say it was a karen event, but it was supposedly a customer complaint that started the process.
      I worked a fast food place where we had management from 6 till 2, so there was absolutely no management from 2 till midnight when we closed. It often fell to the closers to be the one in charge because they knew what needed to be done in that time to be ready to close and be prepped for the next day.
      Throw in a temp manager who opened while the normal one was on maternity, a wee bit of a lot of nepotism, and bad hires that lasted only a few weeks normally before cash was stolen or they threw a stink before walking out.
      I worked evenings, 4 till midnight. The start of my shift was the end of the adults working save me and the other closer. The other people filling in were teens that worked from 4 till 8.
      So one evening, i was frustrated that one teen (hired because they were the friend of a sibling of the temp manager) would do minimal work and leave a mess as they clocked out. Dirty dishes, things left out, etc etc. This night i would not accept it so i asked them politely to do the dishes and afterwards they could head out (as in, the faster you do it, the sooner you can go and maybe even go early). They stood at the register, staring blankly ahead, so i asked again, a little louder. They said no, i said yes, and they threw a fit that i was forcing them to do all this work and they'd never make it home in time and how could i keep a teen past their hours and so on and so forth. They would not move into the back to be talked to, so i had to confront them in front of the customers.
      I finally told them to clock out and leave an hour early if they didn't intend to do their work so they wouldn't just be standing in our walking path (there's just barely enough room for 2 people to scoot by each other) and they left. I then asked the other closer to serve the customers for a bit so i could take over for dishes.
      Next day, i was written up. Reasoning? I was angry in front of the customers. To my knowledge, the other person was not written up for vocal outburst, the excuse being that i should have known better since i was older (20 or 21 at the time) and not provoked them. So i'm fairly certain it was my coworker being a karen and not a customer that got me in trouble. They even went to the manager.

  • Shannon Gilligan
    Shannon Gilligan Il y a mois +1

    I started working at a grocery store right when the pandemic hit. My position was new with the pandemic as I was “Sanitation Crew” and we basically wiped down every surface with cleaner all throughout our shift. I was assigned carts and to remind people about the mask mandate. About 2 full months in, a couple without masks came in and I remind them, the wife pulls out her mask and apologizes. Her husband however starts giving me the third degree and asked to see the policy (multiple signs, a whole packet with the printed mandate, everyone else wearing masks, and all news sources weren’t enough) I start shaking but hold my ground as he’s cussing me out. The wife cuts him off and says in a classic southern mama voice “Robert, be respectful”. He immediately goes to the truck and brings back a mask in hand and says “there, is that better” I say “that’s perfect, but you have to wear it” he glared at me and with a stern look from his wife, he puts it on, cussing everything under the sun under his breath as they walk into the store.

  • Sarah Doo
    Sarah Doo Il y a 4 mois +2

    I work at the return desk in a chain store and every time that I get customers like these I’m just told to “make it right” by my managers. really wish I had managers that would back up the policies that they force me to follow.

    • Kathy Goodman
      Kathy Goodman Il y a 3 mois +1

      @Sarah Doo That just reinforces the bad behavior and makes it worse. I'm sorry you have to deal with this. The world is no longer the polite place I grew up in. I was taught to respect everyone around me and that if you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all. Makes me glad I'm old and probably have 20 years to live at the most.

    • Sarah Doo
      Sarah Doo Il y a 3 mois +1

      @Kathy Goodman I’ve worked in the store for nearly 10 years and I can say 100% people have gotten worse over time because they know they can get away with it. Literally yesterday I had a woman yell at me, four of my supervisors and my manager. My manager told me to go to the office to cool off and she gave the customer a $40 gift card and a full refund. “ you know I had to make it right” is all I was told afterward

    • Kathy Goodman
      Kathy Goodman Il y a 3 mois

      And now we know why these Karens keep getting worse, they get away with it.

  • Florian
    Florian Il y a 4 mois +1

    OMG! Security dude in the first one giving her a taste of her own, shouty medicine was AWESOME!
    Kudos to him!

  • Jeremy Clifton
    Jeremy Clifton Il y a 3 mois +1

    Can we talk about how adorable her smile is when one side is moving more while smiling and talking??! 😍 completely adorable and she’s funny af! New subscriber and love the content. Not a weirdo just have similar smile feature and it has always bothered me but made my heart happy to see someone with the same situation and making it look great!

  • Karen Noneyabeeswax
    Karen Noneyabeeswax Il y a 5 mois +142

    On the flip side, I once had to listen to a store employee spouting her flat-earth theories the whole time I shopped. It was annoying as hell. Did I complain to her manager? Of course not. Am I bi1ching about it months later to people who don’t care? Absolutely.
    Shout out to all the other passive-aggressive peeps in the house!

    • Carol R
      Carol R Il y a 5 mois +2

      Well, we DO care. Seeing and hearing about a-holes is why we have gone to the Dark Side, for viewing purposes ONLY, and become Charlotte-ettes.

    • Sue Zoo
      Sue Zoo Il y a 5 mois


    • Michelle Young
      Michelle Young Il y a 5 mois +1

      @Eight Handed Mind Sometimes a person can be absolutely lovely in every other area, except that ooooooone thing, so you take the good with the bad, and just hope it turns out for the best.

    • mzpurplemist
      mzpurplemist Il y a 5 mois


    • Eight Handed Mind
      Eight Handed Mind Il y a 5 mois +9

      Bro, one of my old managers was a flat-earther. It was something we just sort of quietly understood we would never talk about. She came really close once when she got mad at a science magazine cover that showed outer space, but I just kind of changed the subject. I don't remember what I said, but we never got that close to it again after that. I really liked her even though she was crazy. We were good friends before I moved away.

  • Jack TheSt _Ripper
    Jack TheSt _Ripper Il y a 29 jours +1

    Been working at a grocery store for about 6 years, I only met 2 Karens during my time there. Thank god for that.
    A lady screaming at us and asking how much it cost for a kilo of nuts and I told her the price, she did not like the pricing (about 20 usd pr kilo, very expensive where I live)
    and yelled at us and telling us that she would not come back. I started to crack up real good and could not stop laughing at all. Like Okay, bye lol. Not the worst that happend to me.
    But I heard stories from my coworkers dealing with them from time to time.

  • Vicky Randall
    Vicky Randall Il y a 4 mois +1

    I'd been grooming dogs for a few years. I was manager. One of the employees was checking in a dog, she found a dog was badly matted. Any groomer worth their salt would have shaved the dog off because dematting would be very painful for the dog. When my colleague told the guy she would have to shave under the mats, he started yelling at her that she is lazy and she needs to brush out the mats. Called her a few horrible names and was shouting at her for a couple of minutes. I heard part of the shouting from the next room so put my dog down in a crate and went to see what was happening. My colleague was close to tears and told me he doesn't want his dog shaved but she is matted. I told her to go make herself a coffee and take a few minutes. I said to him you don't talk to my colleagues like that ever again and I reiterated what my colleage had said and that I will not put his dog through dematting. He tried shouting at me. I put up my hand and told him he has 2 choices. We can start over and he can be polite or he can walk out and find a new groomer because I'll not have him speak that way to me or my colleagues. He apologised and got the dog done. Left a nice tip and apologised to me and my colleague when he came to pick up the dog. I suspect he told his wife and she told him off, she is lovely and trusts us to the hilt.

  • Stacey P.
    Stacey P. Il y a mois

    I used to be a customer service manager for Walmart, when I get a call from the police, the officer laughing said he had to call as he had to share, apparently someone had phoned the cops because plants in the garden centre were dry and dying. She wanted us charged for cruelty. Yep good times.
    I left Walmart when my inside voice started to come outside my head.

  • Sarah Bishenden
    Sarah Bishenden Il y a 4 mois +1

    I worked in retail for years and when someone's in to complain I was extra nice and it always put them on the back foot I loved it when they were ready for an argument and I was sweetness and light it always took the wind out of there sails xx

  • carla usoff
    carla usoff Il y a 5 mois +412

    When I was 19 I was basically running the family business after my father had passed away. I was pulling 60 hour weeks, and I was the only female in a full service gas station and garage.
    Entitled customer came in and started screaming and swearing at my crew. He was quite angry about having to wait his turn for minor mechanical work.
    I stepped in and explained that we would be happy to help, but he WOULD have to wait his turn. He turned his full vitriol towards me and summed up his tantrum with "I'm a close friend of the owner and you are going to be fired over this bitch".
    I calmly pulled out a business card with my name listed as Co-owner/operator on it. I gave him my sweetest smile and told him that when he calls me I prefer be-otch and to get off my lot and don't come back. I have to admit that I miss those days. 😁

    • Hisdudeness
      Hisdudeness Il y a 4 mois +12

      Love it. Had a similar situation, I wasn't the owner, but the owner was standing about 5 feet to my right.
      Worked at a hardware store where we filled propane tanks. Not blue rhino, we filled them ourselves. Dude walks into the store with his tank, well that's not legal. I tell him to take the tank outside and the associate will fill it while he pays, but he gets all holier than thou and refuses to leave, despite me telling him that it can't be in the store by law. After a minute or so of back and forth he goes "I'm done arguing, how much is it?" I replied, "$5000", he goes "What?" I said "That's the fine for bringing the tank into the store, so that'll be $5000". At this my boss, the owner, starts cracking up. He then pulls the "I know the owner, don't make me call him". I looked directly at my boss, still laughing, and said "You can call, but I don't think he'll be able to say much right now" (I'm starting to laugh now too, so it came out with a chuckle), which made my boss start laughing even harder. Dude goes "Fuck You" and storms out, but not before I could hit him with "Have a nice day!" Boss said it's one of the best exchanges he's ever seen.
      That was the absolute wrong store to pull that with. Most of our business was contractors, and they bust balls as a second job (good natured, they took as well as they gave). No amount of Karen behavior was going to get to us, and we'd just embarrass you. If you gotta work retail, work mom & pop, you're family, not a "human resource".

    • dracofirex
      dracofirex Il y a 4 mois +6

      Sometimes you have to be like "Please, refer to me by my proper title, Mega Ultra Bee-Yetch"

    • Jamie Shepherd
      Jamie Shepherd Il y a 4 mois +3

      Yes!!! You are amazing! I love it. Your Father is proud of you and loves you so much!! I’m sorry for your loss.

    • Melissa Blackwood
      Melissa Blackwood Il y a 5 mois +24

      Oh he was "a close friend of the owner"? Bet he wasn't closer than you.

    • Swampgirl67
      Swampgirl67 Il y a 5 mois +6

      I bet that felt great 😹😹😹😹

  • Asterix
    Asterix Il y a mois

    I love when people you really don’t want as a customer threaten you with the loss of their business.

  • Christina M.
    Christina M. Il y a 4 mois +2

    That first lady was in a hospital waiting room and she was getting in the faces of other patients who are just sitting there, peaceful & sick. The security guard finally had enough of her crap. Well done.

  • Kristen Brown
    Kristen Brown Il y a 5 mois

    One moment that I'll never forget at the gas station I work at is when I had been working there for a few weeks and this big guy who had ordered a bbq sandwich said I made it wrong because i put the sauce on AFTER the coleslaw. My coworkers were comforting me after he left demanding to talk to my boss about how i did that to him

  • TanR Rice
    TanR Rice Il y a mois

    New subscriber because of this. I love your witty humor and reactions. Thank you for fixing up my bad day

  • g m
    g m Il y a 5 mois +248

    I was once a customer service manager for the world's largest retailer. I was called to the customer service desk to deal with an especially irate customer. I don't even remember what she was returning, but I do remember she was yelling and cursing at the cashier. The cashier was in tears. I denied the woman's return. She told me I could not do that. She tried the same business on me she tried on the cashier. I informed her that is exactly what my job entailed, and not only could I do that, but I was ejecting her from the store. If she refused to leave, I would contact the police, and with a police report, I could permanently bar her from the store, and as a bonus, I would call our surrounding local stores with this information. She left without a refund. I told the cashier she never had to put up with that behavior from a customer.

    • Chasity Saunders
      Chasity Saunders Il y a 4 mois

      You deserve a metal 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • Christina M.
      Christina M. Il y a 4 mois

      Whos the world's largest retailer, btw? Walmart? I had no idea they had stores even throughout Africa. Crazy!

    • Michelle Young
      Michelle Young Il y a 5 mois +34

      You are a hero.
      My absolute favorite grocery store is my absolute favorite grocery store, because I witnessed a manager standing up for an employee, and I just thought, "This is MY STORE. I LOVE these people!"

  • charlottesmom:
    charlottesmom: Il y a 3 mois +1

    I guess I was lucky or it was the time frame (the 80's) but when I worked in retail (clothes store and ballet supply shop) I never had a rude customer. I also worked at Burger King and another fast food place and never had anything but nice customers...have people gotten ruder or was I just super lucky?🤷🏻‍♀️
    I also worked at a restaurant while pregnant and got huge tips..(anyone who would be rude to a pregnant lady is pure evil!). I feel bad for people who have to deal with these chuckleheads.😫

  • Kerri Goodman
    Kerri Goodman Il y a 3 mois +1

    Had my fair share of crazy customers!! I used to.get angry but then i noticed if i stayed calm and kept smiling at them and saying things like " do you need a bag? " " would you like me to pack it for you" the fact i kept calm and polite they absolutely HATED it 🤣😂 ALWAYS finished with a " Have a great day" 😂

  • Jacklyn Jones
    Jacklyn Jones Il y a 4 mois +1

    As someone who actually did the decor set up in a Target, I can confirm that people do buy rugs that have been on the ground. 😂 We have set people who are actually given the job to set up decor in the C&D aisles. 😂

  • Justin Schuman
    Justin Schuman Il y a 4 mois +1

    god my worst thing in retail was when i had a very pregnant woman who refused to hear what i was saying, i worked at target and told her exactly what the STORE MANGER told her and yet she didnt listen to me about it. What my store manager told me it doesnt matter how u tell them, sometimes those people need to be told a different way.

  • Stuart Harrison-Boyd
    Stuart Harrison-Boyd Il y a 5 mois +61

    When I was in Art College in England, I got a part time job in a pizza restaurant. This was in the 1990s, waaaay back before the whole Internet, meme, Karen thing. But this family comes in, and she had the Karen cut, it was a 1990s common style back then. Her husband looked constantly in pain (not surprised) and her kids were really quite well behaved. It ended up being my table. She wanted a window table (none available) and she did the tut and 'huh' thing. I take the order, husband orders a vodka and coke, I gave him a double on me as he really did look like he needed it. I get the pizzas, and bring the side orders to the table. 8 seconds after I turn to leave, I get the 'snap snap snap' of fingers in the air. Oh yeah, my hackles went up. I was a Northern Irish man in England, so when I get a bit pissed off, my accent gets very strong, and I sound quite rough / common. Karen had the affected 'trying to be posh southern English in a North West city' "my children's pizzas are cold, heat them up" no please or whatever. I whack them through the stone oven low bit just to heat up, these things were steaming, they were that hot. I bring them out and say "they are really hot, please be careful" customer care yeah. She said "my children aren't stupid" I looked at the husband, he was chugging the Double vodka and coke, I mouthed 'another one?' he gave me a very grateful look. She had inhaled half her house white, I said 'another house white for you madam' I wanted to say 'another cheapo grigio for you laydeh (lady in a local accent)' she did say yes please to that! Again, I give the hubby a double vodka measure. So the kids get ice cream as part of the meal deal, I ask the kids what flavour they would like, KarenMum talks over the kids "both will have vanilla, I don't want them to get coloured stains. The kids were wearing blue, it would look like a bird shat on them. Oh well, I bring bowls with extra scoops, I also throw in a bowl of mixed candy, and a wee jug of chocolate sauce just to piss her off. She said "oh my god you cannot even bring a simple order over like I asked" that was when my inner Lily Savage came out. I had been in my studio space in college since 06:00 and worked 11 hours at 2 paintings, and video editing of a short film. I started there at 18:00 so I had been on my feet for well over 10 hours, some chances to sit and have a ciggy in between. "Listen Luv, in case you hadn't noticed, I gave your very well behaved kids extra because unlike some brats in this place, they smiled and said thank you, and you have talked down to me like I'm lower than a worms tit to you, snapped your fingers which is a huge no no, so haule yer whischte and catch yerself on" (shut the f**K up and wise up) she asked for the manager. Who was a 6ft 4 ex marine, Scotsman, built like a brick shit house and fiercely protective of his staff. He came over, she did her Karen thing, he just said "I saw you snap your fingers, heard you talk down to Stuart, so quit talkin shite." her face was a picture, the Double vodkas lowered the husbands inhibitions, he laughed. She went purple. I waived his drinks and the kids pizza costs and made sure she was charged for her whole meal and drinks. Yeah, the husband paid for the whole thing, but I took the payment at the register desk. He said "thank you so much, I needed that. She can be... difficult" such a lovely guy (and he was pretty hot too!) I never saw them at the restaurant again.

    • Purple Plant
      Purple Plant Il y a 5 mois +3

      Your story is really well written. It goes down like nothing.
      Do you write more stories by any chance because I'd be interested in reading them.

    • Snowdog's Shorts
      Snowdog's Shorts Il y a 5 mois +7

      @Lady K When you are in such a relationship, you don’t always see it.
      You often blame yourself for their behaviour, and think, “if I was nicer to them, they will change.”
      You often don’t realise how bad it is, because they get worse over time, and can even seem nice at the start.
      Sometimes you know how bad it is, but won’t leave because of the children.
      My first wife was really bad, and I had decided to leave when my daughter turned 18, so that she could come with me.
      But sadly my wife was very aggressive, and threatened to kill me with a knife in her hand.
      After that I was scared to go to sleep. So I had to leave. My daughter was just 11.
      Unfortunately, in those days, as a father I had no chance of custody.
      She actually was going to give me custody at one stage, but changed her mind because “you want her.”
      I have been free of her since January 1999.
      My daughter and I get along really well, but she has nothing to do with her mother.

    • Lady K
      Lady K Il y a 5 mois +6

      How people are married to these people is beyond me.

    • Snowdog's Shorts
      Snowdog's Shorts Il y a 5 mois +3

      Thank you for sharing your story. It was a great one!

  • Justin Furst
    Justin Furst Il y a 3 mois +1

    Best story I have for this one:
    I used to work in a collections center at a bank. I get connected to a customer (we will call him DB) who happens to live in the same state I am in, about 2 hours away, and he gets really heated right away. He's cursing me out, telling me I have no idea who he is or what I'm talking about. I reiterated how much he owed to get his account current (if I remember, it was like $150, so not much), to which he continued to curse me out.
    DB stops and says: "you guys are in xxxxx, right?"
    Me: "I'm sorry...?"
    DB: "Your office is up in xxxxx, isn't it?"
    Me: "Yes, it is."
    DB: "How about I come up there?"
    Me: "And.......what?"
    DB: "You'll find out, and you won't be happy!"
    Me: "Make sure you bring your checkbook..."
    He never showed up...

  • Michael Goeres
    Michael Goeres Il y a 13 jours

    What a funny video! Thanks for sharing your reactions! The last Karen probably also got extremely got upset that he couldn't use US Dollars to pay for stuff in the Dominican Republic. I recently discovered your videos and now I'm trying to catch up. 🙂

  • Misaki Anime Gamer
    Misaki Anime Gamer Il y a 15 heures

    I work in walk in retail at a mall and I have 3 stories.
    1) First thing happened to a coworker of mine had a female customer who bought Timberland boots for her husband. He had been looking for a specific size in men and we likely didn't have it so he was given an alternative in women's sizes. Physically there really is no difference so you wouldn't be able to tell if they were women's. The man had even put them on to try them and they fit just fine. About 10 minutes or so later (I had just clocked in when those customers left) and the wife was angry and bickering with my coworker, likely about them being female shoes -_-. The thing is that my cowker had TOLD her that they lacked the male size and the ones she gave her were females. And the man had fit them just right. To avoid troubles she was given a refund and she left with her family.
    2) This teen, probably 15 or 16, came in with her mom with a pair of white vans in her hand (not in a box or anything just the shoes) and I immediately saw the damage. They were brown likely from being left out in a moist and dirty area and were bent likely being thrown in a dryer. I figured they wanted a vans care kit but they told me they wanted to return them. I asked for a receipt and they said they didn't have one and had been told they can return the shoes still. I was still relatively new so I told them I couldn't do much and they asked for my manager. I went to get her and told her pretty much what I noticed and let her take care of them since I needed to get some shoes for another customer. When I came out the two were gone and when I finished the sale I asked my manager what happened. She said that she had told them that because the shoes were obviously damaged she couldn't take them and without a receipt they couldn't even less. They had complained saying thay the shoes came brown and tried to clean them. If that had been the case we could have exchanged them, but because they tried to clean them first and it's kind of commonly known that you don't throw shoes in a dryer. The shoes got more damaged and we can't take them back, much less without a receipt. The mother had complained that they were told they could still return them and after bickering she threatened to call the company themselves to complain, and my manager pretty much encouraged her and even gave her name for them to complain about. I was in disbelief since the shoes were obviously tampered and they really thought they could exchange it, and even more in disbelief that they showed up without a receipt!
    3) This was more of what we heard. Apparently there were some ladies trying to return 5 Birkenstock shoes at another company store at another mall. The problem was that they lacked any sort of receipt. And after them trying a few times the stores started calling others and the co-manager answered the call and we were warned about them, as likely it was a possible scam. The two of us pretty much agreed on this and going on a random price of a Birkenstock I calculated that it would be about 500 dollars that they would be refunded. And without a receipt we couldn't be sure WHEN they had bought them. For all we know they could have bought them all in different timeframes or if it was even from our stores (I doubt we're the only shoes stores that sell Birkenstock) We got the call that they had appeared at the store upstairs and both of us waited for them to come to us. Luckily they didn't come by, likely they had given up.

  • Fairy Goth-Mother
    Fairy Goth-Mother Il y a mois +1

    I worked in a drug store a loooong time ago when Cabbage Patch dolls were super popular and rather expensive. A woman came through my line with her two daughters and had two of the dolls. It rang up to over $100. When I asked how she wanted to pay she said credit card so I waited for her to give me the card (this was back when you had to put the card into the device with the paper slip and run the slide across to get the card numbers imprinted using the carbon papers). She said I know the number, just write it on the slip. I told her I could not do that. She said she could show me her signature matches what she would put on the slip. I told her that's nice, but I would not be able to know that the signature goes with the card number she provides. She got really huffy so I called a manager who told her the same thing. She said she didn't have the card because her husband took it from her! Then she proceeded to call me several nasty names and said to her daughters "let's go girls. this horrible "woman" (aka 'witch' with a capital 'b') won't let me buy these dolls for you. Tell her you hate her and we'll leave". Which the girls did. Sheesh. Karen teaching her daughters to be Karens.

  • Tru Neilson
    Tru Neilson Il y a 5 mois +129

    As a disabled person... don't put trip hazards on the floor at a store.

    • Laura Trichel
      Laura Trichel Il y a mois

      Amen to that

    • Carol R
      Carol R Il y a 5 mois +1

      Exactly! We have enough trouble trying to get around safely, in my case, walker while awaiting hip replacements then as recovery comes along, using a cane, it depends. I just used the metal walker in public even though I could use the cane because I felt safer than with the cane, as my PT said, being inside "the box" formed by your butt and the three sides of the cheap walkers. Surgeons wanted me to use those, not the Rollator, which I also have, for that reason.

    • Kimberly Harge
      Kimberly Harge Il y a 5 mois +15

      Exactly! b/c that company can get sued if someone trips and falls for objects not being in their designated area, some ppl are just clueless

  • Just Rupes
    Just Rupes Il y a mois +1

    I once worked at a famous UK electronics retailer, it was a pretty low time as they worked us hard with the bare minimum of breaks. One fine summers evening we had just closed, it was just after 7pm. When an angry guy walked up threatening to wreck the store because "we had sold him some pile of S***". I told him that we were closed and that he would have to come back in the morning when we would be more than happy to help him. He stood there for a few minutes and then picked up a rock to throw at the door. He was taking aim, but was quite taken aback when I shouted to him "Don't be stupid, the left display window is the biggest one".

  • Heidi
    Heidi Il y a 4 mois +1

    Came across a Karen who was also entitled for the the first time a few weeks ago. She went to a phone stall in our town centre and was saying she needed a new case as the phone she bought was the wrong one for the case she had. She then changed her mind and said she wants a new phone for free as the "STORE" (Remember that) gave her the wrong one. The guy said he didn't sell phones (he didn't... I know him he's my sisters boyfriend lol) and so she started getting mad at him saying "yes you do as you wrok in (name of store)" he said no I don't, I work on this stall by myself and I have nothing to do with the store" she then in a sassy tone proceeded to say "well you must do because they are brown like you are and talk with the same accent as you. I know your type. Your people always rip people of."by this point I am raging. I'm sat with my father (I'm his carer so can't leave him) and I hear all this and I'm getting more and more angry at this woman. Now I have severe social anxiety and I hate confrontation but I was so done and for the first time ever I lost it. I start saying to this woman how disrespectful and racist she is and that she needs to go away now before I call security. All the time I'm ticking due to my tourettes which can get worse when I'm nervous or angry and this BITCH has the audacity to say to me "oh god you're one of THOSE people" and then proceeded to laugh at me. My dad saw and told her to "stop laughing at her and walk away before I call security" she laughed and said "fine whatever" before shouting a few more profanities at my sisters bf... So in the end I got security and she was indeed kicked out and BANED fron coming back for a while. I had a full on meltdown and my mum (who had gone to the toilet hense us waiting around) came back from the toilets to find me having a panic attack and after my dad explaining what happened decided we should go home. It was a horrible day and I'm just glad the idiot got banned.

  • Amber
    Amber Il y a 5 mois +1

    I work in an RSL and we had an event the other day. I was doing a door shift everyone got pretty drunk, a woman called the reception asking if anyone had handed in a goodbye card to me i said no she then proceed to tell me to go to the room and look for it. I went and asked a few people if they had found it, noone had and called her back and said no sorry she then told me to go up and look under tables of a room filled with over 50 tables for her card i said no and she yelled at me. So i asked if she would like to talk to my manager who just happened to be right next to me, i handed the phone over she then yelled at them and wanted to make a formal complaint about how rude i was. My boss laughed and told her its not our job to find your card we have other jobs to do and hung up. She then called back 3 more times to get cranky so we rescinded her membership and banned her from the club.

  • phishlady79
    phishlady79 Il y a 3 mois

    I worked at Lowe's for 7 years (one of many retail jobs I've had). I have so many stories. I was helping at the returns desk because it had gotten busy. The first customer I helped was a woman wanting to exchange a pack of light bulbs. She said they didn't work and she wanted a new pack. She handed me her receipt and the box of bulbs...with 1 bulb in it. For 10 minutes I explained to her that she had to bring in ALL of the light bulbs that were in the 5 pack. She kept saying "but they don't work". I'm not really sure if she was just pretending to not understand or if she really was that dence.

  • intenselan
    intenselan Il y a 5 mois +105

    7 years in retail and I’ve been spat on, slapped, shoved, and numerous other things caused by the worst in society. I’ve called police on more than one occasion. The ONLY time I ever put my hands on a customer was when one decided to beat the crap out of her toddler kid and I grabbed her and restrained her until security came.I have often though of that little boy and hoped he was made safe in life. I reported her to CPS after they took her away in cuffs.

    • Hillary Melechen
      Hillary Melechen Il y a 17 jours +2

      Wow, thanks for advocating for the child! You are a hero! I'm sorry that you had these experiences - humans can be awful.

    • intenselan
      intenselan Il y a mois +9

      @Megan Roberts I had a similar upbringing which was why I couldn’t have stopped myself if I had tried.
      There was another incident that happened to me as a business owner that wasn’t physical but definitely as dramatic. A customer with a daughter about 5 years old was playing and singing and getting antsy while I was talking to her mom and grandma. The mom got irritated and said to the girl, “ that’s it! You’re going to get blistered when we get home”.
      I said “don’t do it. She did nothing to warrant that. “. They got upset at me and jumped down my throat to mind my own business. I responded that this was the last thing they wanted to get mad at me for. I begged them not to do it because I live with the harm it causes and told them how my brothers who had gotten even more brutal punishment have to deal with. They stayed pissed at me and said “you just lost our business.” and left in a huff, nearly dragging their now crying girl behind them.
      Luckily they had already filled out their form in order to sign a contract with me.. After I saw they left my premesis, I called both the police and CPS. To this day I really hope the authorities didn’t act with apathy. No one came to interview me. I wish I could have done more!

    • Megan Roberts
      Megan Roberts Il y a mois +6

      Wish sombody like you would have caught my mom, nobody said anything where I grew up

    • intenselan
      intenselan Il y a mois +4

      @Fragile Like A Bomb Thanks! I think anyone who heard that poor kid scream like that would have done something

    • intenselan
      intenselan Il y a mois +2

      @reformcongress nice work!!!!

  • Chelsea Lynn
    Chelsea Lynn Il y a 2 mois

    I remember working at Starbucks for 5 years and seeing so many entitled customers but the 1 that stands out to me is the lady wanted to return her entire drink for her child because it didn't have the chocolate shavings.

  • gbzmr
    gbzmr Il y a 2 mois +1

    Worked in big box retail sales and computer repair, and yeah, you think you know how entitled people could be....you think you've seen it all....but every day, someone comes in to show you there is a new level of assholery that people can stoop to lol.
    I had a lady try to return a Fitbit because she claimed it was defective. The reason it was defective was that the wristband broke and it fell off, therefore she lost it. So yes, she was trying to return an empty box for like 120 bucks, because the wristband was defective, she lost the fitbit, and obviously that was somehow my fault lol

  • Boyd McCollum
    Boyd McCollum Il y a 20 jours +1

    The parking situation in the second story - having worked retail, you should park further away from the building/buildings. You go in and out once the entire day. Customers shouldn't spend longer to walk to your store than they will be in it. This is part of customer service, making the experience as easy and pleasurable as possible. The girl in the TT is obviously too lazy to walk far or to give af. And she's throwing some imaginary customer under the bus to make herself look good and justify her actions. SMH. Zoomers seem to not realize they make themselves look bad by trying to make themselves look good, especially at others' expense.

  • Little Cricket
    Little Cricket Il y a 3 mois +1

    They were advertising the chair and she came along and covered it up. I agree with you on the throw rug. Might look nice in her own home but very wrong for the retail store if the idea was to sell the chair. It's like advertising a table and then covering it with a table cloth. She can possibly work as an interior decorator but not as a retail merchandiser.

  • Cheri Noelke
    Cheri Noelke Il y a 5 mois +95

    EX-server/bartender here. This was back in the 80's when I was young and knew I could get a job anywhere so I think I had more of a "The customer ISN'T always right." attitude but I took great pride in the quality of my service and drinks. One night shift a server didn't show up so I was waiting on tables and making their drinks. A couple came in, way before Karens but to this day I believe SHE was the queen bee Karen. After returning 3 entree's for various reasons, told me the Margarita sucked (which I made, and was known for) and over all bitchiness above and beyond, I got down on one knee and said..."Behead me now my queen, I can no longer take it!" She screamed, mananger came, meal comped, I was fired but rehired after they left but the kicker is the husband came back in and gave me $20 and said "THANK YOU, you made my night!" NO LIE

  • ShadowFox
    ShadowFox Il y a 4 jours

    I just watched this video after working third shift at a waffle house. I was the only server and had two customers yelling at me. One kept saying that I got her order wrong even though I read out her order to her three times. Then another one was ordering something and then made it something else. When I was explaining that I found another way of doing it and it would be cheaper this way she started yelling at me and was yelling that she was allergic to one of the items and wanted this way. I had to call the cops on her to get her out of there. Then she sent her mom on me later. And SHE threatened me as well saying she was military and that she was the wrong person I wanted to get on the wrong side of. I had an eventful night

  • shorty foster
    shorty foster Il y a 5 mois +1

    I’ve been in retail for years and also have seen quite a few entitled customers (snapping for service, talking down, not wanting to wait in line, reminding me 29 times to make something their way)

  • Sara Baq
    Sara Baq Il y a mois

    I’ve worked so many different customer service jobs and, I’ve gotta say, call centers are the worst places to work when it comes to horrible customers. People are really brave over the phone and they will spew the most horrendous vitriol. 🙄

  • CrisApplesauce
    CrisApplesauce Il y a 3 mois

    At my first retail job, I was mopping the front of the store with a clearly VISIBLE wet floor sign; and this older male comes in and looks at me and says in a serious tone "that's dangerous, i could have tripped". Sir what?? 💀

  • April Goin
    April Goin Il y a 5 mois

    I worked at a grocery store to help pay for college. My favorite was a customer saying "What are you, an idiot?" because I didn't know why she had been sent over to the customer service desk. She told me she needed the wine discount (buy 6 bottles, get 10% off), when in reality she was overcharged for three bottles and needed a refund.

  • loveandpeace400 indelicato

    I work with entitled customers everyday and it's overwhelming a lot of the time

  • Graycee Finley
    Graycee Finley Il y a mois +1

    I own a company, I went to a house and was trying to get payment for my work. I had this lady ask for my manager. I said no ma'am that's not necessary I'm just giving you the invoice. This Bee of a Karen smacked me across the face and demanded I call the owner Because "she isn't going to just hand over that rediculous amount of money to a poor worker", I said Im the owner she said no the owner is a man named Bob (could she pick a more genaric name) and no way a WOMAN could own a successful business. Then proceeded to call the cops saying I was "trying to rob her blind and was tresspassing". I work with a lot of cops so when they showed up and hear everything they asked me if I wanted to press charges on her for assault. I told them no I just was trying to give her an invoice. They took the invoice and approached her trying to remedy the situation, when the husband who hired me drove up. He asked what was going on, she ran to him saying I was "threating her and she thought I would hurt her" I watched the cops roll there eyes and they told him that was not true. He was then was told EVERYTHING! He told his wife he was done with her lying rear and said I want a divorce. Its been 4 years I still work for him and thank God I haven't seen her since. BTW he paid me my invoice and threw a heafty tip on there too for having to deal with her.

  • Sarah
    Sarah Il y a mois

    As a manager, I come ready to defend my employee in the case of karens.

  • KTybo78
    KTybo78 Il y a 5 mois +359

    I was a bartender for 15 years...I've had everything thrown at me from fries to beer bottles. I've worked in places ranging from hole in the wall bars to Hooters to high class places. You actually get worse treatment customers at the "high class" places than the regular/lower class places. It was ridiculous. Karen's get worse as they get more $$$$.

    • Jeana Marie
      Jeana Marie Il y a 4 mois +1

      @Natural Witchcraft That is far from the truth... I don't know where you have worked where any college kids tip well, but it is usually not the case. I worked in the restaurant and bar industry for over 10 years in college towns on both coasts of the US (in CA and NY)... Kids that went straight to college on their parents dime and have never had to work, hardly ever tip well, especially if they are on some type of budget their parents gave them. And broke college kids don't tip well because they don't have the money to. Usually those that tip well are those that have some sort of experience in the service industry, or struggled at some point but don't anymore, regardless of what they are doing now whether they are in college, a retired grandparent, or anything in between.

    • sarah madden
      sarah madden Il y a 5 mois +5

      The best tippers were biker dudes and chicks that sat at my bar in South Georgia. When I worked in “high” class ritzy buckhead atlanta I never made money like I had in S. GA

    • Madykken Luna
      Madykken Luna Il y a 5 mois +1

      I can attest to this.

  • LexiEyesUnicorn
    LexiEyesUnicorn Il y a 5 mois +1

    I used to work retail. Have had shit thrown at me like drinks and popcorn, had management do nothing. Now I'm a stagehand and a contractor for events. Only true smooth brains will walk up to me and ask for anything anymore. It feels good to tell entitled people to f off without risking my job.

  • Broken Pieces
    Broken Pieces Il y a 4 mois +1

    My old job has a small ass parking lot and I was told time and time again to park near the back even though a ton of other employees would have their cars scattered about. Eventually I just sort of gave up and parked in the lot of a restaurant next to us.

  • Princely
    Princely Il y a mois +1

    At my old fast food job, you weren't allowed to park close to the store because it was for customers. So many times i've been told off for working an open shift with an empty parking lot and told to move my car to the back

  • In Emergency: LISTEN!
    In Emergency: LISTEN! Il y a 5 mois +1

    Customer Service🙋🏻
    One of my favorite moments was listening to a man rant on then topped it off with, I wanna talk to the manager!
    Yes Sir I replied, did a one step away turn around then...
    Sir, I'm the manager, how may I help you?

  • Miranda Miller
    Miranda Miller Il y a 5 mois +123

    There just needs to be at least a week for retail workers; a “Purge” situation, where they can tell off entitled customers with no consequences whatsoever and gets their frustrations off their chests.

    • Sunnydoom
      Sunnydoom Il y a 5 mois +1

      @Amrubull Iron Agreed. The husband works retail in a grocery part of the store. People who ask nicely for things he has time for. There is a lady who comes in and is very particular about how fresh the produce is but she is the sweetest lady. So of course he has time to answer her questions and if they don't have something she wants she doesn't through a fit. A real class act.

    • Amrubull Iron
      Amrubull Iron Il y a 5 mois +2

      We do that every day 😂 when entitle customer comes and asks for stupid things from the freezer and being all rude about it - like YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT TO ME - I’ll just go into the freezer , look at the full box of whatever they’re asking for , come out with - sir/ ma’am I’m soooooo sorry but we’re out 😉 Honey gets you much much than vinegar 😉

    • Silver's Crafty Zen Podcast
      Silver's Crafty Zen Podcast Il y a 5 mois +1

      @Nonya Business Probably the most... lol

    • Sue Zoo
      Sue Zoo Il y a 5 mois

      @Alexis Rose Oh yes! Air Traffic Controllers and Flight Service Specialists need this too!

  • Chimichanga 420
    Chimichanga 420 Il y a 4 mois

    That first clip of the security guard yelling at the lady in the ER I've actually experienced that myself. Was in the ER and there was a drunk man there too harassing everyone in the waiting room. Security guard came over and just went full on drill sergeant on the guy lol