Awful Weddings That Got Shamed On Social Media - REACTION

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  • Awful Weddings That Got Called Out On Social Media - REACTION
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    Hey ya'll! Today on my channel we are reacting to some awful weddings that got called out on social media! Enjoy :)
    Hi, I'm Charlotte Dobre. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
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  • Charlotte Dobre
    Charlotte Dobre  Il y a an +1463


    • Kat Gines
      Kat Gines Il y a mois

      CHARLOTTE!!!!! The last story is in response to a post we’ve viewed before! Do you remember the woman who wanted all her guests to wear Louis Vuitton shoes, expensive clothes and the people over 160lbs had to wear camouflage and black. Then have them wear different formal outfits for the actual wedding. It was “24K” themed

    • Karen Holmes
      Karen Holmes Il y a 4 mois

      Charlotte, you really enjoyed this one! Thanks for the laughs!

    • Dr Woo
      Dr Woo Il y a 7 mois

      The father and the bride one…the phone camera is showing a completely different picture. So, the photographer is lying! 🤥🤨😎

  • Tamires Caron
    Tamires Caron Il y a 11 mois +1800

    Before the pandemic I went to a wedding that the bride was very specific that we could only wear white... when she entered the ceremony we all understood, her wedding dress was a beautiful lavender dress and she wanted pictures with everyone in white, bridesmaids in purple and she in lavender... we were basically blended with the decoration all in white lol

    • Fragile Like A Bomb
      Fragile Like A Bomb Il y a 3 mois +1

      Sounds beautiful! 💜💜💜🤍🤍🤍

    • Meet The Agostos
      Meet The Agostos Il y a 3 mois

      @K D maybe she could wear another dark color dark grey, navy blue, or a nice deep brown

    • tolfan
      tolfan Il y a 3 mois

      That is a cool idea

  • Kathryn Reinl
    Kathryn Reinl Il y a 11 mois +2377

    These mothers who can't handle their sons loving any woman besides themselves need SERIOUS therapy

    • Kat Kay
      Kat Kay Il y a 5 mois +3

      @Patricia Long they’re not emasculated or anything like that, can you stop victim blaming pls? Their mothers essentially groom them and emotionally manipulate them. That’s no their fault stop blaming them

    • Kat Kay
      Kat Kay Il y a 5 mois +1

      @W b. no, it’s ac actual thing. Mothers do it to their sons all the time, it’s heartbreaking

    • Kat Kay
      Kat Kay Il y a 5 mois

      @Nélia Ferreira emotional abuse probably

    • Susan Stetson
      Susan Stetson Il y a 5 mois +2

      @Itsdefinitelysarcasm_77 also true. Thanks for a different pov.

  • Cj Hedrick
    Cj Hedrick Il y a 11 mois +3888

    "Has anyone ever used puppies as decor before?"
    Cruella has entered the chat.

    • Zara of the woods🇺🇦
      Zara of the woods🇺🇦 Il y a 3 mois +2

      I literally thought no who are you cruella devil

    • Charm Roselle
      Charm Roselle Il y a 6 mois +4

      Anita Daaaaarling!

    • Mama Schatzy
      Mama Schatzy Il y a 8 mois +2

      @Amy Lynn awww 😍

    • Amy Lynn
      Amy Lynn Il y a 8 mois +12

      @Mama Schatzy I did see an article somewhere about a wedding with puppies as the "bouquets" for the bridal party. They were borrowed from a shelter and all found new homes at the wedding. So I guess it's possible.

    • Mama Schatzy
      Mama Schatzy Il y a 9 mois +8

      The ONLY way I'd be ok with puppies as decor is if they're "supervised" and available for adoption

  • Terri Bowles
    Terri Bowles Il y a 11 mois +234

    As a wedding photographer, I totally agree. I can't tell you how many wedding pictures were ruined by guests stepping between me and the bride/groom. It's actually infuriating.

    • Lorena Sanches
      Lorena Sanches Il y a 3 jours

      I'm a wedding singer and became more and more often around here to wedding planners to announce to the guests to not use their phones before the ceremony starts or the wedding invitations are sent with this request written on it, something that bothers me 'cause is actually a obvious thing to not ruin a photographer's work, but people are dumb so it's better be safe than sorry.

    • Alicia Star
      Alicia Star Il y a 4 mois +12

      I have an “unplugged” ceremony sign to put away all devices for our wedding for this exact reason. I’m paying $2500 for a professional photographer, no one needs the shitty iPhone pics and I’d be pissed if anyone posted them online before I did 🤷‍♀️

    • Karlie
      Karlie Il y a 5 mois +13

      The last wedding I attended had an announcement to completely turn off all phones and not take photos during the ceremony , as to be respectful to the photographer and to be fully present in the moment. I thought that was such a good move on their part .

  • Gration
    Gration Il y a 11 mois +274

    For the puppy thing, they actually could have set up something with a local pound to get puppies adopted, and it would have been, in my view, actually a nice little thing. Would have made the wedding a lot more bearable for kids, and someone's lonely aunt or uncle could have just adopted a puppy.
    Also it's funny that the spiritual healers, are using something like a fucking polygraph. Why not just use that spiritual mumbo jumbo to feel out the snitch?

    • James White
      James White Il y a 22 jours

      Thats fine. A polygraph is about as scientific as spiritual healing. Its, at best, an interesting TV plot hook, and at worse, not admissible in court because its never been proven to actual work in the last 80 years or so.

    • Michelle Baker
      Michelle Baker Il y a 2 mois +3

      Sounds good in theory but it is truly terrible in practice. Impulse buys or adoptions of animals are the ones least likely to work out. Puppies are a lot of work and that decision should be one which is carefully made.

    • Lunetta Suzie Jewel
      Lunetta Suzie Jewel Il y a 3 mois +1

      This makes me think how fun it would be to get married at, like, a cat café or a shelter.
      Or even just to have a little room adjacent to the reception hall where the animals can do their business/hide/eat, and spend the rest of the reception bonding with guests who might adopt them.

    • no no
      no no Il y a 6 mois +7

      The thing is, puppies do not need help getting adopted. They won't even be in a shelter for 3 days. It's the adult dogs who need help.

  • Cosplay Clown
    Cosplay Clown Il y a an +4452

    If the groom, (person you marry) can’t tell their mom, no to wearing white, or renewing their vows in your wedding day, should you really marry them?

    • Vaiva Marija
      Vaiva Marija Il y a mois

      The problem is, that a child can tell their mom whatever, mom still has an option not to listen. The husband of mom (groom's father) should be the one nipping that shit in the bud. She can't renew her vows alone, without a husband.

    • ホタルトンボHotaru Tonbo
      ホタルトンボHotaru Tonbo Il y a 3 mois

      @Jade Gourley Hi thanks for your clarification. Actually in my country, wedding dress is white as well. It's just that we don't have a tradition not to wear certain color to a wedding event. So the guess can dress any color they want.

    • Jade Gourley
      Jade Gourley Il y a 3 mois

      @ホタルトンボHotaru Tonbo I know it's been months so you might have already found out, but in America almost all wedding dresses are white. By showing up in white to a wedding you are preventing the bride from standing out and making yourself the center of attention. In the US its very taboo to wear black, white, or anything too revealing to a wedding as it makes it look like you think you're more important than the bride.

    • tomkellycartoons
      tomkellycartoons Il y a 5 mois

      He’ll always chose his mommy over you.
      Big baby.

  • Mac Winter
    Mac Winter Il y a 10 mois +144

    Bridezilla: "We have 10 years of experience as certified spiritual healers"
    Also bridezilla: *Reacts in the most toxic, spiritually unhealthy way to society's response to their toxic wedding vows....

  • Tiffany Fannin
    Tiffany Fannin Il y a 10 mois +269

    No puppies and no goldfish at weddings. This shouldn’t ever be a thing. Ever.

    • PinkieJoJo
      PinkieJoJo Il y a 26 jours


    • umxiiza ᐖ
      umxiiza ᐖ Il y a 5 mois +1

      @Kate Sarginson that is a beautiful remembrance! also for the crazy cat lady funeral thing, i can ABSOLUTELY picture myself doing that too! thanks for the idea LOLL

    • Winnie the Pooh겨울 T
      Winnie the Pooh겨울 T Il y a 8 mois +1

      My mom had goldfish her and my dad's wedding, but everyone took them home, they didn't flush them. I feel like it's done properly and they're taken care of, goldfish are ok. Not puppies, though. Unless it will be like this one wedding I saw where the puppies were all adopted afterl

    • Tiffany Fannin
      Tiffany Fannin Il y a 8 mois +1

      @osakaskuam 😡😡😡

    • osakaskuam
      osakaskuam Il y a 8 mois +4

      Here in Mexico they started giving away bunnies as party favors, I hate people treating animals as disposable things.

  • R J
    R J Il y a 10 mois +102

    If I ever find myself at a wedding where someone who is NOT the bride wears a wedding dress, I have a plan: I will "drunkenly" spill red wine all over them. If anyone would like to use this strategy, go forth and conquer 😎

    • Vaiva Marija
      Vaiva Marija Il y a mois +1

      But then you will be sent a cleaning bill. Is it really worth it?

    • Barbara L
      Barbara L Il y a 8 mois +6

      I'd be afraid of being charged with assault. Probably just walk up to her, laugh and point " OMG! Have you ever seen anything more pathetic? Guess she'll never meet the grandkids" or something like that.

    • R J
      R J Il y a 10 mois +16

      @Kate Sarginson omg YES!! This BFF is the hero all brides deserve hahahahaha
      But seriously, I will absolutely do this if I ever encounter a wedding guest with the nerve to wear a white gown to someone else's wedding! So crazy to me!

    • Kate Sarginson
      Kate Sarginson Il y a 10 mois +18

      I just read something like that on Reddit. MIL shows up in a brand new almost identical wedding dress to the brides just before the wedding. BFF says she is going for a bottle of champagne. She comes back with two goblets of red wine and 'accidently' trips and spills them all over the MIL. LMAO

  • Matt
    Matt Il y a 11 mois +965

    Why does the psychic need a polygraph test to tell who's lying?

    • Freya778
      Freya778 Il y a 6 mois +1

      Well, a spiritual healer is not a psychic. Just like painters and sculptors are both artists but very different. And in the same way beef and chicken are both meat but also very different. Etc. But this couple from the story is definitely nuts for sure!!!

    • lucca g
      lucca g Il y a 9 mois +2

      Besides, polygraphs aren't 100% reliable. They measure your anxiety (Heartbeat, pulse, etc) you can be anxious and be innocent and vice versa. That's why they're never used in trials for serious crimes, only the minor ones like door dashing. So it would be useless no matter how we look at it

    • Kimberley Gayle Thomas
      Kimberley Gayle Thomas Il y a 9 mois +2

      @Jacline Carter And to see her once pretty hair end up making her look like the cousin of frankensteins bride. Or that she put her finger in the socket at least.

    • Annie Streater
      Annie Streater Il y a 10 mois +4

      @Jacline Carter I also thought of that! The show does use real 911 events so maybe this was that!!!

    • Jen Shaw
      Jen Shaw Il y a 10 mois


  • kateri17
    kateri17 Il y a an +6157

    These moms out here wanting to be their sons' wives are going to be *PROBLEMATIC* for these marriages.

    • Amy sung
      Amy sung Il y a mois +1

      Its called an electra complex, especially common in men who grow up without a father. The man competes for the affection of the mother with their father, when there is no father the boy is treated as the man of the house. This leads to disturbing adult psychology.

    • Kristy Holmes
      Kristy Holmes Il y a mois

      Enough for divorce

    • The Pariah
      The Pariah Il y a 2 mois

      My boyfriends mom is trying to get him to move back in with her.. we’ve been together for over 11 years. And she wouldn’t even have room for him to stay at her house, he’d have to sleep on the couch.

    • Shweta S
      Shweta S Il y a 3 mois

      @Cassie Oswald 🤮

  • Noor Qadri
    Noor Qadri Il y a 10 mois +204

    Pets or animals, in general, should not be allowed at a wedding unless they are brought in by an organization that will take care of them during and after the event. For example, in college, we had an organization that would bring on-campus local animals to play with to help students destress before finals. the animals were well behaved and had handlers. but in general no pets. I remember a wedding where the bride and groom thought putting butterflies in envelopes would be a good idea and not telling the guest what was inside them just not to open them until time. Kids were playing with them and the butterflies died. Kids were crying and people overall were not happy.

    • Vaiva Marija
      Vaiva Marija Il y a mois

      awwwhhhh I wish I had a puppy to play with before my finals🥰

    • PixieoftheWood
      PixieoftheWood Il y a 6 mois +4

      Honestly, I don't think the kids necessarily killed them. Like the other poster pointed out, there likely wasn't enough air in there, not to mention the butterflies likely were panicked being trapped like that and I'm not sure their hearts could take it. Not to mention the fact that even adults aren't going to be careful with an envelope that they don't think something living is inside. You might set it on the ground, accidentally step on it, stick it on or under your purse to get it out of the way. I just can't imagine any way the butterflies could have survived.

    • Circle of Finnish Jerks
      Circle of Finnish Jerks Il y a 10 mois +31

      Who ever thought putting something as frail as a butterfly in an envelope would be a good idea at all? Was there even enough air for them? Even without the kids messing with the envelopes, it does not sound like that was well thought out in the least.

  • Simply Wonderful
    Simply Wonderful Il y a 9 mois +38

    We had a perfect wedding in a little country church in a small Midwest town, EXCEPT: Living 500 miles away from my fiancee, I picked up the tuxedos for the guys and brought them out there with me. The colors weren't even CLOSE to the fabrics the girls had made their dresses from! The tux company had changed the color in-between when we ordered (with swatches of the dress material) to when we picked them up. We found a wonderful fabric store 30 minutes away who stayed open late so we could buy enough materials to make three more dresses AND three more overlays (like making six dresses). We had an "assembly line" at my fiancee's house, with everyone pitching in; I (the groom) was cutting out material from the new patterns we'd bought as the old ones weren't with us. It all worked out - UNTIL - getting out of my Opel GT sports car the day of the wedding, I brushed my light green tux (hey, it was the 70s!) against the door latch, smearing grease on the pants of the tux. My future MIL nearly had a coronary event. During the service, the minister forgot to say "You may now kiss the bride", as apparently he never said that, so we stood their WAITING until my bride nudged me and we kissed. A wonderful honeymoon to Yellowstone and more, and coming back the water pump in the car failed. A German-made car imported to the U.S. for only four years and the Firestone shop says "No problem, it'll be ready at 10AM tomorrow (this was a Sunday in Rapid City, South Dakota - the German car capitol of the U.S., right? It was done at 2pm, so I figured it'd be mucho $$$ - but ended well, being $52.78 (I couldn't even buy the PUMP for that price!). After 44 years, two sons and three grandchildren, I wouldn't change a thing! It's the memories, remember!

  • Tehila Grunebaum-Lake
    Tehila Grunebaum-Lake Il y a 10 mois +39

    I got married last year and one of my husbands friends was planning to propose to his girlfriend of four years, the same day as our wedding! His explanation was because theyd be all dressed up already, it was going to be after the ceremony. A mutual friend had to explain to him that his plan is not the best idea.

  • Heather Pressed Between the Pages

    “She wants the date to be special for her also.” Ummm... the day your son married the woman he loves and future mother of your grandkids isn’t special for you?
    Wait... Corona themed wedding?! A pool to pay medical bills for people who might get SICK as a result of the wedding ?! What?! 😳😳😳😳

    • JLBee
      JLBee Il y a 4 mois +2

      I suppose part of that could be due to the venue, as some places don't allow cancellation, or didn't have any contract that would say you're able to cancel due to a virus. I remember an anime con had that, so they had to keep the dates, but required everyone to wear masks. The people I know who got married during the pandemic did so outside where there's proper ventilation and it's easier to distance seating, or just had a very small group meeting inside. I can't imagine those weddings of a couple hundred people being able to happen safely...

    • Heather Pressed Between the Pages
      Heather Pressed Between the Pages Il y a 10 mois +1

      Ad Astra Magdalene right?! Not to mention the potential long term impact of Covid on the body. They paying those medical bills too??

    • Snoozerpoo
      Snoozerpoo Il y a 10 mois +4

      Hospital bills for cornona likely to run into the $100,000's. If they collect that much I will eat my hat.

  • Natalie Sue
    Natalie Sue Il y a an +2593

    😱 That poor bride who's mom is planning a vow renewal directly before her wedding. That mother sounds like a narcissist. My heart goes out to the daughter. ❤️😞

    • YD
      YD Il y a 10 mois

      @mintberrycrunch i get it. But when i picture myself in that situation, i don't mind. I'm in bora bora for my wedding, my family is here, my friends are here, everyone is having a wonderful time at that beautiful place where most people go maybe once in their lifetime, and my mother tells me : do you mind if me and your father renew our vows in a ceremony with everyone the day before your wedding or a few hours before, i'd say "no problem, be my guest" and i would be happy i made that occasion for them with my wedding. I'm not like "it's my me me me..."
      But hey, it's just me

    • mintberrycrunch
      mintberrycrunch Il y a 10 mois +1

      @YD her child was getting married. It should have already been special to her without stealing their moment to make everyone look at her.

    • mintberrycrunch
      mintberrycrunch Il y a 10 mois +2

      Right, because how is YOUR SON getting married not special for you already???

    • Kaden Higgins
      Kaden Higgins Il y a 10 mois

      @Lord Frieza I’m sorry. I’m the same way except I don’t date bc my ex husband abused me to the point that I’m scared every man I meet will also abuse me and I just can’t live through that again.

  • tendousfingertape satori
    tendousfingertape satori Il y a 10 mois +42

    the Saturdays are for the boys one... i just wanna say, my heart goes out to the bride. i couldn't imagine being married to a child, neanderthal, and an imbecile all rolled up into one 😔

  • LoveThinkLaugh
    LoveThinkLaugh Il y a 10 mois +121

    “Has anyone ever used puppies as decor before?”
    *Cruella De Vil has entered the chat.*

    • LoveThinkLaugh
      LoveThinkLaugh Il y a 10 mois +1

      @Mlle_ Soso
      Just saw the other comment. Hadn’t read the comments before. No intention to steal from anyone.

    • Mlle_ Soso
      Mlle_ Soso Il y a 10 mois

      Stolen comment

    • Geek With A Pen
      Geek With A Pen Il y a 10 mois

      IMMEDIATELY what i thought

  • Anastacia
    Anastacia Il y a 10 mois +51

    I think it’s kinda cute when the Chinese moms don’t know not to wear white to their daughters weddings since in China you actually wear red to your wedding. And so the mom and daughter end up matching. The TikTok side by side you showed I think the girl was actually delighted that her mom looked so beautiful at her wedding.

  • Jackson Bauer
    Jackson Bauer Il y a 11 mois +85

    As an attorney with almost 25 years of litigation experience, I just wanted to say that the couple wanting a refund from Shakira will be waiting a really long time (as in NEVER GONNA HAPPEN). Someone’s political views and/or personal beliefs are NOT grounds for dissolving a contract (unless of course there is language to that effect included in said contract). I never get tired of hearing some of the reasons people decide to contact me (and other attorneys), America is going to shit and I’ve been watching it happen for at least the last 10 years…

    • Vaiva Marija
      Vaiva Marija Il y a mois

      You don't have to be an attorney to figure out that much. Only an absolutely cuckoo person could've thought this is going to fly.

    • Jackson Bauer
      Jackson Bauer Il y a 11 mois +15

      Also, a $99.00 polygraph machine from Amazon!?!.? Lmfao!! So, they paid 1/400th of a actual polygraph and expect accurate results?… How many people do you think she threw out of her party that night? All of them? Including herself.?.? You be better off using the Schrute method at your local Rite aid

  • J Dice
    J Dice Il y a 11 mois +70

    The bride who posted that mother-in-law-to-be decided to plan her vow renewal the same day as her wedding so that the MILTB could "Feel special too!" should not get married if her fiance' does not stand up to his mother and demand she does not renew her vows on the day of his wedding. If he doesn't stick up for them, as a couple, on this he can NEVER be depended upon for standing up to his obviously narcissistic mother. You get married, and you are on your spouse's side. Disagree behind closed doors, but you and your spouse are a united front. GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!
    My mother-in-law wore a long ivory (maybe cream) satin gown to my wedding. I didn't care, though a few people asked me if I was upset. It had a long slit up the left leg. When she was sitting for the family photo it opened more than she realized. She was upset with us for not warning her that she was showing more leg than she realized at the time. If anything didn't I have a right to be annoyed at the dress she chose and the effect it had on the family photo? She didn't make a huge deal out of it, I just thought it was funny.

    • J Dice
      J Dice Il y a 10 mois +6

      @Potёmki She was actually a lovely, but a sometimes clueless person. She may have worn a long off white gown, but she wasn't trying to be the center of attention. If she planned to renew her vows with her husband that day my husband, then fiance' would have told she could come to our wedding as a guest or have her vow renewal elsewhere. He never would have told me to just let her do it. So I didn't need to get out.

    • Potёmki
      Potёmki Il y a 10 mois +2

      So you didn't "GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN" but others should?

  • Valcross
    Valcross Il y a 11 mois +20

    I think it was my uncles wedding where one of the loser family members decided to like stand in the aisle with a phone blocking the photographer. I remember they had to stop everything and I believe it was my fathers sister smashed the idiot over the head with her purse and dragged them out of the way. I will always remember that as a lesson in "How stupid can someone be?" And the answer is just "YES".

  • Potёmki
    Potёmki Il y a 10 mois +32

    The women wearing wedding dresses to their son's wedding make me feel gross. Like that's something Freudian and a good clue for bride to RUN NOW

  • Pollie C
    Pollie C Il y a 11 mois +33

    "Welcome back everyone" would definitely be the opening line at a British wedding, the more roasting the better!

  • Karen Saunders
    Karen Saunders Il y a an +2442

    Demanding that all wedding guests take a polygraph test is some next level crazy.

    • R C
      R C Il y a mois

      @Kristy Turn off the lights and find out the walls are decorated with neon black light posters of 60's kaleidoscope colors, LOL. Sounds like fun. :)

    • Mae Anne Ngo
      Mae Anne Ngo Il y a 11 mois

      Polygraphs aren't even accurate

    • B-Meister
      B-Meister Il y a 11 mois

      @L L Just look for "soda hat wedding"

    • Cooking with Chloe
      Cooking with Chloe Il y a 11 mois

      2K like :) Btw absolutely agree!!!

    • Hodge Elmwood
      Hodge Elmwood Il y a 11 mois

      @Chisuru01 I think the idea was that they wanted the larger people to be less noticeable or to look smaller. But honestly, I don't know, the whole thing was crazy.

  • Sandy Prater
    Sandy Prater Il y a 11 mois +16

    They did the live fish thing at our school's "Under the Sea" themed prom. I was so mad. Not only were these poor fish basically abandoned at the end of the night, but we also suspect one was eaten alive as part of a prank by some of the kids. (sigh) So yeah, live animal as decor is always a bad idea. Go with plants instead.

  • Kylie S.
    Kylie S. Il y a 6 mois +6

    If my husband allowed his mother to dress in a wedding dress on my wedding I would not have married him. Thank the heavens my mother-in-law and I get along.

  • The Calming
    The Calming Il y a 11 mois +8

    My brother-in-law's best man at both his weddings legit started the festivities off with "welcome back everyone". It was funny.

    • Vaiva Marija
      Vaiva Marija Il y a mois

      But this joke legit excludes a bride as I doubt she was there the first time.

  • Fire Feet Hok_Tui
    Fire Feet Hok_Tui Il y a 6 mois +4

    The mother who went to renew her own wedding vows at the destination wedding for their son/daughter….that takes the cake. Wow!

  • c'sue Conner
    c'sue Conner Il y a 10 mois +28

    In some cultures, wearing colors is an insult as that’s what the bride wears .White is the expected color to wear for guests. If inviting people from other cultures, you might want to clarify what color is appropriate is a polite manner.

    • Mike MikeN
      Mike MikeN Il y a 9 mois +4

      I was invited to a wedding of a culture different to my own. So, a quick Google and a conversation and I was g2g. The people planning the wedding had a million other things going on, they didn't need to hand hold each of their guests.

  • RQ.
    RQ. Il y a 10 mois +15

    "Oh, so she's gonna be wifey, eh?"
    "No she's mom."

  • Jenny Mona
    Jenny Mona Il y a 10 mois +4

    I think a dresscode can be quite cool actually. Imagine a steampunk or gothic themed wedding. Even if not everyone is into these kind of things, it is SO COOL if they all stick to the code

  • Melon Animations
    Melon Animations Il y a 6 mois +7

    I once saved a fish from a wedding, the fish lived longer than the marriage.

  • Dana Merritt
    Dana Merritt Il y a 11 mois +1311

    I worked with a woman who sneered at me for being appalled when she said she gave parties with goldfish in bowls as centerpieces and then flushed them down the toilet as soon as the party was over. This was emblematic of her vile personality and conduct every day.

    • Dana Merritt
      Dana Merritt Il y a mois

      @Jenn Jenn Thanks. 🧡

    • Jenn Jenn
      Jenn Jenn Il y a mois +1

      Yeah thats awful. A friend of mine did this but told everyone to take the fish home. Whatever fish couldn't be taken, the bride and groom took home or re-homed. Thats awful

    • Drunk Vegan Gal
      Drunk Vegan Gal Il y a 2 mois

      @Elith Luxe Yay! Vegan Supply ships internationally (just noticed that)

    • Elith Luxe
      Elith Luxe Il y a 2 mois +1

      @Drunk Vegan Gal yes I saw this response. Thank you for the recommendations.

    • Drunk Vegan Gal
      Drunk Vegan Gal Il y a 2 mois

      @Elith Luxe Hi. I did reply to you but my comments were deleted. Probably because I mentioned brand name fake cheeses? Not sure. Anyway, there's a store in the city I live in, here in Canada, with every vegan food item you can think of. This Vegan Supply Store also lists items by the most popular in sales. One can easily see which items folks buy the most/like the best. That's a good place to start. There are also voluntary reviews left by other vegans - vegans helping vegans (or just the vegan-curious or those with animal product allergies). Hope this response stays up :D

  • Sharon hume-kelly
    Sharon hume-kelly Il y a 3 jours

    I went to a wedding reception where they had goldfish in a bowl for center pieces. People got drunk and poured booze into the fish bowls. They laughed and laughed thinking it was hilarious. I was so disgusted I couldn't even eat my meal.
    Those poor fish were dieing in front of everyone.

  • Chené Nelson
    Chené Nelson Il y a 6 mois +3

    I attended a wedding this weekend and when it came to the speeches the best man was first. He started by saying:" They say a best man's speech should take as long as the groom to finishes during sex..." looked at all of us awkwardly and walked of stage 😂😂😂😂
    He did come back and do his whole speech but was a very funny icebreaker

  • Sukirti Arya
    Sukirti Arya Il y a 10 mois +27

    My cousin was getting married. As in Indian weddings, we went to her house 3 days ago as guests for all the rituals.. I took up a different room than hers.. so it's morning, I am having my office, I am having a very important meeting.. and she comes in and shouts about some wedding matter.. now I am on call and she can see it.. I excused myself.. went on mute and asked her if she was in her right mind and she said "my wedding is more important than your office" 😂😂 basic bridezilla...

    • Strudel_Reviews
      Strudel_Reviews Il y a 6 mois

      At the point the Bridezilla would be getting a nice knock upside the head

  • lisa foos
    lisa foos Il y a 11 mois +3

    I am so happy I found you. I needed some positive entertainment.
    This is great. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. : )
    My niece's mother-in-law grew tired of waiting for the cake to be cut, so she went ahead and cut the cake herself and passed it out to everyone. I was absolutely dumbfounded. Yes, she was taking a long time to get to the cake, but it was HER cake and HER wedding. Can you believe that?! True story. She also wore a cream colored dress. lol

  • Diananou
    Diananou Il y a an +5847

    If I got married a second time, I'd be a little disappointed if someone's speech *didn't* start with "Previously on..." or "Welcome back" 🤣🤣🤣 That'd be hilarious

    • Diananou
      Diananou Il y a 2 mois

      @Cap'n Obvious Yeeseesh... So, no joking or laughing etc at your wedding then.
      Just a heads up, you're gonna get a lot of 'Will Not Attend' s in your RSVPs

    • Michelle Baker
      Michelle Baker Il y a 2 mois

      But see if you were the new bride... that might sting. I’d definitely run it by her first! If she is fine with it then great but she is the bride and how she feels matters more than any joke ever could.

    • Cap'n Obvious
      Cap'n Obvious Il y a 7 mois

      I guess if one doesn't take marriage seriously, then yes, that would be hilarious. But then, why bother getting married, just live together.

    • Antriece Redwine
      Antriece Redwine Il y a 10 mois

      @krista Hjelm Not the next wedding 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

    • Eva Bleichenbaum
      Eva Bleichenbaum Il y a 10 mois

      @krista Hjelm that would be so funny if the best man ended his speech in that way and I say this as a woman 😂

  • Chrissen Gemmill
    Chrissen Gemmill Il y a 10 mois +3

    My mother in law (my husband's father's second wife, who he divorced and then remarried) wore a white beaded gown to my wedding...and we had to keep my family from ripping the dress off her...I am still married, can't say the same for her...

  • The Beebz
    The Beebz Il y a 11 mois +4

    one time I forgot my glasses and in a pinch watched the wedding through my cellphone's autofocus (I was discreet about it). The videographers wound up having a tech malfunction so I gave my video to the bride and groom as an anniversary gift a year later on a pretty flash drive.

  • Jenny M
    Jenny M Il y a 10 mois +7

    1:33. My cousin Sue was getting married for the third time (she’s up to number six now so it didn’t last) and my mum was asked if she was enjoying herself. Mum said “I always enjoy your weddings Sue” and everyone cracked up including my cousin.

  • riakun
    riakun Il y a 4 mois

    I wish I could say there was awful/hilarious drama at any of the weddings I've been to, but the closest I got to it was I caught the bride's bouquet at my uncle's wedding, but I guess my aunt-in-law was trying to toss it to my other uncle's girlfriend, and everyone was told except for me xD
    Don't worry, they got married eventually!

  • Spiffy Shorts
    Spiffy Shorts Il y a 10 mois +18

    9:39 "Lastly must come with a gift of $75 dollars or more." Did they have someone checking receipts at the door?
    All of these examples make me super glad I'm past the age where *everyone* I know is getting married. I just have to tolerate the occasional wedding and I don't have to be part of any wedding parties.

  • Monthly
    Monthly Il y a 10 mois +1

    I am SO glad the polygraph bride made it onto one of these videos, I'm just sad that it wasn't the whole story, you didn't get to see the before of the dress code of the *rest of the post-polygraph party rant* , it was all so beautiful.

  • Ashley Alexander Morris
    Ashley Alexander Morris Il y a 11 mois +2

    For that wedding photographer moment… my wedding photographer completely fucked up and we would not have had ANY photos of our ceremony except for my friends. Definitely don’t put your phone in front of a photographer but I’m grateful I didn’t tell people to not take any photos like I had wanted to do.

  • Sai Luna
    Sai Luna Il y a 11 mois +1

    I just went to a wedding this past weekend and they specifically told us to not take pictures at the wedding and everyone respected that.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Il y a 11 mois +2283

    I’m retired now but several years ago as a professional pastry chef who specialized in wedding cakes... I’ll tell you contracts are a absolutely necessity! I had this couple come to my shop we did the whole thing.... The tastings, the different fruit and fillings etc. A couple of days later the Groom came back on his own, requesting that the Strawberries be changed to Raspberries. He assured me that his fiancé would be very happy. He stated, that the only reason she went with the strawberries instead of raspberries was because they were less expensive and she was trying to save money. (It made sense at the time) This was suppose to be a surprise for her so he asked me not to call her. After all I made him initial the change and re-sign the contract!
    The day of their wedding I was assembling their cake and she ran over to me and said, “I can’t wait to taste your Chocolate Mousse with the Strawberries! I just looked at her Husband and smiled and winked. She asked me why l winked at her Husband. I’m just standing there like an idiot waiting for him to say some thing! He finally told her that he replaced HER
    Strawberries with HIS Raspberries! I was just thinking to myself, Thank goodness I have a contract and they already paid me!
    This crazy Bride picked up a 10” knife and tried to stab me! Usually I’m an extremely patient person after all, I know planning a wedding is extremely stressful... However all bets are off if you attempt to kill me!
    I called the Police and they hauled her off to jail in handcuffs, needless to say she missed her entire reception! I was actually thought about not press charges but there was a room full of witnesses and the police insisted that she needed to be arrested . I felt bad but, I’m sure my husband and children would have felt worst if this psycho bitch killed me! I literally jumped to the side and she missed stabbing me by inches! Needless to say, l’ve seen a lot of arguing couples and psychotic Brides in my day but, this woman took the cake. The Raspberry filled Cake! 😂🤣😂

    • Ang R
      Ang R Il y a mois

      Wow! That fool married her.

    • Cathy Baldry
      Cathy Baldry Il y a 3 mois

      Ummm you winked at the groom....winks are never a good thing..

    • Aya Shokor
      Aya Shokor Il y a 4 mois

      @Michelle Young no

    • Ano Nomous
      Ano Nomous Il y a 4 mois

      @Rach Yes!!! People think our job is so easy and I always want to tell people like that to screw off and go make it themselves if they aren't happy with it. People think cakes are easy and fun but they take so many hours not to mention years of developing the skills

  • Silver Snow
    Silver Snow Il y a 10 mois +4

    I love that the undercover wedding guest/relative/friend/bridesmaid/best man then continued to screenshot all the Bridezilla's chats. Hilarious! I would definitely be the type of person to share those posts on social media.

  • Raegan Stump
    Raegan Stump Il y a 7 mois

    I just found this channel and these videos are addicting! Charlotte is hilarious and the posts can't be beat. Cheers to many more video binging events in the future!

  • Tracey Mills
    Tracey Mills Il y a 10 mois +6

    Photographers especially love it when they spend an hour setting up all their equipment on location at sporting events to hopefully generate some revenue to at least break even that year and while people are posing for their shots their family members are there with their phones taking the picture using the photographer's equipment, basically stealing the shot and probably negating any revenue you might have had from that potential client. (sincerely, wife of a now retired photographer).

  • Mary R
    Mary R Il y a 10 mois +1

    I actually made a cake for my inlaws at our wedding. We got married on their wedding anniversary (asked their permission to share their day before setting the date) they assumed the cake was a grooms cake until we did the cake cutting and had them come up and cut theirs at the same time.

  • Shannon
    Shannon Il y a an +3537

    People who say "family is all we have" say that because they are the first people to stab you in the back but don't want you to be mad because *they're family*.

    • Vaiva Marija
      Vaiva Marija Il y a mois

      They say it when it's convenient to them, not when you need help.

    • Linda Romero
      Linda Romero Il y a 4 mois


    • Itsdefinitelysarcasm_77
      Itsdefinitelysarcasm_77 Il y a 5 mois

      @David Bennett maybe your kids are? I want nothing from my estranged mother. Not one thing. Parents also have the right to tell their adult children no, so that is more of the parents issue than the kids.

    • Itsdefinitelysarcasm_77
      Itsdefinitelysarcasm_77 Il y a 5 mois +1

      You don't have to put up with mistreatment because you're related to someone. Anyone who says otherwise is on the side of the toxic family member.

    • mintberrycrunch
      mintberrycrunch Il y a 10 mois +1

      Blood doesn't erase shit

  • readerunite
    readerunite Il y a mois

    Love the "Look for the Snitch" party, but for a different reason. How fun to set up something similar and your friend have to guess who wrote/did it! Like a Murder Mystery party (love them!). Yeah, that's a tough wedding.

  • -Maycee Woodward-
    -Maycee Woodward- Il y a 3 mois

    I hadn’t been to a wedding since I was little so of course I asked my mom what to wear when I heard that I was going to one. She picked out a white dress with thin black stripes on it, which I had no idea was bad to wear. Years later I found out that you weren’t supposed to go to a wedding in white. I feel so embarrassed and ashamed that I wore that dress to a wedding.

  • nyom
    nyom Il y a 10 mois +4

    The ppl feeling entitled enough to dress as a bride when they're not the bride it's just... Wow. If I saw them on my wedding day, they're definitely getting kicked out lmao.

  • Emily61
    Emily61 Il y a 10 mois +1

    Once I was on a wedding where an old lady just went NEAR the bride during the vows and took picture of the bride's FACE with her not very up-to-date telephone. We couldn't do anything 'cause didn't want to ruin the moment MORE. I felt ashamed instead of the lady.

  • WomensArmyCorps Veteran
    WomensArmyCorps Veteran Il y a an +319

    No regrets whatsoever when we had our “destination wedding” just the two of us. The owners of the lodge we stayed at were our witnesses and we had a photographer. A few family members were miffed but they got over it eventually. No drama. And we used the money we would have spent on a wedding to buy a 3 bedroom house in our first year of being married. After 6 years we sold the house, more than doubled our investment and immigrated to New Zealand where we live now. We have a little homestead and work in the nearby city. Will be celebrating our 22nd anniversary this year.

  • Nicole 😘✌️
    Nicole 😘✌️ Il y a 4 mois +1

    Ok, so the Saturdays are for the boys wedding! That was actually the wedding of one of my brothers friends and there was a legitimate reason behind the joke.
    For the past few years all the boys had gotten together every Saturday to watch sports and hang out and stuff. Now, one of the groomsmen was special needs and it was distressing in the extreme for him when there was any deviation from his daily routine. The wedding was done on a Friday because it was the day that would have caused the least upset for him. A few people on the guest list had been complaining and constantly asking about why the wedding was going to be on a Friday. The banners were a way of answering their questions without outright saying anything about their buddies disability or drawing attention to it.

  • tea
    tea Il y a 11 mois +2

    my mom and step dad got married with no guests (not even me I was with my dad lmaoo) only a photographer, they spent the day biking around a tiny island on a tandem and got fish at a take out booth for lunch. Now THAT is a level of anti-social I aspire to be 😂😂😂

  • Elisabeth B.
    Elisabeth B. Il y a 11 mois +2

    Isn't that last one from the couple who requested everyone over a certain weight to dress in colours symbolising evrything they didn't like, and all the thin, pretty people in clothes that symbolise wealth? That one was so audacious it had me howling with laughter.

  • Stacie
    Stacie Il y a 6 mois

    When I was getting married I remember getting stressed over the fact that we were organising it from the country where we live to our home country. It was exhausting and I honestly thought "Am I a bridezilla? Am I being horrible right now?" :D

  • Elspeth Oak
    Elspeth Oak Il y a an +1007

    My friend’s wedding hired a phone referee- the literally wore a tux and walking around telling people to put their phones away or pushing phones down out of the way of the photographer 🙌🏻

    • Lara  Jones
      Lara Jones Il y a 2 mois

      Why not disclose this to the guests prior to the wedding? No phones, " The photographer is the only one taking pictures."

    • Cathy Baldry
      Cathy Baldry Il y a 3 mois +1

      These days you probably need this

    • JLBee
      JLBee Il y a 4 mois +1

      I heard a story of someone getting an old phone and actually breaking it at the front of the church to show people that they really need to listen to that rule. I guess that got the point across. The only times I used a phone at a wedding was when the ceremony was over, and when the emcee was getting ready for the reception, or taking a few pics at the reception.

    • Sophie Vanderbilt
      Sophie Vanderbilt Il y a 11 mois +4

      That's awesome. The wedding I went to last month had a few signs that said something polite about "no phones during the ceremony" and the DJ requested no photography during the first dance. It was done very tastefully and i loved it!

    • Kaivijs
      Kaivijs Il y a 11 mois +8

      The fact that you need to discipline grown adults like children.

  • Canadian Girl
    Canadian Girl Il y a 4 mois

    The last wedding I attended, the bride's aunt was laterally standing up in the front row and moving to the middle aisle to take pictures....there was a wedding videographer and photographer....the Bride snapped and told to stop ruining her wedding and go sit on her chair while she was at the front with her groom holding hands about to exchange vows.... it was so shocking and funny!

  • Serela Athulathmudali
    Serela Athulathmudali Il y a 6 mois +1

    A old friend of mine wore a white lacey dress to her friend's wedding and then had her married boyfriend buy her a trip to the honeymoon destination. He paid for her to stay in the honeymoon suite while the bride and groom stayed in a normal suite. She the proceeded to hook up with another man while on holiday. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Yanna Sedgewick
    Yanna Sedgewick Il y a 11 mois

    I've learned that I can love my family from afar. Sometimes it's best to stay out of people's lives than be entangled with drama and back stabbing. Love your family but it's okay to admit reality too. Some people are so full of shit they don't deserve time and effort and honestly we all have a family member like that. Love them yeah but don't get pulled into their chaotic life. We need healthy relationships and that includes family. You shit person then yeah stay out of my life. ✋

  • Katherine McIntosh
    Katherine McIntosh Il y a 3 mois

    “Welcome back everyone” is hilarious…unless you are there because of the bride, or the bride. One would suspect this is the first time for the bride and her people to be at a wedding involving this particular groom…although, if that not the case and most or all of the bride’s side and the bride were there at the groom’s first wedding…that’s funny.😂🤣😂 and everyone should appreciate that.

  • pika poka
    pika poka Il y a 11 mois +2451

    The girl who wanted to use puppies as a decor is a sad reality of today’s thinking. Shame on you girl.

    • Lara  Jones
      Lara Jones Il y a 2 mois

      @Melanie The narcissist doesn't care . Its premeditated intent to destroy another's happiness.

    • mintberrycrunch
      mintberrycrunch Il y a 10 mois +2

      This has potential to be a good idea with some changes. Instead of tying them to the table, use volunteers or hire handlers for each puppy to walk them around on leashes and supervise their interactions with the guests. Use puppies from a local shelter and have adoption info available at the reception.

    • Melanie
      Melanie Il y a 10 mois +4

      And when they shit and piss, who's cleaning that up?

    • forest fibre crochet
      forest fibre crochet Il y a 10 mois +5

      I am having all my family dogs at my wedding. Because I have a dog friendly venue, with an outdoor ceremony and a air conditioned room for all the dogs to stay in during meal and dancing. The venue even has a baby monitor system set up so we can keep an eye on the dogs on top of taking turns checking in on them.
      But then I think my very chill, small garden BBQ wedding is a bit more dog safe than what that insane bride was planning.

    • Emma-Lee Scott
      Emma-Lee Scott Il y a 10 mois

      I would have only puppies as my wedding guests.

  • J Rakoczy
    J Rakoczy Il y a 11 mois +4

    My ex-mother-in-law wore white to my wedding. She told me before the ceremony she thought it would be funny if Jeff (ex) didn't show up. She made my married life hell. My ex-husband asked me to get together with his mother after our divorce because she missed me and she was really making it hard on her son. I told him the best part about being divorced was the fact I never had to see her again. I win.

  • Amber Jordaan
    Amber Jordaan Il y a 10 mois

    Yeah this happened to me. Getting ready with my bridesmaids at my mom in laws house and she shows me this beautiful blush cocktail dress that she bought to wear. She tells me that she cant decide on this one or another dress that she got made for herself. Later when we arrive at the venue she helps me out of the car and shes wearing a beaded embelished white full length dress 🤦‍♀️

  • WootAnimefan
    WootAnimefan Il y a 7 mois

    I agree with the first story although due to covid last year my younger brother's wedding was small, immediate family only; and had no photographer. I had my phone out and took some decent shots, even made a video of the vows; later we posted on a google photo album for family to see.

  • Martha Hawkinson-Michau
    Martha Hawkinson-Michau Il y a 10 mois +1

    Having live puppies at a wedding reception…. Wow.
    I mean, I could figure out how to do it without it harming the puppies, but I’m guessing that most of the people considering using puppies as props for the reception decorations aren’t willing to have a separate child minder for each puppy. It could work with a child minder for each puppy, as their sole responsibility during the reception would be to look after the needs of the individual puppy that they’ve been assigned.
    Like I said. Most people wouldn’t be thinking about how to take care of the puppies needs, or possibly even remember that puppies have needs to.
    Don’t put goldfish in tiny fishbowls just to decorate your party tables. Get wind up plastic fish instead. It isn’t animal cruelty that way, and the fish are reusable afterwards.

  • Michelle Young
    Michelle Young Il y a 11 mois +1788

    That last one: I remember her dress code. Fat women had to wear black, and fat men had to wear camouflage, and they were going to all dance on a black sandy beach, with the thin guests in red in the middle, shooing away the fat guests.
    OH, and the thin women had to wear Loubitini (sp?) expensive SPIKED HEELS, with the red soles, so they would show off the soles, as they did the special spin and kick move of the dance. On a black sandy beach. Because NOBODY TRIPS while dancing in spiked heels on sand. And dressing fat women in black clothes on a black sandy beach, so you can "shoo them away" is not at all fat-shaming.
    Oh, and this was going to be in summer in Hawaii.
    Oh, and the dress code included more than just expensive heels. Guests were required to spend AT LEAST $1000 on the outfits, AS WELL as a gift AND an outfit to wear to the actual ceremony. AND the dance outfits to wear outside on the beach in the summer in the tropics? Sweaters and velour. SWEATERS AND VELOUR.
    This woman was so incredibly delusional. It wasn't a surprise that she believed a $99 polygraph would actually work to find out "the snitch."
    I don't have a link, sorry. But I know I will never forget when I first read about that wedding from hell.

    • Cathy Baldry
      Cathy Baldry Il y a 3 mois

      I'm the list of ppl whom RSVPed was very short

    • Wolven Dragon
      Wolven Dragon Il y a 6 mois +1

      @Rawxane la Vegan I really wish it was Pepsi and Diet Coke now, that thought made my day lol

    • PixieoftheWood
      PixieoftheWood Il y a 6 mois +3

      @Rawxane la Vegan A soda hat is a hat with an apparatus for attaching two soda cans to either side, and a silicone 'straw' so you can drink without using your hands.

    • Winnie the Pooh겨울 T
      Winnie the Pooh겨울 T Il y a 6 mois

      @SA S and SUEDE of all fabrics.

  • Kat Gines
    Kat Gines Il y a mois

    CHARLOTTE!!!!! The last story is in response to a post we’ve viewed before! Do you remember the woman who wanted all her guests to wear Louis Vuitton shoes, expensive clothes and the people over 160lbs had to wear camouflage and black. Then have them wear different formal outfits for the actual wedding. It was “24K” themed

  • Luna Lovegood *
    Luna Lovegood * Il y a 11 mois +19

    Everybody who uses fish on weddings without air and with loud music should be in jail

  • Samara Yancey
    Samara Yancey Il y a 11 mois +1

    My cousin wore white to my wedding 🤣If I wasn’t so thankful to just be able to marry the love of my life, I would have caused a scene.

  • StingStungMe Mae
    StingStungMe Mae Il y a 11 mois +1

    This is my first time seeing Charlotte. She is so fun, witty and comical. I gotta subscribe. I am hooked.

  • Lovi Poekimo
    Lovi Poekimo Il y a an +785

    If you demand something crazy for your wedding, dont act surprised if people choose to either not show up or make fun of your nonsense

    • RedRoseSeptember22
      RedRoseSeptember22 Il y a 11 mois +5

      @GoodOne917 Agreed! All they need to know is the color scheme/theme and that's it.

    • Nanu Baby
      Nanu Baby Il y a an +5

      @Samara Messer Entitlement… pure & simple…

    • Samara Messer
      Samara Messer Il y a an +46

      Also, don't be surprised if you lose friends. I went through this over 5 years ago when I was a bridesmaid. She was offended when someone called her a bridezilla and insisted she wasn't one because she didn't require anyone to cut or change their hair or lose weight etc.. She may not have asked anyone to do any of that but she made unreasonable financial demands and was outright rude and selfish. Yes, it was her special day but there was no excuse to treat her bridesmaids with disrespect. Several of us have tried talking to her and till this day, she doesn't get it. She thinks she suddenly lost friends because they were "jealous" she was getting married. Completely delusional.

    • GoodOne917
      GoodOne917 Il y a an +57

      Demanding bridesmaids cut their hair and dye it to the bride specifications is madness.

  • Il y a 4 mois

    My wife and her mother tried to bring their dogs to our destination wedding, in North Carolina, I'm so glad I squashed that. We got into a fight but our wedding day went off with a hit, and i didn't have to worry about my wife's mother's dog running away on the day of our wedding, he runs off a lot. 🙄

  • Cindy
    Cindy Il y a 11 mois +1

    The first one: I would include in my invitations AND at the entrance of the ceremony venue that it's a disconnected ceremony. Sick and tired of the clueless aunties taking shots with their iPADS at the church… Sorry!

  • Wendy Romkes
    Wendy Romkes Il y a 11 mois

    For that last one, i remember reading the requirements and they were out of this world. After that polygraph test invitiation I'd just react publically and go "yeah bish, that was me". Anyone who will follow your requests is a damn clown.

  • D Valley
    D Valley Il y a 2 heures

    I so love your reactions. So hearty and real.

  • MoonChild
    MoonChild Il y a 17 jours

    I've seen the fish thing before when I catered weddings. It was so depressing. Weddings don't require an animal sacrifice last time I checked.

  • Jessica Opalinski
    Jessica Opalinski Il y a 4 mois

    Funniest thing was when someone insisted on having their wedding at the height of the start of Covid when everything was shut down and kept posting they weren't going to live in fear. One person outside the parents showed up. Normally I would feel bad for them but they were so dismissive of health concerns towards the guests in their posts beforehand that I think they kinda had it coming.

  • Pixie Souter
    Pixie Souter Il y a 5 mois

    I'm 50/50 on the "introduced them while I was dating him" one.
    My big sisters best friend has been so close to family for all my life that she is considered part of the family. About twelve years ago she was with a guy she really liked, then he broke up with her. After he dumped her he asked for my sister (her best friend/sister)s number 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️. Which she gave him 🤦🏽‍♀️. Twelve years later and my sister is still with him and has two kids and my other sister (who was originally dating him) has been with his cousin for the last six years. It all worked out great and how it started is a running family joke.

  • ErynRenee
    ErynRenee Il y a 6 mois

    The first one: the photographer at my friend's wedding asked me to open the camera on my phone so he could take the same shot with the bride & groom to take that exact shot. I thought it was weird, and to be honest, I never asked my friend about that photo. It was 11 years ago, and it was a very small (lovely) ceremony, with only a few close friends invited. She probably knew it was me, but never brought it up. I sincerely hope she knows the photographer asked me to take my phone out.😂 She's a pain in the ass about everything (and I love that) and not one to avoid confrontation, so it must not have bothered her😂

  • Sugar Peach
    Sugar Peach Il y a an +1265

    The man who thinks "Saturdays are for the boys" even after getting married might as well have held up a sign that said "Because she knows she'll never be my #1"

    • Desairio 7
      Desairio 7 Il y a 6 mois +1

      @Hani May you don't see anything wrong with being pushed to the side on your own wedding day?

    • NinjaKED12
      NinjaKED12 Il y a 10 mois +2

      Guys, the sign is just a joke you all are looking too much into it

    • That’s not very cash money of you
      That’s not very cash money of you Il y a 11 mois +5

      @Hani May I think every other day isn’t your wedding, sure you can have fun on other days but I’d expect you’d want your wedding to be about you and your partner and not you and your boys

    • TheSarahskaninchen
      TheSarahskaninchen Il y a 11 mois +4

      @Hani May i mean it is probably a joke, but If they really mean it that way I would Hope she never gets sick and that they never will have children :D of course everyone needs Friends outside a relationship, but these Friends should be a Bit more flexible than that!

    • raya.06
      raya.06 Il y a 11 mois +9

      @Hani May This is not the problem.. the problem is that he would move their wedding because of a boys night. A wedding is 1 million times more important than that. Not to mention their wedding is something that happens one in their life, while he has many days to see the boys. And what about their honeymoon? He shouldn't have a boys night a DAY after his wedding, he can wait a couple of weeks...

  • Valeria Helle
    Valeria Helle Il y a 11 mois +8

    The truth is - I only got good wedding pictures because my friends took them. The pictures from the photographer were rather disappointing. Not like he was not a professional, I guess at the end his vision and mine were different. Also, the benefit of your friends and family taking the pictures is that you can get them straight away, while the phonographer will take couple of weeks/months. That being said, I only had 20 people attending and I could not see them being in the way of the photographer at any time. I can imagine that everyone taking a picture on bigger weddings can be a problem, yet sometimes having those pictures taken will save you from disappointment.

    • Mike MikeN
      Mike MikeN Il y a 9 mois

      That photographer should have just adapted. They had time to focus on the phone on the second picture, so they had time to change vantage points.

  • 𝕀𝕥𝕤𝕨𝕠𝕝𝕗𝕖𝕪𝕙𝕦𝕟

    I have a wedding story
    When I was younger my sister got married and she had a best friend. My sister wanted the bridesmaids to where high heels and her best friend didn’t want to.
    Anyway a few years later they reunited and my sister introduced her children to her
    Also don’t get me wrong they are both amazing people just sometimes they are a bit extra

  • Nia’s Mommy
    Nia’s Mommy Il y a 11 mois

    My mother in law tried to wear her wedding dress to my wedding. My husband convinced her not to because my best friend and mother told him they would bring 2 great big boxes of red wine to handle her if she did. They brought the wine just in case, but thankfully she didn’t wear her wedding dress.

  • Nonya Business
    Nonya Business Il y a 11 mois

    I got one for you. On the night of my 2nd wedding, before we could go on our newly appointed mother in law *tried to commit suicide* . She wore black our wedding as well. I suppose that should have been foreshadowing.

  • NadiaR.
    NadiaR. Il y a an +1281

    Why do people insist on using/abusing animals for their wedding?
    I work at a wild life/bird rescue center and we get a crazy amount of malnourished and sick white doves during wedding season.
    Those doves are not used to finding food for themselves, so if they get lost on the way home they will starve to death

    • JLBee
      JLBee Il y a 4 mois

      The only times I've heard of animals being used in a kind way at weddings is either having horses pulling a wagon as the ride (or just the couple riding away on horses), or using a pet to walk down the aisle with flowers, then going somewhere safe after photos. Animals are good as companions, they're friends not decorations.

    • NadiaR.
      NadiaR. Il y a 10 mois +1

      @LtlRed Hen I dont know how shelter animals would behave at a wedding, I can imagine they could become quite stressed out. But you could maybe send those "dance cards" around when people ask what gift they can get you, with the request "they donate to the shelter as a gift and maybe have a look through the cards if they are interested in getting a pet"

    • Blondesense
      Blondesense Il y a 10 mois +1

      That’s just awful. I always wondered what happened to those birds.

  • Kayla Marie
    Kayla Marie Il y a 7 mois

    My mom was genuinely upset i refused to go to her fourth wedding featuring my ex boyfriend, worked out though because she paid me to house sit so i got paid to not go 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Alicia Caley
    Alicia Caley Il y a 3 mois

    The wedding photo one, a good friend at her wedding I was in the moment and now I feel bad for her, the photographer ghosted her after the wedding. The only pictures she has is the ones people took with their iPhones. It’s been 7 years and she is still upset about it and I totally get it.

  • aimee desjardins
    aimee desjardins Il y a 4 mois

    absolutely hilarious, OMG too funny - LOVE your videos!!! You Rock!

  • anonymousandcool
    anonymousandcool Il y a 6 mois

    I couldn't imagine being a bridesmaid and having the bride demanding I cut and color my hair to be identical to all the other bridesmaids. Count me OUT of that wedding. It's my damn hair.

  • montia larson
    montia larson Il y a an +886

    I'm so tired of hearing things like "family is all we have." My mom and I were homeless at one point and my "family" didn't give a shit. They have space on their property and room in their house, we just needed a temporary place so we could save up enough for a deposit on an apartment, but said they refused to help us and wanted nothing to do with me because I have medical issues and am 'complicated' (I have a chronic pain disorder and have a hard time moving around, I also have adhd and depression). Luckily my FRIENDS FAMILY (who I just met a few months prior) let me stay with her until my mom and I could get back on our feet. Just because someone shares DNA with you doesnt mean they love and care about you. ANIMALS ARE NOT DECOR!!!!!! THEY ARE LIVING CREATURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a cruel heartless human that does not deserve children if you believe that animals are decor. You should not be trusted with children if you put animals in shitty situations for yourself. BTW the person that created polygraphs agrees that they are bullshit.

    • Maple Acer
      Maple Acer Il y a 11 mois +2

      "Family is all we have" is bo££ocks. Sorry to hear you've gone through this.

    • marroon rider
      marroon rider Il y a 11 mois

      u need serious help

    • P-P-Panda
      P-P-Panda Il y a 11 mois

      Same! I’m being kicked out in a month my aunt won’t help and hates our fucking guts because we don’t want her to bully us. So now she throws around pots and pans, slams doors, and doesn’t speak to us anymore like we’re ghost. It’s so dumb,hilarious, and infuriating.

    • RedRoseSeptember22
      RedRoseSeptember22 Il y a 11 mois +2

      @Lisa Spikes Right?! I was so mad at that, *animals* are *NOT* decor they are living, breathing creatures. Don't have them at your wedding.

  • Gina Langone
    Gina Langone Il y a 3 mois

    I just stumbled onto your channel, a day ago. I noticed, the last wedding you showed in this video, you commented on in another video. This couple were getting married in Hawaii, has specific dress codes for people of different weight.

  • John Dugan
    John Dugan Il y a 10 mois

    Not sure how you came up with this idea.....ok, actually I do! Lol. I love you and this channel. I talk about entitlement ALL the time and it never ceases to amaze me how ppl's thoughts and lives become so distorted. Fyi, can't get enough of the Bridezilla one's. Keep them coming!