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    Hey guys, today on my channel we are reacting to some people who got caught cheating on camera! Enjoy :)
    Hi, I'm Charlotte Dobre. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
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  • Pamela Goodman
    Pamela Goodman Il y a an +2209

    I have one little story, lol. When I was 16, I found out my first bf was cheating on me with a girl I knew. I contacted her and she thought SHE was his gf. He worked at the snack bar at the bowling alley, so we arranged to meet up there together. He realized he was caught cheating on us, and that we knew each other. The look on his face when he saw us sitting together was priceless. In front of his coworkers we both dumped him, then left. So satisfying lol. This was 48 yrs ago but remember it like yesterday XD

  • Histrionica Butterfly
    Histrionica Butterfly Il y a 11 mois +1588

    When he's 16 and she's 28 it ain't an affair. Glad she got thrown in jail.

    • Sad0220
      Sad0220 Il y a 23 jours

      @Boss6lt Hsv no you're right, but idk because I've learned it goes by state. So let's say new York you'd get 5 years but new jersey would get 1 year maybe, even tho it's the same. It's stupid 😒

    • Sad0220
      Sad0220 Il y a 23 jours

      @Tahtahme's Diary yeah I was about to say she should've had way long 6 months.. she groomed him basically

    • James Rosemary
      James Rosemary Il y a mois

      Thrown in jail for what? I don't get it.

    • Alexis Z
      Alexis Z Il y a 3 mois

      For only six months tho? Gross.

    • Boss6lt Hsv
      Boss6lt Hsv Il y a 3 mois +2

      I hate to be "that person" here but i wonder if the sentence would have been the same if it was an adult male and underage female in the exact same situation

  • Vlada Bulovina
    Vlada Bulovina Il y a an +1164

    The one caught at the mall looked dangerous. Like the way he approached the girl with the camera legit had me go like: “Call the mall security and potentially move, he looks like the type of person that would stalk you and then one night shoot you in the face cause you caught them cheating.”

    • Andrea Doherty
      Andrea Doherty Il y a 4 mois

      Right, he gives out Scott Peterson vibes

    • Lorraine McGrail
      Lorraine McGrail Il y a 9 mois +13

      @Link 24waaaah waaaah waaaah

    • Link 24
      Link 24 Il y a 9 mois

      I thought women where into the bad boy thrill and well these two women got it.

    • Lorraine McGrail
      Lorraine McGrail Il y a 9 mois +10

      Even if he would never hit her he's obviously trying to make her think he MIGHT hit her, which is basically as bad imo

  • Rae Anna
    Rae Anna Il y a an +1956

    The little girl going "daddy" breaks my heart. How can someone do that ....I can't even comprehend.

    • Ceridwynn Haven
      Ceridwynn Haven Il y a 4 mois +1

      @Npc Person She is at fault though.

    • Ceridwynn Haven
      Ceridwynn Haven Il y a 4 mois

      I thought it was a little boy but either way it's heartbreaking.

    • Krystal
      Krystal Il y a 4 mois +6

      Omg as soon as I heard the first “Daddy” my heart shattered. And then for the kid to keep saying it and to have to witness that... soooo sad 😭

    • Carol R
      Carol R Il y a 5 mois +4

      She also is bringing a strange guy around her kids, although she probably thinks he is so wonderful

    • Clare Gallacher
      Clare Gallacher Il y a 5 mois +3

      @Priscila Murari Yes! Had this with my sperm donor, though mine was an abusive dickhead. Went round the house etc, telling me to keep quiet. You can't expect kids to keep secrets. They'll always out you.

  • Chelsi Kay
    Chelsi Kay Il y a an +2213

    The mall guy looks terrifying. The look on his face, body language, and the way he kept walking toward her?

    • Kelly Dempsey
      Kelly Dempsey Il y a mois +2

      My reason for coming to the comments. He's terrifying.

    • Casey 💙
      Casey 💙 Il y a 3 mois

      @KamsyKay I was wondering if anyone else caught that!?!

    • Jaime Gorsuch
      Jaime Gorsuch Il y a 3 mois

      I agree, kinda putting off a Dexter vibe😳

    • Mel S
      Mel S Il y a 4 mois

      Yeah... serial killer? Seriously.

  • SparkleMotion
    SparkleMotion Il y a an +2440

    That one where the guy was asking for the other dude's name and rank was cuz they're military and you can be dishonorably discharged and even receive 1 year confinement for adultery in the military. Hope it was worth it.

    • Angelica B
      Angelica B Il y a 26 jours

      @Anna yup its pretty common

    • Dead Set On Dreams
      Dead Set On Dreams Il y a 26 jours

      @Jay vorheee She was probably going to the bathroom after they finished is my guess, but that was very interesting XD

    • Brooklyn Adkins
      Brooklyn Adkins Il y a 26 jours

      @Anna it is but if you get caught then you’re in serious trouble

    • TheLalacream
      TheLalacream Il y a 4 mois

      @Isla Gurney probably because he knew the man was a fellow soldier, and not just some random citizen, (Since he was asking for name and rank). So it's alot more personal (he might not know him personally, but he could be assigned a mission with that man later, and any possible trust between them will be unattainable).

    • 323trunks
      323trunks Il y a 4 mois +1

      Please don’t generalize, I honestly saw more wives cheat while we were on deployment. One of my best friends came home to find out his 2 year old daughter wasn’t really his. But I am not going around and stating for an absolute fact that all military wives cheat.
      A few assholes ruin it for the rest. That doesn’t mean everyone is the same.

  • Simone Barbee
    Simone Barbee Il y a 11 mois +872

    The way that lady was trying to call the cops on her husband FOR BEING IN HIS OWN HOUSE 💀 she was like how dare you catch me cheating - get out of our house

    • Philip Andrews
      Philip Andrews Il y a 25 jours

      @Dusty 450 Its his house (he literally says its his and she doesn't contradict him,meaning it is indeed his house) and he caught her asleep with another guy (perfectly reasonable to get angry) yet he at no point in that video threatened her or the other guy and yet he is abusive? If he were don't you think we'd have seen some actual abuse happen towards one of the two since that scenario would more then justify him losing his temper?
      And yeah, people have called the cops on someone who lives there countless times (if the guy were abusive for instance she probably called the cops on him before since domestic violence is unfortunately a popular reason to call cops), so is demanding he get out of his own house. Its a common tactic used when someone doesn't want to deal with a situation. She wants him gone (either voluntarily or by the cops) because she can't handle being caught redhanded and the other guy (pretending to sleep then hiding his face like a real man) is clearly not going to help her.

    • Ronal D Ruse
      Ronal D Ruse Il y a mois

      @Dusty 450 If he was abusive. Don't you think she would change the locks right away or be the one to move out so the guy didnt know where she lived?
      And why would the guy pretend to be sleeping for so long if he wasn't doing anything wrong.

    • Andrea Doherty
      Andrea Doherty Il y a 4 mois

      @Sophia Hess I still call my husband my husband. Been separated 4+years

    • Andrea Doherty
      Andrea Doherty Il y a 4 mois +2

      Yeah he said does he know you were out with me earlier? Sounds like they're separated or something

  • the webbsisodes
    the webbsisodes Il y a 7 mois +250

    The stepmom/stepson one. She’s 28 and has been with the dad for 11 years. That’s makes her 17 when they got together. If the boy was 9 when they met, that means the dad was an adult. That’s a yikes all the way around.

    • Pants enFuego
      Pants enFuego Il y a mois +3

      I think that one is staged. Look at the right side of the frame, there is clearly a third shadowy figure standing there.

    • hellhound Wolf
      hellhound Wolf Il y a 6 mois

      That’s exactly what I was thinking , 😳

    • Eavy E
      Eavy E Il y a 6 mois +18

      @Joseph Alberta I was wondering the same thing. It clearly says she's 28 and had been with him for 11 years and specifically said she "knew" the son since he was 9, so it would make more sense that the father waited to introduce her to his kid like a lot of parents in new relationships do. So, it's most likely that they got together when the kid was 5 and the kid's mom had more custody or he only saw the gf on days he didn't have the kid because she was young herself, so he didn't want to run her off with a step mom commitment, so he waited 4 years into their relationship when she had matured more, seeing how she was 17 when they got together.
      Also I edited to add that I did look the articles up and all of the ages and numbers are correct and they specifically say she had "known" him since he was 9, not that he was 9 when she got with the kid's father.

    • Joseph Alberta
      Joseph Alberta Il y a 6 mois +9

      if he was nine and he is 16 then they were together since she was 21

  • Golden C.
    Golden C. Il y a 6 mois +531

    Cheating with some dude in the bathroom while your child is in the next room is a new level of depravity I haven't seen.

    • April Lundberg
      April Lundberg Il y a 4 mois +4

      My ex did that with his old boss when we were together. His boss was a married woman with kids and her kids caught her with my boyfriend. He used to hit on her and flirt with her right in front of me but I was stupid and let him get away with it for a long time.

    • Reagan Lucas
      Reagan Lucas Il y a 4 mois +5

      @Ennazor Rellim Of course you had to generalized that statement. It's cheaters for you.

  • Kimber Newman
    Kimber Newman Il y a 6 mois +214

    The guy at the mall one actually triggers me. His whole demeanor and the way he approached his gf and talked to her reminds me of my abusive ex. Like guarantee if they weren't in public he would've freaked out & hurt her, and then blame her. So glad they both got away from him. He looks like a douche anyways

  • Stephanie S
    Stephanie S Il y a 11 mois +459

    3:35 Thats not cheating. That’s molestation. Even if the age of consent is 16 wherever they live. Besides, if she’s known him since he was 9 this has probably been going on for awhile.

    • Dezeray B
      Dezeray B Il y a mois +1

      Someone also did the math and she was 17 when she started living with that man and his kid

    • MsMookalate
      MsMookalate Il y a 5 mois +3

      Yeah for 7 years she knew the child even though she’s old enough to be her sibling but she was a legal adult. Idk why would the father even want to date 19/20 year old aka adult teen with a almost teen in the home. This is more of the time he needs to be making sure he focus on his child because a lot is going to be changing for the child. That time is just as crucial

    • Brent Lewis
      Brent Lewis Il y a 5 mois +3

      Y'all keep saying molest. I don't think you know what that means. This is a case of rape.

    • Levi Thorstone
      Levi Thorstone Il y a 6 mois

      But did he get grounded or a raise on his allowance 🤔

    • Jane Elaine
      Jane Elaine Il y a 6 mois +2

      @Freya778yes that's right. Cheating on your partner might be immoral, but is is not illegal.

  • Philomena Whitehead
    Philomena Whitehead Il y a 10 mois +223

    The guy in the mall cheating on his girlfriend looks violent and also absolutely off his face on something.

    • Pants enFuego
      Pants enFuego Il y a mois

      Douche bag was cornered for sure but how do you see he was violent and on drugs? That’s a bit of a stretch.

    • Tiffany Grace
      Tiffany Grace Il y a 10 mois +28

      Another commenter called it shark eyes. They flashed black and cold. You could almost feel his rage through the video. I hope he stays away from those girls

    • Tiffany Fannin
      Tiffany Fannin Il y a 10 mois +10

      He’s a next level dbag. I hope both ladies are ok.

  • Veritasome
    Veritasome Il y a 5 mois +20

    There’s something very wrong with mall guy…his first act of very deliberately and threateningly walking towards his girlfriend and calmly asking if she thought this was funny made my blood run cold, that’s the kind of emotion you’d expect from a serial killer.
    I’m really glad they were smart enough to do this in a very public place, I worry about what he might have done if he thought there was nobody else around.

  • emayaych
    emayaych Il y a an +621

    Does homeboy think that if he covers his face with a blanket or pretends to be asleep no one will see him? 🤣

    • Alexis Z
      Alexis Z Il y a 3 mois

      Child logic

    • Katji Romero
      Katji Romero Il y a 4 mois +1

      Even the dog was embarrassed for him... Lol

    • Andrea Doherty
      Andrea Doherty Il y a 4 mois +2

      Lol my Saint bernard used to hide his head in the curtains like we couldn't see the other 180 lbs of him lol

    • Carol R
      Carol R Il y a 5 mois +3

      I thought I heard he had a fiance', and since the poor H knew who HE was, he could get a copy of the vid sent over to her. And Mr. Sleepy Boy was probably wasted and thinking "If she doesn't see my face I can deny this"

    • Abraham Clinton A
      Abraham Clinton A Il y a 6 mois +3

      It worked for the ghosts when I was 7

  • Elizabeth Sopel
    Elizabeth Sopel Il y a an +2602

    The guy who got caught at the mall had soulless, dead eyes. Bet he cheats a lot.

    • Casey 💙
      Casey 💙 Il y a 2 mois

      @Zara 13 hahaha she'd have to actually make a video first 😂 she hasn't done MMM since before Christmas. I keep hoping every Monday,but disappointed every time 😭

    • Chris Taylor
      Chris Taylor Il y a 2 mois

      They both tried texting him later, most likely.

    • Casey 💙
      Casey 💙 Il y a 3 mois +1

      @BC Fantasy Art wow 🤣

    • Jessica Luciano
      Jessica Luciano Il y a 4 mois +1

      Shark eyes for sure

  • Lobke Fierens
    Lobke Fierens Il y a 9 mois +104

    Imagine cheating on someone, when your children are in the freaking house.
    I mean cheating itself is fucked up, but having your children involved in the drama...
    You could literally hear the kid screaming for his dad..

  • Woah, how mediocre
    Woah, how mediocre Il y a 6 mois +115

    Google maps story: when I was about 15 I had a fully grown man stalking me and when we went on to google maps there was a photo of him standing in my garden looking in a window, no one took me seriously until I had that photo lmao, they even took me to a psychiatrist thinking I had paranoid schizophrenia or something.

    • Amanda Jo Fisk
      Amanda Jo Fisk Il y a 3 mois


    • Rockers R.G.
      Rockers R.G. Il y a 6 mois +11

      I hope you’re safe, and you’re better than those who enjoy seeing other people in situations like yours

    • Chad Higgins
      Chad Higgins Il y a 6 mois +4

      Whoa really?! Do you still have the photo?

  • Christinita Corazon
    Christinita Corazon Il y a 6 mois +30

    Cheating on your spouse is illegal in the military. ESPECIALLY ON BASE HOUSING

  • Emily Bear
    Emily Bear Il y a an +164

    Omg I love how the two girls became friends instead of hating one another. WOMAN POWER 👊

  • Rachel Hatchet
    Rachel Hatchet Il y a an +3517

    I love the way those 2 girls had each other's backs! Thats how it should be!

    • Blissful Middle
      Blissful Middle Il y a 4 mois

      Yea they should go out for a drink 🥃

    • gojewla
      gojewla Il y a 4 mois

      You mean those two girls at the bar?

    • Madykken Luna
      Madykken Luna Il y a 5 mois

      Yeah, Sam is lame. 🙄

    • HeartAndSeoul
      HeartAndSeoul Il y a 5 mois +1

      Well yes. Unless the woman knows he’s in a relationship. Then they both deserve hell

  • GothGirl19741
    GothGirl19741 Il y a an +81

    You know having an affair with another military person’s spouse can get you a dishonorable discharge according to the UCMJ So when he gets the name and rank and reports him with the video that guy that ran can keep running because he really has the free time now that his career just blew up!

    • Brent Lewis
      Brent Lewis Il y a 5 mois

      The UCMJ says you can't have threesomes, open relationships, etc either if you are married.

    • Sierra Sebring
      Sierra Sebring Il y a 7 mois +4

      I'm sure he will find loads of free time in confinement as well. The military can send him to military prison for what he did for up to a year.

  • EinieN J
    EinieN J Il y a an +111

    Damn.. I'm scared for the girlfriend who caught her boyfriend at the mall.. 😬☹️

  • Sandy Prater
    Sandy Prater Il y a 11 mois +90

    I love how Sam was caught cheating, and his immediate response was to feel like he was the victim in it all. Like talk about a narcissist.

  • Adam Brokas
    Adam Brokas Il y a 11 mois +11

    That guy who was busted in the mall was an @$$. The way he tried to “walk up” on the girl and intimidate her because HE was cheating and was caught...! He’s got no respect for women AT ALL, and will clearly resort to violence if one ever told him “no” behind closed doors. Scary.

  • Lynne
    Lynne Il y a an +193

    Haha there’s a tv clip of a footballer being interviewed and he says “I’d like to thank my wife and my girlfriend ...” he then backtracked , but his wife dumped him 😬🤨 people are dumb. I’m glad they got caught 🤣 these were good !

    • BluBree🏳️‍🌈
      BluBree🏳️‍🌈 Il y a 11 mois +10

      Hahaha I've seen that video 😂 priceless. He got all nervous and sweaty and started laughing lol

  • Mandana Weingärtner
    Mandana Weingärtner Il y a 10 mois +62

    This hurts man… I’m sorry for all those people, getting cheated is the worst

  • J_G
    J_G Il y a 11 mois +66

    They weren’t cheering him on. They were taunting him. 👍🏼 That’s one of the reasons he was so pissed at them. 😊

  • E C
    E C Il y a 11 mois +52

    The one around 10:00 was military. On a base. He asked him, “what’s your name & rank?”... and when he said, “you’re f#cked!”, he wasn’t lying. That dude can get court martialed...and sent to jail.

  • Kathy F.
    Kathy F. Il y a an +5144

    Here is a positive story about Google Maps. I lost my mom almost five years ago. But something wonderful happened! One of my sisters was looking for their house on Google Maps. And there she was, watering her flowers out in the front of the house! I think all eight of us “kids” and my dad added that precious photograph to our family collections.

    • Ms.NoPixel
      Ms.NoPixel Il y a mois

      I lost my dad in 2014, Google street view is currently from 2009 in my area so after seeing your comment I thought to check & sadly he wasn’t outside which is weird cause he was outside like 90% of the time, I did get to see all his old cars though & that made me smile so ty for that.

    • Melanie MacDonalD - MELS PLAYLISTS ...
      Melanie MacDonalD - MELS PLAYLISTS ... Il y a mois


    • compositestechbb
      compositestechbb Il y a mois


    • Caffeinated Katie
      Caffeinated Katie Il y a 2 mois +2

      Omg this makes me want to cry. I lost my mom too and she loved her roses. Even have a memorial tattoo with her favorite type of rose

    • Chynna Quinn
      Chynna Quinn Il y a 2 mois +1

      That is truly beautiful, I will embarrassingly admit though when you said 'lost your mom' I thought you meant like misplaced her.. 😳

  • Divina Gracia
    Divina Gracia Il y a an +59

    These are painful to watch. I feel bad for the people being cheated on. :(

  • Billy Moody
    Billy Moody Il y a 11 mois +66

    The guy asking for "Name and Rank" has a reason... adultery is against the UCMJ (Military Law). He can spend time in jail after court marshal...

  • Shelby Tikkanen
    Shelby Tikkanen Il y a 9 mois +59

    Those poor dogs knew!!! The discomfort was palpable even for them. The cat didn’t care though.

    • Ee Synopsis
      Ee Synopsis Il y a 6 mois +3

      lmao why was this so funny

  • windchimes
    windchimes Il y a 9 mois +18

    Heh, I’m not sure if this counts as him cheating on me but turns out I was his side piece. It ended real fast and now me and his ex fiancé are best friends :)

  • Shauna Jamese
    Shauna Jamese Il y a 8 mois +5

    10:18 He's about to have him arrested. In the military it's a crime to commit adultery. That's why he asked for his name and rank.

  • Persephone Black
    Persephone Black Il y a 9 mois +14

    "What's your name and rank?"
    Oof, the cheating done in the military is wild. My dad saw it when he was in, my brother has seen it during his time that he's been in, and I've seen a lot of videos like that one. I feel really bad for the kids. The kids are right there witnessing all that.

  • Marvelous Oui
    Marvelous Oui Il y a 5 mois +2

    In case you didn’t catch that, the guy who caught a man with his wife on the toilet is in the military and the cheater is also in the military. It is illegal to sleep with a married woman or cheat on your spouse if you are in the military. The cheater was running when he asked about his name and rank because he knows he is going to jail.

  • Nicole
    Nicole Il y a 5 mois +5

    The guy had the audacity to keep hitting on the girl after she knew he was a cheater and clearly set him up.
    He was pissed he was caught...says everything..

  • thy lionheart
    thy lionheart Il y a 5 mois +2

    The guy who got caught at the mall started advancing on the woman who was filming like he was trying to intimidate her or was threatening her with the possibility of violence, and that freaked me out so bad. Based on that and his cold shark eyes, he strikes me as the type of man who would ~eliminate~ a long term partner if the partner caught him cheating

  • Nikki Berns
    Nikki Berns Il y a 6 mois +18

    I once had this guy from my hometown friend me on Facebook - I’d recently made a very good mutual friend and didn’t know his last name, and this guy had the same first name and a decent resemblance in the bad pic (otherwise I wouldn’t have accepted the request). Quickly obviously learn this is NOT my new friend, and he proceeded to 1) hit on me and 2) say some pretty nasty things about his wife. A few days later his wife messaged me and asked if I’d been talking with her husband 😳 I felt so bad for her, she was super nice, super considerate, and was in the process of gathering evidence to file for divorce. I was more than happy to send her all the screenshots of me rejecting his aggressive advances, including what he said about her. UGH PEOPLE 🙄🙄🙄

  • Kimburlee
    Kimburlee Il y a 6 mois +15

    My uncle was having an affair with their neighbor, they got caught when the neighbor's house was on fire and they run outside naked

  • Ivy is Dead
    Ivy is Dead Il y a 5 mois +2

    I love when the official partners and side partners find out and plot to take down the cheater together.
    It's awesome.

  • Whimsical Clouds
    Whimsical Clouds Il y a an +1136

    "I think everybody has been cheated on, or cheated"
    Me, who has never been in a relationship: Ah yes relatable

    • Caffeinated Katie
      Caffeinated Katie Il y a 2 mois

      Never done it and confident and trust my partners(past and current) enough to say they havent

    • Freya778
      Freya778 Il y a 6 mois

      I have never cheated and would NEVER cheat! But I have been cheated on and that really sucks!

    • Freya778
      Freya778 Il y a 6 mois

      This is a part of relationships you are definitely NOT missing out on!

    • Jacqui805
      Jacqui805 Il y a 6 mois +1

      Um no... never cheated in my life. It's SUCH a gross, totally unnecessary thing to do. Why not break up with whomever you're with instead of being a skank? So please don't believe that, Whimsical Clouds. As far as being cheated on goes, I guess I can't say with 100% certainty whether or not it's ever happend to me. Chances are, that it has.. but that doesn't mean one should also engage in the skankiness.

    • aeoli garlic
      aeoli garlic Il y a 6 mois +1

      It's even more of an insult to the injury if you're single. Like these people are able to get themselves a significant other and yet they can still get ANOTHER ONE on the side??? And these people are not even remotely goodlooking let alone have great personalities! Yet THEY got to attract more than one person romantically at a time?? the audacity!

  • Skyfire The Goth
    Skyfire The Goth Il y a an +2

    I've been cheated on twice, and neither time was I upset with the person (one was bi and cheated on me with a girl) my ex cheated on me with, I have no idea what she told them, I was upset with my ex, she was the one that had the responsibility to say no and to not get involved with another person.

  • Sarah Kirschling
    Sarah Kirschling Il y a an +2

    I love this for you Charlotte and hope you’re living your best life bc I sure am. I’m on vacation and daily drinking rosé and binging your vids. I feel powerful yet peaceful

  • hi_im_Cricket_im_ur_Conscience

    I love when 2 girls have each other’s backs. God, I love that. That’s how people should act when that kind of thing happens…

    • maree brown
      maree brown Il y a 9 mois +1

      they are going to need to keep each other's backs. He is a dead set psychopath.

  • Kelly Darby
    Kelly Darby Il y a 10 mois +12

    If I was paying someone's phone bill and they were cheating on me with another person, rest assured I would take that phone and step on it and break the damn thing and then take it with me

  • Morgan Robinson
    Morgan Robinson Il y a 6 mois +20

    I just don’t understand this…..if you don’t want to be with someone, or want to end thing, just END THEM! What’s the point of hurting someone with the deceit and dishonesty on top of being unfaithful? Really says a lot about the state of relationships these days, you don’t love someone if you do this.

  • Arin Sauls
    Arin Sauls Il y a an +15

    Totally caught my ex on tinder when i came home from work one evening. He was asleep in bed and his phone was like wide open. Usually they turn off after a minute but it was just wide I proceeded to look at all his messages. He even tried to shift the blame and say it was my fault and that he wasn’t trying to get with them. Just mind blowing how shitty people are

  • Dee Collins
    Dee Collins Il y a an +10

    Never cheated, never been cheated on. Man am I grateful!

  • Penell E
    Penell E Il y a 6 mois +14

    Cheaters are never wrong, its always someone else's fault, that's how they justify their shady behavior. And remember once a CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER.

    • Brent Lewis
      Brent Lewis Il y a 5 mois +2

      People of low moral fiber never take responsibility.

  • KR Smith
    KR Smith Il y a an +410

    Dude the two women teaming up is ICONIC, we need more of that in these situations. If someone is already willing to cheat, they will have no problem lying about being single or anything else to whoever they're trying to hook up with.

  • Banyo
    Banyo Il y a 11 mois +2

    Something like that first video actually happened to my friend. Her husband lied and told her he was on a work trip over the weekend, and he was caught at a football game cheating on her when a photo of him and his mistress in the crowd was pictured in the local paper for all to see. It was a double whammy because he's also lied to his job about why he couldn't work the weekend.

    CATHLEEN MUTNICK Il y a 11 mois +11

    Charlotte: The elevator tunes in the background + your facial expressions always make the drama funnier!

  • Heather Cortes
    Heather Cortes Il y a an +2

    I'm finding this hilarious. I threw my husband out last summer. He has accused me of cheating for years. I never did. I even have a tracker on my phone since sick a lot. Where was I supposed to be cheating? In the back of the grocery store, lol. As many times as I was accused I probably should have considered it but just...gross. I have decided to stay single after seeing a lot of this kind of shit.

    • Virginia viola
      Virginia viola Il y a 10 mois +1

      I’m also single, and have been for 9 years..never been happier.

  • ashley dawn
    ashley dawn Il y a 6 mois +6

    The people in the car thinking the windshield wipers would help hahah

  • DipityS
    DipityS Il y a an +1

    The gentleman at 9:25 handled that beautifully - such respect out to him! I thought the step-mum and the son was disgusting - sixteen is under age if I'm not mistaken - she's taken a parenting role in the relationship so the power dynamic is skewed - that would be enough for me to want her prosecuted and hopefully jailed - but I want to know how long she's been doing that - exactly how young was he when that predator went for him?

  • ZomBQueeen
    ZomBQueeen Il y a 3 mois +1

    Nice! If you’re interested in knowing a “Jody” is the term we use in the US military for a dude who stays back on deployment by and hooks up with the wives/gfs when their husband is deployed. You can use it for a female too if you want it’s just more common this way.
    Also, he’s asking for name and rank because adultery is against our rules so you can get kicked out for it.

  • Martin Aas Andersen
    Martin Aas Andersen Il y a 10 mois +9

    7:09 Typical cheater getting mad because he's caught. You weren't "entrapped". It was your own damn decision.

  • thenightshecallsme
    thenightshecallsme Il y a 6 mois +1

    7:30 I love how the second girl was just like 'oh shit I didn't realize he had a gf' and immediately started backing her up

  • Elizabeth W
    Elizabeth W Il y a 10 mois +2

    I love when people talk shit in someone else's car then are shocked when they end up onthe streets all by themselves

  • Vick Fichtner
    Vick Fichtner Il y a 11 mois +7

    In the video where the guy walks in the gf and his friend sleeping on the couch when he`s talking to the guy and the guy is just lying there covering his face, the dogs look guilty!!! I guess they thought that he was screaming at them but the dog`s face is priceless!!! Poor puppy!!!

  • wendeln92
    wendeln92 Il y a an +1

    Last one - Absolutely love it how the girl gets pissed off at the guy for being angry about her cheating on him........No personal responsibility, no sense of loyalty, no sense of right or wrong, very strong sense of entitlement.

  • Nancylia Woods
    Nancylia Woods Il y a 6 mois

    I love that I can rewatch some of your videos and still laugh my ass off 🤣👏👏🖤 your the best !!

  • Willie Bauld
    Willie Bauld Il y a an +3139

    Don't cheat, not happy with your other half? Just end it ffs

    • Taylor Hillard
      Taylor Hillard Il y a 8 mois +5

      @Gus BSB you're projecting. No, it is not first instinct to be deceptive and unfaithful. And no, it is not something everyone does.
      But for the sake of argument let's say that you are right. Let's assume "fidelity is unnatural for the human species"
      If you do not want to be in a committed monogamous relationship, DO NOT START ONE. You can have as many open and/or polyamorous relationships with CONSENTING partners as you would like. Go nuts! Gotta catch em all, right? But do not enter into a committed monogamous relationship if you are not willing to fulfill that role. If your partner expects mutual monogamy in the relationship then they cannot consent to your relationship with others.
      Stop projecting your insecurities with the bullspit and projections you've strewn about the comments. Grow up. Act like an adult and start having grownup respectful relationships.

    • Gus BSB
      Gus BSB Il y a 8 mois

      @Taylor Hillard better than silly and naive

    • Taylor Hillard
      Taylor Hillard Il y a 8 mois +2

      @Gus BSB Eloquent....

    • Gus BSB
      Gus BSB Il y a 8 mois +1

      @Taylor Hillard you´re absolutely wrong about everything... our first instinct is having multiple partners, that´s why EVERYBODY does it or want to... you can be raised in a church and become stupid but your desire is there, waiting for the right chance...

  • Jenny Rodewald
    Jenny Rodewald Il y a an +12

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    PROSHILA RAI Il y a an

    I would love a part 2.....please. Its hilarious.

  • MsPrimary
    MsPrimary Il y a 10 mois +3

    'Jody' military term for guy who is messing around with your wife/gf while you are at work or deployed. USMCJ is not okay with adultery. You can get into SERIOUS trouble, even discharged. YIKES! And the faces you make, Charlotte! Priceless!

  • Maritza
    Maritza Il y a 6 mois

    The guy coming down with the bed sheets had my jaw dropped the entire time lmaoo

  • Mojo
    Mojo Il y a an +1571

    I feel bad about the one with children. It's just messed up, don't shit where you eat, don't bring your messed up morals in front of impressible kids.

    • Living Dead Girl
      Living Dead Girl Il y a 9 mois

      @The Steel Sky I’m sorry that your parents did that to you, they should have never put you between them, or spoke badly about the other parent in front of you. Divorce happens all the time but there is absolutely no reason your parents couldn’t have co-parented you, except for their own selfish behavior….because honestly whether they cheated or not, they still could have moved on separately for the sake of your life, and raised you together…separately…that’s what coparenting is…I hope things are better for you, and that if you take away anything from this…you’ll be the kind of parent your children need whether your with a partner, or not…God bless…

    • The Steel Sky
      The Steel Sky Il y a 9 mois +1

      @Living Dead Girl I have a personal experience with this type of thing. Both of my parents cheated on the other and my sister and I saw it all and got wrapped up in the middle of it. It screws with your brain and it doesn't help when both parents are blaming the other and telling you that the other is lying or a bad parent. I RARELY talk to my parents now because of this exact type of crap. This was bad parenting, even if it was just one instance.

    • ngoc Quach
      ngoc Quach Il y a 10 mois

      Yep i feel so sad when i heard the kid voice...

    • Big Rig
      Big Rig Il y a 10 mois

      @Living Dead Girl agreed

    • maria f20
      maria f20 Il y a 11 mois +6

      @Living Dead Girl This is not judgmental. These kids most likely would need to have therapy in the future to be able to rebuild yourself. This is reality. This situation is destroying your beliefs in home safety as small child you believe that your mum and dad would be always with you and will love each other. Children would not understand this situation like you do. These kids could grow afraid of strangers, not trusting their partners, being obsessive and depressive. It is extremely traumatic for kids. So this lady is terrible mother. Ask anyone with family counselling degree and you would hear so many stories how this trauma would affect kids in the future with some of them would be not able to build proper relationship.

  • K8TAllison
    K8TAllison Il y a 9 mois +1

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    Real All d Way - RAW Il y a 6 mois +14

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    • Freya778
      Freya778 Il y a 6 mois +4

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  • Sheltie Songs
    Sheltie Songs Il y a mois

    I’ve always felt bad about never having dated before but hey, I guess I’ll never have to worry about anyone cheating on me at this rate.

  • Debbiie Moreira
    Debbiie Moreira Il y a 10 mois +1

    04:35 This happened two years ago, here in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This case was shown on the most popular TV programs in the country.

  • Venice 3
    Venice 3 Il y a an +2

    I'm sitting here with my mouth open in disbelief at what I'm watching, then I look across at Charlotte and she's doing exactly the same thing! LOL :D

  • Rhea Cook
    Rhea Cook Il y a 6 mois +1

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    Jéss Sevilha Il y a 9 mois +1

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  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Il y a 11 mois

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  • Shawna Mackenzie
    Shawna Mackenzie Il y a 11 mois +1

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  • Maria Simone
    Maria Simone Il y a 3 mois

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  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul Il y a 6 mois

    Well I’m sure he’d be happy he caught her. I can’t imagine being sad after finding out someone cheated. I wouldn’t care anymore, they’d be gone, goodbye, and I’d find someone worth my time. ✌🏼

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    John Newton Il y a 11 mois

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    Mandy Ambrose Il y a 11 mois +1

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    Maile Kwan Il y a an +1

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  • DaveAssassin
    DaveAssassin Il y a an +2

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  • aqueleoutro
    aqueleoutro Il y a 10 mois +5

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  • B.W.Fontaine
    B.W.Fontaine Il y a an +2

    "What's your name and rank dude?!" They're obviously serving in the military, where committing adultery, whether you're the party married or the "other person", is a serious charge, as in that dirtbag can and probably will have to deal with a Court's a wrap with the video evidence, he'll be demoted, dishonorably discharged, maybe even have to do some time in one of the hardest prisons on the planet, Ft. Leavenworth Penitentiary....

  • kpopmultistan Miranda
    kpopmultistan Miranda Il y a an +3

    3:20 did you notice how Thompson was "playing" with himself after the girl in middle had him kiss her chest? And a couple times she reached down? That was very obvious that he was trying to cheat with them both

  • Lacratata
    Lacratata Il y a 8 mois

    11:56 the dog is like “ I’m still on Brandon’s side “ 😂

  • just here to watch the world burn

    I love how those two women teamed up. The other woman even stopped him from walking up on her the second time he tried that shit. My husband used to do that shit. I'm 5'5" and he's 6'2". He used to try to intimidate me by puffing out his chest and pressing up on me. Like some kind of animal in the wild. Uncivilized. Especially since he cheated on me constantly. He even signed up for college behind my back the year I was supposed to go back and cheated with SOOOOO many women (and I recently found out men) that he met there. THEN I found his posts on several websites where he was looking for love. With some lovely pictures taken in MY BED. This is also how I found out that after ten years of marriage he suddenly decided he wanted a woman with similar plumbing to his. I'm with a woman now so I don't care about the fact that he decided he wants to be with a trans woman. He should have just told me. Anyway... I can appreciate it when women show solidarity in the face of adversity rather than tearing each other apart when it's that cheating ass man that needs an ass whooping. 🤭😁👍 Have a nice day everybody.

    • just here to watch the world burn
      just here to watch the world burn Il y a 11 mois

      @Middley Of Hills Of Crystals. It is especially cruddy when it's your family putting you down and hurting you. I had so little faith in myself as a person and a mother most of all. It took getting away and seeing how the abuse they witnessed and suffered to pull me out of it and get me to where I am now. I am getting to know my kids as individuals and connecting with them in a way I never thought I could. It's a blessing to hear from those that were able to rise above. You even inspired me to talk to the family member that had my back. Thank you. Life can be rough. Things like this make me feel far less alone.

    • just here to watch the world burn
      just here to watch the world burn Il y a 11 mois +1

      @Middley Of Hills Of Crystals. Thank you so much for your kind words. Unfortunately I have been through some serious abuse and neglect that started in my childhood and resulted in some toxic relationships in my adulthood I am only now managing to face in order to deal with the consequences of their influence along side mental health and addiction issues. It's never easy to hear that the people you loved and trusted the most in your life are responsible for giving you ptsd. It even feels icky to say. It makes me feel like I'm unfairly blaming someone else for my mental state when truly they are responsible. It's so difficult to accept the level of abuse that I suffered because I am a kind person and I do want to be able to love and be loved so much that I have been willing to accept some pretty terrible behavior. I am so happy to hear that you have family in your life giving you the tools necessary to survive along with the foundation of a loving family structure that you can base the fundamentals of boundaries and acceptable behavior upon. It began with my family and an utter lack of those basic fundamentals. It's so easy to become accepting of terrible treatment when it's all you've ever known. Believe it or not the kindness I receive in comments and replies such as this one remind me that it's not so difficult for others to see who I am and reenforces my resolve when certain people or behaviors of others begin to make an appearance in my life again. Sorry for the life story 😂 but I am truly grateful for you and your kindness. I'm quite sure that you're a very lovely person that helps others simply by virtue of being who you are.

    • just here to watch the world burn
      just here to watch the world burn Il y a 11 mois

      @Middley Of Hills Of Crystals. for sure. I'm not an aggressive person. At all. Keeping cool under pressure and using my words to handle conflict is sort of my thing. This man is the first person to ever make me freak out and loose my cool. I have never felt so threatened. What's sick is that I know he would get in my face like that because I'm not accustomed to people being threatening in my personal space. He brought something out of me that I never knew was there. You can't let people intimidate you. Especially if they perceive you as having some obvious disadvantage like your height etc. I have so much respect for a shorter lady that can hold her own. You go girl. Sounds like you don't take anyone's shit.

    • Ispilled _thetea
      Ispilled _thetea Il y a 11 mois +3

      @Middley Of Hills Of Crystals. time to bust some knee caps.

    • wren
      wren Il y a an +8

      @Lily T ....think that is why she confronted in public with a camera

  • farlon muentes
    farlon muentes Il y a 4 mois

    in my country, when a spouse caught their partner in the act of doing it and they killed the cheater, they would be punished but not imprisoned. but they need a irrefutable evidence.

  • Rachel Child
    Rachel Child Il y a 8 mois +1

    I’m glad me and my boyfriend are both loners. No cheating will happen cause that requires effort lol

  • Starling Swallow
    Starling Swallow Il y a 11 mois +2

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  • Kits411UK
    Kits411UK Il y a 10 mois +1

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  • Serenity B.
    Serenity B. Il y a an

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