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    Hey ya'll! Today on my channel we are reacting to some petty revenge weddings! Enjoy :)
    Hi, I'm Charlotte Dobre. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
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  • donna garcia
    donna garcia Il y a 22 jours +2002

    There was a wedding where a father and a daughter stopped at the step father’s seat and asked him to join them up at the ceremony and the father told the stepfather in front of the crowd how his daughter was blessed to have him for a stepfather because he knew he genuinely loved her and helped raise her , and the stepfather also deserved the honor walking her down the isle, and they surprised him it was awesome beautiful and wonderful, they walked her togerther. Honor the truth, not the fantasy.

    • lady diver
      lady diver Il y a 15 jours

      @Robert Draper thank you for sharing that, you're human and that was a big compromise that served everyone well in the end. Glad it worked out

    • Maya
      Maya Il y a 17 jours

      I think I saw a video on TT maybe it was this one! They stopped in the middle and asked the SF to join. It was so cute and honestly shows how he is appreciated and how close they are. My friends bother father and step father will be walking her down the aisle because both raised her despite having their differences and seeing that video reminded me of her haha

    • Promise Jubilee
      Promise Jubilee Il y a 18 jours +2

      Well THAT just made me bawl. Thanks for that 😭😭😭😭

    • evie dsouza
      evie dsouza Il y a 18 jours

      Exactly!! ..

    • Audrey M
      Audrey M Il y a 19 jours +1

      I loved that video!

  • Beach Vibes Only
    Beach Vibes Only Il y a 22 jours +320

    When my ex’s new wife apologetically told me that
    my three year old son was calling her “mommy,” and that she never encouraged it, I said “Girl, if you treat my child so well that he thinks of you as another mother, I am truly blessed!” We’ve been great friends ever since, and my son is now 33. ❤️

    • Ashley Adamson
      Ashley Adamson Il y a 3 jours

      This made me cry 🥺 so sweet

    • Elizabeth McKee
      Elizabeth McKee Il y a 4 jours +1

      Yes! My dad’s 1st ex wife used to babysit me for him and my mom. She was petrified to tell my mom that I called her Mama Jeanie, but my mom absolutely loved it! I called her family my grandparents and aunts/uncles and cousins. How can it be bad if it means more love?

    • No one knows me Until you do
      No one knows me Until you do Il y a 11 jours +2

      That is how we raised our son we still do holiday's and birthdays

    • JQ Hani
      JQ Hani Il y a 14 jours +2

      that is so beautiful, you're both wonderful mothers

    • Haily Johnson
      Haily Johnson Il y a 18 jours +13

      I appreciate mothers like you! My mom unfortunately was not that way. I love her dearly, but she caused me so much trauma and pain as a kid, and my stepmom sheltered me from a lot and protected me, and allowed me to retain my childhood after my parents' divorce, because I was quickly parentified as the oldest child, but she stopped that real quick. My stepmom was my mom at that time. She protected me like I needed from my mom, but my mom was so emotionally absent from me. I call them both mom, although I call my stepmom by her first name in front of my bio mom just to keep the peace. I have told my mom many times that my stepmom was never a replacement for her because nothing can replace the first 10 years of my life with my mom as a SAHM, but my stepmom has also put me first as her own child, and protected me from things my own mother didn't. I don't call my stepmom mom out of spite, I call her mom because she is a mother in my life. She loves me and protects me, and I know she would give her life for me just as my bio mom would. Me and my bio mom have healed our relationship a lot, but I wish she could just see and appreciate that it isn't an insult to her by calling another woman mom. It may hurt, and I get that, but overall she should feel gratitude that another woman is there for me and protects me and supported me the other half of the time I wasn't with her. I love both of them, and I feel blessed to have 3 amazing parents who I can depend on for anything. Most kids are lucky to have a good relationship with one parent, let alone three!

  • Beautiful Nails by Rose Pearl
    Beautiful Nails by Rose Pearl Il y a 16 jours +119

    I loved the last idea. Go baby...Have fun, break all the rules, do the sexy dance. Tell everyone you guys are dating. Announce pregnancy.... he should propose on the dance floor. Steal the show and disappear together.... uhhhh burn. I am going to hell for this.....

  • Professor Spacecakes
    Professor Spacecakes Il y a 22 jours +125

    The last story is a perfect example of why I think r/aita needs to make "justified asshole" an official judgement option. Like, yeah, it's an asshole move, but 100% warranted and we're all secretly cheering them on.

    • Chen Johnson
      Chen Johnson Il y a 11 jours +11

      One of the best I've read: AITA for buying a globe as a parting gift for my flat-earther leaving colleague?
      Generally: YTA. BUT. It'd totally worth it.

  • Kaissi Miller
    Kaissi Miller Il y a 21 jour +81

    The x-files moment of running past the door - absolute gold!! Loved it. Laughed so hard I scared my cat. So good! 👏🥇🏆🥇

    • Jeremy Messer
      Jeremy Messer Il y a 3 jours +3

      I laughed so hard...that was golden...well played editors....well played...

    • Jane Baker
      Jane Baker Il y a 5 jours +1

      That was spooky and funny

      AP MOTION BY ANDY PHOTO Il y a 13 jours

      hahaha im dying over that part lmao

  • Pocketmikey
    Pocketmikey Il y a 22 jours +2916

    If that last redditer DOESN'T go to the wedding with the bride's ex I'll be personally offended... when the universe offers you a golden opportunity for petty revenge where nobody gets hurt, take it!

    • toyyatoy
      toyyatoy Il y a 18 jours

      @Elizebeth S. oh ok lol I was so confused how you got from a to b 😂

    • Elizebeth S.
      Elizebeth S. Il y a 18 jours +1

      ... I read that wrong. Oops. 😬

    • toyyatoy
      toyyatoy Il y a 18 jours

      @Elizebeth S. I’m so confused… I’m not looking for any human partner… and female male relationships are different than female female “friendships”… as that’s what we were talking about….

    • Joy Birdine
      Joy Birdine Il y a 20 jours

      Omg yes

    • Melissa Blackwood
      Melissa Blackwood Il y a 20 jours +2

      110% RSVP separately (to give no advance notice), then hang out together the entire time. Eat the free food, drink the free booze, talk to everybody, dance y'alls asses off, and make sure to be seen leaving the venue together. Even if you don't actually hook up, it'll make for a great story, and your friendship will likely outlast the marriage. Bonus points: Go in on a gift together and both of you sign the card. The couple will lose their $#!t while writing out the thank-you notes!!!

  • Downhomesunset
    Downhomesunset Il y a 22 jours +203

    I’d go with cousin to the wedding. How did the “rules of the big day” get communicated? By text? Email? I’d bring both your lists to the wedding and ask to compare them with everybody else’s list. Is Bridezilla enough of one that some others got a list? Or will you be showing people a side of the bride by innocently enquiring about other peoples’ behaviour!

    • D
      D Il y a 7 jours

      Excellent idea.

    • TR230de
      TR230de Il y a 20 jours +14

      I’d bring the list to check off each rule as I break them

    • Lizet Elliott
      Lizet Elliott Il y a 21 jour +19

      They'd probably be breaking the rule of who they can and can't talk to if they did that...but I like it

  • L.A. Wilson
    L.A. Wilson Il y a 22 jours +39

    The fact that the couple from the last story had the AUDACITY to invite the cousin and the ex to the wedding at all speaks volumes. Making those separate rules for them let’s me know that mocking and disrespecting both of them would have played SOME PART in the days festivities. That they kicked them out and continually talked s*** makes it worse. She really needs to reevaluate multiple friendships and question why she was still looking forward to going even after the first betrayal. To answer the question YES it would make her an asshole but it’s a necessary evil at this point

  • Karyudoll
    Karyudoll Il y a 22 jours +48

    We are absolutely going to need a follow-up about the exes going to the wedding and breaking the "rules"!!! I have to know what happened!!! I'm invested!!

  • Mei Li
    Mei Li Il y a 22 jours +34

    The ex's going to the wedding together sounds like the start of a romcom and I'm here for it 🤣🤌🏽

  • LaLaLA LaLaLA
    LaLaLA LaLaLA Il y a 22 jours +114

    Parents, I can not stress this enough: The more people than genuinely love and care for your children, the better! Sure we as parents don't want to be replaced as a parent in our child's life, but if you're doing it correctly, you never will!! If you separate from your child's other parent and they remarry and the step is good to them, be happy your child has one more person who will look after them and support them!

    • Gaylene Caterini
      Gaylene Caterini Il y a 21 jour +5

      My ex husband and I broke up November 2019, he came out as gay. Big Italian family has told me I am not allowed to leave. Ex, his partner our kid and I spend holidays all together. More people to love my son. Honesty people need to understand what you do affects your child.

    • LaLaLA LaLaLA
      LaLaLA LaLaLA Il y a 22 jours +6

      @Emeraldwitch30 Sounds like your grandchildren have a good support system and that is awesome!!
      My daughter can be bitter about her ex husband's girlfriend and I try to convey this message to her. As long as she loves, and treats the kids right, be happy.

    • Emeraldwitch30
      Emeraldwitch30 Il y a 22 jours +5

      My daughter got divorced and hell last night after the grandkiddos band concert we all ended up out to dinner. My daughter and her new(soon to be hubby) and their child
      My ex sil Nd his mom and my hubs and myself.
      His new girlfriend is away in another state working right now or she would have been there.
      The kiddos call the soon to be step parents in both sides the bonus dad and bonus mom.
      I often will run over and grab the kids if they are on dads week and he has something come up or if I want them to go out with me shopping or what have you, he is "oh as long as you want them thats fine lol" his mom can do the same when my daughter has the kids (they alternate weeks as they only live 8 blocks away from one another lol).
      They might not see eye to eye on things but they are dammed great parents so far.
      The ones who pull that carp about not allowing others to even be called step dad or step mom and cause issues need a kick in the butt

  • Itty Little Bitty
    Itty Little Bitty Il y a 22 jours +32

    If your best friend starts dating/Marries your ex of 4 years, there's literally nothing you can do to 'out-@$$hole' the bride. She and your ex have essentially topped the list at 'worst people'. Enjoy that day with her ex. Lmao

  • EliBug
    EliBug Il y a 22 jours +13

    I remember when my sister got married to her now husband, my dad didn't go to the wedding all because the man she married was a white man. She was heartbroken that our dad didn't come. I was so upset at my dad for being such a jerk.
    After what happened, i didn't talk to him for a while. He judged her husband by his appearance. Her husband is nice and chill. He treats my nieces and nephew well. I don't know why my dad didn't approve of him, he just didn't like him.

  • Geneva Wilson
    Geneva Wilson Il y a 22 jours +68

    For that first one, I'd let them have the wedding in the yard but not use the house. For a early wedding, I'd sit on the porch in robe drinking coffee - not attending! For a late one, grill outside but by the house - not attending!!! 👍👍👍

    • vickie chandler
      vickie chandler Il y a 20 jours

      @Michelle Best LOL....i know a few ppl that need that company on speed dial....LOL

    • Michelle Best
      Michelle Best Il y a 22 jours +15

      I was thinking arrange for the house to be fumigated on the day. Got a freeloader infestation.

    • vickie chandler
      vickie chandler Il y a 22 jours +14

      forgoe the robe...boxers and stained wife beater undershirt it occasional scratch of certain man parts timed right would be great too. I'd do the grill thing anyway....find some very smoky wood chips to put on it and a few greasy flames wouldnt hurt. ...possibly a stinky food to add to the fun.

  • victoria jolly
    victoria jolly Il y a 22 jours +2248

    omg update to the the first story
    "Some stuff has happened recently and many of you have wanted an update on this. Appreciate the reassurance and understanding my decision when seems that many in this situation didn’t. I remained firm in my decision about not letting them use my property for their wedding. Even if they changed their mind about inviting us which honestly I don’t care about anymore. Rick’s family (thanks to him) got a hold of my cell so that was more people I had to deal with. I put my foot down with Rick a few days ago and told him directly that I will go to the police and press charges for harassment (I have all the texts and calls documented). Also had a very long talk with Carla about everything going on. She apologized for it all. And she knows it’s her own fault.
    Well she decided to be the one to call things off in the end. Some of my friends still seem to think it’s my fault and I’m taking some distance from them for a while. And also from Carla after getting some confirmation on a few things that I needed to know. Whole thing is a mess. I’m only glad in the end that I didn’t give in to their demands and the constant bugging has stopped.. It still was a huge headache over the last few days and not the kind of drama I want back in my life. Thank you to everyone who made me feel supported in this. It helped a lot not feeling like the only other person (aside from my wife), who thought their demand was insane and inappropriate"

    • Daisy A
      Daisy A Il y a 13 jours

      Thanks for posting the update!

    • CC_SniperGirl
      CC_SniperGirl Il y a 20 jours

      Never date the kind of people like Rick who form a mob against you. Your arguments will never be private. Really, both of them were just weird and childish

    • Amanda Gregory
      Amanda Gregory Il y a 20 jours

      @Rick Kittredge Is this you? 😝🤣

    • Amanda Gregory
      Amanda Gregory Il y a 20 jours

      Amazing! Thanks for the update!

    • Russ Keith
      Russ Keith Il y a 21 jour

      @lilibetmargaret Not to mention what happened to her stuff?

  • S&ie
    S&ie Il y a 22 jours +34

    To the “I won’t share my daughters wedding with her stepdad”-guy:
    SO many children needs good adults in their lives, and you should be thankful that your daughter was blessed with a good adult to support her. Be good and thankful to the village that raises and supports your kids, especially when they are doing a good job.

  • Emma Mac
    Emma Mac Il y a 22 jours +14

    Here's the thing with the last story. Would she be the AH, probably. Does her "friend" deserve it, absolutely. Should she do this, probably not. Would I also do this, absolutely. A "friend" like that bride isn't really your friend anyway if she's marrying your ex AND treating you like this. So if you're prepared for the inevitable fallout from it, and being labeled the AH by some if not most people, then I say go for it. Show up as dates and ditch for a bar or something like a quarter into the reception. I think that's long enough to get your point across and start some rumors without keeping you in the 'blast zone' for longer than necessary. Or at least that's what I would do...

  • Mint Berry
    Mint Berry Il y a 22 jours +7

    can we appreciate how this bomb ass lady uploads literally everyday. its how i start every morning, no joke. and i know it cant go on forever, so id like to extend my appreciation for how lucky we are while it lasts

  • Shannon Mejia
    Shannon Mejia Il y a 21 jour +4

    My Aunt and Uncle divorced when their kids were pretty young. She remarried some years later and the step dad was a huge part of their kids' lives. The kids split even time between both birth parents so they had great relationships with both sides. When they got married, both kids had both their father and step father walk them down the isle. It was very sweet and I loved witnessing it! 🥰

  • Joy
    Joy Il y a 22 jours +27

    For that last story: she should go with the other guy and talk to everyone!!! The bride and groom don't want these people talking because they are embarrassed and insecure about how they relate to these two people. They don't want the other guests to know that the groom is not only this person's ex, but the other person's cousin. They are worried about how other people judge them because they don't feel 100% good about it.

  • Ryan Baker
    Ryan Baker Il y a 22 jours +31

    I’m absolutely loving the pettiness in the last story. They totally need to go together and dance and drink and have a great time.

  • Jill Slind
    Jill Slind Il y a 22 jours +7

    I’ve never felt a more visceral “YES YOU WOULD BUT PLEASE DO IT ANYWAY” reaction to WIBTA than in that third story.

  • Eric Taylor
    Eric Taylor Il y a 22 jours +8

    Something like this happened to a friend of mine. They lived on largish property outside of town that had plenty of room for the large outdoor party.
    Then there was a falling out with the friend and the wedding party had to find a new venue on short notice.
    The friend was kind enough to place a sign on his gate (Which he locked) clearly explaining that the venue had been changed and where the new venue was located (not too far away)
    Still 30 people rang his gate buzzer asking to be let into the property for the wedding.

  • Lauren
    Lauren Il y a 22 jours +4

    That last one is genius YES you should go with him and piss her off more!! Love it. How can you even call her your friend after you know they're bad-mouthing you and laughing at you behind your back? That would be crushing, this poor girl.

  • Megan
    Megan Il y a 22 jours +20

    The story about the dad getting upset over his daughter's stepdad walking her down the aisle, too, hit home for me. I'm a step mom that has had to step up a lot since my wonderful boys' mother moved to another state and basically just throws empty promises at my boys. I make sure I don't say anything negative about her in front of them, but I wonder if they ever get married if they'll want me there as their mom. I've been there for them and she hasn't but they still seem to love her more. I know I'm not mom and I'm not trying to replace her, but I wonder if she and I may go through the same thing at our boys' weddings. I won't make a stink, but honestly she's abandoned them physically and I worry once they're 18 and she won't have any chance of child support, even though she doesn't even get any now, she'll just finally jump ship. :(

    • Haily Johnson
      Haily Johnson Il y a 18 jours +2

      I agree with the other commenter here. It's probably really hard when you see her hurting them with her empty promises, but when they're older, they will appreciate it so much more when they realize you've always been there for them and she hasn't, but that you never tried to force them to make that conclusion. I don't know how old they are, but I'm sure they will likely see you as a mother figure in the future. For me personally, I call my stepmom mom because of how she stepped up in my life at 10 years old and was a pivotal mother figure in my life alongside my bio mom. I'm now 21, so she's been in my life longer than she hasn't been in it. My mom recently just got remarried for the 4th time, but I actually really appreciate and respect my step-dad (this time.) I don't know that we will ever have a father/daughter relationship because I was 19 when he came into my life, so he was never in a parenting role for me. But I value him very much as a powerful male role model that I could go to with issues if needed, or ask for guidance, almost like an adult mentor, not really as a parent. So depending on the kids' ages and honestly just personalities, they may never bond with you as a mom or maternal figure, but they most definitely will see you as a valued and trusted mentor and confidant as they grow older, so please remember that! Even when it's frustrating because their mom is shitty, and you want to protect them and offer yourself as a safe and loving mom, you have to let them choose the role they want for you in their lives and respect it even if it hurts. I can't imagine how hard this is from your side, as I've only been on the child side, and I accepted my stepmom as a motherly figure quickly, but I was quite young. My advice as a kid of this situation though is to just keep doing what you're doing 💕 even when it's hard, when she's being horrible, when you just wanna wrap your arms around them and tell them that doesn't have to be the only way they're ever treated by a mother, just please respect them and where they are at and what type of relationship they want with you. Some kids crave the safety of another parent, and some don't want another parent, just a trusted adult they can bond with. Either way, know that they will love and respect what you did for them 💕

    • Crazy Cat Queen
      Crazy Cat Queen Il y a 22 jours +11

      "...[T]hey still seem to love her more."
      I think they love the IDEA of loving her because they are still kids and they don't know any better. Don't sell yourself short - you are also their mother and it's just a matter of time and maturity before they see it too. Stay classy, it's the best thing you can do for them, because you clearly love them.

  • Elzbieta Aka MissSweetEla
    Elzbieta Aka MissSweetEla Il y a 12 jours

    "You've been absent enough" and the face that follows that, made me chuckle so hard! Love you Charlotte!

  • Leah Ronayne
    Leah Ronayne Il y a 22 jours +15

    Would love to hear an update on the last story!
    An alternative would be for both of them to just ditch the wedding altogether, go out and document themselves doing all the rule breaking things and having a way more fun time than attending the lame wedding. If the bride/groom notice they're missing from the party they'll have someone try to contact them only to find evidence of them having a good time not in the presence of shitty friends/exes. If they're both prepared to cut ties with them... No time like the present to rip that band-aid off.

  • Axe Pagode
    Axe Pagode Il y a 22 jours +670

    Breaking the Rules at the Wedding Party Story: I see a good plan here. I see these two grinding on each other on the dance floor. Dancing like they are the only two people on the planet. That is always noticeable. I see them in matching outfits that fashionable but set them apart from everyone else. Always with a smile. Always laughing. This sounds like fun. Start a lie that they had sex in the bathroom.

    • Axe Pagode
      Axe Pagode Il y a 16 jours

      @Animeladylynx Nya Something colorful from West Africa or India.

    • tsuyu asui
      tsuyu asui Il y a 17 jours

      You forgot to mention the part where when the two exit, they had used makeup to make fake hickeys on their necks

    • Brompton Device 76
      Brompton Device 76 Il y a 21 jour +2

      @LiLa Laune What about black and purple? The "spectres at the feast" look.

    • This_user_name_is_taken
      This_user_name_is_taken Il y a 22 jours

      @zitronentee what about purple color???

    • Commander Shepard
      Commander Shepard Il y a 22 jours


  • Lottafandoms
    Lottafandoms Il y a 22 jours +1

    I just love how everyone is encouraging the two to be petty af and ruin the bridezilla's wedding, absolutely amazing lol

  • Anastasia Onasis
    Anastasia Onasis Il y a 15 jours +1

    When I was in my late teens I was setup on a blind date, and we wound up hitting it off immediately! We had a lot in common, especially our sense of humor. We dated for a few months and then decided we would be better off as friends. He stayed one of my closest friends for a long time. He would even drive 2 hrs just to see me! There were a few times through the years where we would kiss, usually after a night out and a little tipsy lol but that’s all that ever happened. Fast forward 5 yrs or so and he calls me all excited and says he got engaged and wanted me to sing at their wedding, which I of course said yes to. Although I was never actually able to make a living out of being a singer, it still was and is my greatest passion. Anyways, not even a week later and he calls me again. He said that his fiancée absolutely demanded him to tell me I was no longer allowed to sing at his wedding, or even come to it actually. He felt horrible, but I understood… kind of. We were never a serious relationship and as stated before had only kissed, but still after 7 or so years she was still threatened by me!! Never mind that I hadn’t even seen him in about 6 yrs since I moved to another state, and was married!! I wanted so badly to say that he deserved so much more, but I couldn’t. They wound up getting married and he was absolutely miserable. She made him cut off all contact with me, which wasn’t much since I had just had a baby and didn’t have a lot of time to catch up with friends. It’s been over 14 yrs and I haven’t talked to him at all. I do know from mutual friends that he is absolutely miserable, but because they have kids, he doesn’t want to break up their family. It’s a shame because he was a funny and super outgoing guy and now is withdrawn and seems to have given up, and I guess he doesn’t realize that him staying doesn’t help the kids at all. If he left I know he would be a lot happier and in turn so would his kids. It’s just a sad situation and I miss my friend.

  • Libby Orr
    Libby Orr Il y a 22 jours +2

    That last one makes me think of a romcom and I'd honestly watch it and definitely be rooting for them. I'm a hopeless romantic, can't help it.

  • angelofmusic1992
    angelofmusic1992 Il y a 22 jours +6

    Oh my God, this was hilarious! Idea for a future video: You've talked about disaster weddings and stuff quite a bit. How about disaster funerals? I've read a few reddit threads/watch a videos about them and they're funny in the most horrible way. XD

    • Lisa King
      Lisa King Il y a 10 jours +1

      @Haily Johnson Cops had to be called to the hospital when I had my second child. Mom and besties (at the time) got into a horrible fist fight. I have crazy stories from Mom's funeral as well.

    • Haily Johnson
      Haily Johnson Il y a 18 jours

      Oh boy would I have a story for that one 😂 you ever had cops called to a family funeral to break up a fight? Or is that just my messed up family lmao

  • Jonathan Shumpert
    Jonathan Shumpert Il y a 22 jours +166

    I consider myself a mature adult, so when I saw the question about bringing the ex to the wedding, my first thought was DO IT!, DO IT!, DO IT! Maybe I'm not as mature as I thought I was.

  • James Holt
    James Holt Il y a 22 jours

    You're so hilarious Charlotte. I always enjoy watching your videos and I took a break from my social media accounts. You are amazing and don't ever forget it.

  • SimplySnazzy
    SimplySnazzy Il y a 22 jours

    You deserve a million, Charlotte! I’ve been waiting for you to reach that milestone and it’s so amazing to see you getting so close to it. I can’t wait to be here for the 1 million celebration in the near future. You’ve earned it! ☺️💓

  • 3 French Hens
    3 French Hens Il y a 10 jours

    This is hilarious -- especially them daring to have a good time at the wedding. YNTA!

  • black widow stan who can’t whistle

    9:18 'til the end was the highlight of my day. absolutely love it.

  • Kaligar Prime
    Kaligar Prime Il y a 11 jours

    On the last one, I LOVE IT! This is throwing petty back at the bride after her demands and more. Yes yes yes. I love it.

  • Carina S
    Carina S Il y a 22 jours +1

    Last story: I feel like this falls under malicious compliance and I'm all here for this!

  • Asia Bright
    Asia Bright Il y a 22 jours +1

    You've been getting me through some SERRRRRRRRRRIOUS depression. Thank you, Charlotte. I'm gonna assume you said Your welcome bestie, because we're already best friends in my head ☺️

    • Aimee Wank
      Aimee Wank Il y a 18 jours +1

      @Asia Bright thank you for such a sweet reply! There’s so much hate in so many FRclip comments sections, and one of the reasons I love Miss Dobre’s channel is because it’s generally a positive place. I related so much to your comment and I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone, that random people all over the world can care about strangers, and positive beautiful intentions help us all. Thanks for the love, and sending it right back at you, sweet Asia. (Loving your name! And funnily enough, yes, that is my true first and last name.I love to meet non-American English speakers and hear all the dirty jokes about my last name, cracks me up!) As for Charlotte, sometimes we need her to laugh, or else we will cry. Life, right? You are in my thoughts. Feel better, shine Bright! 😘

    • Asia Bright
      Asia Bright Il y a 18 jours +1

      @Aimee Wank thank you so much, so much love, peace and prosperity to you! You are amazing, babygirl! 🤗❤️

    • Aimee Wank
      Aimee Wank Il y a 18 jours +1

      So true, this lovely lively lady helps me escape the hellish situation I am currently fighting through in my life and I hope she knows how many people feel better while watching her videos. Best of luck to you, and as I tell myself CONSTANTLY, things WILL get better for you ❤️‍🩹 much love, fellow Charlotte fan. 😘✌🏽

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    Lenka Klapalová Il y a 13 jours

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    The music while the person walks past the door twice made me literally cry laughing. 🤣
    Honestly though, I had issues with the couple who wanted to get married in the exes’ backyard and kick them out. Get over yourself 🙄 and the last one? I agreed with Reddit. 🤣 literally pretend like you’re dating…dance risqué for a bit. Then both disappear for quite sometime/go f*** in a closet 🤣 It’d definitely be the one of the most satisfying Petty revenge stories to me 🤣

    • LOTRJunkie
      LOTRJunkie Il y a 20 jours

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    • LOTRJunkie
      LOTRJunkie Il y a 20 jours

      @Kiara Morgan I’ve never watched X-files 😅 I just never really felt interested enough to watch it. 🥺 I knew the music was familiar, but I didn’t know what it was exactly.

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      The lost Viking Il y a 21 jour +1

      @Xsari I also think it was her dad. I would say her brother but that was definitely a dad bod I saw lol.

    • Xsari
      Xsari Il y a 21 jour

      Think it was her dad

    • FaerieStar
      FaerieStar Il y a 22 jours +3

      @Minerva's Owl Sounds about right, thanks😊

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    tgkinglinds Il y a 20 jours

    Absolutely love your wedding videos. Just curious, have you read the reddit story titled "Don't announce your engagement at someone else's wedding, or this might just happen to you...". it has an awesome piece of revenge.

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    Danetta Dykes Il y a 22 jours

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    Natalie Lalonde Il y a 18 jours

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  • Silver Aeterna
    Silver Aeterna Il y a 22 jours +1

    here is a petty option to first story that just hit me: The OP could have still let them use the yard (but only under the condition that the OP and wife not leave), but the whole time during the wedding, he could have been outside in his house clothes lounging in his yard chair drinking beers and grilling some awesome food on the grill....and for extra petty, maybe even jamming on some classic rock or death metal (for extra extra petty) lol

  • ErIka Russell
    ErIka Russell Il y a 22 jours +611

    Also; I just want to put out there, I raised my daughter completely alone. No one helped me. Her dad was a bum, and still is. I worked 2 jobs and flipped cars to put her through private school... and I was STILL active and present in her life. And never bad mouthed her father. We played, had dates, talked about everything from school, to friends and drama, to boys, and future plans. I sacrificed everything of my own life to ensure she at least had the bare minimum while still making dinner at night and cleaning and spending time with her. Work is never an excuse. I often would only get 2-3 hours of sleep just to make sure she got some mom and daughter time. Don't be a douche canoe. Now I have an amazing future husband who is an Amazing step dad to her. Don't give excuses, give results. You made a grown decision, and when you make adult decisions, you get adult consequences. Grow up.

    • ErIka Russell
      ErIka Russell Il y a 21 jour +3

      @Skylynn Russell I love you so damn much baby girl. I just love watching you grow into such an amazing, strong, wonderful, woman. You're just BLOSSOMING and you shine so bright!!!

    • Skylynn Russell
      Skylynn Russell Il y a 21 jour +3

      Thank you mom for all you have sacrificed for me I know I would be nowhere with out you I love you. And I love having coffee with you every morning

    • ErIka Russell
      ErIka Russell Il y a 21 jour +2

      @Natasha The Illustrator lmao that's what she tells all of her friends too... we really do have an amazing relationship, and I pray that never ever changes.

    • Natasha The Illustrator
      Natasha The Illustrator Il y a 21 jour +3

      You and your daughter are real live Gilmore Girls

    • Natty Cat
      Natty Cat Il y a 21 jour +4

      @Lisa Spikes My kids bio dad tells them all the time that he wants to see them more (he has them every other weekend which is the typical custody agreement) and he can’t wait for them to be out of school so he can. We’ve been sharing custody for two years now. Guess how much he “saw them more” last summer? Three times. Outside of his every other weekend schedule, he moved himself to pick them up three times. 🙄
      And now he has a girlfriend so we’ll see if he even manages three this summer. Some people just need to be honest and say they can’t be bothered.

  • Christian Martel
    Christian Martel Il y a 22 jours

    I’ve got my problems and challenges in life, but Charlotte brings me daily examples that I’m just fine. Thank you 🤣

  • Dare BC
    Dare BC Il y a 21 jour

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    DeeAnna Smitherman Il y a 22 jours

    Oooooo I love the spooky vibe! Nice! I hope you reach a million soon! Thanks for giving us all a bright spot in our day and MAKING US LAUGH! 😊

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    Haliel2012 Il y a 22 jours

    This was a good one. I especially loved the last story and the spooky shadow passing by in the background of your vid

  • Britni Cox
    Britni Cox Il y a 22 jours +220

    The last one is a no brainer to me. She’s marrying OP’s ex, removed her from the party for petty reasons, restricted her all the way to WHO SHE COULD TALK TO, is talking shit and making fun of her behind her back with the bridesmaids! Going with the ex bf to enjoy it normally like everyone else is honestly the least of what this ah bride deserves

    • giggle_snort
      giggle_snort Il y a 20 jours +7

      Right? At that point, I wouldn't even care if it made me an asshole, I would wholeheartedly accept that title and wear it like a fucking crown. Or a veil. Just to piss them off. Seriously, I hope OP does go with the ex, I hope they end up either falling genuinely in love or just being good friends, and I hope Bridezilla and King Kong have a horrible night and get divorced after six months.

  • itsema91
    itsema91 Il y a 22 jours +1

    Come oooooon the last one is a romcom waiting to happen!!!! I NEED them to go to this wedding together pleeeease. Also, since they are both exes of the couple getting married chances are they might be fairly compatible themselves. I have often found myself getting along with ex's new partners because they have similar hobbies/values as me (after civilised breakups only of course). Sooooooo yeah get in that closet and get busy guys :D

  • MotherWoodstock
    MotherWoodstock Il y a 19 jours

    I'm so glad reddit dubbed the bio-dad the A-hole. My parents divorced when I was six and my dad and stepdad get along splendidly now, I love them both dearly. If my dad ever expressed that much contentment against my stepdad's and my relationship, I'm not sure how I'd react to be honest.

  • Nessava
    Nessava Il y a 22 jours

    Glad i can watch your vids to cheer me up, came home from work physically ill because im stressed out that we haven’t been paid yet.

  • Annie Goodridge
    Annie Goodridge Il y a 22 jours

    The dad mentioning the step dad’s age without it being relevant to the story at all told me everything I needed to know.

  • crIms0ngen
    crIms0ngen Il y a 22 jours +244

    My dad whined about me not having a wedding where he could walk me down the aisle. Except my dad abandoned me and cancelled any time planned with him to spend more time with his latest fling. He was also a workaholic so.... yeah. I never got a step dad to come in and be a good replacement for him, my mom liked to shout at her kids and blame us for our dad leaving, so my whole perception of what a parent is is really messed up. She still thinks she was this amazing mother (she wasn't).
    Also, I'm divorced now, myself, so there's that. My picker got screw up with the first one, I'm sure family history didn't help. I've since met someone amazing who is already an amazing father to my kids but I'm still scared of marriage after the trauma of the first one so we're taking our time.
    That bio dad is 100% the a-hole.

    • Hilary M
      Hilary M Il y a 10 jours +1

      I'm rooting for you! Wishing you continuous love and happiness.

    • pbrstreetgng79
      pbrstreetgng79 Il y a 17 jours +1

      You sound like a real winner yourself. Must be a great judge of character. Divorcees are usually great at picking them.

    • Olde Skool Nana
      Olde Skool Nana Il y a 19 jours +4

      Nothing wrong with taking it slow. Hope all works out for you.✌🌻🌻

    • CC_SniperGirl
      CC_SniperGirl Il y a 20 jours +7

      If you can afford it, therapy might be a good idea. It can help you slowly work through those things. Regardless if he's the right one or not, I promise you'll both be a lot happier if you do that first, and you'll be more confident in your choice

    • Rakesh Singh
      Rakesh Singh Il y a 21 jour +16

      Bestie, I really hope you can heal form all the past trauma and give life another chance. I'll pray for your happiness

  • Karen Spelman
    Karen Spelman Il y a 22 jours

    The dad/stepdad story:
    My father divorced my mom to fight in Nam . He never had an issue with her new husband raising us or us calling him dad. Apparently, we called both dad. We also called dad's exwife mom because of their shared kids. Our combined family was totally ok with the arrangement. Dad became dad after father signed over paternity rights

  • Eidolon_the_Dutchie
    Eidolon_the_Dutchie Il y a 22 jours

    Ok i just have to say. Your editor. Whoever edits your videos. I love them. XD I literally just can't even with some of your videos. They are made like that much more entertaining and hilarious than they already are. I sometimes have to rewind to rewatch some things and its hilarious. I love it.

  • LA
    LA Il y a 22 jours

    I full on snorted with laughter when that person walked past your door 😂😂😂

  • pag
    pag Il y a 21 jour +1

    Bio-dad can go shove it!
    My oldest's kid's dad missed the 1st 10 years of their lives because he was "too busy" with school and work (mind you while I got 2 degrees, worked 3 jobs at a time until we achieved the life I felt was best for my kids where only one income would keep us comfortable). He saw them twice maybe three times a year but ONLY when accompanied by his mother. He finally moved close enough to try and be in their life AND STILL DIDN'T.
    Blood doesn't mean a damn thing if you aren't there giving it meaning. He feels entitled to my now teenager's love and time but they hate him (for a number of reasons but includes how he and his family are anti lgbtq while said kid has come out as non binary).
    This OP's gracious daughter actually obeyed his overbearing demands but simply wanted both father figures to walk her down the isle and he's mad about it?! He needs to go shake that step father's hand as well as the mothers hand and thank them for raising such a kind and considerate daughter!

  • Lorelei Ford
    Lorelei Ford Il y a 22 jours +131

    My dad and stepdad both walked me down the aisle. I’ve been so lucky to have a stepdad who truly loves me like I’m his biological child and thankfully my biological dad didn’t get his panties in a twist over it. It made my wedding day that much more special to have both of my dads be there for me. I think the dad in the video needs to grow up and FINALLY be there for his daughter.

    • giggle_snort
      giggle_snort Il y a 20 jours +1

      Agreed, if he wanted to be the only person walking her down the aisle, then maybe he shouldn't have missed her entire childhood? Like wtf? Be there for your kids, and if you can't, then BUTT OUT.

    • Kenneth Smith
      Kenneth Smith Il y a 22 jours +2

      @Brittany Gunnells As a father I would have a problem with that if my daughter asked. I probably wouldn’t let her know, but I would definitely feel a way about it.

    • Brittany Gunnells
      Brittany Gunnells Il y a 22 jours +4

      @CoolKem C I have to disagree. My dad didn’t bat an eye when I said I was going to have both of them walk me and both do the daddy daughter dance. But all of my parents are friends and they bonded over parenting. And they all still come over and chill together. My mom and stepdad (I still call him dad), were even at my dad and stepmom’s wedding. My dad has been in my life since I was 3, and my bio-dad has always been so grateful that My dad has taken such good care of me.
      Both of them have always known they’d both walk me down the isle. (Also, it was a good thing because my shoes hurt so bad I couldn’t walk so they were both basically my crutches lmao!!!)
      I know that our family dynamic was probably 1 in a million. (And believe me, my mom and dad’s relationship was really really bad the first 3 years of my life and I had a really bad 2nd year of life due to one of my moms exs. But just seeing that it’s possible for separated parents to coparent healthily first hand, I know it’s possible.)

    • Brittany Gunnells
      Brittany Gunnells Il y a 22 jours +3

      Same for me!!! Go pretty healthy co parenting situations!!! All of my parents are friends. And my dad has never had issues with me calling my other dad “dad”. I’ve never called my brothers half brothers either. I’ve only ever considered my family, my family. I got to have both dads walk me down the isle and both shared the daddy daughter dance. It couldn’t have happened better.
      I’ll never understand parents that are so selfish that they can’t put their “big kid undies” on for their children. Like get over yourself and for the mental health of your kids, work it out the best you can. You don’t have to be best friends, but you don’t need to be toxic and nasty to each other. Just be cordial.

    • CoolKem C
      CoolKem C Il y a 22 jours +4

      Most Dads would be very hurt over this though but would give in because they love their daughter. I honestly don’t understand why not just have your Dad walk you it’s supposed to be an honour for him. Step dad can still be part of the ceremony in some way. There’s no Dad who would say they were 100% ok with it.

  • Cameron S
    Cameron S Il y a 20 jours

    My family is the same setup as the brides from the second story and I've felt like I might want exactly that on my wedding day. It should ultimately be my choice, and having them both there would mean they both get to be part of that moment. Otherwise I would rather just do the walk solo.

  • leeswhimsy
    leeswhimsy Il y a 22 jours +2

    The one about the stepdad and dad walking the daughter down the aisle - I mean, you can be jealous, but you need to face the FACT that you not seeing your daughter as she grew up was a CHOICE. That YOU made. (according to the info we've been given.) You don't get to claim exclusive rights to her now, when before you weren't that concerned about it. Granted you were working 50 hrs/week. In my view, 10 extra hours isn't that much, and you could've made time if you wanted to. Just suck it up and contain your damn jealousy for a few hours....and walk down the aisle with the man you should be grateful to for taking an interest in making sure your daughter grew up to be a fine person (whether that was because you couldn't or wouldn't or weren't allowed to). The Last one --- Heck yes, go to the wedding and break the rules...but not as the ex's date - remember, this is family for him, and that's messier than this girl's situation would be. You can be together at the ceremony, reception, etc., break the rules together, but don't be dates.

  • Georgia Sam
    Georgia Sam Il y a 22 jours

    OMG! Thank you for the video it made me so happy I teared up. I love you and keep up the great work!

  • Zodikal
    Zodikal Il y a 22 jours

    I love your hair Charlotte! It looks so glossy, I'm jealous 🥰 thanks for your videos, I enjoy them very much!

  • Elisha Paolini
    Elisha Paolini Il y a 22 jours +319

    That sorry excuse for a sperm donor sounds like he's willing to throw his already tenuous relationship with his daughter away over nothing

    • Kenneth Smith
      Kenneth Smith Il y a 21 jour +2

      @Julchen Sweet How is the dad always the bad guy? At 7 the future of his relationship with his daughter is almost entirely in the hands of the women that promised to spend the rest of her life with him and obviously lied. He has to worry about parental alienation, her or his relocating, time along with interpersonal relationships changing her behavior and view of people including her father. Divorce is brutal for the child, but the partner that doesn’t have a clue it’s coming and didn’t want to break up the family doesn’t find divorce a pleasant experience either. In fact it’s terrifying, because so many strangers have a say in the future of what was once a nuclear family.

    • Julchen Sweet
      Julchen Sweet Il y a 22 jours +2

      @Kenneth Smith
      But why would he make his six year old child promise not to „betray“ him? To make her promise from the get go to not call her step dad „dad“? It sounds why to fishy to me.
      Someone who is actually having his child’s best interest in mind would not even think such words, let alone say something so damaging to his child.
      A real caring father would have said “I’ll call and visit you lots” “l love you so much” “tell me if your stepdad is mean to you” “I’ll always be there for you if you need me”
      But it seems he only cares about himself.

    • Kenneth Smith
      Kenneth Smith Il y a 22 jours +3

      @Jeff Fiore What type of punk stuff are you on. The mom divorced him, got the house and kept his child by using the power of the courts and married a bum who lays around the house all day, claiming to be a stay at home dad. While the biological father tried to see his daughter as much as possible while working 50+ hours a week, paying child support, alimony and maintaining a separate home that his daughter could come to and be safe at during his visitations or any other time she felt like coming. SEE MY STORY WORKS JUST AS WELL, WITH THE AMOUNT OF INFORMATION WE ACTUALLY HAVE CONCERNING THE RELATIONSHIPS OF THE PEOPLE INVOLVED!!!! As a man or woman try having a little compassion for people. Life is rarely black and white.

    • Victoria Ferguson
      Victoria Ferguson Il y a 22 jours +4

      @Cathi Palmer yeah, the "betray" comment had me actually cringing....a child cant "betray" anyone, especially when they dont understand the situation and just grew closer to the person who helped raised her!! its so messed up, my god

  • EDuGoIHuvvet
    EDuGoIHuvvet Il y a 21 jour

    I nearly freaking shat myself when that person ran past the door!!! 😱😱😂
    My heart literally skipped a beat 🙈
    Obviously she knew who it was and that they were there, but it still freaked me out 🤣

  • onelovegirly
    onelovegirly Il y a 22 jours

    "you've been absent enough" freaking sent me flying out the window 🤣🤣🤣

    • onelovegirly
      onelovegirly Il y a 22 jours

      Also, love the UFO sound that was edited in 🤣🤣🤣 your editor(s) is perfect!

  • Marie De Lange
    Marie De Lange Il y a 22 jours

    The one with the petty rules at the wedding. I want them to go through with the whole thing 🤣🤣🤣

  • Honey bomb
    Honey bomb Il y a 14 jours

    I always feel so energized after seeing your video ❤️

  • Deranged King
    Deranged King Il y a 21 jour

    Love the x-files theme when the person rushed past the door 🤣 somehow was the best part of the video, it had me cracking up I needed to replay it 😂

  • Jen Cernuto
    Jen Cernuto Il y a 22 jours

    I just ordered my petty sweat suit. I can't wait to wear it to work 😂

  • Emma Deinum
    Emma Deinum Il y a 22 jours


  • Downhomesunset
    Downhomesunset Il y a 22 jours +1

    What would scare me about leaving a house for a weekend is the fact that a lot of people probably know about the reason that they aren’t invited. And alcohol. Pettiness will ensue; causing lots of damage!

    • A.C.E's Park Junhee wrecked me hard
      A.C.E's Park Junhee wrecked me hard Il y a 22 jours

      If he really would leave his house for the weekend I could imagine these scenarios. Basicly imagine the fresh married couple may wants to take revenge on him for whatever reason and could
      1) Search for something spicy in his private rooms and than "accidantly" reveal it to the public so people talk bad about him or
      2) Steal something from his house that has a lot value to him or
      3) Break something or make the entire house look destroyed or
      4) Maybe force other people they know to steal and break stuff or
      5) To make him feel uncomfortable have sex on his bed and tell him about it or
      6) Just tell him how bad of a taste he has with how his home looked like

  • Amanda Cox
    Amanda Cox Il y a 22 jours +381

    I would dearly love a follow-up on that last one!! Maybe they could get someone to secretly video their rule breaking and someone else video the brides reactions!! Think of the possibilities!!😂

    • Angel Shomita RGG
      Angel Shomita RGG Il y a 22 jours +1

      I need this in my life

    • MammaM1217
      MammaM1217 Il y a 22 jours +1

      Yes OMG yes!!!!!

    • Jutland Angel
      Jutland Angel Il y a 22 jours +6

      It was 2 years ago and sadly the was suspended (no idea why) so don't think we'll ever get an update.

    • Jessica Holland
      Jessica Holland Il y a 22 jours +2

      Plz how do we get one

    • Sweet Oleander
      Sweet Oleander Il y a 22 jours +3

      Yes, a follow up is a must!

  • timothy allen
    timothy allen Il y a 8 jours

    Wow, you are funny. I really like watching your reactions. Thank you for the laughter and I can't understand why you are not married yet. Hell if I were single, and way way.....way younger. I wouldn't mind meeting you. Of course I would have to be better looking also. Hahaha. Keep up the good work.

  • Cova Brouwer
    Cova Brouwer Il y a 21 jour

    I just got married this past Saturday, it was great but the reception was a bit of a shit show. I would love for a story from it be in one of Charlotte’s video 🤣

  • Nokwams
    Nokwams Il y a 22 jours +1

    When the Duchess of Petty says you're being too petty, you've screwed up.

  • Deanna Gapay
    Deanna Gapay Il y a 22 jours

    At my wedding my dad and step dad walked me down and we split the father daughter dance. Both played a huge role in my life and blood relation is not truly what makes you a father, what you do during the child's life does. If both played the role both deserve it. To me, it felt wrong not having both be a part of it because if I didn't walk with both, I would have felt like I left my dad out in some way because both are my dad. That one bothered me because neither father ever made me feel like I had to choose, I hate when parents do that. Out of respect for them I always call who I'm with dad and the other by their name if talking about them (they will never be in the same place except the rare occasion like at the wedding, so both aren't ever in the same place at once) but that is my choice, not something either made me feel I had to do.

  • adrenalineboyzryan
    adrenalineboyzryan Il y a 22 jours +206

    As far as the last story, once you get with a friend's EX, you just threw out the friend code so all bets are off at that point. The ex bridesmaid and the ex boyfriend should go together, have a blast, piss the bride off as much as possible, then never talk to them again. The bride sounds like a psycho control freak, not to mention being a shitty friend for getting with her friends ex in the first place. Some rules you just don't break if you want to stay friends with someone. ALL of my friends girlfriends become like a sister to me the second they start dating, and I would never try to get with their girlfriends even if they break up. The bride was a shitty friend from the start.

    • Elizebeth S.
      Elizebeth S. Il y a 19 jours

      Touchê. A'aight fair enough. (Also, no need to apologize to an elder. I'm only in my mid 20s, but had the luxury of knowing "true love" before 18 and losing it to the reaper. I just feel that I have no right to stand in between other people's true love after knowing what it feels like to be refused it myself. Death does it enough, no one needs other humans doing it too.)

    • adrenalineboyzryan
      adrenalineboyzryan Il y a 19 jours

      @Elizebeth S. Well, I never said "Everything must be MINE!" either, but you put those words in my mouth. I simply stated there are plenty of people in the world, so (out of respect) you shouldn't have to date a friend's ex anyways. I just personally wouldn't do that to my friends. You also throw the childish word around a lot. I apologize mam for offending you, I also respect my elders.

    • Elizebeth S.
      Elizebeth S. Il y a 20 jours

      Did it really seem like I said that was the "HAVE 'TO'" option? I don't need to defend myself against you. I just have a different opinion, and you're proving to be even more childish by assuming so much.

    • adrenalineboyzryan
      adrenalineboyzryan Il y a 20 jours

      @Elizebeth S. So out of the billions of people in the world, you just HAVE to go after a friends ex? I guess I care about my friends more than you care about yours. I personally wouldn't get rid of a friend if they dated an ex of mine (none of my friends ever did that by the way), but I wouldn't date an ex of theirs. Guess, I just have respect for friends.

    • Elizebeth S.
      Elizebeth S. Il y a 21 jour

      @Truth Seeker
      I'm sorry for yours too, but I think those kinds of experiences build our strength if we let ourselves fight for the good. It's amazing that you found someone like that! And an LGBTQ+ supporting... Catholic...? What? I'm an escapee of a religious cult similar to those people. (UPCI) They DON'T believe like that. They go by the Bible so devoutly that all the words are considered worth more than the stars themselves. "Man shall not lie with man," is one very important verse. Are you sure this person is actually Catholic? It's not exactly a religion that allows beliefs that conflict with their own.

  • The Seaside Planner
    The Seaside Planner Il y a 22 jours

    bridezilla and groomkong - I´ll never get tired of Charlotte reacting to these. Sometimes I wish that they would post updates on reddit on whether they did go through with it or not, would love to hear about the last one

  • Elissa Solignac
    Elissa Solignac Il y a 13 jours

    my parents separated when i was 13 and my father didnt make the effort to see us. my mother will be the one walking me down the isle when that moment comes. she was the one who raised me and took three jobs at some point, not my father. the second story makes me so upset, that entitled “father” needs some humbling.

  • Donna Goldsmith
    Donna Goldsmith Il y a 22 jours

    I just love you and your channel Charlotte, although I must say some of AITA posts got me seriously mad! I had to have a quiet word with myself and say "this doesn't affect you, this is not happening in your life!" I especially liked the battle of the exes wedding, they should definitely go together. Wouldn't it be great if they fell in love,got married and had kids, got a dog, a house and a white picket fence, while King Kong and Bridezilla get divorced within a year! They should invite them to the wedding and thank them in a speech for bringing them together. Oh the pettiness, mmmwahahaha!

  • sizzorchik
    sizzorchik Il y a 18 jours

    When my parents decided to get married back in 1971, my grandmother on my mother's side refused to attend the wedding because my father's side did not come from money. She told my parents that my father would amount to nothing and that she would not be supporting the marriage. 50 years later they are still married, have my sister and myself, have worked hard to be very successful, owning properties and land, my dad being in construction and my mother being a nurse.
    That's petty with a capitol P!

  • Grace Stock
    Grace Stock Il y a 20 jours +1

    "Stay Petty Baby" this should be on your merch 😂

  • Kylee Conrad
    Kylee Conrad Il y a 22 jours

    As a step mom, the second story makes me feel so sad because, although I am not his mother, I still feel like one . His dad and I got together when he was very young. We only had him for 6 weeks of the summers and only sometimes during xmases due to his mother taking him thousands of miles away to Alaska (illegally). It was just me and him for a whole summer while his mom was out of state (before AK) and his dad was working a day job. We bonded a lot and now he's 24 and even tho it's not the same with sons vs daughters walking the aisle; I would be crushed if his mom did something like the OP.

  • London Lady
    London Lady Il y a 22 jours +1

    Oh dear God, for ‘you must never betray me, tiny child I’m supposed to love & nurture’ alone that ‘father’ is an embarrassment. He’s lucky she’s asking him to walk her down the aisle with her stepdad at all. Eejit 🙄

  • Beverly-Jane Perry
    Beverly-Jane Perry Il y a 22 jours +22

    Unpopular opinion: I don’t think the last OP and the bride’s ex are being petty. They are both invited guests, and choose to go together. What they do once they get there s/b judged just as any other guest’s behavior would be. So eat, drink and be merry! It’s better than petty because the bride will only look like an idiot if she says anything 🤓

    • Maggie S
      Maggie S Il y a 18 jours +1

      Literally came to the comments to say this haha. It’s not like they’re inviting some outside ex to come just to rub it in. They’re being environmentally friendly by carpooling.

  • Catherine Bisi
    Catherine Bisi Il y a 22 jours +176

    So in the dad/stepdad situation, the dad is upset that he hasn’t been in her life, so his solution is to abandon her when she is asking him to be a part of her life? That’ll help.🙄

    • Kenneth Smith
      Kenneth Smith Il y a 10 jours

      @Ana Dubar I never said men were always the victim. Your naming a few outlying cases doesn’t work, when there’s actual statistics proving the scenario I stated was more likely than your outcomes you described.
      Also I’m not bitter. I had shared 50/50 custody and a good relationship with my ex. I even had primary custody of my daughter for all of her middle/high school years.
      I’m just bringing up that assuming that he was a trash father and didn’t care about his daughter is BS. Life is difficult and sometimes it’s messy. Just like his ex-wife quickly replacing him with a SAHF.🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Ana Dubar
      Ana Dubar Il y a 10 jours +1

      ​@Kenneth Smith I know a lot of couples who share 50/50, that means one week at his place, one week at her place. I even know of a case, where the 4 children stayed in the house, and mom and dad lived in the apartments of their respective new partners. They took turn to live in the house with the children, Mon - Wednesday it was Mum, Thursday - Sunday the Dad, or vice versa. As the children were little, they didn't even realize until a few years later that their parents were divorced.
      But these cases rarely make it into the news, what you hear about are the bitter custody fights. But in fact the rose wars are not the majority, as a friend of mine, who is a divorce lawyer, confirms.
      But none of that will change your distorted view of the world, because you take delight in seeing men as the victims and unfairly treated, and women being the darlings of the courts.
      Whereby you conveniently leave out all the cases, where the woman and the children are the victims, because Dad just decides to disappear from his children's lives, because his career is more important. And for years, mommy writes christimas cards on his behalf and sends birthday presents in his name, because she wants to spare her children the heartbreak. But you never hear about them, because Mommy keeps silent to guard that secret from her children. Whereas the narcissistic fathers scream high and loud in social media, interviews, comment sections, etc.
      Or the many many cases where the courts grant custody or visitation rights to a sexual predator, because these types know how to lie and manipulate. A doctor once explained to me what the term "Monday wave" means: it is the children who were forced by court to spend the weekend with their abusive father and who flood the emergency units on Monday mornings, when the mother or teacher sees the bruises, cigarette burns, and injured genitalia, or when the children tell stories.
      Just to give you some input and the possibility to readjust your attitude of "men are always the victims".

    • Daisy A
      Daisy A Il y a 13 jours +2

      He cares only for his own needs, not his daughter’s. I find myself glad that this man was not her only father.

    • WiseWordsbyWiki
      WiseWordsbyWiki Il y a 17 jours +3

      @Kenneth Smith as someone who has been around divorced men and women: no. Most are not. Most men who have less custody, agreed to less custody in mediation. There are even studies proving this.

    • Kenneth Smith
      Kenneth Smith Il y a 17 jours

      @WiseWordsbyWiki You just described it. Except it’s not every other week, just every every other weekend.🤷🏾‍♂️ As father’s it’s hoping for the best, but it rarely happens. Most divorced fathers are ripped out of their childrens lives by force.

  • msdeviantdizzy
    msdeviantdizzy Il y a 22 jours

    I find I can't help myself saying "Hey Charlotte!" when she says "Hey everybody!" at the beginning of every vid.

  • Picola Johnson
    Picola Johnson Il y a 22 jours

    God I hope this come with a after wedding update!!

  • giggle_snort
    giggle_snort Il y a 20 jours

    If you do a livestream, I hope you also upload it afterwards. Most of my favorite creators on YT and TikTok do livestreams right in the middle of my work day, which isn't really their problem, but I'm always bummed that I have to miss out. Some do upload recordings of their livestreams after the fact, and I'm always SO excited to experience it, even if the livestream is already over.

  • Karin Mossberg
    Karin Mossberg Il y a 17 jours

    I just about shit myself when that shadow ran past the door 😂 Proof Charlotte chills with ghosts in her free time 👻

  • Lexi Venteicher
    Lexi Venteicher Il y a 22 jours +209

    Omg- I would totally go with the bride’s ex and break all the rules in the last one! I mean, the bride(zilla)-to-be is literally marrying OP’s ex anyway, so sounds like sweet petty karma to me! 😂
    Ngl- I’ve thought about doing something similar irl. My ex husband cheated on me with a woman I considered to be a very good friend (who also happens to be the mother of our kids’ best friends). I divorced him, she was already in the process of divorcing her husband and now my ex-husband and The Side Piece are engaged. Interestingly enough, TSP’s ex-husband and I are also good friends (maybe even more so after all this shit went down) and may or may not have thrown around the idea of wedding crashing in a big way! 😈

    • MamaMOB
      MamaMOB Il y a 22 jours +3

      To be fair this is the way it should be. If your husband‘s gonna cheat on you you want him to marry her. My grandfather cheated on my grandmother and married the woman he was cheating on the woman he was cheating on my grandmother with. That caused my father not to speak to him until I was 16 years old. You got the best outcome in a shitty situation.

    • Heidi Wilde
      Heidi Wilde Il y a 22 jours +4

      @Kitty Silverlake I think it all depends on how they got together, which we didn't get the context of in the OP's redit. It could be no big deal, or it could be a big pile of 💩deal. I think Lexi finding parallels between the redit story and hers is completely understandable and not a stretch at all. The way the redit person talked, it didn't sound like it was an innocent getting together of her friend and her ex. We'll never know though, but super easy to fill in that blank if it's what just happened in your own life.

    • Jessica Lopez
      Jessica Lopez Il y a 22 jours +5

      @Zel Bel I love this plan, especially the last part. Sounds so very good! You should do that!

    • meisjeViv
      meisjeViv Il y a 22 jours +13

      Muhahaha oh yes

  • Carina S
    Carina S Il y a 22 jours

    A thank you to Timothy for editing in that X-File theme 🤣

  • Toga
    Toga Il y a 22 jours

    Thank you, some of us divorcees have a hard time finding stepfathers, especially one that the dad won’t run off.

  • GF
    GF Il y a 22 jours

    Your videos bring such joy to my life! Cheers!

  • Vilena5
    Vilena5 Il y a 22 jours

    Thank you for the fun; love the purple vibe.

  • Melanie Kouts
    Melanie Kouts Il y a 12 jours

    My son was with a girl for three years. One of his best friends married her. My son went to the wedding and sat in the back. He was invited. His pastor told him that he was a real man. That was few years ago and now we sit together at church every Sunday. His mother is there too. So he didn't need to be petty.