Destination Weddings GONE WRONG - REACTION

  • Ajoutée 11 mai 2022
  • Destination Weddings GONE WRONG - REACTION
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    Hey ya'll! Today on my channel we are reacting to some destination weddings that went horribly wrong. Everyone thinks that a beach wedding is a great idea, until you factor in tropical weather and a host of other things that can go wrong. Watch this video before planning your destination wedding.
    Hi, I'm Charlotte Dobre. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
    Edited by Timothy Dunsmore
    Produced by: Vanessa Peprah-Addo
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    Take It All Off (Feat. Charlotte Dobre, Sam Klass) - Defunk
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  • Mildred
    Mildred Il y a 12 jours +140

    "No one eats the cake anyway" GIRL, speak for yourself 😂

    • Roger Ramjet
      Roger Ramjet Il y a 3 jours

      @British Invasion Lover 🤣🤣🤣👍

    • Roger Ramjet
      Roger Ramjet Il y a 3 jours

      As a diabetic that needs sugar, *Pavlova is my kryptonite*

    • E.K Liadon
      E.K Liadon Il y a 4 jours +1

      I was triggered when she said that shit 🤣

    • Amelie Doucet
      Amelie Doucet Il y a 6 jours +1

      I'm always the one taking the leftovers of cake home with me 😂

    • Alaina Brandenburger
      Alaina Brandenburger Il y a 7 jours +1

      I love wedding cake.

  • Desy Sumardji
    Desy Sumardji Il y a 12 jours +349

    This is my friend's story about his sister's wedding.
    Destination wedding: Bali. They (he and his parents) flew from Jakarta to Bali. His sister was already there (staying with her groom's family 1 month before).
    When they arrived that evening, they took their luggages and go to the hotel. No problem so far.
    When they prepare to go to dinner party before the wedding, he heard his mother screaming. He rushed to his parents' room and found her mother pointing her suitcase.
    "That's not my dress! " His mother screamed.
    Turns out, they took a different suitcase. Same color, same brand, same size. And there's no ID tag or anything.
    His mother expected her dress (red dress, red slayer) on top of other dresses but found a single white puffy dress.
    It's a wedding dress!
    Somewhere out there a bride alost her wedding dress!
    So, they call the airport to notify this. Luckily, just before they called, a frantic woman came to the airport to find her wedding dress.
    So they (my friend's family, the airport, the woman) talked. My friend can't go back to airport (urgent dinner party with in laws). Turns out, the woman stayed at the same hotel but different floor! And her wedding was at the same place as my friend's sister but earlier hours! That night they successfully exchange the suitcase. And they have a story to tell the in laws.
    The next day, they met the bride and groom on the way out of the wedding place. They took pictures and all (he show it to me)
    Happy ending.

    • Anne Pierce
      Anne Pierce Il y a 10 jours +1

      Whew! That was a close one!

    • Revina Que
      Revina Que Il y a 12 jours +8

      Oh wow. This is why my parents and grandparents have always tied colorful ribbons on every handle of their luggage. It doesn't look great, but it's the easiest way to avoid luggage mix-ups

    • Carina S
      Carina S Il y a 12 jours +15

      And this is way you either need to buy luggage in obnoxious colours/designs or get colourful bands to fix around and/or stickers on it (stickers can fall off).

    • Laura Klotz
      Laura Klotz Il y a 12 jours +6

      What a fantastic story 😂

    • meisjeViv
      meisjeViv Il y a 12 jours +25

      Whaaaat that reads like a movie script! Great ending :D but omg they must have been so stressed, especially that bride, when they found out they had the wrong suitcase!

  • Joetta Bragg
    Joetta Bragg Il y a 12 jours +59

    I live in OH. I had to go to CA for business. On the way home, we had to change planes in TX. We landed among a large backlog of planes right after a tornado. My luggage disappeared for about 3 weeks and came back with 9 different airport tags, one in S. America and another in Mexico. My luggage had more fun than I did on that trip.

    • swimrock
      swimrock Il y a 9 jours +2

      Hahs that's funny. I love your comment

    • Joetta Bragg
      Joetta Bragg Il y a 12 jours +6

      @Molly F Chappell but my luggage really had a good time and I was okay with it heading out for that free vacation since I was on my way home. 😁

    • Molly F Chappell
      Molly F Chappell Il y a 12 jours +4

      And that's why I'm doing carry on only for some upcoming flights that have plane changes

  • Alexandra V
    Alexandra V Il y a 12 jours +305

    As someone who had her luggage get lost in Mexico: the Puerto Vallarta international airport is VERY helpful and made my lugage magically reappear about 36h later, fully intact, at my resort. They were so nice that I, as a 20 yo woman traveling alone prone to major anxiety, never even had a whiff of worry that my stuff would get lost. So... I'm really glad I didn't fly to Cancun you guys. That'd have been a nightmare.

    • Thomas Joseph
      Thomas Joseph Il y a 10 jours +1

      @Abigail Katerberg Colibaba LOL the luggage must be on a world-wide tour. Lucky luggage lol. I flew to Iceland once and my luggage ended up in Brazil lol.

    • April Manttari-See
      April Manttari-See Il y a 12 jours +11

      I took my daughters on a cruise from Piraeus to Barcelona (we live in the western US). We switched planes in Vienna and when we got to Athens aiport (after midnight), my older daughter's checked luggage was not there. They were NOT helpful at all, and instead of going to a hostel/hotel, we had to sleep on the airport floor.
      The last place it was traced to was Vienna. It had all her clothes, medicated soap & shampoos. Needless to say, she had a bad breakout & bad hair days for our 2 week, "once in a lifetime" trip. She also had to spend "fun" money on basic needs. She NEVER got her luggage back. She was reimbursed a bit by the airline, but she wears vintage clothing, so she couldn't get any of it again.

    • Abigail Katerberg Colibaba
      Abigail Katerberg Colibaba Il y a 12 jours +10

      My 14 year old sister flew alone a day after my dad's family went to Mexico to catch up with them. From Vancouver to Puerto Vallarta I think. Her luggage never made it. She had to go through the trip with what was in her carry on and stuff they picked up from Walmart. It's been almost 2 months now and it still hasn't shown up. At least the airport is reimbursing her. And me cause it was my suitcase she borrowed

    • andrewthezeppo
      andrewthezeppo Il y a 12 jours +14

      I was coming home from London and it took a full week for them to bring me my bags. I was a college student coming back from studying abroad I didn't have anything to wear for a week!

  • DC Adrian T
    DC Adrian T Il y a 12 jours +379

    Feel bad for the people who's weddings were ruined by covid and weather. And side note any guy you deside to marry would be a hell of a lucky guy. Don't put yourself down. You are a catch Charlotte

    • Chio Yiti
      Chio Yiti Il y a 2 jours

      @Jovieta Charlotte is still a person like everybody else. She doesn't make these jokes to come off as relatable, she has insecurities and anxieties like everybody else. She has even said in many of her videos that she is going to therapy, because of not feeling great about herself. Just because people come over as smart or funny doesn't mean they don't have insecurities.

    • Clare
      Clare Il y a 9 jours

      @swimrock If you plan the destination months in advance you won't know what the weather will be like. A friend of mine got married in April, in Texas, and it snowed. It never snows here in April

    • swimrock
      swimrock Il y a 9 jours

      I don't feel bad. They should have did their research about the weather conditions. 🙄.

    • Thomas Joseph
      Thomas Joseph Il y a 10 jours

      @Derek Ritchie Unfortunately??? LOL. Is his bride THAT bad??? lol.

    • DC Adrian T
      DC Adrian T Il y a 12 jours

      @Sidecar771 @Kathryn Boudreau thank you so much for the spelling and grammar corrections. I am the first to admit that sometimes I make these types of mistakes. This is what I get for being dyslexic. Don't get me wrong but I like to know when I've made mistakes so I can learn from it. If I knew the spelling and grammar police were out I'd probably of taken even more time typing it out so it was correct. #lifelessons #gratitude #imnotlikeotherguys

  • Bel la
    Bel la Il y a 12 jours +72

    To prevent lost wedding outfits when traveling for a destination wedding ( mother of the groom here) the bride, groom , myself and the grandmother of the bride put our outfits together in the bridal garment bag, carried them onto the plane and asked a flight attendant to stow them for us. I can't remember if we had to make prior arrangements or not but it is a service provided to help protect the wedding gown.

    • Trayolphia
      Trayolphia Il y a 5 jours +1

      Noted - friend of mines fiancée is in overthinking panic about how to manage this

    • pvanpelt1
      pvanpelt1 Il y a 12 jours +9

      That’s what I immediately thought of doing. I’d call ahead just in case, but they always have cupboards for garment bags in the cabin.

  • Lavandar Bunny
    Lavandar Bunny Il y a 12 jours +142

    Getting married later this year and I watch Charlotte to 1. Not turn into a bridezilla and 2. Thank myself for keeping my wedding as simple as possible 😂

    • Olde Skool Nana
      Olde Skool Nana Il y a 11 jours +1

      Just enjoy the day. If something does go wrong let it be & still enjoy yourself. I'm married 42 years & everyone always Saud we had the best wedding ever. Even had to extend it an hour because no one wanted to leave. Congratulations. ✌️🌻🌻

    • tareginda
      tareginda Il y a 12 jours +2


    • Kylie Ash
      Kylie Ash Il y a 12 jours +3

      Congrats! Hope your wedding goes smoothly!

    • CrazyCat Lady
      CrazyCat Lady Il y a 12 jours +4

      That's the best way to only have happy memories of your wedding.

  • Neil Price
    Neil Price Il y a 12 jours +298

    This is why if you want to get married on a beach you rent a private beach for the ceremony, some resorts off this service, so other people don't crash the wedding or other things ruin it. Also tropical climates have far more bad weather than people think they do and there is a "season" for it which differs from country to country. Always research the area before you book anything.

    • swimrock
      swimrock Il y a 9 jours

      I agree with you about researching the weather conditions. Honestly yes it stinks but they didn't do the researching I don't feel bad for them

    • Amit
      Amit Il y a 11 jours

      Yeah. I live in a tropical place and the season and weather has nothing to do with each other. It can rain anytime clouds feel like

    • KeyserSoze26B
      KeyserSoze26B Il y a 12 jours

      @Laqueta Hodge-Momon well “hurricane season” is basically like 6 months out of the year. Not exactly like its a small time frame so without mentioning to people it was “technically hurricane season” and saying how you almost got caught in a hurricane, yes most _normal_ people would still react like “oh my gosh you almost got caught in a hurricane?” Which also doesn’t mean they’re shocked that this could happen during hurricane season but just reacting like “oh that would have been awful and thank god it didnt happen”.
      So I guarantee you’re totally exaggerating with this story and/or are reading and understanding their reactions wrong. And like I said, hurricane season is basically half the f-ing year. Its not some like one week or month out of the year when hurricanes are constantly happening every other day in a specific location. Its a very wide range of months and hurricanes will happen every now and then in different locations somewhat near the same area on that globe.
      and to be caught in a bad hurricane in one specific location in a very short period of time out of the whole year (like probably a week for your cruise), yes that would be bad luck, shocking and awful odds also considering the cruise ship company and captain would _clearly_ analyze the weather ahead of time avoiding or delaying the cruise to specifically not get caught in it. Making the odds even more extremely unlucky and unlikely and “shocking”. So relax, its not a surprise how people “reacting” when telling them you “almost got caught in a hurricane on your cruise” and if dont agree with that and if it wasn’t so shocking to you then why are you even relaying the story. Also if you think this isn’t shocking and very common then why are booking a cruise “DURING HURRICANE SEASON” in that area?!? You LITERALLY commented how “people dont research the weather patterns for their destination and are surprised when its bad weather” and then LITERALLY commented how you booked a cruise during hurricane season.....So who’s the genius there chief?
      So literally no matter which way you put it and try to say this comment with whatever reasoning or excuses you have, I told you every way you are or would be just completely wrong.
      Also like I said you probably aren’t even understanding their reactions correctly and trying to come off in this comment section like “yeah like how dumb are some people, I’m so much smarter than that.” ‘I actually do the research for my destination so thats why I booked it exactly smack dab in the middle of hurricane season when its at its worst.’
      When in actuality you also completely misread their responses to you as well. They were just acting shocked like they actually cared for your story or about you, not shocked a hurricane can happen during hurricane season....

    • K. H.
      K. H. Il y a 12 jours +2

      And some particular tropical locations will have a Monsoon Season that lasts for majority of the year. Definitely time it right.

  • Crazy Cat Queen
    Crazy Cat Queen Il y a 12 jours +60

    As a retired military officer, the one thing you learn is to always carry-on your uniform in a garment bag, so if your luggage gets lost, you have proper attire for your meetings. All other things can be bought at the other end. Highly suggest this for destination weddings bridal party wear (don't forget your shoes on carry-on as well). If you are NICE to the flight crew, they often will hang your garment in the first class closet for you as well (at they used to).
    Finally, when wedding plans don't quite work out, RELAX and plan a renewal of vows at the 10 year mark. People will have plenty of time to save up and plan their off time, and usually you'll have more money and less stress.

    • Kai Vickers
      Kai Vickers Il y a 11 jours

      With the craziness of the economy and pandemic I’m not certain if we’re better or worse off financially than we were a decade ago…

    • Kleomenides86
      Kleomenides86 Il y a 11 jours +4

      My dad used to travel for his engineering job and always told me to bring a suit/dress/formal attire, a pair of shoes and a few necessities for a couple of days in a carry on luggage: he had always done it and it proved to be very useful one time they wrongly send his lugguage from Italy to Anchorage instead of Atlanta where he had two very important business meetings XD He managed to recover his suitcare after 3-4 days, but it would have been a disaster if he hadn't boarded the flight with a suit and didn't have a change.
      Oh, planning a renewal of vows in 10 years and have another occasion to fully celebrate is such a good idea!!

    • Mary Alice
      Mary Alice Il y a 12 jours +8

      Excellent advice. I feel strongly that too many brides plan only for the wedding and not the marriage.

  • Janet Seidlitz
    Janet Seidlitz Il y a 12 jours +75

    Our wedding cake was delicious. Everybody had some and kept telling me how good it was LOL. The little bakery I got it from received a load of customers, and well-deserved too. It was vanilla cake with raspberry filling and simple vanilla pastry cream frosting. You don't have to spend a fortune for a sickening sweet cake no one will want. Support you mom and pop shops.

    • Carina S
      Carina S Il y a 12 jours +3

      I never understood these American type cakes with lots of fondant/frosting anyway, I grew up on fruit tarts and multilayered cakes that actually taste yummy and have fruit filling and stuff.
      I'd rather get some nice fruit tarts or a coffee cream cake or something than a sugary nightmare that looked nice on the fondant, but that you can't eat...

    • mackinac island
      mackinac island Il y a 12 jours +2

      I love wedding cake.

    • Emma Moose-Dragon
      Emma Moose-Dragon Il y a 12 jours +5

      We bought three gluten free 9" cakes from our favorite cupcake bakery and when we told them the cakes were for a wedding because our other plans fell through, they decorated the cakes in our wedding colors free of charge 😊

    • Elzabets P
      Elzabets P Il y a 12 jours +5

      We had "cake day" two days before the wedding. Friends and family in the church kitchen. I made my favorite (angel food cakes to be served with berries and whipped cream) along with several friends and family, and my husband's parents made his favorite (a super dark moist mocha cake with creamy coffee frosting). We made a little 6-inch of the chocolate to frost with whipped cream for us to cut together. It was so special and delicious. And we made gluten-free brownies and made sure to have GF snacks so the diet restricted relatives didn't have to pack their own lunches!

    • meisjeViv
      meisjeViv Il y a 12 jours +9

      I went to a wedding and the bride is gluten intolerant, so their wedding cake was just her favourite cake but then enough for everyone. So tasty! And cute because it was a personal favourite.

  • Andrew Walton
    Andrew Walton Il y a 12 jours +65

    I was once acting as bouncer at my Rugby friends wedding, mainly keeping an eye out for his crazy ex with instructions to stop her from causing trouble by any and all legal means (having spoken with the local police they informed us there was a distinct lack of restrictions on what this could entail, up to but not including kidnapping her till was over). This led to me and one of his other friends wrestling a can of red paint off her which was clearly earmarked for the brides dress..... So it ended with my nice vanilla white suit covered in paint and sand.....

    • Andrew Walton
      Andrew Walton Il y a 10 jours +1

      @Thomas Joseph I'm Just 5'10 but I'm about as wide as tall (useful traits for my position in the rugby team) and a Lawyer by trade, However because I spoke the local language (Malay/French) and well as English wore a suit and knew the local customs, the police thought I was some sort of private security expert..... So much so I had to speak with some people before I got on the return plane from an undisclosed agency. There was amusement all around.

    • Thomas Joseph
      Thomas Joseph Il y a 10 jours +4

      I was a doorman (security) for a professional wrestler's wedding about 20 years ago. It was at a small event center attached to a bar/restaurant my friend owned so I was helping him out. They wanted me to make sure the event stayed private and also to keep the wrestler guests in line bahahahahahahaha.
      Professional Wrestlers like to drink and when they drink they get rowdy. I had to wear a tux that was rented, I ended up having to buy the tux because after they got drunk the wrestlers started ripping the bow ties and pockets off of everyone wearing a tux lol. I got paid $200 to work the event (good money back then but still NOT worth it lol). Usually, at 6'7" 265 lbs of all muscle, I am one of if not the largest person in a crowd, but that day I was "average" size.
      The guests kept thinking I was a professional wrestler myself and I had to keep explaining (over and over to some) that I was security and just helping my friend out who owned the place. Then they tried to get me to come to their wrestling training center to turn me into a professional wrestler lol. They finally left me alone when they found out my day job was an ER Doctor lol. They were fun and it was one of the few weddings I ever worked that was drama-free (except for the tux ripping thing lol).

  • riakun
    riakun Il y a 12 jours +122

    The first one when the hurricane hit instantly made me think of "We Don't Talk About Bruno" 😂
    But seriously, thanks for always posting and giving us a daily dose of serotonin. Take care of yourself, and hope you're doing okay, Charlotte!

    • Eli 3rdgender
      Eli 3rdgender Il y a 11 jours +1

      Abuela get the umbreellllaaa

    • DrawciaGleam02
      DrawciaGleam02 Il y a 12 jours +3

      @Zaneta Penny
      Yeah, that's my favorite line from that part!! 😆

    • Subhajit Deysarkar
      Subhajit Deysarkar Il y a 12 jours +2

      Yeah same here. 😂

    • Zaneta Penny
      Zaneta Penny Il y a 12 jours +10


    • Alucardiac
      Alucardiac Il y a 12 jours +15

      This is what happens when you invite Bruno to your wedding, Pepa

  • N I Q O L E
    N I Q O L E Il y a 12 jours +42

    I fell walking down the aisle with my dad. I said "oh shit!" as I fell but thankfully he caught me. Then I whispered to him "am I allowed to say shit?" He started laughing. During our father/daughter dance he said "Thanks kid! I was just about to start crying and then you said shit and totally took the tears away!"

  • Anne Pierce
    Anne Pierce Il y a 12 jours +173

    While planning my wedding, I had stupidly forgotten to re-lace my gothic boots. We were 2 hours behind schedule when I tried to put the boots on (it was the final touch), I felt bad the guests had already been waiting so long that I said, "F* the boots! I'm going barefoot!" and threw the boots aside. It was the best decision, I think- no tripping, no falling, and I got to feel the grass beneath my feet. As a wiccan, it felt natural and wonderful. But a lot of people don't like dirt on their feet, so shoes may be necessary for them.

    • Anne Pierce
      Anne Pierce Il y a 9 jours +1

      @Lazy I Ranch I wish I could post a picture of the dress. It was/is gorgeous! I'm sorry you have to deal with a piece of sh*t like that. I've dealt with people like that my whole life- other kids, teenagers, exes, relatives. I learned later on that they were all miserable with themselves and I was a convenient target. You're better off without him. It's sweet that Igor brings you gifts to make you smile.

    • Lazy I Ranch
      Lazy I Ranch Il y a 10 jours +1

      @Anne Pierce That dress sounds gorgeous!
      Yes, I think Igor is my spirit animal. He came along soon after my husband of 15 years left me and moved in with his girlfriend. He told me to "do the world a favor" and kill myself, and I became so depressed I spent 4 days in a mental hospital because I didn't want to live.
      There were days I didn't want to get out of bed, but Igor was there every morning squawking right outside the sliding glass door of my bedroom peeking at me, asking for food.
      A couple of years ago, he started leaving gifts on my doorstep! The first one I noticed was an old Casio digital watch. Now I have a box full of stuff he's brought. My favorite is a beautiful sky-blue stone marble, about an inch in diameter. I plan on making a necklace out of it. That color of blue was my mom's favorite, and we lost her in 2000. She loved birds and would have adored Igor!

    • Anne Pierce
      Anne Pierce Il y a 10 jours +1

      @Angel Juliet it was kind of lucky we were behind schedule- if we had done it at the scheduled time, everyone would've been sitting in hot sun. When the ceremony actually took place, it was perfect. I still felt bad, though.

    • Anne Pierce
      Anne Pierce Il y a 10 jours

      @YONCE 8701 thank you. It was an amazing day!

    • Anne Pierce
      Anne Pierce Il y a 10 jours +2

      @Lazy I Ranch my dress was a princess style with a bit of a train and red from top to bottom, with black lace on the torso and sheer black material for the bottom. I wrote a black veil with it and (sorry, Charlotte) a crown- acrylic black and grey crystals, very witchy. Igor sounds like a good friend- maybe he's your spirit animal?

  • crazy4cheddar
    crazy4cheddar Il y a 12 jours +122

    Hey, my time to shine!
    I recently had a gorgeous destination wedding in Mexico on March 27th 2022! I was the bride. It was wonderful despite the drama. The downside was my friends and family hung out for a week together and they didn’t end up getting along all the time. First, there was my brother helping try to give my groom a bachelor party which fell through in our home country. It was just misguided as it was drinking related and my future husband isn’t a big drinker. He would have much preferred what the others were initially planning which was a gaming day. Then, My mom was upset she specifically couldn’t take photos. To my mom’s credit, there was a bit of miscommunication on our side, but it was all blown a bit out of proportion in my opinion. The grooms side who showed up didn’t respect our no taking photos thing. I was stressed and busy and trying to enjoy my destination wedding but all the drama made me unable to enjoy it as much as I’d have liked due to drama.
    Moral of the story, if you do a destination wedding… make sure your friends and family can tolerate each other before leaving.

    • Lazy I Ranch
      Lazy I Ranch Il y a 12 jours +2

      @Addie-Eileen Paige That's very smart! Save the snapshots for the reception party, those will likely be more fun anyway!

    • crazy4cheddar
      crazy4cheddar Il y a 12 jours +5

      @Addie-Eileen Paige thanks mate. I just wish we enforced it more for the other side as some didn’t listen anyway. So we did get a small portion of shots with phones but less than I think we may have had we not said something.
      I would also HIGHLY suggest doing a private first look with your significant other. 10/10 would do again. It was intimate, romantic, and something for just us on the day of.

    • Addie-Eileen Paige
      Addie-Eileen Paige Il y a 12 jours +14

      Unrelated, but good for you for laying down the rule of no one taking photos. I have read stories from so many wedding photographers saying guests ruined their shots, or they couldn't get a an overall photo without people's phones in the way. I plan on doing that for my wedding one day, if I marry.

  • xxkon24xx
    xxkon24xx Il y a 12 jours +77

    Hello thanks again for a good laugh, i recently found you on FRclip like a week ago and have been binge watching all of your videos haha can't get enough. Sending hugs from sunny Florida cheers 🥂

    • xxkon24xx
      xxkon24xx Il y a 12 jours +1

      @Connie H her expressions and faces she makes while doing these videos are out of this world absolutely love it haha

    • Connie H
      Connie H Il y a 12 jours +2

      I’m still catching up on her videos from years back. Charlotte is the best part of my day.

    • Heather Marriette
      Heather Marriette Il y a 12 jours +2

      Well you have to be an amazing person to be watching Charlotte!! Well to tator nation fellow tator tot!! Bow to our queen potato 💜

    • Giulia
      Giulia Il y a 12 jours +1

      We’ve all been there

    • Miss Anthrope
      Miss Anthrope Il y a 12 jours +3

      Welcome to the family! This is the most positive community on the internet!❤️

  • Karen G
    Karen G Il y a 12 jours +108

    My son is getting married in Cancun on May 22 and these make me terrified we’ll all end up on one of your videos! I told him that no one has ever had, seen, or been to a perfect wedding - expect the unexpected! I also reminded him that if everything is perfect - they won’t have any fun stories to talk about for years and years. 🥴😁

    • Karen G
      Karen G Il y a 10 jours

      @Janet Othen what a sweet story! I’m so glad he got to see his granddaughter and moving the wedding up for him must have let him know how important he was to everyone! I hope you have a blast when you renew your vows - you deserve it! You have a wonderful mother - that’s how my mom would have been if she was still alive. My son and his fiancé have a lot of the same problems. He hasn’t even told his dad or anyone on that side of the family he’s getting married and the bride doesn’t think her mom is going to show up. I told her I can play mom of the bride and groom - not to worry about anything. When she told her mom last year about the wedding, her mom said ‘I won’t be able to make it. I’ll be sick then’. She’s crazy! We were going to have a good size wedding (my 2nd), but when my 45 y/o friends started arguing about who was gonna be my MOH - I noped out of that. We eloped in Vegas - just my son, his friend, my husband and I. We had a great time! I can’t wear dress shoes, so I decided to wear white Chuck Taylor high tops with my formal dress and my husband wore black Chucks with his tux! People in Vegas kept asking us if we were an art exhibit and saying they hope they’re that cool when they get ‘old’.

    • Janet Othen
      Janet Othen Il y a 11 jours +1

      I had the perfect wedding. 13 guests, immediate family only. A small party after and 2nites at a hotel. We cancelled the big 300people wedding, as my father in law was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. I was 23weeks pregnant on the day, we wanted our daughter as our bridesmaid/flower girl, and was planning to wait till following Oct when she'd be around 6months old. So we scrambled so hard to move it all forward, but as he was so poorly, we decided to just say no, family only (my parents and grown son as bro couldn't get off work with his gf and son, hubbies dad, mum, (they were divorced and her husband was not invited) 2 out of 3 sisters, their kids (all over 5, 1 sis isn't I'm his life or his mums so we didn't invite as she's just a nasty person). Was beautiful. No stress, my mum bought and came early to make a lovely buffet for after, and my fil was able to relax and not have to pretend as we all knew and didn't expect it. He passed away 4half months later, after having just 17days with his beautiful granddaughter (should been more but she went to nicu for 12days sadly). Not a single regret. But on our 10yr anniversary (this year is 7yrs) we r gonna renew our vows, have the big party, the white dress, and have 2 beautiful bridesmaids/flower girls now, and will remember his dad with such love. Less is sometimes much much more.

    • Karen G
      Karen G Il y a 11 jours +1

      @Freya Olivieri 🤣🤣🤣That would be a sure way to stir things up a little - wouldn’t it? I cracking up just thinking about it!

    • Freya Olivieri
      Freya Olivieri Il y a 12 jours +5

      Maybe pack a white gown to wear, in case everything is TOO perfect! Just kidding 😂

    • Elissa Solignac
      Elissa Solignac Il y a 12 jours +12

      word of advise: take your most important things in your carryon and that includes your wedding outfit, that way if your luggage for some reason gets lost, you at least have your wedding outfit :)
      good luck to yall!!

  • Mel Tee
    Mel Tee Il y a 12 jours +36

    We did a destination wedding in Hawaii. The day of, it was a torrential downpour all morning. Raining sideways and extremely windy. No backup plan. It was to be on the northern beach of the island. One hour before the wedding, the clouds broke, and the most incredible sunset happened. Turns out storm clouds at sunset make for really beautiful photos. We did the ceremony fast, just in case the storm returned. It didn't. The rest of the evening was beautiful and warm!

  • Klayton Alexander Matthews
    Klayton Alexander Matthews Il y a 12 jours +28

    I think being able to laugh at things going a bit wrong is one of the keys to enjoying your wedding day.
    If nothing goes wrong, great! If something does, everyone will enjoy the day more if your reaction is a positive one

    • Muffy Graves
      Muffy Graves Il y a 10 jours

      Right? It's a day of celebration, why should it be so stressful when something goes wrong!! Shrug it off and laugh, specially if it's something silly and simple

    • pvanpelt1
      pvanpelt1 Il y a 12 jours +1

      It’s just better to expect something to go wrong and roll with it. As long as the bride and groom show up, along with a couple of witnesses and an officiant, that’s really all you need.

    • Teresa Howick
      Teresa Howick Il y a 12 jours

      Very true. I just expected there to be mishaps and there were a couple.

    • Ariane Bolt
      Ariane Bolt Il y a 12 jours +3

      Sets the scene well for marriage and its many ups and downs

  • J M
    J M Il y a 12 jours +25

    I have a friend who got married on horseback. The grooms horse took a massive dump in the middle of their vows. Shit happens 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • J M
      J M Il y a 12 jours +1

      @Rissa Renee it was..and they’re still married so maybe it was a good sign 😸

    • Rissa Renee
      Rissa Renee Il y a 12 jours +4

      Lmfao that's funny

  • jdwinks40
    jdwinks40 Il y a 12 jours +22

    First time I was flying internationally, I got the best advice which was to NOT check any bags on the way. Just took a purse/laptop sized bag and got a backpack that was the absolute largest size you can have as a carry on and used compression bags inside of it to fit a lot of clothing. Brough a rolled up duffel bag tucked in the bottom of the backpack and filled it with souvenirs and then checked that on the way home, but no checked bags on the way because if it gets lost or comes late then you're stuck somewhere far from home without all the stuff you need.

    • Duckeh
      Duckeh Il y a 8 jours

      I have flew plenty and only once my luggage was lost for few hours, there was like 20 of us from same flight. they finally locates them. i always pack in backpack something that i get by if luggage doesn't make it (few set of underwear, shirt, pants, socks).
      my traveller's insurance will cover if luggage is lost and i need to buy stuff.
      but if you can make your trip with cabin bag only, it's of course safer.
      just remember that if your bag is max cabin size, flight is full and plenty have max size cabin bags - the crew may order you to put it in cargo (or whatever you call that space in English). first they ask volunteers and if none one steps up, they start ordering whose bag goes.

    • Connie H
      Connie H Il y a 12 jours +3

      Those compression bags are fantastic for getting a lot into a small bag. I swear by them.

  • slightlyawkward
    slightlyawkward Il y a 12 jours +46

    I was at the Oregon coast with my mom checking out a lighthouse and there was a wedding party there trying to take photos. It was a gorgeous, sunny August day but it was 50 degrees and VERY windy up there. The bridesmaids had on super cute dresses but the cut of them was unfortunate for the amount of wind. The front of the dresses was like 2 sides draped over each other so it looked like flower petals sort of? So they were struggling to keep the skirts down while attempting to take photos and hold onto bouquets at the same time. One of the bridesmaids paused to gush about how cute my outfit was and let down her guard. Her dress flew up and her undies were on full display 😂😭 They all looked like they were having fun though! Everyone in the bridal party were laughing their asses off at the absurdity of the situation.

    • Endora TheWitchWriter
      Endora TheWitchWriter Il y a 12 jours +1

      I was about to ask the same thing! I live in Oregon and go to Newport all the time😀

    • Paper Pager
      Paper Pager Il y a 12 jours +1

      @slightlyawkward it was so fun! The teacher was great too

    • slightlyawkward
      slightlyawkward Il y a 12 jours

      @Paper Pager That sounds like an awesome class!!

    • Paper Pager
      Paper Pager Il y a 12 jours +1

      @slightlyawkward for sure lol! I went on a field trip in November 2021 for my PNW rocks and minerals class in my community college. So many things I didn’t realize our beaches had here! The Elephant rock is like 15+ millions of years old? I don’t fully remember but it’s in the millions. Not to mention it’s just beautiful there on its own like you said.

    • slightlyawkward
      slightlyawkward Il y a 12 jours

      @Paper Pager Oh yeah, I've lived in the PNW my whole life so I know how it is haha. But I personally think we have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Definitely a memorable wedding for them 😂

  • swamp rat
    swamp rat Il y a 12 jours +9

    My niece's wedding was at her house. The brides and grooms party wore sandals. Comfort came before appearance.

    • Teresa Howick
      Teresa Howick Il y a 12 jours +1

      And I’m betting it was a really nice wedding. I think simple and relaxed is the best. The second anyone is uptight it just ruins it imho

  • Bailey Brian
    Bailey Brian Il y a 12 jours +9

    i went to Florida during gay pride week once and they rented the entire beach for the week, so we got to camp on the beach for a few days which usually isn't allowed. it was so much fun, but at one point a little tornado came and threw a bunch of the tents

  • Stacy s
    Stacy s Il y a 12 jours +19

    The puking bride - I feel so bad for her - But - the forrest, lake, her dress, the colors, and even the turtle - GORGEOUS. I hope after the puking things got better.

  • Amanda Gregory
    Amanda Gregory Il y a 12 jours +24

    I never thought I'd say this... but I'm engaged to my best friend! These wedding related videos are excellent examples of what not to do, how to be, etc and I thank you for this

    • Amanda Gregory
      Amanda Gregory Il y a 12 jours

      @Teresa Howick thank you!!! 🥰🥰 definitely won't be! Man I love the potato community! ❤ all of you!!

    • Amanda Gregory
      Amanda Gregory Il y a 12 jours +2

      @Diana Quick definitely a wedding moment to remember! And yes I agree! He and I have been through a LOT! We already look back and laugh!

    • Teresa Howick
      Teresa Howick Il y a 12 jours +2

      Yay congrats fellow potato! Wishing you all the best. Enjoy the planning, don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t lose sight of the big picture; marrying your best friend 😃.

    • Diana Quick
      Diana Quick Il y a 12 jours +4

      That's the best person to marry! The couples who laughed at the little misfortunes during their weddings probably did it best because at the end of the day your are married to your best friend and that's what matters. Our unity candle took about 5 minutes to light and we were laughing and strategizing how to get the darn thing to light the whole time! Our minister made a joke about it afterwards about the importance of persistence. 17 years later those are the things we remember.

    • Amanda Gregory
      Amanda Gregory Il y a 12 jours +4

      @David Guidry absolutely 💯 good relationships take a lot of hard work, compromise, and communication! Things younger generations seem to know nothing about these days. Thanks again!! 😊 🥰

  • M1LT0NY2K
    M1LT0NY2K Il y a 12 jours +7

    I am from Mexico, it is quite shocking to hear that nobody at the airport could help communicating in english in regard of lost luggage. Cancun is a very important tourist destination... specially for ppl from the U.S.A. and Canada.

    • Carol Nacarato
      Carol Nacarato Il y a 12 jours

      We just got back from a vacation in Los Cabos and flew in and out of the Cancun Airport. All true. They just pile your luggage on the floor as it comes off the conveyor belt. And they don't speak any English, or at least they pretend not to. But all in all a great vacation.

  • Pablo del Segundo
    Pablo del Segundo Il y a 12 jours +65

    A golf wedding, while totally not my thing, seems reasonable. You're on a well landscaped, most likely private space, completely unlike the fools doing theirs on a public beach.
    GREAT nail color, too!!

    • Mary Alice
      Mary Alice Il y a 12 jours +3

      And most golf courses have nice clubhouses for the reception. Done.

  • Shplizzions Bruck
    Shplizzions Bruck Il y a 12 jours +16

    Regarding the lost luggage. My sister had gone on a 2 week group back packing trip around Europe. She checked her only bag and it was lost on day one. The group couldn’t just wait in one spot for her lost luggage because they had a schedule to keep. Her bag caught up with her on the return flight home 2 weeks later. She had to buy all essentials like toothpaste and underwear etc. and she is in the same outfit in Every picture across Europe. Lol.

    • meisjeViv
      meisjeViv Il y a 12 jours

      Well that's one way to learn how to travel light 😅

  • Carley Quinn
    Carley Quinn Il y a 12 jours +8

    SPEAK FOR YOURSELF CHARLOTTE!!!!! The only reason I attend weddings and birthday parties is to eat the cake and pray to god I get an end-piece.

  • Yessenia Murillo
    Yessenia Murillo Il y a 12 jours +7

    I got married in Cancun in Nov 2021, and I absolutely carried my wedding dress, accessories, our kids wedding outfits, husband's suit, etc as carry ons. SO heavy but I would do it the same way again. I figured if our regular clothes luggage were lost, we would just buy there. But NO WAY I was willing to risk our wedding day attire. I wore my extensions during our flight too 😂😂. I knew other things would be out of my control, but we have been together for 15 yrs and married legally and have 3 kids, we just finally decided to get married through the church so I guess I wasn't worried too much. Tantrums were expected with our youngest two (1 and 2).

  • Blond Queen
    Blond Queen Il y a 12 jours +11

    I had a big destination wedding. I live in the UK but originally I'm from Poland (my husband is Irish). For those who know polish weddings, they know it is always a big party, especially in the countryside. It was 3 days event. On the first day, we had a 'practice' dinner when my parents in law met my parents and our sides of the family met for the first time. It was very stressful as 99% of my family doesn't speak any English but my wedding planner (bless her soul!) helped me manage it with the big help of google translate...
    On the second day, we had a wedding reception and there were some problems, especially with my elderly side of the family as in Poland there is a custom that bride and groom get the blessing from the elderly side of the family it is very ritual/religion thing. As we had the outside civil ceremony in a beautiful garden and because of issues on the catholic/protestant level we decided to not involve any religion in our union and my grandparents and parents didn't take it well. Even tho I told them months before the wedding we will not have a religious ceremony and we don't want any religion at our wedding... And I repeat it to them multiple times but they just decided to not accept it so I'm getting ready with my dress and all. We are just by to leave for the 'first look' thing and there is a priest enter to my room... Then my mother in law started hyperventilating and all and screaming about it her son will never have the catholic wedding and all. Then my mom start screaming that she need to bless me etc (I might add my MIL screamed in English where my mom was screaming Polish...) Generally big drama. And I on the middle. Then thank God for my MOH and my wedding planner they take over, they kick out the priest, give champagne to drink to the moms and we were ready to go... The rest of the evening was pretty fine.
    And on the next day, we had this small brunch with the close of our families and friends (20people) and looks everyone had fun and get along. So, generally was fun with small hiccups.

  • reneeisme
    reneeisme Il y a 12 jours +15

    A travel trick I learned from my dad’s many business trips growing up: pack some toiletries, a few pairs of underwear, whatever clothes you absolutely need when you get there (bridesmaid dress, suit, uniform, etc.), and maybe another outfit if you can fit it in your carry on in case of lost luggage so you’re not like the girl in the video who doesn’t have her bridesmaid dress. I’ve been lucky so far that I’ve had the opposite problem of my luggage arriving before me but the tip has certainly saved my anxious brain.

    • meisjeViv
      meisjeViv Il y a 12 jours +1

      If at all possible, try to travel with carry-on only - if you also choose a type of bag that carries well, that will make your trip so much easier!
      For many airlines, checking in luggage is quite expensive, so I quickly realised I could travel more often as well if I never took any checked luggage

    • Teresa Howick
      Teresa Howick Il y a 12 jours +5

      Also never ever ever pack medication in checked luggage. Keep on you at all times. That tip c/o my grandma

    • Teresa Howick
      Teresa Howick Il y a 12 jours +1

      It’s such a great tip. I’ve done this.

  • demonsorrows
    demonsorrows Il y a 12 jours +39

    Never been married, never been with anyone that would make me consider a wedding. I've always seen them as a waste of money, especially since half of marriages fail miserably (Congrats to the people who ended up with great partners.)
    That being said, you'd probably see a lot more of who a person truly is during the whole planning process, how they treat people, behavior when anything doesn't go as planned or they change their mind about something and lose their mind when there's no time or ability to change things.
    I wonder how many relationships have ended and weddings canceled days before when people saw the monstrous asshats their fiancés were leading up to the wedding. Wouldn't doubt it's a significant number.

    • Duckeh
      Duckeh Il y a 8 jours

      you can get married cheaply if you wish not to have reception.
      i got married in courthouse, license cost 50€ and i was wearing 15€ black and white summer dress.
      if someone wants to have expensive reception, so be it. But thinking getting married is always expensive and it's reason not to get married. you can do cheaply. and it's done so by people who don't care about fancy stuff , just want to be married.
      to me it seems way to many who have super expensive wedding care more about the wedding than being married.
      i always feel destination wedding is bit inconsiderate because you expect invited ppl throw lot of money for your day and some may struggle. I have been invited to one (they lived other side of the world) and we obv didn't go because couldn't afford it. no hard feelings tho.

    • Jackie Kurtz
      Jackie Kurtz Il y a 11 jours

      @Victoria Ferguson Exactly! People should make up their minds if they want to be with someone BEFORE getting engaged. Don't say yes just cause it is convenient at the time.

    • demonsorrows
      demonsorrows Il y a 12 jours

      @kissit012 (Sorry for length. I'm just thorough with my thoughts is all.)
      Fair enough. But it still stands. A 50-50 gesture in a world where no matter who you're with, there will ALWAYS be someone out there better matched at any given time that you'll likely never meet but just might. We're a species that treats settling on a person, not a worthwhile life, as a necessity to survive. People are brainwashed into thinking they have to be in a relationship, jumping from one person to the next, or they feel their life has no meaning. Then gov sees marriage as a political talking point and a tax opportunity. It's all a joke.
      We change over time. Little things, big things, random as hell things, all affect us and we lose interest in people and things. Better off as a society recognizing love, sex, and affection for what they are: a comfort and release that helps us get by.
      And like all things, people can be as picky as they want. Expectation is usually what ruins relationships before anything else.

    • Victoria Ferguson
      Victoria Ferguson Il y a 12 jours +3

      marriages (and weddings) work out when between people who actually love each other and can roll with the punches and not lose their minds over everything. That being said, anyone who has a wedding called off days before probably dodged a bullet. I know planning is stressful but so is life! As a woman, I don't understand the women who use it to steamroll over everyone, their egos need to be taken WAY down

  • Billy Noone
    Billy Noone Il y a 12 jours +25

    My daughter had same problem with her wedding due to covid in Scotland was cancelled 3 times so when there was a break. She and her husband got a small wedding day where she was there with witnesses no family but we new there was restrictions due to Covid. She is a animal lover and Her friends prepared her 3 horses which where dressed for the photo shoot and they went well, weather was lovely and sunny. Glad to say she had a great day finally even though not as planned and got to do a tour of Scotland Including islands, She got to meet people from her extended family and friends who new my Parents from Isle of Harris. Scary thing is she is a red head with which reminds me of you ........ :)

  • David Guidry
    David Guidry Il y a 12 jours +37

    I usually don’t like laughing at other peoples’ pain (jk, I totally do cuz it’s better than laughing at my own pain!) but this was great!! 😂🤣
    Miss Charlotte playing coy pretending she ain’t still a catch cuz she wants to get married barefoot is just precious!
    That one girl that wouldn’t “walk the aisle” until her song played eventually “crossing the plaza”! 😂😂
    And how you gonna leave your man at the altar?!?! He woulda been good with a JP so this wedding was all for you and you don’t show?!?!?! Feel bad for the dude but he lucked out. I just hope he moved on.

    • Teresa Howick
      Teresa Howick Il y a 12 jours +2

      Ya not showing up is just so messed up. If you have the balls to do that you could cancel ahead and break up. He did dodge a bullet but that had to have been brutal.

  • delilahbelle2125
    delilahbelle2125 Il y a 12 jours +13

    For anyone wanting a destination wedding in the Gulf of Mexico/on a beach in Central America, Charlotte is correct. Hurricane season runs from June to about the first week of November. Plan accordingly. ❤️

  • SPB Slinky
    SPB Slinky Il y a 12 jours +16

    So a couple of months before my wedding I dislocated my knee had to get married walking with crutches. My best man picked up our suits on the morning of the wedding and they gave me the wrong sized trousers which were two sizes too big. I had to use safety pins to try and keep them up. Luckily I managed to not let them fall during the wedding vows.

  • Scarlett Angell
    Scarlett Angell Il y a 12 jours +5

    Honestly, the best wedding advice I have is, focus on having fun and bring your sense if humor. Plans are great, but they go awry.. don't let that spoil the joy of the act itself.

    • Teresa Howick
      Teresa Howick Il y a 12 jours +1

      This is what I tell people too. Just relax. Don’t get hung up on anything. It’s really not worth it.

  • Doctor Doll Designs
    Doctor Doll Designs Il y a 12 jours +17

    One of my best friends got married in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. There were 10 people total, including the bride, groom, and minister, and everyone was 6 feet apart and wore masks. It was simple but beautiful.

  • You
    You Il y a 12 jours +8

    When things go wrong at your wedding, it’ll be funny when you look back at it.
    Love ya, Charlotte, and all of her potato fingerlings. ❤️

  • Ashley Curry
    Ashley Curry Il y a 12 jours +25

    You have no idea how much your videos are an amazing 10-15 min break from the stressor’s in life. Thank you for this. It was extra needed today

  • Bob Gomez
    Bob Gomez Il y a 12 jours +8

    We got married on a cruise ship. As my new wife was coming down the spiral staircase into the ballroom for the reception, she slipped on the stairs and slid on her butt down 15 stairs. Besides having a purple bruised butt, she was ok. It could have been the shortest time being married in history.

  • Beatriz Palacios
    Beatriz Palacios Il y a 12 jours +18

    Although not as dramatic as the first clip,a hurricane did hit my city during my wedding..It actually behaved quite well and it only rained during the church ceremony, stopped while we were going to the reception, and then it rained for hours! Honey moon was delayed as all flights were suspended. It took us 6 hours to go to the capital that is near the airport(2 hours normally)Venezuela is almost never affected by hurricanes, except on my wedding day🤣

    • Beatriz Palacios
      Beatriz Palacios Il y a 12 jours

      @DrawciaGleam02 Ja, ja yes indeed made my day🤣

    • DrawciaGleam02
      DrawciaGleam02 Il y a 12 jours +1

      So you're like Pepa?
      "Married in a hurricane"

    • meisjeViv
      meisjeViv Il y a 12 jours +1

      Well I hear it means good luck ;)

    • Celia Shen
      Celia Shen Il y a 12 jours +1

      That hurricane definitely wasn't a Karen.

  • Caitlin K
    Caitlin K Il y a 12 jours +20

    I was a maid of honor in a Cancun wedding this past February. I packed anything I needed for the wedding, plus 1 swimsuit in a carry on suitcase just in case my full luggage got lost in transit. Fortunately luggage wasn't a problem, though we had all sorts of other issues at the Cancun airport.

    • wally man
      wally man Il y a 10 jours

      Biggest challenge of Cancun airport, iirc, is getting thru all the "pirate" cab drivers trying to rope you in on your way out!

  • Roxcell John
    Roxcell John Il y a 12 jours +11

    For people hoping to come to the Caribbean for destination wedding....hear this: June too soon, July stand by, August cometh must, September remember(but we get bad weather here still lol) October all over (but not always).
    This is for hurricanes okay so....

  • StephBer1
    StephBer1 Il y a 12 jours +4

    Went to a destination wedding at a property in a beautiful remote mountainous area. We spent hours trying to find it, were 2 hours late and I was really upset we'd missed it. But so had everyone else. Trouble is the directions printed on the invitation were wrong and no-one had checked it. Only about 20% of the wedding turned up but luckily the bride and groom did. They got married anyway because the celebrant had another wedding to go to but to say the bride was upset was an understatement.

  • ethan slade
    ethan slade Il y a 12 jours +5

    Honestly charlotte who wouldn't volunteer to be either stupid enough or smart enough to wife you, you really are great

  • Ali Beck
    Ali Beck Il y a 12 jours +14

    Charlotte, w all due respect you’re a snack and a half!! You’ve got a great sense of humor and an amazing personality!! 🥰🥰🥰 You might be too good for mortal men.

  • KamInBim
    KamInBim Il y a 12 jours +4

    I live in a tropical country, a destination wedding location. The morning of my wedding the sky was blue and it was so bright then by mid day the clouds came in. By the time my wedding started, there were thunderstorms and the island was under flood watch. Because it was August 2020, people that were to come in for the wedding could not because of COVID so we had set up a live stream, but the lightning knocked out the Internet so those overseas could not watch. Thankfully our wedding and reception were indoors so they weren't affected by the weather. But we didn't get the pics outside that we wanted. All that said it was still a wonderful day.

  • Lucy Pellek
    Lucy Pellek Il y a 12 jours +10

    Girl you are just slaying out these videos. I get so excited when they pop up. I love these wedding ones too. Hilarious and fun! 👏👏👏💜
    That was the hurricane's way of "objecting" 🤦😂😂

  • Sunshine27234
    Sunshine27234 Il y a 12 jours +3

    I fully enjoyed this video! I am going through covid right now and although i am fully vaccinated it caught me pretty bad. Can't do anything but lie down for days in pain and can't even talk. today is the first day i manage to watch some youtube and this video delighted me. thank you so much and please make another one

  • Luthian Diya
    Luthian Diya Il y a 12 jours +2

    The one time my parents came to visit me, they were going to stay in a hotel in San Francisco (about a 1½ hour drive from my house) and were going to spend 2 of the 5 days with me. Well, they arrived in SF during Bay to Breakers, which is an annual foot race to benefit people affected by AIDS, and is well known for it's outlandish (and often gay themed) costumes. After the 4th or 5th topless woman ran past (even though I told them it was just a race that day) my parents decided the city was too evil for my mom or siblings to stay in, so they stayed with me the whole 5 days. It was actually fun having them.

  • C Bot
    C Bot Il y a 12 jours

    Everyday while I have my morning coffee, I watch your show, Charlotte, it's a great way to start the day. Having a laugh before work is so important, I hope you know how valued you are!

  • Mystearicia
    Mystearicia Il y a 12 jours +7

    I felt sad for that one bride supposed to get married in Ireland :(

  • Matt Greer Music
    Matt Greer Music Il y a 12 jours +1

    My wedding is known in my family as the "Monsoon Wedding." It hadn't rained for a solid month until our wedding day when the skies opened up and it dumped buckets of rain for 18 hours straight. Oh and it was in our own backyard, too.

  • Rosey
    Rosey Il y a 12 jours +4

    She is just so funny, makes my day to hear her laugh and funny comments at these videos

  • 0o0eM
    0o0eM Il y a 12 jours +2

    I once stumbled upon some random video by some guy who took his dad on a trip to Iceland to discuss hapiness. They agreed on several points as how to have a happy life but the most importnant one was this - do not have expectations. If you don't have them, no force in the world can ruin them for you.

  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown Il y a 12 jours +9

    Not a destination wedding, but they got my song wrong to walk out to after the ceremony. Was supposed to be the theme song from Happy Days, but accidentally played Dancing Queen. We didn't care...makes a fun story now!!

    • Katie Allen
      Katie Allen Il y a 12 jours

      were you marrying Fonzie?

    • Fairyspun Fibers
      Fairyspun Fibers Il y a 12 jours

      Oh, hunny! Dancing Queen is SO much better! 😊❤ Sounds like a pretty happy accident to me. 😊

    • Teresa Howick
      Teresa Howick Il y a 12 jours +1

      😂 I love that it was dancing queen

  • Carly Nameth
    Carly Nameth Il y a 12 jours +4

    Love your videos Charlotte! Your reactions just make them so much better 😂♥️

  • Jessica Gallipeau
    Jessica Gallipeau Il y a 12 jours +5

    That Sargass seaweed is a massive problem. I live in St Barts and can’t help but giggle a bit when the 1%-ers plan lavish vacations or weddings on the beach and a big stinky wave of sargass shows up. The bloom over the past decade is thought to be due to climate change so they can thank their private jets and mega yachts for indirectly providing their free seaweed decor and aroma at the beach. 👍🤣

    • pvanpelt1
      pvanpelt1 Il y a 12 jours +1

      Do these people not realize that seaweed washes up on the beach? We spent a lot of time at a beach town in Northern California when I was a kid, and it used to get big piles of brown seaweed. In sunny weather it stank and had gnats swarming around it, lol.

  • Connie H
    Connie H Il y a 12 jours +2

    My husband and I got married 16 years ago at Delta Downs racetrack and casino in a group wedding of 19 couples officiated by the late great Little Richard. They provided everything. We just needed the license, rings and our wedding clothes. Thy even gave each couple a thousand dollars and had a drawing for a 3 thousand dollar honeymoon. It was so much fun. There were couples of all types and we all enjoyed it so much. There is an Entertainment Tonight video on FRclip if you search a bit.

  • alyzu
    alyzu Il y a 12 jours +4

    I got married barefoot. We had the ceremony in our living room and my husband is shorter than I am. ☺️
    I would've loved to have a wedding at Pride, though! ❤️

    • Lazy I Ranch
      Lazy I Ranch Il y a 12 jours +1

      @Karen Cotlar That sounds lovely! I can't wear heels without stumbling.
      My last wedding was by a JP in Vegas, and we walked 1/2 mile from the hotel to the courthouse so I wore very comfy shoes. My now ex-husband was the same height as me, so he didn't want me to wear heels anyway because it hurt his "manliness" for me to look taller than him! That should have been a red flag, among many other warnings I didn't heed.
      His daughter loaned me a dress that she said was her alternate gown when she was married about a year before. I didn't realize how low cut it was in the front until I tried it on 2 days before. It was cut down almost to my navel! I didn't want to wear something that revealing so I sewed a large lace applique panel to the front to make it less revealing. I used to be a tailor so fortunately I had that lace piece in my sewing stash. I found out later that she hated me and she was mad that I altered the dress even though she told me she didn't want it back and to donate it after the wedding.
      I'm glad I am divorced now and don't have to be around her snarkiness anymore!

    • Karen Cotlar
      Karen Cotlar Il y a 12 jours +1

      I couldn’t really get married barefoot because we were in a synagogue, but I wore ballet slippers that my dressmaker covered with the same lace as was in my dress. Comfy and beautiful!

  • lydwynnah
    lydwynnah Il y a 12 jours +2

    Lol I got bitten by ants the day before my wedding and due to my allergies, my ankle was swollen for 2 entire days. I managed to dance and pretend to be fine but by the end of the night I was putting my entire weight on my good foot, so the last pics came out funny 😂

  • Luna TARDIS Flyer
    Luna TARDIS Flyer Il y a 9 jours +1

    I went to a wedding when a was like 9 or 10 and it went pretty well
    Apart from that I was put in high heels that didnt fit me (I've got wide feet) cause apparently beauty is more important than than not feeling pain. because of this and the fact that it rained outside (where me and the other kids were playing) I fell over twice and cried. The second time I dropped my cupcake and 9yo me was not happy lmao

  • MMChoza
    MMChoza Il y a 12 jours +3

    Charlotte I just have to say that my little 4 month old likes to watch you and really cracks him up when you yell and scream 😂😂😂😂😂 it's his favourite thing...I'm doing something right

  • I’m So Bored
    I’m So Bored Il y a 12 jours +2

    My friend had a wedding in Greece. Moments before they went down to the beach, the best man had to shoo away some German tourists (who didn’t speak English) who didn’t know that a wedding was to take place in 10 minutes time on that beach.

  • Susie Sunshine
    Susie Sunshine Il y a 12 jours +1

    Omg, I'm SO SOOO GLAD I had a small simple wedding for real!! And pre pandemic too!! I was 4 to 5 months pregnant so my shoes wouldn't even fit and we had it by the pool at my parents house, we all got smashed and had a great time, well, I didn't get smashed of course, but we still had a blast!!! I only had like 2 glasses of champagne, and the best part...... was that I got to marry my soul mate!!!!! And I had my baby November 2019, what wwhhaatt!!!!

    • Teresa Howick
      Teresa Howick Il y a 12 jours

      Got married almost 18 years ago. Also 5 months pregnant 😃. So no alcohol for me. It was fun. I left the reception at 10 pm cuz I was exhausted 😂.

  • Ash
    Ash Il y a 12 jours +3

    Take it from me, my wedding was supposed to be last year around mid-June but cause of Covid I have to push it to this year in a few weeks, my fiancé proposed to me back in Christmas of 2019, and I was starting to plan it then the pandemic happened, but I’m glad now we waited.

  • B Spencer
    B Spencer Il y a 12 jours +4

    While not a wedding, the last time my luggage didn’t show up for a couple days was a good lesson to carry a backpack with extra underwear, a couple tops, pr of shorts, and a bathing suit. The backpack also has the iPad & iPod, All the chargers, a pen, Emory board, etc.

  • Courtney Childress
    Courtney Childress Il y a 12 jours +1

    When I got to the doors to walk down the aisle, I noticed my song was already playing for the wedding party to walk in. I wasn’t worried about it, I figured it would just keep playing as I walked in. The venue wedding planner let me know she was about to stop the song and play “my song.” After a through-the-teeth back and forth of “this is my song” and her saying “no, it’s not” I finally got her to agree to play the current song for me. BUT she stopped the song and started it over…🙄🙄🙄 her and the way too slow makeup artist were the worst part of the wedding, everything else was awesome!

  • Jeanette Malene Sørensen
    Jeanette Malene Sørensen Il y a 12 jours +1

    My husband and I had planned our wedding for 6th of June 2020, we had been planning it for 2 years. We had to cancel our dream wedding but after the day that should have been our wedding had come and went we just were so sad tht we couldn’t start our married life together. We ended to getting hitched and only our parents, one grandparent and sibling were there. We are still hoping for a real celebration maybe for our 10 years wedding anniversary, and getting renewed our vowels in the church and get that wedding felling we were cheated for.

  • Purplegoldfish14
    Purplegoldfish14 Il y a 12 jours +1

    My veil flew off in the middle of my ceremony too 😂 got caught on a hedge behind us so it was quickly rescued 😅 hadn't really wanted the ceremony outside in case of wind but... things worked out how they worked out 🤷‍♀️

  • Brandoncye
    Brandoncye Il y a 12 jours

    At the end when Charlotte says "new fear unlocked" I could feel the horror deep down in her voice as she said it and couldn't help but laugh bcuz I can just imagine her staying away from sports all together now just because of that brides fingers! 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • PrettyLadiesPrettyBabies
    PrettyLadiesPrettyBabies Il y a 12 jours +1

    I got married in Mexico, they let me bring my dress on board, we fit the suit and bridal party outfits in the dress bag as well. This is usually part of destination wedding packages but you can always ask the airline.
    Also, every time I travel somewhere tropical I always bring at least 1 bikini and 1 sundress in my carry on! My poor friend once spent 3 days on the beach in sweats took so long to get her lost luggage.

  • #flightattendantsdayoff
    #flightattendantsdayoff Il y a 11 jours

    That last story, while I’m sure stressful at the time, is just cute. What a unique wedding memory!

  • Miss Anthrope
    Miss Anthrope Il y a 12 jours +2

    You could have the most amazing wedding pictures getting married during pride! Accidental style is the best style

    • Karen Henson
      Karen Henson Il y a 12 jours +1

      After all, love is love! ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤 🤍 🤎

  • Lxuren
    Lxuren Il y a 12 jours +2


  • Amy Hamaker
    Amy Hamaker Il y a 12 jours +1

    My hubby and I got married in July 2020; we went to Las Vegas and did a drive-through wedding, with Facebook Live. It was magical.

  • Somnium-Arts
    Somnium-Arts Il y a 12 jours +2

    Not a real wedding but one in the sims 4, but its fitting bc it was an absolute disaster so I want to share it:
    My sim was getting married and invited her extended family, including her sisters husband and kids (two teens), who were all vampires. I did not expect them to show up bc they didn’t to the other sisters wedding. But they did. The wedding was outside, and they all burned to death before my sim even had the chance to get married to her fiancé.
    Managed to plead for the life of one of the kids and saved them but the husband and the other kid died after unsuccessfully pleading for them 😂🙈
    I did say I wanted more drama in my games I guess.

  • Phlimbob
    Phlimbob Il y a 12 jours +4

    Omg, I've had 12:07 happen to me. It was just a party, not a wedding, but we girls thought it would be fun to pick up our guy friend, and for some reason, I got this guy's entire upper body and the other 3 girls got his legs. Boy went down pretty fast after the photos were taken.

  • Sucheta Vasishta
    Sucheta Vasishta Il y a 12 jours

    I had to deal with missed/delayed baggage for my cousins’ wedding at Austin, TX. Was heartbroken as I had all my makeup,accessories and dresses in that one suitcase. It took 2 days for it to arrive at the Resort where the wedding was taking place. I was able to doll up at least for the reception … *sigh*

  • Keith Braham
    Keith Braham Il y a 12 jours +5

    It seems that "destination weddings" place an unnecessary financial burden on the guests and it eliminates a large number of the "little people" who are not able or wanted at the event. Just saying🤣🤣

    • Keith Braham
      Keith Braham Il y a 12 jours +1

      @Nicky L Never made sense to me either

    • Nicky L
      Nicky L Il y a 12 jours +1

      They are just a horrible idea.

  • Laqueta Hodge-Momon
    Laqueta Hodge-Momon Il y a 12 jours +2

    We got engaged April 2020, right when covid shut everything down & we got married July 2021. Being in California, things weren't super open & we couldn't do the buffet like we wanted, but we were able to have the wedding we wanted since we didn't know a lot of people anyways lol

  • Louise Nielsen
    Louise Nielsen Il y a 12 jours +3

    Americans and Canadians going "Things are slowly starting to turn around now" regarding covid.. Us Europeans raising our eyebrows in suprise, As most restrictions are now lifted everywhere in Europe and we don't even need masks in planes and airports anymore 🤣

  • kine brembry
    kine brembry Il y a 12 jours +2

    Charlotte, you rule a kingdom. Any man would be blessed to have you queen.

  • Lynda Jaeger
    Lynda Jaeger Il y a 12 jours +2

    they also played the wrong song when I went down the aisle, I just went with it bc I was so anxious and didn't want to seem like a bridezilla. I should have stood my ground for the money I paid

  • Sarah Green
    Sarah Green Il y a 11 jours +1

    A girl I work with was having a destination wedding and she was so worried about losing her luggage and wedding dress, so she wanted to take it on with her, but they wouldn’t let her take it in carry on, so she actually wore the dress on the plane, she said it was ok cos her groom was on a different flight and wouldn’t c her, lol

  • LeeMary Coziar
    LeeMary Coziar Il y a 12 jours +3

    I lived in Hawaii for 20 years, I’ve seen all kinds of stupid things ruin gorgeous beach weddings.
    And cow poo is the best smell in the world! I always roll down my windows when I’m driving past cows to see how smelly they are. Last Mother’sDay I gave my mom a bucket of cow shit, she LOVED IT! It’s so easy to make old farmers happy 😜

    • Pablo del Segundo
      Pablo del Segundo Il y a 12 jours +1

      I can't say I love the smell of cow shit, but it always reminds me of my childhood years in a small German village, where I loved living. It's dissonant, but in a good way.

    • kayleighandhercat
      kayleighandhercat Il y a 12 jours

      I love Hawaii and I want to move there in the next five years

  • aubrie daniels
    aubrie daniels Il y a 12 jours

    Love you charlotte!!! Thanks for all the laughs!!

  • Peggy Woods
    Peggy Woods Il y a 12 jours

    I used to dj weddings, and also worked in catering. I lived in a ski resort area, so lots of people like planning summer weddings in the Rockies. I've seen snow happen; all the bridesmaids were wearing the groomsmen's jackets and looked cute. There was one where a raging thunderstorm unleashed. I was under one tent while the reception party was under others. People would take turns running through the rain to make song requests. I've had brides be mad that I played a song from the NO list, but once I told them someone had paid me to, they were OK. Oh and there was one where some of the family were taking advantage of the recreational mj laws and someone got too high and freaked out. Fun times!

  • Jo Chesson
    Jo Chesson Il y a 12 jours

    My niece had her wedding ceremony at a park beach near her home town. (In Australia). There were people on the beach but everyone was so respectful during the ceremony. They either stopped to watch (which we thought was lovely) or they walked behind where the guests were sitting. The people who were standing to the sides applauded when the ceremony was over.

  • Broken Princess
    Broken Princess Il y a 11 jours

    What me and my mom learned from these videos for what I have a wedding one day:
    1- no pools, just not safe for anyone
    2- no fire, I have a silly tall brother and I feel he's just gonna hurt himself with that. (Also with #1)
    3- get dresses that everyone looks good in and don't care what peoples hair styles, color, or what height they are.
    4- not to wear heels. I've been able to wear heels since I was 2 but my balance has been throw out the window since I was a baby.
    5- have all the family there that you can
    6- get idea from my significant other for the wedding. I see so many stories of the woman planning it all and the man hating it or versa.
    7- no drinking before the ceremony but after it's chill.
    There could be more but that's what I got so far.

  • Lt Dodo
    Lt Dodo Il y a 12 jours +5

    The bride in the first video literally did an Olympic sprint running on sand while wearing a wedding dress. I was amazed I have to say!

  • jaspr1999
    jaspr1999 Il y a 12 jours +18

    Charlotte... Believe me, the right person will show up for you at the weirdest time and place when you least expect it. My wife & I are living proof of how weird and wild fate can be.
    As bad as these were, the only one that bothered me was the one that the bride didn't show up. The rest may have been stressful but heartbreak is so much worse than anything.

    • Teresa Howick
      Teresa Howick Il y a 12 jours +1

      @Lazy I Ranch I’m so sorry for your loss. But that’s so funny what you blurted out 😂.

    • Lazy I Ranch
      Lazy I Ranch Il y a 12 jours +3

      That's so true! I experienced love at first sight once in my life, at age 19. I walked into my parent's house and my brother was there with the brother of his girlfriend who had just flown in from Seattle, Bert (we were in Dallas, TX.) I'm pretty sure there were bluebirds flitting around my head, singing and giving off sparkles. I didn't know what to say, so I blurted out, "Oh! There you are!" and immediately turned beet red. Bert smiled at me with his adorable lop-sided smile, and that was it, I was done for!
      My brother's girlfriend broke up with him, but Bert soon became his best friend, and my soulmate. We had 8 fun happy years together and planned to get married in 1989. Unfortunately, he died suddenly at age 32. I regret that we put off getting married. We thought we had all the time in the world.

  • Sarah lovee
    Sarah lovee Il y a 12 jours +2

    Hi charlotte, I've been catching up all the videos I missed life got crazy and I got antisocial for a while and missed out on a whole bunch.
    Is your PO box still open? I hope I didn't miss the chance to send something.
    Congrats on almost hitting the million I can't believe how quickly it went from 10 of us to a million!
    Just goes to show the quality level of your videos.

    • Lazy I Ranch
      Lazy I Ranch Il y a 12 jours

      I sure hope so! I just mailed my gift to her on Monday. They are butterfly hair clips and ties that I make from fancy designer fabric swatches I got from an interior designer who retired. I've never seen fabric like this at the fabric stores, lots of beautiful brocades, metallics, embroidered or iridescents in jewel-toned colors. I looked up some of the fabrics online by the labels that were on them, many cost over $200 a yard! Since they are 8X10 inch swatches, I can only cut one or two pieces from each, but there are a lot of them. The bodies of the butterflies are made from vintage glass or stone beads I've collected over the years. I'm having so much fun sewing these (often while watching her videos) I hope she likes them, and that they get there before she closes her P.O. box!

  • Beth M
    Beth M Il y a 12 jours

    Hey Charlotte! I just wanted to say you are so sweet and sassy and petty! You make my day and you slay!! ☺️❤️

  • Betty Murphy
    Betty Murphy Il y a 12 jours +2

    It boggles my mind that you haven't been able to find a man WORTHY OF YOU to marry. SO GLAD you haven't settled for just some AH!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE ABSOLUTE TOTAL PACKAGE, AND I KNOW YOU'RE WAIT WILL BE WORTH IT. I WISH YOU EVERY HAPPINESS AND BLESSING LIFE HAS TO OFFER!!!!! YOUR PATIENCE WILL PAY OFF!!!!!!! YOU DESERVE ONLY THE BEST.

  • Mint Berry
    Mint Berry Il y a 12 jours +2

    i fear losing my luggage more than the plane going down. id ask how this even happens, but ive seen clips of baggage handlers 😬

  • Tajuana Atterberry
    Tajuana Atterberry Il y a 12 jours +1

    I think you are a beautiful person inside and out with a great sense of humor I'm sure any guy would be very lucky to marry you Charlotte 😊