MOMZILLAS That Are On Another Level - REACTION

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  • MOMZILLAS That Are On Another Level - REACTION
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    Hey ya'll! Today on my channel we are reacting to some MOMZILLAS that are on another level. Moms and Mother In Laws can be a total blessing, we all love a momma bear. But when your mom or MIL goes off the rails, they go all the way off. Enjoy these INSANE MOMS.
    Hi, I'm Charlotte Dobre. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
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  • Cally Cagney
    Cally Cagney Il y a 25 jours +2638

    That dad allowing his mother to continuously attack and insult his daughter is a vile person.

    • Jessica Rhodes
      Jessica Rhodes Il y a 7 jours

      I personally came out of that story hating the husband more than the mother in law. Grandma is awful but dad is the monster for INSISTING his daughter’s bully be a constant presence in her life.

    • Lauren Barnett
      Lauren Barnett Il y a 13 jours

      He is a sad excuse for a father…..

    • Starberrykissx
      Starberrykissx Il y a 14 jours +1

      @Tiffany Torres you take the words out of my mouth i was thinking the same thing
      im like this is has to be a mama boy behavior

    • Tiffany Hartwig
      Tiffany Hartwig Il y a 15 jours

      So being the "disappointment". My dad's mom hated my mom so she took it out on me n my baby sis. my 2 older brothers (different mom) got literally garbage bags (each) of Xmas gifts, me and my sis got dollar store Barbies n that was also my bday gift to (I'm a Xmas baby). They also said my dad was the greatest. Yea the greatest at beating me like a grown man. Woke me up so I watch him beat my mom n then me. My lil sis don't remember much she said she only remember darkness, but that's cuz I would hide her under clothes or under bed with stuff shoved in front of her. But hey he was the bestest

  • Katrina Repine
    Katrina Repine Il y a 25 jours +271

    I was born on my moms birthday, we are 28 years apart and she’s always acted like it’s only her birthday. The only party I ever had was my 1st birthday party and she still tried to make it about her. My 16th, 18th and 21st? Didn’t exist, just about her. When I met and married my husband I found out his moms birthday is the same as mine as well. She’s so excited to share a birthday and even though we live several states apart we’re planning a belated birthday lunch when we come to visit in June.

    • Joyie
      Joyie Il y a 13 jours +2

      I’m so sorry. My mom’s birthday is the day before mine and she would often forgo celebrating her’s so that mine wouldn’t feel like a second. She even tried to have me the day before hers so I wouldn’t be after her because she never wanted me to feel second to her. Now that I’m older we see it as double the fun and I always make sure to celebrate her’s as much as mine. My birthday would also sometimes fall in Father’s Day so if that happened we’d celebrate her’s and mine the day before and then my dad the day after.

    • elderford989
      elderford989 Il y a 22 jours +5

      I'm glad you now have a mom who cares xxx

    • Grenade
      Grenade Il y a 22 jours +8

      Your mother is not a good person on this point. :( It's great that you can now enjoy what is sharing a birthday.

    • Kimberly Bone
      Kimberly Bone Il y a 24 jours +34

      I hope you and your husband have celebrated YOU on your birthday without your mother around.
      I'm so sorry, that is just so selfish and horrible of her.

  • Julia Weasley
    Julia Weasley Il y a 25 jours +309

    Ok but the father who allows his mother to talk to his daughter like that is the real villain here. lol Like 100%. That mom clearly did a big number on him if he truly believes that behavior is fine and not completely toxic. I'm assuming he received the exact treatment growing up and is so gaslighted that he can't see it. I wouldn't stay with a man who didn't protect his children. Period.

    • Gail Lynn
      Gail Lynn Il y a 22 jours +2

      No family member nor "friend" should cause your child(ren) to cry or feel less than!!! If you hear about or actually hear it, as in this case...IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS A PARENT TO STOP IT!! YOU ARE HIS/HER PROTECTOR!! DO YOUR DAMN JOB!!!

    • Julia Weasley
      Julia Weasley Il y a 22 jours +7

      @OmniscientlyMe it isn’t her responsibility to protect his daughter from her though, it’s his. But basically they both are horrible. Lol

    • OmniscientlyMe
      OmniscientlyMe Il y a 22 jours +2

      Nah, the MIL is the villain, he's just a lackey/minion.

  • Britni Cox
    Britni Cox Il y a 25 jours +360

    Needless to say I would be critiquing every single thing the MIL did from that moment on - food, parties, decorations, clothes, etc. EVERYTHING. And if she or the son had a problem I will tell her that I was just “telling it like it is, I learned it from her”

    • Epodmusic17
      Epodmusic17 Il y a 18 jours +2

      DAMN RIGHT! I would write down every criticism just to throw it back in her face later.

    • Priscila Murari
      Priscila Murari Il y a 25 jours +23

      Then she would play the victim. Narcissists don’t get better, they just double down.

    • Stonefox
      Stonefox Il y a 25 jours +40

      Nah, she'll just be told it's her being petty and rude. Those "telling it how it is" people can never take what they dish out.

    • Esther Khan
      Esther Khan Il y a 25 jours +30

      Don't forget disappointing!

  • Nicole Lavigne
    Nicole Lavigne Il y a 25 jours +1944

    When intentionally spilling red wine on a while wedding dress is the BEST thing you could do at someone's wedding. lol That is absolutely taking one for the team. I love it.

    • StrangeSpark
      StrangeSpark Il y a 18 jours +1

      When I get married, I'm having "inappropriate outfit" t-shirts. Baggy, flamboyant t-shirts with "inappropriate outfit" written on the front in ugly sharpy, just in case.

    • Wlehglowdieh Burnett
      Wlehglowdieh Burnett Il y a 19 jours

      yes we love the pettiness

    • Andrew Pinsent
      Andrew Pinsent Il y a 22 jours +1

      @Demonzanddollz it was a woman in her story too lololol

    • elderford989
      elderford989 Il y a 22 jours +2

      That one was so heartwarming! That OP is a legend and deserves bottles of red wine every day!!

    • Surftouka
      Surftouka Il y a 23 jours

      I love how appreciative the SIL was!! I'm sure it was nice to know her efforts were appreciated (it seems by everyone except the Mom of course)

  • Roland Hansen
    Roland Hansen Il y a 25 jours +131

    My mother was a lot like this. She would say things to purposely embarrass people. And then use the excuse "I'm just telling the truth". And she wondered why I never wanted to see her after my parents divorced. 😮 Classic narcissist using the "telling the truth" reason to insult people.

    • Lauren Dermody
      Lauren Dermody Il y a 23 jours +1

      I always heard “I’m just honest.”

    • Frankenstein's Penguin: NOISE WRANGLER
      Frankenstein's Penguin: NOISE WRANGLER Il y a 23 jours

      @Rachelle Reeve Bull's-eye!

    • Rachelle Reeve
      Rachelle Reeve Il y a 24 jours +5

      "Telling it as it is". More like, "telling it as I see it". They're not the same. In fact, individuals like this usually have a pretty warped, self-serving perspective on things.
      They think they're being clever using the 'truth bomb' excuse when they're really just demonstrating their poor impulse control and lack of emotional intelligence.
      That said, they know it's not okay. The give-away is their utter indignation when treated the way they treat others.

    • LadyEvelynL
      LadyEvelynL Il y a 25 jours +2

      I have a coworker who ‘just says it like it is’. She’s been getting so insufferable with her childish antics, and she won’t change, because ‘it’s just how she is’

    • Priscila Murari
      Priscila Murari Il y a 25 jours +6

      Same. Decades of suffering and being forced to forgive and respect her because she is the mother, but not anymore. I just found out about narcissism and oh boy, it all makes sense. They are evil and don’t change.

  • LaurenTiare
    LaurenTiare Il y a 25 jours +271

    As a pianist of (almost) 6 years, the story with the daughter’s performances and the grandmother pointing out each and every single flaw; not to mention flat out telling her that the performance was a “disappointment”?! How the hell does one have the balls to say that to a 13 year old kid who’s just learning an instrument?! The mother handled the situation like a champ, the husband didn’t even do shit in standing up for his child. The first thing ANY parent should think about is their CHILD. I do NOT care if it’s your mother or your father, but when your child’s self-esteem is berated; let alone being put down by her own grandmother and the FATHER does nothing?! Absolute mama’s boy for sure. Ultimately, I don’t think OP is the AH in this. Her reasoning is solid. If I were her, I would do the same thing she did. Also, if anyone is a beginner pianist, don’t let jerks bring you down just because you mess up a few notes. You’re learning and with practice and patience you’ll get better everyday! ✨

    • NeverendingTori
      NeverendingTori Il y a 21 jour

      If my grandmother told me my performances were "disappointing" at age 13, I'd have quit playing piano altogether.

    • Carin Jansen van Vuuren
      Carin Jansen van Vuuren Il y a 25 jours


    • Ben Lutz
      Ben Lutz Il y a 25 jours +4

      I'd have the kid play the next performance - a duet with Grandma. Just wheel a second piano out and call the old bag up on stage. Have a page turner point at middle C and stop playing every time that note occurs in the piece, have the guy point and wait until Grandma poinks that key. Five minutes of comedy gold. Then go nc

    • Becky Webster
      Becky Webster Il y a 25 jours +1

      I'm not surprised by the things some people say to their children. my friends ex-husband once yelled at his two year old ( now 4) for not throwing a fit when she has to walk. which was not true he was just jealous of me and the our friend Jon because his kids like us more then him. so he picked her up and the 4 month old baby and left. i was just like so you want you daughter to do the opposite of what you're
      doing. however what made me laugh was 15 min later i was walking around with her and she was perfect we passed him. of course he then asked her if she stole a keychain i gave her. like im sorry your daughter is two ahe can barely talk and has no idea what you mean.

    • Psalm Reader
      Psalm Reader Il y a 25 jours +3

      I wonder if the Momzilla has any talents herself or is she just living them through the granddaughter

  • Sweetest_Weasel
    Sweetest_Weasel Il y a 25 jours +500

    It's sad to see people putting up with loved ones criticizing their children like that. Especially from parents/inlaws/family in general. My mothers step mom had a HUGE chokehold on her in that aspect for a long time. My mom would always try to make sure we were dressed and presented perfectly when we went to visit. But that absolute monster always had something to say about how poorly we looked. My mom never let on that this would happen. She just obsessed more and more over making us as a family presentable. Step monster also always had a "favorite" grand child, and it was always one of my brothers. And when my niece was born she made a comment to my mom about how "at least you get to spend time with your grand daughter" (for context, she has a bio grand daughter, I've never met her, I'm sure there's a great reason for that) I've always felt like I never existed to her. When I did exist to her, it was always negative. Needless to say, I never want to see her again. There are so many more stories and examples. This isn't even the tip of the iceberg. 🥲

    • Grenade
      Grenade Il y a 22 jours +2

      My mom is really nice, but she always critiziced the way I acted during friends/family visits (she did it with good intention, but she was over-the-top). Result ? Now, at 31 yo, I just never hang out with anybody, because I always feel that I can't say and do the right things. I just feel good when I'm alone. :(

    • Sue Metzger
      Sue Metzger Il y a 24 jours +1

      Know, WE KNOW. There is so much more to you and youyyou houtfroyt4

    • Laura BoE
      Laura BoE Il y a 24 jours +2

      ❤️ I wish I wouldn't be feeling this so much. My grandma used to comment about everything what we did wrong, as in "cut the butter the wrong way, now it doesn't look nice anymore!" wtf 🙄 and also always had something to say about pimples, moles and weight - she really killed my selfesteem because the "favorite grandchild" game were played too and my cousins are much more quite and shy. To this day I remember things I'm sure I shouldn't have in my head. My mom somehow learned to not give fs pretty early so she tried to keep it easy on us. Thanks for that 🙏

    • Monique Damphousse
      Monique Damphousse Il y a 25 jours +3

      I understand you completely. My own daughter was put throught similar kinds of shite from my mother. Some people should never be allowed into a child's life. 🙄

    • Sweetest_Weasel
      Sweetest_Weasel Il y a 25 jours +3

      I cut off contact completely at this point. When I was 18, I decided not to invite her to my grad party. That also included most of my moms family. The party was great, though. I saw her again a few times through my mid 20s. I'm 31 now, and I am done for good. I haven't seen her since my SIL's baby shower. I told the rest of my family if she's going to be invited, dont bother asking me to go. I almost cut off my mom, as well. She finally got help. Our relationship is better. Still not great, but better. Thank you all for your kind words and support. I didn't think this would catch so much traction.

  • apollothehorse
    apollothehorse Il y a 25 jours +143

    My mom was a big daddy’s girl. Every time I saw him, he’d ask about the classes I wasn’t doing well in. This on top of the cheek pinching, ear pulling, birthday spankings, etc, that I always said no to and he kept doing, even into my late teens. Mom always brushed it off, but I couldn’t sleep at their house if he was awake. As an adult, I mentioned these things again in front of my father, but he said he’d always assumed we were safe w grandmother there (she was an angel, and I’ll never understand why she chose my grandfather). Needless to say, I didn’t really grieve when he passed because I had no fond memories of him. I always felt a little guilty about that, but watching this makes me feel a little better. That girl’s father and grandma are wretched, and she will grow up with the mental scars (speaking from experience)

    • Carmel Tabby
      Carmel Tabby Il y a 24 jours +4

      @Danielle King. Same here. My mother once explained her mom to us as someone who was raised in the "children should be seen and not heard" era. This explanation came after a visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house that resulted in a huge fight between our dad and grandmother because she yelled at us for jumping on beds and being loud and my dad didn't appreciate someone else yelling at us for once lol. Never been upset that my mom would go for years without speaking to her mother.

    • Danielle King
      Danielle King Il y a 25 jours +7

      I was the same about my paternal grandmother at her funeral. I wasn't really sad or grieving. She was a cold woman and didn't like little kids because they would dirty up her house and she always made sure it was spotless (go figure.... lovely lady). On the flip-side, my paternal grandfather was so warm and sweet and everyone loved him.

    • Mikayla McCay
      Mikayla McCay Il y a 25 jours +12

      So sorry you had this experience.
      I can relate. My grandfather used to make fun of how I looked, tickle me really hard even when I told him to stop, call me hurtful names, give me wet willys (licking his finger and sticking it in my ear), and more. I hated it and he made me cry, which he'd then call me a cry baby and to get over it. My dad (his son) never stood up to him because it was "just a joke". I don't see either of them anymore. They're both incredibly toxic people I'm happier without.

    • Lori Peace9 Art
      Lori Peace9 Art Il y a 25 jours +11

      I'm so sorry to hear that you had such a terrible experience with your grandfather. What a terrible thing to have happen to you. :(

  • Lori Elmore
    Lori Elmore Il y a 25 jours +370

    My youngest daughter self taught the viola and was tied for first chair before the school year was over. She loved it and I am so proud of her. In-laws did the same thing and before she went to high school a year later she quit. I didn't find out it was because of them until years later. My blood boils.

    • Katie Lough
      Katie Lough Il y a 23 jours

      @John and what exactly is bs about anyone's comment here?

    • Tchikedy
      Tchikedy Il y a 23 jours +1

      @Purple Nonsense Exactly! We don't have to feel bad for cutting toxic relatives out of our lifes.

    • Purple Nonsense
      Purple Nonsense Il y a 23 jours +1

      Sorry that happened to you, i can relate but with one of my grandmothers. I think i have one nice memory with her, the rest is all drama & trauma. and I won't miss her when she passes, I'm trying to come to terms with this, it seems bad but it's not, we're allowed to feel relief if a bad person is out of our lives

    • Tchikedy
      Tchikedy Il y a 23 jours

      @Lori Elmore oh, thank you, don't worry. Sorry to hear what your daughters have to go through!

    • Lori Elmore
      Lori Elmore Il y a 23 jours +1

      @Tchikedy It means that both my daughters are seeing therapists to talk through their issues from their childhood that their grandparents caused. Sorry that was unclear.

  • DeeDee 0615
    DeeDee 0615 Il y a 25 jours +409

    The one about the grandma made me so sad, poor girl. My girls grandad (on her dads side) came over during the holidays and commented on her weight, that she had put some on and was starting to look fat 😤 nope 🙅🏻‍♀️ I had words with him then he did it again… told my partner he wasn’t welcome back in my house. Haven’t seen him since Christmas, it’s lovely.

    • Mia Katharine Myers
      Mia Katharine Myers Il y a 24 jours +3

      @DeeDee 0615 Good for you, standing up for your daughter. My father was the same way. He’d make comments about my weight, wouldn’t let me eat and was forcing me to run on a treadmill at 10 years old. Needless to say, I had an eating disorder by the time I was 12. Tell your daughter every day how beautiful she is. That’s what I do with my daughter now, and she’s the happiest, most confident and sassiest kid I’ve ever met.

    • FräuleinH.
      FräuleinH. Il y a 25 jours +3

      @IzzyKawaiichi Not a bad thing at all to be well insulated!

    • FräuleinH.
      FräuleinH. Il y a 25 jours +3

      @Liliana Mejia That's what doctors are there for, to tell you things like that and help you in the process.

    • Kai Vickers
      Kai Vickers Il y a 25 jours +8

      @Liliana Mejia - Children all go through an awkward phase, this can be a chunky phase or a gawky phase. If a child eats healthy and exercises and is still not thin, then genetics may be to blame. Telling a child they’re fat is evil.

    • IzzyKawaiichi
      IzzyKawaiichi Il y a 25 jours +11

      My mother had words with my uncle and grandfather after she heard them making comments about mine and my cousin's weights when we were early teens. They weren't trying to be hurtful, but she pretty much straight up told them they were not, under any circumstances, to talk about it. She grew up with a fair amount of body image issues, and she's never been really fat, but... our genetics keep us well insulated, let's put it that way.

  • Ambra
    Ambra Il y a 25 jours +84

    The piano one is just so sad to me. How can a grandmother act that way? And the husband not standing up for his wife and daughter is a big red flag for me. I see a divorce in their future...

    • Susan
      Susan Il y a 25 jours +10


  • Sarah Green
    Sarah Green Il y a 25 jours +119

    At my cousins wedding, the mil was dirty dancing with whoever was on the dance floor even if they were dancing with someone else, and making such a spectacle that the matron of honour stuck a plate full of cake on the seat, chocolate and berries left a really bad stain all over, she never danced after that and the bride was so happy, fun to watch

    • Jenn B
      Jenn B Il y a 25 jours +10

      The cake in the chair ROFL.. Tops it right up there with the wine spill. Thats epic! Sometimes you try to level with these people and they wont let up.

  • Thalia McKnight
    Thalia McKnight Il y a 25 jours +1153

    as someone who cant play music anymore due to trauma, that mother needs to protect her daughter as much as she can. if that means divorce or some sort of separation from her father and grandmother, then so be it.
    i dedicated my life to music out of necessity, despite the pain (physical and emotional) it caused me. i finally changed my path in life after a bout of physical therapy, and have only gotten better from here. i know my situation is a lot different than the girl in the story, but for her sake, her mother needs to make some serious changes

    • Anaïs L.
      Anaïs L. Il y a 17 jours

      Some grand-mothers act like that because they can't accept the fact that their son has someone more important than them in their life (is married or in a serious relationship with someone and/or have a child with someone). Their son is their property and any "stranger" aka their daughter in law or grandchildren are seen as obstacles between their son and them and they will continuously pick at them and try to separate them. This type of grand-mother is disgusting and pure evil !

    • Stephanie Boggs
      Stephanie Boggs Il y a 17 jours

      @Thalia McKnight ????

    • Chassy
      Chassy Il y a 22 jours +1

      Seriously. Even if he husband isn't directly criticizing, his actions/inaction speak volumes to his daughter. I hope the daughter gets away from the sewage of a person that is her grandma.
      My mother loved to sing, I did too (still do). When I was 9, I went to live with her again, and initially I would join in on her singing and have fun with it. She wondered why I stopped after a few months. WELL, she and her boyfriend mocked me for singing in the shower. I came out one night, and heard them laughing and imitating me. They continued even after I had entered the room, they thought it was absolutely hilarious. I'm not amazing, I'm pretty decent, but 9 year old me thought I had to be awful at it. I'm 31 now and have only recently been kind of okay with anyone that I'm not close to hearing me sing. I did karaoke for the first time in August of 2019 and I had to be moderately intoxicated to handle it. It was fun and the crowd responded so kindly (I even got a high five!). It was a bittersweet experience.

    • elderford989
      elderford989 Il y a 22 jours

      Same, I was trying to learn to play guitar and my ex was teaching me. He spoke to me like I was something he'd stepped in so I just gave up. I couldn't handle the abuse any more.

    • Atre Bodnárová
      Atre Bodnárová Il y a 24 jours +1

      The sad thing that it's his daughter who is suffering and will have life long trauma. This kind of trauma is likely to make her doubt her own abilities and settle for an abusive relationship or for a poor workplace because she won't believe she deserves any better. I really hope that poor kid can get away from that horrible man.

  • Mady!
    Mady! Il y a 25 jours +54

    Y'know, I also had an adult telling me how stupid he thought I was when I was 7 because I was struggling with math. Spoiler alert: it was my father! The bullying didn't stop there, but I feel like that's a preeeetty important highlight.
    I cut him out of my life when I was 12, and it was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made. He missed out on my first job, my prom and other dances, my graduation, the release of my book, and everything I've ever done since I told him that I never wanted to hear from him again.
    I hope that little girl and her mom cut the vile grandmother and awful passive father out of her life -- adult bullies don't deserve any place in a child's life. Period.

    • Esther Khan
      Esther Khan Il y a 25 jours +4

      Oh yeah. Don't these people consider they are creating hatred and we might just walk away?

  • jacyevans
    jacyevans Il y a 25 jours +27

    Really hope that second story ends with an eventual divorce and the girl's mother gets full custody. His mother is absolutely VILE, and the fact that he's even passively agreeing with her tells me he should be as far from his child as often as possible.

    • Rach
      Rach Il y a 24 jours +2

      Yes I want an update I hope that OP and her daughter are doing better

  • Janice Hales
    Janice Hales Il y a 25 jours +40

    Only once did my husband take his mom's side against me. That's all it took, I told him straight out not to be a momma's boy and be a man and stand by his wife or pack up and go back to his momma for good. We have been married 44 years now, no problems!

  • Bandler Ching
    Bandler Ching Il y a 25 jours +54

    My (now ex) husbands mom convinced him to move us across the country to be closer to them. I did not want to, but got kinda railroaded into it. Well wouldn’t you know, in the 2 years since we’ve been here with her heavily influencing our lives, our marriage caved. In November when we were having problems, I took my rings off. I later found texts from her telling him to kick me out, change the locks and drain our bank accounts.
    He said “she’s just trying to protect me”
    😂 I’m the mother of her grandchildren, and I have no one here. She was straight up going to have me be homeless if he had taken her advice. Fuck that biiiitch.

    • Thunder Wolf
      Thunder Wolf Il y a 23 jours

      That's so messed up.

    • Dread Pool
      Dread Pool Il y a 25 jours +9

      Honey I’m glad you divorced him and took the kids, he wasnt standing up for you or your children.

  • Mechelle
    Mechelle Il y a 25 jours +1053

    I think the husband is a total mommas boy. No matter what she does to his family he will stand up for the mom every time.

    • 8ClockworkPurple8
      8ClockworkPurple8 Il y a 17 jours

      Another reason for OP to divorce him and get a restraining order for MIL and husband. If he’s going to ignore daughter’s feelings and dreams while downplaying grandma’s shaming and demeaning “advice”, he’s not fit to be a parent

    • ღSwnsasyღ _
      ღSwnsasyღ _ Il y a 21 jour +4

      Over his own damn child.. How is it he doesn't see her crying is what gets me.. Or he does and doesn't care.

    • Giovanni Itchee
      Giovanni Itchee Il y a 24 jours +3

      He should have married his mother.

    • Mrs. Natasha Ellwood
      Mrs. Natasha Ellwood Il y a 24 jours

      Drop him

  • Sara Livermore
    Sara Livermore Il y a 25 jours +153

    As someone with a toxic mom, thank you for sharing these astonishing examples. Not only do I get a reminder that I'm not the only one, but I get to laugh about it as well. 😂

    • Chunam Sg
      Chunam Sg Il y a 25 jours +1

      Yeah.. Same here.. With toxic mom.. but i can't stand up against my mom🙄.. but whenever i get into arguments with my mom i play Charlotte Dobre on full Volume 😂

    • Mia Katharine Myers
      Mia Katharine Myers Il y a 25 jours +1

      Same! I hope she makes more of these.

    • E.B Henny
      E.B Henny Il y a 25 jours +3

      And just in time to take the sting off of mother's day! Here's to healing, and giggling w Charlotte. 😊

    • HurryCrane Annie
      HurryCrane Annie Il y a 25 jours +3

      Thank you for sharring! Me too

  • Khyati Singh
    Khyati Singh Il y a 25 jours +97

    omg that grandmother who kept putting down her granddaughter's piano performance almost made me want to throw hands💀🤚🏻

    • Rebecca Rankin
      Rebecca Rankin Il y a 25 jours +1

      Me too! I started actually yelling at my phone!

    • Joanne McKann
      Joanne McKann Il y a 25 jours +1

      Same here, I would have lost it right then and there!

    • Chan Win Sern
      Chan Win Sern Il y a 25 jours +7

      Nah... I would have responded : Well, can you try playing the piano since you're the expert? Oh... You can't? Was your fingers arthritic?

  • Lightning Bolt
    Lightning Bolt Il y a 25 jours +64

    The first story was amazing.
    The story involving the grandmother and the granddaughter with the piano is messed up. Makes me grateful my parents never did that and offered actual constructive criticism with my hobbies. No grandmother or husband should act that way. Plus, playing any sort of music is a great skill and can lead to scholarships even if she doesn’t major in music by the time she hits college.

    • Hector's Mommy
      Hector's Mommy Il y a 25 jours +5

      My Mom criticized me constantly for everything from my clothes, hair, weight, attitude, etc. The 2 things that were untouchable were any hobbies (athletic, musical, dance, baking, sewing) and schoolwork (I was top 10 in school and even smarter than her can-do-no-wrong sons). If I was out there doing something in front of others, whether I was good or not. I got encouragement and lived for those moments. In my 60's, my self esteem is still in the toilet thanks to the other criticisms. I think Mom was just a narcissist who encouraged things people could praise HER for "she's so smart" "she's such a good cook" "she did well on stage" and hated me for things she thought embarrassing (too long hair, shirts too short, too fat, too skinny (yes, I was both at different times), not an important enough job, etc.)

  • Katherine Clarke
    Katherine Clarke Il y a 25 jours +93

    I’m sorry to say that I’m not shocked about the husband’s response to his wife asking not to invite MIL to their daughter’s performances. My guess is that he was gaslit his entire life by his mother and bent over backwards and accepted her insults as truth. He just learned to “take it” from her. My mom was sometimes the same way - I was driven to suicidal ideology but finally learned to stand up for myself and believe in myself and not her lies. I’m happy to report we have a much better relationship now.
    Back to their story - the mom of their 13-year-old daughter did what her daughter was too scared to do. She stood up to her abusive MIL and husband was unfortunately brainwashed by all the gaslighting. Husband doesn’t see a problem with the way his mother is insulting their daughter because he’s used to it - sad reality. Mom absolutely has the right to ask that MIL not come to performances because I feel like the least a grandparent figure should do is to be supportive and if she can’t even do that and is destroying her granddaughter’s self-esteem she shouldn’t be invited. I feel terrible for their situation.
    All that being said, Charlotte I think you’re an amazing content creator and I watch you daily!!! You always cheer me up even if it’s bitching at stupid people like this!!! Makes me feel like I’m not crazy!

    • Kmilli03
      Kmilli03 Il y a 24 jours

      I had the same stuff with my mom. Gas lit by her vitcimhood my whole life. Finally after many many years of dealing with psychotic mom and seeing how well my dad was doing after they divorced when I was 25, and counseling for stuff in my own life falling apart. I finally started to see how toxic she was in my life and cut her off for over a year. She acted like she changed some so we very slowly let her back into our lives a little at a time and then she was good for a bit and recently went full blown crazy again. Now that I really see who she is I can look back and see lots of things in my childhood that caused me trauma growing up that I had no idea What I had really been through.
      To those of you with super toxic mothers, set hard boundaries and stick to them. If they break them cut them off. Trust me your life will be so much better off without that toxic narcissist trying to sabotage your life.

    • Jessica
      Jessica Il y a 25 jours +1

      I’m betting he is more similar to the mom & will never support his wife over her

    • Mandy Kawaii
      Mandy Kawaii Il y a 25 jours +8

      He’s in so deep that even his arguments don’t make sense. He said him and his mom agreed that they want his daughter to become a doctor; his mom said that the wife is wasting HIS money on something as useless as piano lessons; Yet he says that what his mom is doing is constructive criticism. Constructive criticism is pointing out errors and give advice in how to improve. So he is pretty much a hypocrite cuz, the idea of giving constructive criticism is that you want that person to improve and get better in what they’re doing, a.k.a. approving of what they’re doing. In my opinion, there’s no other route than to divorce. I played in my head; even if they get couples therapy he would find a way to insert his mother into their COUPLES THERAPY.

  • Surftouka
    Surftouka Il y a 25 jours +20

    At 20 y/o I volunteered at a hospital & thought it was despicable that some 50 & up had no visitors, understandable if they had no family, otherwise growing up family-oriented I didn't understand. I was naive. Then I met people, 2 sisters who were raped by their own Dad, others with physically or mentally abusive parents & I came to an understanding... some of them deserved to be alone in the hospital room, they brought it upon themselves. There are always 2 sides to the story so I shouldn't judge!

  • Chunksaflyin
    Chunksaflyin Il y a 25 jours +26

    When my mother started to criticize my sons artwork and always in front of my then wife but never in front of me, I had a talk with her, caught her a few times later on and she always said it was to help him get better. I pointed out telling him he wasn't good was not helpful. I warned her more than once and when she didn't stop, I did something I thought I'd never do, I told her no more. I cut her out, between treating my son like that, she didn't treat my wife well either (see, I married the "wrong" woman in her eyes), so that was it, I love my mom, but I chose my son and wife over it all. She didn't think I'd follow through. I did. I'm divorced now, but that has nothing to do with anything I talked about here. WHOLE other story. My son? 33 now and still drawing and painting, sends me updates and pics of his work on a regular basis and I love it.
    As always, LOVE your content and though I don't have any atm, life isn't kind right now, I will be getting some petty merch as soon as I can, but you should compile videos and pics taken of all your subs (sounds almost kinky heh heh heh) and put together a video of everyone wearing petty merch. I'll try to get mine in the next couple of months, once things settle down. Keep up the great work and stay safe.

  • Lady Justice
    Lady Justice Il y a 25 jours +72

    The red wine spillage, genius. The piano playing grandaughter is being subjected to mental abuse, by both her GM and her dad. The mom of the little girl needs to start recording any interaction between GM and her daughter have, plus her husband's reaction. Go to a dam good divorce attorney and show him the footage.

  • Christina Chang
    Christina Chang Il y a 25 jours +7

    "This is what God wants me to do" was the exact same words when I asked my mom why she cheated on my dad 😂 And she wonders why I don't follow Christianity with her...

  • kitty62862
    kitty62862 Il y a 25 jours +34

    The wine spilling sibling is an angel.
    Hubby in the “Critical Grandma” situation needs to grow a set, or pack.
    My paternal grandmother was a momzilla from hell.
    She’s been dead 27 years, and she’s still a problem.

    • Duckeh
      Duckeh Il y a 23 jours

      hubby and his mom wants daughter to stop playing piano. that's why husband invites his mom to insult his daughter

  • rita paolantonio
    rita paolantonio Il y a 25 jours +52

    Honestly, I don’t think I could ever be married to a man who pushed the career or his choice onto our kids. If u can’t love and support ur kids with whatever they r passionate about then u obviously don’t have unconditional love for them and that’s not the kind of parent they need in their life

    • Karen Cotlar
      Karen Cotlar Il y a 25 jours +1

      My husband was constantly pushed to be a lawyer like his father when he was growing up. He escaped for awhile but eventually got sucked back in. He’s a very good lawyer, but never once has he suggested that either of our kids become lawyers and actively discourages his parents from starting in on the kids. I’m so grateful and have so much respect for him for breaking the cycle!

    • Catelyn H
      Catelyn H Il y a 25 jours +3

      As a kid, I wanted to be an author for my job. Specifically sci-fi or fantasy. My parents were programmers (well, technically managers and team leads, but their job was originally programming). Although they knew the likelihood of my writing bringing in enough money to live off of was very low, especially with the markets flooding with self published works, they never tried to put me down or dissuade me from writing. In fact, my mother highly encouraged it and still loves to read what I write to this day.
      Well, come high school, I wrote something that got an award. My English teachers all loved me. I joined and even hosted writers groups.
      In college, I took a computer science course and realized that, even though I love to write, I love the challenge of coding as well. Since I'd been exposed to coding and computers for most of my life, I felt comfortable getting a programming job because I'd listened to all the talk about it. My parents were obviously happy, but they still encouraged me to keep up writing since it was a passion of mine.
      If I'd been told to get a programming job as a child and lived my life being pushed towards it, I never would have done it. I would have resented it every step of the way because it wasn't my choice. I literally can't imagine what it'd be like to have parents who deny you *your* dream so you follow *their* dream.

  • Madisin Archer
    Madisin Archer Il y a 25 jours +33

    As someone who has had to deal with asshole family members putting me down my entire life and now seeing the pattern repeat through my daughter when she attends family events, (since i no longer attend and there is no one else to pick on) hearing about other situations where family destroys a childs self confidence and trying to dictate the direction their lives are to go in, brings me peace but also triggers rage in me. Peace because its nice to know we are not the only ones who are experiencing toxic family members and their dysfunctional behaviors, but rage because no one should have to tolerate such bullshit. Especially from family. Thankfully my daughter and I are on the same page and can move forward by avoiding them and events now as much as possible until we can move out of state and have a fresh start. But it seems that the woman with the aspiring piano player child is in a much irritating situation as its her own husband who cant see how toxic his mother is acting towards his daughter. I think it needs to be normalized that it's okay to cut family off when they are harming you more than they are supporting you. As well as calling out their toxic behaviors so they know why they are being cut off. Family doesnt mean you need to put up with abuse. Hopefully they can work this situation out without getting a divorce. But it kind of sounds like her husband is just as toxic as his mother. So a divorce may not be a bad idea in the long run. Parents need to stop expecting their children to be who they want them to be and let them be who they are.

  • C Kee
    C Kee Il y a 25 jours +13

    For the evil piano grandma, I hope she will confront grandma in front of the child with something like "just because you don't see value in learning a musical skill doesn't diminish her achievement, you are suprisingly critical for someone who couldn't play chopsticks let alone do what she just did".

  • George A. B. Moore
    George A. B. Moore Il y a 25 jours +17

    I ended up being the “golden child” growing up. It was not great. I grew up seeing how miserably my mom treated my siblings (my dad went to prison when I was young, so he wasn’t in the picture growing up), and so I must have subconsciously thought that if I suppress everything about myself and let her do whatever, I’d be loved. I watched her sit there and make commentary on how each of us must look perfect and pretty at all times, would casually call us ugly, comment on things about our bodies that we couldn’t change (eg., our breasts, one of my sister’s noses, weight gain due to medical conditions that she wouldn’t get us treatment for…) and control every aspect of everything she did. She even set me up with my first boyfriend who was toxic and coerced me on multiple occasions through our seven year relationship after I told her I didn’t think I wanted to get married (For context, I’m aro/ace and just cannot see myself in physically or romantically intimate relationships). My eldest sister is actually considered mentally disabled because of her PTSD from our mom and barely leaves her bedroom or office if she’s not accompanied by her dogs. I did everything and anything my mom said because I was dead to rights convinced that if I didn’t, I would die alone and miserable and burn in Hell. It took me about four years after her new husband kicked me out for me to realize she wasn’t a saint who deserved the kind of love and affection I showed her, and another five to figure out who the hell I was (Fun Fact! I’m still figuring that out, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got it). Now, just like every other child she had except her eldest son and youngest daughter, I am a disappointment and need to be prayed for, because I am trans nonbinary, I will not be marrying, and - gasp - will never let her near any children I will be having. I currently live in America, and plan to move to Norway with the guy I’m co-parenting with for a multitude of reasons, but that is one of the bigger ones. Might be a bit petty of me to be choosing to move to an entirely different country in an entirely different continent to keep her out of the picture, but hey! We’re here with the Duchess of Petty, bite me
    She drove through Canada to Alaska to see some of her grandchildren, I’m not taking risks.

  • Nikita Vegan Hardy
    Nikita Vegan Hardy Il y a 25 jours +10

    loving the girl who “accidentally spilled wine” on her mother’s inappropriate white dress @ her sons wedding!! OH HELL NO!

  • ILJ68
    ILJ68 Il y a 25 jours +18

    Oh boy, that piano post triggered my PTSD. I used to love art. Drawing, painting, sculpting, but it was a hobby, it was never anything I wanted to do for a living. For that, I wanted to work in radio. Rock radio. My step-dad constantly berated me and told me I wasn’t good at doing anything but art. And that I would be doing Art for a living because that was all I was good for. In the end, he destroyed my passion for art which was sad because it used to help me relax. He made it so it only brought me stress. Oh I and did work rock radio in the end. For 15 years. My step dad was an ad man for radio and had loads of contacts and refused to help me. I did it all on my own.

  • braidygal
    braidygal Il y a 25 jours +27

    My 12yo auditioned for his school’s talent show. There was an audio issue and he ended up forgetting half of the words. Did we criticize him? No! We told him we were proud of him and it was ok. He sounded good even with the mistakes. Maybe next time he should practice more, but I wasn’t disappointed in him at all. That grandmother sucks!!

    • Catelyn H
      Catelyn H Il y a 25 jours +2

      Won't let me edit after accidentally hitting send.
      Just wanting to add that your kid should feel dammed proud and not back down from the challenge of trying again.

    • Catelyn H
      Catelyn H Il y a 25 jours +1

      As someone who's done theater for around a decade now, not collapsing under pressure when things go wrong is necessary but *extremely* difficult. Practice and encouragement help, but you'll never have a flawless performance.
      Forgetting half the words? He remembered half! And he was able to pull through when I'm sure he hasn't had much practice performing in front of an audience. There's a reason I don't do solos in musicals; I'm so terrified of being wrong that I don't even attempt. It took about 8 years to audition for and accept a duet part (no solos,

    • Mari Doerksen
      Mari Doerksen Il y a 25 jours +1

      Good for your son being bold enough to try out.

    • braidygal
      braidygal Il y a 25 jours +9

      Oh and follow up, he had a huge solo with his chorus and did so well!! Kids need encouragement not criticism.

  • Madoriko
    Madoriko Il y a 25 jours +18

    Oh God. I am moving out and away from my super controlling parents in the fall and going low contact. I am honestly terrified of how they are going to react. Glad to know I’m not the only one with crazy parents though!

    • Suzan Reid
      Suzan Reid Il y a 25 jours +2

      Check out Dr. Ramani on FRclip for info on narcissism (may be relevant). A book that you might want to check out is Self-care for Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents. You may be overwhelmed with shame/guilt at times but don't give in. A good therapist can make a big difference at times like this. Good luck!

    • Wicked Ethel
      Wicked Ethel Il y a 25 jours +2

      Have everything in place before you tell them. Your exit will go more smoothly than dealing with them and finding a new place to live, buying furniture, dishes etc. They can't dissuade you after all is said and done and first and last is paid.

    • Tiffany Torres
      Tiffany Torres Il y a 25 jours +3

      I wish you all the best of luck! 🥰 My best friend left her mom’s house and she was so happy to have separation from the excessive control she had over her life. They have a better relationship these days since having boundaries and distance. I can only hope the same for you. 🙌🏼

  • Romeoslover
    Romeoslover Il y a 25 jours +12

    my opinion: every wedding should have some kind of security at the entrance and if any family members especially come in those doors wearing a bridal dress to not let her/him in into the venue.

  • The Compound Zoo
    The Compound Zoo Il y a 25 jours +13

    As the child of a grandparent abuse like this: my heart is absolutely breaking for that little girl. I hope her mom helped to build her up & she’s now thriving

  • Sean Maury
    Sean Maury Il y a 25 jours +23

    The "...tonight's performance was disappointing" comment had me on the floor LMAO😂😂😂😂

    • Mellythibs
      Mellythibs Il y a 25 jours +1

      yeah, the wife was too nice to grandmother...I would have verbally berated her for that...

  • Roman Adrian Morgan
    Roman Adrian Morgan Il y a 25 jours +11

    Nasty mother in law who came to recitals: I would enroll my baby into extracurriculars privately, so that my brainwashed and manipulated partner doesn't know or tell her. I want my baby's heart to soar, without all that ridiculous drama.

  • tats76
    tats76 Il y a 25 jours +10

    If my son decides to grow up and work waste management, I would be proud of him for doing hard work. I always tell my boys that I want them to be happy and to be kind.

    • Catelyn H
      Catelyn H Il y a 25 jours +2

      To be fair, waste management pays well. And it isn't glamorous but knowing that it's *you and your job* keeping the community running gives a sense of purpose to the job that many office workers don't have.

  • GrimReaper Walking
    GrimReaper Walking Il y a 25 jours +8

    The grandma ones reminds me of my aunt. She once told me "that it's a good thing that I can work on my looks to become a trophy wife because I'm too stupid to make it on my own". My sister got a matching quote "that it's a good thing she is smart enough to make it on her own because she could never be a trophy wife." I was 11 and my sister was 15. She also kept getting on me for not swimming when I'm on my period. I have severe anemia and i dont want to rely on an 80 year woman to save me. She knows this

  • Annika Irene Karlsson
    Annika Irene Karlsson Il y a 25 jours +17

    Oh, this one hit so close to home! My mil is a downright despicable person, a textbook narcisist who lives for emotional blackmail. Right now I'm blessed with her not talking to me and I've woved to keep it like that! And I'm getting myself some "Petty" merch asap to keep up the right attitude!

  • Ms. Bj Sanders
    Ms. Bj Sanders Il y a 25 jours +5

    Holy cow who knew a reddit thread existed for crazy parents. I'm VERY much a grown up with my youngest child being 23 and my overly dramatic mother is frantic that I'm "angry" because I won't tell her where my new job is. She's known to just "pop in". I have continually told her I'm not mad but she doesn't need to know. This list goes on but I'll just leave this insanity here

  • Samuel Woods
    Samuel Woods Il y a 25 jours +18

    I'm definitely doing that.... I'm definitely going to be the guy to spill red wine on any woman wearing white to a wedding, apologise profusely then when I'm walking away quietly tell people I can't even drink red wine, it gives me a migraine.

    • Kimberly Bone
      Kimberly Bone Il y a 24 jours

      Make sure the bride actually cares. One of my cousins asked if she could wear white or black to my wedding(can't remember which, but both were supposed wedding no nos).
      I said "Sure!" I didn't care at all. My dress was so beautiful (to me) and had a train and pearls embroidered etc, that there was no way anyone else's dress would matter.
      And, no one we knew would ever have worn an actual wedding dress or anything that could be mistaken for one.

  • Kiara Demoner
    Kiara Demoner Il y a 25 jours +8

    This is why I thank God I have the best in laws ever. Dear Lord how does anyone deal with all that drama?!?! 😩😂

  • Pandathereallist
    Pandathereallist Il y a 25 jours +8

    This makes my blood boil. If my future husband and future mother-in-law pulled that shit, I'm leaving. that woman isn't criticizing. that is straight bullying. her own grandma is bullying her to a point where she no longer loves what she's doing. what is constructive about what she said? nothing. "your performance is disappointing" I would have said something mean. OP needs to put her foot down and demand change or she'll leave. and she needs to stand strong.
    Edit: if someone finds the story on Reddit please send me the link. I need an update or something

  • Morgan Douglas
    Morgan Douglas Il y a 25 jours +6

    So the hubby is going to continue to invite MIL until OP does what he calls “using the daughter as a tool to fight with mom“? I would say “Okay, then YOU’RE not invited to any more plays either, and I want a divorce.” The husband is on his mom‘s side and I think it’s time for OP to rethink her marriage.

  • SpicyMayo
    SpicyMayo Il y a 25 jours +37

    Posts like the one about the critical grandma make me just hope for divorce so much. The OP said in another post that he never accepts criticism and dishes it out just like his mother. He’s just as bad as his mom, and his daughter is taking the heat of it. He needs to go.

    • Duckeh
      Duckeh Il y a 23 jours +1

      and isn't it amazing that for some f-ing magical reaso OP has though this is man to marry and have a kid with

  • Kaila O'Connor
    Kaila O'Connor Il y a 25 jours +3

    I can definitely relate to this. My mom has been extremely emotionally and now financially abusive in order to control me, my siblings, and my dad. I've had her gaslight me to the point I don't trust my memory very well. She's stigmatized emotion in the whole house to the point no one ever really shows anything except anger. I never got to the point of being angry, and being the oldest I got berated the most due to my high sensitivity and inability to physically stop myself from crying. She convinced all my siblings that there was something wrong with me to where my younger sister (who was around 12 at the time) told me I needed to go to a mental hospital for crying, because my mom would scream at me saying "either you stop crying and act like an adult or I'm going to send you to pschy". She also has been telling me to quit band since I was a sophomore in high school and still tells me to quit college marching band. I'd rather die than not be in the band. For the financial control thing, she likes to spend money on "gifts" and then use them against me. This includes a letterman jacket, college tuition, and other things. My siblings will also use this against me where everyone tells me "I'm being ungrateful" since I avoid going back to my house (I spend my breaks with my now fiance) and every time I even try to criticize our mom in any way. I'll try explaining to my younger siblings how the way our mother treats us, especially me and our dad is not ok and is abusive, but the younger one's will just say "but she pays for stuff" like it excuses everything else.
    There's a whole lot more I could talk about but I think the absolute worst thing she does is the verbal and emotional abuse of our father. The poor man just takes it and has told us numerous times to just take it like there isn't any other way to deal with her. She tells him, us, and anyone who has ears how lazy my dad is, how he used to drink and do drugs, that he's stupid, doesn't appreciate her, probably flirts with other women, etc. It's awful. He's such an awesome man and completely opposite of what she claims. He's incredibly smart and hard working, he was top of his class when going to college years after high school, he's a carpenter and extremely talented, he's a whole lot nicer to us, has a lot of patience, and has been clean for over 20 years.
    I don't mean to have favorite parents... but my admiration falls a lot heavier on one than the other.

    • Kmilli03
      Kmilli03 Il y a 24 jours +1

      Sounds a lot like my mom. Was essentially my exact childhood as well. When they finally divorced my brother and I really started to see through all the bs she always fed us about our dad. Still even 8 years after their divorce she constantly makes comments to my brother and I about how shitty our dad was. Absolute projection on her part as we’ve come to realize she is a horrible person.

  • Rural Juror Red Bluff
    Rural Juror Red Bluff Il y a 25 jours +11

    My husband's mother was gifted a amtrack ticket from us every xmas so she could spend it with her twin boys. We bought her presents as well to open on Xmas. Found out from my SIL that she sold every gift we gave her and talked about me behind my back ...oh well she's gone now.

  • Zennigade Solairus
    Zennigade Solairus Il y a 25 jours +5

    Charlotte: "i do respect the sanctity of marriage"
    me: what sanctity? these bitches are shitting on the daughter. protect her at all costs

  • AbbyB.
    AbbyB. Il y a 25 jours +5

    That story with the grandmother makes me think that the husband doesn't even talk to his own daughter or he would understand what she's feeling and would try to respect her. At least the girl knows that her mom supports her. But I really feel like their marriage won't end well unless they move far away from that woman or she dies soon.

    • Lynlee
      Lynlee Il y a 24 jours

      I do not believe that removing the MIL is the answer to solving what would appear to be serious already present issues in the marriage. The MIL’s obvious public displays of contempt for the granddaughter is a separate issue which is unfortunately also unmasking and magnifying the aforementioned marital issue.
      Unless the husband suddenly grows a spine and acts to protect his daughter and wife I cannot see how the issues can be resolved.

  • Kav1ta S3W
    Kav1ta S3W Il y a 25 jours +4

    The first story literally filled up my eyes 😌 so wholesome 👏🏽♥️😭 this is how siblings should have eachother's back if they're cursed with a narcissist for a mother ☠️

  • J Y
    J Y Il y a 25 jours +6

    The mom should criticize her husband in front of his mom and then say, 'just telling it like it is.'

  • Camille P
    Camille P Il y a 25 jours +8

    "overreacting" is the word men use to undermine women when they try to raise valid point of concerns.... Also a father who decided the career of his daughter long before she even discovered herself and will try everything to make her quit any other interests is the one really controlling.

    • Alzy Choze
      Alzy Choze Il y a 18 jours

      Yup this woman is married to a male version of the Mother in law.

    • Camille P
      Camille P Il y a 23 jours

      ​@John Women can be sexists too (internalized sexism) ^^ Also overreacting is almost never used for men and have a sexist root.

    • John
      John Il y a 23 jours

      The MIL is a woman too, so I'm trying to figure out how you turned a factional argument into an example of sexism.

  • Ambi Cahira
    Ambi Cahira Il y a 25 jours +25

    I have a feeling the father didn't see the issue with his mother being mean because he doesn't know anything else and is so used to her "tOuGh LoVe" style. Arguing with someone that doesn't know any other option can't change their mind so what I would do is offer her mother to come along too then the father can see how other grandmothers act. The grannies would probably argue and maybe the father would finally feel embarrassed, I don't know but the maternal grandmother could change it so much.

  • Jeff Burns
    Jeff Burns Il y a 25 jours +5

    HUSBANDS RESPECT YOUR WIFE.... My mother disrespected my wife once and that was the first time that I ever heard my mom cry after I was done.

  • Felicia Quackenbush
    Felicia Quackenbush Il y a 25 jours +3

    Wow did this ever bring back memories of my mom when my kids were growing up. At one point she told me that I was helping lead my children to hell. Things built to a point where during a fight I actually HAD TO CALL THE POLICE to have her removed from our property... it took a couple of years of no contact before she mellowed enough for us to allow her back into our lives. I'm so grateful that my older sister, who my mom listens to, backed us up.

  • Daniëlla
    Daniëlla Il y a 25 jours +6

    I'm genuinely concerned for that daughter taking piano lessons. If this is what the Mil says in front of the mom then wth does she say or do behind their backs? 👀

  • Amanda Jettie
    Amanda Jettie Il y a 25 jours +18

    The cackle you let out over the "constructive criticism" bit was absolutely the best, and also matched my own cackle, lol.

  • Elize Muller
    Elize Muller Il y a 25 jours +6

    Chose to study nursing as I could be independent from my mother sooner. Left when I was 18, only came back 7 years later due to necessity (sick children with no dependable childcare). Guess what, a marriage, 2 children, a good job and maturity were still not enough to make my mother proud of me.
    She's 92, I am 63 and this will probably continue until one of us die.

    • Elise Curran
      Elise Curran Il y a 25 jours +1

      Hope you can let go of that need for your mom to be proud of you. A person like that is not capable of doing so, because they are not proud of themselves....they have nothing left for you. How about YOU be proud of you? :-)

    • Harshada Borkar
      Harshada Borkar Il y a 25 jours +2

      Toxic parents are the worst! My dad was like that. All in the name of pushing us to do our best he kept criticizing us completely destroying our self confidence. I’m still in talking terms with him and old age has made him lot more calmer and he can no longer interfere in our lives and choices but the damage done in the past is hard to undo.

    • BebbyChad
      BebbyChad Il y a 25 jours +1

      That's so sad 😞 Your mother would rather put you down than be a part of your life and the lives of your family. Shame on her.

  • Candice Latella
    Candice Latella Il y a 25 jours +4

    Pretty fitting this video posted today, as I'm sitting in my bedroom hiding out from my monster in law who is here to pick up my daughter for the weekend. And yes, Mary is here and we're feeling fine. 😉

  • Penny Smith
    Penny Smith Il y a 25 jours +3

    Had a toxic mil, it's a horrible problem to live with! When I told my parents I was getting a divorce, they begged me... for religious reasons... to just separate! I said there was NO way I was staying tied to that crazy psycho of a family!

  • The Vegetable Soup Show
    The Vegetable Soup Show Il y a 25 jours +9

    It was difficult growing up in a toxic environment, the physical and mental scars are hard reminders of what shaped me into who I am.

  • Nellene Ulmer
    Nellene Ulmer Il y a 25 jours +3

    1:51 after that first story you need to add a petty wine glass to your merchandise line.😄 Maybe even a coffee/tea mug that says “and that’s the tea”.😄
    P.S I loved that story, bravo to that sister of the groom for both her performance when she “tripped” and for bringing about proper karmic justice.👏👏😊😊

  • Maahi!
    Maahi! Il y a 25 jours +2

    I love how Charlotte never reads the text exactly as is 😂😂.. Either adding or subtracting words😂.. Still love her but come oooon, the exact text gives us the exact feels!!!

  • That_Chic *Nic
    That_Chic *Nic Il y a 25 jours +5

    If I was the piano player's mom, I'd tell my daughter that "grandma says hurtful things hoping she will quit playing. Play more!"

  • Marty Westcott
    Marty Westcott Il y a 25 jours +2

    I start every day with a coffee & a laugh with Charlotte. Don't ever stop.....unless I die....then you can do whatever you want xo

  • PumpkinSpiceHedgie
    PumpkinSpiceHedgie Il y a 25 jours +3

    The timing of holding up the mug was PRICELESS 💀

  • groooah
    groooah Il y a 25 jours +5

    My grandparents are literally the best grandparents a child could ever wish for, but oh boy, they are monsters in law. My grandma asked my mother if she had clean underwear on their wedding day in front of a whole bunch of people. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    • Marion De Sousa
      Marion De Sousa Il y a 25 jours +2

      bride should have laughed and said I'm not wearing any underpants.

  • Paul Dozier
    Paul Dozier Il y a 25 jours +5

    lol, "meet my friend Mary. Last name Jane". Funny.
    I won't lie, part of me keeps hoping Texas will legalize so I can get my mom baked. Maybe I'll try to take her to Colorado or something. She's got lots of pain issues, who knows it might help. And if nothing else, she's always been pretty funny. I'm guessing baked mom would be a fun afternoon.

  • Tifamex
    Tifamex Il y a 25 jours +4

    As someone who's grandma destroyed her self steem and made me an anxious mess, I really hope that mom can take her daughter away from that person... it can fuck you up even when the witch dies

  • paul green
    paul green Il y a 25 jours +2

    I married a older lady, 30 I was 23, my mother tried her best to ruin our wedding, moaning about food, lack of drink, well she would drink a bottle of wine as quick as id drink a beer, my sister in law dropped 3 glasses of wine on her, mother said it would only last 3 months, we where married 35 years until leukaemia, took her from day one, bye bye mother

  • ~a~ brie
    ~a~ brie Il y a 12 jours

    As a piano player myself, even having my amazing, supportive parents around concerts is extremely stressing. I cannot imagine having somebody as vile as that girl's grandmother watching me. I feel so sorry for her! Charlotte is totally right - divorce your husband who won't even stand up for his own daughter

  • Sweets
    Sweets Il y a 25 jours +1

    I'm so happy my late mother was such an amazing woman. I had a MIL from hell so I know how difficult this can be!!

  • Amy Lee
    Amy Lee Il y a 25 jours +1

    My mum was crazy. I could post a dissertation to that subreddit. Hope you've had a good week Charlotte and you're looking great in the Petty merch! (that mug sip tho lmfao)

  • alilately1013
    alilately1013 Il y a 25 jours +10

    My mom is the "disappointed grandmother," but in the mom-form. Still. She's the great destroyer of all hopes and dreams unless they are hers. If I'm fearful of something, I'm the crazy one. I have a 1/2 brother who is 18 yrs younger. He wins. LOL.

  • Pablo del Segundo
    Pablo del Segundo Il y a 25 jours +18

    That first one warmed my big black heart. I was on unofficial lookout for my own demon mother at my sister's wedding. She had a nagging worry that Old Caca might show up and make a scene; thank the gods she didn't.
    As much as I moan about my MIL, I'm grateful she's not one of these miserable harridans.

  • mtsem comfort
    mtsem comfort Il y a 25 jours +1

    So... I've watched these videos so much so that I know we've handled the first case (of spilling wine on momzilla's dress) before. 😃I'm proud of myself 😂

  • Ariel Davila
    Ariel Davila Il y a 25 jours +3

    Some of these remind me of my future mother-in-law and sister-in-laws 😂 they are all sociopaths and I’m glad my future mother-in-law no longer has access to our daughter. She blamed my future husband for things he has no control of and started to blame him for her and I not having a “closer relationship” when she treated him like the black sheep. She gave him no attention until our daughter and I became part of his life. I stood up for him for the way she treated him and apparently she didn’t like that. She told me I needed to respect my elders and I told her no. That I’m going to stand up for my loved ones even if I’m standing up against family. No one treats people who are dear to me in any negative way.

  • Sharyn Eubanks
    Sharyn Eubanks Il y a 25 jours

    Omg! I busted out laughing so hard at this! Thanks for making me feel better! Love your channel. I thought awful mother in laws were a thing of the forty years ago. Guess I'm wrong. My youngest daughter has the best children but in my eyes, hes the best son in law a mom could ask for. Thanks again for your video. Have a great weekend!!!!❤❤❤😂😂😂😂👍

  • a process of change
    a process of change Il y a 25 jours +5

    I will say I am an extremely protective Mama. I would not let anyone hurt my kids. But when they are adults, they have to make their own chooses. I have finished my job. If they want my honest opinion, I'll give it. Outside of that, it's on them and I am just there for support. So far my adult kids still like to hang with me lol (also helps to have a lot of kids. I have seven and you can't get all hyper focused on them when you have to spread yourself around)

  • TGiantsbane
    TGiantsbane Il y a 25 jours +37

    I really disdain individuals that feel the need to criticize a young child on something they are trying to do. Hopefully, one day to excel at. Dude should have told his mother to keep her comments to herself if she had nothing nice to say.

    • David Guidry
      David Guidry Il y a 25 jours +3

      @TGiantsbane you are absolutely right. I’ve noticed that a fair number of adults don’t even know/understand that difference unfortunately.

    • TGiantsbane
      TGiantsbane Il y a 25 jours +1

      @David Guidry Totally agree with what you're saying.

    • TGiantsbane
      TGiantsbane Il y a 25 jours +4

      @CrazyCat Lady absolutely, especially until they learn the difference between spiteful criticism vs Constructive Criticism.

    • CrazyCat Lady
      CrazyCat Lady Il y a 25 jours +6

      Always praise a young child for their efforts. Apply constructive help(not criticism)at a later time. Help them grow!

    • David Guidry
      David Guidry Il y a 25 jours +9

      Yeah, I’m definitely more disappointed in the “dad” who is not protecting his child from that criticism than anyone else in that story. Even the grandma may have redeeming qualities (although compassion and emotional intelligence is not among them) but a male parent (I can’t even call him a dad) that can’t see the damage it does to his daughter and protect her from that doesn’t deserve the family he has. You know he endured that same treatment growing up and quit a good many things because of it but now he sees it as normal instead of as something that needs to change.

  • Dawn Palmby
    Dawn Palmby Il y a 25 jours +1

    Just got the Petty crop top Hoodie and I love it!! Great job Charlotte on the design and choice of material, it's so dang soft!! Oh n the potato sack is awesome!!

  • Via Scott
    Via Scott Il y a 25 jours

    I loved the one where the mother's dress was ruined!!!! 😂😂 She really deserves the Oscar award for that performance..

  • Amy Maybe
    Amy Maybe Il y a 25 jours +1

    If I honestly thought my mother in law was going to do this, I’d either:
    • wear something totally different, like a Queen costume or bedazzled pantsuit.
    • elope and leave her ass at home.

  • xMourningStar
    xMourningStar Il y a 25 jours +1

    The wine "spiller" deserves an award. Bravo, BIL or SIL, bravo. **applauds**
    How is the father OK with having his daughter insulted by his own mother?? He should be her defender and protector but is neither. Wife should dump his ass NOW.

  • David Guidry
    David Guidry Il y a 25 jours +204

    Miss Charlotte calling the grandma that was disappointed by the granddaughter’s performance a (completely bleeped out word that was even obstructed by a box telling me to use my imagination and preventing me from lip reading the fact that she called her) a c-word! 😳 Oh my! I had no idea you spoke that way Miss Charlotte; but I’m here for it especially in this context. And you’re not wrong.

    • Anika Jain
      Anika Jain Il y a 23 jours +1

      In Australia the C word is very common but it is usually reserved for the worst people, situations etc. Unless you're a bogan (Aussie trailer trash) then "F*ing C*" is part of every sentence

    • BebbyChad
      BebbyChad Il y a 25 jours

      @Lazy I Ranch oh yes, I've heard of the 'bless your heart' thing, very sneaky 🤣 Your mom and dad sound like the perfect pair ❤

    • Lazy I Ranch
      Lazy I Ranch Il y a 25 jours +6

      @BebbyChad My dad was always quick with the "dad jokes". When someone used a swear word, he would pretend to be shocked and say, "I will not tolerate foul language! It's not that I give a damn, but it sounds like Hell!"
      My mom hated it when he said "Jesus Christ!" when surprised or annoyed. She would tell him to never take the Lord's name in vain.
      He would answer, "I'm not! I MEANT it!"
      I never heard my mom cuss, but being Southern, she sure did "Bless" a lot of "Hearts"! 😂

    • David Guidry
      David Guidry Il y a 25 jours

      @Lazy I Ranch hey friend! I agree with all that you’ve said here. Have a great weekend!

  • Deepthi P
    Deepthi P Il y a 25 jours

    Definitely an AWESOME and hilarious video! The first one about the lady spilling wine on her mother's dress set the tone for the rest of the video! LOVED THE PETTINESS!

  • Random Ramblings
    Random Ramblings Il y a 25 jours +10

    7:00....they claim they want her to be a doctor...studies have shown that kids who also play a musical instrument do better in things like mathematics and other analytical tasks. They aren't thinking, just being hateful.

    • Random Ramblings
      Random Ramblings Il y a 25 jours +3

      And if they want her to be a surgeon then the dexterity from playing piano will actually help.

  • Dharling
    Dharling Il y a 25 jours +1

    If my husband allowed his mother to bring down one of my kids like that, I would be looking into separation or a divorce.
    Doesn't matter how much I love him, he is hurting our kids, and that is something I would never accept.

  • Onyx1345
    Onyx1345 Il y a 25 jours +5

    5:16 Get yourself a wife with this kind of attitude towards those that put your kids down. Think having kids is hard? Try having talented ones. Much love Charlotte, you seem to be prepared for that one 😂

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana Il y a 23 jours

    Love this content!! My mom was an incredible woman and would have been a loving, selfless grandma, but she passed away at the age of 57. Meanwhile these lil demon mothers get to go on tormenting their families. Life is really somethin. Lol

  • Ben Wagner
    Ben Wagner Il y a 25 jours +2

    If the grandma knows how to play piano, have the granddaughter PUBLICLY invite her up to do a duet, one that grandma doesn't know and has insane difficulty. Afterward, tell Grandma that her performance was disappointing.

  • Jutland Angel
    Jutland Angel Il y a 25 jours +1

    First story: OMG someone actually did it!"
    A couple of wedding videos ago I commented about how people should "accidentally" spill wine on people who wears white dresses to a wedding.

    • Karen Jardine
      Karen Jardine Il y a 25 jours +2

      Let's make it a "thing"! Don't wear white to a wedding or expect to be showered with red wine.😄

  • DavidFMayerPhD
    DavidFMayerPhD Il y a 25 jours +2

    My grandchildren live (with their parents) hundreds of miles away. When I want to see them I use ZOOM or hop on a jet. I do NOT demand that their parents relocate to a place near me.
    Criticism of her piano playing should be left to her PIANO TEACHER. Even if grandmother were a professional pianist, it is NOT FOR HER to criticize the girl. Leave it to the piano teacher.
    Demeaning the girl pianist is a SHOW STOPPER. If spouse does not consent to absence of his mother, wife should try each of these in order:
    1. Marital counseling
    2. Absolute no contact between grandmother and girl
    3. If both of these fail, then DIVORCE is in order. Children come FIRST, ahead of in-laws and even spouses. She should NOT permit her daughter to be abused. PERIOD.

  • Alina Scaueru
    Alina Scaueru Il y a 25 jours +1

    Just to put it out there, your hair is GORGEOUS 😍 ✨️ 💖 today, Charlotte! It's mesmerising, I can't help staring at it. Gorgeous waves and colour!!! Sending love your way!

  • Glitter on Glitter of
    Glitter on Glitter of Il y a 23 jours

    I have often imagined myself pouring red wine on the mothers who wear wedding dresses to their child's wedding. I'm glad to hear that a guest would do it.

  • Lisa Colledge
    Lisa Colledge Il y a 25 jours +1

    Hi Charlotte 👋. Just want to say that your hair looks SOOO absolutely beautiful/gorgeous/divine. ❤ You got it ALL going on there miss, and 'I love that for you'. 😁