Most Entitled People DESTROYED By Dr Phil - REACTION

  • Ajoutée 16 avril 2022
  • Most Entitled People DESTROYED By Dr Phil - REACTION
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    Hey ya'll! Today on my channel we are reacting to Dr Phil absolutely DESTROYING Entitled people. Enjoy :)
    Hi, I'm Charlotte Dobre. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
    Edited by Timothy Dunsmore
    Produced by: Vanessa Peprah-Addo
    End screen song:
    Take It All Off (Feat. Charlotte Dobre, Sam Klass) - Defunk
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  • Mel Bossert
    Mel Bossert Il y a mois +795

    "A Chanel isn't a replacement for a friend, it's a replacement for a boyfriend" -charlotte potato queen

    • Toni Y
      Toni Y Il y a 6 jours

      I'm heading for the Chanel store. I've bee thinking about kicking out my cheating bf. I 'll save enough in 6 months to pay off my credit card! Good-bye leach!!

    • Marie Slabbert
      Marie Slabbert Il y a 15 jours

      How superficial can you get?!!

    • LouisDoo
      LouisDoo Il y a mois

      It’s a replacement for many such things

    • MariaP DR
      MariaP DR Il y a mois

      @Amber Olson I know! She seems like the type of person who hoards things to feel better.

    • JustinChristoph
      JustinChristoph Il y a mois

      What do you get as a replacement when your friend sleeps with your boyfriend?

  • Patricia Orellana
    Patricia Orellana Il y a mois +737

    I don’t like Dr Phil but these moments where he can cut down and hold a mirror to entitled are still worth clapping for

    • chameleonsoul5
      chameleonsoul5 Il y a mois

      @MrE dad tub

    • Trish Hill
      Trish Hill Il y a mois

      @Linda R I couldn't agree with you more!

    • Fairyspun Fibers
      Fairyspun Fibers Il y a mois +2

      @Erin Flick
      Not sure if you were answering someone who wasn't using logic, or...making some kind of point? But, a Doctorate is conferred by degree; ie, a "Doctoral" degree in a given field, held by one who graduated *with a Doctoral* degree. A License is simply granted when one applies to (& is accepted by) a State Licensing Board, for Medical or Attorney privileges in a particular State or Country.
      He actually doesn't need a License to apply Psychology to someone he is addressing ... *as long as he is not charging a treatment fee to a patient*.

    • Cooky cutie
      Cooky cutie Il y a mois +1

      @BrandiWyn true that mirror guy was the mvp I wish they let him continue I just wandered what else his creative mind could do 😆🤣 , BTW I too don't like doctors Phil, apparently he has a center to heal teens suffering from depression and maybe addiction if I'm not mistaken and the teens there get mistreated and treated mentally badly along with not eating well you can check "sloan" videos about it he got an interesting Chanel about famous people backgrounds and hidden stories and cover it with details and apparently its the "cash me outside" (badly baby) and others that exposed him .

    • Linda R
      Linda R Il y a mois +1

      @Trish Hill I agree. He yells and gets angry for the tv drama. A real therapist has the ability to calmly address problems. He’s just nasty and mean.

  • legendarymythlover
    legendarymythlover Il y a mois +605

    I will never understand why people go onto a show to air out their problems and embarrass themselves on national TV instead of going to an actual psychologist with their families. Hell, "Doctor" Phil hasn't even been licensed since like 2006!

    • Freya778
      Freya778 Il y a 5 jours +1

      It's probably free, they get attention and maybe even some money out of it. Normal help would cost money.

    • Maritza Retief
      Maritza Retief Il y a 29 jours +1

      @Snowdog's Shorts thank you. i must admit i am also quite fond of the word :)

    • Snowdog's Shorts
      Snowdog's Shorts Il y a 29 jours +1

      @Maritza Retief I love that you used the word facetious. It is a fantastic word. :)

    • Maritza Retief
      Maritza Retief Il y a 29 jours +1

      @Snowdog's Shorts all good, i was just being facetious. and a little jealous that we don't have that here. our public healthcare is just awful.

    • ferox965
      ferox965 Il y a mois

      People get paid and they want attention.

  • Erika Fiore
    Erika Fiore Il y a mois +909

    The girl who said she doesnt care about how others feel gives me strong psychopath vibes.

    • Erika Fiore
      Erika Fiore Il y a 14 jours

      @god denver I never did. I was expressing my own feelings when watching the video.

    • Erika Fiore
      Erika Fiore Il y a 14 jours

      @Scriptkitty 8900 it was not a diagnose, I just said she gave me the vibes.

    • god denver
      god denver Il y a 16 jours

      @Asdfghjkl she kinda did

    • Spiderfreak
      Spiderfreak Il y a 19 jours

      tbh that logic is how I feel most of the toxic internet trolls are as well. They are just toxic to be toxic, not caring for the repercussions of it because it is the internet.

    • That80sGuy1972
      That80sGuy1972 Il y a mois

      @depnewshound I have an ugly coworker who keeps commenting on other people's looks... and he is obviously unaware of how ugly he is. Mirrors don't work on people like that. God... I wish making them look in a mirror would work. I suspect too many childhood years of parents seeing they are ugly and will grow into ugly people telling them how lovely they look.

  • theirlmess
    theirlmess Il y a mois +413

    Charlotte is actually my daily dose of serotonin. She has a great sense of humour, and she loves her fans! What's not to love?

    • Amythiel
      Amythiel Il y a mois

      I think you meant dopamine? I do agree! 🤗

    • Daisy A
      Daisy A Il y a mois +2

      Agreed… no matter what is going on, Charlotte can always make me laugh. 💕

    • Trish Hill
      Trish Hill Il y a mois

      She seems like a very sweet young lady & I love her sense of humor 😍

    • Shannon Earehart
      Shannon Earehart Il y a mois +1

      I agree 💯 I absolutely luv her🙏🏻🤗😚 Charlotte u rock ❤️

    • Marian Buduroi
      Marian Buduroi Il y a mois

      Better say daily dose of pettiness 😂

  • Gator Dragon
    Gator Dragon Il y a mois +103

    Dr Phil is a great example of how not to be a therapist.

    • David Dieudonné
      David Dieudonné Il y a 25 jours +1

      @deramara cause people want to feel better about themselves. And looking at some degenerates will even make idiots feel smart and “normal”.
      I’m European, so not sure about this, but isn’t it a daytime-show?
      I mean, if it is, who watches those… people that don’t work, the pool of normal people is smaller in that category.

    • deramara
      deramara Il y a mois +6

      This is just a talk show and I have no idea why it's famous.

    • mikkj1
      mikkj1 Il y a mois +21

      He's also a great example of how the public gets conned by purported authority. Unfortunately, in todays society, people who are confidently incorrect stand a better chance of being famous than those who are actually correct.

  • Karen Cotlar
    Karen Cotlar Il y a mois +377

    I didn’t think I was going to like this episode because I really don’t care for Dr. Phil, but Charlotte, you proved me wrong! Thanks for the laughs.

  • ram2791
    ram2791 Il y a mois +78

    The girl who took moms car, 100 percent the parents fault. You raise a kid with no consequences and you get what you deserve.

    • David Dieudonné
      David Dieudonné Il y a 25 jours +1

      Yeah… we’re talking about people that take their family issues to dr Phil… if I would have made a scene in our garden, my dad would have called me inside to talk about it in private, where nobody would hear us, these people take it to tv… I mean…and you think they know what consequences are?
      And if they think their kid needs some psychological help, again… not on tv and definitely not dr Phil…
      If being smart would be taxed, they would get refunds… gotta be an idiot or at least not the brightest to think dr Phil will help the situation.
      I haven’t seen a full show of dr Phil, only clips, but I suppose it’s like those dog training shows… it’s never the dog s fault, it’s his owner, here it’s the parents…

    • Tigerlily Tarot
      Tigerlily Tarot Il y a mois +7

      Who said she should should get a Free pass? I missed that
      If I had done that when I was a teenager , it would have been ONCE lol

    • Sarah G
      Sarah G Il y a mois +6

      I know I would have been homeless or worse -- thank you mom and dad for REAL!!

    • Lina Basilisk
      Lina Basilisk Il y a mois +17

      By the time someone is a teenager, they make their own decisions. She knew what she was doing was wrong and chose to do it anyway. Her parents may very well have contributed to the problem, but she shouldn't be given a free pass for her behavior.

  • Sassyyazzy
    Sassyyazzy Il y a mois +231

    As someone who studied psychology, watching dr Phil is so so so frustrating. The people on it are frustrating but how they are treated is even worse.
    That being said, I did had a giggle 🙊

    • Jenifer R.
      Jenifer R. Il y a mois

      @Scott Woods True.

    • Scott Woods
      Scott Woods Il y a mois

      @Jenifer R. We live in a society of fast-media, most people barely have the attention span to read past a title - let alone watch an entire episode. Unfortunately to get people to watch something that has an iota of educational values you need to sugar coat it in entertainment, if you can even convince them to start watching in the first place. So I can understand the need to use "click-bait" titles, its simply a commercial requirement now days - otherwise these shows couldn't afford their own existance.

    • Jenifer R.
      Jenifer R. Il y a mois

      @Scott Woods I absolutely agree that mental health issues need more of a platform and less of a stigma. But I would prefer someone more qualified do it.
      Let's face it, shows like these are likely called "Help! My teen is out of control!"
      It's not therapy, it's clickbait.

    • Scott Woods
      Scott Woods Il y a mois

      @Jenifer R. There's a fine line between exploiting peoples personal and emotional issues for ratings, and the benefit of publically exploring and discussing mental health issues across a broad range of people - I think Phil and Oz do it infinitely better than someone like Jerry Springer used to. But like I said - its a fine line.

    • Jenifer R.
      Jenifer R. Il y a mois +1

      @Scott Woods I can't disagree with any of that. Fair points all.
      I need to factor in my bias against these 'Drs' like Phil and Oz. I just can't stand these guys.

  • My 3 son's
    My 3 son's Il y a mois +217

    That poor girl. Her sad eyes. "My bags are my friends." How very empty her life must be. Charlotte you make ppl reflect with this. Our lives are perhaps better and we are more balanced than we imagined them/ourselves to be. 😘

    • My 3 son's
      My 3 son's Il y a mois

      @Colleen Roberta Then she's a great little actress. Deserved an Oscar.

    • Colleen Roberta
      Colleen Roberta Il y a mois

      its fake she admitted it on her youtube channel

    • Maritza Retief
      Maritza Retief Il y a mois

      @sam gate she did agree to be on the show, though. i think she just wanted to be on air.

    • question mark
      question mark Il y a mois

      @🖤Ali Ioana🖤 I guess not, it is about ratings and shock TV, the same way that we had all of those talk shows in the 90s with THE most outrageous people they could find or the worst behaved teenagers etc., Jerry spring era but I just wonder if when she looks back at herself, she'll be so embarrassed and realize that her handbags are her only friends and because of this realisation, she may change after a period of reflection and actually make true friends? Hope springs though, right?

    • 🖤Ali Ioana🖤
      🖤Ali Ioana🖤 Il y a mois +3

      @question mark hahahaha big nope. This show is NOT the place for any healing.

  • Florence B
    Florence B Il y a mois +33

    I'm vegan and I had SOOOO much secondhand embarassement from the vegan guy OMG that was hard to watch. We do not claim him.

  • Rama Chandra
    Rama Chandra Il y a mois +160

    That tearing of the cheque when the girl was expecting a free pass was one of Dr. Phil's most savage moments . Also , speaking of savagery , " Chanel is no replacement for a friend but a replacement for a boyfriend " was the most savage comment in this video 🙂 .

    • Linda Patton
      Linda Patton Il y a mois +20

      Yes. I could see her thinking “I’ll tell him what he wants to hear so I can get that money for a shopping spree.” He wasn’t fooled for a minute.

    • LeeLeesBanter
      LeeLeesBanter Il y a mois +4

      Hilariously savage 😂

  • Rigby Walabee
    Rigby Walabee Il y a mois +49

    Ok idk if the woman who said "you asked someone I specifically told you not to bring" was in the wrong. Because it very well could've been an abusive family member that embellished her flaws... like... I would need more context to see if he was right.

    • Rodrick MarsMoon
      Rodrick MarsMoon Il y a mois +3

      She's a stalker, she was talking about the woman she has been stalking for a while, back then, to not to bring her

  • Lucy Chu
    Lucy Chu Il y a mois +106

    His monotonous delivery of these insults are so funny!

  • Spirit Indasky
    Spirit Indasky Il y a mois +52

    Dr. Phil is NOT a doctor. But he gets big bucks for pretending to be.

    • Regine Racho
      Regine Racho Il y a mois +1


    • AmandaMandaMands
      AmandaMandaMands Il y a mois +2

      Technically he is he has a doctorate. He isn't an MD and never has been, in his previous life he was a psychologist. I don't like the guy but if you listen to him he very carefully says that he isn't a therapist but if you are listening in passing you would miss it.

    • Kendall Caminiti-Hess
      Kendall Caminiti-Hess Il y a mois +3

      So do other "Doctor" shows...

    • Teresa Howick
      Teresa Howick Il y a mois +3

      Exactly. He had is doctorate (PhD) in psychology. He’s not an md. Isn’t a psychiatrist. Hasn’t renewed his license to practice since 2022 and he doesn’t actually help ppl. He uses them for entertainment. There’s so much I could say but I’ll stop here 😂.

  • Angelica Arteaga
    Angelica Arteaga Il y a mois +76

    I remember being a teen young 20s with no friends, I was so embarrassed to tell anyone and I hid. I became very shy and introverted and embarrassed of myself. So I can see why that girl is hiding behind things. EXPENSIVE NAME BRAND STATEMENT brands. I get it, I don’t think it’s ok but I get it

    • Maritza Retief
      Maritza Retief Il y a mois

      @jennifer d did you see the entire episode, though?

    • Nathan Haimson
      Nathan Haimson Il y a mois +4

      @jennifer d If you see the episode she's extremely entitled. She's mad her mom doesn't give her more that like $1,000 monthly allowance and cried and threw a fit when she got told she needed to find a job.

    • jennifer d
      jennifer d Il y a mois +7

      Right there with you! I emphasize deeply with her. Not sure why She’s on this video cause there’s no entitlement with her. This girl needs real genuine help.
      Oh and Happy Easter

  • meinenklinke
    meinenklinke Il y a mois +55

    You’ve never sounded more Canadian than when you said “Hold the phone”. 😂

    • She Reads Mysteries
      She Reads Mysteries Il y a mois

      I thought she was saying Hold the Phone as a Shrek reference.

    • seamstress for the band
      seamstress for the band Il y a mois +1

      @Holly Hayes i love those aggressively maple leaf moments when she ends a sentence with “eh?” 😂

    • Gravestonedx
      Gravestonedx Il y a mois +3

      RIGHT? It was very Newfie almost.

    • Holly Hayes
      Holly Hayes Il y a mois +2

      I think she may have only sounded more Canadian if she ended that sentence with "eh?". 😂 (Also, hi. I'm Canadian too (Ottawa), not just making fun of Canadians.) 🇨🇦

  • Grymmsnarl
    Grymmsnarl Il y a mois +14

    10:50 I actually think this is just cruel. Yes, she made her own problems but as someone who's struggled with debt for a long time, having someone dangle a fresh start in front of you and then rip it away is crushing.

  • Amber Johnson
    Amber Johnson Il y a mois +37

    I remember back when Dr. Phil first started his gig on Oprah’s show. It was way back in 1996 when she was on trial for “defamatory comments” she’d made against the Texas Cattle Ranching Industry. She had hired Dr. Phil to help her through the trial with counseling.
    He then came onto her show after she’d won the trial, as a part-time life coach to guests struggling with life-issues. His nickname was “Tell it like it is, Phil”. His appearances then became so popular, that Oprah’s team had produced his show in the first few years he started. Ahhhh, the 90’s seems like not that long ago. God, I feel old….. 😞

    • Mindy noe
      Mindy noe Il y a 13 jours

      @Roxanne Gillick don't forget Jenny Jones

    • Roxanne Gillick
      Roxanne Gillick Il y a 18 jours +2

      Yep the good old 90s, Ricky Lake & Jerry Springer, the best of times. The good old bad days

    • Maritza Retief
      Maritza Retief Il y a mois

      i agreed with her then, though. not sure why big beef felt they needed a court case, it's not like people will stop eating burgers, some psychopaths eat burgers whilst watching "earthlings"

  • Bad at Everything
    Bad at Everything Il y a mois +28

    I haven't seen the show. But the girl who said she explicitly asked them not to bring someone seemed genuinely scared. I don't know, I would rather er on the side of caution and not put her on the spot or make her feel inferior, just in case there was genuine abuse going on. She could just want to save her own reputation, but why take the chance?

    • Kasey Walker
      Kasey Walker Il y a mois +7

      the girl who didn't want a certain person on the show was the woman she had been obsessed with and STALKING. The woman she stalked made it clear she wasn't interested and didn't even know who she was. The girl talking to Dr Phil was convinced that this woman was her soul mate and that once they meet in person it would become obvious they were meant to be. She would have known that being face to face with her on the show, she would get called out by her victim for her stalking and harassing behaviour.

    • Linda K
      Linda K Il y a mois +5

      It’s a tv show when everything is said and done. Dr Phill is going to do exactly what will bring in the biggest ratings and the most dollars. Regards of who he hurts in the process. He isn’t really trying to help people, he’s trying to get ratings & money. Although I’d imagine he would occasionally, by sheer luck, help someone. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • SLS TheWriter
      SLS TheWriter Il y a mois +15

      Yeah, I saw some videos talking about her case specifically. But, if anything, she just proved that Dr. Phil doesn't care about actually treating people. It is just a show to him. Genuine practices there to treat people would've listened to the person who expressed that they didn't want a person there.

  • Kryss M
    Kryss M Il y a mois +204

    Dr. Phil is pretty entitled himself. I know a bunch of guests have accused him and producers of exacerbating their issues for entertainment.

    • Lakota Gillispie
      Lakota Gillispie Il y a 29 jours

      @jennifer d I don't even know your daughter and I'm so proud of her. Bless you for raising such a smart and wonderful human being.

    • John Juliano
      John Juliano Il y a mois

      This is the only video I have given a dislike to on your channel and I have seen practically all of your content on Yt. ""Dr" Phil is a buffoon whose pathetic antics mock the Hippocratic Oath. Plz CD no more of this particular brand of nonsense. Otherwise you and your show are awesome

    • Kryss M
      Kryss M Il y a mois

      @Fairyspun Fibers do you think you're arguing with me? Nobody said he lost his degree. The only person who said he wasn't a Dr, I was the one that corrected him. To be absolutely clear for those that struggle with reading comprehension: Dr. Phil is entitled to use the Dr title because he holds a PhD in psychology regardless of whether or not he has a license to practice. (Which he doesn't) He is not nor has he ever been a medical doctor nor does he hold a medical degree. (MD or DO) FFS!

    • Fairyspun Fibers
      Fairyspun Fibers Il y a mois

      Yes, yes he IS a Doctor! LOL! You think someone loses their Degree bc they're not practicing anymore?!? sheesh

    • Science4ever
      Science4ever Il y a mois

      @Kryss M sorry. I misread it. Thanks for clarifying.

  • Gravestonedx
    Gravestonedx Il y a mois +56

    Charlotte's Canadian accent came out HARD when she said "Hold the phoooone!"

    • Gravestonedx
      Gravestonedx Il y a mois +1

      @question mark They're not, Newfie & Scottish are very different.

    • question mark
      question mark Il y a mois

      @Gravestonedx fair enough, i wouldn't know but i do remember shrek's very mild scottish accent, maybe they're similar?

    • Gravestonedx
      Gravestonedx Il y a mois +1

      @question mark It also sounded very Newfie/Newfoundland in terms of accents.

    • PhantomFilmAustralia
      PhantomFilmAustralia Il y a mois +5

      "That'll dooo donkeh!"

    • sprout66
      sprout66 Il y a mois +1

      Yeah she was definitely doing Shrek

  • F Huber
    F Huber Il y a mois +14

    10:28 If that person she wants to not be on with is her abuser... then she's right to tell him not to have them come on with her.

    • Kinxxxy13
      Kinxxxy13 Il y a 29 jours

      I may be wrong but I think she was a stalker and the person she didn't want to be on the show with was the person she'd been stalking.

  • Andrea Turner
    Andrea Turner Il y a mois +84

    Oh bless you Charlotte... you took one for all of us and watched Dr. Phil.... you are so kind, thank you.

    • Malcolm Gray.
      Malcolm Gray. Il y a mois

      Hi Georgia, I wrote a reply but it went into the vast comments hopefully you can check. Im on an iPhone 5s, with 1-2 bars 3g and pulling a long stretch awake so I’m making coffee now

    • Natureinspiredcreations
      Natureinspiredcreations Il y a mois +2

      @Malcolm Gray. I've heard the opposite more often. He is unlicensed and often takes advantage of and manipulates people for entertainment value instead of actually helping people. It's more exploitative than helpful in many cases (though he might get through to some people). There have also been many reports of an extremely toxic work environment on the show.

    • Malcolm Gray.
      Malcolm Gray. Il y a mois

      I’ve heard respected, rational people who know what they are talking about say he does a pretty good job.

  • MariaGfunkEra
    MariaGfunkEra Il y a mois +7

    I had to pause & laugh when he said, “do you think it’s because you’re not smart?” 😂 OMG!! Then all the entitled people… holy crap!

  • Serfanisha lostangi
    Serfanisha lostangi Il y a mois +30

    Dr. Phil is always unnecessarily condescending to the guests in his show. In reality he is a manipulator.

  • Thearon Crosby
    Thearon Crosby Il y a mois +21

    Can you imagine, Charlotte at open mic night doing the stand up roasting the audience for 10 to 15 minutes... I'd pay to see that!

  • Lolly
    Lolly Il y a mois +2

    The scariest thing from this is that most of these are teens/young adults, and the amount of entitled people is growing. Is this the world's future??? 🤯

  • beth 9891
    beth 9891 Il y a mois +18

    I really dislike dr. Phil, he exploits vulnerable people.

    • Brittany Artis
      Brittany Artis Il y a mois +1

      You have to write in to the show to be on it, so they’re doing it to themselves 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Michelle Wimberley
    Michelle Wimberley Il y a mois +13

    "So you're not actually trying to help anyone you're just runnin your mouth!" 🤣😂

    • Lavonsweet
      Lavonsweet Il y a mois +3

      The irony of him stating that makes it all the more hilarious.

  • A P
    A P Il y a mois +9

    I hope none of these teens were sent to the abusive "treatment" centers he endorsed

    • autumnisdashit
      autumnisdashit Il y a mois +1

      @🖤Ali Ioana🖤 i've seen your other comments on here expressing the same sentiments I have, and I wanted to say I'm so sorry to hear you've been through these places yourself. Thank you for speaking up for those who can't yet

    • 🖤Ali Ioana🖤
      🖤Ali Ioana🖤 Il y a mois +4

      @Xuan Zhen yep. I’m a PhD student in sociology and I’m a survivor of the troubled teen industry, and I am now dedicating my research to exposing the god awful abuses that are built into this sorry excuse for an industry.

    • Xuan Zhen
      Xuan Zhen Il y a mois +3

      @Kendall Caminiti-Hess it’s a lot more horrific than you imagine, and this so-called camp (more like a concentration camp) is part of a larger trend in America. Watch illuminaughtii’s video about Dr. Phil’s camp.

    • Xuan Zhen
      Xuan Zhen Il y a mois +4

      The cash me outside girl was:(

  • kitty62862
    kitty62862 Il y a mois +57

    Your bag is definitely not your friend.
    It’s your emotional support animal. You need it with you at all times 😉

    • JustinChristoph
      JustinChristoph Il y a mois

      I have an emotional support .357 magnum revolver. I need it with me at all times. That's why I don't fly, but it's been a better friend to me than many of my supposed friends. It's very comforting.

  • John Tui
    John Tui Il y a mois +9

    That guy with the mirror, Dr Phill didn’t even do anything to destroy him. He just got security escorted him out which he wanted to do in the 1st place 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂

  • Sarah Doan Peace
    Sarah Doan Peace Il y a mois +3

    That one lady who said “people hurt me so I’m gonna do it back” just proved that hurting people hurt people. One of the simplest yet toughest truths of life. Once you understand that life gets a whole lot easier and emotionally cleaner.
    Unfortunately too many people don’t think before they speak or consider their words or actions and their effects/affects on others. It’s sad.

  • countroshculla
    countroshculla Il y a mois +17

    Love Charlotte laughing. I usually laugh at the guests that appear on Phil's show but the one that stood out was this young lady who was abused and was acting out against her family because she didn't know what to do. The way she was shivering on stage when they were talking about it - I felt so bad for her, I just wanted to run and give her a hug.

  • LadyChainChomp
    LadyChainChomp Il y a mois +34

    Fun fact: my family was almost on Dr. Phil. We were going to go on a family special for dysfunctional blended families, my mother wanted to get my step father to stop being such a terror (He was mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive to her and me, the oldest who didn't take his shit and spoke out against his abuse). Thing is, she is a narcissist. She got through about 2 rounds of callbacks and was about to set up buying the tickets and flying us all out, but as soon as they wanted ALL of us on, including my two little brothers, two little step sisters and me, she canceled lol. She didn't want my oldest step sister and me to speak out against their problems and call them out on national television, which I definitely would have for their own benefit and to get to help (I was always really mature and outspoken for my age, even at the tender age of 12 when this was all happening. But for those of you who have any experience with a toxic parent or narcissist, you know this is their kryptonite). Sometimes I wish we would have gone on to call out both of their respective shit, but then again I am happy we didn't as well. Most of these families just want attention and to be validated, and I'm a very low-drama person who would have hated being recognized for this and having my family's issues follow me around for the rest of my life. Now that I am grown and have a clearer view of the world, I see Dr. Phil for what he is. He's an entertainer first, and a psychologist to these people second.

    • Maritza Retief
      Maritza Retief Il y a 29 jours

      @Steph and Famliy it must be a terrible condition. i myself don't have it, but my anxiety will sometimes disallow me to go outside for days, sometimes weeks, so i can only imagine what you must go through. all the best!

    • Steph and Famliy
      Steph and Famliy Il y a mois

      @Maritza Retief exactly what my future MIL trying to do to me probably. One of my mental struggles is on Earth would going on a National TV show ever be something I want or even physically, mentally and emotionally ABLE to do. I have a psychiatrist. Medications help my conditions. They don't Heal them. I'm so hurt by her even asking me to go on the show. And, questioning if I marry the man I love if this is the treatment I have to get used to. My fiancé stated "she will never stop trying to FIX you. She thinks she can fix everything and doesn't stop until she thinks she has." Face meet palm of my hand.

    • Maritza Retief
      Maritza Retief Il y a mois +3

      @LadyChainChomp i wonder (and i need to stress that i wonder, and not state as fact) if some people go on there willingly airing their problems for all to see, just for the opportunity to get the help he provides after the show? i mean i would kill for professional mental help but not at the cost of everyone viewing it, even if it's free.

    • LadyChainChomp
      LadyChainChomp Il y a mois +5

      @Human Oid Oh trust me, I am. Truly dodged a bullet.

    • Human Oid
      Human Oid Il y a mois +6

      be glad you didnt go. hes not a doctor or even licensed to practice

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    Lightning Bolt Il y a mois +4

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      Carol R Il y a mois

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    Narnia Lives Il y a mois +164

    Friendly reminder that Phil McGraw isn't licensed to practice in California, and he hasn't been registered as a doctor since 2006.
    Edit: I originally thought it was 2002, but upon rechecking it, it's 2006.

    • Mindy noe
      Mindy noe Il y a 13 jours

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    • Mindy noe
      Mindy noe Il y a 13 jours

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      susan fudge Il y a mois

      @🖤Ali Ioana🖤 I do understand that doctor means expert but I was responding to someone else and clarifying that he is a therapist not a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists go to medical schools. Therapists do not.
      I am very okay and I did not go to medical school. I am working on my PhD in therapy (MFT).
      I do appreciate your support for PhDs, though.

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      azimuth Il y a mois

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    • AmandaMandaMands
      AmandaMandaMands Il y a mois +1

      @Luthian Diya That is bananas. He always says that he doesn't put abusers and victims together and because the dude said it didn't happen then that's OK.

    • Luthian Diya
      Luthian Diya Il y a mois +3

      @Natureinspiredcreations He did know. If I recall correctly, Dr. Phil's reasoning was that the dude said she was making it up, so he wanted them to confront it face to face.

    • Natureinspiredcreations
      Natureinspiredcreations Il y a mois +3

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    He is responsible for Brittney's public mental health image that was used to extend her conservatorship. The trauma this man is responsible for is inexcusable.
    However the Vegan Meth-ssiah needed serious rehab not to have his mother publicly shamed for his behaviour. He's a grown adult.

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    • A V
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      @Kendall Caminiti-Hess I really like Charlottes videos, and part of why I enjoy them so much is that I always got the impression that the community on this channel is in its majority quite loving and cares for other peoples well being. That's why I hoped that people who seem to like Dr.Phil just don't know about all the problematic things he has done. And that is why I posted my comment. Maybe I was naive. If you already know what he did and still like him - well I guess I won't be able to convince you that he doesn't deserve to get an audience.

    • Kendall Caminiti-Hess
      Kendall Caminiti-Hess Il y a mois

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